* Akiva-Work hates maintaining windows machines00:00
veryhappyAkiva-Work: Good luck :)00:00
DaemonicApathyGood luck! Be sure to download some of the Canonical docs on switching, if you haven't already.00:00
OerHekscompany-switch, grinn00:00
DaemonicApathyThey'll be back. ^_^00:01
bkovacsOk what about 100GB win, 305 data, 60GB Ubuntu /root no swap. I have 8GB RAM. c drive shows 465GB00:03
DaemonicApathyNo swap means no hibernation, fyi. If that doesn't matter to you, sounds good to me.00:04
bkovacsrunning on desktop not laptop00:04
kiyourano swap means a lot of things..00:05
DaemonicApathyI'm not good at swap yet. All I know about is the hibernation limitation.00:05
hdon-hi all :) i have shared new directories today, but my /etc/samba/smb.conf has an mtime from 6 months ago. where does Ubuntu Samba store its share configuration when i use Nautilus to click a file and choose "Sharing Options" or "Properties" to set up a new shared directory?00:06
bkovacsSo how much swap for desktop 1GB or 2GB, have 8GB Ram00:07
hdon-bkovacs, 2GB. HDD is cheap.00:07
kiyourabkovacs, it is common to use double the ram you have for swap00:08
kiyouraor is it half?00:08
bkovacsWhat else is swap used for except hibernation00:08
k1lbkovacs: nothing00:08
bkovacsI read double the ram under 4GB00:08
k1lbkovacs: and if you want susspend2disc you need swap=ram00:09
hdon-bkovacs, swap is your virtual memory!00:09
kiyourak1l, it isn't used for page memory?00:09
k1lbkovacs: that is old rumors back from the days when you only had 64mb ram00:09
bkovacsSo hdon 2GB will be fine for 8GB Ram00:10
DaemonicApathyVirtual memory is overrated.00:10
k1lkiyoura: just compare the speed of ram with the speed of hdds. you dont want  to use swap in a running system00:10
hdon-bkovacs, yes00:10
bazhangDaemonicApathy, please lets stop with the editorializing00:10
hdon-bkovacs, i have 4GB of RAM and 2GB swap on this system for about four years :)00:10
k1lbkovacs: you wont have hibernation than00:10
hdon-k1l, what about memory that rarely gets accessed?00:12
hdon-bkovacs, k1l may have a point. i don't use hibernation.00:12
k1lhdon-: there is no reason to park data on slow storrage speed.00:12
k1lhdon-: not if most systems come with too much ram these days :)00:13
hdon-k1l, if you have so much RAM, then the page file / swap partition will never get used00:13
hdon-k1l, but sometimes you do have an explosion in memory usage, and then you need virtual/page memory there00:13
bkovacsSo 100GB (Win), 305GB (Data), 58GB (Ubuntu), and 2GB (Swap)00:14
hdon-k1l, you're being silly, virtual memory is very practical. it's a good place for inactive memory to be kept when you fill your RAM for whatever reason.00:14
rlw980toshgsh: You still here?00:14
montageWhy are the U.S. major traditional media not covering Presidential Candidates Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson?00:14
bazhangmontage, wrong channel00:15
montageI find that very puzzling since the USA touts itself as a shining beacon of democracy00:15
k1lhdon-: no, that old view to store things in swap comes back from the days when you had very few and extremely expensive ram.00:15
bazhangmontage, stop it00:15
montageWhy are the US major traditional media acting like they are censoring some Presidential Candidates?00:15
OerHeks!ot | montage00:15
ubottumontage: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:15
k1lhdon-: some caches get build faster than the reading speed from the swap.00:16
bkovacsBut would you use hibernation on a desktop?. I can see it on a laptop00:16
grimetonhi, what happened to dpkg-reconfigure locales?00:16
OerHeksk1l, bkovacs only with a SSD i reduce swapiness & log/timestamp actions.00:17
hdon-k1l, what caches?00:18
k1lhdon-: the stuff that gets parked into swap, when swap is needed00:19
bkovacsSo 8GB or 2GB Ram for system with 8GB00:19
hdon-k1l, any page of memory in RAM can be parked in swap. what are "caches" and what "builds" them?00:20
k1lbkovacs: i would go with no swap. since you hardly will fill your 8gm ram00:20
bkovacsThanks K1l00:21
hdon-and what does the linux kernel do when you run out of RAM?00:21
zykotick9hdon-: "any page of memory" i highly question.  i doubt swap gets used for much, in the grand scheme of things (non-essential for sure!)00:21
k1lhdon-: cmon00:21
k1lhdon-: do you want to fill 8gb ram with firefox tabs or what?00:21
bazhangk1l, hdon- lets take this conversation to ##hardware , or #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
hdon-apologies bazhang00:22
bkovacsThanks everyone!00:22
k1lhdon-: the users  that need that amount of ram for grafical stuff or virtualisation will know about there ram consumption. bazhang kk.00:23
trippy_1zykotick9 - the disabling of the acpi seems to have worked00:23
trippy_1I added the tag to the grub and rebooted, been using the pc since and no weird graphica issues00:23
zykotick9trippy_1: nicely done!  good job man.00:23
bazhangk1l, the conversation is long past its sell by date. lets move on00:23
hdon-does anyone know where Ubuntu Samba keeps its configuration? it does not appear to be /etc/samba/smb.conf00:24
hdon-not in its entirety anyhow00:24
k1lhdon-: do you mean samba or gvfs ?00:24
trippy_1zykotick9 - I have one more question, I want to tone down the graphics on ubuntu and get rid of the 3d effects because the system is kind of slow, any specfic gui options I can do this with? or do I need to go in the CLI00:25
k1lbecause nautilus uses gvfs00:25
hdon-k1l, gvfs only handles client side of connection right?00:25
bazhang!notunity | trippy_100:25
ubottutrippy_1: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:25
zykotick9trippy_1: try ubuntu2d from the login menu perhaps00:25
TheProfHello. I hope everyone is well. Using Edubuntu 12.04 -- some users when they log in only get a desktop background - no menu, no icons, nothing.  How can I fix this please?00:25
bazhangtrippy_1, also unity-2d00:25
trippy_1Im using auto login00:26
k1lhdon-: yes, its clientside00:26
trippy_1is there anywah I can set this to default?00:26
XiaolinDraconisitll choose whatever was chosen last00:27
XiaolinDraconisso disable auto login00:27
XiaolinDraconischange to unity2d00:27
hdon-my ubuntu system is serving a directory via samba/windows file sharing, however i cannot find any mention of it in /etc/samba/smb.conf so i'm trying to find where this other config comes from (did the configuration with nautilus, can access it from a windows system on my network00:27
XiaolinDraconisand then enable auto login again00:27
trippy_1Understood. Let me close this Update Manager and give it ago again....00:28
OerHekshdon start = sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.original00:29
Hatorihdon,actually if you configured correctly,windows client coild access your share00:29
unsobilli always wonder is there cracked software for linux available and where00:29
Hatoriunsobill... Lol,thats not needed..00:29
unsobilli found one serial emulator that cost $14000:29
hdon-OerHeks, hm?00:30
unsobillits a must to crack this shit :(00:30
unsobilland its for linux00:30
hdon-Hatori, windows client can access my share. i want it to.00:30
OerHeksunsobill, cracking is offtopic, who needs serials for Linux it is free.00:30
bazhangunsobill, no cursing. please get on topic00:30
Hatoriunsobil, you should buy it if you need them00:30
unsobilltell this guy - theres version for linux that cost 14000:30
unsobillisnt whole purpose of linux is to be free lol00:30
unsobilldouble standards00:30
hdon-unsobill, Linux is a kernel00:30
hdon-unsobill, doesn't mean you can't run proprietary software00:31
bazhangunsobill, this is ubuntu support. take it elsewhere00:31
hdon-unsobill, you probably do and don't even realize it00:31
trippy_1the 2d version looks really good lol00:31
unsobilli guess if u support this then okay :)00:31
trippy_1I used Unbuntu 2d00:31
unsobilli just get free version on windows00:31
hdon-unsobill, i don't, so i don't buy that software. if there is a software i support, then i buy it. or something like that.00:31
cheebudoes the latest ubuntu have TRIM support00:31
k1lcheebu: yep00:32
OerHekscheebu, yes, add discard to your fstab entry.00:32
cheebudo i have to mess oarund or it will work out of box?00:32
rlw980EyeToy may I use that has a webcam?00:33
Hatoriunsobill, i think a lot off people here could crack it easily, but thats not important to make this happen00:33
trippy_1Ok I turned back on Autologin and I am using ubuntu 2d.00:33
OerHekslike this > UUID=<very long number> / ext4 noatime,discard,errors=remount-ro 0 100:33
jefimenkodoes network manager in ubuntu 12.04 really try to get a dhcp lease for ipv6?00:33
bazhang!webcam | rlw980 have a look00:33
ubotturlw980 have a look: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:33
trippy_1Any other pointers for very slow PCS? 2.8Ghz Pentium D, with 512Mb of Ram...00:33
bazhangHatori, hes gone, lets move on00:34
jefimenkoi'm trying to test ipv6 on my network, but i can't see the dhcp requests going out when using tcpdump for port 546 packets (dhcp-v6 packets)00:34
rlw980bazhang: thanks pal00:34
rlw980ubottu: ok thank you very much00:34
ubotturlw980: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:34
rlw980ubottu: Really?00:34
ubotturlw980: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:34
trippy_1Any other pointers for very slow PCS? 2.8Ghz Pentium D, with 512Mb of Ram...??00:36
bazhangtrippy_1, try lubuntu00:36
bazhang!lubuntu | trippy_100:36
ubottutrippy_1: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.00:36
DaemonicApathyYou might also look into upgrading the amount of RAM, if possible.00:36
trippy_1bazhang - I am trying to standardnize the OS across the PCs00:36
trippy_1They came from a business, 20 of them..00:37
trippy_1It;s part of a project to equip special needs schools in my country with at least 2 computers per school.00:37
zykotick9trippy_1: 512MB RAM isn't even ubuntu recommended minimum...00:37
bazhangtrippy_1, lubuntu woul d fit the bill nicely with that processor and amount of ram,00:37
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu00:37
trippy_1What about the education applications?00:37
trippy_1That's the real reason I went with Ubuntu because of the apps, support and acpps00:37
bazhangtrippy_1, such as what00:37
zykotick9trippy_1: sorry 512 is minimum00:38
IdleOnetrippy_1: Ubuntu and Lubuntu share the same repositories, you can install those apps.00:38
bazhangtrippy_1, there is edubuntu as well00:38
trippy_1Ah understood. Let me do some research on Lubuntu00:38
trippy_1bazhang - I am running Edubuntu right now00:38
bazhangtrippy_1, ok. you can use the edubuntu default apps with the lightness of lubuntu00:39
trippy_1I think switching to Ubuntu 2D realy helped.00:41
trippy_1Time to start installing on the 15 odd PCS.00:43
trippy_1thanks everyone for help00:43
OerHekshave fun trippy_100:43
trippy_1I like the granularity of this distro.00:44
trippy_1Very cool.00:44
Bill_Hi, first time on the site and i'm a complete noob, I'm thinking about installing ubuntu on my laptop and i'm super new so i was just looking for some help00:47
bazhang!manual | Bill_ this may help00:48
ubottuBill_ this may help: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:48
XiaolinDraconisBill_, download and burn the iso, you test run it00:48
Bill_Burn the ISO?00:48
XiaolinDraconisgoogle burn iso its easy enough00:49
XiaolinDraconiswindows has a built in feature for it00:49
Bill_LOL okay, I know a lot about computer hardware, I'm just not good at programming....00:50
black_joeIf you double click the .iso, it will burn it for you.00:50
black_joeUnder Windows 7 at least.00:50
Bill_Yup, i'm running windows 700:50
black_joeBut... There is another way.00:50
OerHeksBill_, there are many wiki pages to get you started00:50
black_joeHave you considered Wubi?00:50
Bill_No, what is it?00:51
black_joeIt is a program you run in Windows that installs Ubuntu as a program.00:51
black_joeIt still runs on hardware, but it can be uninstalled from Windows.00:51
Bill_I see, I know running froma disc will be slow performance but what about wubi00:51
black_joeIt's as simple as running this.00:51
XiaolinDraconisi was only suggesting a test run00:52
black_joeIt doesn't really run inside of Wubi. It is installed by it.00:52
black_joeOn your Hard Drive.00:52
black_joeIf you do just want to run it from a CD, see: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/burn-a-cd-on-windows00:52
XiaolinDraconis1 2 300:53
Bill_No, i'm looking to eventually install it fully, just on an old laptop to test it out. Do you find you need to dual boot or is ubunto good enough for daily use?00:53
XiaolinDraconisgreat for daily00:53
XiaolinDraconisonly need dual boot if you game00:54
ItaloPessoasomebody could help me? to upload a pack to ppa?00:54
black_joeIf you game, use Autocad, or any adobe product other than Flash you will need to dual boot.00:54
Bill_I'm a heavy gamer.00:54
Bill_Plus I do architecture work, thus autocad....00:55
black_joeAlso, if the laptop does not have a good GPU you may need to use a less intensive version. Like Xubuntu.00:55
Bill_I thought ubuntu was light on systems?00:55
black_joeIt was before Unity was introduced.00:55
hmmwhatsthisdoI'm trying to install 1200:55
black_joeIt tends to be a bit slow.00:55
hmmwhatsthisdo.gah, stupid enter key00:55
black_joeThe default desktop environment.00:56
MartellI think I already disabled the gnome keyring popup whenever the ubuntu started, but it still popup, how do i "vanish" this thing away efficiently00:56
black_joeThere are others. Xfce, lxde, etc. They are all light.00:56
black_joeThe difference is that Unity, although arguably prettier and much easier to use, takes up more Ram and processing power.00:56
Bill_Alright I think im ready to go, i just need the website for DL and a DVD, right?00:56
XiaolinDraconiso r athumb drive00:56
DaemonicApathyA CD is big enough.00:56
Bill_How big?00:57
hmmwhatsthisdoI'm trying to install 12.04 on a laptop that's already running W7. There is unallocated space already available on the drive, but I need to save part of it for BackTrack. What should I do?00:57
Bill_2GB thumb drive do?00:57
black_joeBill_, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop00:57
black_joeChoose 64-bit and you're ready to go.00:57
hmmwhatsthisdoI'm not quite sure how to pilot the manual partition section of the installer to do what I need it to do00:57
DaemonicApathyFor a live session, 2GB should be plenty.00:57
black_joeAnd yes. But then you need to go down a different route to make it bootable.00:57
black_joeSuch as using a tool called unetbootin.00:58
Bill_Um how so?00:58
Bill_I have only a thumb drive, no dvds/cds00:58
hmmwhatsthisdojust throwing it out there, if you're burning a live disk for Ubuntu the default ISO writer in W7 can burn it just fine00:58
maicodhi I'm running samba on my server . when on a client computer I access a share by mounting with mount.cifs /server/share /mnt/share -o user=xxx,password=xxx I keep getting read-only access. The user account works when accessing from a windows pc and has write access. Could it be something in etc/smb.conf or etc/smbpasswd ?00:58
DaemonicApathyBill_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows00:59
Bill_Thankyou kindly00:59
chamunkswhat happened to middle click scrolling...00:59
Bill_Im going to go try this, thankyou all who helped, cya01:00
hmmwhatsthisdoI have a laptop running W7x64 that I plan to install Ubuntu on. I've shrunk 96GB out of the main partition, but I'm not sure how to install Ubuntu but only have it use 32 of those 96 GB. What should I do?01:07
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: expand the partition you shrunk so only 32 is left.01:08
black_joeIf you choose manual partitioning, you can select that free space and only take up 32 GiB with the root partition.01:09
Bill_Browse to your ubuntu-12.04*desktop*.iso  --> <-----WHAT does this mean?????01:09
Bill_What am i browsing and what am i choosing????01:09
tsimpsonBill_: it means: open the file manager and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the .iso01:10
Bill_What is the iso?01:10
Bill_And should i be putting that on the usb im using for the boot?01:11
blackshirtbill, cd/dvd image01:11
hmmwhatsthisdoblack_joe: the I'm at the manual partitioning screen, shows my OEM, Recovery, and W7 partition, along with the free space01:11
blackshirtor something likes that01:11
happyengineerHi, I just did completed a fresh install of 12.04, but am seeing very high CPU usage for compiz and Xorg (>50% each) - even when doing nothing. Have also installed the fglrx drivers, which I hoped would alleviate things, but nope (in fact, the CPU usage seems to have gone up!) Any ideas how to sort this, as it just doesn't seem right... Using ATI Radeon HD 4200 Card with AMD Turion II X2 m500 (2.2Gig)01:11
hmmwhatsthisdoblack_joe: when I go to add a partition, I see a screen asking me to choose a filesystem, size, and mount point.01:13
hmmwhatsthisdoWhat do I put in for mount point?01:13
bobo37773a7i3n fail :P01:13
bobo37773happyengineer: Sounds strange. Is it directly related to compositing you think? Try a different window manager and see if the problem persists. If your box is overheating setup cpu frequency scaling01:15
lobhaterhello all01:16
bobo37773lobhater: hey01:17
^MikeI have an lvm volume I can't mount. When I do `mount /dev/vg0/usr-store /mnt/usr-store` I'm told mount doesn't know what kind of filesystem it is. When I add `-t ext4`, I'm told I'm wrong, or there is something wrong with the superblock. What have I done wrong? http://p.hashbang.ca/Zu01:17
happyengineerbobo37773: Thanks - I'm not sure, but switching to Unity2D certainly helps (I mean, CPU usage drops to about 10-20%). Why isn't the compositing happing in the GPU, I'd like to know!01:17
lobhaterbobo37773: Hows it going?01:17
happyengineertyped it wrong twice!01:18
bobo37773happyengineer: Not sure. Compositing has never caused me anything but problems. Switched to openbox a long time ago. Couldn't be happier01:18
bobo37773happyengineer: haha :P01:18
bobo37773lobhater: Cool. You?01:18
happyengineeropenbox - what's that?01:18
Aristideopenbox is a Window Manager :)01:18
lobhater^Mike: partitions arent my speciality but have you tried gparted our a gui?  instead of the cli? maybe its a syntax error01:19
bobo37773happyengineer: A window manager. You have a lot of options man.01:19
Aristideopenbox can replace kwin with KDE for example ^^01:19
^Mikelobhater: gparted doesn't support lvm, and it is not a syntax error01:19
lobhatergood bobo, glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!01:19
happyengineerand you recommend it? is it as nice looking as unity?01:19
bobo37773lobhater: yay01:19
lobhater^Mike: told you I didnt know what i was talking about, sorry just a thought01:20
Aristidehapposade, Try it and make your opinion :) (I don't know if opinion is correct in English)01:20
* Aristide check 01:20
bobo37773happyengineer: Is it not as pretty looking if thats what you mean. Although that is pretty relative. I use it because it is fast. Very fast01:20
AristideOk its correct :)01:20
lobhaterdo you guys know of a way i can stream movies from my server and have the ability to "seek" in the movie without having to use samba? I currently ssh into my server and then just use the movie player to watch them but I can fast forward or rewind01:22
happyengineerbobo37773: are there any compatibility issues with applications (for example, Eclipse/Blender/Gimp/Chromium/Libre Suite - these are the ones I use day to day)01:22
=== Guest80900 is now known as jmad980
bobo37773happyengineer: No not at all. The gui engines like glade, gtk*, qt* are not window manager specific. They are all seperate libraries etc..01:23
trismlobhater: sshfs? Nautilus/File/Connect to Server/ssh? seems to let me fast forward and rewind01:24
lobhatertrism: sshfs??? what is that?  i just ssh into the box. sudo nautilis      find the file and double click, it starts movie player but i cant seek01:25
lobhatertrism: is that all you do?01:26
trismlobhater: on your local system, open nautilus and go to File/Connect to Server, enter the info and select ssh and it will open a folder to your remote machine01:26
lobhatertrism: brb gonna try it now01:26
happyengineerbobo37773: sorry - overheated and died :P01:29
hmmwhatsthisdoSo, how do I tell Ubuntu to install onto unallocated space, but only a certain amount of it?01:29
happyengineerbobo37773:  in case you said anything while I was away...01:29
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, use the something else option size it ext4 and /01:30
hmmwhatsthisdoand Ubuntu will divvy it out as needed?01:30
conkyhello there......cinnamon 1.6 released and i dont know how to upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6    please help01:30
bobo37773happyengineer: Wow. That sucks. Here is what I said: "No not at all. The gui engines like glade, gtk*, qt* are not window  manager specific. They are all seperate libraries etc.."01:31
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, You are manually installing in something else set it as ext 4 put the size in and set the partiton as /01:31
happyengineerbobo37773: on unity 2d now, so that shouldn't happen any more... is openbox good with a multiple monitor set up?01:32
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, YOU have 3 primary partitions though right?01:32
_0x783czardoes anyone know of a good way to check if a key has already been added to apt?01:32
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: I believe so.01:32
hmmwhatsthisdoCan I check with Gparted?01:32
blackshirt_0x783czar: apt-key list01:33
bobo37773happyengineer: Mutliple monitors are setup by xorg-server (the back end behind your window manager) through Xinerama and stuff like that. Window manager does not make a huge difference01:33
_0x783czarblackshirt: haha, thanks I just found it as you typed that.  Thanks againg01:33
conkyhow to update cinnamon ?01:33
blackshirt_0x783czar: :D01:33
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, The easiest way would be to close the installer and open gparted, make the unallocated a extended partition then the ext4 inside of it and the swap to the sizes you want. The extended allows the ext4 logicals to be as many as you can fit in it basically.01:34
bobo37773happyengineer: First thing I would do if I was you would be to set up cpu frequency scaling so yoru box does not overheat again.01:34
happyengineerbobo37773: just done that. should be ok now01:34
pogihey guys- would you know if the gnome remix is releasing beta 2?01:34
happyengineerbobo37773: Is the install easy? Also, can I have open box and unity side by side, so I can pick which to use when I log in?01:34
lobhatertrism: it works! thanks.  Why is that different than the way I was doing it?  seems to be basically the same thing01:35
bobo37773happyengineer: Yeah you should be able to. I don't see why it would be a problem.01:35
bobo37773happyengineer: Just search for openbox in your package manager. It should be in there01:36
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, You can also put NTFS partitions in that extended and windows will see them, but you don't want any windows OS's in the extended just data partitions.01:36
happyengineerbobo37773: going to look in synaptic now. Just wanted to ask, in case I install, and something unexpected happens!01:37
pogihey guys- would you know if the gnome remix is releasing beta 2?01:38
=== komar_ is now known as Guest86049
bobo37773happyengineer: After you install it you will still have to set it up. Do you know xml at all? Can you read a config file?01:38
happyengineeryes, pretty familiar with xml and comfortable with config files01:38
trismlobhater: I'm not really sure why it doesn't work the other way01:38
lobhaterhuh, well what ever it works!01:38
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: In that case, how would I install GRUB and add Windows to its list?01:39
hmmwhatsthisdo(with the intent of later replacing it with BURG)01:41
bobo37773happyengineer: You should be fine then. Read this maybe -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox    & read this --> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Openbox    Also, you may want to not follow the advice there on setting up your .xinitrc etc.. on either of those but rather read some documentation on whatever ubuntu uses for their display manager01:41
uRockHello folks. I installed updates today, now my system will not boot up to desktop. It goes straight to tty1.01:43
bobo37773happyengineer: I think ubuntu uses lightdm. Read up on how to add a session to that01:43
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Grub is installed in the installation, use the something other option once you built the partitions how you want them, choose the one to install to, set the mount as / and set the partition as ext4 and click the format to reload the data to tat partition and install, in that first gui after you choose something else make sure grub is pointed at the HD not a partition, so it would be sda or sdb...etc depending on the HD you'r01:43
wilee-nileee installing to.01:43
uRockstartx causes the system to power off01:43
lobhateruRock: what happens when ypu typr     sudo service lightdm restart?01:43
clawbsyHey, I need help with installing proprietary drivers on my laptop. Running Precise on an HP G62-355DX laptop.01:43
bobo37773uRock: When you boot again don't startx. Just read the log file.01:43
lobhater*you type01:44
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: how much longer will you be available? I have to go eat dinner.01:44
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: What's for dinner?01:44
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, I will be on for probably 3-4 hours01:44
happyengineerbobo37773:  great, thanks. Not sure if I'm going to make the switch today... probably Sunday, when I have more time to figure it out.01:45
hmmwhatsthisdobobo37773: Breaded tilapia! Smells amazing.01:45
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Oh nice. Man I'm hungry01:45
wilee-nileegood eaten. ;)01:46
bobo37773happyengineer: You may want to look into a distro called crunchbang if you are tired of unity too.01:46
wilee-nileeI like archbang if you like arch01:46
uRocklobhater, it freezes at * Stopping Userspace bootsplashgerdevicescessing daemonpatcher01:46
wilee-nileewithout the hassle of installing it01:46
happyengineerbobo37773: all this info is great. I think I'm going to spend the weekend just trying different distros!01:47
clawbsyBetter yet, is there a way to install Windows drivers in Ubuntu for devices beyond wireless cards?01:47
bobo37773wilee-nilee: I don't recommend archbang. Until they move to a netinstall based installer it will be prolematic. Especially for someone new01:47
wilee-nileebobo37773, probably wise. ;)01:47
bobo37773happyengineer: Cool.01:47
bobo37773wilee-nilee: Yeah I am getting to move away from arch actually.01:48
clawbsyhappyengineer: I made the switch just the other day. It's definitely a learning experience. I really enjoy the challenge.01:48
bobo37773clawbsy: Windows drivers? For what?01:48
happyengineerclawbsy: to openbox or crunchbang?01:48
lobhateruRock:  do u have nvidia graphics card?01:48
wilee-nileebobo37773, I have used it not worth the hassle even if you know all the tricks really at least for me.01:48
uRocklobhater, yes01:48
clawbsyBobo, sound device drivers.01:49
bobo37773wilee-nilee: It has a lot of potential. I have ran it for some time now. Going the gentoo / funtoo route though. Makes more sense for my needs01:49
clawbsyhappy, I'm just running ubuntu precise. Not many modifications.01:49
barneyfifehow do get the ubuntu "classic theme" in 10.10+ ?01:49
lobhateruRock: I am sure that it is.  pastebin lspci for me please01:49
bobo37773clawbsy: All that stuff should be built into your kernel already.01:49
wilee-nileebobo37773, If I wanted to mess around it would probably be gentoo, just to see the code flash by, heh. ;)01:50
bobo37773clawbsy: open a terminal and type "alsamixer" and see if any of your devices are (M) muted01:50
clawbsybobo37773: I want to keep pulse from forcing software audio control. I want the hardware to control that. I've done Alsa already. Everything is enabled.01:50
bobo37773wilee-nilee: better to do quiet actually (no code). keeps the computer from getting as hot hahaha01:50
bobo37773clawbsy: Can you explain a little more. What is pulseaudio doing?01:51
wilee-nileebobo37773, If I was studying CS in college I would be interested but I'm in a whole different field.01:52
bobo37773clawbsy: Software controls hardware. That's the way it works :/01:52
clawbsybobo37773: The only reason I'm coming here is because I've searched all over and not found much that's very helpful. Pulseaudio is completely ignoring my sound hardware and making my CPU do pretty much everything for sound.01:52
uRocklobhater, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=12222927&postcount=101:52
wilee-nileebarneyfife, 10.10 is end of life it is not supported do you have to use it?01:52
bobo37773clawbsy: So, is sound not working at all?01:52
barneyfifewilee-nilee: i needed it for the netbook remix01:53
clawbsybobo37773: Sound is working, it's just that it makes anything else I do tend to be a lot slower, especially my emulators and firefox.01:53
lobhateruRock:  give me a few to read01:53
barneyfifeonly the netbook version supports the dimensions of my screen01:53
wilee-nileebarneyfife, The unity desktop looks just like it, 10.10 is not supported that is a real hassle and there are no security updates for it.01:54
bobo37773clawbsy: Oh. Which ubuntu are you using?01:54
bobo37773clawbsy: The unity one?01:54
=== rockingwing is now known as chris92
clawbsybobo37773: And the aforementioned applications freeze up on occasion for about 15 seconds. I'm using Precise 12.04 x86_64 and, yes, Unity.01:54
barneyfifeok ill install unity then ;)01:55
bobo37773clawbsy: Try to disable compositing and see if that helps.01:55
chris92hey there. i managed to get my bcm wireless card running but after a restart no network dropdown appears. can anyone help me?01:55
clawbsyYou may need to get a GUI utility to handle that.01:55
clawbsyEr...gnome extension.01:56
bobo37773chris92: How did you manage to get it running in the first place? Firmware install of some kind?01:56
wilee-nileebarneyfife, I doubt that 10.10 is the only ubnutu for your resolution that makes no sense. ;)01:56
Daz646_would anybody mind telling me the difference between opengl and xrender?01:56
lobhateruRock:  You might wanna try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1852473       It seems to be the same issue. Different version of Ubuntu but it seems all they are doing is reinstalling the drivers.   I have little to no experience with nvidia cards but thats all I can come up with.  Sorry.01:56
uRocklobhater, reinstalling the driver fixed the issue.01:56
wilee-nileebarneyfife, 10 inch right?01:56
k4m3h4t3somebody help me01:56
chris92bobo37773: yea sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer did the nob01:56
lobhaterSwEET! GOOD01:57
k4m3h4t3i cant into dekstop ubuntu01:57
uRocklobhater,  thanx,01:57
wilee-nileebarneyfife, I run 12.04 on my netbook same screen size01:57
k4m3h4t3but if i type start ist work01:57
clawbsybobo37773: Also, I was running PinguyOS before. It was something built on top of Ubuntu 12.04. I had no problems with it other than the fact that it was bloated with all sorts of extra and pointless software.01:57
lobhaterk4m3h4t3: with what?01:57
* uRock is no longer in panic mode. Is thankful for the IRC01:57
wilee-nilee!Details | k4m3h4t301:57
ubottuk4m3h4t3: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:57
clawbsybobo37773: Pulseaudio worked just fine.01:57
bobo37773chris92: b43 kernel module. Is it loaded? Check with lsmod or lspci -k01:57
chris92bobo37773: yes it is01:58
bobo37773clawbsy: What happens if you kill pulseaudio and restart it? Does something else randomly spike up?01:58
clawbsyUh...I haven't tried that.01:58
clawbsybobo37773: I'm not entirely sure how to do that.01:59
bobo37773chris92: try to unload and reload it maybe.01:59
k4m3h4t3ubottu : i have a problem with my laptop, i'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS but i can't in desktop ubuntu01:59
ubottuk4m3h4t3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:59
arielsanflohow  active la ene01:59
chris92bobo37773: sudo modprobe -r b43? already did that, didnt help01:59
arielsanfloteclado en english01:59
k4m3h4t3i have a problem with my laptop, i'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS but i can't in desktop ubuntu02:00
clawbsybobo37773: I'm pretty sure I need to be in terminal to do that.02:00
bobo37773clawbsy: find the pid and kill it. It will be threaded for sure. ps ax | grep -v grep | grep pulse02:00
lobhaterk4m3h4t3: have you ever been able to get into ur desktop?02:00
tatanDE DONDE SON?02:00
bobo37773chris92: After that did you load it up again with modprobe?02:00
chris92bobo37773: yes ofc02:00
k4m3h4t3Iobhater : yes02:00
clawbsybobo37773: pid 1900. What from there?02:00
bobo37773chris92: Hmm. Strange. You already checked all the rfkill stuff and all that I am assuming?02:00
FloodBot1tatan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
k4m3h4t3Iobhater : but now i cant02:01
bobo37773clawbsy: Kill it. sudo kill -9 1900. Or you can just kill the process name probably too. It is going to restart itself though.02:01
barneyfifetop is easier for killing stuff02:02
clawbsybobo37773: "kill: no such process"02:02
chris92bobo37773: not rly. i just installed xubuntu today and got the wlan running after i disabled the eth0 with ifdown eth0 because the routing was messed up somehow. had to use netboot to install ubuntu in the first place02:02
bobo37773clawbsy: Then just pkill pulseaudio02:02
barneyfifeclawsby run top and look for the process name and pid02:02
Martelldoes the fresh install of 12.04 contains java on it? coz i want to run virtualbox on it (the pc dont have internet connection)02:02
chris92bobo37773: some kind user in here helped me to get it running02:02
clawbsybobo37773: I'm not sure if it's doing anything. It pops up another entry line. No output from it.02:03
bobo37773chris92: Does iwscan work? So maybe you can isolate networkmanager as not being the problem02:03
clawbsybobo37773: I killed it, audio is off.02:04
lobhaterk4m3h4t3: did u get my pm?02:04
k4m3h4t3i'm sorry my connection is low :D02:04
bobo37773clawbsy: there is no output. If you want to know if an application exited correctly check the exit code --> echo $?02:04
bobo37773clawbsy: Oh okay. So did the cpu go down or still an issue?02:05
chris92bobo37773: wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down02:05
adamkexI installed fluxbox and then firefox but there is no autogenerated menu entry for firefox. A menu entry is created if I install other applications.02:05
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, Can you explain what got you to not being able to access the desktop, or was it a random event?02:05
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clawbsybobo37773: That command just closes terminal. Probably because it begins with "exit"02:05
bobo37773chris92: Weird. But is was working before. Strange.02:05
bobo37773clawbsy: echo $?02:06
bobo37773clawbsy: That was the whole command02:06
bobo37773clawbsy: It doesn't matter now though if you closed your terminal already though02:07
clawbsyOh. Nevermind. I'm dumb.02:07
chris92bobo37773: i think i got it running once i plugged in an ethernet cable and turned eth0 off via ifdown. as soon as i plug the cable in, the wlan module can be turned on and off via the hardware key...02:07
bobo37773clawbsy: :P02:07
k4m3h4t3maybe compiz?02:07
bobo37773chris92: Weirdness. Does ifconfig show it as beign up now?02:08
rockingwingbobo37773: nope, doesnt show up in ifconfig02:08
clawbsybobo37773: I really have no idea. For some reason, pulseaudio doesn't function properly in 12.04.02:08
=== rockingwing is now known as chris92
chris92sry, wlan on my phone isnt the best02:09
bobo37773chris92: What about ifconfig -a02:09
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, If you can get to a tty at the login this should work to reset compiz I believe, and please use nicks on this channel.02:10
bobo37773clawbsy: Well did your cpu usage go down after killing it or not?02:10
clawbsybobo37773: It was killed and started right back up.02:11
bobo37773mastershake: hey.02:11
KRomeleoNgnome 3.6!02:11
bobo37773clawbsy: Yeah cause it's a threaded daemon02:11
rockingwingbobo37773: well it shows up there. cant paste right now as im writing from my phone02:11
KRomeleoNubuntu+gnome 3.6 = christmas02:11
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: would it be a bad move to install GRUB/BURG on the same partition as ubuntu?02:11
k4m3h4t3i will try02:11
mastershakehey guys,everytime i try to connect to a server in  irssi it refuses it. im using xchat at the moment. any idea how to reset this?02:11
=== rockingwing is now known as chris92
hmmwhatsthisdobtw, breaded tilapia is very good02:12
bobo37773chris92: Bring the device up. Any errors?02:12
clawbsybobo37773: I was trying to get a daemon for Alsa, but Alsa doesn't seem to function for anything other than system sounds.02:12
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Oh nice. I'm jealous02:12
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, No you can have both it is what you put in the mbr burg or grub that will be the bootloader, burg needs a few files installed so be careful to do it right and know how to load the mbr.02:13
chris92bobo37773: the problem is, it doesnt let itself turn on.02:13
bobo37773clawbsy: pulseaudio is more or less a wrapper for alsa. alsa still powers all the sound. pulseaudio just sits on top.02:13
clawbsybobo37773: I'm gonna go try to sort this out on my own. Thanks for your help!02:13
bobo37773chris92: any error02:14
bobo37773clawbsy: okay good luck. try unity2d or a different window manager.02:14
mastershakeno ideas anybody/02:14
k4m3h4t3wait a minute02:14
rockingwingbobo37773: nothing, i can press the key as often as I want02:14
bobo37773mastershake: hmm weird02:14
k4m3h4t3i must be restart02:14
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo,I use burg but I have it loaded by using the multisytem usb loader for it and the files are loaded where grub is on the OS.02:14
bobo37773rockingwing: no not with the button. with "ifconfig wlan0 up" or something. should spit out some kind of error or something02:15
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: so, in the "device for bootloader install", I have /dev/sda (my hard drive), and then sda1-5 (an OEM partition, W7's recovery partition, Windows 7, and the new EXT4 partition)02:15
hmmwhatsthisdo(sda4 doesn't exist)02:15
bobo37773mastershake: how did you setup irssi?02:15
bobo37773mastershake: are you behind a proxy or anything?02:16
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Take a screen shot of gparted you can open it while in the installer and imagebin it.02:16
