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mmahanhail FunnyLookinHat !18:24
mmahanI saw your r/denver post about this evening.18:24
FunnyLookinHatI didn't post in /r/denver - I wonder who did....18:24
mmahanhmm, *shrugs*18:24
mmahanWhat time are you guys going to be over there?18:25
mmahanI will see you there.18:25
FunnyLookinHatI won't be there too long tonight - probably about an hour... but I think most people will be staying ltaer18:25
mmahanI live a block or two away; so not biggie.18:25
mmahanI also saw the LoCo membership coming up for renewal; that get sorted out?18:25
FunnyLookinHatmmahan, Yeah the new guy is going to run game on it18:30
mmahanFunnyLookinHat, awesome.18:31
FunnyLookinHatmmahan, When did you move downtown?  I thought you were up near FoCo ?18:31
mmahanJust moved downtown last month.18:32
mmahanI have a killer pad at 20th / Lawrence.18:32
mmahanCould make for a good meeting place (900 sq ft balcony)18:32
mmahangotta run, catch you this evening.18:37
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