recon_lapdont know where you buy your electronics but stop shopping there00:01
xubuntu369ok.. ;)00:06
recon_lapxubuntu369: there is the  Qualcomm MSM6275 UMTS card, I think thats the one with the 3g00:11
recon_lapxubuntu369: found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130579200:13
xubuntu369thxs, checking that right away =)00:14
xubuntu369oh.. you think the chip is not supported?00:15
PhantomXuHello, hello, just installed Xubuntu on my HP Pavilion ze5300 laptop, and cannot gain access to the WLAN radio, it tells me firmware is missing, and I'm not finding anything in the restricted drivers menu, any ideas what could be up?00:49
PhantomXuIt says there are no proprietary drivers in use, but I can't get the WLAN to enable00:50
PhantomXuNevermind, found the fix00:54
krawlerG'day. If anyone is about, are they able to tell me the best way to add a second sudoer account to xubuntu? In Ubuntu I just add the user to the 'admin' group, but this doesnt exist in xubuntu.01:24
holsteinkrawler: xubuntu *is* ubuntu01:24
krawlerIs there a reason that the admin group doesnt exist on my xubuntu install, that did on my ubuntu install? Both were fresh installs :\01:25
holsteinsudo adduser username admin01:25
holsteinkrawler: let me know if theres an error running that command01:25
krawler$ sudo adduser test1 admin  -->  adduser: The group `admin' does not exist.01:26
krawlerI can just add it as a group (which is already in visudo as an entry %admin), I just thought there might be a "best" way that was different01:27
holsteinkrawler: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1/+bug/89384201:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893842 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu Precise) "Move "admin" group to "sudo"" [Critical,Fix released]01:28
recon_lapthink admin is reserved for something in ubuntu01:29
holsteinyeah.. admin.. not sure why its depricated some places and not others01:30
holsteinunless the xubuntu is a newer version that ubuntu was in the above case01:31
strtokwow, xfce4-terminal scrolling some stuff is causing my Xorg process to go 100% CPU (12.04)01:32
krawlerIt was Ubuntu 12.04 and xubuntu 12.04(.1?). The admin group existed before, but if its moved to sudo then thats cool I'll just add them to sudo group01:32
holsteinkrawler: thats what is being suggested, and i havent needed to fool about there in a while... and that does explain your findings01:33
krawlerAdding the user to sudo allows them to perform sudo commands, so looks good.01:34
krawlerfwiw both %admin and %sudo exist in /etc/sudoers01:35
krawlerThanks for the help :)01:35
xubuntu186pretty shocking that xubuntu 10.04 works on a 133 Mhz Via EPIA system with only 512MB ram. The kids will enjoy their new study room computer.05:21
well_laid_lawnwasn't that long ago that 512MB of ram was plenty for any os05:22
Unit193I'd have said try Lubuntu with that. :P   Additionally, 10.04 is going EOL soon.05:23
xubuntu186well_laid_lawn: true. I guess its better than a pdp-1105:24
xubuntu186Unit193: what's the implications of endolife05:24
well_laid_lawnI'll take your word on that05:24
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:24
xubuntu186hmm I guess I am going to have to recompile the kernel, because the default kernel isn't supported by my hardware. I tried upgrading from ubuntu 10.04 lts to 12.04 and got a kernel error05:27
xubuntu186that will REALLY STINK on a 133 processor, but I guess it gives me an excuse to play with the rugrats05:27
Unit193PAE, right.  They are dropping the generic after, but you can upgrade from 10.04 ot 12.04 and keep generic.05:27
xubuntu186 /msg ubottu !eol05:29
=== s is now known as Guest21570
Guest21570have problem with sound... any one help me07:24
toraxwhat kind of problem07:26
Guest21570sometimes show me dummy card ...? works application plays sound but nothing come out07:28
Mathsterkmaybe the driver(s) is missing07:28
Guest21570what can i do07:29
toraxwhat sound card you have?07:30
Guest21570configuration show me no card07:33