bobo37773mastershake: what port are you using for irssi? firewall running? etc..etc...02:16
wilee-nilee!imagebin | hmmwhatsthisdo02:16
ubottuhmmwhatsthisdo: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.02:16
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wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, If your wondering where grub goes it is sda02:18
hmmwhatsthisdoand that would replace W7's bootloader, correct?02:18
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Yep.02:18
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Grub will have windows in its boot02:18
hmmwhatsthisdoCan I specify the recovery partition as well, or is that not needed?02:19
hmmwhatsthisdo(W7's bootloader has an option to boot into recovery mode)02:19
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Should if not boot into ubuntu and run sudo update-grub    there is a app called the os-prober which finds otherOS's02:19
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Yes you can. You will probably have to add in yoru recovery partition yourself though.02:20
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, The windows boot will be in grub for a recovery part of it the usual f8 should get to it.02:20
chris92bobo37773: sry, im back. phone doesnt like my wlan. well, i just tried it again. i plugged in the ethernet cable, voila, wlan activates itself... reeeeally strange02:20
hmmwhatsthisdowhilst booting windows?02:20
bobo37773chris92: Yeah that is pretty weird.02:21
DeltaHeavyHey, my Ubuntu 12.04 running in Virtual Box crashed so I had to kill the virtualbox process as that's all I could do at that point. Now I'm at a 800x600 resolution, and don't know how to fix it. How can I get my resolution back?02:21
hmmwhatsthisdo(also, is there a way to have BURG entirely bypass itself unless a key is held down?)02:21
chris92bobo37773: ifconfig now also shows my wlan02:21
bobo37773chris92: Did you try to bring up wlan0 with ifconfig manually first?02:21
chris92bobo37773: yes02:22
bobo37773chris92: No error or anything?02:22
chris92bobo37773: no error, just accepted the command and nothing happened02:22
chris92bobo37773: oh wait, yes there was an error02:22
chris92bobo37773: my bad, gimme a sec02:23
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, YOu want to have a extended partition in the unallocated before the ext4. ext4 is a partition type not a number. So close the installer and with gparted right click the unallocated and make a extended partition. Then put the ext4 of the size you want in the exteneded as a logical then a swap. As it is right now you will not have a swap without the exteneded.02:23
chris92 bobo37773: terminal already scrolled past it. damn it02:24
hmmwhatsthisdodo I need the swap with 6GB ram?02:24
Hatorik4m3h4t3,still there !02:24
bobo37773chris92: Did it say somethign about SIOCSIFFLAGS do you remember?02:24
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, YOur choice you can't hibernate without a swap, but realy having a extended as the container for the ext4 is impaerative if you want any more partitions. The max is 4 primaries on a single HD.02:25
chris92bobo37773: i think it said sth like action not permitted02:25
bobo37773chris92: Got it. The error was because you needed to use sudo ->   sudo ifconfig wlan0 up02:25
hmmwhatsthisdoextended partition is in the queue02:25
bobo37773chris92: should have said that I guess. I assume too much sometimes02:26
hmmwhatsthisdonow I make a new partition and a swap partition inside the extended partition?02:26
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: swap goes on it's own partition02:26
chris92bobo37773: hm, yea... i dont want to reboot and try again, because i would wake up my room mate right now if i go a second time to the router to plug the notebook in02:27
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, THe screen shot says ext4 as of now it goes inside of the extended make sure the extended is made first.02:27
hmmwhatsthisdoit is made02:27
hmmwhatsthisdoSo, make an ext4 partition inside that, correct?02:27
bobo37773chris92: just remember for next time. I find it strange though that this isn't just working though. Maybe their are conflictign modules or something somewhere02:27
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, If you make more partitions then is allowed your HD will go dynamic and that is bad.02:27
hmmwhatsthisdoAs does the swap partition?02:28
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Are you trying to make a swap partition? swap is swap not ext402:28
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Yeah the ext4 and the swap go inside the extended.02:28
hmmwhatsthisdoyea, gparted lists linux-swap so I assumed such02:28
wildman330Ok I have a weird problem.  Sometimes when I right click a program on the Unity bar and the menu pops up (remove from launcher, quit, etc.).  Sometimes that little menu wont disappear and it freezes my desktop02:28
chris92bobo37773: i checked everything I found on teh internets, like de-installing other bcm modules also wl, but none of those were installed in the first place02:28
hmmwhatsthisdoalright, how large should the swap be?02:28
hmmwhatsthisdoSame as RAM?02:28
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: do you want to be able to suspend / hibernate?02:29
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, That is the general rule02:29
hmmwhatsthisdobobo37773: preferrably02:29
hmmwhatsthisdocan extended partitions... be extended themselves?02:29
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Then yeah it needs to be at least the same amount of ram then02:29
chris92i usually go with 1.5times the ram02:29
bobo37773chris92: guess it depends on the ram amount. :P02:30
hmmwhatsthisdochris92: my laptop has 6GB ram, 9GB is not a nice number. Should I call it 8?02:30
k4m3h4t3where my friend02:30
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: You don't need more than half. Other than hibernating etc.. you will never use it anyways.02:30
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, as long as it is equal to the ram you are safe.02:30
Pinkamena_Dhello, i am running ubuntu server and the terminal has frozen except for blinking cursor after an error "usb 1-2: device descriptor read/64, error-71". I have tried ctrl q and c the ALT+printscreen REISUB. with no success02:31
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: Oh sorry. Not half. Same amount as ram.02:31
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee : http://ompldr.org/vZm8weg/2012-09-28%2009/18/54/jpg  <<like this02:31
Pinkamena_Dthe server still works normally in the background, and i can log in and use it normally via SSH02:31
Pinkamena_Dis their a way to unfreeze the terminal?02:31
bobo37773chris92: do you have to load the module yourself or is it loading at boot time?02:31
hmmwhatsthisdoCan I extend the extended partition at a later date, provided there's free space to do so?02:32
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, Your ubunutu is in a virtual?02:32
bobo37773chris92: also, check your blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d/ or whatever02:32
k4m3h4t3in my ubuntu i was install virtual box02:32
Pinkamena_Dalso of note is that the error is not understandable to me as the server has no usb devices at all02:32
Pinkamena_Dunless its talking about another usb here02:32
chris92bobo37773: the b43 loads at boot time. but I encountered sth while booting. It says "waiting 60 more seconds for network configuration. continuing boot without full network configuration" or sth like that on the bootscreen shortly before I'm able to login02:33
bobo37773chris92: probably worth throwing up a forum post.02:33
chris92bobo37773: probably. launchpad?02:34
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, I'm not sure what the screen shot is to be honest, the link I gave you was on resetting compiz in a tty using ctrl-alt-f1  I am not sure if you can run it at the login as well.02:34
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee: no. in my ubuntu i was install virtual box02:34
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: Can extended partitions be extended after they're made?02:34
=== logan__ is now known as Guest63279
bobo37773chris92: nah, ubuntu forums02:34
chris92chris92: alright02:34
chris92bobo37773: alright02:34
k4m3h4t3what must i do02:34
bobo37773chris92: ah. talking to yoru self huh? hahaha :P02:34
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Yes you can resize a extended if there is unallocated space to move either end to.02:34
chris92bobo37773: sure, its fun, you should try it :P02:35
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee : what must i do02:35
bobo37773chris92: oh believe me. I do man. I do02:35
superpieso i've heard bad things about this channel...02:35
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, I have no idea where your at or what your doing at this point.02:35
hmmwhatsthisdoin that case, I'll boot back into W7 and shrink the main partition down another 16GB so I have space for 2 8GB swaps02:35
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee : but if i type 'startx' i can in my ubuntu dekstop02:36
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, YOu only need one swap02:36
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: Boot your recovery kernel.02:36
magn3tsI've used linux for too long now to still not be able to get a sshfs volume to mount so that it's readable by my user02:36
magn3tsany help?02:36
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: Oh nevermind. It boots.02:36
k4m3h4t3bobo37773 : mean?02:36
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, I don't think I can help you to be honest sorry. ;)02:36
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: what if I'm going to have 2 linux-based OSes? Will I be able to utilize the swap on both?02:37
hmmwhatsthisdo(at the same time?)02:37
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, yep,02:37
k4m3h4t3wifi mah jalan kang02:37
k4m3h4t3cma gak bsa masuk dekstop az02:37
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, YOU can't run both at the same time unless one is in a virtual, I think you mean consecutively right?02:38
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: I thought your system was stuck.02:38
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: yes02:38
hmmwhatsthisdomy bad.02:38
chris92bobo37773: so, what subforum do I use... Hardware & Laptops?02:38
wilee-nileebobo37773, I think there is a language barrier02:38
k4m3h4t3bobo37773 : so, what must i do02:38
bobo37773chris92: Hmmm. I would say newbie corner. Just always through everything there. More people look there02:39
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, What is your native language?02:39
chris92bobo37773: thanks man! :)02:39
chris92bobo37773: i assume "noobie corner" = "absolute beginner talk"?02:40
k4m3h4t3im sory02:40
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, cool it is just difficult I think for us to understand what is going on, you have left out key things.02:40
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee : indonesian02:40
bobo37773chris92: Oh right sorry. I was thinking arch forums. Yeah you're right02:40
k4m3h4t3wilee-nilee : i'm sorry. indonesian02:41
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: Is your computer not starting up right?02:41
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: Or is virtualbox not starting up right?02:42
k4m3h4t3bobo37773 : yes02:42
wilee-nileek4m3h4t3, Cool, I'm just really careful not to brick another's computer is all.02:42
k4m3h4t3but it's work mode console not mode gui02:42
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: Oh okay. Why do you think it has something to do with virtualbox then?02:43
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: So you can get to console and startx and it works just no login screen is that correct?02:43
bobo37773wilee-nilee: It's lightdm right? Is that the ubuntu default still?02:44
homecableewhats a good email server to use ?02:44
k4m3h4t3bobo37773: that's my error message. if i type 'startx' yes i can in to my dekstop ubuntu.02:45
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: So, would I be able to hibernate 2 linux partitions at the same time with only one swap partition?02:45
F_Hello everyone. I have a question about dns/subdomains. This is the case. I have a server with two diffrent gameservers online at the same time. But when i have this, i also have two diffrent ports the players have to connect to. One is the default port and the other isn't. So, i would like to redirect a subdomain like server1.server.com to server.com:1111 and server2.server.com to server.com:2222. Is this possible and if so, that applic02:45
wildman330anyone use Audacious?  and if so how do I listen to streaming radio stations with it?02:45
bobo37773k4m3h4t3: try to sun this command in terminal-->    "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"02:46
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: You can't boot 2 kernels at once so your question is nto relevant. 2 gnu/linux installs can share the same swap space though02:47
=== kris_ is now known as Guest23549
hmmwhatsthisdobobo37773: so, hibernating one and booting into another isn't possible?02:47
bobo37773hmmwhatsthisdo: No. I don't think so02:47
hmmwhatsthisdorather, hibernating one, booting into another, then hibernating the second?02:48
hmmwhatsthisdooh, ok02:48
wilee-nileesounds right02:48
leroymeta-k /input grab_key_command02:49
chris92bobo37773: check your query, if interested02:52
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: also, a quick question about BURG - is there a way to have BURG immediately boot something unless a key is pressed?02:53
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, There are ways to set up grub and burg to boot straight to what you from linux although I have not messed with it. Burg is just grub 2 in a purdy wrapper as well.02:54
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Tohuw_Is there any package providing Apache 2's mod_xml?02:58
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blackshirtgood morning .... :d03:04
hmmwhatsthisdonow wilee-nilee, I tell Ubuntu to install the boot loader on /dev/sda, right?03:06
CryptoFreakHello everyone. Just trying to confirm something here: is it true that as of 12.10 Ubuntu will no longer support 2d mode for Unity?03:07
seednodeI've heard the same, but can't confirm, sorry.03:07
CryptoFreakYeah, that's the problem: I'm hearing it but I can't confirm it either03:07
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, yeah.03:07
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: do you know if GRUB sees Windows 7's Recovery partition03:09
hmmwhatsthisdos/sees/can see03:09
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Possbly directly yes I had an acer netbook that booted the recovery, but it should be availble by hitting f8 as soon as you hit windows in grub the usual f8 menu should show.03:11
wilee-nileesafeboot etc03:11
ParkerMi just installed xubuntu 12.04 and the boot is hanging at 'stopping save kernel messages'03:12
WeThePeopledoes reinstalling ubuntu-desktop also reinstall Xorg?03:13
seednodeI don't think so, WebDawg03:13
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, I would be careful on relying on that recovery though, it is not protected from badware that windows could get, a install disc is what I bought first thing when I got XP on the netbook, cheap from the manufacturer03:13
seednodeSorry, hit tab too early.03:13
chew-zwhat would be faster computer?   #1 fastest supercomputer in 1980 that USA government uses  or  2012 desktop-home-computer03:13
tfittsyI have a domain that I'm trying to setup with bind.  it has been pointed to another server but I pointed it to my new server a couple of hours ago.  Is there I way I can make sure it will work properly once the changes propagate?03:13
Martellhow to minimize 11.04 so it uses less RAM? basically i just want to do web surfing and sometimes watch videos03:14
seednodeProbably the second, cheq-z03:14
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: I wouldn't be relying on it entirely, just in case I'm not near a W7 disc03:14
WeThePeopleis it possible to reinstall Xorg03:14
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, cool.03:14
seednodeJust use apt to remove and reinstall, WeThePeople03:14
WeThePeoplefrom tty03:14
hmmwhatsthisdowhat's the little "Keyboard == Accessibility" pictogram mean?03:15
seednodesudo apt-get remove xorg && sudo apt-get install xorg , maybe?03:15
wilee-nileeMartell, what desktop are you using, what is the ram amount you have and chip info?03:15
seednodeI don't actually remember the package name in Ubuntu.03:15
TohuwWeThePeople: if xorg is uninstalled completely, apt-get ubuntu-desktop will cause any missing packages, including xorg-server or so, to be reinstalled.03:15
WeThePeopletohuw, will this mess with my files??03:15
Martellwilee-nilee : intel i3, 2gb DDR2 ram03:15
wilee-nileeMartell, you running the 64 bit03:16
seednodeRemoving Xorg shouldn't affect data, other than configs.03:16
Martellbut my ubuntu is 32bit03:16
TohuwWeThePeople: define "mess with my files". That is a broad question. What is the actual problem? Did you uninstall some component of X11?03:16
redwarriors25how to install open ssh in ubuntu 12.0403:17
wilee-nileeMartell, Ah good the easiest way would be a lighter desktop probably there is xubuntu and lubuntu, lubuntu runs lightest of these.03:17
Noobuntuany idea whats the default password for 'postgres' superuser that gets installed by metasploit?03:17
Tohuwredwarriors25: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH03:17
wilee-nileeMartell, I have a lesser dual core and 2 gigs ram and am running 32 bit it runs quite fast.03:18
redwarriors25im hard to copy the files from my other disk going to here in ubuntu03:18
TohuwNoobuntu: #metasploit03:18
Martellwilee-nilee : lol i already installed everything, any way to tweak ubuntu 11.04 maybe03:18
hmmwhatsthisdoIs there any way to change the sda number of partitions? Mine is missing sda4 and it's bugging the OCD part of my brain.03:19
Tohuwredwarriors25: man scp03:19
WeThePeopletohuw, will it delete my files or somthin03:19
NoobuntuTohuw: nope :(03:19
wilee-nileeMartell, Less stuff running is how you start there a few things that you can turn off in the startup app, this will only have a slight effect though.03:20
redwarriors25done installing ssh03:20
redwarriors25im hard to copy the files from my other disk going to here in ubuntu03:20
KBentley57Hey guys.  I've got ubuntu running on a box, and lately I've seen a lot of failed ssh login attempts in /var/log/auth.log.  I know the ip that keeps trying to brute in, is there anything I can do beyond contacting the hosting company to let them know about it?03:20
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: The "device for bootloader installation" should display my harddrive size, correct?03:21
hmmwhatsthisdoand the drive's id label?03:21
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, There is a drop down where it is listed, it should say sda and the gig amount and drive name I believe03:22
=== chris92__ is now known as chris92
hmmwhatsthisdoand then, that will overwrite the default bootloader for W7, correct?03:22
TohuwWeThePeople: executing  apt-get install ubuntu-desktop will install the metapackage ubuntu-desktop. If packages this metapackage calls are missing, they will be installed. It will not alter the contents of your home directory, except perhaps to occupy some user-specific configuration directories with files dispensed by a package (example: ubuntu-desktop installs gconf, which creates the directory .gconf if it does not exist or if it does, checks to see if 03:22
wilee-nileeor computer name like acer, toshiba..etc hmmwhatsthisdo03:22
Martellwilee-nilee : i changed 11.04 to use classic version (is it gnome?) because i dont like unity03:22
hmmwhatsthisdo(though, it says ATA instead of SDA)03:22
ParkerMwhen I boot xubuntu 12.04 it hangs at "stopping save kernel messages." any idea what's causing that?03:23
hmmwhatsthisdo(but it still says /dev/sda)03:23
wilee-nileeMartell, Ah well I'm not really up on running gnome 2 on that distro, I forget when it was taken out.03:23
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, take a screen shot so we can tel if we are in the same place03:24
TohuwNoobuntu: you can change the postgres root password. There may be consequences. It is also possible password authentication is not enabled, as this is the default behavior of postgresql-server out of the box in Ubuntu. See http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.2/static/auth-methods.html (or the appropriate variant for the version of postgresql server installed).03:26
Devastatorto run ubuntu live, i download the actual installer and when it loads i choose "try ubuntu", is that it?03:27
hmmwhatsthisdowilee-nilee: http://imgur.com/7xDPc03:28
hmmwhatsthisdoDevastator: yes03:28
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, That is correct it says 500gis03:29
WeThePeopletohuw, ok, thanks03:29
=== chris92_at_mobil is now known as chris92
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, I see 2 ext4 partitions and a swap Is the a extended there as well that these partitions are in?03:32
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, I'm so used to just installing I forget if the extended shows in that gui, I think it does though.03:33
NoobuntuTohuw: my problem is that when I installed metasploit, it came with its own postgresql installation03:33
wilee-nileehmmwhatsthisdo, Cool just thought to look at the whole picture sense the info was there just wanted to male sure. ;)03:34
Noobuntunow i managed to track the password which metasploit uses to connect, howeve, its not a super user. Postgres is the super user whose password I do not know and therefore i cannot make any changes to the database no03:34
TohuwNoobuntu: Understood, but the documentation I linked still applies. You can check for the auth method in use and alter the password for postgres as needed.03:35
TohuwNoobuntu: see also http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.2/static/auth-pg-hba-conf.html03:36
NoobuntuTohuw: thank you, that was very resourceful. Let me try this.03:36
excervohello guys, what command in terminal that shows list of all my hardware?03:38
KBentley57excervo, if you have it installed, sudo lshw03:39
KBentley57lspci will not show you all hardware03:39
DeltaHeavyHey, my Ubuntu 12.04 running in Virtual Box crashed so I had to kill the virtualbox process as that's all I could do at that point. Now I'm at a 800x600 resolution, and don't know how to fix it. How can I get my resolution back?03:39
excervothanks guys03:40
WeThePeopledeltaheavy, xrandr --help03:40
=== szal_ is now known as szal
vicatcucan someone offer me instructions (or a pointer to instructions) for setting up a tftp server on ubuntu?03:41
DeltaHeavyAlso does anybody know how to run ddclient's graphicalish CLI menu to configure it?03:41
DeltaHeavyWeThePeople: THanks03:41
storm-trooperxubuntu vs lubuntu for eye candy?03:44
DeltaHeavyXubuntu IMO03:44
excervoDeltaHeavy on ubuntu under preference you can configure monitor settings03:46
hmmwhatsthisdoThat's... ODD.03:48
hmmwhatsthisdoThe recovery partition doesn't boot, but W7 boots just fine.03:49
ItaloPessoasomebody could help me?03:51
ItaloPessoawith a ppa?03:51
Tohuw!help | ItaloPessoa03:51
ubottuItaloPessoa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:51
ItaloPessoaI want upload a pack to a ppa repository, but I'm not getting03:53
TohuwDeltaHeavy: man xrandr. You likely want xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1024x768 or so.03:53
DeltaHeavyTohuw: Would it still be VGA in a VM?03:53
ItaloPessoaI build and sign the pack, whean make the upload I get the message: "Uploading linkorganizer_1.0.3.dsc: 125 Data connection already open, starting transfer"03:55
TohuwDeltaHeavy: Likely. man xrandr. xrandr with no parameters will list the valid outputs.03:55
pdtpatrickQuestion - anyone run into this problem? http://pastie.org/4833371   … fglrx : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable03:55
NoobuntuTohuw: thanks a lot!! that worked :)03:55
pdtpatrickafter upgrading to 12.1003:55
TohuwItaloPessoa: try #launchpad for your question03:56
TohuwNoobuntu: you're welcome :)03:56
Tohuwpdtpatrick: #ubuntu+103:56
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trigger_killIs 12.10 stable enough for a main os, or should I dualboot or wait till its released?03:56
=== other_tj is now known as tjbarber
KBentley57trigger_kill, 12.10 isn't stable, as it hasn't even been released yet.03:57
DeltaHeavyTohuw: xrandr: cannot find mode 1920x1200              xrandr --output VBOX0 --mode 1920x120003:59
jvargashow do I install a specific package available in Quantal on a Precise system?04:00
TohuwDeltaHeavy: it is possible whatever video driver it is using has a corrupted configuration, the device file is corrupted, or the driver is not installed. Try re-installing the guest extensions.04:00
DeltaHeavyFirst thing I tried doing was trying guest extensions. Crap =/ I was going to go to another distro anyway, might as well just re-install04:01
Tohuwjvargas: One does not simply backport into Mordor. Installing a package intended for a newer version may cause myriad side effects, and if it is created properly, will not allow installation at all, as the instructions in the package match it to the correct version. You are better off either compiling from source or waiting for the package to be backported.04:01
RamtronHeyy, how do I get admin access to certain files in ubuntu?04:01
RamtronEmpathy for instance04:01
TohuwRamtron: What are you trying to accomplish?04:02
KBentley57Ramtron, if you want access to certain files, you can change the file permissions as super user with chmod04:02
RamtronDeletion of a file04:02
Ramtronhow do I do so?04:02
jvargasTohuw: it's because of a known bug that was solved some days ago, people reported that by using the Quantal package into 12.04 worked seamesly. Is there a way to do it?04:02
Tohuwjvargas: Likely, the package needs to be modified. You may try downloading the package from packages.ubuntu.com, but install with care. man dpkg, search "dry run".04:04
RamtronAnyone know how to gain super user access to files?04:04
jvargasTohuw: thanks, i'll take a look04:04
TohuwRamtron: What files are you attempting to delete and why? I ask because it is not likely you need to delete Empathy's non-user-specific files. Regardless, to delete a file you do not own: sudo rm filename04:05
KBentley57Ramtron, sudo chmod 0777 user:group04:05
KBentley57Ramtron, that will get everyone access to the file.  I suggest you read up on linux permission structures04:05
RamtronI'll just delete the single file then04:05
KBentley57Ramtron, it's a steep learning curve, but you can get very creative with the permissions.04:06
Ramtroninteresting, how so?04:06
somsipRamtron: you want to just delete one file as superuser?04:06
somsipRamtron: sudo rm {filename}04:07
Ramtronit's dumb, I just want this AIM icon to go away on my chat. if i delete the png, it'll go away, correct?04:07
KBentley57Ramtron, well, it's setup so that you can change specific permissions on directories, files within those directories, ect...04:07
somsipRamtron: no idea. I don't use AIM chat04:07
TohuwRamtron: No, that is not the correct way to do it.04:07
Ramtronit's empathy in general04:07
Ramtronwhat's the correct way?04:07
TohuwRamtron: to disable icons in Empaty, modify the preferences to not show protocol icons04:07
TohuwDeleting an asset of a program may cause unintended side effects.04:08
RamtronSo it's actually in the preferences? also "user group" not found, do i replace group with ramtron?04:08
Ramtronsudo chmod 0777 user:group isn't giving me superuser access.04:10
KBentley57Ramtron, it's a bit more complicated than what it seems.  user is your user name, group is the name of the group to which users belong.04:11
TohuwRamtron: Running "man chmod" in a terminal window will tell you more. The preference you're looking for in Empathy is no longer present, it seems. There was once an option to hide protocol options, it seems to have been redacted.04:12
* CloudTao loves pie04:12
=== CloudTao is now known as txthinking
maicodhi i'm having trouble getting nfs to work. the server runs nfsd and I set /etc/exports but when I try to mount -t nfs IP:/share on a client the command hangs and times out . someone who knows nfs who can help ?04:13
RamtronSooooo, I'm not really following man chmod.. What do I replace 'group' with?04:14
TohuwRamtron: chmod is a utility to modify file permissions. chmod does not require specifying a user or group. That would be "chown", a utility for changing ownership of a file.04:15
KBentley57Ramtron, I think now that it's the wrong way to go about it.  If you really want to delete the file, just do it with sudo rm "filename".  The permissions thing is really more for denying or allowing users access04:15
KBentley57tohuw is right, I was mistaken with both commands04:16
Ramtronhmmmm, lemme give this a shot then04:16
=== leroy is now known as Lee-c
Ramtronno such file or directory when i do sudo rm "im-aim.png"04:17
sneakersHey guys. How do I burn a bootle iso to a flashdrive in ubuntu?04:17
Ramtronand man chmod doesn't give me much to go on04:17
TohuwRamtron: experiment like thus: in terminal, change to your home directory ("cd ~"). Now, create a simple text file (echo "hello world" > hello.txt). Now, observe the ownership of the file (ls -l hello.txt). You will see it is owned by your user, and whatever your user's primary group is (this is likely a group named after your user).04:17
KBentley57sneakers, I've had success using dd to write the image to a usb stick04:18
TohuwRamtron: now, try this: sudo chown root:root. This changes the file to be owned by the root user. Now, change the permissions so even you can't see it: sudo chmod 600. Executing ls -l now will show you the file belongs to root, and only the user root can read or write to it. Everyone else can't even open it.04:19
Ramtron-rw-rw-r-- 1 ramtron ramtron 12 Sep 28 00:18 hello.txt04:19
TohuwRamtron: There's more, but perhaps starting here is useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions04:19
TohuwSleep calleth.04:20
RamtronI shall give it a read, thank you04:20
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest20425
sneakersKBentley57: I don't know what that is. Is there any simple program for a dummy?04:21
=== Garheade is now known as Garheade_AFK
myk_robinsonwhats the downside of using the default "one partition" versus manually partitioning like i used to?04:22
KBentley57sneakers,  dd is a built in utility in most linux systems that allows you to make a bit-for-bit copy of an image.  If you want something more user friendly, try the startup disk creator.  You may have to install it from the software center if it's not already there04:22
KBentley57Myk267, there are a few reasons one partition isn't the best idea04:22
sneakersKBentley57: thanks04:23
myk_robinsonKBentley57: I normally dont use a single partition. Just installed Beta2 and it did this by default. I just wanted to see what it would be like from the standpoint of a rookie04:23
briansv4o8Hello.. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I tried downloading/installing ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 on my Asus EEE PC 1025C (Intel GMA3600) .. the install runs through just fine, however after rebooting a blank screen appears with a blinking cursor, and then then never boots up.. any ideas?04:23
KBentley57Myk267, for one, if you must reinstall, all your data is lost without backups.  You can create separate partitions for /home, /, /boot, ect, and fix those partitions should anything come up04:23
KBentley57Myk267, it's not a linux specific idea, you can do this with most operating systems too04:24
myk_robinsonKBentley57: it did LVM. Any way to repartition this live? If not, I can reinstall and set it up like I normally do04:24
myk_robinsonI typically have a large /home partion, a swap, and about an 80GB / partition04:24
KBentley57myk_robinson, it's fine, I believe you can do it live now on EXT4, but I can't recall the commands, those will have to be sought out by the google machine04:25
myk_robinsonKBentley57: installing a graphical lvm manager to play with. I backed up everything before starting anyway with the intention of wrecking this system :)04:25
KBentley57briansv4o8, have you tried pressing CTL+F1 to get to an xterm login?04:25
KBentley57myk_robinson, then by all means, throw a wrench into it! :)04:26
briansv4o8i just tried it right now.. negative04:26
briansv4o8i researched a bit on it, from what i read the latest kernel has issues with gma600 ? and GMA500 ?04:27
KBentley57briansv4o8, have you tried hitting shift while it's booting up to get to the grub menu, and trying the recovery option?04:27
KBentley57briansv4o8, I'm not sure, I don't have that hardware to try.  When you say latest, do you mean the stock ubuntu kernel, or are you compiling your own?04:27
RamtronAnyone know of any good android IRC's?04:28
myk_robinsonKBentley57: for whatever its worth, looks like it'll have to be done from a live disk, as it has to be unmounted to repartition. The graphical LVM manager is nice though04:28
KBentley57briansv4o8, can you get into an older kernel to see if it is infact the newer kernel causing the issues?04:28
KBentley57myk_robinson, too bad, I could have sworn it could be done live04:29
myk_robinsonReally makes me wonder why they do it this way by default :(04:29
myk_robinsonProbably because thats what a Windows user is used to anyway, the typical user would not understand partitioning04:29
briansv4o8well, with 12.04 my display is fine except with 12.04 i only get 800x600 resolution04:30
briansv4o8instead of 1024x76804:30
KBentley57briansv4o8, have you looked in synaptic for the gma driver?04:31
shoemakehey guys. What is the default root password when i am running the os on a live cd?04:31
ray76Hi everyone, does anyone know anything about a bug that freezes the mouse into a grab hand and locks it out of the system on xubuntu 12.04 ?04:31
briansv4o8if i could lol.... it doesnt even boot into gui04:31
KBentley57shoemake, I don't think there is a root password04:31
shoemakeKBentley57: thanks04:31
briansv4o8stops at stopping saved kernel messages04:32
mastershakei <3 ubuntu04:32
mastershakejust made the change from win7, ill never look back.04:32
redwarriors25_how can i copy for example in data in /var to the this by terminal04:32
shoemakemastershake: until there is a game you want to play that you can't emulate04:32
mastershakei want to learn everything but i find myself lost and overwhelmed04:32
insmod<redwarriors25 to what04:33
mastershakeshoemake: nah, ill use wine for that04:33
KBentley57briansv4o8, there is alwas a way..ha.  have you tried to manually put a kernel in there?04:33
mastershakenot much of a gamer04:33
shoemakemastershake: the first thing you need to know is to never 'sudo rm -f /' in terminal. Also wine emulates. You can't emulate things that you cant emulate04:33
KBentley57Wine is not an emulator04:33
briansv4o8lol, afraid not sir.. I never changed kernels before04:33
shoemakeKBentley57: NO U04:33
shoemakeNO ALL OF U04:33
briansv4o8i suppose i can just stick with LTS for now04:34
briansv4o8on the netbook04:34
briansv4o8but i still have to modify grub to blaklist poul.sbo04:34
briansv4o8to get the appropriate resolution04:34
redwarriors25_to the os ubuntu04:34
mastershakewhat does rm -f / do04:34
mastershakeremove ... what?04:35
shoemakemastershake: it removes your root directory without question04:35
KBentley57it deletes everything04:35
KBentley57nuke from orbit04:35
mastershakethanks for that04:35
redwarriors25_how can i copy for example in data in /var to the this by terminal04:35
redwarriors25_how can i copy for example in data in /var/ in other hardrive going to os ubuntu  the by terminal04:36
mastershakei figured the '/' character meant root-oriented04:36
KBentley57redwarriors25_, your statement needs to be reworded, it isn't making much sense in english04:36
ray76no one here had the death grab mouse icon bug then ?? bugger04:36
shoemakeKBentley57: what is reworded?04:36
redwarriors25_how can i copy files in /var/data on other hardrive going to os ubuntu  the by terminal04:37
shoemakeI thought you were trying to say "rewarded"04:37
redwarriors25_how can i copy files in /var/data on other hardrive going to os ubuntu  the by terminal04:37
redwarriors25_is that make sense now?04:37
KBentley57redwarriors25_, the command you need is cp.  cp will copy files from one location to another.04:38
KBentley57redwarriors25_, I think I know what you mean04:38
redwarriors25_what does | mean04:38
redwarriors25_is that to? | ?04:38
KBentley57 the | is a pipe.  it transfers the output of one program to the input of another04:38
mastershakei think he wants to bring data from an old hdd to a new one with ubuntu on it.04:38
stopgoHi, my webcam used to work, and no longer does. I believe I did an apt-get upgrade which may have caused the change, but I don't believe I upgraded anything relevant (I didn't upgrade the kernel or anything).04:39
stopgoWhen I plugged in my webcam before, the system would generate a file /dev/video004:39
redwarriors25_the exact comand04:39
stopgonow it no longer does04:39
_XMENDEShi guys. im trying put 2 monitors on my desk .04:39
stopgohowever, dmesg tells me the camera is at least being recognized: input: USB2.0 Camera as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.1/2-1.1:1.0/input/input1804:40
_XMENDESi execut nvidia-xconfig and Xorg.conf crashs04:40
mastershakestupid question- how do i defrag my hard drive in terminal?04:40
KBentley57redwarriors25_, the command would be similar to sudo cp /mnt/"hard drive name" /var/data04:40
stopgohow can I go from having this /devices/... file to a /dev/video0 node?04:40
somsipmastershake: do you mean defrag or fsck?04:40
_XMENDESi have two vcars. 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/P4M800 Pro/P4M800 CE/VN800 [S3 UniChrome Pro] (rev 01)04:40
KBentley57where /mnt/"hard drive name"/...... is the mount point of the hard drive04:40
briansv4o8so bummed that my netbook doesnt like the new ubuntu04:40
_XMENDESand 00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)04:41
_XMENDESpls help04:41
mastershakesomsip: the windows equivalent of Disk Defragmentor04:41
KBentley57briansv4o8, I'm sure it will be worked out soon04:41
mastershakesomsip: also, what is fsck?04:41
KBentley57mastershake, ext4 does not need defragmentation04:41
KBentley57file system check04:41
somsipmastershake: for all of these answers and more http://www.howtogeek.com/115229/htg-explains-why-linux-doesnt-need-defragmenting/04:41
myk_robinsonKBentley57: I'm still alive! Booted from my live usb, installed lvm in the package manager, and "fixed' it . Works great04:42
