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cr3if anyone happens to have a touchscreen detected as a multitouch device, would you mind sharing the output of xinput --list --long?20:19
dandradercr3, I have one20:39
dandradercr3, just a sec20:39
cr3dandrader: thanks, let me know if you need my email address if it'll make things easier20:39
dandraderI can just pastebin it20:40
cr3dandrader: that works for me20:40
dandradercr3, that's the relevant bit http://paste.ubuntu.com/1248302/20:40
dandraderbut I don't recall if the events when I tested, came from "N-Trig MultiTouch" or "N-Trig Touchscreen"20:41
cr3dandrader: probably from "N-Trig MultiTouch" since it's the only one with the XITouchClass class20:42
dandraderI always wondered why there are those two virtual devices if my laptop has only one touchscreen (what's the function of each) but I never mustered the energy to investigate the answer20:43
dandradersould be20:43
cr3dandrader: I've been wondering what the purpose of the Virtual core pointer device that seems to be a superset of other devices20:43
dandraderone thing is that many input devices can control the same, single, mouse pointer on the screen20:45
dandraderlikewise for keyboard/text input20:45
dandraderor maybe that's the whole point20:45
cr3dandrader: hm, that's indeed weird about input devices20:46

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