studio-user785its me00:28
studio-user785is unity too much of a hog? thats why you dont use it?00:31
studio-user785ill see if there is a huge difference00:32
holsteinstudio-user797: we just went with XFCE for the work flow mainly01:21
holsteinif you like unity, use it :)01:21
holsteinall of the studio stuff will work fine in any DE01:23
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JStoehi im using ubuntu studio13:41
smartboyhwHi JStoe13:41
JStoehi its me floatinggoat if you remebmer me13:42
smartboyhwJStoe, No:P13:42
JStoeoh i remember you13:42
smartboyhwJStoe, oh alright:P13:42
JStoeim using kupfer to suite the lack of unity but otherwise its pretty good as my main OS13:43
holsteini like kupfer13:43
smartboyhwAh the use-unity-to-replace-xfce right?13:43
JStoeno im using xfce13:43
JStoeI always end up liking xfce even though im a fan of unity13:44
holsteini was reading about another one... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/synapse-gnome-do-launcher-app-review-ubuntu13:44
holsteinyeah, unity is fine ... the launcher is slow, but it works great13:44
holsteini dont think i'll ever use it full time though13:44
JStoeholstein, i like kupfer too, i really like how it can even open web pages.13:44
holsteini like openbox with some add-ons like kupfer13:44
* smartboyhw likes xfce more then unity13:44
smartboyhwEspecially after they added shopping lens to it:P13:45
holsteinshopping lens is new13:45
holsteincould work fine.. we'll see13:45
* smartboyhw uses all updated version of 12.10:P13:45
holsteinnice.. i think i will soon on my machine with the nvidia ion13:46
smartboyhwholstein, :)13:46
holsteinotherwise, i still using 10.04 on my studio rig13:46
smartboyhwholstein, wow still using 10.04? Just upgrade to Studio 12.04 LTS can't you:P13:47
holsteinsmartboyhw: not withtou extensive hardware/software testing13:47
holsteinsmartboyhw: i make money with that rig13:48
smartboyhwholstein, OK:P13:48
holsteinright now, it works fine.. though i will upgrade when i get time to make the switch13:48
smartboyhwholstein, good13:49
holsteinmaybe i just wait for 14.04 ;)13:49
smartboyhwholstein, wow:P13:50
holsteini'll still test all then inbetween versions anyway13:51
JStoeI like how xfce lets me run jack in realtime with no noticable lag/flickering14:07
smartboyhwJStoe, :)14:07
holsteinJStoe: you dont find that the case with unity?14:08
holsteinit really shouldnt matter all that much what DE you use...14:08
JStoeholstein, yeah idk if it was unity or my kernel14:08
JStoecause i was using regular ubuntu of course14:08
smartboyhwShould be kernel:P14:08
JStoewith tha regular kernel14:08
smartboyhwJStoe, normal Ubuntu uses -generic kernel, we use -lowlatenchy kernel14:09
JStoebut id expect running jack like that would be tough ont eh cpu14:09
JStoeand unity isnt exactly light14:09
JStoesmartboyhw, I use that now14:09
holsteini would test with unity and xfce installed on the same hardware.. the same installation14:09
smartboyhwJStoe, so it matters about the kernel...14:09
* smartboyhw has unity, kde and xfce installed14:10
holsteini would boot the *same* kernel.. and only change the DE and test14:10
holsteinthe results should be quite similar14:10
JStoehmm idk if i would switch back then14:11
JStoeI do like how unity saves on screen real estate14:11
holsteinJStoe: should?14:12
holsteinJStoe: you can have both installe at the same time14:12
JStoeI know14:12
holsteinJStoe: you *should* use what you like14:12
JStoethen again im on a 12GB partition becaues im lazy14:13
holsteinwe chose XFCE for a reason.. but uniyt should work fine14:13
JStoewhat reason is that14:13
holsteinJStoe: mostly work flow14:13
JStoeit has better work flow?14:13
holsteinwe feel its the most like gnome2 was14:14
JStoedoes it have better tiling or something?14:14
holstein"better" is a matter of opiion14:14
JStoehow do i tile14:14
holsteinwe also really like the xubuntu team14:14
holsteinJStoe: i would use a tiling manager.. something like awesome14:14
JStoeoh xfce doesnt tile?14:14
holsteinJStoe: all this stuff is open.. it'll all do whatever you have the patience to make it do14:15
holsteinJStoe: i usually go to specific tools for the job14:15
holsteinawesome is a tiling manager.. xfce is not14:15
holsteindoes that mean you cant make XFCE tile?.. i know you can.. but how easy? and at what cost?14:16
Madzhi can helo to set up connection for internet, i have connected to wi-fi but i can't access to internet?14:16
holsteinand why when there are tiling managers... plus, thats not what xfce is "expecting" you to do with it14:16
holsteinMadz: you can ping the gateway?14:16
smartboyhwMadz: Maybe your router lost connection, I sometimes had that problem too14:17
holsteinMadz: if you cant ping the gateway, then you are *not* connected14:17
holsteinMadz: i would reconnect.. sometimes, as they say on "the IT crowd".. you can trun it all off and back on again14:18
holsteinhttp://notanothersheep.com/XFCE4WindowTiling was for you JStoe14:18
* smartboyhw does what holstein says if he lose connection14:18
holsteinMadz: i would see that *any* computer can connect and ping the gateway, and then something like google.com14:18
holsteinMadz: i would check the config of the router14:19
Madzoh ok i'll try,, thanks14:19
holsteinMadz: also, not that im kicking you out of here.. but if its slow here, try #ubntu and/or #xubuntu14:20
Madzdo you have link to slove my problem?14:22
holsteinMadz: im not sure either of us know what your problem is right now14:23
smartboyhwMadz: What link? Website or channel?14:23
holsteini have suggestions for trying to discover your issue14:23
holsteintrying pinging the gateway and google.com from another wireless device on the network14:23
holsteintrying pinging the gateway and google.com from the device with the "issue"14:24
holsteinMadz: i would try getting close to the router.. sometimes i have seen a broadcom chip show connected, but not be actually "connected"14:24
holsteinif i had other routers around (which i do) i would turn one on without encryption and connect to the open wifi point and ping the gateway14:25
Madzok,, i try now,, because now i use windows, i change to ubuntu,, see ya...14:31
smartboyhwBye Madz14:31
drupinhi there smartboyhw14:41
smartboyhwHi drupin14:42
drupinhow ya holstein14:42
drupinthis hydrogen is a kool tool14:42
holsteindrupin: its a great tool... check out Stuzz in #opensourcemusicians ...hes the H2 master :)15:08
briamini_Where is a log of all crashes kept at?19:35
briamini_I have a program that from face value looks to crash randomly, but I'm sure their has to be a reason.19:35
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ubuntu-studiohello, I'm testing ubuntu-studio with m-audio fast track pro , i have problems always to obtain microphone input. any help on how to solve this problem?? I know it is possible to have this card work "out of box", because i made it works some times ago,  anyway it's not so yet.20:40
ubuntu-studioubuntu-studio quantal beta 2... to be pricise.20:40
ubuntu-studioI have tested this card on many linux-distro, but it doesn't work out of box. i'd like to have a link to information on how to make this card work for the moment. The problem is the input of microphone20:44
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