KBentley57_XMENDES, you have two via video cards?04:42
_XMENDESno.. one via and one nvidia04:42
_XMENDESand 00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)04:42
_XMENDESand 00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)04:42
FloodBot1_XMENDES: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
mastershakeso what are common preventive maintenance techniques i should practice on ubuntu to keep everything running the way it should?04:43
redwarriors25_how can i copy for example in data in /var to the this by terminal04:43
KBentley57_XMENDES, I see, sorry for the mixup.  I'm assuming you've plugged them both in, one to each monitor?04:43
redwarriors25_sudo: /mnt/sdb2: command not found04:43
KBentley57MasterOfDisaster, just keep it updated, there isn't much to rot04:43
somsipmastershake: other than keeping it updated, and gradually tweaking it to do what I want the way I want it to, I do nothing.04:44
KBentley57redwarriors25_, you are on the right track.  have you mounted the hard drive?04:44
_XMENDESi plug one monitor on diferents vcards04:44
redwarriors25_its already mounted upon inserting the hardrive04:44
KBentley57redwarriors25_, what is the mount point?04:44
redwarriors25_where i can see04:44
mastershakesomsip: and updating by "sudo apt-get update" is the command, correct? I should run this command how often?04:44
_XMENDESim trying search for dualhead on ubuntu foruns..04:45
_XMENDESbut nothing04:45
KBentley57redwarriors25_, it is probably mounted in /mnt or in /media .  can you check those directories to see if it is mounted there?04:45
somsipmastershayes, but that just refreshes the local list of the versions of packages. To actually download and install them, sudo apt-get upgrade. I do this daily04:45
KBentley57you have to run sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get upgrade04:45
redwarriors25_its in devices04:47
_XMENDESi see on the Xorg.conf . nvidia-settings is installing his driver on vga vcard.04:47
KBentley57redwarriors25_, can you give me the full mount path?04:47
stopgoI'll try to rephrase my question. What is responsible for creating the /dev/video0 node on a webcam plugin?04:48
KBentley57redwarriors25_, you are correct.  the hard drive itself is listed in /dev, but it's not the same as the mount point04:48
KBentley57can you open disk utility?04:49
redwarriors25_what will i do04:50
KBentley57open disk utility, and on the left should be a list of all the devices connected to your computer.  Click on the hard drive and see if it is mounted04:50
KBentley57redwarriors25_, if it is mounted, the mount point will be listed below the huge grey bar04:51
KBentley57if not, you can click on "mount volume" and it will mount it for you04:51
shoemakeok guys. So, I am wanting to set up and IRC server on the live cd. Are there any tutorials? Yes I did google, it didnt work out04:52
redwarriors25_oh ic04:55
KBentley57shoemake, I'm sure there are.  Might have to keep digging.04:55
KBentley57redwarriors25_, did you find it?04:55
redwarriors25_is this file:///media/de360cd5-d197-41da-a0d5-fc548f92a45f04:56
KBentley57yes, that seems ok04:57
KBentley57redwarriors25_, so you will need to do the command sudo cp /media/de360cd5-d197-41da-a0d5-fc548f92a45f/var/data /var/data04:57
KBentley57redwarriors25_, you may have to do sudo cp -r and then the command04:58
KBentley57-r stand for recursive copying04:58
redwarriors25_ok il try04:58
redwarriors25_the how the commands for destination04:59
redwarriors25_sudo cp -r /media/de360cd5-d197-41da-a0d5-fc548f92a45f/var/data | /dev/sdb1 missing operand05:01
KBentley57no use for the |05:02
KBentley57redwarriors25_,  the destination is your own /var/data, correct?05:02
KBentley57redwarriors25_, or are you just wanting to copy that folder from the 2nd hard drive, to some new location on your hard drive?05:03
KBentley57 sudo cp -r /media/de360cd5-d197-41da-a0d5-fc548f92a45f/var/data /new/location05:04
KBentley57the first location is where to copy from, the second location is where to copy to05:05
KBentley57to place it into your documents, try05:05
KBentley57 sudo cp -r /media/de360cd5-d197-41da-a0d5-fc548f92a45f/var/data ~/Documents/VAR_DATA05:05
redwarriors25_the first command was the source ryt followed by destination05:06
KBentley57redwarriors25_, correct05:07
redwarriors25_but cant copy all05:08
redwarriors25_because the source was hve a linux debian lenny05:08
redwarriors25_stil blank in terminal is that copying?05:09
redwarriors25_still copying05:09
KBentley57yes, it is copying05:09
redwarriors25_still copying?05:09
KBentley57can you hear the hd thrashing around?05:09
redwarriors25_oh ic05:09
redwarriors25_thanks for that05:09
KBentley57you're welcome.  Sorry it took so long.  I know language can be a barrier.05:10
redwarriors25_wrong grammar?05:10
KBentley57not too bad :)05:10
KBentley57anyways, I'm out.  It's bed time05:11
redwarriors25_the thing is why i copy those files because i wanna try ubuntu as a web server05:11
KBentley57I see.  It should be very similar to debian05:11
redwarriors25_last question05:11
Shazer[2]Hey guys.05:11
Shazer[2]Is there an apt-get for java?05:12
redwarriors25_how to access .htaccess05:12
chew-zwhat would be faster computer?   #1 fastest supercomputer in 1990 that USA government uses  or  2012 desktop-home-computer05:12
redwarriors25_is that for me?05:12
blackshirtshazer2,what you mean?05:12
KBentley57redwarriors25_, yes.  I've only had to deal with .htaccess a few times, it was a pain05:12
Shazer[2]blackshirt, I need Java to run Minecraft...05:13
KBentley57Shazer[2], openjdk?05:13
Shazer[2]KBentley57, what's the command for it?05:13
redwarriors25_so what should i do about .htaccess where i can find it?05:13
blackshirtshazer[2],actually there are some java version available on repo05:13
somsipredwarriors25_: it's in a directory that you want it to act on. Eg: webroot05:14
KBentley57redwarriors25_, I can't really answer that.  All I did was google answers until i got it working :)05:14
blackshirt!info java05:14
ubottuPackage java does not exist in precise05:14
somsip!info openjdk05:14
ubottuPackage openjdk does not exist in precise05:14
blackshirt!info jre05:14
ubottuPackage jre does not exist in precise05:14
Shazer[2]See, :/05:14
KBentley57!info openjdk-7-jre05:14
ubottuopenjdk-7-jre (source: openjdk-7): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component universe, is optional. Version 7u7-2.3.2-1ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 219 kB, installed size 681 kB05:14
Shazer[2]Is that all I need?05:15
somsipwe have a winner!05:15
KBentley57I believe so05:15
redwarriors25_google is there the thing is on how you can understand those infossssss05:15
blackshirtredwarriors25_ what you want to do with .htaccess05:15
KBentley57you're welcome.  I'm out guys.  have a good evening05:15
chew-zwhat would be faster computer?   #1 fastest supercomputer in 1990 that USA government uses  or  2012 $1000 desktop-home-computer05:18
somsip!ot | chew-z05:18
ubottuchew-z: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:18
briansv4o8does anyone know if the final version of ubuntu 12.10 be compatible with Intel GMA 3600 graphics? so far with beta 2, no dice.. :/05:21
blackshirtchew-z, thats nit important,they are living on different times05:21
MorpheusChaliceI want to install gnome-shell on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit installation but when I try to install it via synaptic, I get an error that reads "Fix Broken Packages First." But while trying to fix broken packages, I get the error "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." How do I fix the broken packages?05:25
piecemkrMorpheusChalice: "aptitude -f"05:26
somsipMorpheusChalice: server ISO?05:28
MorpheusChalicesomsip, desktop.05:28
somsipMorpheusChalice: ok - was just looking through this that might be worth reading: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199498005:29
MorpheusChaliceThank you, I'll check that.05:29
somsipMorpheusChalice: I had to take this approach when something messed up on install - editing the dpkg/status file to make dpkg think that a package was not really installed: http://www.iasptk.com/ubuntu-fix-broken-package-best-solution05:32
MorpheusChaliceI'll check with that, somsip. Thank you.05:32
MorpheusChaliceWell, somsip, Initially, after an upgrade gnome-shell-3.4 had a few bugs like the libnotify didn't show up any text, so I decided to downgrade it, but I had a few problems so I decided to uninstall gnome-shell completely and re-installing it via gnome-fallback.05:33
MorpheusChaliceBut apparently, now that I try to do it, it shows up broken packages that need to be resolved prior to an installation, somisp.05:34
MorpheusChalice* somsip05:34
=== heracles is now known as arijit
somsip!tab | MorpheusChalice05:34
ubottuMorpheusChalice: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:34
piecemkrMorpheusChalice: try "aptitude -f"05:35
somsipMorpheusChalice: that sounds rather ugly. What do you get with apt-get install -f?05:35
MorpheusChalicesomsip, I am using XChat. =).05:35
MorpheusChaliceI did a tab, but I was too lazy to tab-cycle.05:35
MorpheusChaliceSo typed it out instead.05:35
somsipMorpheusChalice: k05:35
MorpheusChalicesomsip, aptitude -f's output is ah... well, it's not a verbose output, it shows up a GUI interface in a CLI window.05:36
MorpheusChaliceInstalled packages - 2309, Obsolete Packages - 1.05:36
somsipMorpheusChalice: I'm not suggesting using aptitude. Paste text output in pastebin05:36
somsip!pastebin | MorpheusChalice05:36
ubottuMorpheusChalice: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:36
MorpheusChaliceWell, somsip, aptitude -f doesn't give a verbose output.05:37
somsipMorpheusChalice: use what I suggested then - sudo apt-get install -f05:37
MorpheusChaliceI'll try that.05:37
MorpheusChalicesomsip, everything seems fine.05:38
MorpheusChalice0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded, somsip.05:38
=== hspencer is now known as hspencer[afk]
somsipMorpheusChalice: and what do you get when you try to install...whatever it was you were trying to install...with apt-get?05:39
MorpheusChalicesomsip, I'll pastebin you the output.05:40
MorpheusChalicesomsip, http://pastebin.com/0tz6EQbv05:41
jalexandruHi, I have an issues with libreoffice or with rights over files .... anybody can help? if I open a file from my desktop with libreoffice and I want to save it it's not allowing me to save, only save as. If I do Save As ... and want to save any other modification, again I can't use the save option and I have to "Save as" again ... it looks like rights issue but if I try with geditor everything works ok ... any help big appriciation05:42
somsipMorpheusChalice: MorpheusChalice try: sudo apt-get purge gnome-shell; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gnome-shell05:43
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, did you set permissions for the file to be read, written and executed, jalexandru?05:43
MorpheusChaliceYou can do this by right clicking on the file in nautilus, navigating to the tab "permissions", and check "Read" and "Write".05:44
MorpheusChalicesomsip, let me check.05:44
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: I see it doesn't have "execute" checked .... it needs that one?05:44
somsipMorpheusChalice: there is the option of doing an autoremove after the purge, but that could have other effects05:44
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, is the file you're trying to execute an executable file, such as a shell script or a perl script?05:45
MorpheusChaliceThank you, somsip, I'll note that down, just in case.05:45
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: it's a .doc file ... I have issues only with files opend by libre office from what I've noticed ...05:46
MorpheusChaliceNo, somsip, still no luck. What I conclude is that it's dependencies are of versions lower than the required minimum, and they couldn't be updated.05:46
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, are you sure read and write are checked?05:46
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: yes, I've even set the file to be 777 and still no luck ...05:46
somsipMorpheusChalice: this is all from official repos yes? Nothing from PPAs or other sources?05:47
MorpheusChaliceWell, ricotz PPA, somsip.05:47
MorpheusChaliceThe PPAs though did work fine till the last few times.05:47
MorpheusChaliceAnd I usually don't install updates from third-party PPAs.05:47
somsipMorpheusChalice: ouch. I should have asked that first I suppose05:47
somsip!ppa | MorpheusChalice05:47
ubottuMorpheusChalice: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:47
MorpheusChaliceDo you suggest I purge the existing PPAs?05:47
somsipMorpheusChalice: You migth have to purge the other packages causing problems, and maybe get messy in /var/lib/dpkg/status to delete entries. I've done this once and it was not enjoyable, but got there in the end05:48
MorpheusChaliceI'll dive into that, see if I can find a bone.05:48
=== Myke974___ is now known as Myke974_
somsipMorpheusChalice: definitely remove the PPA until you have this resolved as I guess that is serving versions that are conflicting05:49
somsipMorpheusChalice: it's the sort of approach described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1965486.html05:49
MorpheusChaliceThank you very much for the link.05:50
somsipMorpheusChalice: not sure how much this will all help. The general info may help, but you're probably going to need to hack things about a bit to get to where you want to be05:50
blackshirtgood luck05:50
somsipblackshirt: yeah :) It's rewarding to solve one of these though05:51
ejoUbuntu 12.04 here... deja-dup backup to Ubuntu One has been failing all day with error code 50005:53
ejoLooks like it's been a bug filed with no real progress since 2011?05:54
ejoThing is, it works some days05:54
ejoI only have one backup folder locally and remotely... real simple setup, nothing confusing about it05:54
MorpheusChaliceWell that did solve the problem, somsip, I purged the PPA, removed the broken packages from /var/lib/dpkg/status and /var/lib/dpkg/available, did an apt-get update, an apt-get dist-upgrade and re-added the the PPA. It now is downloaded other packages needed to complete the dependency. Thank you very very much for your assistance, somsip. =).05:54
MorpheusChaliceThat was really helpful. Thank you once again, somsip.05:54
somsipMorpheusChalice: woot - good one!05:58
santoshWhich version of Python will Ubuntu 12.10 have?06:00
MorpheusChalicesomsip, is there any way I can store the XChat configuration folder in a location other than the default one which is /home/.xchat206:02
somsipMorpheusChalice: no idea - I don't use it06:03
MorpheusChaliceI see. Pidgin, somsip?06:03
somsipMorpheusChalice: irssi06:03
MorpheusChaliceThat's a fairly good one. Classic.06:03
IcemanV9for 12.10: Python 2.7.306:03
MorpheusChaliceHopefully, they'll migrate to 3.0 with the final release of Ubuntu 12.10, IcemanV9.06:04
piecemkrsomsip: irssi is hard as heck to learn06:04
MorpheusChaliceOr so they claim.06:04
somsippiecemkr: I learnt what I need to do and don't do much beyond that06:04
IcemanV9if it did not break other applications, MorpheusChalice06:04
MorpheusChaliceIcemanV9, they also plan to keep 2.7 in the multiverse repository, so that shouldn't be a problem.06:05
santoshDoes anyone have idea which version of Python will Ubuntu 12.10 have?06:05
MorpheusChaliceThe 3.0 migration is going to take a while though. Probably with a lot of bugs.06:06
tsimpson!info python precise | santosh06:06
ubottusantosh: python (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.3-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 162 kB, installed size 658 kB06:06
MorpheusChalicetsimpson, he meant 12.1006:06
somsiptsimpson: he's asking about 12.1006:06
MorpheusChaliceThey'll have 3.0, santosh.06:06
tsimpson!info python oniric06:06
ubottu'oniric' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable06:06
tsimpsongerr, I give06:06
MorpheusChaliceOneric? =S.06:07
tsimpson!info python oneiric06:07
MorpheusChalicesantosh, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python/FoundationsQPythonVersions could be of help.06:07
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.2-7ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 161 kB, installed size 768 kB06:07
MorpheusChalicetsimpson, Ah... 12.10 is not Oneric Ocelot I believe.06:07
MorpheusChaliceI am certain it has to be Quantal Quetzal, correct me if I am wrong though.06:07
somsipMorpheusChalice: no - it's the Q one. Quetzal something06:07
MorpheusChaliceWell yes, you are correct, somsip.06:08
MorpheusChalicetsimpson, that lists the current being used.06:08
MorpheusChaliceAccording to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python/FoundationsQPythonVersions, they'll ship Ubuntu 12.10 with Python 3, and include the earlier version in their multiverse repository, just in case someone might find it useful.06:09
tsimpsonMorpheusChalice: it also lists for quantal, but my keyboard is dieing so I'm giving up06:09
ejoby 3.0 do you mean 3.x?06:09
MorpheusChalicexD, That's all right, mate. =). Me personally, I am a bit sceptic they'll make it by the month's end.06:09
MorpheusChalicePython 3.0 is still not mature. =\.06:09
ejopython is solidly on 3.2 now and 3.3 is soon06:10
MorpheusChaliceejo, 3.0 hopefully.06:10
MorpheusChaliceAll of their python applications are not ported to 3.2 as of yet, ejo, so it is very likely they'll be shipping Python 3.0.06:10
DMMattHi there... I just installed Ubuntu on my workstation, and plugged it into my LCD TV... Comes up fine, resolution is 1920x1080 which is the TV's max resolution, but the picture isn't full screen, should I be resolving this in the TV settings or the Ubuntu settings?06:10
ejomy impression was that no one is developing for python 3.0 currently...06:11
crimsonmanenever use anything before it's third generation. be skeptical of everything in its fourth generation.06:11
ejoi get your general point though, for sure06:11
MorpheusChaliceDMMatt, does your LCD monitor have an "Auto" button?06:11
MorpheusChaliceejo, well, 3.0 is pretty much complete with testing and everything.06:11
MorpheusChaliceAnd dbus-python is still being developed for 3.2, along with other few applications.06:12
MorpheusChaliceIf they make it, they'll ship Ubuntu 12.10 with Python 3.2, which is a good thing.06:12
DMMattIt's a flat screen tv, I would have assumed since it was running at the TV's optimal resolution it would have been full screen. It's connected via DVI to HDMI cable06:12
DMMattIt has some options for overscan but it doesn't seem to let me set those06:12
ejoyes I would love to see python 3.2.  Really wasn't fully interested in developing for 3.x myself until 3.206:13
MorpheusChaliceYou might need to check with your TV's manual.06:13
MorpheusChalice3.2 is currently a bit bugged, ejo.06:13
rhizmoeby any chance does anybody know if it's possible to copy presets from handbrake to handbrakecli?06:13
ejogive me references and I'll gladly go away and read them!06:13
MorpheusChaliceejo, let me fetch you one quick. =).06:13
DMMattOk... So if the tv manual says optimal res is 1920x1080, and that's what ubuntu is running it as, then it's most likely something I need to change in the tv settings06:14
MorpheusChaliceejo, http://mail.python.org/pipermail/new-bugs-announce/2011-March/010263.html .06:14
MorpheusChaliceSorry, took a while to copy and paste that. xD.06:14
ejoobviously I could JFGI but I'm curious to read one you suggest.06:14
DMMattOn another notes, I have a new linksys ae2500 USB wireless adapter, seems like this is a paper weight in linux, just in case someone was wondering ha06:15
ejook that was a "new bug report" from march 2011, not a tracker or anything ~06:15
ejogonna drop this for now, talk to you at some later date06:15
MorpheusChaliceejo, certainly.06:15
MorpheusChaliceGod damn, only if I checked the date.06:15
samholmes$ sudo apache2 -k restart06:16
samholmesapache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}06:16
samholmesWhat does this mean?06:16
ikoniasamholmes: it means you've messed with your apache config and changed the user it runs as to a non-existant user06:16
MorpheusChalicesamholmes, see if http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=804436 helps you.06:17
MorpheusChaliceedit apache.conf and correct your user and group settings.06:17
MorpheusChaliceI am almost sure they run as users or groups that are no more in the list of users. =).06:17
ikoniasamholmes: if you've not messsed with your config, I'd be worried06:17
zykotick9rhizmoe: are they custom presets?  use "HandBrakeCLI -z" to list the built in ones.  good luck.06:20
kyrixis there a command that automatically restarts a command once it has failed, like a one time autorestart deamonizer?06:24
rhizmoezykotick9: no, custom ones. i found you can export each to a .plist. looking up to see if that can be used now06:25
ikoniakyrix: it depends on the type of command, there are tools like svc06:25
kyrixikonia, its a rsync command, that keeps on failing but can continue ok once it is restarted06:26
ikoniakyrix: that makes no sense, why is it failing06:26
kyrix error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(605) [receiver=3.0.9]06:27
kyrixrsync: connection unexpectedly closed (833329 bytes received so far) [generator]06:27
kyrixrsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(605) [generator=3.0.9]06:27
ikoniakyrix: that's not a reason, that's just an error code06:27
ikoniakyrix: you need to fix that06:27
kyrixikonia, i just need to fetch those files before the server is decommisoned06:28
ikoniakyrix: ?? and ?06:29
kyrixikonia, what do you not understand? i could start debugging the network, but the files i am trying to fetch will probably already be here by the time i find an answer ;)06:30
kyrixerror comes every 3 to 5 minutes06:31
qgilHi, I was trying to upgrad to Quetzal but things have gone terribly wrong. Update Managr broke in the middle of things, had to continue with apt-get.06:31
ikoniakyrix: then just sit there watching it and restart it06:31
qgilI can access only consol. There is no ubuntu-dsktop installed at all and it won't installd due to brokn packages, unmet dependencies06:31
kyrixikonia, could do that, but thats why i asked if there is some cmdline tool that would do that for me ;)06:31
ikoniaqgil: where is there no ubuntu-desktop installed06:31
ikoniakyrix: you could try svc, but it will take time and effort to set it, and you've just told me you don't have time, so just get on with manually doing it06:32
nigwethIs downgrading to ubuntu jaunty the only easy way how to get hw acceleration working on a radeon9200?06:33
kyrixikonia, hmm, its a python 5 liner, so ill just go ahead and write it ;) thx anyways.06:33
ikonianigweth: you can't downgrade06:34
ch33zthe drives are under "/media/drive"06:34
ch33zbut, they dont show when i mount the address06:34
qgilikonia, I can't install ubuntu-desktop or gdm. Chasing unmet dependies I end up .g. here: libgtk-3-0: Depends libgtk-3-common (= 3.5.18-0ubuntu3) but 3.6.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed06:34
ch33zjust shows the desktop files06:34
FloodBot1ch33z: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
ikoniaqgil: why are they not there in the first place06:34
nigwethi mean... installing an obsolete release...06:34
ikonianigweth: if you think that's the best thing to do, do it06:35
qgilikonia because update manager crashed, I had to continue to apt-get -f dist-upgrade in order to move forward06:35
ikoniaqgil: is this part of an upgrade ?06:35
qgilyes, from P to Q06:35
ikoniaqgil: so you're moving to the 12.10 platform ?06:35
qgilikonia I just followed the steps to upgrade from 12.04 to Quetzal beta06:35
trshowa 10 year younger version of the mona lisa- also painted by da vinci was discovered06:35
ikoniaqgil: in that case, I'm not going to progress this, as if you're moving to the development platform you should be "ok" with dealing with basic package manager issues,06:36
qgilikonia, and I'm ok dealing with apt-get, console, etc. I'm just reporting that according to apt-get there are conflicting dependencies in the quetzal repositories, and this is why I can't move forward06:37
nigwethhow about installing apps (i.e. wine) on obsolete releases? is it still possible and painless via any archived repos?06:37
ikoniaqgil: reporting it to who ?06:37
ikoniaqgil: if you know how to fix it, just fix it and carry on06:37
qgilikonia and I was wondering if anybody else has found this problem06:37
ikoniaqgil: no, the upgrade process works fine if it doesn't crash, the reason you'll have unmet dependencies is due to the incomplete state06:38
qgiler... ikonia, reporting here and now to whoever is interested06:38
ikoniaqgil: no-one here can "fix" that if it was a genuine bug, you'd need to log a bug06:38
karthick87I am running 12.04 x64 server on ext4 disk. There are two user groups 'A' and 'B'. For a specific directory, I would like to give its all permissions to user group 'A'. Also I would like to give only 'write' permission to user group 'B'. A user of 'B' should only be allowed to write a file or create directory in the directory. How can i do this ???06:39
qgilikonia, after the crash a bug was reported. Now I'm seeking advice to move away from the incomplete state. I find weird that dist-upgrade has nothing to update yet there are conflicting package versions required for something as fundamntal as gtk libraries06:39
ikoniaqgil: you just said you where fine resolving it06:40
qgilok ikonia, thank you for your help  :)06:40
ikoniaqgil: no sure why you find it weird, it's in an incomplete state,06:40
qgilikonia, are you familiar with repository and package management? Everything should be consistent within the Quetzal repositories, no matter in which point of the upgrade someone is06:41
ikoniaqgil: yes, not if it crashed in the middle of the u pgrade06:41
ikoniaqgil: because it will have packages from both repos06:41
superfake123is there a way to edit the items in the power kog drop down menu?06:41
nigwethnevermind, found a thread about obsolete releases... Many thanks ikonia06:42
MACscrcan i switch from a non LTS release to an LTS release?06:44
qgilikonia then how do you explain this when trying to install libgtk-3-0 from Quetzal repositories: "Depends libgtk-3-common (= 3.5.18-0ubuntu3) but 3.6.0-0ubuntu2 is to be installed". Isn't this an inconsistency in the rpository, unrelated to my briken installation?06:44
ikoniaMACscr: sure thing06:44
ikoniaqgil: nope06:44
ikoniaqgil: also keep in mind that you are using a development release, it's packages will break from time to time while being updated06:45
MACscrikonia: so do i just upgrade to 12.04, then change the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades Prompt to lts?06:45
ikonia!upgrade | MACscr06:45
ubottuMACscr: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:45
MACscrlol, i know how to upgrade06:46
ikoniaMACscr: then why are you asking ?06:46
qgilikonia this is a beta 2 announced yesterday...06:46
ikoniaqgil: so ?06:46
qgilanyway, let me look at the repos online06:46
MACscrikonia: i asked a different question06:46
ikoniaMACscr: no you didn't06:46
ikoniaMACscr: if you READ the URL I have you, it shows you how to move between LTS->non-LTS, and non-LTS->LTS06:47
superfake123anyone know how I can get a griffin powermate to work on ubuntu?06:49
ikoniasuperfake123: sadly don't even know what griffin powermate is06:49
karthick87I am running 12.04 x64 server on ext4 disk. There are two user groups 'A' and 'B'. For a specific directory, I would like to give its all permissions to user group 'A'. Also I would like to give only 'write' permission to user group 'B'. A user of 'B' should only be allowed to write a file or create directory in the directory. How can i do this ???06:50
MACscrikonia: thanks. looks like it was exactly what i had just asked06:50
superfake123it's a usb input device, used for controlling system volume etc06:51
qgilikonia thank you, you were right. I removed libgtk-3-common and now at least I can install gdm06:57
AscavasaionSilly question perhaps hehe  I have three hard disks in my computer.  the first is the one with Linux on it.  The other two are formatted ext4 and are empty.  When I open them in file manager PCmanFM they are mounted, but there is no line in /etc/fstab and no directories made in /media or in /mnt.  Where do they get mounted?07:05
ikoniaAscavasaion: fstab should not be mounted, and they are mounted in userspace for your user07:07
ikoniaAscavasaion: I don't actually know what PCManFM is - so I can't be clear to you about how it displays them to you07:07
somsipAscavasaion: In Edit, Preference, Volume Management you probably have automount turned on07:07
Ascavasaionikonia: Um, so how do I mount and browse them if I have SSHed into that machine?07:07
Ascavasaionikonia: PCmanFM = nautilus in Ubuntu.  Sort of hehe07:07
ikoniaAscavasaion: what do you mean "sort of"07:07
ikoniaAscavasaion: either it's nautilus, or its not07:07
ikoniawhat is it07:08
Ascavasaionikonia: Well, it is not Nautilus, it is a similar file manager.07:08
somsipAscavasaion: if you 'mount' in terminal you will see the mount points for each drive07:08
ikonia!info PCManFM07:08
ubottuPackage PCManFM does not exist in precise07:08
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=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
ikoniaAscavasaion: ok, so that pakage doesn't appear to be in the ubuntu repos, so don't know where you got it or what it does07:08
ikoniaAscavasaion: if they are already mounted in a file manager, it will be mounted in userspace in your gfs directory07:09
ikoniaAscavasaion: if you want to mount them "system wide" then you need to manually mount them07:09
Ascavasaionikonia: Exactly... they are not mounted.  When you open them in the file manager it mounts them.07:09
Ascavasaionikonia: Aaaaah, okay.07:09
Ascavasaionikonia: So I need to create two entries in fstab?07:10
ikoniaAscavasaion: you could just manually mount them07:11
ikoniaAscavasaion: no need to fstab them unless you feel it's needed07:11
Ascavasaionikonia: Okay, I have done that, thank you :)  I thought there would be a directory somewhere waiting for the file manager to mount them like /media/sdb1.07:11
ikoniaAscavasaion: there is.....if you do it that way07:11
ikoniaAscavasaion: it's all down to how you manage it07:11
somsipAscavasaion: pcmanfm mounts in /media, but creates a dir according to UUID or volume label07:12
Ascavasaionikonia: It is just that I wanted to log into them from wife's Windows 7 machine using samba shares, and it would then need a place to be mounted.07:12
Ascavasaionsomsip: Ooooooh, okay.07:12
ikoniaAscavasaion: and not use user space07:12
ikoniaAscavasaion: ok, then you need to mount them system wide07:12
ikoniaAscavasaion: I would suggest putting static mount options in place in /etc/fstab07:12
somsipAscavasaion: if they are permanent in the machine, easiest to fstab them07:12
qgilikonia... and after removing a couple more packages I could install ubuntu-desktop. Running now, and Update Manager seems to be taking care of the rest as we type. Thank you very much again.07:13
Ascavasaionikonia: Cool... so mkdir /media/sdX1 for both and then two lines in /etc/fstab I presume?07:13
AscavasaionTerrific, thank you guys!07:13
ikoniaAscavasaion: however you want to name them07:13
somsipAscavasaion: yeah - /media/videos may be simpler than /media/sdc307:14
Ascavasaionsomsip: I hear you.  thank you.07:14
adasanyone ever had trouble installing sysstat before?07:15
bebojException TypeError: 'join() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)' in <module 'threading' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/threading.pyc'> ignored07:16
beboj/usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux: line 138: python2.6: command not found07:16
bebojanyone had this issue with playonlinux07:17
adasanyone use sysstat before?07:17
ikoniabeboj: you don't have python2.6 installed07:17
ikoniaadas: just ask the question07:17
adasmy question is how can I install sysstat properly?07:18
ikonia!info sysstat07:18
ubottusysstat (source: sysstat): system performance tools for Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0.3-1 (precise), package size 292 kB, installed size 924 kB07:18
ikoniaadas: open the package manager, search for sysstat package, click install07:19
adastried to install using apt-get/synaptic but I get error 107:19
ikoniaadas: you need to be precise with the error07:19
adastried that but install fails07:19
adasI will post exact error07:19
ikoniaplease use a pastebin07:19
adassure thing07:20
adasthanks ikonia07:20
adasdo you guys like the new amazon adds in ubuntu?07:20
ikoniaadas: that is nothing to do with support07:20
ikoniaadas: post your error in a pastebin so we can resolve your issue07:20
adasok..sorry for making conversation07:21
AscavasaionNobody likes ads.07:21
ikoniathat is not for this channel07:21
deavWhen I first booted Ubuntu 12.04 I got the "fancy" login screen (dynamic user BG, effects, 3d-style). When I rebooted, I lost that and now have the 2d-style login screen (default wallpaper, 2d-style user list). Why is this?07:23
ikoniaadas: got that error pastebin yet ?07:24
adasanyone know why I cant copy out of synaptic details screen07:24
ikoniaadas: please type "sudo apt-get install sysstat" and pastebin the output if it's an error07:24
nsudopdf editor for ubuntu???07:25
foobArrrmy internal intel graphics (hd 3000) are giving me trouble and I'm thinking about buying a dedicated graphics card. what works better on linux, nvidia or amd/ati?07:26
ikoniafoobArrr: it's swings and round abouts, different people, different views07:27
ikoniafoobArrr: just research the card you want to buy, before you buy it07:27
jalexandruI use ubuntu 12.04 and can't use the "save" in libre office only once, then I need to use "save as" ending up with  multiple files.I've checked file permision and the file is owned by my user so I should have read+ write rights any help is appriciated07:27
adassorry for delay07:27
foobArrrikonia: k, thanks07:27
adasI'm removing and reinstalling, force, just so you could see the first exact eror07:27
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, are you trying to save your file on a location where you don't have rights to save in?07:27
MorpheusChaliceSuch as /root ?07:28
segvhey guys any of you know something like conky, I want to just display my rss feeds like conky in widget form or like conky07:28
ikoniaadas: that's not what I asked07:28
MorpheusChaliceYou might want to try running libre office as root.07:28
segvwithout having to do the conky setup, i'm lazy ;)07:28
ikoniaadas: I asked you to do "sudo apt-get install sysstat" and give me the output07:28
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: no, I'm trying on my desktop07:28
adasits coming07:28
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, I see. Could you open libre office through terminal using the command sudo?07:28
MorpheusChaliceLet me know if that lets you save files, jalexandru.07:28
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: 2 sec07:28
ikoniaadas: no, you've done something different, you've removed and done a force ??? that's not what I asked07:28
ikoniaadas: I can't be bothered to help you any more, if you don't give me the info I asked for and give me info you think I want07:29
adasim giving you what you want07:29
adasplease hold07:29
ikoniaadas: no, you're not07:29
EestyHello, I did something stupid. Can I get halp please07:29
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: I still don't have the save option (it's blur and I can't click it) even if I open libre office with sudo07:29
ikoniaadas: I asked for the output of "sudo apt-get install sysstat" - you have done a remove and a force, not what I asked.07:29
frank__need help , want convert a mp4 file to  animated gif.  thx07:29
ikoniaadas: someone else I'm sure will help you07:30
Eestyhelp! I destroyed my bootloader!07:30
ikoniaEesty: how ?07:30
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, that sounds rather weird. =\.07:30
MorpheusChaliceWell, let me look into it, jalexandru.07:31
jalexandruMorpheusChalice: Thanks a lot for your time and help ...07:31
EestyI accidentally my linux partition, and then I ran bootrec.exe /fixmbr in windows recovery after reading that would help. and after trying bootsect /nt60 all still ending up with grub revovery07:31
somsipjalexandru: start libre office and post the output of 'ps aux | grep libre'07:31
Eestyand now startup leaves me with a freaking 0xc000000f07:31
ikoniaEesty: what did you do to your linux partition ?07:31
Eestyfile: \Boot\BCD07:31
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, no worries, thank me if I am able to help you out. By the way, this seems like a bug.07:32
jalexandrusomsip: libre office should be started as root? with sudo? or start it regularly07:32
adasthere you go07:32
EestyI accidentally all of it D:07:32
somsipjalexandru: for this test start it normally. And post 'pwd; ls -la'07:32
MorpheusChalicejalexandru, it must be started as a super user if the current user isn't allowed to write files onto a filesystem.07:32
somsipjalexandru: and the name of the file you are working on07:32
ikoniaEesty accidentally what ?07:32
ikoniaEesty: what did you do to it07:32
EestyDeleted the partition07:33
adasikonia did you get that?07:33
ikoniaEesty: ok, so you'll need to reinstall07:33
EestyI extended a windows partition over the top of it07:33
ikoniaadas: I told you, I'm not interested, someone else will help you07:33
ikoniaEesty: ok - so you'll need to re-install07:33
EestyI need to fix the MBR so I don't fucking up my windows yo07:33
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adasso why the f@ck do you wast my time them?07:33
ikoniaEesty: that language is unacceptable07:33
ikoniaadas: that language is unacceptable07:33
Eestyikonia: my apologies07:34
adaswell why the heck do you waste my time then?07:34
ikoniaEesty: the guys in ##windows will help you resolve your windows boot loader issues07:34
Eestyid be fine reinstalling grub07:34
Eestyor fixing grub07:34
ikoniaadas: I asked you for information, you did something else, you wasted my time so I don't want to progress it, I'm sure someone else will07:34
Eestyif it was feesable07:34
ikoniaEesty: grub won't work without your linux partition07:34
ikoniaEesty: you need to put the windows boot loader back07:34
EestyI forgot, does ubuntu have a feature to shrink a windows partition to reinstall?07:35
ikoniaEesty: you can resize from a livecd, yes07:35
Eestywell right now I need to get a new linux image, can you suggest a really small one I can get really fast to simply install it for the bootloader so I can access my main computer for now?07:36
Eestylike, a small linux distro, that features shrinking07:36
Eestylike DSL, does that have the feature?07:36
adasikonia, why are you so rude?07:36
ikoniaEesty: you shouldn't install linux for just the boot loader07:36