v1adimirmaybe you can just disable it from there and logout: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-09282012-093401am.php07:34
v1adimirerr if there's more than 107:34
Guest21570i disable onboard there is only one card07:35
v1adimirisn't onboard c-media?.. the two that are showing in the screenshot is my video adapater07:39
Guest21570onboard is ac97 i disable in bios07:39
Guest21570i star with c-media07:40
Guest21570they show me dummy output  know what it mean07:40
cousteauhow do I change the plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo to plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text?  dpkg-reconfigure?07:47
cousteausudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth -> There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth: /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.plymouth07:49
cousteauweird...  I also have  plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text  installed07:50
cousteauis changing /etc/alternatives/default.plymouth manually a good idea?07:51
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ZeivaHi, we've installed xubuntu on a older machine and we cant get flash to work in any browser (even when its installed from the appstore-thingy). Chromium says it cant load the plugins and firefox just shows a white box where the youtube player should be. (though it appears flash is running if I check with taskmanager)09:23
ZeivaAnyone want to take a stab at whats causing that? The machine uses almost eqlusively SIS chipsets and graphics but changing to an Nvidia card and official drivers did not help09:24
ZeivaIts the 32bit 12.04 release and all updates installed09:24
xubuntu2any one know why xubuntu would run super slow on a compaq evo n610c but not have problems with kubuntu?09:27
baizonxubuntu2: check what causes this "slowness"09:30
xubuntu2i havent a clue. i decided to switch a friends comp over from kubuntu to xubuntu rather than updateing. i told him oh no dont worry it'll run better. its meant for old computers09:31
xubuntu2not the case. it runs terrible. takes forever to boot. its slow, theres mouse lag when its thinking about even the smallest of things, it cant handle flash any more, the animation is choppy and games are unplayable09:33
baizonwell it cant the fault of xfce09:34
baizoni got a netbook and it runs very smooth09:34
xubuntu2i thought it would make things better. my laptop runs way faster than it ever has since i put xubuntu on it09:35
Zeivaxubuntu2: When you say it cant handle flash, do you mean it does not run at all or that flash runs slowly?09:35
xubuntu2slow / chopppy09:35
ZeivaOk, not the same issue as I have then09:35
xubuntu2it used to play farmville and castleville no sweat b409:36
xubuntu2now i just tested it out on a lame small disney game and the clock ran out b4 it even finished cacheing09:37
xubuntu2by the time it was fully loaded into memory and i could move the character two steps it was game over09:38
xubuntu2right now im letting it run its updates hopefully that fixes it. but im at a loss as to how it could be even possible that kde runs better than xfce on a 2GHz w/ 768 MB SDRAM09:41
baizonis it possible to add a notification for the xfce-mailwatch-plugin?09:51
baizonok then other question... xfce4-mailwatch, whats the cli command to use it?10:10
knomeominous, english please :)10:38
baizon!ru | ominous10:39
ubottuominous: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:39
xubuntu743I have a problem with my pc and xubuntu:(12:31
xubuntu743is here the right place to talk about it?12:32
TheSheepbut you have to ask a question, provide more detail about your problem12:33
xubuntu743ok, thank you.12:33
xubuntu743my pc is an old PentiumIII12:33
xubuntu743512 Mb RAM12:33
TheSheepthen if someone knows the answer, they will answer12:33
xubuntu743after some troubles with Winz i'm tring to install lubuntu 12.04,112:34
xubuntu743but PC can't boot by 12.04.1 CD LIVE12:35
xubuntu743now i'm tring to install Xubuntu 10.04 and PC stops after lenguage chosen12:37
xubuntu743What have i to do?12:37
xubuntu743RAM is ok, CDdrive is ok, HD is ok12:37
