MFenSpamapS: ok, at least it's known. when you say "no way".. there is at least one way, which is to reboot. anything i can do short of that? where are pids actually "remembered"?03:50
SpamapSMFen: yeah, you can exhaust pid space03:59
SpamapSMFen: they're in RAM03:59
MFenin init i assume03:59
MFenneed an initctl cleanup or something04:00
SpamapSMFen: there's a script attached to the bug which will loop fork/wait until the desired pid appears, then lets upstart kill it04:00
MFenno reason for upstart to track a pid that doesn't exist04:00
SpamapSYeah I agree04:00
MFenoh heh, that's a clever bit of evil04:00
SpamapSits by far the highest "Heat" bug on the tracker04:00
SpamapSbug 40639704:01
SpamapSMFen: add yourself as affected. Its basically a vote for what gets worked on by jodh next :)04:01
SpamapS51 affected so far04:01
MFenwill do04:01
SpamapSand its been known for 3+ years04:01
SpamapSMFen: the only reason it hasn't received love is we keep thinking ther will be a move away from ptrace to something less weird04:02
SpamapSbut then something else comes up..04:02
SpamapSlike logging, or the need to re-exec without forgetting, ironically, all the pids04:02
MFenjust check every 10 loops to see if all the pids still exist, and remove the ones that don't. the solution doesn't need to be fancy04:04
MFenwish you could +1 comments on bug trackers. or at least on launchpad04:07
SpamapSMFen: I agree, or just check all the pids with kill -0 when reload-configuration is asked for06:16

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