ikoniaEesty: the guys in ##windows can tell you how to put the windows boot loader back - easy and simple fix07:36
ikoniaadas: please stop talking to me.07:37
EestyI'm not just installing it for the bootloader -___-07:37
adasanyone know how to properly install sysstat?07:37
ikoniaEesty: you just said it was so you can access the boot loader07:37
EestyI need to back up my stuff07:37
ikoniaEesty: the best thing to do is put the windows MBR back on07:37
jalexandrusomsip: here is the ps -aux result, what else should I provide? http://pastebin.com/fpRgwWPc07:37
adasI hate when people have sticks up there butts07:37
EestyWindows people suck >:C I'm gonna put linux back on, I just dont wanna download a whole distro on this computer as I can't burn it to a cd I ave to use a USB07:38
ikoniaEesty: sorry we onlt support ubuntu here07:38
somsipjalexandru: are you on a live CD working on a mount disk?07:38
superfake123do you guys work for canonical or something?07:38
ikoniasuperfake123: mostly just people with free/spare time07:39
Eestyyou ubuntu people sure are narcassistic about your OS07:39
ikoniaEesty: ok, enough now. bye07:39
jalexandrusomsip: nope been using this system for a while now, issues started yesterday.07:39
Eestyikonia, you mod?07:39
ikoniaEesty: yes07:39
somsipjalexandru: ok - the first column should be your username, eg: mark      4000  0.0  0.0   9392   888 pts/6    S+   14:31   0:00 grep --color=auto apache07:39
MarzataEesty: this is a support channel, please come to some other channel to discuss this07:39
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Eestyim asking for support, thank you tho <307:40
ikoniaEesty: we ONLY support ubuntu here07:40
somsipjalexandru: yours shows as 1001. I've only seen this before when viewing files on a mounted disk from a live cd where the owner of the file is not refelcted int he users on the live CD. If that makes sense07:40
superfake123can I edit the power kog drop down menu?07:40
Eestywhat about... kubuntu?07:40
ikoniaEesty: yes we support that too07:41
somsipjalexandru: so what user are you logged in as?07:41
superfake123I just want to remove the 'software up to date' option07:41
ikoniaEesty: we support offiical ubuntu releases.07:41
Eestygrub is a part of ubuntu correct?07:41
sajanany ubuntu expert users???????07:41
ikoniaEesty: correct07:41
Marzataand even Xubuntu07:41
Eestyit is an included package in ubuntu.07:41
jalexandrusomsip: I understand what you  are saying .... I am logged in as "jalexandru" this user is a computer administrator...07:41
EestyYes, of course, all ubuntu and most linux distros are released with grub these days07:41
ikoniaEesty: correct07:41
ikoniasajan: just ask the question you need help with07:41
Eestylilo is old and shitty07:41
ikoniaEesty: correct.07:41
sajanguys can anyone help me.........i just installed ubuntu today but find it hard to use07:42
ikoniasajan: good starting point, https://help.ubuntu.com - it will walk you through the basics of how to use it07:42
sajani mean.....my cpu is always 100 %all time and its making system very slow07:43
ikoniasajan: ok, that's a different issue07:43
ikoniasajan: what processor do you have ?07:43
somsipjalexandru: so can you paste all together: ps aux (no hyphen); pwd; echo $HOME; ls -la07:43
ikoniasajan: how do you know it's %100 used07:43
sajanintel pentium dual core ....1.46.ghz and 2 gb of ram07:43
somsipjalexandru: sorry - ps aux | grep libre07:44
ikoniasajan: ok, how do you know it's %100 busy07:44
sajanmy cpu fan rotates fully,..........so as per my windows experiance i can say that07:44
auronandacesajan: top07:44
Marzatasajan: what brand is that Lenovo?07:44
ikoniasajan: ok, so you don't know it's actually busy07:44
ikoniasajan: don't assume stuff unless you know07:44
ikoniasajan: do you know how to open a terminal ?07:44
sajancompaq presarion c7-00 noteboot07:45
Marzatayes, HP run hotter07:45
ecthiendersajan, your fan has nothing to do with that. you cant assume like that.07:45
sajanbut its making laptop very hot...........07:45
sajanand how to make laptop running fast07:46
ecthiendersajan what ubuntu are you running?07:46
ikoniasajan: do you know how to open a terminal07:46
sajan12.04 ubuntu 64 bit07:46
sajanyaa i know how to open terminal07:46
ikoniasajan: can you please type "top" in a terminal07:47
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
sajanok i did07:47
ikoniasajan: look at the cpu line, and look at the "id" tab07:47
ikoniasajan: what number % is next to "id" on the cpu line07:48
sajanit shows 79 %07:48
ikoniasajan: ok, so it's %79 idle07:48
ikoniasajan: your cpu is not busy07:48
jalexandrusomsip: ps aux | grep libre : http://pastebin.com/BB8VLr72; what else? pwd? and $HOME ls -la?07:49
sajanno its not ideeal.....its 83 %used07:49
ikoniasajan: no it's not07:49
ikoniasajan: it's idle07:49
ikoniasajan: the "id" tab means "idle"07:49
ikoniasajan: if it's %79 idle, it means it's %21 used07:49
somsipjalexandru: pwd && echo $HOME && ls -la07:49
sajanlet me tell u perfect.............07:50
jalexandrusomsip: http://pastebin.com/aVdpk8vT07:50
somsipjalexandru: ah - so because your username is more than 8 chars, it shows your uid instead on ps. That explains that07:50
somsipjalexandru: and what file are you editing07:51
jalexandruthe file was on my desktop07:51
jalexandrushould I try with one in my home folder?07:51
sajanits written like     CPU(s):- 89%07:51
jalexandrusomsip: the file was on my desktop07:51
jalexandrusomsip: should I try with one in my home folder?07:51
auronandace!screenshot | sajan07:52
ubottusajan: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.07:52
somsipjalexandru: or you can ls -la Desktop and post that, then edit the file you want07:52
jalexandruhttp://pastebin.com/F81ptnu3 the file is 09.28Test.odt07:54
sajan_image of cpu usage07:55
auronandacesajan: dropbox is the culprit there07:56
somsipjalexandru: so you open that in Writer, and the Save item is ghosted on the File menu?07:56
cousteaudamn, now I want to know what was going on for the ban...07:56
jalexandrusomsip: I've opened Writer and Save item with enabled "Save" option after that the "Save" is ghosted and un-clickble07:57
cousteauIs manually changing /etc/alternatives/default.plymouth a good idea?07:58
auronandacesajan_: dropbox is using your cpu07:58
cousteauI want the text.plymouth theme rather than the default.plymouth one07:58
sajanhere is screenshot07:58
ikoniasajan: dropbox is using your cpu07:58
cousteau<auronandace> sajan_: dropbox is using your cpu07:58
ikoniasajan: dropbox is using your cpu07:58
auronandacesajan: dropbox is using your cpu07:58
sajanthanks..........how to stop it07:59
ikoniasajan: reboot07:59
ikoniasajan: then don't start dropbox07:59
LorSamPau_wkill it, kill it with fire07:59
* cousteau would killall07:59
sajanhow to kill apps in ubuntu07:59
cousteausajan, maybe there's something like `sudo stop dropbox`, but I'm not sure07:59
ikoniasajan: there is the kill command, however I'd suggest actually trying to stop this properly07:59
cousteau(that's if dropbox is a service)07:59
sajanok and can u tell me what was my cpu usage07:59
somsipjalexandru: and if you make another change to the doc, is the icon available again?08:00
enycsajan: 'top' or equivalent program can show you08:00
sajanthanks @enyc08:00
auronandaceenyc: he doesn't understand the output08:00
RUCKER222sajan: killall dropbox08:00
sajanis there and app08:00
ikoniasajan: please stop08:00
ikoniasajan: fix drop box08:00
ikoniasajan: then your machine will work08:00
cousteauApparently dropbox is not a service...  in that case I would do   killall dropbox08:01
auronandacesajan: listen to ikonia08:01
jalexandrusomsip: yes it is .... lol ... how can I missed this .... thanks a lot for your time ..... and sorry for this ..08:01
sajanfix dropbox means        @ ikonia08:01
cousteau(killall won't totally kill dropbox, just tell it to stop)08:01
somsipjalexandru: LOL - sorry about the ps aux thing. Totally sidetracked by that.08:01
ikoniasajan: I would suggest rebooting your machine. re-run "top" and see if drop box is at the top again08:01
ikoniasajan: that would be the first thing to try08:01
jalexandrusomsip: very good job..08:01
somsipjalexandru: though I think you should take a break now and bang your head on the desk repeatedly08:01
cousteauthe dramatic solution would be   killall -KILL dropbox   but that would probably terminate it incorrectly, so I DO NOT recommend it08:02
sajanokk thanks..........i will be back after rebooting08:02
jalexandrusomsip: already started...08:02
somsipjalexandru: :)08:02
cousteau`man dropbox` might have been a good idea too08:02
cousteau!man dropbox08:02
ikoniacousteau: why ?08:02
cousteaumaybe it has a "stop" option or something08:03
cousteauubottu, man dropbox08:03
ikoniacousteau: I don't want it stopped at this time, I'd like his machine rebooted so it's got a clean plate to actually troubleshoot it if it is a genuine problem08:03
cousteaubot!  don't ignore me!08:03
cousteauikonia, oh ok08:03
ikoniacousteau: ubottu doesn't print man pages08:03
auronandace!brain | cousteau08:03
ubottucousteau: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:03
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:04
cousteauis there a bot that prints man pages?  I've seen that in quite a few bots...08:04
cousteauor is ubottu the only infobot here?08:05
ikoniacousteau: not in this channel, ubottu is the only info bot08:05
Seveascousteau, there's no such bot in here08:05
lotuspsychjecousteau:there a nice thing showing man pages: your terminal :p08:05
auronandacecousteau: printing a manpage inside a channel would be flooding08:05
cousteauauronandace, of course, not ALL the manpage is printed...  only the URL, and sometimes the first parts of it08:06
r00t_Can anyone give advice on what might be slowing my copmuter down? 2ghz 750?ishmb ram yet this is running slower then XP. its a wubi install which i know isnt optimal but.. anywho somone told me it might be my graphics chipset:  VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 0108:06
ikonialook, it doesn't matter, there is no man bot - forget about it08:06
lotuspsychjer00t_:can you tell us what exactly goes 'slow'08:07
cousteauyes, ok, I get it08:07
tsimpsoncousteau: there is http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ if you want online man pages08:07
cousteautsimpson, yes, I'm looking at that right now08:07
cousteau(and yes, there's a `dropbox stop`...  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/dropbox.1.html  although ikonia has already made clear that wasn't what was looking for)08:08
AlphaNoobJesus Christ change your name before asking a question like "why is my PC slow"08:09
rp2hello ... I just found out the package vcg disappeared after hardy ... how do I best find out why?08:09
lotuspsychje!info vcg | rp208:09
ubotturp2: Package vcg does not exist in precise08:09
r00t_lotuspsychje, everything. switching between 2 tabs in firefox,the time span it takes the "start" menu to apear after clicking,switching windows. everything. and its a fresh install with only xchat and restricted extras added.08:09
rp2lotuspsychje: ?08:10
lotuspsychjer00t_:32 bit? precise 12.04.1?08:10
cousteaudoes "750?ishmb" mean "around 750 MB"?08:10
sajanhttp://imagebin.org/230089                 @ikonia08:10
cousteaucause it looks more like a regex than an actual word...08:10
sajanafter reboot screenshot08:10
auronandacesajan: better, notice how idle it is?08:10
=== florin is now known as Guest52856
sajanyeah.........its good now............how to unistall dropbox08:11
16SAAANJ7has anyone tried using quantal from virtualbox? For me, compiz crashes everytime ubuntu boots up.08:11
lotuspsychje!details | r00t_08:11
ubottur00t_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:11
ikoniasajan: open the package manager, search dropbox, click uninstall/remove08:11
rp2r00t_: my guess would be that you need more memory ... what does 'top' say?08:11
cousteaur00t_, for "what is slowing down my computer" I usually go to System Monitor > Resources08:12
sajanthanks........other question......how can i make this system work faster??????????08:12
auronandace!12.10 | 16SAAANJ708:12
=== 16SAAANJ7 is now known as anant
ubottu16SAAANJ7: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+108:12
lotuspsychjerp2: you on precise?08:12
ikoniasajan: don't worry about that - just try using it now and see how you get on08:12
rp2lotus: yes08:12
AlphaNoob512 ram I would expect only a terminal interface08:12
cousteaucheck that CPU(s) are not at 100%, memory is not at 100% either, and swap is not being used08:12
r00t_Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS08:12
sajanbut i have 2 gb ram08:12
lotuspsychjerp2:the bot says the package is not supported anymore08:12
ikoniasajan: yes, just try using it for a while, see how you get on08:13
AlphaNoobI would not install GUI desktop on 51208:13
lotuspsychjerp2:whats full name of that package?08:13
sajanhow to go to package install08:13
ikoniasajan: you need to read https://help.ubuntu.com08:13
rp2lotuspsychje: well, then the bot and I agree. my question is: how do I best find out why?08:13
cousteauXubuntu or Lubuntu might be better suited for 512 MB RAM08:13
ikoniasajan: that will give you the basic information about how to use your desktop08:13
rp2lotuspsychje: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/vcg08:14
cousteau(XFCE and LXDE can be installed on Ubuntu, so there's no need to re-install)08:14
sajanthanks ikonia.......i appericiate your help........i will take some help then come back08:14
ikoniasajan: don't rush, read the URL and play, see how you get on. Any specific questions, just ask08:14
AlphaNoobPuppy Linux or xfce..... but 512?  I don't think raspberry pi has that little08:14
cousteauSo about my plymouth question...  how do I change my logo plymouth theme with the text one?   sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth   only shows the graphic ones, not the text ones08:15
lotuspsychjer00t_:did you install graphics driver correclty?08:15
atriqI've got an odd little problem08:16
lotuspsychjerp2:not sure 'why' mate, cant find the package for precise on google08:16
* cousteau tries sudo update-alternatives --config text.plymout08:16
atriqMoving my mouse to the left doesn't flick open the launcher08:16
atriqIt used to, and I don't think I've forgotten the trick08:16
atriqAlso, it looks like my mouse thinks there's more screen than my screen does?08:17
AlphaNoobThere's or answer atriq08:17
lotuspsychjerp2:maybe theres already a better package for that purpose, did you search software centre?08:17
AlphaNoobU answered urself .  The dash is off the screen.08:18
atriqOnly a couple of pixels08:18
atriqAnd when I use the flag button it appears fine08:18
r00t_Just checked top and it apears as if switching or moving windows maxes out my cpu. any fix for this?08:19
lotuspsychjer00t_:can you logout and login to unity2d to see if cpu load changes?08:20
=== frodo_ is now known as VivekVC
r00t_lotuspsychje,  i have a unmodded setup besides restricted-extras and xchat so i dont know. i can try unity2d. how do i switch to unity2d?08:20
lotuspsychjerp2:you could try programming channel08:20
atriqAlphaNoob, so yeah, that's not the problem08:20
rp2lotuspsychje: well I have a hunch, it seems to be a graphviz alternative from the stone age08:20
rp2it uses a different layout algorithm ... I'd like to try it08:21
AlphaNoobOK well I don't use shitty unity anyway08:21
=== zomb13 is now known as sicdog
rp2which programming channel?08:21
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
lotuspsychjer00t_:logout, type your login name and choose unity2d on the gear icon08:21
lotuspsychjerp2: ##programming08:22
AlphaNoobDoes anyone here use shitty Unity so they can help atriq?08:24
lotuspsychje!polite | AlphaNoob08:24
ubottuAlphaNoob: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:24
SeveasAlphaNoob, there's no need for such language.08:24
lotuspsychje!info doxygen > lotuspsychje08:24
Seveaslotuspsychje, you can also /msg ubottu info doxygen :)08:25
lotuspsychjeSeveas: tnx buts its relevant for rp2 aswell, thats why08:25
ScottHarrisonHow do I list ubottu tips?08:26
somsip!brain | ScottHarrison08:26
ubottuScottHarrison: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:26
sajan@ikonia.......i read the guide now almost familier with the gui of ubuntu and normal use............but i still find it slow then windows708:27
ikoniasajan: ok, so you may not have your graphics card configured correctly08:27
=== woo is now known as Guest94073
ikoniasajan: poor display setup can often make it "seem" slow, when it's actually running quick08:28
sajani dont have graphics card......its inbuit graphics of intel08:28
sajando i need that driver08:28
=== resistivecorpse2 is now known as resistivecorpse
ikoniasajan: ok, you do have a graphics card, it's the intel one08:29
ikoniasajan: intel cards are normally configured fine by default08:29
sajanyaaaa..........the one that comes inbuilt08:29
sajanactually its graphics memory written when i looked at bios settings08:29
AlphaNoobI think if he just does a check for driver updates that will tell him what he needs to know08:29
ikoniaAlphaNoob: there is no "intel driver" as a restricted driver, so it won't "check for an update"08:30
ikoniasajan: what makes it seem slow to you, opening windows for example, or doing certain things08:30
sajanyaa opening windows.........and switchin tasks08:31
AlphaNoobHe needs a new p12 chip imo08:32
ikoniaAlphaNoob: stop08:32
AlphaNoobOK ok08:32
ikoniaAlphaNoob: you're just making things up. If you can't help properly and continue to mess around you'll not be welcome in the channel, clear ?08:32
ikoniasajan: that does sound visual rather than actual performance related.08:33
ikoniasajan: one moment while I just work out a test08:33
AlphaNoobIt was just one joke, don't get bent out of shape08:33
ikoniaAlphaNoob: its not funny08:34
AlphaNoobNot to you perhaps08:34
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
ikoniaAlphaNoob: its not funny08:34
sajani really want to learn linux by my heart..............but my poor base of c language is very poor08:34
ikoniasajan: you don't need to know C08:35
AlphaNoobWhy are u even talking to me?  You have more important business at hand.08:35
sajancan u tell me easy way to learn ubuntu.......as far as programming side08:35
sajanany website or guide???08:36
AlphaNoobLearn bash or python08:36
JamezQThere is a guide to ubuntu sajan yes08:36
=== matteo is now known as Guest91019
sajanwhich will help from bash or paython for me to work on android or java08:37
pmorrisCan modifying iptables affect established connections?08:37
sajan@jamezq thanks for link08:37
=== Guest91019 is now known as SXmatteo
AlphaNoobUmmmm.... well python is more of a complete programming language08:38
JamezQIf you are looking for learning programming, like working on on android. I suggest looking at android tutorials.08:38
JamezQThey use eclipse generally, which runs on linux08:38
Calinou_hi, i installed lubuntu 12.04, I'm using an nvidia 570gtx, no proprietary drivers are available...08:39
Calinou_currently doing system updates -- will they appear once I reboot?08:39
sajanok my main aim is..........i am given a project to make a website based on JAVA language.........so i wanted to do in different way then windows so i preffered ubuntu.........so can i make that website on java in ubuntu08:39
JamezQYes, sajan, you can. Java runs on linux in everyway it runs on windows. (in some ways better)08:40
AlphaNoobSajan....you're confusing java and javascript08:40
timfrostpmorris: it is possible (eg an explicit block of inbound ssh could prevent traffic on a pre-existing ssh session)08:40
sajanmake a website using java servlet08:40
JamezQNo no08:40
JamezQthat *is* java08:40
JamezQno javascript08:41
JamezQAnyway, java servlets run on ubuntu, yea, but this is more of a programming question08:41
AlphaNoobRight OK my bad08:41
OinsSajan: sure take a look at the IDE Eclipse08:41
xcervohello guys, can i install android as guest in ubuntu virtualbox?08:41
sajani have zero knowledge and i and started from ground level......and i know i will learn mostly all things i want here08:42
AlphaNoobDidn't know websites used java servlets anymore08:42
JamezQAlphaNoob: They don't, but it's still taught in schools.08:42
sajanis there any basic requirement before i install IDE ECLIPSE08:42
JamezQsajan: No, just install Eclipse, netbeans, whatever you are used to using. Ideally from the software center08:43
atlefxcervo, yes08:43
JamezQIf you have any questions after that, ask08:43
sajandont i need jre(java)08:43
OinsSajan: and try some java based frameworks like vaadin08:43
xcervoatlef thanks08:44
AlphaNoobI really think java for the web is dead08:44
JamezQsajan: If you are just startign out and this is *not* for a class, I don't reccomend using java servlets that much.08:44
AlphaNoobAnd only legacy websites use it08:44
sajanya i m given project from collage08:45
JamezQAlphaNoob: Well, servlets maybe, not servers themselves.08:45
JamezQOkay, will if it's a project from college that makes sense, again, just download your prefered IDE and use as normal.08:45
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
patiehi, im trying install sensiolabs-desktop (http://desktop.sensiolabs.org/linux-how-to) on ubuntu but i give error -  Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (libicui18n.so.48: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64)"  QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function d2i_X50908:46
sajanwhat should i search for on software centre08:46
JamezQsajan: "eclipse"08:46
sajanok thanks08:46
Calinou_hi, i installed lubuntu 12.04, I'm using an nvidia 570gtx, no proprietary drivers are available...08:46
timfrostpatie: is your system 32-bit or 64-bit (the error implies a 64-bit package and a 32-bit system)?08:47
sajanok so unlike windows i dont need to install the java before i install netbeans or eclipse08:47
patietimfrost: 64bit ubuntu 1108:47
atlefxcervo, one good guide for what you are asking for http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/how-to-run-android-4-0-ics-on-windows-mac-linux-using-virtualbox/08:47
polarbeari like ubuntu 1208:48
JamezQsajan: No, you still need to install java, although installing eclipse might pull that in for you08:48
sajanokkk.....so i should install eclipse without worrying about java08:48
polarbearuse SSD08:48
polarbearvery fast08:48
polarbeari am using the SSD08:49
geirhasajan: after installing eclipse, search for openjdk-6-jdk and/or openjdk-7-jdk in the software center. If either of those are installed  ... you have the necessary packages to build and run java programs08:49
JamezQsajan: Meh, I would install java first, do you know how to install things via the terminal?08:49
sajanno i dont know.......can  tell me that08:49
JamezQActually, geirha is right, just search that in the software center08:50
sajanokk thanks i will search08:50
JamezQsearch : openjdk-7-jdk08:50
JamezQor 6, which your class likely uses08:50
patietimfrost: 64bit, u know how can i fix this problem ?08:50
sajanis java 6 is ggod or 708:51
geirhasajan: which version to settle on is your job to find out. Perhaps ask for advice in a java channel08:51
sajanokk thanks08:52
timfrostpatie: ah. wrong direction. If the package is 32-bit, you need the 32-bit libraries.  There is a package in 64-bit 11.10 that installs most 32-bit libraries08:52
JamezQIf you are in a college class, check your intruction sheet for the class.08:52
Calinou_i installed lubuntu 12.04, I'm using an nvidia 570gtx, no proprietary drivers are available...08:53
timfrostpatie: I am running 12.04, and can't remember the name of the 11.10 meta-package08:53
geirhapatie, timfrost: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs08:53
sajanwe are not give anything rather then the title to make website08:53
patiegeirha: try, thanks08:53
sajani am give to make a website on GLASS COMPLANY08:53
timfrostgeirha: thanks. that is the pacvkage that patie needs08:53
JamezQsajan: this is a college class?08:54
sajanyaaa its a project from my collage08:54
JamezQsajan: Well, if they don't give you any info, it's up to you to find out what you need to use, my guess is java version 6.08:55
sajanok installing eclipse now and then will install version 608:56
hardcampasajan if you insist on using eclipse I would install a version which is configured for java support from the beginning. The top one from this list for example: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/08:58
waheedhey, I used before a media converter at ubuntu but I can't remember its name.. it was with a simple GUI and almost convert from/to all multimedia formats.. and opens a terminal with the progress upon running convertion.. can any one remind me what its name??08:59
sajanthanks @hardcampa08:59
atlefwaheed, could it be WinFF?09:00
patiegeirha: timfrost works ok thanks09:00
jalexandruif I want to copy a file from computerA to computerB I go to computerB and use scp ... is there a command that I could use from computerA ??/09:01
somsipscp {login} B.address:/path/file localpath/09:02
JamezQjalexandru: scp can actually work both ways09:02
jalexandrujust thought at that, thanks JamezQ09:02
JamezQwell, thank somsip too, I just said what he posted.09:03
somsipJamezQ: I missed the tag - no biggie09:03
waheedaltef : don't think so.. it was a different name.. I think with a "G" or something09:04
sajanis there a way to make ubuntu work faster by using hard disk space09:07
=== florin is now known as Guest30862
waheedwell, I need a good multimedia converter that converts all fomrats09:07
JamezQsajan: Can you exaplin what you mean?09:07
sajani have 2 gb of ram in my laptop.......so can i utilise my hard drive for ubuntu to work more faster09:08
Calinou_sajan: swap is very slow09:09
sajan@calinou .........means09:09
JamezQWell, using hard drive more is genearlly a bad idea...09:09
randomDudesajan: no just get more ram09:09
randomDudesajan: or swap the hardrive for a ssd drive09:10
JamezQsajan: Generally to speed up a computer, you utilise the harddrive *less*09:10
Calinou_randomDude: he is on a laptop09:10
randomDudeCalinou_: your point is ?09:10
sajan@randomdude can u tell me how to do that swap09:10
JamezQrandomDude: His point is that changing ram ain't so easy on a laptop09:10
randomDudesajan: swap won't make your machine faster.09:11
belgianguyis there a place where one can suggest minor improvements ?09:11
belgianguyeg, not a bug report09:11
Calinou_randomDude: try to put RAM on a laptop09:11
randomDudeJamezQ: generally not the case unless you're using a recent macbook pro09:11
JamezQbelgianguy: Yes, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/09:11
sajanokk only thing is i need more ram09:11
randomDudeCalinou_:  no problems i upgraded all my laptops ram...09:11
belgianguythanks JamezQ09:11
Calinou_randomDude: and you are not supposed to do that09:12
randomDudeCalinou_: oh it's agains the law is it?09:12
Calinou_*seems legit*09:12
JamezQsajan: Well, if the problem is ubuntu is running too slow on an old machine, it's an option to try using xubuntu, or something light like that.09:12
sajanwill a dual core proccessor will be able to handle to more ram then 2 gb09:13
JamezQsajan: The number of cores has nothing to do with how much ram09:13
randomDudesajan: it's really up to the motherboard09:13
Calinou_lubuntu > xubuntu by far, in terms of weight09:13
Calinou_randomDude: go back to your ROMs, thank you09:13
JamezQCalinou_: That's correct, but having tried both, lubuntu suffers from less polish09:13
randomDudeCalinou_: my what now?09:13
sajanokk thanks...............is xubuntu good as far as graphics are concerned09:14
JamezQsajan: It's generally considered not as pretty as ubuntu, but it looks pretty good to me, I always suggest trying the live cd before installing09:14
JamezQsajan: And make sure you like it09:14
sajanwell my cd drive in my laptop is  damaged.......09:15
belgianguysajan: LiveUSB ;)09:15
JamezQsajan: Well, how did you install ubuntu in the first place? A usb?09:15
sajanno..........web installed09:16
atlefsajan, if you already have ubuntu, just install xubuntu-desktop09:16
ikoniasajan: apologies for being a while, I had to attend a phone conference, are you still struggling with performance ?09:16
ScottHarrisonis there anyway I can hide my IP to the public on IRC?09:16
ikoniaScottHarrison: you need a cloak, the guys in #freenode can help09:16
sajanyaaa but less then before...........removing dropbox is a big improvement09:16
ScottHarrisonikonia, thanks :)09:17
belgianguywould it be any way possible to integrate some sort of free/OSS cloud support in the screenshot widget?09:17
oscailtScottHarrison: Yes. Ask in #freenode for a cloak]09:17
belgianguylike 'save to web'09:17
JamezQbelgianguy: Yes it would be, there are actually screenshot applications for this already.09:17
oscailtScottHarrison: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/IRC/Cloaks09:17
belgianguyah, okay JamezQ, that was my suggestion :p09:17
JamezQbelgianguy: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/06/screencloud-lets-you-take-share-ubuntu-screenshots-quickly09:18
JamezQbelgianguy: Check it out, it's called "screencloud"09:18
brontosaurusrexwhat would be an app that would batch burnin exif date into bunch of jpegs?09:18
JamezQbelgianguy: But that's a good suggestion, keep em up :)09:18
sajan@ikonia..........which is default directory in TERMINAL when i start it09:19
ikoniasajan: your home directory normally09:19
belgianguysajan: type 'pwd' without the ''09:19
JamezQsajan: You start in your /home/<username> directory09:20
belgianguyand it'll print where it is at that moment09:20
writehello everybody, can anyone help me with my sound problem? ive installed lubuntu, but there is no sound icon in bar, the sound doesnt work. Ive accesed alsamixer, unmuted everything, set to maximum, still nothing09:20
belgianguypwd = Print Working Directory09:20
sajangot it thanks09:20
turtle_write: speakers just connected via 3.5mm jack?09:21
oscailtwrite: Try opening pavucontrol09:21
writei got a an Asus 1015bx netbook :-s so no speakers09:21
nibbler_brontosaurusrex, exiv2 - EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation tool09:21
writepavucontrol is currently not installed oscailt09:21
JamezQwrite: Can you get ethernet? As you may have to install some packages to help get it to work, it would be uesful to have ready.09:22
writeJamezQ: ethernet? im on wireless connection09:23
JamezQwrite: Oh, sorry, I mixed up sound working with wireless not working.09:23
JamezQwrite: :p09:24
JamezQwrite: my mistake.09:24
write:) yeah, soundn doesnt work .. but in alsamixer i see the audio card, volumes are up etc, still no sound icon09:24
oscailtwrite: Hmm... I'd say install it, but I'm not 100% sure as I don't actually use Ubuntu so I'm not sure of it's make up.09:25
=== Calinou_ is now known as Calinou
turtle_oscailt, i just installed it fine09:26
JamezQoscailt: I can't see it hurting, honestly, it's not a meta-package so it should be easy to remove just in case.09:26
writeoscailt: i understand :-s ... on previous ubuntu it worked oke, but on Lubuntu, it started with no sound09:26
turtle_must have been in a default repo as well09:26
waheedI need a program to run .arf file ??09:28
ikoniawaheed: what type of file/data is that09:29
JamezQit is webex ikonia09:29
waheedit should be a multimedia..09:29
oscailtikonia: WebEx Player09:29
ikoniaoscailt: ah, thank you09:29
oscailtJamezQ: You beat me to it :(09:30
ikoniaisn't webex a web browser /plugin based application,09:30
waheedwhat is webex ??09:30
ikoniawaheed: why do you need to open it if you don't know what it is ?09:30
waheedall I know it is a record.. I need to check it..09:31
oscailtSorry about that ikonia I thought it was you asking not waheed. My bad.09:31
waheedso what is WebEx, plz ?09:31
redwarriors25where i can find the flash player folder where i install09:31
ikoniawaheed: web based collaberation09:31
redwarriors25where i can find the flash player folder where i install09:33
oscailtredwarriors25: It's in /lib some where09:34
starbuck33hi there, could someone recomment a tool to encrypt a single file, preferably with a very strong algorithm?09:35
oscailtwaheed: It's a piece of Cisco related software if I'm not mistaken.09:35
oscailtI can't remember exactly. Just know the name09:35
JamezQstarbuck33: That might be something to ask in #programming or depending on the language #python or #ruby.09:35
jribstarbuck33: gpg09:36
oscailtstarbuck33: As jrib said; GPG09:36
oscailtRSA 408609:36
help_enthi, i installed lubuntu 12.04, I'm using an nvidia 570gtx, no proprietary drivers are available...09:37
starbuck33JamezQ: i'm only after a tool which does that, not to make one myself09:37
starbuck33jrib, oscailt: thx, i'll have a look at it09:38
oscailthelp_ent: You don't always need proprietary drivers. I never use them and I have great graphics...09:38
help_entoscailt: heard of 3D games?09:38
* help_ent facepalms09:38
help_entnvidia cards always have proprietary drivers09:38
oscailtstarbuck33: GPG is useful for a lot of things. It's really use full.09:38
help_entso I can't be wrong09:38
oscailthelp_ent: I have, and I play them all the time.09:38
help_entand I'm not using a GPU like this one to have the performance of a netbook09:38
* help_ent facepalms09:39
ubuntumadguys I have installed ubuntu 12.04 first and I was in need of windows xp for some stuff. and I installed it in another partition. it is working properly. now I'm trying to install ubuntu in a separate partition thro usb creator. but when I click on "Install Ubuntu" it says that I cannot find any OS in my system. and when proceed further it doesn't show the partition present in the system. it just appears the whole hard drive?? i'm 09:39
help_entI already used the OSS drivers a while ago; had like 2SPF09:39
=== PrAsHaNt is now known as PaSsI__
jribhelp_ent: stay out of the sun!09:40
oscailthelp_ent: Jokes aside. There should be proprietary drivers for your card. I'm not the one to ask about them though. haven't got a notion.09:40
jrib!nvidia > help_ent09:40
ubottuhelp_ent, please see my private message09:40
PaSsI__plz help me find the channel for c++09:40
help_entPaSsI__: ##c++?09:41
oscailtPaSsI__: #cplusplus ??09:41
VlanXhi there.. any idea how in bash i can use a word on a text file to use as a variable and check if it matches with another variable?09:41
ikoniaoscailt: if you don't know - don't answer09:41
jribVlanX: #bash can help you09:42
turtle_after using unity for the last week, I kinda preferred GnomeDo from when i used to use ubuntu a few years back09:42
JamezQVlanX: what does the text file look like?09:42
ubuntumad[URGENT]I have installed ubuntu 12.04 first and I was in need of windows xp for some stuff. and I installed it in another partition. it is working properly. now I'm trying to install ubuntu in a separate partition thro usb creator. but when I click on "Install Ubuntu" it says that I cannot find any OS in my system. and when proceed further it doesn't show the partition present in the system. it just appears the whole hard drive?? i09:42
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:43
ikoniaubuntumad: why are you trying to install ubuntu - you have already installed ubuntu09:43
JamezQikonia: I believe he is saying he can no longer find his ubuntu partition. I am guessing somehow xp took up the rest of the space.09:44
VlanXJamezQ: i need to take the IP address out from the text file of my router's configuration. The rest of the text file are CLI commands such as "ip addree" for example. I need the VRA to be ""09:44
ikoniaJamezQ: seems reasonable09:45
oscailtubuntumad: I'd say you didn't set up your partitions. Double check.09:45
ubuntumadikonia: when we install XP in a system it eats up everything.. the ubuntu partition is still there but no bootloader to access it09:45
PaSsI__thanks help_ent  and oscailt09:45
JamezQubuntumad: Can you access the partition from a live cd, if you can, you're in luck, you only need to reinstall grub09:46
ubuntumadoscailt:  No if I boot XP it shows everything properly09:46
ikoniaubuntumad: ok - so you don't need to re-install, you just need to re-apply grub09:46
PaSsI__join/ #c++09:46
ubuntumadJamezQ: I'm using the live usb created flash drive it is not showing anything09:46
oscailtgrub insatll --no-floppy09:46
JamezQubuntumad: In that case, it looks like the ubuntu partition is *not* still there09:47
help_entis there any way to limit the refresh rate of LXDE to 60FPS in some way, so that I don't get that high-pitched sound?09:47
JamezQVlanX: Do you mind if I help you in a /pm or in #bash? I don't want to spam this channel with non-ubuntu stuff09:47
oscailtHave a look in /boot/grub/grub.conf first though and check everything in there is good to go.09:47
help_entit looks like it tries to render as fast as possible09:47
oscailtOut of curiosity does anyone know where the release party is for 12.10? I missed the 12.04 and I want to make this one.09:52
ikoniaoscailt: it will be in #ubuntu-release-party when it opens closer to the release.09:53
oscailtikonia: No, no. I'm talking of the 'real' party as in the one that happens over in London.09:54
ikoniaoscailt: there are many parties, they will get announced when they are planned09:54
JamezQoctanium: I'll host one in san jose :)09:55
oscailtikonia: Thanks. I'll ask popey when he gets on.09:55
brontosaurusrexwhat would be an app that would batch burn-in exif date into bunch of jpegs?09:57
ikoniabrontosaurusrex: can you do that with imagemagik ?09:58
brontosaurusrexsure i can, is there a gui app?09:58
ikoniayou didn't ask for a gui app09:58
brontosaurusrexwhat would be a GUI app that would batch burn-in exif date into bunch of jpegs?09:59
ikoniathere is front end web applications for imagemagick, I'm not aware of an X11 app09:59
brontosaurusrexsheesh, i had an app like that, just cant remember the name ....10:01
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AdvoWorkif i want to change the ip of a server, is it literally just changing the ip in /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/hosts ? and reboot?10:11
ikoniaAdvoWork: pretty much10:11
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=== florin is now known as Guest33937
AdvoWorkikonia, anything else I need to do?10:17
WeThePeoplewhere is the xorg server files stored10:18
ikoniaAdvoWork: shouldn't need to10:18
ikoniaWeThePeople: "server files" ?10:18
ikoniaWeThePeople: what exactly are you looking for10:18
WeThePeopleikonia, the xorg files10:19
ikoniawhich xorg files10:19
ikoniato do what ?10:19
JamezQWeThePeople: do you mean /etc/X11/ ?10:19
JamezQand also /usr/share/X11/10:20
alcihi all10:20
WeThePeopleikonia, my ubuntu will only boot to tty, because it cant boot to the guo10:20
ikoniaWeThePeople: ok - so why are you looking for X11 files ?10:21
WeThePeoplejamezq, yes those10:21
ikoniaWeThePeople: are you looking for the log files ?10:21
alciQuantal. my log is full of messages saying xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: WARN Event TRB for slot 1 ep 16 with no TDs queued?10:21
