* Kilos greets ubuntu-za05:20
* magespawn waves back to Kilos o/05:27
Kilosinternet very fast here today05:59
Kilosqyou so cute06:00
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:04
magespawnKilos thought you had lost it a bit there.06:13
Squirmjust realised I've been on irc for 7 years already 0o06:27
Kiloshi Squirm 06:30
Kiloshiya superfly 06:33
Kilosyou have mexican for supper?06:33
Kilosor i got my peeps mixed up06:34
superflynope to mexican dinner, that is06:34
superflyactually... I did06:34
superflywe had quesadillas06:34
Kilosthere you go06:35
superfly(kay-sa-dee-ya for all you peons)06:35
Kilosgood start to the day with some lols06:35
Kilossome settings required a restart07:05
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Kiloshmm all quiet on the western front11:12
zeref_campusSymmetria: 12:40
jrgnshey amanica13:05
Kiloshey jrgns 13:06
jrgnshi Kilos13:06
Kilostell me how to open the ports in nm13:06
WOLFEYESGood day all.13:07
zeref_campusKilos: open ports for?13:07
Kiloslol i have a program called umit that scans networkss and it says all 1000 ports in my ip are closed13:13
Kilosfor second pc to use 3g on this one13:13
zeref_campusinternet connection sharing in nm not working?13:19
superflyKilos: I wouldn't worry about that13:19
superflyKilos: the PC that is connected to the internet needs that "ip..." command13:19
Kiloswhere do i look fo the reason its not sharing the 3g 13:20
Kilosit has13:20
superflyKilos: and the PC that needs the internet connection needs to have its default gateway set up to be the first one13:20
Kilosoh command not addy sorry13:20
Kilosi have told .2 to use in the dns setting13:21
Kilosdns servers13:21
superflyKilos: no, you must not do that13:22
superflyDNS and default gateway are not the same thing13:23
superflyKilos: are you running a forwardning DNS server on PC1?13:23
Kilosthats what we trying to do13:23
superflyKilos: you don't need a forwarding DNS server13:24
Kilosfollowed that13:24
superflyKilos: forwarding DNS server != traffic forwarding13:24
Kilosok superfly what do i need then13:24
superflyKilos: which version of Ubuntu are you running?13:27
Kilos12.04 on both pcs13:27
superflyKilos: can you install a package on PC 1?13:28
superflyit's 138K13:29
Kilosyes i am online13:29
superflyinstall arno-iptables-firewall13:29
superflyit's what I use on my routing server13:30
Kilosi dont have a router superfly 13:31
Kilosdirect cable13:31
WOLFEYEScrossover or straight?13:32
Kilosstraight but the socket here switches them13:32
WOLFEYESWhich socket?13:32
Kiloson the mb13:32
Kilosi can ping both ways13:33
superflyKilos: you do, PC1 is your router13:33
Kilosoh yes that the idea13:33
superflyKilos: PC 1 is /routing/ traffic from PC 2 onto the Internet13:33
Kilosya and it worked for one night then killed nm on next mornings boot13:34
superflyKilos: then when you install arno-iptables-firewall, it has a nice little wizard on the command line to help you set it up13:34
superflyKilos: then all you need to do is make sure that PC2 always has PC1's ip address as a default gateway13:34
Kilosi have installed it and it opened a window here but when i typed to you it disappeared13:35
superflyKilos: that's OK, we can configure it again from the command line13:35
Kilosits here under xchat13:36
Kiloscant drag from one workspace to another with unity13:37
superflyKilos: OK, what's the first screen you see?13:37
Kilosexternal network interface13:37
superfly(and can't you right-click on the title-bar and say "move to workspace 2"13:37
superflyOK, so with that you want to type in "ppp+"13:38
Kilosthen open external tcp ports13:39
superflyleave that at what it is13:39
superfly(if it's blank, that's even better)13:39
Kilosempty line there13:39
superflythen you can leave the UDP ports blank too13:40
Kilosinternal network interface13:40
superflythat's your network card13:40
superflyin most cases, eth013:40
Kilosinternet subnets13:41
Kilosrestarted now13:43
Kilosoh my its gone13:43
superflyKilos: OK, you'll probably need to disconnect from the internet, restart the firewall, and then reconnect to the internet13:43
