bkerensapleia2: both the links in the CC's call for feedback on the CoC are deadlinks?00:34
darthrobot`Title: [Text for the fridge]00:34
nhainesNeither of those are dead links?00:48
bkerensanhaines: what do you mean? if you click them they go no where00:56
nhainesThat's because the email doesn't contain hyperlinks.  They're addresses you have to copy and paste.01:14
bkerensanhaines: uhh idk so they are hyperlinks for me and im not the only one who has them as broken01:44
darthrobot`[404] Title: [Not Found]01:44
darthrobot`[404] Content type: [text/plain; charset=utf8]01:45
nhainesbkerensa: yeah, those aren't the links in the email.01:51
nhaines(Which as I mentioned, contains no hyperlinks.)01:51
bkerensanhaines: what are the links then? I am confused01:52
bkerensathose are the only links I see in the e-mail01:53
darthrobot`Title: [Code of Conduct Update]01:53
darthrobot`Title: [~sabdfl/ubuntu-codeofconduct/v2-draft : contents of CodeOfConduct.txt at revision 27]01:53
bkerensaand both Firefox and Chromium show them as hyperlinks01:53
bkerensain the e-mail they have _ and .01:53
bkerensapaultag> [10:02:10] czajkowski: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2012-September/001659.html ← links are both dead01:53
darthrobot`Title: [Text for the fridge]01:53
nhainesNo, in the email they are part of a sentence, ending in _) and in .01:54
nhainesMailman tried to make valid hyperlinks from the plaintext and failed.01:54
nhaines(And "_)" is obviously a typographical error for ")")01:57
pleia2bkerensa: it was text for a fridge post (the fridge post has the correct links, and better formatting)02:19
darthrobot`Title: [Code of Conduct v2: Request for Feedback]02:19
nhainespleia2: is there a link to the wiki page discussing collected changes?02:25
pleia2nhaines: no, it doesn't exist yet (it'll be done in time for our meeting on Thursday)02:26
pleia2people are sending emails to czajkowski and she'll put it together (some of the feedback is often anonymous, else we'd just have people edit the wiki themselves)02:28
pleia2also, I like wikis, but I seem to be the only one ;)02:29
nhainesWikis have their moments. ;)02:29
bkerensapleia2: you have a Nexus 7 right?05:24
pleia2bkerensa: no (I don't have a tablet at all)06:05
bkerensaI just ordered Nexus 7 16GB from Walmart06:05
bkerensaapparently they are the only people selling it in the City06:05
bkerensaand Amazon was trying to upsell by $5006:06
bkerensalikely because they are competing with Google06:06
bkerensapleia2: do you know any women open source groups/projects that take donations?06:06
pleia2can't you just buy one from google directly?06:07
darthrobot`Title: [The Ada Initiative | Supporting women in open technology and culture]06:07
pleia2they're the ones who came up with the template for the anti-harrassment policy that so many conferences use now06:07
pleia2among other things06:08
bkerensapleia2: I could but I wanted one by tomorrow morning :) and Google says 3-5 days with no option for overnight06:08
bkerensapleia2: ahh cool I am working on a like top 10 open source projects you should donate cash to kind of blog post06:08
pleia2cool, include ada initiative for sure :) I include a donate link on my blog06:09
pleia2(first time I ever have)06:09
bkerensaIm also trying to drum up cash for Ubuntu, Mozilla and OSU OSL especially06:09
pleia2Debian is a good one too06:11
darthrobot`Title: [Debian -- Donations to Software in the Public Interest]06:12
pleia2(they also can process donations of hardware and such)06:12
bkerensayeah I got them06:18
bkerensaand FSF06:18
pleia2EFF? :)06:18
bkerensanot open source06:18
bkerensanot strictly06:18
bkerensamy list http://paste.ubuntu.com/1231757/06:19
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu Pastebin]06:19
bkerensaadding ada to it06:19
bkerensawill likely drop FSF for Ada06:19
bkerensaI did not include Linux Foundation because I feel of all projects and foundations Linux Foundation likely is best set to get donations on its own06:20