WeThePeopleikonia, yes that to thanks for reminding me lol10:21
JamezQfor error logs, that would be in /var/log10:21
ikoniaWeThePeople: until you know why it's not booting to X11 it's a pointless task to change things10:21
JamezQThere seems to be a Xorg.0.log file, that should be it10:21
=== elspuddy is now known as Elspuddy-
WeThePeoplejamezq, under /etc10:23
ikoniaunder /var/log10:23
ikoniaWeThePeople: has this ever worked (X11 gui ?)10:23
bonnohi i have a 170GB ubuntu partition and in the same HD the rest is free storage and in another HD i have 80GB for windows and the rest free storage too... i wanna reinstall ubuntu now but i want to make the ubuntu partition 60GB..how ca i do that? is there anyway to do it without losing the data on the non-bootable part of the disk?10:23
WeThePeopleikonia, yes10:24
ikoniabonno: just resize using gparted from the boot Cd10:24
ikoniaWeThePeople: ok, what happened when it stopped working, did you upgrade ? change anything ?10:24
bonnoand i wont lose the data on the disk part witch is non bootable? what i want to do actually is add the 170 - 60 = 110 GB of the bootable partition into the non bootable10:25
WeThePeopleikonia, i was transfering files from cd to hdd when the power cut out, and when i turned my comp. back on it 'needs to run in low graphics mode' so i boot to tty.10:26
bonnoand then reinstall10:26
ikoniabonno bootable/non-bootable makes no difference10:26
ikoniaWeThePeople: what files where you transfering ?10:26
=== Ross is now known as Robin_Hood
WeThePeopleikonia, ubuntu10:26
Robin_Hoodhi there10:27
Robin_HoodI would like to ask for a small help10:27
ikoniaWeThePeople: ubuntu is not a file10:27
ikoniaWeThePeople: what where you copying10:27
WeThePeopleikonia, mine wrer10:27
ikoniaWeThePeople: yours where what ?10:27
JamezQ!ask | Robin_Hood10:27
WeThePeoplea folder of ubuntu10:27
ubottuRobin_Hood: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:27
bonnowell ikonia did you understand what i am trying to say though ?10:27
ikoniaWeThePeople: a folder of ubuntu ???10:28
ikoniaWeThePeople: how hard is this to answer "what where the files"10:28
ikoniabonno: as you understand it, it's just resizing your disk10:28
Datahellwhat is the path where I can find the file that is edited by "crontab -e" for normal users?10:28
WeThePeopleikonia, yes not the iso but a folder of ubuntu10:28
ikoniaWeThePeople: what do you mean, a folder of ubuntu ??10:28
WeThePeoplecuz it doesnt matter10:28
ikoniaWeThePeople: it does matter10:28
ikoniait could have changed your configs, which is why I'm asking what the contents of your files where10:29
JamezQWeThePeople: It does matter, that is why we are asking...10:29
Robin_HoodIn Ubuntu Installer for Windows what Installation Size Means ?10:29
bonnoyeah..its just that..but how do i do it .. what you mentioned earlier is that i can do it while reinstallation?10:29
brontosaurusrexfound it > Phatch is an user friendly, cross-platform Photo Batch Processor and Exif Renamer with a nice graphical user interface.10:29
JamezQRobin_Hood: How big it will make the ubuntu install size, meaning how much space you will have *in* ubuntu10:29
somanHi all. Can I extract strings and put them in a new file by pattern in GEany?10:29
Robin_HoodThanks JamezQ10:29
JamezQsoman: Oh that is just crying to be done with grep <pattern> file.txt > newfile.txt10:30
ikoniabonno: when you boot the install CD launch an application called gparted, it's an easy gui tool to resize10:30
Robin_HoodI allocated partition so I do I need to specify the whole partition size in Ubuntu Install size or ?10:31
bonnook..thanks :) one last thing.. the data i have on that disk is it possible that i lose them?10:31
JonBurtonHi All10:31
ikoniabonno: yes10:31
bonno@#$  i dont want that :/10:31
ikoniabonno: then pay attention to what you are doing10:31
JonBurtonWondered if someone could help me please, I have just installed Ubuntu 12.04LTS on my laptop but would love to update to the 12.10 beta. Is there a way of doing this on the laptop or do i need to download it again to dvd and reinstall10:31
WeThePeopleikonia, i highly doubt that changed anything10:31
JamezQRobin_Hood: If you are using wubi, you don't need another parition. You are using wubi right?10:32
ikoniaWeThePeople: I don't care anymore, I can't be bothered trying to get you to answer questions to try to actually help you10:32
bonnois there any way that i can resize the partitions from where i am now?! (running ubuntu)10:32
ikoniaWeThePeople: if you don't want to answer my questions, that's your problem, good luck sorting your problems out10:32
ikoniabonno: no10:32
ikoniabonno: as your disks will be in use, that is a BIG risk10:32
bonnofrom disk utility maybe?10:32
JamezQbonno: it's not a good idea10:32
Robin_HoodYes I'm but I would like to have Ubuntu on Separate partition10:32
Cottusupdate-manager -d updates to 12.10 ?10:32
bonnooh ok10:32
WeThePeopleikonia, i did, ubuntu folder.. lol10:32
ikoniaWeThePeople: that's not an answer, and I don't find it funny, I'm trying to help you and you seem to dodge the question10:33
ikoniaWeThePeople: "an ubuntu" folder means nothing.10:33
bonnothanks ikonia .. :) have a nice day10:33
JonBurtonIts not showing in my update manager10:33
JamezQRobin_Hood: Ah, well then you don't need to use wubi(and in fact you can't), if you already have ubuntu installed via wubi, *backup* files, uninstall, and then boot with a live cd or usb10:34
WeThePeopleikonia, thats what i have on the cd a folder of a iso of ubuntu, thats what i was transferring10:34
WeThePeoplecd to hdd10:34
ikoniaWeThePeople: ok, so you where transfering an ISO file,10:34
WeThePeopleno a folder of a iso10:34
ikoniaWeThePeople: ok - so an uncompressed ISO image10:34
WeThePeoplei made the iso into a folder10:34
CottusJonBurton, yes it's probably it10:34
JamezQRobin_Hood: The ubuntu installer should help partition windows and ubuntu together for you. If you already have a partitition and want to install to that one, it may be a little more involved, but you can do it.10:35
WeThePeopleikonia, i guess so10:35
JamezQRobin_Hood: Ask if you have any questions during it10:35
JonBurtonCottus - Nope 12.10 not showing, even gone in settings and asked to show all versions10:35
CottusJonBurton, if you try update-manager -d ?10:35
ikoniaWeThePeople: you "guess so" - ok I can't be bothered with this. If you don't want to answer my questions, I'm not interested.10:35
FloodBot1ominous: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:36
ominousрусские есть?10:36
JonBurtonOnly option then is GNUPGKeys10:36
WeThePeopledoes anybody know how to read a Xorg.5.log file??10:36
Cottus!ru ?10:36
ubottuCottus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:36
bonnoRussians are here :P10:36
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:37
JonBurtonAny other ideas please?10:37
Robin_HoodSo can I still use wubi for installing Ubuntu on new partition or I need USB stick ?10:38
crazydiamondHi. My aptitude says "no candidate for package 'kde'"10:38
JamezQRobin_Hood: Sadly you cannot use wubi for installing on a separate partition, you would need a usb stick or a cd/dvd10:38
Robin_Hoodok.Thank you10:39
JamezQRobin_Hood: Wubi is made for installing ubuntu inside of windows only10:39
crazydiamondwhat repo must I add?10:39
JamezQRobin_Hood: No problems, good luck!10:39
Robin_Hoodaha cool10:39
somanominous: есть русскоговорящий10:39
Robin_HoodOne last question. Will Ubuntu run on a netbook with Intel Atom CPU ? I already have Win 710:40
crazydiamondвезде есть. эт точно10:40
JamezQJonBurton: I would add a repo, probably change something in your sources file, and add whatever repo the next ubuntu version is using10:40
JamezQJonBurton: keep in mind this is dangerous work :p, upgrading to a beta, but you seem like an advanced use, after you do that, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade might do it10:40
JonBurtonThanks JamezQ only thing is im a newbie, I know how to add a repo but not which one to add10:40
roSieversHi, I set up an encrypted external HDD using cryptsetup und luks. I can mount it in Nautilus, but I only have read access, no writing permissions. How do I tune the permissions?10:41
JonBurtonI just like to play, Im a Windows IT guy and now migrating after 17 years!10:41
JamezQJonBurton: Well, first of all, for me, I have to know this is not a production machine, if you lost all your files from doing this, would you be okay? If not, generally you don't want to get into beta's, let alone try to hack an upgrade to them.10:42
JamezQJonBurton: If your files on this are backed up or don't matter, I am happy to help10:42
JonBurtonYeah just my test laptop10:42
JonBurtonAnything WIndows/AD/Serverside im good, but Linux a whole new world to me :)10:42
JamezQJonBurton: Alright, let me think on this for a bit, I have to think with a bit of a debian mindset10:44
connor_Hi all - somewhat new to Ubuntu. I was hoping to troubleshoot some frequent freezing? Mouse still moves, keyboard responsive, screen elements (like clock) update but can't actually select or do anything. SSH from another computer fully responsive. I'm a bit confused because it doesn't seem like an X, input, HDD, or CPU problem...10:44
JonBurtonThanks JamezQ10:44
connor_(Also new to IRC, let me know the protocol for asking questions if I'm breaking it)10:45
JamezQconnor_: You're not :) don't worry.10:45
MonkeyDustJonBurton  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromWindows10:45
connor_:-) Thanks Jamez10:45
JonBurtonThanks MonkeyDust10:45
suntaanyone know whats the replacement for prevu on 12.04?10:46
royale1223What's prevu?10:47
MonkeyDustsunta  depends on what it does10:47
ubottuprevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details10:47
connor_Looks like something called backportpackage replaces it in precise10:48
connor_So, any thoughts about the potential problem in a freeze with responsive mouse/keyboard, updating screen elements, full SSH capabilities but no actual interaction with windows/panels?10:51
JamezQalright JonBurton basically to try to do this unsupported upgrade, I would replace instances of "precise" with "quantal" in /etc/apt/sources.list10:51
JamezQJonBurton: then I would do apt-get dist-upgrade10:51
=== penseur_thinker is now known as divx`ng
JamezQJonBurton: But honestly, I have never done it before, so good luck10:52
nydelconnor_: are you running unity?10:52
connor_Negative, running xfce (mythbuntu)10:52
nydelconnor_: xfce --replace -d :010:52
nydelconnor_: did you try that?10:52
connor_OK, just realized I can interact with the launchers on my desktop - I just loaded VirtualBox and windows XP, which responds perfectly10:53
connor_Does that just relaunch xfce's desktop environment?10:53
nydelconnor_: i don't know for sure - most other environments have a --replace (-d display) option and it usually works miracles for me10:53
JonBurtonThanks JamezQ Ill give it a go10:54
nydelconnor_: i use cinnamon, but i freely replace it with unity sometimes or gnome classic10:54
connor_Nydel: it appears that there is no xfce command10:54
JamezQJonBurton: Tell me how it goes! I am curious10:55
nydelconnor_: i've never used xfce but i'm looking at it now & it's pretty, i think i'm going to try it.10:55
nydelconnor_: which xfce? any output?10:56
connor_Nydel: Thanks, I rather like it - except for the freezing! It looks like the equivalent command  might be xfdesktop --reload?10:56
tripplesI just done "gnome-wm --replace -d :0" .Only one gnome-terminal window remaining .How to get it back ?10:56
nydelconnor_: yes, try that - & if you have a display option it's usually best to specify. like -d :010:56
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest13329
nydeltripples: what are you trying to get back?10:57
tripplesall gnome-shell interface that have disappeared.10:57
connor_Nydel: I'm not sure I ever specified a display like :0, but unfortunately I saw the desktop refresh but still can't interact with the panels or switch between the two open windows10:57
nannesWhat's the ubuntu developer's channel?10:58
nannes(here on freenode910:58
nydeltripples: what win-man are you using10:58
WeThePeoplewhat is this>>> /usr/share/fonts/X11/cyrillic10:58
nannesWeThe font for a particular alphabet (cyrillic) and languages10:59
nannesWeThePeople: ^10:59
nydelconnor_: did you ever try cinnamon?10:59
WeThePeoplenannes, can you find it on your system10:59
connor_Nydel: I haven't - I'd be interested in trying it, but I need some sort of confirmation that my problem is xfce specific first. Does this sound like an environment problem that could be resolved by just switching to gnome or cinammon or something?11:00
ikonianannes: depends on what type of development/developers you're looking for11:00
ikonianannes: what's the topic and I'll point you at the right channel11:00
nydelconnor_: well, what exactly is happening? windows just become unresponsive?11:01
dazzgtI have problems mounting partition, that has Linux raid autodetect filesystem11:01
connor_Nydel: Randomly (and this happens every day at least)… 1) computer becomes "unresponsive" but mouse/keyboard work, desktop launchers open programs, screen elements update. I just launched chrome for example, which works fine, but I can't resize the window or close it now that I've opened it except from inside the program (window decoration buttons don't work, but going to settings -> exit from inside the program does)11:03
connor_Nydel: LOL I forgot I was making a numbered list11:04
nannesWeThePeople: Mmmh actually it is not in my system, but I removed unity and all its components, so .. if it were one of them, that's for this reason11:04
nannesikonia: general and GUI developement11:04
nannesdo you say gtk?11:04
ikonianannes: Hmmm, that's a tough one as the desktop platform is unity, so I'd suggest the unity developers channel11:05
nannesand driver development. But i don't think it is ubuntu related: anonical never support kernel dev11:05
ikonianannes: are you looking to contribute to unity ?11:05
connor_Nydel: And now after having been frozen for about half an hour, it just magically unfroze and is back to normal11:06
nannesactually it's not for me, it's been asked me11:06
nannesI hate unity :D11:06
nannesso I told him11:06
ikonianannes: ok, so let the person who's asking come and ask11:06
nannesI'm waiting for his reply and I'll tell you11:06
ikonianot interested in working through a proxy11:06
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FirefishyPlease would someone show my bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/precise-backports/+bug/1036618 some love?11:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036618 in amd64-microcode (Ubuntu) "Please backport amd64-microcode 1.20120910-1 (multiverse) from quantal" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:08
ikoniaFirefishy contact the people who maintain that package rather than random people11:08
Firefishyikonia: fine.11:10
dazzgtpeoples help me please.  I have problems mounting partition, that has Linux raid autodetect filesystem and was created using mdadm. Can anyone help?11:10
ikoniadazzgt: explain the problem11:11
nydeldazzgt: explain the problem please?11:11
nydelikonia: hah.11:11
connor_Nydel: and now it is again frozen11:11
connor_Nydel: <sigh>11:12
nydelconnor_: it's happening right now?11:12
connor_Nydel: yes11:12
connor_Nydel: (I'm on a different computer, of course)11:12
nydelconnor_: can you open a terminal?11:13
nydelconnor_: or no response to any input from keyboard or mouse11:13
connor_Nydel: I can SSH from this laptop11:13
dazzgtikonia,nydel:I can not mount the drive standing in Raid 111:13
nydelconnor_: but there's no way to do anything on (what do you wanna call computer 01?)11:13
ikoniadazzgt: ok, what command are you using and what error11:14
connor_Nydel: Keyboard and mouse are responsive (they can launch desktop launchers and such) but I'll just SSH from this computer11:14
nydelconnor_: can you just open a terminal on the computer11:14
connor_Nydel: We'll call it XFCE, and I'm SSHed into it right now11:14
nydelconnor_: are you ssh'd as the same user11:14
connor_Nydel: yes11:14
nydelconnor_: execute "top" & see if anything is unusual?11:15
connor_Nydel: resources are virtually unused11:15
nydelalso connor_ do "ps -ef | grep defunct"11:15
nydelconnor_: anything?11:16
connor_Nydel: connor   11808 11804  0 06:26 ?        00:00:00 [xfce4-terminal] <defunct>11:16
connor_connor   12615 12001  0 07:15 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto defunct11:16
nydelkill it11:16
nydelhowever you like11:16
dazzgtI did not even get to enter a normal request to Google. mount say unknouwn type file system 'linux_raid_member'11:17
LorSamPau_wkill it with fire, for example11:17
ikoniadazzgt: ok, what command are you using and what error11:17
nydelLorSamPau_w: is that a joke or is fire a command11:17
LorSamPau_wit's a joke11:17
JamezQIt's a joke, and a funny one at that :311:17
nydelLorSamPau_w: :)11:17
ikoniadazzgt: actually, do't bother, I've asekd you two times now and you've not answered, the question. I'm not interested11:17
connor_Nydel: killed the terminal that was frozen, and it didn't closed the window but didn't resolve the freeze11:17
wcchandlerubuntu 12.04, where at in settings do you adjust the size of the bar thing on the left (I think it's called the docky?) i just updated my system and it resized it back up and can't seem to find where I changed it before11:18
ikoniaLorSamPau_w: can you stop that "joke" please, it's the second time you've offered it to people today11:18
connor_Nydel: killed the other process, but it closed my ssh connection and didn't resolve it11:18
dazzgtikonia: mount /dev/sdb3 /home/dazzgt/  unknouwn type file system 'linux_raid_member'11:18
ikoniadazzgt: you're mount a disk, not the raid device11:18
ikoniadazzgt: the raid device would be a meta device eg: md011:18
ikoniadazzgt: /dev/sdb3 is a raid member - not a raid disk11:18
nydelconnor_: right now on XFCE could you launch a terminal? if you have it global hotkeyed to c-meta-t for example?11:18
LorSamPau_wikonia, i can count too11:18
ikoniaand on that advice, I'll back away11:19
ikoniaLorSamPau_w: ok, then please stop offing that "joke" as help11:19
connor_Nydel: Sure, that works fine, just replaced my entire environment with terminal (cntrl-optn-F1)11:19
JamezQ:/ I don't think that hurt anyone. It's not like he said a dangerous command. It was noted a joke soon after.11:20
wcchandlernevermind, must not be in unity11:20
nydelconnor_: help me to understand better - is it that /some/ windows are unresponsive?11:20
nydelconnor_: i know you can get to a terminal outside of xwindows, but can you launch one inside or would that require input that is not being received? or would the window launch then be unresponsive?11:21
connor_nydel: all windows are unresponsive, though the selected window accepts input and works normally. The XFCE panel is also unresponsive. I can't switch which window is in focus either11:22
dazzgtikonia: i bad speak english I have the drive of raid1. How do I read from it information?11:22
connor_Nydel: I have no way to launch terminal emulator from inside the GUI without the panel being responsive11:22
connor_Nydel: I'm guessing it's something to do with the XFCE window manager, but I don't know what would be causing a problem with that11:23
nydelconnor_: join #xfce11:23
Firefishyikonia: amd64-microcode, does it make a difference if the maintainer is from debian? The straight backport package build+installed 100%. Without microcode AMD systems are unstable.11:24
dazzgtikonia I have 2 days trying to understand (((11:24
connor_Nydel: Fair enough - so you think this is definitely something specifically with the XFCE environment?11:24
nydelconnor_: it sure seems like it, but i've never run XFCE. i bet we'll have better luck in #xfce, everyone here uses gnome or unity11:25
nydelconnor_: i assume you've logged in & out etc11:25
connor_Nydel: Thanks so much for your responsiveness and your help so far! It's much appreciated11:25
truexfan81or MATE*11:25
connor_Nydel: restarted several times over the past few days, yes11:25
nydelconnor_: very welcome, thanks for something to do lol. i'm reading through some documentation & forums to see if this problem has occurred before..11:26
BergcubeAs late as yesterday the papers wrote about the recent vulnerabilities in (Sun) Java, recommending everyone should disable it. I want to assume that with an updated Ubuntu 12.04 / Firefox / Iced-Tea we are safe. As Sun Java < > Iced-Tea...  Do any of you have definite knowledge about this?11:26
truexfan81well i know i'm safe11:27
truexfan81i don't have any java installed lol11:27
aguaditohow can you survive without java?11:27
nydelconnor_: what kind of panels are these? are they native to xfce?11:27
* truexfan81 shrugs11:27
aguaditomy banking system's log-on is java-based11:27
Bergcubetruexfan81, Very helpful!11:27
JamezQJava in the browser is almost never used aguadito11:28
JamezQexcept in coorporations like yours I suppose :p11:28
connor_Nydel: yes, XFCE defaults to one horizontal panel in the top for applications menu and icons11:28
aguaditoyea we have a weird digital security syste11:28
JamezQanyway Bergcube, yes, it should not be auto enabled, and instead be ask-to-use.11:28
truexfan81Bergcube: if you use firefox, just use the noscript addon, and only allow scripts from sites you trust, you will be fine11:28
BluesKajHowdy all11:29
BergcubeJamezQ, Yeah that stands to reason. I never enable plugins unless I want them on a given page.  So are you saying that Iced-Tea does not have the weakness Sun Java has?  THAT is what I want to know.11:29
JamezQHello BluesKaj11:29
BluesKajhi JamezQ11:30
nydelconnor_: and it's the pannels that become unresponsive? or the windows? you said you launched chrome, was chrome responsive?11:30
JamezQBergcube: Sorry, I don't know the answer to that. maybe someone else here does11:30
JamezQBergcube: I would assume on the safe side, of course, but that is not what you are asking about11:30
truexfan81JamezQ: does iced-tea come preinstalled on ubuntu minimal? if so i may be running that11:31
Dr_willisnot much comes preionstalled on 'minimal'11:31
JamezQtruexfan81: Java does not come preinstalled in ubuntu at all11:31
Dr_willisyou install what you want with it.11:31
BergcubeJamezQ, Ok; thanks.11:31
truexfan81Dr_willis: i know, i love it :)11:31
connor_Nydel: panels and window frames are unresponsive, and can't switch window focus, but active window contents ARE responsive (hence, opened Chrome and could interact within it as long as it was in focus)11:31
Dr_willisso you know it would onlyu be there if you installed it. ;)11:31
truexfan81Dr_willis: when i switched from mint 13 to 12.04 minimal it felt like i got a cpu upgrade lol11:32
Dr_williserr... Minimal just means  you install what you want..  after you start installing stuff. its not really minimnal any more.11:32
JamezQtruexfan81: yea, anything minimal is nice, try arch too11:32
nydelconnor_: if you launch chrome, then kill chrome, are pannels responsive again?11:32
truexfan81Dr_willis: thats true11:33
truexfan81alto i do build most of my apps from source11:33
nydelconnor_: i assume you launched chrome using a shortcut on one of the panels? but then once chrome is in foreground, panels behave like modals / frozen11:34
JamezQtruexfan81: Sounds great, you have that choice and if it makes a better system for you, I am glad linux helped you achieve it.11:35
truexfan81JamezQ: thanks11:35
connor_Nydel: I tried that earlier and they didn't. And that's incorrect - I launched chrome from a desktop launcher, which I think might be a gnome thing rather than an XFCE thing (maybe why it still works?)11:35
connor_Nydel: Panels are always 100% unresponsive to input, though the clock on the panel updates11:35
Dr_willisxfce uses the various .desktop launcher files as well as gnome does.11:35
BaldFatconnor_: do you have htop installed?11:36
connor_BaldFat: I don't, should I install over SSH?11:36
BaldFatconnor_: sudo apt-get install htop11:36
connor_BaldFat: Installed11:36
BaldFatconnor_: then just open it in a terminal and it will give you a quick idea on what is happening11:37
connor_BaldFat: Hmmm… Mem at top says [||||||||||||49   ] (I assume 49%) used, but no specific program is using more than 0.1%11:38
BaldFatconnor_: what is your cpu?11:38
connor_BaldFat: Negligible11:39
QuackQuackerHey i have 11.04 currently, is there good reasons for upgrading to 11.04.1? (LTS)11:39
fidelQuackQuacker: there is more then 1 good reason to upgrade to 12.04 ;)11:39
connor_BaldFat: 1%11:40
BaldFatconnor_: What window manager are you using?11:40
connor_BaldFat: whatever is default with XFCE11:40
QuackQuackeri love 11.04 but when i check my dvd i wrote 11.04 but current version on site is 11.04.1 fidel, do you know if there is anything different in 11.04.1 thats worth downloading it for?11:40
xanguaQuackQuacker: 11.04 is not lts11:40
QuackQuackeri have to go google on that lts then11:41
Dr_willisQuackQuacker,  if you update/upgrade - it whould go to 11.04.111:41
JamezQ... there is no 11.04.111:41
fidelQuackQuacker: 11.04.1 ois 11.04 if its updated11:41
BaldFatconnor_: well you installed ubuntu 12.04 unity and then installed Xfce?11:41
Dr_willisif you do a release upgrade - it should to to 12.04.111:41
JamezQthat doesn't exist11:41
JamezQthere are only point releases on LTS's11:41
connor_BaldFat: and while we're talking about window managers, I was messing around with compiz a bit over in the Unity environment - but at the end I reset everything with gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz11:41
QuackQuackerDr_willis i get a red triangle at top of the screen lately when trying to update, so ive considered formatting11:41
Dr_willisQuackQuacker,  I always use the command line..11:41
fidelQuackQuacker: but still why do you think you should prefer old versions? and when will you consider jumping to newer versions? ;)11:42
QuackQuackeri always love going to new versions11:42
LorSamPau_wat this miment11:42
BaldFatconnor_: restart compiz its like compiz --replace11:42
Dr_willisQuackQuacker,  i always format/reinstall the new releases..11:42
connor_BaldFat: in fact, I installed MythBuntu (default environment is XFCE), but then installed Unity to try it out11:42
QuackQuackerokay, thanks Dr_willis , fiedel and xangua =]11:42
fidelQuackQuacker: i never format/reinstall - to show the different side ;)11:42
connor_BaldFat: Mythbuntu is just XFCE ubuntu 12.04 with MythTV installed / preconfigured11:43
holgerssonWie stabil ist denn ubuntuone? Gibt's irgendwelche Verbinundsabbrüche oder Ähnliches?11:43
Starshi guys, i have 22 hard drives and one was bad, I knew the UID # but how can I identify which one was bad? by looking at?11:43
fidel!de | holgersson11:43
ubottuholgersson: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:43
holgerssonoh, sry, wron channel11:43
thebananafishfind serial number of drive?11:43
BaldFatconnor_: well I am not a HUGE Xfce fan I can see the attraction but MythTY is one of those things that if you have it working DONT TOUCH :)11:43
holgerssonubottu, fidel: I just saw it, I'm sorry about this mistake :)11:43
ubottuholgersson: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:43
holgerssonhaha :D11:43
Starsthebananafish, what cmd let me see the serial#?11:44
connor_BaldFat: No kidding, haha… configuration has been pain in the ass! But it's all setup now except for this freezing issue11:44
thebananafishI forget what the command was hold on11:44
connor_BaldFat: I tried "compiz --replace" over SSH and got "FAtal: Couldn't open display"11:45
BaldFatconnor_: Did you remove unity?11:45
thebananafish#hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep Serial11:45
BaldFatconnor_: that is normal11:45
Starseventhough i has a serial#? but i still pull one one by one anyway11:45
Dr_willisStars,  do some read operation on each drive.. and listen to the drives? ;)11:46
Dr_willisthen move to the next..11:46
thebananafish:\ yeah you may be out of luck11:46
BaldFatconnor_: it should have taken about 10 seconds to get compiz totally rebooted11:46
thebananafishor that11:46
BaldFatconnor_: the error is just saying it is rebooting11:46
thebananafishdo you have status lights on this server or what?11:46
vltHello. Is there a pkg in 10.04 LTS that will always install the latest linux-image-3... or do I have to keep track manually?11:46
Dr_willisor just unplug half the hds and see if its in the half that was there or not.. :) then repeate..11:47
ikoniavlt: if there is a kernel update, update-manager will offer it to you11:47
Starsthebananafish, it was bad i umounted, but still functional11:47
connor_BaldFat: OK, I managed to do it on the MythBuntu computer directly and saw a screen refresh, and got "backend: ini; integration: true; profile: default; adding plugins; initializing core options… done; … and now it is stuck there, not yet back to prompt and it's been about 1 min11:47
BaldFatconnor_: UGH11:47
fidelvlt: just curious - what kernel do you get on 10.04 nowadays?11:47
vltikonia: When I install 3.0.0-26-generic for example now?11:47
Starsi guess ihave to do the old way by pull out one by one and test it with another computer11:48
vltfidel: ^11:48
ikoniavlt: what ?11:48
jribDr_willis: binary search!11:48
connor_BaldFat: Not L33T enough to know what that means… do we have a Compiz problem?11:48
ikonia!info linux-image-#lucid11:48
fidelvlt: just asking as you get 3.2.0-31 on 12.04 out of the box iirc11:48
ubottuPackage linux-image-lucid does not exist in precise11:48
ikonia!info linux-image #lucid11:49
ubottu'#lucid' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable11:49
ikonia!info linux-image lucid11:49
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB11:49
BaldFatconnor_: yeah it is surely a compiz issue. I would have thought OpenBox would be a good wm for mythtv11:49
thebananafishStars: oh ok11:49
ikoniavlt: 2.6.32 is the current 10.04 kernel11:49
twitchieany1 had success running an intel igpu as primary device and then able to initialize proprietary ati drivers to crunch hashes?11:49
vltfidel: I know. But I have one machine where 12.04 doesn’t work properly but now I have hardware I need to run on 10.04 that isn’t supported by the default 2.6.38 on 10.04.11:49
connor_BaldFat: No doubt it is if it's what was packaged with MythBuntu… I probably just screwed up a compiz setting while messing around in Unity. There must be a reasonable way to totally reinstall or reset compiz?11:50
ikoniavlt: what hardware is not supported11:50
vltikonia: Yes, but there’s a linux-image-3.0.0-26 as well.11:50
jrib!info linux-image-generic-lts-backport-oneiric lucid11:50
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-backport-oneiric (source: linux-meta-lts-backport-oneiric): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:50
ikoniavlt: no, there isn't it's not in the main repo, it's from some other repo11:50
BaldFatconnor_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205737811:51
jribikonia: they backported the kernels up to oneric11:51
BaldFatconnor_: tried that?11:51
ikoniajrib: there you go, the backports repo, thank you11:51
jribikonia: strangely enough it's actually from lucid-updates and lucid-security main :P11:51
ikoniajrib: oh, it's classed as a security.....11:51
Dr_willismost of been a big security issue then?11:52
=== nrd is now known as nerdux
jribMy guess is they have a policy to backport the kernels for newer ubuntu versions until a new LTS hits, but I don't know for sure11:52
jribthere are equivalent -natty and -maverick packages available in lucid11:53
ha1dfohi all. I'm using ubuntu 12.04, libvirt + qemu and UFW. However simply cannot get the DNAT through ufw. does any of you have experience with portforward/DNAT with ufw?11:54
connor_BaldFat: things aren't looking great… I can't reset compiz over SSH. It's giving me errors and kicking me right back to prompt without having any effect on the Mythbuntu computer11:55
vltikonia: I see. The hardware is an NI KA 6 usb audio device.11:55
BaldFatI would sudo reboot and then ssh ina nd then manually go startx and see what happens11:56
connor_BaldFat: rebooting11:56
BaldFatconnor_: Sorry this stuff on servers alwasy drives me nuts when it is a wm issue. x and compiz are not the best of friends at times11:57
connor_BaldFat: Thanks for the sympathy, haha. I just want to reset everything relating to window management to default, and would be happy to uninstall unity if it might help11:58
connor_BaldFat: Back in XFCE11:58
holgerssonHi again, this time in the correct language :D11:59
holgerssonHow does ubuntuone works? Is this a user-specified directory, which is synced with a server or is it a kind of network-files-system, which I can mount into somewhere in /?12:00
JamezQIt is a directory that is synced with the server12:00
JamezQit is not a network file system12:00
MonkeyDustholgersson  basically, it syncs your folders with the ubuntu cloud12:00
JamezQIt is not in it's own mount point, it's just in /home/usr/Ubuntu\ One12:01
BaldFatconnor_: Well a windows xp mindset uninstall helps in Linux it really doesn't matter in Linux it is the configuration that needs to be fixed12:01
BaldFatconnor_: brb12:01
holgerssonjonathan_: so my problem is I have to store the data locally, not *only* in the cloud12:01
holgerssonsry jonathan_12:02
holgerssonI wanted to say it to JamezQ12:02
JamezQholgersson: Well, that is what Ubuntu one does, actually12:02
JamezQholgersson: The data will be both on your computer and in the cloud12:03
JamezQif you lose your internet connection, all synced data will  still be there12:03
JamezQyou can edit add and delete files12:03
toshgshif i have a dual setup monitor how can i use a preferable refresh rate for one of the monitors?12:03
JamezQand when you get internet again, they will re-sync12:03
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone12:03
=== fire_ is now known as nerd
holgerssonJamezQ: And I see this as my 'problem' - I just want to create a small LUKS-backup-image in the cloud without any local copy.12:04
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest64032
JamezQholgersson: Ah, well, you can always upload the file to google-drive or something. but I don't know of any simple way to do it12:05
JamezQholgersson: Of coruse, there is having a server you contorl and using NFS12:06
JamezQholgersson: or ftp, etc, but that is more involved12:06
LorSamPau_wholgersson, you can upload any file to ubuntu one or dropbox without creating local copy12:07
LorSamPau_wholgersson, jutt do it  through web interface12:08
holgerssonLorSamPau_w: The client doesn't sync the files from the server to my local harddisk?12:08
LorSamPau_wholgersson, you can delete the client and use just the web interface12:08
holgerssonI read, I was just to late typing12:09
connor_BaldFat: I deleted ~/.compiz-1, ~/.config, ~/.cache/sessions… hopefully compiz doesn't keep more personalized settings elsewhere?12:10
holgerssonconnor_: maybe find ~ -iname *compiz* helps you :)12:10
BaldFatconnor_: did you read to do that? Some programs don't auto regen a new configuration if deleted12:10
LorSamPau_wholgersson, or you can configure the client(s) to sync only exect folders12:10
connor_I did read to do that, they should have all just been personalized settings12:12
holgerssonLorSamPau_w: Well, your idae doesn't solve the last problem: I have to download the whole file vor accessing it, I can't just mount the network file system, decrypt the LUKS-device, mount it elsewhere and write my data ;)12:12
BaldFatconnor_: ok then you have to restart with compiz --replace correct?12:12
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest11562
connor_LorSamPau-w: I found a few that I didn't delete in .gconf/apps12:12
JamezQwell, you are still downloading the file even with a network file system12:12
JamezQholgersson: ^12:12
connor_LorSamPau-w: worth deleting also?12:12
JamezQholgersson: But if you want a NFS or something you just can mount and use, I suggest a VPS or a home server.12:13
holgerssonJamezQ: yes, I see ubuntOne isn't something for me.12:13
holgerssonThank you for your help, have fun with your distro and goodbye!12:14
connor_BaldFat: compiz --replace STILL refreshes screen, gets to "initializing core options… done" then hangs12:14
LorSamPau_wconnor_, I guess supposed to type it to some1 else12:14
connor_LorSamPau_w: LOL, it was apropos to me… looks like Compiz is just a troublemaker12:14
LorSamPau_wconnor_, you can type just a few first letters of the nickname and use [tab]12:15
BaldFatconnor_: ok this sounds bad but that's good. I think it is a driver issue then when things go 3d. what vido card or is it intel12:15
connor_LorSamPau_w: Nice!! Love it12:15
connor_BaldFat: Onboard intel, no separate video card12:15
BaldFatconnor_: what chipset?12:16
connor_BaldFat: aaaaaaaaand we're frozen again, awesome12:16
connor_BaldFat: embarassing, but how do I check for that?12:16
bonhoefferi know the new version has a nice window manager -- there was a shortcut that told me what all the shortcuts are on the screen -- any help?12:17
BaldFatlspci | grep 'intel'12:17
bonhoefferi think i'm 12.04 default window manager12:17
connor_BaldFat: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)12:18
JamezQbonhoeffer: in 12.04, you can hold the "super" key to show shortcuts12:18
JamezQbonhoeffer: aka: The windows key, on your keyboard12:18
connor_BaldFat: It's the 6 Series / C200 Series Chipset Family12:19
JamezQIt's the one on the left: http://content.answcdn.com/main/content/img/CDE/_WINKEY.JPG12:20
BaldFatconnor_: any luck at #ubuntu-mythtv I really think maybe its a wierd compiz issue then. I am not a knowledgeable compiz man. I normally run things with compiz off burned way to many times12:21
bonhoefferJamezQ, hmm.  . . it brings up a run menu for me .. . but i think it did work before12:21
bonhoefferhmm . . quick hit versus long hit12:21
connor_BaldFat: Can I just turn off compiz then?12:21
JamezQbonhoeffer: Yes, you have to press and *hold* it to show the shortcuts12:21
BaldFatconnor_: I would see if you could switch to openbox :)12:21
connor_BaldFat: but to be clear, you don't think this is a problem with XFCE (so I couldn't fix it just by switching to gnome or something), it's a problem with compiz, and thus my whole installation12:22
JamezQHello julius_12:23
julius_(grub.cfg)    why is there a search --fs-uuid in each boot entry and root=UUID=     at the end of each kernel line?12:23
BaldFatwell its always worth a try to switch the de and see what happens. Just log in under gnome12:23
Dr_willisroot=(the partion with the UUID of the following)12:23
julius_Dr_willis, following what?12:24
Dr_willisjulius_,  with the following #....12:24
BaldFatbut to have best practice I would just have it start at level 3 and then startx in the command prompt to read the errors12:24
julius_Dr_willis, so that tells the kernel to get data from that partition.....what  about the search thing then?12:25
BaldFatconnor_: Slaps forehead read your logs on x12:25
=== florin is now known as Guest91994