superflyKilos: that's fine, that was the last screen13:44
Kilosah ok brb13:44
superflyhey kilos-, what's up?13:50
kilos-cant find how to start it13:50
* kilos- cries13:50
superflykilos-: start what?13:50
kilos-you said start it then connect13:50
kilos-the arno goodie13:51
superflyoh, restart it13:51
superflysudo service arno-iptables-firewall restart13:51
superflyjust checking the service name quickly13:51
kilos-ty lemme try 13:51
superflyyup, that's what it is on my machine at home13:52
kilos-ok ty ill try13:52
kilos-brb again13:52
superflywhat's up now?13:55
kilosits going with 3g connected first13:55
kilosbut doesnt it show anywhere13:56
superflykilos: what doesn't show anywhere?13:56
kilosthat gui thingie13:56
superflywhat gui thingie?13:56
kilosis it a cli tool13:56
superflywhat? what are you talking about?13:56
kilosthat pretty window you set it up with13:57
superflykilos: if you're talking about the firewall, it's a firewall, it doesn't have a GUI13:57
kilosok so its running now what more must i tell it or nm to do?13:58
superflynow you go to PC2 and I think you can tell NM to set PC1 as a default gateway13:59
kilosmust i delete that primary dns
kilosin the info i see default route
kilosbut cant ping www.google.com14:05
kiloscant tracepath or nslookup www.google.com superfly 14:10
kilosbut can ping both ways14:10
superflykilos: yes, no DNS entries14:11
superflykilos: you can set DNS to
kiloson pc1 or 214:12
superflyboth, if you want14:13
superflybut PC214:13
superflykilos: I need to go now, but I'll come back online when I'm on the train14:13
kilosty superfly go safe14:14
superflykilos: what can you tell me?14:33
kilosnot sharing superfly 14:33
superflykilos: did you set the default gateway? Do you know how to?14:34
kilosi set gateway in nm14:34
superflybut is it the defau.t gw?14:34
superflykilos: what does "route -n" on pc2 say?14:35
kilostop line has under gateway14:36
kilosnext 2 lines nothing under gateway14:37
superflykilos: oh, you know what? I think we need to make a tweak to the firewall14:37
kilosok im ready to start tweaking14:37
superflykilos: any way you can give me the exact line?14:37
superflyfrom pc214:37
kilosthere is 3 lines14:38
kiloswill give the info here from each next to each other ok?14:38
superflyWhat does the first line say?14:38
kilosthird gateway is also
kilosgenmask is
kilosflags UG   U   U14:43
kilosMetric   0     1    100014:43
kilosref   0 on all14:44
kilosuse iface all eth014:44
kiloslemme show gateway again
superflykilos: the way you pasted it i can't figure out what is going wrong, have you got a flash drive?14:46
kilosi even tried another link that said do it with firestarter14:46
kilosoh ya sec14:46
kilosyou want me to pastebin it superfly ?14:48
* superfly is soooo sleepy14:50
kiloslol dont sleep youll miss you stop14:51
superflyThat's MUCH better, and that's right14:56
superflyThat's MUCH better, and that's right14:56
superflyEish, bad connection14:57
kilosoh my thats right14:58
kilosmaybe i must remove dhcp3-server14:59
superflykilos: on which machine?15:00
superflyuh, not necessarily15:01
superflykilos: how does pc2 get its ip address?15:01
kilosi set ti up in nm15:01
kilospc2 is
superflyok, then you can probably uninstall it15:02
kilosthe dhcp3-server?15:03
kilosand dmasq-base as well?15:06
kilosit wants to remove network-manager15:07
kilosthats no good15:07
superflyK, then just leave it15:07
superflyNm is supposed to support connection sharing, dunno why we going the long route15:09
superflyDon't need15:10
superflyYay, my station next15:13
kilosgood thing you werent asleep hey?15:13
kiloswe can try later to tweak the firewall superfly 15:14
kilosbeen a week or more already so np15:14
superflyYa, later15:14
kilosdont laugh WOLFEYES its been hard work with no success15:19
kiloshi smile 16:50
smileyou lost your capital letter :p16:51
=== kilos is now known as Kilos
Kilosi was on and off lots16:52
WOLFEYESBtw up ^ I was laughing at the time period taken, I know the feeling just taken a few weeks to complete something, totally out of my hands to rush anything, so ya I know the feeling, cheers everyone.16:56
Kiloscheers boy16:56