xubuntu743should i install an older version of Xubuntu?12:39
recon_lapxubuntu743: whats the computer make and model?12:47
killbillkillmaybe try  alternate install...12:49
xubuntu743i tring alternate12:55
xubuntu743the pc is a assembled hard top12:56
xubuntu743the pc is a assembled desktop12:57
xubuntu743installation stops after language chosen13:00
recon_lapxubuntu743: what the graphics card?13:00
xubuntu743i have to open, 1 moment13:00
recon_lapxubuntu743: while you have it open might as well see what the mother board is as well13:01
erkan^why isn't LibreOffice standard on Xubuntu, and AbiWord and Gunermic well?13:02
TheSheeperkan^: because xubuntu has chosen lighter alternatives13:04
erkan^ah, i see that LO works quick on Xubuntu after I have installed this by Software Centrum, TheDrums13:05
TheSheepyes, you can install any ubuntu software13:05
erkan^right (-:13:06
xubuntu743video board is a Matrox13:07
recon_lapxubuntu743: no numbers on it?13:07
xubuntu743graphic card is a Matrox MT0509013:08
xubuntu743On Matrox is written: G45 + MGHA 16DLE13:09
xubuntu743G45 + MDHA 16DLE, sorry13:11
GridCubexubuntu743, are you using the alternate or the desktop iso?13:12
recon_lapxubuntu743: this a brand new custom PC ?13:12
FloatingGoatis there anyway in xfce to make the top bar sorta dissapear and hug the panel in xfce? :\13:13
xubuntu743i tried with latest ISO release Lubuntu 12.04.113:13
FloatingGoatlike it does in unity13:13
GridCubethere was a way back a years aog13:13
xubuntu743sorry, no: PC is an old one13:13
GridCubedont know if such works now13:14
recon_lapok, was having a hard time finding info on that graphics card13:14
xubuntu743assembled one, works with Winz XP, but only in REcovery mode13:15
FloatingGoatthat stinks13:15
xubuntu743before, this machine has been always worked13:15
GridCubeFloatingGoat, opinions13:15
recon_lapxubuntu743: is PC a rescue job, or was it working last week?13:16
FloatingGoatxfce is great but it lacks when it comes to screen real estate13:16
FloatingGoatfirefox eats my space up.13:16
GridCubedisable the menubar13:16
xubuntu743It is a PC rescue job, my friend13:16
xubuntu743but before this problem PC has been worked13:17
FloatingGoatcan xfce have a global menu?13:17
FloatingGoatthat would probably help13:17
FloatingGoatill check13:17
GridCubeFloatingGoat, as i said earlier, global-menu integration doesnt work anymore13:18
GridCubeyou are welcome to take the project and mantain it if you wish13:18
xubuntu743now i'm tring to install Xubuntu 9, and it's arrived splash screen for language...13:19
recon_lapxubuntu743: I'd suggest trying the alt install. might get you up and running. I'm having a look about for info13:19
GridCubexubuntu743, 9?13:19
FloatingGoatim quite liking this quiteee13:19
GridCubexubuntu743, use the alternate iso13:19
GridCubedont use xubuntu 9 you wont get any support for it13:20
xubuntu743GridCube: yes... 9.xx13:20
recon_lapxubuntu743: just go with 12.0413:20
GridCubexubuntu743, dont use such old version13:20
xubuntu74312.04.1 with ALT install... that is Alternate CD LIVE?13:21
xubuntu743I tried (not installed) 12.04 but it doewsn't work!!!13:21
GridCubetry the alternate version13:22
xubuntu743ALTERNATE version doesn't work...13:22
GridCubewhy not?13:22
GridCubehow does it fail?13:23
xubuntu743after a while it stops... no signal13:23
xubuntu743no messages13:23
recon_lapxubuntu743: what happen when you boot to live session and dont install?13:24
xubuntu743with ALT CD it can't boot, Aborts. Then ask me "boot:"13:25
xubuntu743what's meaning???13:25
xubuntu743and if i install an older version of xubuntu and upgrade further?13:25
recon_lapxubuntu743: meaning that you problem is low level hardware13:25
recon_lapxubuntu743: or bad install media13:26
xubuntu743recon_lap: mhh! ok, but CD is ok, drive is ok, HD is ok,13:26
xubuntu743i suppose motherboard is ok...13:26
GridCubexubuntu743, check that the integryto of the cd is ok compared to the md5 checksum of the iso13:26
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:26
recon_lapxubuntu743: does the motherboard have on board vedio?13:26