Dr_willisjulius_,  never noticed. id have to say check the grub2 docs.. it may be telling grub to sacn all the disks for their uuids12:25
BaldFatconnor_: yes go tail /var/log/xorg.0.log12:26
julius_Dr_willis, http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#search                 sounds like its doing the exact same thing12:26
connor_BaldFat: [   859.352] (II) XKB: reuse xkmfile /var/lib/xkb/server-03AF3717FF3AB439A4BAABA686CCB40771CDF520.xkm12:26
connor_[   860.752] (II) XKB: reuse xkmfile /var/lib/xkb/server-03AF3717FF3AB439A4BAABA686CCB40771CDF520.xkm12:26
connor_[   861.864] (II) XKB: reuse xkmfile /var/lib/xkb/server-03AF3717FF3AB439A4BAABA686CCB40771CDF520.xkm12:26
BaldFatthen see what happens when you go compiz --replace in a different terminal12:26
BaldFatconnor_: tail gives you all the lines added to the end of log in real time12:27
BaldFatits tail -f /var/log/xorg.0.log12:27
Dr_willisjulius_,  sounds to me like the 2 work together.. one gets the FS id.. the other uses it.12:28
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
julius_Dr_willis, if the second would just use it why specifiy the same UUID in the boot entry?12:29
tonihi ubuntu lovers..what is the best too to manage my ipad?12:30
Dr_willisjulius_,  id say ask in #grub12:30
julius_Dr_willis, thx12:30
Dr_willisone reads all the UUIDs for the second to use is how i read it.12:30
connor_BaldFat, still get "compiz (core) - Fatal, couldn't open display" and no indication that it's doing anything at all on the Myth box. Nothing was writted to the X log12:30
JamezQah, after many hours, I must sleep12:31
JamezQGood night all12:31
BaldFatconnor_: so you deleted everything you needed on compiz? Did you do a find / -name nameditem?12:31
connor_BaldFat: Also somewhat different symptoms this time… XFCE panels now launch things, but they're all stuck up in the top left corner of the screen and window borders remain responsive12:31
BaldFatconnor_: check the /var/log/daemon.log12:32
connor_BaldFat: no such log12:33
administrator__my name is prakash12:33
administrator__i am looking option for block usb device12:33
connor_BaldFat: Im of half a mind to just purge compiz. It looks like XFCE uses XFWM as a window manager by default, so I can try to switch back to that…?12:34
BaldFatadministrator__: for enterprise or just blacklisting on your own system?12:34
BaldFatconnor_: I would try using xfce and it's settings to just switch window managers. I am not sure the right app for that in xfce12:35
Dr_willisconnor_,  yes. xfce uses xfwm i belive. ;) not been following your compiz issues.12:35
BaldFatDr_willis: He has compiz not starting core dump12:35
administrator__i want to block pen drive in pc12:36
connor_Dr_willis: Is there an easy way to switch to xfwm only, and get rid of compiz?12:36
BaldFatadministrator__: block any pendrive just on your computer?12:36
Dr_willisconnor_,  reset all your xfce settings back to defaults and iut should do it.. I dont use xfce12:36
BaldFatconnor_: dont have to get rid of compiz just don't have it start12:36
BaldFatadministrator__: sudo echo "blacklist usb-storage" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf12:37
administrator__i try it but it not work12:37
ish_018hi guys..12:37
Dr_willisadministrator__,  the askubuntu.com site had several questions/tips on doing this i recall seeing last week.12:38
administrator__i allready put the question but still i am not get any response12:39
BaldFatadministrator__: make sure you have the modprob for usb working on your system. try modprobe12:39
connor_Dr_willis: BaldFat : Success! Running xfwm4 --replace replaces compiz with the functional xfwm4, XFCE's default window manager12:40
BaldFatconnor_: nice now just make sure the mythtv side likes it :(12:40
connor_Dr_willis BaldFat : So now, how to make sure compiz does not start on boot, but rather xfwm?12:40
administrator__dear i am using ubuntu first time can you give some more details step by step12:41
Dr_willisadministrator__,  i saw the question asked and answered in several forms at askubuntu.com     they  mentioned blacklisting, and making fstab entries, and udev rule changes.. depending on the details of what you want to do.12:41
ish_018administrator_ , welcome to ubuntu community12:41
Dr_willisadministrator__,  why is it so critical you do this rather... odd thing?12:41
connor_BaldFat: Like a charm - XBMC and MythTV are happy, so I am too12:42
administrator__i have my own computer class and i want to prevent student to use pen drive12:42
BaldFatgood have class now have a great day12:42
connor_BaldFat: You too man12:43
connor_BaldFat: Thanks again12:43
connor_Dr_willis: How can I make sure my system boots into XFWM rather than compiz now?12:43
Dr_willisconnor_,  no idea. i dont use xfwm. it should save the setting  after you did that --replace12:44
connor_Dr_willis: :-) Thanks for the help!12:44
Dr_willisive never understood people trying to use compiz with xfce ;P12:44
administrator__i try your command sudo echo .... but i get error permission denied whiile i am use administrator12:44
Dr_willisBlacklist the usb_storage module by adding blacklist usb_storage to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.12:45
administrator__hey dr_willis are u there ?12:46
Dr_willisseen other ways to block specific usb drives also. dependng on what you need.12:46
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »12:46
bonhoefferi created a symlink -- now i can't remove it "too many levels of symbolic links"12:47
ish_018install ubuntu tweak and uncheck show mounted volumes on desktop..12:47
geirhabonhoeffer: what command did you run to create the link, and what command are you using to remove it?12:48
bonhoefferhttps://gist.github.com/3799619 <-- gierha12:49
bonhoeffergeirha, (sorry)12:49
administrator__i add menually in blacklist.conf but now it is not save12:50
geirhabonhoeffer: so is /var/www a symlink too?12:50
bonhoeffergot it12:51
geirhaadministrator__: sudoedit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf12:51
Dr_willisadministrator__,  since thats a system configf file, you need sudo rights to modify it..12:51
tryingUbuntuhello all... attention please,,, my update manager came up downloaded, and is installing all WITHOUT me putting in my password!! that is the 1st time it never asked for it.. IS this something to be worried about    a virus??12:51
Dr_willistryingUbuntu,  theres a setting to auto install updates ive seen...12:51
maduramy router has a usb ethernet interface(uses rndis) to use it i have to replug the usb cable, anyway to fix it?12:52
tryingUbuntuDr_willis   I DIDNT set it though12:52
Dr_willistryingUbuntu,  i doubt if its a virus..  double check that setting.12:52
MonkeyDusta virus?12:52
Dr_willissince it would be a weird virus.. and  i know of no linux viruses out. ;)12:52
tryingUbuntuDr_willis  well I dont know where it is and it is complete and looks like a normal operation12:53
MonkeyDustexciting! what am i missing?12:53
administrator__where i get i have sudo rights or not12:53
Dr_willisi would bet you did set it somewhere and dont rember it.. I dont even recall where its at..12:53
atealthaI've been using the official gnome3 PPA, suddenly today ubuntu kept telling me I had to do a system upgrade, and it took down all those packages with no replacements, what gives?12:53
Dr_willisadministrator__,  'sudo nano /path/to/file' it will ask for your password if you have sudo access...12:53
atealthaanyone else using gnome3 ppa ran into this?12:53
tryingUbuntuDr_willis  Ill find it.. ok and thx12:53
geirhaadministrator__: Unless you've changed the sudoers file, users that are member of the admin group can run things as sudo12:53
administrator__ok dear  file is save now12:53
administrator__now what to do ?12:54
Dr_willisadministrator__,  reboot...12:54
Dr_willissee if it worked.12:54
administrator__if i reboot i loss you ?12:54
Dr_williserr.... if you reboot.. the pc totally restarts....12:54
jribDr_willis: we will chain Dr_willis down so that he will still be here when you return12:54
* Dr_willis runs away to the #mylittleponies channel12:55
xanguaatealtha: you are already using gnome3 and you don't need a gnome3 ppa if what you want is install gnome-shell12:55
administrator__okey dear so now i am going to reboot my system12:55
administrator__thanks in advance12:55
administrator__if i got any problem i am back again12:56
atealthaxangua: it says it's already installed, but nothing on boot right now. it just has the ubuntu splash with the row of dots12:56
administrator__hi dear12:59
administrator__ i am back again12:59
administrator__hello Dr-willi are u there ?12:59
MonkeyDust!tab | administrator__13:00
ubottuadministrator__: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:00
jribadministrator__: did your issue go away?13:00
administrator__no dear13:04
Dr_willisand dont expect people to become your personal 'answer-machines'13:04
administrator__still i face the problem13:04
Dr_willisall i know on the topic was in that askubuntu.com url that said to blacklist the module.13:05
Dr_willisGive us details.. what you are doing, trying, and whats happening.13:05
BluesKajadministrator__,  what's the "dear" thing ?13:05
administrator__i want to block usb13:06
administrator__in my system13:06
_XMENDESi need install on xorg 2 monitors on 2 differents Vcards. 00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)13:06
Dr_williswe can read more then 4 words in a line..  specifically  you are trying (if i paste it all together) You want to block access to USB flash drives and other removeabel media?13:06
_XMENDES01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/P4M800 Pro/P4M800 CE/VN800 [S3 UniChrome Pro] (rev 0113:06
MonkeyDustadministrator__  do you have a reference, somebody who managed to do that?13:07
_XMENDESi put busId on first 00.10:00 and secound 01:00:00 .. thats correct?13:07
administrator__Dr_willi guide my to block usb from blacklist.conf13:07
administrator__but it not work13:07
_XMENDESits not working .. because the X crashes and i have to remove de xorg.conf to initialize again.13:08
_XMENDESerror "no screen found"13:08
administrator__hi dear r u there ?13:09
Dr_willis_XMENDES,  S3  is known to be very very problematic.13:09
OerHeks_XMENDES, you need the old nvidia 96 driver for that card ( mx4000) and the S3 unichrome is also a troublemaker.13:09
google_360_baiduis anyone have used ubuntu 12.10?13:10
_XMENDESi installed the 96 nvidia driver .. but its install just one VGA card. and dont put BusId Adress on xorg.13:10
_XMENDESxorg crashes when i give command nvidia-xconfigure13:10
administrator__how to block usb13:10
OerHeksgoogle_360_baidu, 12.10 is not supported here yet, join #ubuntu+1 for QQ 12.10 support/talk13:10
_XMENDESonly work the S3, and i have to remove the xorg.conf13:11
_XMENDESand startx again13:11
maduraOerHeks: is there a fix for usb cable replugging for routers?13:11
OerHeksmadura what do you mean by that ? usb + routers are odd.13:12
RobZ1hi - how can I update the root CA certificates (provider by VeriSign on their website)?  Ubuntu 10.1013:13
maduraOerHeks: i happen to have one, it uses ethernet over usb with rndis_host but i have to replug it everytime to connect13:13
MonkeyDustRobZ1  10.10 is dead13:13
RobZ1MonkeyDust: yeah13:14
OerHeks_XMENDES, you probably want to use S3 onboard + agp nvida together, and one switches off.i think that is the issue13:14
google_360_baiduhow to join ubuntu 12.1013:14
_XMENDESnvidia is pci old. and its running at same time on win ..13:15
MonkeyDustgoogle_360_baidu  type /join #ubuntu+113:15
_XMENDESs3 onboard + pci(old) nvidia13:15
MonkeyDustRobZ1  first upgrade, then ask again13:15
_XMENDESbut on lspci | grep VGA  they appears on differents address13:16
RobZ1MonkeyDust: what could possibly go wrong right13:16
MonkeyDustRobZ1  go wrong with what?13:17
maduraOerHeks: any help with fixing it?13:17
OerHeksmadura, i don't know what to look for, maybe someone else has experience with your issue.13:18
RobZ1MonkeyDust: upgrading.  This is a server running pretty solidly.  Didn't think I'd need to upgrade it just to install new root certs.  Although I'm happy to.13:19
maduraOerHeks: ok thanks13:19
MonkeyDustRobZ1  better ask in #ubuntu-server, then13:19
huhmasterdoes anyone know a good linux based MMORPG ?13:19
RobZ1MonkeyDust: thanks man13:19
huhmasterdoes anyone know a good linux based MMORPG ?13:20
MonkeyDusthuhmaster  wrong channel13:21
jaslaphuhmaster: Dungeons and Dragons through a terminal based chat program13:21
huhmasterok MonkeyDust and jaslap, thanks13:21
b9hash17hya all13:22
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
b9hash17Does anyone know how to package a program you've compiled with C so that someone can install and run it from the command line without using the ./ prefix?13:24
=== Youri is now known as YBook
=== florin is now known as Guest49787
jimreesJust ran update-manager on Goobuntu laptop, now ovpn stopped working, says I need to install OpenVPN cert, go/openvpnuser doesn't help.   Command?13:28
jimreeswoops, wrong channel....13:28
MonkeyDustb9hash17  better ask in #c or #c++13:28
prufrockb9hash17, checkinstall worked for me in a similar situation13:29
Dr_willisb9hash17,  the ./command has Nothing to do with the executable.. it has to do with the users default PATH13:31
b9hash17thanks guys.13:31
Dr_willisthe 'current directory' is not in the default path for security reasons13:31
LindaNokia E63 mobile is connected to my system using data cable. But it is not getting mounted?13:35
Dr_willissome phones have a menu item to enable data, charge,mdeia,other modes whebn plugged in13:35
LindaDr_willis, that is set as mass storage. Still it's not getting mounted13:35
Dr_willischeck dmesg output, try to mount it by hand.13:36
Dr_willisis this an android phone?13:36
mikecmpbllhmpf, I've built a ubuntu VM, but for some reason I can't ssh to server B from it. I can ssh to other servers from it, and I can ssh from server B back to the VM. I get connection time out13:39
foo357Hello, I need to install some software that requires libfreetype, and freetype-config. When I run the configure script for it, this dependecy is unfulfilled13:39
Dr_willis!find libfreetype13:39
ubottuFound: libfreetype6, libfreetype6-dev13:39
foo357is there a package that includes freetype-config?13:39
Dr_willis!find freetype-config13:40
ubottuFile freetype-config found in libfreetype6-dev13:40
excervohello guys, is there anyway i can install Apple IOS on virtualbox?13:41
Dr_willisErr.. the Phone OS?  Not that i know of..13:42
Dr_willisOS-X can work i hear..13:42
compdocmaybe if you run some sort of IOS SDK13:43
=== matt_ is now known as Guest54143
noeccWhere is the 32-bit i386 md5sum for 12.04.1?  It is not listed at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.1/release/MD5SUMS13:44
michielbrinkjuuuh I have now a update for ubuntu 12.1013:45
SachiruUh, currently reading up in linux news.13:45
Dr_willis #ubuntu+1 for 12.1013:45
SachiruCan someone please explain to me what Reiser4's "wandering log" means?13:45
excervowhere can i get osx compatible wit virtualbox?13:45
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
Piciexcervo: #vbox is the support channel for virtualbox, please ask in there.13:46
tsimpsonnoecc: why would it be, look at the files there. the i386 ISO is on releases.ubuntu.com, not cdimage13:46
Dr_willisexcervo,  not really a ubuntu support issue. google for 'hackintosh'13:46
genii-aroundexcervo: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3110413:46
excervoThanks guys13:46
Pip__Hi, where can I find the default mplayer config to edit?13:48
=== david is now known as Guest83069
Dr_willistry 'locate mplayer' should be in /etc/ i recall13:50
freewayzifyhelo guys13:50
freewayzifyhey brian13:50
Pip__will do thanks.13:51
nishttal2hi I just installed Ubuntu server 12.04 .. how do i set a static IP13:51
Pip__yeah, in /etc/ I thought it was in /etc/default for some reason13:52
Pip__thanks again13:52
chris92can anyone tell me a good IRC client for xubuntu besides XChat? (xchat s*cks)13:56
xangua!irc | chris9213:56
ubottuchris92: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:56
chris92thanks ^^13:56
Dr_willisxchat-gnome is lacking. xchat is very good.  theres also weechat and irssi and perhaps a dozen other irc clients in the repositories13:56
LindaDr_willis, the o/p of dmesg is pasted here, http://pastebin.com/YfCkwUx413:56
=== moon is now known as Guest95039
Dr_willislooks like its seeing it as a usb-modem Linda  not a usb-storage device.13:58
Dr_willis[ 1709.906061] usb 4-1: Manufacturer: Nokia13:59
Dr_willis[ 1709.921103] cdc_acm 4-1:1.10: ttyACM0: USB ACM device13:59
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=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
noecctsimpson: Thanks.  How would one know of that link after downloading from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop?14:05
mike_sun_hi, I'm trying to install the adobe SourceCodePro font and doesn't work, my font view closed and show me an error, any idea?14:06
mike_sun_is therea another way to install fonts?14:06
Dr_willisi just copy them to my users .fonts directory mike_sun_14:07
MonkeyDustmike_sun_  adobe directly in linux?14:07
writehey there guys, i just installed Lubuntu, but there is no sound icon, i get no sound from youtube or sistem notifications etc ... whats the deal ? :-s14:07
mike_sun_yes, look this: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Adobe-s-new-open-source-font-for-coding-1718882.html14:07
RFlemingGreetings and salutations!14:08
mike_sun_Dr_willis: I don't have the .fonts folder14:08
RFlemingI'm looking to shave a couple of hours off of a disk clone.  I've already used DD to make a raw disk image of a drive, and am now using rsync to transfer it over to a virtual machine.14:08
Dr_willisso .... make it.. ;)14:08
mike_sun_the ubuntu will read this folder?14:09
tsimpsonnoecc: it doesn't mention releases. or cdimage., so one wouldn't14:09
RFlemingI'd like to know if rsync is transferring the file sequentially, so I can start the DD clone on the new disk while the file is still syncing.14:09
Dr_willisUsers can install fonts in their own personal .fonts directory   yes...14:09
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/14:09
MonkeyDustRFleming  use rsync --progress14:09
MonkeyDustRFleming  like ike: rsync -avv --progress [source][dest]14:10
Dr_willisdoes rsync have a compress option?  that would help if the network speeds are the bottle neck.14:10
MonkeyDust-z compresse in rsync14:10
MonkeyDust(-z meaing zip or zo, i guess)14:11
jiltdilHow to chat via termainl , i have two  system , how to chat14:11
RFlemingMonkeyDust: Thanks, but that wasn't the question :)14:11
Dr_willisof course if you had 'zeroed' the free space on the hard disk befor making the image, it would compress a lot better. ;)14:11
writeuhn, guys ? any expert in sound issues? :-s14:16
bazhang!audio > write14:16
ubottuwrite, please see my private message14:16
writebazhang: what is volume applet? i have no sound icon, no sound menu in preferences, nothing14:17
mooryuh...I want to know how to upgrade my Linux Mint 12 to Mint 13?14:21
Dr_willisask in the Mint channel.14:21
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:21
bazhangmoory, mint is not supported here. ask them14:21
ArletteCWhy Mint isn't supported here?14:22
mooryoh, the Mint channel can't connect on my computer.14:22
MonkeyDustArletteC  it's a different distro14:23
mooryAnyway,thank you14:24
Dr_willismakes me wonder why the mint guys dont make their irc chat clients default to their channel.14:24
chris92is it normal that I hear some cracking sounds when I open sites like youtube, where a flash content is?14:24
RFlemingArletteC: simple fact... Mint is Mint, Ubuntu is Ubuntu.14:24
RFlemingArletteC: Mint is both Ubuntu based AND Debian based, depending on which one you're using.14:25
ArletteCI using Ubuntu :)14:25
MonkeyDustArletteC  mint has gone its own way, more independet from ubuntu14:25
Dr_willisthe mint support forums/site has a link to their mint channel in a web based irc client.14:25
bazhanglets get back on topic please14:26
ArletteCAll right ^^14:26
Dr_willishttp://community.linuxmint.com/#  under the community 'tab/button'14:26
* RFleming just wishes he could get Ubuntu installed on his USB hard drive without having grub issues.14:28
gordonjcpRFleming: what "issues" are you having?14:28
Dr_willisRFleming,  Hmm. I install to usb HD all the time. with no grub issues. I just make sure the installer puts grub on the sdX of the usb14:28
RFleminggordonjcp: grub reporting that it's out of disk14:28
bsxwladi has quit (Quit: Saliendo)14:28
gordonjcpRFleming: paste the error message *verbatim*14:29
bazhang!paste | RFleming14:29
ubottuRFleming: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:29
AdvoWorkyou know nohup, ive got a guide that recommends doing this, is it literally open terminal, type nohup then carry on as normal?14:29
[deXter]RFleming, I've found it way faster to just run a persistent live image instead of doing an actual install, while running from a USB.14:29
mike_sunnow my new fonts works, thanks ; )14:31
RFlemingDr_willis: I don't have the exact error, but it was pretty sparse.  Basically I see.  Error: hd0 out of disk ... then am dropped to a grub rescue prompt14:31
RFlemingmy last attempt was last weekend.  Been too busy to try again.14:32
RFleming[deXter]: got a how-to on creating a persistent live image? :)14:33
bazhang!usb | RFleming14:33
ubottuRFleming: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:33
RFlemingbeauties... less fuss... turn my 1tb usb drive into an Ubuntu install. :)14:35
bsx_ najme has quit (Quit: Leaving)14:37
MASTERPIECEhave some chanel from bulgaria14:40
MASTERPIECEfor ubuntu14:40
RFleming[deXter]: say... is the persistent install updateable?14:41
DJones!bg | MASTERPIECE14:42
ubottuMASTERPIECE: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently14:42
[deXter]RFleming, Yeah, but you can't do a kernel update. (well, you can but you'd have to update it manually.)14:42
RFleming[deXter]: how difficult is it to upgrade, say from 12.04 to 12.10?14:43
cocainefreehi ppli14:44
cocainefreehave cocaine for u14:44
cocainefreefrom boliviamsg me14:44
DJonescocainefree: Wrong network and channel14:44
[deXter]RFleming, It would not be worth it, due to the number of read/writes involved. Will be quicker, simpler and cleaner to just download the ISO again and replace the files on the USB14:45
DJonescocainefree: Stop that14:45
cocainefree ok ok :)14:45
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=== tinyfox is now known as JoshuaP
Kroachhow can I disable brightness control in GNOME?14:48
foo357Hello, I want to run a script after a delay of an amoutn of time, for example 1 hour. How do I do that on command line?14:49
Dr_willissleep SOMENIUMER && command14:49
geirhaor if it doesn't require a terminal, and you're not interested in its output, you could schedule it with the at command14:50
AdvoWorkyou know nohup, ive got a guide that recommends doing this, is it literally open terminal, type nohup then carry on as normal?14:51
geirhaAdvoWork: No, nohup runs a command and makes it ignore SIGHUP. That's it. Not very useful.14:51
Dr_willisnohup Syntax:14:51
Dr_willisnohup command-name &14:51
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál14:52
Dr_willisecho "pullftp.sh" | at now + 1 minute14:52
Dr_willisrun a command 1 min from now... ;P14:52
ben72I get this error when trying to run php from shell and I have memory_limit set to -1 in php/cli/php.ini.. PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes)14:52
AdvoWorkgeirha, Dr_willis ahh ok, this installation could take > 5 hours, so don't want to take the risk of the ssh session closing, if for example it does clone, and i ssh back in, can i recover it/see where it left off?14:53
geirhaAdvoWork: you need screen or tmux for that14:53
Dr_willisAdvoWork,  this is where you learn to use screen, and tmux :)14:54
=== angel is now known as Guest89733
Dr_willisssh and screen/tmux go together like Peanut Butter and Honey. ;P14:55
chris92nice comparison :D14:55
=== pomeisl_ is now known as pomeisl
geirhaAdvoWork: ssh -t user@host 'screen -rd myScreen || screen -S myScreen'14:56
RFlemingDr_willis: I like this tmux cheatsheet... a github gist. https://gist.github.com/196780014:56
geirhaAdvoWork: Run that and start your command. If your ssh connection dies, run it again and it should give you back the virtual terminal14:56
Dr_willistmux i think reconnects to the last session automatically.14:57
maddhackerhello world!14:57
Dr_willisbyobu is a nicer 'front end' to screen and tmux also.. makes it a little easier to use14:57
RFlemingDr_willis: don't forget about the BFC ;)14:58
Dr_williscant say ive ever used BFC.14:58
AdvoWorkgeirha, impressed, i like that thanks14:58
RFlemingDr_willis: Big F*****g Clock.14:58
Dr_willisI only use tmux when im sshd in from my cellphone these days. ;)14:58
maddhackerhello world!14:58
RFlemingplay on Doom BFG :)14:58
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál14:59
digitigHi. I need help mounting NAS. I can connect to it using Nautilus "Connect to Server" but that doesn't seem to put it in my filesystem (if it does I can't find it) and I have to do it every time.  I'm trying mount commands like "sudo mount -t cifs '//' /media/tim -o uuid=1000,gid=1000 but I get a long error about possible problems beginning "wrong fs type". Can anybody help?15:00
digitigOk, that emoticon was a colon and a slash.15:01
mikubuntuever since i added edubuntu packages to my system, i have to input my wireless password everytime i boot up -- is this a known issue?15:01
ehifile system has an incompatible feature enabled. Compatible features are has_journal, dir_index. filetype, sparse_super and large_file. Use tune2fs or debugfs to remove features.15:01
AdvoWorkgeirha, when does the screen session die then?15:01
geirhaAdvoWork: when you exit the shell it's running15:02
AdvoWorkbut i can reconnect back to it with the same command, or only if its exit not-manually15:02
geirhaAdvoWork: e.g. after the long running command is done, type exit or hit Ctrl+d15:02
AdvoWorkah ok, thought so, thanks15:02
geirhaAdvoWork: Then again, you can just leave it and reuse it for whatever else15:03
AdvoWorkgeirha, one more thing sorry, i assume if i use that command to connect to ssh server1, if i ssh from that to another server, will all of it be remembered or will i need to do the screen again?15:03
Dr_willisscreen stays alive till you kill it15:04
=== pomeisl is now known as Pomeisl
geirhaAdvoWork: Do read some docs on screen or tmux. You won't regret it. See the /topic of #screen and/or #tmux for some good tutorials/guides15:05
=== Pomeisl is now known as pomeisl
lotushey, I want to be able to use mail() from my localhost -- yet, when I do it apparently doesn't go through.  I've ran sudo apt-get install postfix -- what's left?15:07
rlw980Can I use EyeToy as a webcam?15:07
bazhang!webcam | rlw980 read this15:07
ubotturlw980 read this: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras15:07
Dr_willisrlw980,  i have befor.15:08
rlw980bazhang: Thanks15:08
Dr_willisrlw980,  i think theres differnt versions of the EyeToy15:08
rlw980ubottu: Thanks15:08
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:08
rlw980ubottu: Reallly?15:08
ubotturlw980: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:08
rlw980Dr_willis: have you15:09
Dr_willisrlw980,  i have befor.  yes... ages ago.15:09
rlw980Dr_willis: can i yes or no?15:10
Dr_willisrlw980,  I have BEFOR.. so YES they have worked for me.. Plug the silly thing in and see...15:10
rlw980Floodbot1: ???15:10
no_gravityHello! I just noticed some insanity while trying Mint and wonder if this also happens in Ubuntu now: When you choose germany as your location during install, it creates german directory names. So "Desktop" isnt called "Desktop" but "Arbeitsfläche". Does this come from the latest Debian release or is it an invention of Ubuntu or Mint?15:10
piecemkrrlw980: google it -.-15:10
bazhang!google > piecemkr15:11
ubottupiecemkr, please see my private message15:11
Dr_willisno_gravity,  localization of those names have been around in ubuntu for some time.  No idea if debian does it or not15:11
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RFlemingDr_willis: my webcam does funny things in Ubuntu... When it goes to take a picture (like when installing Ubuntu), I end up with the picture offset by 90 degrees, with my right side on the left half, and my left side on the right half.15:11
rlw980piecemkr: If I go a do that, what is the point of this chat service then ;-)15:11
chris92no_gravity: I can confirm that this also happens on ubuntu... my desktop is also called Arbeitsfläche15:11
Dr_willisRFleming,  i had a laptop that inverted the image. :)15:12
RFlemingDr_willis: nice! :)15:12
rlw980Dr_willis: Ok, what do I do install the drivers for iy15:12
RFlemingUbuntu is so artistic :)15:12
no_gravityDr_willis, chris92: ok. so let me try to find out what debian says about it. If possible I would like to avoid a distribution that does this.15:12
bkc_no_gravity: yes, mine was called "Skrivbord" (Swedish)15:12
Dr_willisrlw980,  i had to install Nothing..  I plugged it in and it worked..15:12
rlw980RFleming: I agree too =)15:12
piecemkrrlw980: because it's simplier? i googled it and bam! answer is second link15:12
Dr_willisno_gravity,  you want to avoid a diserto that customuzes things to the proper language?15:12
bazhangpiecemkr, dont suggest google it here. ever.15:13
rlw980Dr_willis: Did it work, web you test it online, like online chat room15:13
bkc_Dr_willis: the directories should be the same on any language...15:13
chris92should be, yes, but they arent15:13
rlw980piecemkr: Still, this is the best place for support15:13
Dr_willisrlw980,  it took pictures and video...  so it worked.. Now IF it worked on those silly flash-chat things in web browsers no idea  Flash and working webcams often have issues in linux.15:14
jribno_gravity: that's been around for a very long time... see ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs15:14
writeguys, really :( i cant make soun work on my recent Lubuntu install :(15:14
chris92bkc_, Dr_willis: If i knew it earlier, I would've chosen English as an install language15:14
no_gravityDr_willis: yes. i like my filesystem to be the same across all my machines. and when i talk to somebody - from whichever country - i want to be able to tell him "look into directory X" without language barriers.15:14
no_gravityjrib: my debian 6 machines dont do it.15:14
writethe card is recognised, the modules are installed...15:14
bazhangwrite, open a terminal, type alsamixer, set PCM to 80 and make sure the rest are not muted15:14
rlw980Dr_willis: Oh right, because I just wanted to know if I could use it or not.15:15
jribno_gravity: xdg-user-dirs package is responsible for it and you can control its behavior with /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf .  I don't know if debian installs it by default or not15:15
writebazhang: PCM ?15:15
bazhangwrite, open a terminal15:15
writenoting is muted, auto-mute is disabled15:15
writeeverything is upto 100%15:16
bazhangthen set PCM to 80, and NOT max15:16
bazhangwrite, dont set to MAX15:16
writewhat is PCM15:16
writeive set everything to 80%15:16
no_gravityjrib: might be easier to just choose english for everything when installing an ubuntu based distro in the future. but if i can avoid it (read: if debian doesnt do it) i will rather stay away from the whole issue.15:17
writestill no sound :( the card is recongnised... volumes are unmuted.. what am i missing?15:17
bazhangdigitig, anybody what15:18
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:18
jribno_gravity: #debian can help with that I guess15:18
digitigI asked a question a while back about how to mount NAS.15:18
piecemkrjrib: he's on #debian right now ;)15:18
no_gravityjrib: im talking to them. didnt get an answer so far.15:18
r3bootanybody here with ubuntu preseeding knowledge? It seems that some preseed variables do not influence d-i and break automated installs15:18
no_gravityjrib: they always get really sore when you mention other OSes...15:19
writebazhang: any more ideas? im so tired, did a plenty of tries, now i am at a fresh install, wanna do this well15:19
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Dr_willisif the user selects english as their language, then it should change the stuff to the english names.15:19
jribno_gravity: I don't see why you'd mention other OSes.  Just ask if xdg-user-dirs is installed/enabled by default. And the /real/ debian channel is on irc.oftc.net :P15:19
bazhangwrite, what sound card. did you try setting via the pavucontrol or other pulse settings15:20
no_gravityjrib: im an honest soul :) so i mentioned that i noticed it on mint and got confirmations that its like that on ubuntu and would like to know if it is a Debian or Ubuntu invention.15:21
dhanasekaranHi Guys i want run 32-bit java in 64-machine please guide me how to do this15:21
jribno_gravity: well the xdg-user-dirs package is from debian originally; whether it's installed and enabled by default is the real question15:21
writei heard pulseaudio is buggy, and i dont wanna install it.. the card is HDA ATI SB15:21
dhanasekaranjdk1.7.0_07/bin# ./java -version15:21
dhanasekaran-bash: ./java: No such file or directory15:21
piecemkrno_gravity: Im running squeeze right now and I don't have localisation issues15:21
writebazhang: i dont have pavucontrol, but ive tried with xfce ...15:22
writebazhang: but with no luck15:22
dhanasekaranHi Guys i want run 32-bit java in 64-machine please guide me how to do this15:22
no_gravitypiecemkr: is "squeeze" the same as "debian testing"?15:22
bazhang!ru | mercano15:22
ubottumercano: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:22
dhanasekaranHi Guys i want run 32-bit java in 64-machine please guide me how to do this15:22
piecemkrno_gravity: it's current debian stable15:22
bazhang!repeat | dhanasekaran15:22
no_gravitypiecemkr: "current stable" = debian 6?15:22
ubottudhanasekaran: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:22
piecemkrno_gravity: yup15:22
thebananafishdhanasekaran: sudo apt-get install ia32-sun-java6-bin15:23
no_gravitypiecemkr: yeah, i run that myself. no localisation issues.15:23
bazhangthebananafish, thats not correct15:23
lotusLF 2 soj offering windforce w/ 40%ed /msg lotus15:23
no_gravitySo nobody here runs testing? Or nobody runs something else then english as the language?15:23
digitigI'll try again. I can connect to my NAS via nautilus "Connect to Server", server "", share "Tim", no user details needed. What do I need to put in my /etc/fstab to mount this automatically on //media/tim ?15:23
bazhanglotus, wrong channel15:23
dhanasekaranthebananafish, thanks i am trying in ubuntu 12.04 64-bit15:23
chris92im running german, but xubuntu, not debian15:23
lotusbazhang: sry ty~15:23
bazhangno_gravity, there is no testing15:24
no_gravitybazhang: what do you mean?15:24
writebazhang: any more ideas? im so tired, did a plenty of tries, now i am at a fresh install, wanna do this well15:25
no_gravitybazhang: ah, yes im in the wrong channel.15:25
bazhangno_gravity, this is not debain. there is no testing15:25
writesorry, keyboard got stuck15:25
writeive installed pulseaudio and pavucontrol15:25
writebut pulseaudio wont start.. the terminal just waits15:25
no_gravitybazhang: yupp15:25
bazhangwrite, installed pulseaudio? what distro are you using15:25
writebazhang: how can i find that out for you ?15:26
bazhang!version | write15:26
ubottuwrite: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »15:26
usr13digitig: NAS?15:26
writebazhang: lubuntu 12.0415:26
digitig@usr13: "Network Attached Storage"15:27
Respite212hello everyone15:27
chris92hello Respite21215:28
Respite212Im a new user to Ubuntu, I just migrated from Windows.15:28
usr13digitig: Ok, well, I'm still in the dark.  What is it? How is it connected?  Is it NFS or Samba, or?15:28
writebazhang: im in pavu control, everything looks oke,... but no sound :-s15:29
Respite212I got some questions if anyone be willing to help me?15:29
chris92Respite212: just ask your questions =)15:29
Respite212ah ok. Not sure what are the courtesy's here.15:29
ikoniaRespite212: if they are about ubuntu, just ask15:29
ikoniaRespite212: this channel is free flowing ubuntu support discussion15:30
digitigusr13: It's plugged in to the same ethernet router as my computer.15:30
usr13digitig: Sorry, I don't know what Network Attached Storage is.15:30
rlw980Respite212: Just ask15:30
rlw980chris92: yes, ask your questions15:30
MonkeyDustusr13  it's an external harddisk with network capabilities15:31
digitigusr13: It's a disk drive with an Ethernet connection, so everything on the network can see it.15:31
chris92rlw980: huh? didnt say I had any questions :P15:31
writebazhang: just rebooted, everything in pavucontrol looked setup ok ... what could be the problem /?15:31
* MonkeyDust wants a NAS15:31
rlw980chris92: Oh, sorry buddy =P15:31
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chris92rlw980: np ^^15:32
Respite212great thanks! Here goes: I got 2 ssd harddrives (non-raid). I want a fresh install of unbuntu with no other operating systems on any of the 2 drives. What I want to do is customize an installation with custom partitions. I read up on root, /usr, /var, /tmp, /home /boot and such. However I am do not know the difference between primary, logical, extention and which file system type to use for those partitions, as well as the size o15:32
rlw980chris92: Anyways talking about a question, I've got a question?15:32
bazhangwrite, not sure about lubuntu; did not know they didnt have pulse default installed15:32
digitigMonkeyDust: I has a NAS. Wants connection. </lolcats>15:32
usr13digitig: Well, I don't know about making a fastab entry for it.  I think you need to just keep on accessing it the way you are now.  Maybe someone else knows of a method of consistantly mounting such a device.15:32
writedamn! made it15:32
whoever hi all, is there a place othere thn /var/run/<program name>/ where pids are stored, ie: when i start and stop lighttpd there is a pid stored somewhere else othere than /var/run/lighttp/. can someone asist me in finding this phantom pid15:32
writebazhang:  thanks, everything works great now, event the icon in bar :) thank you15:33
chris92rlw980: im not that experienced in ubuntu either, rather a newbie as well :P15:33
rlw980chris92: Dammm, lol ok15:33
rlw980chris92: Welcome newbie ;-)15:33
BluesKajNAS is ok , but using ntfs on an external drive is just as effective and all pcs on a network will see and have access to the media/data15:33
chris92rlw980: thx :)15:33
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rlw980Hi Ubuntu Loversssss!!, I've got a question,15:34
digitigusr13: The trouble with accessing it as I am is that it doesn't seem to appear in the filesystem (at least, I can't find it). I have to work on my local drives then drag files to and from the NAS using Nautilus.15:34