pleia2FSF has questionable campaigns :\06:23
pleia2I appreciate that they exist, just... meh06:23
bkerensapleia2: I totally agree06:23
bkerensaand their uhh patron saint is a bit idk :) special in his own way06:24
bkerensaPeople think its bad with Mark... they have no idea what Ubuntu would be like under Stallman06:24
pleia2unusable for real06:24
bkerensapleia2: you must be excited... just weeks till Africa06:26
pleia2yeah, under 2 weeks now :)06:27
pleia2and met my chipin goal today, so I have my expenses pretty much covered (well, not my unpaid time off, but direct out of pocket things)06:27
bkerensaI have been considering going down to South America to meet with LoCo's06:28
bkerensamaybe Brazil06:28
bkerensaI have a friend from college who lives there06:28
pleia2they speak the wrong language there06:28
pleia2yeah, not spanish06:29
bkerensawell yeah :)06:29
pleia2complicates the SA trip by throwing in another language06:29
bkerensawell so my cousin was just down there she said most people speak decent amount of english06:29
pleia2I'd like to visit Peru sometime, told Jose and his dad that they can hook me up06:29
bkerensaThey have one of the most remote places on earth in Peru06:30
pleia2there are many awesome things in Peru06:30
bkerensaLa Rinconada, Peru06:30
bkerensathe highest city in the world06:31
bkerensa17,000 ft above sea level06:31
pleia2I want to go to machu picchu :)06:31
bkerensaApparently La Rinconada takes days to reach via jeep on dangerous mountain roads and you get altitude sickness the whole way06:31
bkerensasounds like a bucket of win06:32
pleia2I might skip that06:32
bkerensaso it has 30k people06:32
bkerensabut mostly poor people who move there to work in the mines for free06:32
bkerensathey make a deal to work for some gold now and then06:32
pleia2it turns out that I'm quite happy to do the tourist thing in most places, life is short06:32
pleia2not quite sure what I'll do with my extra day in copenhagen, technically I'm staying an extra day to hang out with the xubuntu people, but I think I'll drag them all around touristing06:33
bkerensaindeed life is short06:33
bkerensapleia2: we should do a community marathon for charity06:33
bkerensacould raise money for ADA06:33
bkerensaand mozilla06:33
bkerensaand debian06:33
pleia2how? we already work 24 hours a day!06:34
bkerensapretty much.... im sure since I dont have dreams when I do have downtime my mind is computing the next days tasks06:34
bkerensaso randall ross lives north of me... for some reason I thought he lived in Toronto06:35
bkerensaI might have to go visit his loco06:35
pleia2yeah, vancouver06:35
bkerensaIts only like 4 hours to vancouver from here06:35
bkerensamy neighbor is canadian :D and from vancouver06:35
pleia2I was in their airport once06:36
bkerensaRandall Ross is not on irc much06:36
pleia2they have US customs there, it was annoying :)06:36
bkerensaat the airport?06:37
pleia2no, he's not really an IRC person (he tried for a while)06:37
bkerensaI went to mexico once06:37
bkerensaand walked in and out06:37
bkerensanot asked one thing06:37
pleia2they do the same in Ireland, I didn't expect it though06:37
bkerensano id required nothing06:37
bkerensaI went and shopped and had a backpack but nothing06:37
pleia2you have a promising career prospect as a drug mule06:38
bkerensablanket mule06:38
bkerensaI bought four hand made mexican blanks for like $506:38
bkerensaand turtles made out of walnut shells :D06:38
bkerensapleia2: if Ubuntu Cali needs a cloud instance or anything let me know06:40
bkerensaSoftlayer gave us a $250/mo credit06:40
pleia2thanks, we're using a linode that was donated at the moment06:40
bkerensaI setup people.ubuntu-oregon.org last night06:42
bkerensaZNC, Webspace for Presentations and Shell for Juju Demos etc06:42
philballewHappy Friday everyone18:19
pleia2hey philballew18:26
philballewhowdy pleia2 how's everything up north?18:26
pleia2how're things down there?18:28
