didrockssil2100: compiz deb test results getting there? :)08:38
sil2100didrocks: I can create a testing doc for the relevant bits in a moment, but since the ABI bump MRQ didn't yet get inside, my testing would be performed on just rebuilt unity without the bump ;)08:48
sil2100If that's fine with you08:48
didrockssil2100: no, it's not08:50
didrockssil2100: if people upgrade only compiz, it will be broken08:50
didrockssil2100: nothing was done since yesterday evening to discuss? who is leading the discussion to get them accepting the change?08:50
sil2100didrocks: I know, but the compiz rendering tests are not affected by not having an ABI bump, right?08:51
sil2100didrocks: they're accepting it08:51
sil2100didrocks: I had a discussion and they agreed to make an exception this one more last time08:51
didrockssil2100: ok, so please bzr merge your commit08:51
didrocksand get a package out and results tests for EOD so that we can upload on Monday morning :)08:52
sil2100didrocks: aye aye!08:54
sil2100didrocks: we found one issue with the new compiz crashing the g-c-c keyboard shortcut settings and Mirv is trying to fix that right now, we'll keep you updated!09:35
didrockssil2100: thanks! (saw the MR)09:36
didrockssil2100: btw, also, please ensure that the keys are still transitionned09:36
didrockssil2100: I saw you removed more .integrated key transition that the one we had in the past09:36
didrocksso maybe look closely to the ones you remove09:37
didrocksand also, ensure that there is a transition file for the duplicated one with the right default09:37
didrocks(like launching a terminal)09:37
sil2100Mirv: ^09:38
Mirvdidrocks: they're not in compiz anymore at all, should compiz still migrate them or should it be gnome-settings-daemon instead?09:40
didrocksMirv: all of those were removed? (the 6?)09:40
didrocksMirv: I thought only 2 were duplicated09:40
Mirvdidrocks: 5, and all, yes, terminal + screenshot * 2 + panel-run-dialog/main-menu09:42
Mirvthis was the sam's commit http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz/0.9.9/revision/339309:43
didrocksMirv: waow, I was thinking it was more restricted :)09:43
didrocksMirv: ok, so just ensure that g-s-d provides the right defaults I guess09:44
didrocksMirv: and that we have a migration script on the system for them09:44
didrocksMirv: I think the terminal + screenshot ones are important09:44
didrocksnot sure about panel*09:44
Mirvdidrocks: ok, it does (tested in guest ession), filing a bug against g-s-d about missing migration09:45
didrocksMirv: ok, great!09:46
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G__81Hi i am facing an irritating problem. I have filed a bug . I would like to know if anyone else is facing the same problem and would really appreciate if a solution is provided for the same. The Bug ID is #103934712:29
popeybug 103934712:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1039347 in Unity "Alt+~ displays a white screen in the thumbnail instead of the actual application" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103934712:32
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didrocksdavidcalle: salut!13:17
davidcalleSalut didrocks13:17
didrocks├ža va? :)13:17
davidcalledidrocks, bien, toi?13:17
didrocksbien bien, c'est vendredi! :)13:18
davidcalledidrocks, ;)13:18
didrocksdavidcalle: I think you missed one MR, (but my fault, I didn't linked it to the bug): https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity-scope-video-remote/add-conditional-activation/+merge/12639113:18
davidcalledidrocks, don't you prefer a global merge from the current "trunk" in use to this one when the work on it is done for the release?13:19
didrocksdavidcalle: sorry, what do you mean about global merge?13:20
davidcalledidrocks, merging lp:unity-lens-videos/remote-videos-scope-trunk into this one.13:20
didrocksah ;)13:20
didrockswell, the way you prefer :)13:21
didrocksdavidcalle: do you think you have the time for preparing the release today?13:21
davidcalledidrocks, the maintainer is PS, I can't make releases on it anymore.13:22
davidcalledidrocks, and they don't want me in the PS lp teamp :'(13:23
didrocksdavidcalle: will do them, just ping me once everything is ready :)13:23
davidcalledidrocks, sure ;)13:23
G__81can some one help me with this bug ?13:27
G__81the problem i am facing is really frustrating. I have filed a bug and the ID Is 103934713:27
G__81i reproduced the problem even few minutes back13:27
G__81is there a solution for it ?13:28
G__81if no at least a solution for 12.10 would be appreciated13:28
popeybug 103934713:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1039347 in Unity "Alt+~ displays a white screen in the thumbnail instead of the actual application" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103934713:30
popeyahh that one, yeah, known issue with nvidia13:31
G__81its a 64 bit installation and i face this with both the OSS and the nvidia drivers too13:31