xubuntu743are you asking me if mother board has the graphic card separated?13:27
recon_lapxubuntu743: you can tell by looking at the back and seeing if the MB has a VGA port13:28
recon_lapbut this not going to cause a boot: prompt, are you sure you created the CD correctly?13:29
xubuntu743i can't understand. My Matrox graphic card has 2 VGA ports13:29
xubuntu743nether Xubuntu 9.10 works13:30
recon_lapxubuntu743: can you describe how you created the boot CD?13:30
recon_lapxubuntu743: are you even using a CD?13:30
xubuntu743downloading ISO from _UBUNTU.org and writing CDs, but all with another pc in different times13:33
recon_lapxubuntu743: and did you burn the iso as a disk image?13:33
xubuntu743only last one.13:34
recon_lapxubuntu743: like if you open the CD on the other computer do you see lots of files?13:34
xubuntu743i'll be back soon13:35
recon_lapo/ DarkAmethyst13:36
recon_lapwaving :)13:37
DarkAmethystahh =)13:37
DarkAmethystI can't seem to find the system requirement for Xubuntu13:38
DarkAmethystthanks =)13:39
DarkAmethystyay, my desktop should be able to run it =D13:39
recon_lapDarkAmethyst: they pretty minimum , do you have 256mb of memory13:39
DarkAmethystmy desktop has I think 312mb13:40
GridCube(256 is recomended anymore)13:40
DarkAmethystMy desktop has 320mb13:41
DarkAmethystIt's pretty old, I'm looking for an OS to replace XP on it13:41
GridCubeyou will be probably smooter using lubuntu13:41
recon_lapDarkAmethyst: seriously ? thats more than old13:42
DarkAmethyst12Gb HDD, 320mb memory, 633Mhz CPU13:42
DarkAmethystand an S3 ProSavage13:43
DarkAmethystI recently got a wireless card for it but it turns out XP without service packs lacks support for my router ¬_¬13:43
recon_lapDarkAmethyst: laptop i take it13:43
DarkAmethystMy laptop is much faster =)13:44
DarkAmethystIt's my very old desktop, an HP Brio13:44
recon_lapI'd take a punt on the recycling center at m ylocal dump, probably find something better for free :)13:44
DarkAmethystI don't know where the local dump is XD13:45
DarkAmethystAnd it has sentimental value to me13:45
DarkAmethystXuxbuntu seems to be working very smoothly in VirtualBox13:47
DarkAmethystunder the same resources as my desktop13:47
recon_lapwonders what happened xubuntu743, seem like a awe full long time to look to see if his CD has any files13:47
xubuntu743i'm back13:50
recon_lapxubuntu743: great, so where the a group of files and folders on the CD ?13:51
xubuntu743recon_lap: my CD ALT vers. of Ubuntu 12.04.1 a ISO (image) burning13:52
xubuntu743in are files and folders13:52
recon_lapxubuntu743: and by burning you mean burning a disk image to cd?13:52
recon_lapxubuntu743: ok, have you checked the boot order in the BIOS of the computer you'r setting up?13:53
xubuntu743yes, with Xfburn: burn an Image file13:53
xubuntu743the boot order works fine13:53
xubuntu743i tried 3 CDs live... none works... and with 12.04.1 ISO burning no boot.13:55
recon_lapok, you got a CD to try boot with?13:56
olbiis there possible to change digital vibrance on intel GPU HD2000 from Core i5-2400?13:56
GridCubexubuntu743, does your computer supports booting from usb drives?13:56
GridCubeolbi, vibrance?13:57
recon_lapxubuntu743: does the CD work in the computer your setting up? and can it read the CD type you are using?13:57
recon_lapCD Drive*13:57
DarkAmethystI've gtg, bye.13:57
xubuntu743 Karspersky rescue disks works, it says:13:58
recon_lapGridCube: good call :) did not think of that13:58
xubuntu743 Karspersky rescue disks works, it says: hw info:13:58
holsteinxubuntu743: have you verified one of the live CD's?13:59
xubuntu743...working... it's loading everything well13:59
olbiin nVidia Settings, there is monitor options -> Controls and Digital Vibrance :)13:59
olbihow I could do that under Intel GPU13:59
xubuntu743hw abst daemon...13:59
recon_lapxubuntu743: did you burn the Karspersky CD yourself? on the same type of disk as the xubuntu CD?14:00
xubuntu743 Karspersky rescue disks says: hw info:14:00
holsteinxubuntu743: i would "check installer disk integrity"14:00
xubuntu743karspersky Rdisk i burn myself!!14:00
