dzhoback from dinner at Elevator01:43
canthus13Dinner in an elevator?03:20
canthus13did it go down well?03:20
paultaggilbert: we pop a BOF last minute and be loud about it13:30
paultaggilbert: I screwed up and didn't get the OLF people to know13:30
paultagugh, I can't english13:30
paultagI'm hungover and in cleveland13:30
canthus13paultag: Awesome.14:00
* thafreak is heading to c-bus shortly...14:22
* thafreak will probably stop at microcenter before heading to the expo hall...14:22
* thafreak needs to see the BOF schedule14:22
gilbertpaultag: ok, cool w me.  i'll be setting up the oh booth around 7:30am tomorrow, so track me down at some point ;)17:25
paultaggilbert: ACK18:13
paultagbrb, wine18:13
thafreakpaultag: i emailed you20:23
thafreakyou here20:23
paultagthafreak: not yet20:24
paultagthafreak: just about to leave20:24
thafreakcool....you have my digits?20:24
paultagthafreak: nah, send them over in PM20:24
paultagthafreak: tenach is in now20:24
thafreakso, what's everyone else doing20:56
thafreakso i setup my little mifi mobile hotspot20:57
thafreaknow I can't remember the damned wpa2 psk!!20:57
thafreakha, remembered it...21:54
Unit193I have no chance figuring out my key, it's something like 64 chars, alphanumeric. :P21:55
thafreaki picked a "pass phrase"21:56
thafreaki figured I may have to share it at the conf, so i made it something I thought I could remember21:56
canthus13How is verizon reception in the convention center?22:19
thafreakthe thing i have uses sprint22:24
thafreakand in my hotel room...i get zero22:24
canthus13Ew. Sprint worked OK for me in the convention center.22:32
thafreaki'll find out when i go down for the key signing party22:53
thafreakand that's why i always stay at drury23:05
thafreakfree drinks before 723:05
thafreaksince it was like 1 till 7, the bartender asked if I just wanted all 3 of my free drinks at once...23:05
thafreakit's very hard to work an elevator holding 3 beers though23:06
snap-lI'm using sprint. managed 4G with my phone23:06
snap-lBut that's in the hotel. Not sure about the convention center.23:07
thafreakwhat hotel snap-l ?23:09
thafreakwent to microcenter down here23:13
thafreakended up buying a $100 android tablet23:14
thafreakinstalled the custom rom with root and android market/play store already23:14
thafreaknot super awesome, but more than good enough for $99...23:15

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