G__81is is sane enough to then start using nouveau drivers?13:31
G__81infact its not thumbnail When i select the application by pressing alt+tab i see white screen instead of the application. Its not actually in thumbnail alone. The complete app does not get redrawn13:33
G__81popey, if its a nvidia problem why is that Unity alone shows up this problem and not the other DEs, KDE/xfce etc ?13:45
popeywell, when I say "known issue with nvidia" I'm not saying the problem is nvidias fault, just that it is known to only manifest itself on nvidia machines13:46
G__81oh ok so is it something confined to unity then ?13:47
popeyG__81, compiz13:51
davidcallemhr3, heya, do you have more things in mind for the remote videos scope or is it ok for a release?14:04
mhr3davidcalle, we need release now, other fixes will have to wait :)14:04
davidcallemhr3, ok then, let's put a number on it :)14:06
davidcallemhr3, by the way, if you can warn other people you know who commit on it: I'm moving it to its own lp space : https://code.launchpad.net/unity-scope-video-remote, the previous release was done on it, without trunk being there14:11
mhr3davidcalle, i wonder if lp can be setup to just mirror the branch for the time being14:16
davidcallemhr3, I'm not sure, I wanted to wait, but moving it makes it much more convenient for releasing.14:17
mhr3davidcalle, how about considering the branch in lp:unity-lens-videos as stable branch for Q, and R stuff can go in the new project?14:20
davidcallemhr3, but if you see it as an issue, it can wait of course :)14:20
didrocksdavidcalle: I think you told that after seeing the two mhr3 MR :)14:20
davidcalledidrocks, :)14:20
mhr3my python is rusty :)14:21
mhr3not knowing properly what the operators do :P14:21
davidcalleAnyway, the code is in both places, in the same state. I'm assigning the bugs to unity-scope-video-remote new milestone, for the sake of having them linked to a release number.14:24
davidcalleI'll mirror it manually before release if others are needed for Q. Then we move completely on it for R.14:28
davidcallemhr3, didrocks? ^^^14:28
didrockssounds good to me :)14:29
davidcalledidrocks, two releases for you then : unity-scope-video-remote 0.3.9 and unity-lens-photos 0.8 (bugs : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247523 ) Thanks :)14:32
didrocksdavidcalle: thanks! I'll do unity-lens-videos14:33
didrocksdavidcalle: is mhr3's merge in it?14:33
davidcalledidrocks, the merge was on remote videos. There is one merge from me on it, from two days ago, that's it.14:35
didrocksbut we don't want that in the remote videos?14:35
didrocksmhr3: ? ^14:35
* didrocks is confused14:35
mhr3didrocks, we do14:35
mhr3didrocks, both were bug fixes14:35
didrocksshouldn't it be in 0.3.9?14:35
didrocksdavidcalle: ^14:36
davidcalle0.3.9 is only the scope. Which has mhr3 merge on it.14:36
davidcalledidrocks, ^14:36
davidcallemhr3, you had a merge on the lens too?14:38
didrocksdavidcalle: did you push the latest commit for unity-scope-video-remote then? I see rev 55 here14:39
didrocksdavidcalle: and it doesn't contain mhr3's fix14:39
mhr3didrocks, it's a copy of the file, not cherrypick of the rev, afaict14:40
didrocksah indeed14:41
davidcalledidrocks, it does, I bzr merged unity-lens-videos/remote-videos-scope-trunk into unity-scope-video-remote14:41
didrocksI find "fresh the at least once every 30" :)14:41
didrocksdavidcalle: a small tag on rev 55 please? :)14:41
didrocksso that we know where we are at14:41
davidcalledidrocks, done, I've also written in red on my screen "DON'T FORGET TO BZR TAG" :)14:43
didrocksdavidcalle: thanks :)14:43
didrocksdavidcalle: I'm syncing lp:unity-video-lens/unity-scope-video-remote with it14:44
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mhr3eh, with 6.0 i'm getting crash when i enter spread and mouse over where the close button should be (but isn't)22:23
mhr3bschaefer, if you're familiar with that code ^^ ;)22:23
* bschaefer looks22:24
mhr3otherwise, Trevinho ^ :)22:25
bschaefermhr3, not that familiar but I can dig into it, if Trevinho isn't around22:25
mhr3i doubt anyone is around :)22:25
bschaefermhr3, haha, yeeah it gets lonely on fridays for me22:26
mhr3oh wait, this wasn't 6.0, this was trunk22:26
bschaefermhr3, ill try to re produce the crash, if I can i should be able to fix it22:26
mhr3try, crashes everytime here :)22:26
bschaefermhr3, ill see if I can reproduce it, Have a good weekend :)22:26
bschaeferi just did and din't get it ;(22:27
mhr3thanks, you too22:27
mhr3hmm, maybe i'm missing an asset, cause i dont see the close button22:27
bschaefermaybe the wrong nux?22:27
mhr3also, trunk compiz22:27
bschaefermhr3, alright ill give trunk nux/unity/compiz a try22:28
mhr3but yea, maybe it's abi22:28
mhr3this being null... not nice22:28
mhr3anyway i'm really out now22:29
bschaeferil try really hard to reproduce it :)22:29
bschaeferhave a good one!22:29
bschaefer(one being the weekend)22:29
mhr3you too, cu22:29

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