philballew75 degrees with sun. Ive never really liked beach weather. But attempting to pass school this year.18:30
philballewSo I quit my job yesterday. Always a good feeling... till I need money.18:31
pleia2good for you :)18:31
philballewI was doing linux work till three weeks ago till they switched me to the "Windows desktop deployment team"18:32
philballewI did not feel right with doing that...18:33
akkGood for you. What a drag!18:35
philballewyeah, I did learn about windows 7 though. Its better then xp with how it runs.18:37
philballewbut that is not saying windows 7 is good, just that its better then xp.18:37
akkSeems weird that they'd switch a linux person to windows deployment if they have linux work available.18:39
philballewtrue, they must have had a more pressing need for windows desktops here. Its a new school year so teachers need them.18:39
philballewThe problem with windows is you cant script as many tasks so i was having to do "post install jobs" of just clicking and un checking boxes.18:40
philballewWindows has taken so much stuff away with limiting the command line that you can not do as much as youd like, even with power shell, i still does not give you any access to the backend of gui programs.18:41
* philballew had a crumb stuck under the "t" key18:42
philballewso pleia2 if you could maybe in the next couple weeks just shoot me an email of everything I can do for the loco when your gone vagabonding and stuff I can do them all to the best of my ability.18:48
pleia2philballew: running the leadership election is the big one18:48
bkerensapretty cool article I found on the webz19:09
darthrobot`Title: [Meet The Ubuntu Women - They're More Involved Than You Think]19:09
pleia2yeah, I am famous now19:09
bkerensapsh you were famous before we all know it19:10
bkerensapleia2: http://i.imgur.com/HdNi0.jpg19:39
darthrobot`Content type: [image/jpeg] Size: [773821]19:39
pleia2ah yes, I saw on your social media x100 ;)19:41
bkerensawell technically 43 :D19:41
bkerensaone perk of being team lead is I get 3 :P19:41
bkerensapleia2: if you ever are in this area http://www.olivepit.com/21:45
darthrobot`Title: [Home Page]21:46
bkerensaamazing olives21:46
pleia2I don't like olives :)21:46
bkerensawell they have other things too21:46
pleia2(I tried, my ex-husband is italian, it drove him batty)21:46
bkerensapleia2: you have mosquito net?21:51
pleia2the ghanaians we talked to laughed about the mosquito nets and told us they were good for catching fish21:52
pleia2so we figure we'll buy them there if we actually need them21:52
bkerensapleia2: will you have connectivity?21:53
pleia2we're still working out lodging details, should have at least some21:53
bkerensapleia2: huh if I was in California I would loan you my goalzero21:54
pleia2I bought a purification+filter water bottle21:55
bkerensaahh I have one of those too21:55
bkerensawell I have a tube21:55
bkerensaand http://www.goalzero.com/shop/p/79/Guide-10-Plus-Adventure-Kit/1:4/21:55
darthrobot`Title: [Guide 10 Adventure Kit - Goal Zero | Portable Solar Power]21:55
bkerensaI have a special prototype new version of that ^21:55
pleia2I've used solar powered chargers before, they all are awful and useless :)21:56
bkerensapleia2: oh wow Google has added phones to Google Maps21:57
bkerensayou can see where cell phones are21:57
darthrobot`Title: [at&t store near central park - Google Maps]21:58
bkerensathe small red dots21:58
pleia2hehe, neat21:58
pleia2hm, I don't see21:58
pleia2all I see are AT&T stores21:59
darthrobot`Title: [Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - Dear Google - are all these red dots really what I suspect?…]21:59
bkerensared hat guy found it21:59
bkerensaI set thousands of very small red dots21:59
pleia2all I see are stores and authorized resellers22:00
pleia2no thousands of small red dots from here22:01
pleia2the small dots I do see can be zoomed in and they pop up with the store details22:01
pleia2what does "more info" show for you?22:02

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