snap-lhttp://cruelcorruptrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/forever-your-valentine <- Metal00:21
snap-lhttp://jbaron.bandcamp.com/track/countdown <-FML00:22
snap-lapparently there is a comoc convention next to Ohio Linuxfest12:34
greg-galright, other than the Tims, Cliff, and Brewster, who in this series should I listen to?16:10
jrwrenrick_h_: I need some python coaching16:39
jrwrennevermind. http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3148/ FTW16:49
greg-gok, second question that'll go unanswered for the day: what should my new wireless router be?17:21
jrwreni hear great things about TL-WDR360017:35
jrwrenand the price is nice.17:35
snap-lI have a netgear17:36
snap-lThe N300, iirc17:36
greg-gthanks, I get overwhelmed with routers. Each one has diehard lovers and diehard haters17:40
snap-lmyopenrouter.net, iirc17:43
UnFixedthat TL-WDR3600 looks really nice.17:49
Blazeixi usually look for what's well-supported by dd-wrt, then choose from that list17:52
snap-lWR3500L is what I have, with Tomato on it17:54
snap-lBUt they sell it with the N300 moniker on it. You have to look at the labels17:55
snap-lTurnd my nose up on a ton of them before I realied that Staples had a ton of them in stock.17:55
UnFixedI hate the different versions they have on routers.17:55
UnFixedoften early versions are supported, while later ones arent.17:55
greg-gUnFixed: yep, annoying17:55
snap-lYeah, it's a real PITA how they overload the numbes17:56
greg-gUnFixed: and you can't tell which one you'll get from eg Amazon when it is a rev difference17:56
* greg-g nods17:56
jrwrenmy TL-WDR3600 recommendation is from johnf in arslinux, he likes openwrt on it.18:00
greg-gthanks all  :)18:08
greg-gI trust #ubuntu-us-mi more than Amazon or Newegg reviews ;)18:08
UnFixedI might pick one up myself. Been having bad luck with wireless router recently.18:26
greg-ghmm, the WDR4300 is $99 (vs the $69 for the 3600) from Amazon. The 3600 isn't in stock for Amazon, but Newegg has it for that price. But, with shipping and tax the Newegg $60 3600 is more expensive18:40
UnFixedhave you checked locally?18:41
UnFixedim seeing free 3-day shipping from newegg18:42
greg-goh right, 3 day, yeah, I suppose that was an unfair comparison18:42
UnFixedalso, v1.1 works with openwrt18:44
UnFixednot sure if there are later or earlier versions of it for sale.18:44
greg-gapparently just one; http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/?productcategoryid=201&model=TL-WDR360018:46
greg-gnevermind the warning, click teh "I know how to find my version" button18:46
UnFixedah, perfect.18:47
greg-gyep :)18:49
greg-gbtw, UnFixed, I don't think we've met. I'm Greg. Actually living in CA (SF) now but long time Ubuntu Michigan member18:50
UnFixedI'm Arslan. I'm positive we've never met because ive only been in this channel a few times. I work with _stink_ and ColonelPanic001 at WSU.18:51
greg-goh, well then, with friends like that....18:52
_stink_UnFixed: i told you not to admit this!18:52
ColonelPanic001You don't make friends by admitting to a connection with me18:53
ColonelPanic001"oh good god, this guy is just going to talk about internet memes all day, too"18:53
UnFixedI'm not very good at this game. Time to go back to nethack.18:53
greg-gsnap-l: me biking into a parked pickup truck when 10 years old21:52
greg-gmy rear shifter wasn't working, so I was peddling and looking at it and BAM!21:52
snap-lHello there.22:59
snap-lgreg-g: I didn't see that in the post (but I was skimming it)22:59
snap-lbtw: here at OLF22:59
snap-lgetting ready for nice dinner w/ J22:59
brouschI am scared to turn on my computers23:00
brouschGrrCON has scarred me for life23:00
snap-lI'm on the 4G on my phone. ;)23:01
greg-gsnap-l: "or Diane Slough, R.N. who cared for my son in the Emergency Department at our “old hospital” when he rode his bicycle into the back of a pick-up truck in 1992, "23:02
snap-lgreg-g: I never told you about the time I got my leg caught in a tree, did I?23:02
snap-lNow we're even. ;)23:02
greg-ghaha, awesome23:03
snap-lYeah, was climbing this tree that had two trunks (was split down the middle)23:04
snap-lspying on the neighbor kids behind us23:04
snap-lWEll, managed to slip, and get my leg sandwiched inbetween23:05
snap-lkids noticed me trying to get out, and tried to get my mom. "Lady, your kid is stuck in the tree"23:05
snap-lNEighbors acrosss the street managed to get a piece of wood in between to leverage me loose.23:05
brouschI climbed a pine tree in the backyard to a height of about 40ft. A branch broke and I tumbled down. My belt loop caught on on the little spikes on a chain linked fence and stopped my fall 1ft from the ground23:19
greg-gholy cow23:22
brouschMy step-dad watched me fall from the driveway23:24
jjesse-androidBrousch I must have missed you at grrcon why are you scarred for life23:58
brouschwere you there?23:59
jjesse-androidYeah I was st ck in the vendor area23:59
brouschNo matter what I do, the hackers will get me. They are too smart23:59
jjesse-androidLol I bet23:59

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