xubuntu743karspersky Rdisk i've burn myself!!14:01
holsteinxubuntu743: something is causing the xubuntu iso's you burn to not work.. they *do* work... have you verified the live CDs?14:01
xubuntu743I did not verify Cds14:02
xubuntu743PC info: Host bridge VIA Tech. Inc. Apollo PRO133x14:02
holsteinxubuntu743: i like that step.. it checks several things at ones.. the donwloaded image, the burn, and the actual CD14:02
holsteinxubuntu743: via hardware can be tricky.. how is it "failing" ?14:03
xubuntu743PC info: PCI bridge VIA Tech. Inc. Apollo MVP3/Pro 133x AGP14:03
recon_lapholstein: he was getting a Boot: prompt14:03
holsteini would do "nomodeset"... actually, i would just use whatever options there it takes14:03
holsteinxubuntu743: tapping shift while the live CD is booting should show the menu.. down at the bottom of that menu.. F6 "nomodset"14:04
xubuntu743holstein: what's failing?14:04
holsteintry to get to the live desktop from there.. i would *not* install from there yet14:04
holsteinxubuntu743: you see my post abover about "nomodeset"?14:04
holsteinxubuntu743: safe graphics mode... you can also install with an alternate iso and use a custom xorg.conf to specify the vesa driver14:05
xubuntu743holstein: so you'r suggesting to boot in text mode and install the right graphic card driver?14:06
holsteinxubuntu743: im suggesting that there is not a "right" grahpics driver.. im suggesting you try the ilve CD with "nomodeset"..14:07
xubuntu743i'm tring14:12
apm1how do i disable the synchronized vertical refresh rate of my intel gpu and use the full potential of the gpu ?14:14
apm1right now i am getting 50 fps on glxgears what do i do ?14:14
xubuntu743shift is not necessary, but with Xubuntu 9.10 in F6 menu <acpi=off/noapic/nolapic/edd=on/nodmraid/only freeware>14:17
xubuntu743holstein: Lubuntu 12 doesn't work (only 512Mb RAM?) Xubuntu 9.10 in F6 menu <acpi=off/noapic/nolapic/edd=on/nodmraid/only freeware>14:19
holsteinxubuntu743: 9.10?.. 9.10 is EOL14:19
xubuntu743ok, but it works14:20
holsteinxubuntu743: 12.04 should work fine with 512 ram14:20
xubuntu743less then 51214:20
holsteinxubuntu743: i would just try them til i get a live desktop.. at that point i would try to install.. if it doesnt work, i would think about using an alternate CD, or "moving on"14:21
GridCubexubuntu743, you could try your aproach though, and try to update 9.10 to 10.04 and then to 12.0414:30
GridCubethat "might", maybe, work14:30
xubuntu743ok, i'm tring apic=off ALT CD live boot 9.1014:30
xubuntu743till now everything is the same, booting.14:31
xubuntu743still booting14:37
recon_lapxubuntu743: it anything happening though? is DVD light flashing, HDD light ?14:39
xubuntu743now booting has stopped!14:44
xubuntu743drives' lights had turned off for a while14:45
GridCubexubuntu743, press alt-f4 on that machine and see if that sends you to the tty414:45
GridCubethat should show you whats going on14:45
apm1how do i disable sync to vblank on xubuntu ?14:46
xubuntu743alt-f4, when press alt-F4?14:46
GridCubeit might be decompressing something and its taking its time14:46
GridCubexubuntu743, now that you have it "stoped"14:46
GridCubeyou can press ctrl-alt-f4 aswell14:46
GridCubeits the same14:46
xubuntu743no decompressing. because the animated icon of mouse has stopped!14:46
GridCubeo: you got that far?14:47
xubuntu743ALt-f4, i'll remember it... thanks14:47
xubuntu743i'm tring acpi=off and noapic boot14:47
GridCubexubuntu743, you might "need" to use alternate14:47
apm1can anyone tell me how do i turnoff sync to vblank on my gpu ?14:47
apm1it's an intel gma14:48
GridCube!patience | apm114:48
ubottuapm1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:48
apm1ok sorry guys14:48
GridCube:) np14:48
Artemis3apm1, i wish to know how to turn it on, tearing is evil ;) i could guess its a simple option in xorg.conf, generating one is the challenge.14:55
apm1gotta restart X.org BRB14:56
GridCubeArtemis3, not really, just go to a tty do sudo service lightdm stop && sudo Xorg --configure && sudo service lightdm restart15:01
xubuntu743no boot! Stops.15:06