Kilosevening magespawn_ 17:20
Kilosdoes QP greet?17:20
smileKilos: I understand :)17:20
Kilosi did everything the same but i dont think she works17:20
superflyKilos: from PC2, type "traceroute"17:45
Kiloseish it wants to first install traceroute superfly 17:46
Kilosi need to steal the modem quick17:48
superflyno problem Kilos17:50
kilosaw gotta take modem back again18:01
Kiloswow the modem didnt want to connect here after i brought it back18:09
Kilosit says network is unreachable superfly 18:10
superflyKilos: can you pastebin the output?18:11
Kilosthere isnt any18:11
superflyKilos: one question: why did you decide to use and ?18:12
Kilosoh wait 1 line/18:12
Kiloswas in one of those links18:12
Kilostraceroute to  ( 30 hops max 60 byte packets18:14
Kilosconnect: network is unreachable18:14
Kilosand i think pro help then too18:15
Kilosthats bout 2 weeks ago i think18:16
Kiloswe can change it to anything you like that works18:16
Kilosi can take both nm off manual too18:17
Kilosand put on auto dhcp?18:18
Kilosor share18:18
superflyKilos: well, a more common range is and
Kilosok ill change them18:26
Kilosmust i leave them on manual superfly ?18:26
superflyKilos: yes18:28
Kilosand the gateway on pc1 is the same as its ip superfly ?18:29
Kilosand pc2 as well or must pc2's gateway show pc1's ip18:31
smilebye :p18:33
Kilosbye smile 18:33
Kilossleep tight18:33
superflyKilos: no, PC should get its gateway from the modem18:36
Kiloson pc2 the save button is grayed out if there is no gateway entry18:40
Kilospc1 made its own
Kilosah had to let it take 24 as netmask18:43
Kilosok they can ping each other18:45
Kilostraceroute still says network is unreachable18:46
Kiloshiya maiatoday wb girl18:46
Kilosnice to see you again18:47
maiatodayHi Kilos I am on the in flight wifi on my phone :) 18:48
Kiloswhere you going or coming from maiatoday ?18:48
maiatodayJozi to cpt18:49
Kilosbut still nice to see yuou even if you inna sky somewhere18:49
maiatodayThanks can't type quickly 18:49
Kiloshmm that remote is inna sky too18:53
superflyKilos: did you make the gateway on PC2 PC1's ip address?18:56
Kilosmust it be pc1's address superfly 18:57
Kilosit went o.o.o.o o on its own18:57
Kilosboth netmasks are 2418:58
superflyPC1 must get its gateway from the modem and pc2's gateway must be pc118:58
Kilosok i go change it18:58
Kilospc2 the netmask keeps going to
Kilosoh they both show
superflyKilos: that's perfect19:04
Kilosstill network unreachable with trceroute
Kilosroute -n http://slexy.org/view/s2AFHHH2Pb19:19
Kilosthats from pc219:19
Kilosroute -n  from pc1 is  http://slexy.org/view/s2mxxhJLik19:22
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magespawnEvening all19:37
kilos-hi magespawn 19:37
magespawnWhats with the tail?19:37
kilos-oh off and back with disconnect nm to try get sharing going19:38
=== kilos- is now known as Kilos
magespawnThis is turning int9 an epis quest19:38
Kiloshaha the fly helping me use arno fw19:39
magespawnThe electricity is off here, had a thunderstorm.19:39
Kilosi think we just gotta tweak it now19:39
Kiloswhatever that means19:39
Kilosyou got lotsa rain coming19:39
magespawnMmh 19:40
Kilosall blew past here and dropped 4 drops19:40
magespawnDo not mind the rain, just do not like the electricity problem.19:40
magespawnPower is back on in town i see, my server just reconnected19:41
Kilosours is much better since they put new p[oles and non copper wires19:41
Kilosthat fone goodie is clever hey19:41
magespawnHey Kilos19:49
Kiloshey magespawn 19:49
magespawnNo luck getting through to my server19:49
magespawnAhh well one of those things.19:50
Kiloswhat isnt starting up properly19:50
Kilosyoure core thing19:51
magespawnNo that has started thats why you have magespawn_19:56
magespawnI just cannot log into it, which means my dyndns has not updated properly19:57
magespawnOr something else but thats what i think19:58
magespawnAny way, i am off to bed, ihave 03:15 start tomorrow. Good night Kilos 19:59
Kilosnight magespawn  sleep tight20:00
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:04

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