ikoniaRespite212: there is no difference for primary / logical partitions, and seperate /usr partitions is a legacy idea for when disks where much smaller15:35
rlw980Can I download programs like .exe .rar, etc15:35
ikoniaRespite212: you shouldn't need to do that and there is pretty much no advantage in using seperate partititions like that15:35
chris92rlw980: you can download them, but you won't be able to use .exe programs naturally15:36
ikoniarlw980: no, .exe files are windows executables, rar files are compressed files, so sure15:36
ikoniarlw980: are you new to ubuntu ?15:36
usr13digitig: Still not enough info.  It's just a problem I've not encountered before and I can't think of any solution.15:36
rlw980ikonia: No, why15:36
rlw980chris92 why not15:37
usr13digitig: If I had such equipment here, I could experiment with it, but I don't.15:37
ikoniarlw980: I was just going to give you some introduction information for ubuntu if you where new, I was asking due to your questions15:37
rlw980blackshirt: How?15:37
BluesKajrlw980, yes , the .exex file will need wine or a virtual box of some kind with windows to run them15:37
BluesKajerr exe15:37
Respite212ikonia: Basically I want all drivers and system files on one disk with a small partition dedicated to work programs such as text editors, excel and powerpoints, but then I also want a partition on my second disk to be dedicated for gaming. How would I set that up?15:37
ikoniarlw980: what exactly is it you want to download15:37
digitigusr13: Ok, I'll try an email forum instead.15:37
usr13digitig: Ok.  Sorry.15:37
ikoniaRespite212: when you say gaming, do you mean a windows install ?15:37
rlw980BlueKaj: What the program interface like?15:38
Respite212ikonia: No, pure ubuntu.15:38
ikoniaRespite212: then why do you need seperate partitions ?15:38
ikoniaRespite212: what use is that going to be ?15:38
Respite212ikonia: Hmm, I guess my primary question is, how do I download and install to a specific drive?15:39
rlw980ikonia: Anti-virus, networking managering support software, remote desktop connection, etc.15:39
ikoniaRespite212: download a drive ???15:39
ikoniaRespite212: a drive is a disk ?15:39
BluesKaj!wine > rlw98015:39
ubotturlw980, please see my private message15:39
chris92ikonia: re-read the question ;)15:39
ikoniaRespite212: well a.) you don't use antivirus the same as windows - you certainly don't download a windows question15:39
ikoniawindows antivirus sorry15:39
ikoniachris92: who's ?15:39
Respite212ikonia: huh?15:40
usr13Respite212: Your ideas for separate partitions are a bit out of the ordinary.  I might suggest 3:  swap  /  and /home15:40
usr13Respite212: It's the way I do it.15:40
chris92ikonia: Respite's  ;) he wanted to download sth to a specific drive, not download a drive =)15:40
rlw980BluesKaj: Ok =-)15:40
ikoniaI see15:40
thebananafishI didn't know you could download a drive, but you can download more ram.. www.downloadmoreram.com ;)15:40
escottRespite212, /usr/share/games contains most of the larger files related to games (textures and the like) you could put that on a separate partition15:41
Respite212ikonia: reason I ask how I should partition is because I want everything organized, root goes to root, /usr goes to user, /home/name goes to /home/name15:41
ikoniathebananafish: please don't post that sort of junk15:41
ikoniaRespite212: what do you mean "user" goes to /usr15:41
ikoniaRespite212: pretty much everything is installed in "/usr"15:41
Frowardhow do I see all Unity lenses that I have installed? I am trying to remove a Rotten Tomatos lense that crashes constantly.15:42
Respite212ikonia: sorry that was a typo.15:42
abhijitgavashi, i am in a big trouble. please help. http://askubuntu.com/questions/194090/recovering-data-from15:42
_0x783czarRespite212: do you mean you want those files on their own partition?15:43
knight_terrorI think, respite is trying to change links of those specific folders to another storage so that it wont take that much of a space in the root folder15:43
ikoniaabhijitgavas: data is gone15:43
Respite212_Ox783czar: yes.15:43
ikoniaRespite212: your approach is flawed and won't work with any unix like system15:43
Respite212I am working with rather small ssd drives and every gig is precious15:43
_0x783czarwell that's a good practice, what kind of drive setup do you have?15:43
ikoniaRespite212: pretty much all binaries, office, work, games, etc will go into /usr/bin or /usr/sbin15:44
abhijitgavasikonia: is there nothing i can try?15:44
ikoniaRespite212: all personal data will live in /home15:44
ikoniaabhijitgavas: try what you like, I believe that data is gone15:44
paulens12i need a little advice... i want to dual boot ubuntu with windows but i have probs with partitioning... i have 2 partitions and i want to take some gigabytes from both of them15:45
knight_terrorrespite, I know the idea I dont know if this will help, since you can actually edit the links of this folder, by just change your settings, try to search the net since it is there already15:45
knight_terrorpaulene, different hard drive or just one HDD?15:45
paulens12one hdd15:45
=== ragu is now known as rpattabi
abhijitgavasikonia: what if i format it back to ntfs and try from windows? any chance that would work?15:46
paulens12but when i shrink two partitions, the free space spans my 2nd partition15:46
ikoniaabhijitgavas: no15:46
Guest42122ciao a tutti15:46
Respite212knight_terror: I did search the net and found a pretty neat linux tip's on disk partitioning, problem is, it deals with workstations and mail servers.15:46
knight_terrorpaulene, ill assume you have windows for gaming, and linux just to get the know the system, i will suggest 75% inw windows space and just 25% in ur ubuntu since it does not require that much of a space15:46
paulens12and so i can't connect them into one partition, i can only make 2 separate partitions15:46
chris92abhijitgavas: once formatting with a different filesystem, you can be 99% sure that your data is gone, formatting a second time with another filesystem will make it worse15:46
_0x783czarRespite212: OK, what sort of drive setup do you have?15:47
Frowardokay, lenses/scopes are stored in /usr/share/unity/lenses but I can't delete or rename the files. how do I uninstall them? I don't know the exact name of the package.15:47
paulens12yeah but i have windows NOT for gaming...15:47
Respite212drive setup? 2 x 120 gigbyte ssd sata drives.15:47
paulens12actually i don't play computer games much15:47
_0x783czarRespite212: OK, how many partitions do you want?15:47
ikoniaRespite212: that's a LOT of space for a linux install15:47
_0x783czarRespite212: or are you asking how you should partition?15:48
ikoniaRespite212: you should be fine with just one of those 120GB disks15:48
knight_terrorhmm,, i have total of 7 HDD installed in my PC, and respite, what I do is just create short cut links, about downloading files, you an just set the settings, Idont get it, what you mean you are having an error to your drives?15:48
chris92i got a 80GB U-ATA drive here, so 240gb should be plenty :D15:48
abhijitgavaschris92: thanks for the info :(15:48
paulens12so, i have two pieces of free space. 1st is 30gb and 2nd is 36gb15:48
Respite212_0x783czar: How I should partition.15:48
MonkeyDust!partition > Respite21215:48
ubottuRespite212, please see my private message15:48
Respite212I know I need a root, swap, home, usr but not sure if I need anything else like /tmp or /boot.15:49
pynix_hide join and quit...15:49
ikoniaRespite212: you don't want usr15:49
paulens12how much space is reccommended for running ubuntu with some apps?15:49
ikoniapynix_: unacceptable language, stop it15:49
actionParsnipRespite212: i suggest you only use /home, / and swap15:49
_0x783czarRespite212: OK, well I'm not sure how much data you plan on having, but you've got a good amount to work with.15:49
paulens12oh and, i could use the 2nd part of space to install apps?15:50
paulens12should i mount it as /usr folder?15:50
knight_terrorpaulene you can run ubuntu in 10 gig actually, it wil ldpend to you, but the minimum is 20gig atleast-- with basic utility15:50
_0x783czarRespite212: I imagine the reason you want to partition is so that you can get the most out of both drives?  Or is there some other reason you want to divide your filesystem on multiple partitions?15:50
paulens12yyeah so...15:50
actionParsnippaulens12: my / partition is 10Gb and has about 4Gb used. I have a separate /home partition15:50
ikoniaRespite212: you will be fine with 3 partitions, / /home and swap15:50
paulens12can you tell me, which folder sonsumes most of space?15:50
ikoniaRespite212: you'll find it easier to manage and cause less problems15:50
paulens12root? or usr?15:51
actionParsnippaulens12: /usr holds most15:51
pynix_python3 process is too slow.........15:51
knight_terrorrespite, you can just use 2 partition15:51
pynix_software-center is still python2........15:51
Respite212_Ox783czar: Well I am a previous window user here, so I want to be organized.15:52
paulens12ok so i guess it would be perfect, if i use one partition to install, and mount another as /usr?15:52
pynix_in beta2...15:52
paulens12or not? lol15:52
pynix_what is this?15:52
ikoniaRespite212: it really doesn't work like windows, so it's best to not use it as a reference15:52
bazhangpynix_, stop it15:52
chris92paulens12: one partition is enough15:52
paulens12my one partition is 30 gb...15:53
chris92paulens12: dont forget tho, that you need a swap partition as well15:53
pynix_what's up?15:53
chris92paulens12: you want to dualboot windows and ubuntu, right?15:53
bazhangpynix_, `stop with the random commentary15:53
Respite212ikonia: Well here's what I want, /root, /home /swap /boot /tmp would that be good?15:53
knight_terrorRespite212: zzz dont compare it to windows you will have a head ache15:53
ikoniaRespite212: why do you want that ?15:53
ikoniaRespite212: what benifit do you think it will give you ?15:53
paulens12sorry i'm a bit noob here, first time installing linux on pc...15:53
_0x783czarRespite212: OK, well generally partitioning is most useful to servers where disk space is a precious commodity.  I understand your frame of reference coming as a Windows user, Linux can take some getting used to.  What will you be using your computer for the most?  Do you plan on storing a lot of media?15:54
actionParsnipRespite212: seems excessive, any reason?15:54
AdvoWorkhmm, with screen, can you not scroll up?15:54
adantehi, when i run aptitude update i get this: 'Something wicked happened resolving 'au.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)' -- i don't really care what hte issue is as i'd like to just have my computer working instead of spending 40 hours tinkering with it, how can i fix this?15:54
pynix_what can i do?15:54
chris92paulens12: its no problem. the second partition (where windows is on) will be accessible anyways. you need to install linux on the partition where windows isnt installed15:54
paulens12i have ubuntu 12 on my phone lol15:54
knight_terrorRespite212: that is no good, since ubuntu does not take of a space, it will just be a nuissanc15:54
bazhang!ot | pynix_15:54
ubottupynix_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:54
paulens12ok but15:54
paulens12i mean15:54
Respite212I store a lot of videos, movies and music on my primary drive.15:54
paulens12i have 2 free partitions15:54
Respite212and my second ssd drive I use for gaming.15:54
knight_terrorRespite212: try doing 2 or 3 partition15:54
paulens1230gb and 36gb15:54
ikoniaRespite212: you can't work like that15:54
ikoniaRespite212: as I told you earlier, most binaries will go into /usr/bin15:55
actionParsnipRespite212: you don't need a separate /boot and /tmp for video collecting...15:55
ikoniaRespite212: you can't have /usr/bin and then /usr/games - the packages will still want to install into /usr/bin15:55
MonkeyDustRespite212  like said before, / , /home and swap15:55
chris92paulens12: ah okay, you could probably delete these two partitions and make one out of them15:55
actionParsnippaulens12: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247768/    are my folder usages here :)15:55
knight_terrortRespite212: do this, create a partition on where you will put them all there rather having too much trouble thinking how to how15:55
paulens12i can't15:55
paulens12that's why i came here15:55
paulens12those partitions span another one15:55
ikoniaRespite212: people are advising you / /home swap - that's all you need15:55
Respite212knight_terror: AHHHH I see.15:55
ikoniaRespite212: you don't even have to have /home seperate15:55
paulens12and i can't move it15:55
paulens12it has unmovable files15:56
Respite212so all personal stuff goes to /home?15:56
_0x783czarRespite212: yes15:56
ikoniaRespite212: yes, as I told you earlier15:56
knight_terrorthat is why it was called home :X15:56
actionParsnipRespite212: you could have a small partition for /home and a separate partition for the data, but having a separate partition for /tmp and /boot doesn't gain you anything in a video collecting situation15:56
chris92paulens12: what files are those?15:57
Respite212actionParsnip: No, I want /boot and /tmp for all the temporary data I get browsing the web and /boot just in case my system crashes.15:57
actionParsnipRespite212: if the system crashes it can still affect /boot15:57
Respite212actionParsnip: Oh15:57
chris92paulens12: okay. on which of those two partitions is windows installed? 30gb or 36gb?15:57
paulens12i have windows 8 release preview for everyday use, windows 7 without internet adapter drivers, to flash stuff to my phone15:58
actionParsnipRespite212: if you want to keep temp stuff out also put /var on its own partition15:58
paulens12and i need a third os15:58
actionParsnipRespite212: if you have enough RAM you can put your web cache in tempfs and make web browsing faster :)15:58
chris92paulens12: then just install it on a free partition, its not that hard ^^ you will be able to access the files from the other partitions/drives thru linux anyways, if you didnt use bitlocker15:59
Respite212actionParsnip: Not sure what that meant. btw, isn't /var for databases?15:59
_0x783czarRespite212: No15:59
_0x783czarRespite212: /var is used by lots of programs15:59
paulens12is 36gb enough?16:00
Respite212how much space should I allocate for /?16:00
chris92paulens12: it depends on what you want to do with the system16:00
paulens12i will want to install stuff like compilers, development kits...16:01
_0x783czarRespite212: try 10 or 15GB16:01
sugartigergeforce 610m. hybrid crap. how do i install ubuntu? i just get a blank screen. esc + f6 wont work. anyone else stuc with that problem??16:01
paulens12and some programs16:01
paulens12advanced text editor, ftp client16:01
paulens12just programs16:02
actionParsnipRespite212: its used for the deb files during updates, amongst other things16:02
chris92paulens12: 36gb should be enough I guess...16:02
paulens12and i want to run it smooh16:02
chris92paulens12: unlike windows, ubuntu doesnt need that much disk space16:02
paulens12ok i see...16:02
paulens12but i always want to have some extra space16:03
sugartigerseems that many have trouble with the hybrid cards. was just hoping there could be a way around it.16:03
paulens12maybe i'll need something more later16:03
Respite212so according to the 3 partition for the sda drive, I should have /root = 15g, /swap= 12g and /home = 93 g?16:03
paulens12i'm  still learning lol16:03
paulens12so i think i'll need more and more with time16:03
paulens12that happenes with windows....16:03
actionParsnipRespite212: how much RAM do you have? and do you need suspend / hibernate?16:03
bazhang!enter | paulens1216:03
ubottupaulens12: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:03
paulens12umm ok xDDD16:04
chris92paulens12: if you have a spare hard drive somewhere, try to use that for linux. ^^16:04
Respite212actionParsni: I have 8 gig ram and normally I do not suspend /hibernate, if i am leaving the comp it's turned off.16:04
paulens12nah, only a 32gb usb drive16:04
_0x783czarRespite212: /usr is where most of your programs will be installed.  /home is where most of your documents, media etc will go.  So if you plan on installing LOTs of programs you may want to give root more space, or give /usr it's own partition.16:04
actionParsnipRespite212: then 8.8Gb for swap16:04
bazhangpaulens12, stop with the excessive enter key16:05
paulens12i could mount the second partition as /usr?16:05
=== Jacobraj is now known as jacobraj_lunch
paulens12ummm, i didn't press it so much O.o16:05
Respite212_Ox783czar: majority of the programs I want to install would be in sdb drive. Only programs I would want to install in sda are things like text editors, movie players, powerpoints, excels and such16:06
chris92paulens12: about the partitioning, ask others. I'm still fairly new to ubuntu and didnt do anything like partitioning for some folder only and stuff like that yet16:06
paulens12ok lol16:06
chris92paulens12: cant help you with that unfortunately. it works tho, as others are talking about it right now :) e.g. actionParsnip is in a discussion about that right now :P16:07
paulens12so, anyone, i need an advice: should i mount a partition as /usr?16:07
_0x783czarRespite212: but honestly, there's probably no huge reason why need to partiton.  But there's also not huge reason why you shouldn't if you like.  So your proposal sounds fine.  It's really just up to you.  Don't give root a smaller partition than 10GB (since you have the space) give yourself a few gigs of swap, and then partition the rest as you see fit.  Maybe look up what each of the linux filesystem folders is for.  Because /var ha16:07
Respite212_Ox783czar: /var ha?16:08
boxyseanhey folks. i'm running 12.04, recently let aptitude remove a few unused packages, and since then haven't been able to log into unity. (reboot, enter password, blank screen with mouse pointer + no menu + no icons). any pro tips on fixing this? i am able to get into my account via terminal (ctrl-alt-f1 style)16:08
sugartigeranother question. kinda not Ubuntu. but i guess there are some urt players here. I want to play Urban Terror (im an old fart), but i cant get through the firewall. anyway to channel data through port 80? should i play using a proxy? I can live without torrents, but i need my UT fix :)16:08
_0x783czarRespite212: /var is used for logs, server programs like apache, etc.16:08
bazhang!aptitude | boxysean16:09
ubottuboxysean: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.16:09
Respite212_Ox783czar: I won't need /var16:09
paulens12anyone? xD16:09
Respite212Im also curious, if I download drivers like the drivers for nvidia gtx 660 ti, where would that be installed to? /root? or /home?16:10
jribRespite212: likely neither16:10
actionParsnipRespite212: they will be installed all over /  they are not installed in /home16:10
_0x783czarRespite212: definitely neither16:10
bazhang!helpme | paulens1216:10
ubottupaulens12: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude16:11
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:11
bazhangpaulens12, stop that16:11
paulens12what, "lol"?16:11
bazhangpaulens12, the excessive noise16:12
paulens12y r u so mean with me? ;(16:12
Respite212On my SDB drive, if the entire drive is going to be used for games, I won't need a partition for it would I?16:12
=== matt_ is now known as Guest87272
sugartigeranyone ran into the trouble with installing 12.04 on laptops with hybrid GPUs??16:12
wilee-nileeRespite212, you need a partition16:12
actionParsnipRespite212: yes, you will have 1 partition using 100% of the space16:12
actionParsnipsugartiger: i've seen nothing but trouble with hybrid GPUs16:13
sugartigeractionParsnip hmm... i guess i have just seen the same :( thanks to the guys from Nvidia to consider Ubuntu. I hope Cannonical will make some sort of deal with them.16:14
adantewhat is the name of the gnome wnidow manager?16:14
_0x783czaradante: gnome16:14
adanteor whatever command i need to run to get a desktop environment?16:15
actionParsnipadante: the default is compiz or you can use metacity16:15
magmamy computer crashed, how can I see the core dump or any log file?16:15
wilee-nileeadante, in unity it is compiz in gnome 3 mutter16:15
chris92adante: the command you are looking for would be "startx"16:15
actionParsnipsugartiger: they are best avoided, there is a doc on hybrid graphics, you may be able to turn one off. They are simply best avoided16:15
paulens12ok i'll just shrink one of those partitions even more xD16:15
adantechris92: unlikely as i am running vnc16:15
actionParsnipadante: the OS will boot to the desktop by default16:15
adanteactionParsnip: i'm running vnc, desktop environment is nonexistent16:16
adantei ran metacity and i get a title bar16:16
adanteon my window16:16
Respite212last question, which file system should I use? ext2 ext3 etx4? NTFS?16:16
adantei was kind of hoping for a bit more16:16
paulens12but can i install apps on different drive?16:16
actionParsnipadante: what are you intending to do on the remote system once you connect? There may be a sleeker solution16:16
adantelike a desktop environment to start apps?16:16
chris92respite212: ext416:16
actionParsnipRespite212: use Ext416:16
bazhangpaulens12, NO16:16
actionParsnipadante: apps like what?16:16
Respite212great. Thanks for all the help.16:17
_0x783czarRespite212: any will really do, expect NTFS, but I recommend ext416:17
actionParsnipadante: are you wanting a remote controlled media centre?16:17
adanteactionParsnip: uh downloading primarily, also hoping to use it to test cross browser compatibility for some websites16:17
sugartigeractionParsnip i will try do locate the doc. thanks. hmm. and my urban terror question? haha.. i know.. i should get kicked for asking bout that. I just dont know where to ask about cercumventing a firewall so i can play Urban Terror. even though i consider it an emensely important technical question :)16:18
adanteactionParsnip: this box already servers as a htpc but i thought i'd do a bit extra as well16:18
actionParsnipadante: you can use apps like fatrat and transmission's web UI to manage downloads well :)16:18
bazhangpaulens12, no cursing here16:18
whoevercan someone assist with a pid not geting deleted when i stop a server16:18
paulens12well i used *...16:18
actionParsnipsugartiger: i play urban terror :)16:18
adanteactionParsnip: well funny story, i was trying to use tranmission but i can't find the web ui16:18
sugartigeractionParsnip all riiiiight.. hight five :D16:18
adanteactionParsnip: i think it's because i have an outdated ver of ubuntu16:18
actionParsnipsugartiger: easily installed via playdeb :)16:19
adanteactionParsnip: but funnily i try to update and it gives me an error i don't understand because i am not familiar with using the command line updater16:19
bazhangadante, what version16:19
adanteactionParsnip: so i thought i would use the graphical one via vnc16:19
actionParsnipadante: which version?16:19
adanteactionParsnip: except i start vnc and i don't have a desktop environment16:19
whoeverwhen i stop the service the pid in /var/run is removed but the pid is still some where because i get this from ps awx http      5362  0.0  0.0 100980  1360 ?        S    10:50   0:00 /usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf16:19
adanteactionParsnip: how do i tell again? used to /etc/dist*16:19
actionParsnipadante: if you use vino, it should connect ok16:19
actionParsnipadante: or run:  lsb_release -sc16:20
bazhang!version | adante16:20
ubottuadante: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »16:20
adanteactionParsnip: 11.1016:20
actionParsnipadante: still fully supported :)16:20
CarlFKI have 10 terminal widows open, most sshed to some other host, which sets the window title.  how can I see a list of titles?16:20
adanteactionParsnip: where is tranmission web ui then? i can't find a package? or a command that starts it?16:20
adanteactionParsnip: all i have is tranmission-gtk command which i can't run (no display)16:20
actionParsnipCarlFK: Windows + W to show them all16:20
adanteactionParsnip: tried with --help but still wants display16:21
adantealso when i run aptitude update i get this: 'Something wicked happened resolving 'au.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)'16:21
actionParsnipadante: have it running at startup and enable the web UI16:21
CarlFKactionParsnip:that shows me an image of the window - I can't tell what host any are connected to16:21
adantei mean obviously it is parsing url wrong but.. well i just want it to work and not spend 3 days figuring it out :]16:21
actionParsnipadante: you will need to make it not allow only localhost but you can then connect to the hostname on port 8081 and see a web interface16:21
jribCarlFK: hmmm... without checking, I would try: wmctrl, xwininfo, xprop (probably wmctrl)16:21
actionParsnipCarlFK: I use guake and name the tab after the host it is connected to16:22
CarlFKjrib: well, I want to be able to switch to the window too16:22
adanteactionParsnip: how do i enable the web ui without a display?16:22
adanteactionParsnip: how do i even start it without a display?16:22
CarlFKactionParsnip: whats guake?16:22
jilt007How to chat between two ubuntu machine voa terminal. I used nc -l 1234   and in second machine i used  nc hostname 1234 , but it is not working , but in same system it is workling. Any idea>?16:23
adantealso back to my original question: how can i get a gnome environment on my vnc terminal? what command do i run? metacity gives me a window bar on my single window, but i want an environment like i get on a normal display16:23
Respite212sorry another question, should I have a separate partition for /tmp?16:23
adantelike i used to get before i upgraded16:23
jribCarlFK: wmctrl16:23
Respite212I know it's been answered b4, but I can't find it.16:23
actionParsnipadante: you can run:  ln -s /usr/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop ~/.config/autostart/transmission-gtk.desktop16:24
actionParsnipadante: it will then run at boot16:24
bazhangRespite212, no need16:24
chris92Respite212: no need, yea16:24
jilt007actionParsnip:  Any idea about my problem16:25
magmamy computer crashed, how can I see the core dump or any log file?16:25
Respite212how do I clean any temporary internet files that's been stored on my system or rather, where would they be located?16:25
turtle_adante, can you not just bring up a terminal on the host, pop in transmission-gtk and configure the webui?16:25
adanteactionParsnip: i'd prefer to keep it on my vnc display, i think i have it running16:25
adanteturtle_: was tryign to run it without display but obv that is not possible16:26
actionParsnipjilt007: you could use notify-osd via SSH I guess16:26
adantebut seriously, how do i get a gnome environment on my vnc display? it would be really useful16:26
boxyseanbazhang: thanks for the link to the aptitude bug. i believed that aptitude was doing the right thing for me and accepted its changes. it seems like the workarounds suggested are preventative measures for those who have not accepted the aptitude changes, would you agree?16:26
ejoHelp!  I'm on Ubuntu 12.10... deja-dup (backup) keeps failing with error code 500 when backing up to Ubuntu One.  I have it set to back up a single folder with only about 50MB of contents.  It's not out of space.  It normally works OK but for the past two days it has failed over and over with error 500.16:26
jilt007actionParsnip:  Please tell the command if possible , we are two friends on two machine and we want to chat both on their termianls16:26
ejoI have deleted the remote folder and re-established it, but to no avail.16:26
actionParsnipjilt007: export DISPLAY 0.0; notify-send 'Message' 'Test'16:27
turtle_adante: thats something ive struggled with in the past as well! no one ended upo telling me how to get the whole environment up lol16:28
jilt007 actionParsnip No ip or any hostname?16:28
adanteturtle_: farcically typical linux16:28
chris92ejo: #ubuntu+1 is the place for future versions =)16:28
CarlFKjrib: neat.   not sure it will let me quickly switch to the window I want.. but still kinda neat16:28
adanteturtle_: any luck with gnome-session? i tried but it is trying to enable compositing i think16:28
turtle_adante,  this was for logging in a second user, i ended up making do with docky, didnt actually need the whole environment in the end lol16:29
actionParsnipjilt007: you need to be SSH'd in first16:31
jilt007actionParsnip: ok i did now ?16:31
actionParsnipjilt007: could always setup a chat server for LAN16:31
jilt007actionParsnip:  Please give some guidence how to do that16:32
profiler1982do ou like gnome 3.616:32
actionParsnipjilt007: look into jabber16:32
jilt007actionParsnip:  ok16:33
ejochris92: my mistake!  I am on 12.04... when I wrote 12.10 it was just a mental slip.  I have never run future versions.16:36
actionParsnipidefix: sup16:36
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest93782
idefixeverybody is highly gifted16:36
ejo+ no wonder I got no response on this last night, I probably made the same slip then.  Probably due to having run 11.10 for so long16:36
actionParsnipidefix: indeed16:36
idefixwhen was the last time you watched a good horror movie?16:37
bazhang!ot | idefix16:38
ubottuidefix: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:38
actionParsnipprofiler1982: 3.6 is in Quantal which is supported in #ubuntu+116:38
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ejoOK, so restating with correct, actual Ubuntu version.16:39
chris92actionParsnip: btw, do you remember my wlan problem from yesterday with the BCM4318? it has gotten pretty weird after a reboot...16:39
actionParsnipchris92: I've drank and slept since then16:39
ejoI'm running 12.04.  64-bit.  deja-dup (backup) keeps failing, for the past 48hrs, with error 500.  It's set to backup a single relatively small folder to Ubuntu One.  The remote has plenty of room.16:40
ejoI normally has been working and I didn't change anything to make it stop working.  Maybe it's just a server issue?16:40
bazhangejo, whats the error; also have you asked in #ubuntuone16:40
profiler1982am install on my 11.10 some extension and looks same like 3.616:40
chris92actionParsnip: well long story short: i have to activate the device with "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up" and restart the network manager each time I restart the notebook, otherwise it wont work :/16:40
profiler1982am interest iso of 3.6 what is it16:41
adantehow can i configure, via the command line, gnome to use metacity?16:41
bazhangprofiler1982, thats a gnome iso16:41
ejobazhang: error is simple, just "backup failed: error code 500".  (which I am guessing is just http 500 for non-specific server error).  Thanks, i will try #ubuntuone too.  But I thought it might be a problem with deja-dup...16:41
ejothere is a bug filed for this problem since last year with no progress mentioned :P16:42
actionParsnipchris92: add the line in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line and it will run at boot16:42
ejoone workaround is mentioned: delete the remote folder every time this happens, which can be rarely or very often.16:42
actionParsnipadante: the last session is remembered, so if you log  to Unity2D session, it will be used in all future logins16:42
chris92actionParsnip: okay. but I wonder why it wouldnt start automatically. I mean its a core system function, right? why cant it work like it should :s16:43
tax_onhi guys. my laptop has two craphic cards. ive installed ubuntu and it detects no one. what can i do?16:43
actionParsnipchris92: did you use /etc/network/interfaces to define the networking?16:43
actionParsniptax_on: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics16:43
actionParsniptax_on: I've never seen a success story with this mess.16:44
chris92actionParsnip: no, i just installed the b43 driver and used the network-manager dropdown from XFCE for connecting to the wlan the first time16:44
actionParsnipchris92: its using some proprietary blob, so you may have weirdness like this16:44
designbybeck__Why do Youtube videos not go full screen where other flash videos do?16:45
tax_onactionParsnip, thnx. i'll check it.16:45
adanteactionParsnip: i'd just like to do it from the command line though16:45
chris92actionParsnip: well, I can live with that solution, still its a bit annoying I must admit16:45
designbybeck__i've seen a post on that before, but what i tried didn't fix the problm16:45
actionParsnipadante: you can add a startup item to run:  metacity --replace16:46
adanteactionParsnip: i can't becaues i can't run compiz16:46
actionParsnipadante: you don't need compiz16:46
chris92actionParsnip: btw, do I need to add the sudo in the /etc/rc.local or is it run as root automatically?16:46
adanteas compiz doesn't run gnome-session does not ru16:46
actionParsnipchris92: the commands there are ran as root16:46
chris92actionParsnip: thought so, okay!16:46
adanteactionParsnip: i need compiz to get gnome-session to successfully run - unless i can tell it to use metacity (hence the original question)16:46
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actionParsnipadante: if you install gnome-panel you can use the old school session where compiz isn't needed16:47
adanteactionParsnip: thats brilliant - thanks16:48
maria_hi can does anyone know how i can kick some one out of my computer and secure it properly?16:49
chris92maria_: what do you mean with "kick out" ?16:50
turtle_I always thought his name was ActionPartnership16:50
* turtle_ doh16:50
maria_well my ex is very computer savy andhe got into my ubuntu 12.04 and several things dont work like chrome java games and all my files were taken out like my pictures and things16:51
icerootmaria_: you mean delete a user? or to kill the current session another user is using?16:51
maria_well i need to know how to kill for the next time he gets in but i am not sure how he keeps getting in either16:52
icerootmaria_: maybe he is using ssh to connect from remote16:52
maria_im new to ubuntu sorry i have no clue what im doing its all to forgien to me lol16:52
icerootmaria_: or are we talking about loggin into the pc by using the pc directly?16:52
chris92maria_: first of all I'd suggest changing your user password16:53
voozeJust after latest update (from update manager) my sound from headset / speakers (the non build in) does not work. Anyone else tryed this?16:53
adantewhere do i go to change keyboard shortcuts?16:53
maria_i treid to do the secure thing i found on the forum to do somthing with secureing ssh  and then somthing about sshd but i dont think i understood completley what it was asking16:53
maria_no remotley he has never been here16:53
icerootmaria_: then i guess he is using ssh16:54
maria_well he has just not in the last year after he was here last it doesnt matter what i have done he always takes over my computer andi cant even use the mouse16:54
icerootmaria_: can you paste the output of "cat /etc/passwd" to see if there is another user then just your user16:54
ejomaria_: honestly the simplest most straightforward solution is save all of your important files to another drive, then reinstall Ubuntu.  The alternative is a lot of learning about security stuff -- which would be great if you're willing, but if you're not, take the easy road16:55
icerootmaria_: also change your password "e.g. open a terminal and type passwd"16:55
ejo(of course if you reinstall you woulld have to reinstall the software you like and use)16:55
maria_i want to learn how to secure it i cant take this anymore linux was my last resoert i hate microsoft i dont know y anyone wants it with linux its amazing16:55
ejooh, that's better.  carry on then!16:56
maria_do u want me to paste what it says16:56
icerootmaria_: yes16:56
t0fu_ch0pAfternoon all16:56
iceroot!paste | maria_16:56
ubottumaria_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:56
chris92oh man, ubottu is awesome :316:58
maria_wait what i am not understanding what you want and maria is not my real name its natalie i keep missing text i just used a random name lmbo16:58
Gycklarnmaria_, Read what ubottu said16:58
GycklarnIn case you didn't make the connection, ubottu is a bot. Hence the name.16:59
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oisaI just did a fresh 12.04 install followed by dist-upgrade to 12.10, and now I can't install Cinnamon.16:59
bazhangoisa, #ubuntu+1 for 12.1017:00
chris92oisa: For questions about future versions, please go to #ubuntu+117:00
oisaIt says it needs  libgnome-desktop-3-2 (>= 3.2.0) (I have 3.4 as part of Quantal?)17:00
oisaoh ok17:00
Gycklarnoisa, you need to install the nightly release17:00
bazhangoisa, cinnamon is not supported17:00
oisaGycklarn, I'm on nightly17:00
ejoif you could wait just 20 days or so, 12.10 would be in final shape too17:00
maria_ok u wanted me to go to link lol duh ok what do i put for poster17:00
chris92your nickname17:00
chris92maria_: the poster name doesnt really matter, just use maria_ like here in IRC17:01
maria_ok and then download the text?17:01
chris92no, paste the text in the big box, click on send and give us the link =)17:01
maria_there was no send it just said paste do u want the link that is at the top17:02
chris92yea, that one17:02
chris92and yea sorry, it was paste not send ^^ my bad17:02
oisaGycklarn, my repository had the wrong dist. Nightly installed ok. Thanks17:03
chris92iceroot: there's your paste ;)17:03
Guest910285746hello. I am doing a distro upgrade and I got this message: Replace customized configuration file? '/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades'17:04
icerootmaria_: there are 3 guest-users on your pc17:04
icerootmaria_: but that users are not able to delete files belonging to your user17:05
maria_there should be no guest i deleted the account i only have maria on my thing17:05
icerootmaria_: so it seems that he enabled the root-account on your system and using ssh to connect to your system17:05
maria_so how do i stick it to him lol17:05
icerootis there a way to see if the root-password is activated?17:05
iceroot /etc/shadow?17:05
maria_yeah prob through terminal right17:05
icerootdont know what that file is looking when root is disabled17:06
maria_i can put su and see if ihave control17:06
chris92u probably need to enter a password for su17:06
escotticeroot, yes. * or ! means the password is locked17:06
icerootescott: thx17:06
icerootmaria_: can you have a look at /etc/shadow  "sudo less /etc/shadow" and see if there is * or ! for the root-line?17:07
maria_ok so dont put sudo basically right? gotta talk blonde here iceroot lol17:07
escotticeroot, technically i think * means it was never set, and ! means it was set and disabled, but in either case if its not a hash $#$salt$hash it can never be matched by a password login17:07
icerootmaria_: sudo will execute one command as root-user17:08
icerootmaria_: the password sudo is asking for is your user-password17:08
=== sixdahs is now known as \xE9
icerootmaria_: /etc/shadow is only readable by root, so we need sudo to open that file17:08
escottmaria_, only root can read /etc/shadow so "sudo less /etc/shadow" lets you read that file. look for root:!:... or root:*:.... then your root account is locked. if you see root:$#$..... then root has a password17:09
esm_Can someone please tell me how do i install ubuntu and delete windows in the process17:09
maria_permission denied17:09
Gycklarnmaria_, That's why you need to use sudo17:10
maria_oh oh oh i know that one17:10
maria_i did it said command not found17:10
Gycklarnesm_, You should be given the option when you boot with the disc in the computer17:10
Gycklarnmaria_, wait, which command? less?17:10
icerootmaria_: you got "command not found" when typing "sudo less /etc/shadow"?17:10
icerootmaria_: if so then you are not using ubuntu, because sudo and less are installed by default17:11
maria_i dont know i typed in sudo less /etc/shadow17:11
esm_When i download the ios file its the wubi installer and its not giving me the option17:11
maria_i treid it again still same response17:11
icerootesm_: wubi is not the correct way for what you want17:11
escottesm_, you don't want wubi. you need to either burn a CD or make a liveUSB17:11
Naphatulcan someone help me with accesing my windows 7 shares? i tried googling but can't find the answer17:11
icerootmaria_: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue"17:11
maria_i have ubuntu 12.0417:12
esm_I cant find the correct ios file17:12
escottesm_, sadly thats often the hardest part of the whole process for many people17:12
iceroot!download | esm_17:12
ubottuesm_: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Precise, and help keeping the servers' load low!17:12
maria_im telling you i couldnt even install java it said get-apt was nto a command17:12
icerootesm_: use the amd64 desktop iso17:12
icerootmaria_: apt-get17:12
chris92maria_: the command is called apt-get not get-apt ;)17:12
maria_o lol17:12
maria_how can i see what system i have and send it to you in a link17:13
icerootmaria_: output of "which sudo"17:13
icerootmaria_: cat /etc/issue  will show you the system17:13
esm_I used the amd64 desktop iso and when i extracted the file it has the wubi installer17:13
Naphatulso can anyone help me with samba?17:13
icerootesm_: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso17:13
chris92esm_: dont extract that file, use a program like imgburn to burn that iso to a CD-R17:13
dpittardcan someone help me with a gray screen on my dual monitor setup?17:14
iceroot!samba | Naphatul17:14
ubottuNaphatul: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:14
maria_hey the shadow worked this time you want it17:14
maria_i was mispelling less17:14
esm_ok thank you! i will try it now17:14
escottesm_, http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=desktop&bits=64&release=lts17:14
Naphatuliceroot, yes i already said i tried google and various wiki's, apparently i'm missing something17:14
Gycklarnmaria_, use http://paste.ubuntu.com/17:14
Gycklarnlike you did earlier17:14
maria_oh right thanks u guys are so awesome smart dudes rock17:15
chris92maria_ you're welcome =)17:15
dpittardcan someone help me with a gray screen on my dual monitor setup?17:15
ElesaIs there any way to disable magazines in the Ubuntu Software Center? I'm _seriously_ sick of them..17:16
icerootNaphatul: ah ok17:16
icerootNaphatul: so what is the real issue?17:16
=== \xE9 is now known as sixdahs
icerootmaria_: that was not a good idea17:16
Naphatuliceroot, i can't acces my windows 7 shares i tried adding various commands at the end of smb.conf but they didn't help17:17
icerootmaria_: that file is containing your password-hashes. always a bad idea to paste something like that17:17
escottmaria_, sudo passwd -l root17:17
maria_i just did as i was told i dont know were the password is17:17
icerootNaphatul: normally you can just use nautilus with the "search network" to see the shares and access them17:17
icerootmaria_: but because there is a root password set i bet he is using that access to go to your system and then you can do everything you want17:18
maria_iceroot should i be doing this through email or somthing i dont know17:18
icerootmaria_: there are 2 things you can do. 1. disable ssh or/and change the root-password17:18
escottmaria_, various files on your computer are secrets you need to protect and should not share them or their contents with anyone. those include /etc/shadow anything that is id_rsa or id_dsa (excepting id_rsa.pub or id_dsa.pub)17:18
Naphatuliceroot, i'm already trying to acces them via the browse networks tab in nautilus unless you're talking about something else?17:19
icerootNaphatul: thats what i am talking about, i was trying to translate that from german to english :)17:19
Elesadoes the rm -rf etc etc command work only if you use sudo?17:19
maria_escott i am going to take your advice but i dont understand how to tell what i can and cannot share17:19
icerootElesa: no17:19
ElesaOr would that delete only the home directory of the person who used it?17:19
maria_ok so how do i disable ssh17:20
ElesaAlso, how can I disable magazines in the USC? =/17:20
icerootElesa: rm /directory/you/want/to/delete17:20
icerootElesa: if you dont have write-access to that dir, you need sudo17:20
ElesaThanks! :D17:20
escottmaria_, you just have to know. rules of thumb are: "if you cannot read it without sudo, its important and secret" if it is in a .ssh folder and begins with id_ but does not end in .pub its a secret17:22
Naphatuliceroot, when i enter the homegroup password at the prompt it just asks me for it again but when i enter my ubuntu(and the same password is for the windows box) i get the "unable to mount Windows share"17:22
escottmaria_, you should just lock the root password. sudo passwd -l root17:22
escottmaria_, that will replace the password with ! and disable direct access to root. thats the supported configuration for ubuntu17:23
icerootNaphatul: andy usefull hints in /var/log/syslog?17:23
maria_you can lock it? why did they forum not tell you that when they tell you hoe to open it up :(17:23
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
icerootescott: Note that this does not disable the account. The user may still be able to login using another authentication token (e.g. an SSH key).17:24
icerootescott: man passwd17:24
maria_it says its an invalid option17:24
icerootmaria_: L not 117:24
icerootmaria_: sudo passwd --lock root17:24
=== Gycklarn- is now known as Gycklarn
escotticeroot, i haven't been following the whole thread17:25
Naphatuliceroot, i'm not seeing anything mention samba or network or simmilar, anything specific i'm looking for?17:25
chris92maria_: also, if you want to make sure nobody ever should connect to your computer via ssh, do a "sudo apt-get remove openssh-server"17:25
icerootNaphatul: smbd normally17:25
maria_password expiry information changed17:25
geskerjoin /#javaee17:25
icerootescott: as it seems here ex friend is using ssh with root to access her pc and do funny stuff17:26
geskerjoin /#java17:26
geskerjoin /java17:26
chris92gesker - the command is /join #java17:26
icerootgesker: /join #java17:26
Naphatuliceroot, besides when i restarted it, nothing17:26
geskerthank you17:26
=== Youri is now known as YBook
escotticeroot, depending on how skilled the friend is the system is fully compromised. is it not a better idea to recommend a reinstall?17:26
chris92gesker: yw17:26
maria_can i send you what it said?17:27
icerootescott: yes but its just a guess with ssh and root17:27
icerootescott: so maybe reinstall is an overkill17:27
icerootescott: but normally you are right17:27
escottmaria_, if you look at /etc/shadow you will see root:!:... so roots password has been disabled. but this individual who has access to your system could have done a lot of other things to open backdoors to the system17:27
maria_thast my problem thats what he does once he is in im screwed and not the good way17:28
esm_the file i just downloaded still has the wubi installer in it should i pay it no mind and burn the iso to a CD-R17:28
no_gravityHello! When In the terminal, how do I find out what shell I am using?17:28
chris92esm_: just burn it to a CD-R, and restart the computer17:28
escotticeroot, im not thinking overkill. im just thinking easiest instructions for maria_ to follow. is it easier for her to (a) just reinstall (b) disable passwords and then audit /root/.ssh and audit running services and nmap ports...17:28
adanteno_gravity: help might do it17:29
chris92make sure your boot order has the CD/DVD drive in the first place, not the hard drive17:29
icerootescott: overkill if my guess is wrong17:29
cakeheroIs there a github/svn online w/the source for ubuntu?17:29
no_gravityadante: no17:29
escottcakehero, canonical uses launchpad for their development, but upstream projects use whatever they want17:29
cakeheroescott does that mean it's not public?17:30
icerootcakehero: the complete sourcepackages are in the repos17:30
cakehero iceroot I'm interesting in checking out change sets17:30
escottcakehero, no its all public, its just not in the same place.17:30
icerootcakehero: apt-get source packagename17:30
Mavericktem brasileiro nessa porrra17:30
cakeheroiceroot will I get change sets from that?17:30
adanteno_gravity: oh, what does it say?17:30
icerootcakehero: to get the sourcecode for a specific package17:30
icerootcakehero: there are changelogs inside17:31
cakeherook cool17:31
cakeherolet me ask a better question17:31
icerootcakehero: also see packages.ubuntu.com for changelogs17:31
chris92no_gravity: echo $SHELL17:31
maria_can you tell me were the guest are coming from17:31
cakeherosomeone at my company says "since we don't maintain ubuntu we have to make sure we are staying up with critical updates". I don't think think there are many kernel updates (10.04/lucid)17:31
no_gravitychris92: thanks!17:31
icerootcakehero: there are17:31
icerootcakehero: but only security fixes17:32
cakeheroiceroot any great way to keep up with them?17:32
paulens12one question... if i choose to install ubuntu on a different partition (dual boot with windows), will it format that partition, making all those partitions? it needs? i mean boot, and other stuff17:32
escottcakehero, standard config will automatically subscribe to security updates17:32
icerootcakehero: we have security mailinglists if you are interested in such informations. to get the latest updates for the kernel just use the update-manager17:32
paulens12also, i could select free space on disk (not formatted), but the same question applies here17:32
escottpaulens12, yes17:33
paulens12oh, ok17:33
paulens12thanks :)17:33
wilee-nileepaulens12, us a unformatted area to install, really you might want to share the HD setup by posting the output of sudo fdisk -l in a pastebin.17:33
chris92wilee-nilee, too late :P17:34
ubottuvcometa: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:34
konquimaria_: What guests?17:34
maria_lol if u tell me the cat command i will paste the link17:34
chris92konqui: her /etc/passwd shows 3 guest accounts17:34
icerootcakehero: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/linux_2.6.32-43.97/changelog17:35
chris92konqui: that was the paste17:35
chris92konqui: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247913/17:35
chris92maria_: had the paste still open :) i linked it to him17:35
maria_hoq do i close it lol17:36
escottmaria_, personally i would just reinstall. auditing a compromised system requires (A) some estimate of what the attackers capabilities are (B) knowledge of what attack vectors an attacker of that ability will utilize (C) knowledge of what an uncompromised system looks like and what is "correct". I get the feeling you lack (B) and (C)17:36
=== _slipknot is now known as miniCruzer
nydeldoes anyone here use irssi?17:37
icerootnydel: #irssi17:37
maria_lmbo its possible17:37
VlanZhmmm... it seems i cannot do  ./new_script.sh  in expect, right?17:38
maria_is there anyway to find out17:38
nydeliceroot: i'm trying to make my question. see, irssi lets one have multiple windows which is great. but i ALSO want a universal buffer.17:38
icerootnydel: try the irssi channel in #irssi17:38
nydeliceroot: how would you go about doing something like that? how would /you/ i mean?17:38
nydeliceroot: but my question isn't really about irssi, it's about buffers in linux17:38
nydeliceroot: but fine i'll go away hehe17:39
icerootnydel: and what is a universal buffer?17:39
icerootnydel: the buffer bash is using?17:39
unpersonI just upgraded to 12.04 from 10.04, so the unity desktop is new to me.  I often have multiple browser windows open and switch between them using alt+tab.  In the new desktop alt+tab seems geared toward switching between applications rather than windows.  You can get it to show you all windows within an application after a pause, but this makes things much slower.  Is there a quick way to switch between windows of an application usi17:39
unpersonng the keyboard?17:39
nydeliceroot: that's what i don't really know. right now i have three windows/buffers, one is status, then two channels. i'd like to replace the status buffer with something that outputs all buffers17:40
unpersonIn the system settings keyboard shortcuts dialog there's an setting for "switch windows of an application", but that seems to switch browser tabs rather than browser windows.17:40
nydelso when you say something here, in that buffer, it gets "irc.ubuntu.com - #ubuntu - iceroot: what you say"17:40
icerootunperson: alt + ^17:40
unperson(Sort of an issue with MDI I guess.  I didn't really even know the window manager knew about the tabs.)17:41
nydeliceroot: there is software called loqui that does this.. it's got a window for all your irc buffers that you can switch through, then it's got one window that unites al the buffers into one17:41
icerootnydel: i still dont get your question17:41
wilee-nileeunperson, ctrl-alt-d or ctrl-super-d I believe I don't use unity as of now.17:42
unpersoniceroot, Unfortunately that key combo doesn't seem to do anything for me.17:42
realdrillergood morning, trying to install 12.04 on an HP dv4 computer as a dual boot to W7, having graphic card issues. Black screen appears, use nomodeset at grub and it boots up with low res. been searching for 2 days now. Is there a solution yet for the integrated Intel graphic card17:43
nydeliceroot: envision you have a program with two divisions. the top division is one irc channel at a time or the status buffer etc. - the bottom division is all the buffers, every message formatted to output, all in one concatenated buffer17:43
nydeliceroot: do you understand what i'm saying so far?17:43
icerootnydel: as i said, its an irssi question17:43
unpersonI guess the more useful bit of info is whether this is something I can set a keyboard shortcut for in system settings, and if so what the name of this function is (to find it in there).17:43
icerootnydel: it has nothing to do with bash, linux or something like that (if i get it right)17:43
nydeliceroot: i'm envisioning like ircii and a program like terminator that splits terminals / displays two terminals or more as squares / rectangles17:44
unpersonwilee-nilee, Unfortunately ctrl-alt-d doesn't seem to do anything and ctrl-super-d seems to show the desktop.17:44
wilee-nileeunperson, I think you would do this in compizconfig setting manager17:44
nydeliceroot: is there a way to like, make one terminal talk to another17:44
wilee-nileeunperson, unity is basically a plugin in compiz17:45
nydeliceroot: so if i'm running a program in one terminal it could output itself to another terminal17:45
icerootnydel: you are just want that feature for irssi?17:45
icerootnydel: then irssi has great split featurees17:45
nydeliceroot: no i want it for a bunch of things17:45
=== fire_ is now known as nerd
nydeliceroot: i want to be able to have like tty2 & tty3 automatically format to the stdout of tty417:45
icerootnydel: never heard of something like that but maybe the guys in #bash knows better17:45
icerootnydel: sorry17:46
nydeliceroot: i'll try there. thanks, sorry, i get frustrated when i can't figure out how to ask my question! :-/17:46
escottnydel, message17:46
escottnydel, sorry i mean "write" see "man write"17:47
nydelescott: oh i remember write.. didn't occur to me to use it in that way. thanks! that might help a lot!17:48
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
realdrillerany takers for my question above, please17:48
unpersonwilee-nilee, Okay, I guess I'll instal the compiz config package and give that a whirl.  Odd that it's not the normal keyboard setup, since it doesn't seem all that exotic.  But then I think they're imaging everything being done with a mouse/touchscreen.17:49
=== jimmy__lo is now known as jimmy_lo_chien_f
wilee-nileeunperson, Unity is the plug and play desktop to some extent, supposedly more user friendly.17:49
wilee-nileea bit more work in customizing though17:50
PhantomPhreak53I am currently running the 3.2.0-29-generic on Ubuntu 12.04. Normally we just update with apt-get dist-upgrade. My wonderful co-admin cleaned out "old" kernels from /boot and removed the -29 while we were still on it. Now when I type apt-get dist-upgrade, it never recomends the newer -31 kernel. How do I force it to update?17:51
icerootPhantomPhreak53: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic17:52
realdrillergood morning, trying to install 12.04 on an HP dv4 computer as a dual boot to W7, having graphic card issues. Black screen appears, use nomodeset at grub and it boots up with low res. been searching for 2 days now. Is there a solution yet for the integrated Intel graphic card17:52
icerootPhantomPhreak53: without that package you wont get kernel security updates17:52
PhantomPhreak53iceroot: thanks.... then I can just bounce it and be back on to normal17:53
icerootPhantomPhreak53: ĉorrect17:53
icerootPhantomPhreak53: that package will always pull the latest kernel for your distribution17:54
PhantomPhreak53iceroot: thanks17:54
wilee-nileerealdriller, refrencing the computer is nice but name the HW.17:54
unpersonAh, okay, looks like alt+` switches windows of an application.17:58
unpersonBy accident I discovered that holding down the super key brings up a list of keyboard shortcuts.17:59
=== vikas is now known as Guest93633
unpersonOf course I don't know where you *change* that shortcut, but I'm okay with it so I'll leave that question for another time.17:59
icerootunperson: on qwertz its alt + ^ :)18:00
metallicaesto como va?18:01
metallicasoy d eespaña18:01
chris92!es | metallica18:01
ubottumetallica: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:01
unpersoniceroot, Fair enough.18:02
LastDreamerHow to disable the display of technical information from the chat in irssi?18:03
sajanhello guys.....i m here with some querry18:04
chris92LastDreamer: you could ask that in #irssi18:04
chris92sajan: just ask your question =)18:04
sajani had done the linux-swap partation..........18:04
sajanhow to know its working18:04
CookieMLastDreamer disable so called MOTD (message of the day) somewhere in the preferences18:05
cakeheroescott iceroot Is there a smart way to stay up to date with security changes?18:05
cakeheroSorry for the delayed reply18:05
escottcakehero, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade;18:06
cakeheroI think I might have pasted this earlier: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/automatic-updates.html18:06
cakeheroescott okay, cool, doing that "blindly" is ok?18:06
escottcakehero, well nobody can promise that18:06
cakehero"okay" vs. "perfect" =)18:06
cakeheroLike I know we are running an older version of nginx18:06
cakeheroso I probably don't want to upgrade that18:06
sajani have made a linux-swap partation drive of 4gb................i want to know that how it works18:07
escottcakehero, there are multiple levels of updates. security which is meant to make no changes in functionality and then updates which is bug-fixes where the bug might be a behavior you are working around so that could be an "unsafe" change18:07
escott!pinning | cakehero18:07
ubottucakehero: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto18:07
realdrillerwilee-nilee what?18:08
BenBEI'm having some trouble with a built-in Webcam with my Asus EEEPC: With Linux kernel 3.2.0-32 as well as Linux kernel 3.4.0 everything works; but running the latest Ubuntu Kernel PPA version (3.6.0rc7) I get a "no video device found". Tested with two cams: UVC/IMC Networks integrated Webcam + Philips/NXP SPC 315NC PC Camera (according to lsusb). Any idea?18:08
chris92sajan, it should work out of the box if you created a swap partition during the installation18:08
escottsajan, swapon -s18:08
sajanya i did swap on using the gparted app18:08
wilee-nileerealdriller, I had to reboot to another OS, I believe you named the computer, we need the actual hardware your dealing with.18:09
sajanand i want to know how swapon helps for better performance18:10
QyopHello Friends!18:10
chris92!anyone | Qyop18:11
ubottuQyop: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:11
wilee-nileesajan, It is for when your memory card is running high, you can set the swappiness higher though so it does not use swap until a higher user rate of memory18:11
escottsajan, it doesnt help performance. it avoids OOM condition. [out of memory] if you run out of memory the operating system just decides somewhat at random a program to close18:11
ricket|workI can't type a right square bracket "]" in firefox, and only firefox. What in the world is going on??18:11
realdrillerwilee-nilee Under windows device manager says intel (r) hd graphic family, as I said Interl variant, any help is appreciated18:11
sajanokk........so basically it does nothing......18:12
QyopHow update list of users in chat?18:12
nerdwhy do ubuntu most of the time have packges which are quite older.18:12
ubottuQyop: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:12
maria_does anyone know how i can log my netwrok traffic or buy/build somthing that does?18:12
auronandace!latest | nerd18:12
ubottunerd: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:12
hannah_irinahi, i install ubuntu and i share internet like here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing , but i need to select in my router automated dhcp to get internet... how i configure to get internet wirh ...18:12
BenBEmaria_: tcpdump, wireshark, ...18:12
escottsajan, its also needed for hibernation support, but many people with lots of RAM run without swap. I still follow the old 2xRAM rule18:12
BenBEmaria_: You'll need root for this.18:13
nerdmaria_: yes you can, use wireshark.18:13
maria_ok and how do i use them? total newb to that one18:13
sajani only have 2gb of ram and intel dual core proccessor...........do u recommend me using swap????18:13
nerdif i want to learn about ubuntu tool chain where can i learn  ?18:13
Qyophelp please18:13
escottsajan, yes. if you go to a website with a bunch of pictures and your RAM fills up you don't want your word processor to close suddenly18:14
QyopAny developer here?18:14
nerdQyop: ask what you want to ask18:14
auronandaceQyop: you haven't asked a support question18:14
sajanok.........so swap can help when i am running out of memory ????18:14
escottsajan, and 2GB is considered a very small amount of ram these days18:14
ricket|workQyop: what chat program? what do you mean update the list of users? how do you know it's not up to date? please be specific18:15
nerd2 GB is something like obsolute now a days...18:15
k4r1messay != question.18:15
MonkeyDustQyop  caps18:15
sajanyaa thats why i have used 4gb as swap partation............is it okay???18:15
nerdQyop: ask if you really want to ask..18:15
paulens12escott, actually windows 7 and 8 run very smooth with 2gb...18:15
=== joker_ is now known as folorn
nerdsajan: first you should understand how is partition donw. and what's the use of swap.18:16
Qyopits my question18:16
paulens12and i suppose linux uses less than winwows18:16
PiciQyop: What does that have to do with Ubuntu?18:16
Qyophelp please18:16
escottpaulens12, yes, but 2GB is <$25 of RAM. for one of the most performance crucial pieces of hardware spending $25 is considered "not a lot"18:16
MonkeyDustQyop  wrong channel18:16
GashiWhat is the best flash player for google chrome , which uses less memory and cpu , Pepper flash or Adobe flash ?18:16
PiciQyop: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. We do not provide programming help.18:16
nerdQyop: you are useless guy.18:16
sajani learned to create a partation and i made a paratation of 5gb and i used 4gb for linux swap18:16
uglyoldbobso what is a good channel for ncurses programming?18:17
QyopI use Ubuntu18:17
nerdsajan: what's your use of your machine ?18:17
QyopI need this programm in Ubuntu18:17
hannah_irinahi, i add a hdd external in my ubuntu, how i can see in network on windows the hdd?18:17
escottsajan, 4GB of swap with 2GB of RAM follows the "standard recommendation"18:17
hannah_irinawith samba?18:17
sajannetbeans.......eclipse..........music and videos and lot of browsing18:17
nerdheavy loaded work or simply multimedia ?18:17
auronandaceGashi: what on earth is pepper flash?18:17
nerdthan 2 GB is enough i assume.18:17
QyopAny help please!18:17
realdrillerwilee-nilee that not enough?18:18
daftykinshannah_irina, it's network attached? not USB?18:18
Qyopwho channel me use?18:18
paulens12escott: well, yeah, i didn't say it's expensive, but about a yeah ago i had a pc with 2gb ram and i was able to play the newest computer games, and it did't lag... i was able to run game servers and a web server too...18:18
folornanyone that has time could you answer a question about aircrack-ng/ Im testing it for my wireless wep key and im having a problem: i get all the steps done but when i go to aircrack-ng "my file" it claims it cant find my arp file18:18
nerdand always have swap  1.5 times then the ram if you are on old machine.18:18
Qyopwhere developers?18:18
sajanokk so i have don perfect work by creating 4gb swap with 2gb ram18:18
PiciQyop: Not here.18:18
Pici!alis | Qyop18:18
ubottuQyop: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:18
Gashiauronandace: Is built in flash player on latest version of Google Chrome18:18
hannah_irinadaftykins, is on usb, but i have wifi on another computer and i want to see the hdd on the map address18:18
folornif someone could help that would be great. I'd really like to test the strength of my wep key18:18
PiciQyop: That is not a support channel.18:18
paulens12it depends on how much s**t you have installed on your pc...18:18
daftykinshannah_irina, ah right18:18
nigwethI want to make a gaming machine running ubuntu (n64/genesis/snes emulators).. The problem is I can't make hardware acceleration work on radeon 9200.. should I install Jaunty on it..?18:18
auronandaceGashi: pepper is the api i thought18:18
daftykins!samba | hannah_irina18:19
ubottuhannah_irina: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:19
Qyopwhere channel of developers of Ubuntu?18:19
daftykinshannah_irina, ignore the windows part, look it up for some guides etc.18:19
MonkeyDustQyop  type /msg alis list *dev*18:19
sajanguys do i need to increase more then 4gb ???18:19
PiciQyop: This is not an Ubuntu development question. This is not ontopic for Ubuntu support. If you do not stop asking you will be removed from the channel.  I have given you the resources to find an ontopic channel.18:19
turtle_aha Qyop is taking the "i don't know how to drive a car, someone give me the phone number for the man who owns Ford" approach18:19
maria_so i put on wireshark and it says (in wireshark) no interface can be used for capturing in this system????????18:20
Qyopirina, Tu gEBO4KA?18:20
yeatsmaria_: run it with sudo18:20
escottsajan, what does "free -m" say about your swap usage?18:20
ricket|work!ati | nigweth18:20
ubottunigweth: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:20
folornproblem aircrack-ng is a load of garbage me thinks :0.18:20
BenBEI'm having some trouble with a built-in Webcam with my Asus EEEPC: With Linux kernel 3.2.0-32 as well as Linux kernel 3.4.0 everything works; but running the latest Ubuntu Kernel PPA version (3.6.0rc7) I get a "no video device found". Tested with two cams: UVC/IMC Networks integrated Webcam + Philips/NXP SPC 315NC PC Camera (according to lsusb). Any idea?18:20
daftykinsmaria_, did you run wireshark with 'gksudo' ? it needs root privs to see the interfaces typically18:20
compdocQyop, what you want is a virtual machine18:20
maria_no its already in my comp i downloaded it and opened the program now i am lost18:20
folornany of ya guys know how to use it?18:20
Qyopread my topic please18:21
Qyopnot VM!18:21
maria_ok so i have to run it in the terminal ? i am not formilair with how to do that18:21
sajanused is 1914 ram18:21
realdrillergood morning, trying to install 12.04 on an HP dv4 computer as a dual boot to W7, having graphic card issues. Black screen appears, use nomodeset at grub and it boots up with low res. been searching for 2 days now. Is there a solution yet for the integrated Intel graphic card18:21
daftykinsmaria_, close it, press alt+f2 then type "gksudo wireshark"18:21
ricket|workthanks Pici18:21
escottfolorn, aircrack is not a topic we like to have discussed in this channel. its very close to the !illegal line. ask about it in the backtrack channels18:21
nigwethricket|work thanks18:21
folornokay escott thanks. i just wanna test my key and see how strong it is.18:22
maria_command not founf18:22
rambo2so once again an ubuntu upgrade to 10.04 kills me with my nvidia video controller; remind me please how to boot in console/mode with grub so i can load the drivers from nvidia?18:22
Gycklarnmaria_, are you sure you spelled that correctly?18:22
yeatsmaria_: what did you literally type?18:22
maria_nm the g was capital18:22
compdocQyop, I read your post about spoofing information, and the only way to do that is witha virtual machine. And it only takes up resources while youre using it. Which is exaclty when it should use those resources. Youre looking at it the wrong way.18:23
sajanhttp://imagebin.org/230140                          please check this out free -m18:23
maria_lua:error during loading [string   "/usr/share/wireshark init.lua"]:45dofile has been diasbled18:24
ricket|workcompdoc, Qyop was kick-banned18:25
compdocyeah, I was too late18:25
escottsajan, there are two key numbers the 1307 number. as long as that is large  your system should be reasonably fast. if that gets close to zero then your system will slow down. and the 4220. as long as that is large you won't be OOM but as it approaches zero you approach OOM18:26
kapilratnaniHello everyone... :). I am running ubuntu 12.04. Everytime when it wakes up after suspend i get graphics corruption(horizontal stripes on tooltips and some windows). My graphics card is intel gma4500m. Any solution?18:26
sajancan u simplify more                   @escort in easy way18:28
hannah_irinahi, how to install flash in mozilla?18:28
escottsajan, if you computer is running slow run "free -m" if you see the third column second row number is small buy some more ram. if you notice the third column third row is small you need a larger swapfile18:29
lifebird64pepee: not sure if this helps, but.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#Flash%20for%2064-bit%20%28x86_64%2918:29
hannah_irinaautomated install18:29
wilee-nileehannah_irina, If you want flash and some additional codecs and ms font install the restricted extras18:30
hannah_irinai install with mozilla18:30
hannah_irinawhat pkg i need to install to open ssh?18:30
sajanokk got it..............so for me is 4gb enough according to the screen shot http://imagebin.org/23014018:30
escottsajan, for the set of applications you are currently running. yes18:31
sajanokkk thank you very much for help.........i appreciate it18:31
Akiva-at-Workcan I split a phone line using a splitter, and use two phones at the same time?18:31
=== Christopher is now known as Guest23188
folornhrm anyone remember how ya uninstall a program again?18:31
folornsudo apt-get uninstall or something?18:32
lifebird64sudo apt-get remove .....18:32
folornahh thanks18:32
BenBEI'm having some trouble with a built-in Webcam with my Asus EEEPC: With Linux kernel 3.2.0-32 as well as Linux kernel 3.4.0 everything works; but running the latest Ubuntu Kernel PPA version (3.6.0rc7) I get a "no video device found". Tested with two cams: UVC/IMC Networks integrated Webcam + Philips/NXP SPC 315NC PC Camera (according to lsusb). Both cams with the current kernel are not detected; with the older ones both are. Any idea?18:33
hannah_irinahmm why give me this error ; Rather than inovoking init scripts throygh /etc/init.d, use the service(8) utility  e.g. service ssh start18:33
=== remi is now known as Guest49821
hannah_irinai want to start ssh18:34
pepeehannah_irina, not an error18:34
=== Guest49821 is now known as remsSs
EvdbHay guys18:34
pepeehannah_irina, run:  service ssh status18:34
lifebird64hannah: it's not an 'error' I don't think. it's a 'warning' and invitation to do things the 'new' way.18:34
escotthannah_irina, because you are suppose to start services with "sudo service <NAME> start"18:34
pepeeservice ssh start    to start ssh18:34
lifebird64/etc/init.d/ssh start/stop may work, but service ssh start/stop is the new/proper way18:35
EvdbIcan't turn on Bluetooth on my MacBook Pro and search results didn't really return a solution. Can someone help?18:35
hannah_irinahmm is up18:35
hannah_irinahow i see what ip have in network18:35
hannah_irinabecouse i dont connot connect with
cromagsudo ifconfig18:36
maria_does any one in here know wireshark well?? im kinda super lost18:36
lifebird64hannah: you mean your /own/ computer you're on? sudo ifconfig or sudo ifconfig -a18:36
jordanmip addr # doesn't need sudo18:36
DegorthHello, I'm having an issue with my sound settings not saving, every time I reboot or the sound device is switched it defaults to 100%, which is ear shatteringly loud. Can anyone help me with this?18:36
bekks /sbin/ifconfig doesnt need sudo as well.18:36
Como|workI'm having trouble with mdadm, and I read in a wiki that it could be related to having the disks plugged into a pci card, and the solution is often to add -nodmraid to the kernel params. How can I do that with grub with only ssh access?18:36
lifebird64maria: you figure out wireshark, you lemme know, m'kay!? i'm equally lost18:36
edorawhich nautilus version is best for ubuntu 12.04?18:36
hannah_irinalifebird64, but is the real ip 188.... i want to add a local ip like
cromagoh you guys are right, i thought it was, have been earlier maybe ? :D18:37
lifebird64folks need to slow down. there are like 5 convos all jumping in here18:37
auronandaceedora: the one it ships with18:37
EvdbHey bekks!!!!!! :D I got Ubuntu working18:37
wilee-nileeedora, There is no best that is subjective use the stock setup.18:37
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:37
hannah_irinalifebird64, i install now ubuntu, i used archlinux :P but i like ubuntu now18:37
faikoi have problem with resolucion please how to do ?18:37
edora<auronandace>but i have issue wid that one it start too slowly on my sys18:37
auronandaceedora: i tend to use pcmanfm18:38
VlanZanyone has an idea how i can launch another script from "expect" ?18:38
edora<auronandace>yes used but that is unable to gen thumbnails of my videos .18:38
maria_ok lifebird18:38
auronandaceedora: then i am unable to help you18:39
Evdbbekks: I got it all working (if you remember me from a few days ago)18:39
LastDreamerWho was the last SFD in your city?18:39
bekksEvdb: Cool.18:39
wilee-nileeVlanZ, You running debian or ubuntu?18:39
edora<auronandace> what if i install fork of nautilus instead nautilus18:39
cromagVlanZ: http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2005-May/087362.html might be handy18:39
auronandace!ot | LastDreamer18:39
ubottuLastDreamer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:39
auronandaceedora: i'd advise against that18:40
Evdbbekks: had one problem but WiFi but solved it, only the Bluetooth doesn't work, you know a fix for that?18:40
auronandaceedora: stick to the repos18:40
bekksEvdb: No, I am not using BT at all.18:40
LastDreamerubottu: Ok18:40
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)18:40
EvdbBekks: Ah k, thanks for helping me previous days ;)18:40
bekksEvdb: No problem :D18:40
edora<auronandace> i know but what the hell wrong with the one installed by default18:40
VlanZwilee-nilee: ubuntu 12.0418:40
gmg85Is it true that the 12:10 release will come with amazon adds preinstalled?18:41
auronandaceedora: i don't know, i'm not on your system18:41
=== ryan_ is now known as rwolcott
auronandacegmg85: no, it is a search lens you can uninstall18:41
wilee-nileegmg85, #ubuntu+1 is your destination18:41
=== david is now known as Guest13141
Guest13141quin me habla?18:41
auronandacegmg85: 12.10 questions in #ubuntu+1 please18:41
edoraof course but i was trying to find that problem is only with me or elsewhere18:42
Guest13141please spek me somebody18:42
EvdbDoes anyone know how I can enable bluetooth on my MacBook Pro? I can't turn it on under System settings, and tried different internet fixes but didn't work.18:42
wilee-nilee!es | Guest1314118:42
ubottuGuest13141: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:42
edora<Guest13141> about what18:42
gmg85was begining to think the adds would get in the way18:42
auronandaceedora: i expect it might be something you've installed18:42
edora<auronandace> it is the nautilus ubuntu ship with 12.04  no changes18:43
FloodBot1Guest13141: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:43
lifebird64aloH ;)18:44
auronandaceedora: have you installed anything or is this simply a fresh install?18:44
yoristNa ya, pues habla con nosotros18:44
yoristWe are all ears18:44
wilee-nileeGuest13141, This is an english channel, don't fill the channel with garbage please.18:44
DegorthHello, I'm having an issue with my sound settings not saving, every time I reboot or the sound device is switched it defaults to 100%, which is ear shatteringly loud. Can anyone help me with this?18:44
edora<auronandace> i am telling u that this was come with default 12.0418:45
IronsightHow do I setup sane for wireless scanning? I have a wireless printer scanner from HP, got the printer working, but sane doesn't seem to like it even though hp's site said it should work in 12.0418:45
=== ryan_ is now known as rwolcott
Gycklarnedora, Are you addressing people when you do that? Because it looks like you are quoting someone.18:45
auronandaceedora: i'm not asking about your file manager, is this a fresh install? have you installed any ppas?18:45
Guest13141De donde eres yorist?18:45
yoristDe russia:)18:46
edora<auronandace> it is fresh one18:46
Guest13141no vee18:46
julius_how do you start a gnome-terminal from the 12.04.1 installer?18:46
EvdbDoes anyone know how I can enable bluetooth on my MacBook Pro? I can't turn it on under System settings, and tried different internet fixes but didn't work.18:46
maria_hi, i am having an issure with my wireshark i am unsure about what to do with my error that i got opening it up with gksudo wireshark18:46
auronandaceedora: have you run updates yet?18:46