xubuntu743Alt+F4, no response15:06
xubuntu743i will HW restart15:07
Artemis3xubuntu743, you should get a newer image, 9.10? too old :P15:08
xubuntu743acpi=off, noapic, nolapic15:08
xubuntu743i will try15:08
bazhang!eolupgrades | xubuntu74315:08
ubottuxubuntu743: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:08
Artemis3xubuntu743, xubuntu 12.04 perhaps?15:09
holsteinxubuntu743: i would be using 12.04.. if you want/need an older version, use 10.04, not 9.1015:11
xubuntu743... ok15:12
xubuntu743now it stops again (ALT F4 no response) (CTR ALT CAMC no response)15:22
A_nix_fanhello, why does the wallapapers only change every time i log in or reboot etc ?15:23
xubuntu743cd drive eject button no response15:23
xubuntu743if i try a newer version of xubuntu (12.04) : "aborted I boot:"15:24
xubuntu743what i have to do?15:25
A_nix_fani'm on 12.0415:25
xubuntu743holstein: what does it mean with "boot:"15:26
holsteinxubuntu743: it, being, the xubuntu 12.04.1 live CD?15:28
holsteinxubuntu743: i woudnt expect any "response" from the hardware if the kernel panics or whatever due to ta driver issue15:28
holsteinwhat i typically do is unplug the hard drive, if possible, and just troubleshoot and test til i get a live CD to boot15:29
designbybeck_greetings all on this fine fine Friday15:30
xubuntu743holstein: with Xubuntu 10: nomodeset on and every other F6 option off?15:30
recon_lapholstein: fyi that machine only has 320mb of ram15:30
designbybeck_fine Friday for killin' zombies15:30
designbybeck_...so really how do I kill a zombie process? top kill doesn'tdo it15:30
holsteinxubuntu743: xubuntu 10.04?15:30
xubuntu743holstein: 10.04.215:31
holsteini would expect to be able to get to a live deskop eventually... you are doing the nomodeset option xubuntu743 ?15:31
designbybeck_can you kill a zombie process without restarting?15:31
holsteindesignbybeck_: i usualy run ps aux | grep "whatever" and kill it by PID15:32
designbybeck_isn't that what top does?15:32
designbybeck_if you press k and then type int he PID?15:32
holsteindesignbybeck_: i only konw what i do, not what top does.. i kil the process15:32
xubuntu743holstein: i'm in xubuntu 10.04.2 boot screen and i'm setting F6 option. Nomodeset on and any other off?15:32
holsteinxubuntu743: i typically just try them *all* til i get to a desktop15:33
designbybeck_do you do "kill -9 PID"15:33
designbybeck_^ holstein15:33
Marzatawhen is 12.04.2 due to?15:33
xubuntu743holstein: Nomodeset on then15:33
holsteindesignbybeck_: depends... sometimes i need to sudo kill things.. but typically its a user process that i just try kill PID on15:33
designbybeck_ok thank you15:34
holsteinxubuntu743: with via hardware, and the issue you are dealing with, i would expect to use nomodeset.. safe graphics mode.. the vesa graphics driver...15:34
xubuntu743holstein: outing from F6 menu with esc will discard any setting?15:35
designbybeck_holstein, he's a zombie for sure, can't be killed!15:35
designbybeck_I don't have many brains to spare15:35
xubuntu743I forgot to set graphic safe...15:35
designbybeck_after i kill the PID and grep for it is isn't there anymore15:35
designbybeck_but it is still running in top and my ssytem is still spinning up high speed15:35
xubuntu743til booting...15:38
holsteindesignbybeck_: i would look into what application is causing it, and try going one version one way or the other15:40
holsteinxubuntu743: for me, safe graphics is usually the only way i can get to the desktop with the via hardware15:41
holsteinxubuntu743: i usually just get a few live CD's and just try *everything* til i get to a live desktop15:41
xubuntu743holstein: :S now it's working...15:42
xubuntu743holstein: lights' on15:42
xubuntu743holstein: lights are on15:43
holsteinxubuntu743: yup.. you *can* get to the desktop.. then you can make descisions... blacklist modules.. try some other via driver.. use the vesa driver15:43
holsteini wouldnt have any issues running 10.04 on older hardware if that seemed to be the path of least resistance15:45
xubuntu743holstein: ...altought the mouse icon never appeared15:46
holsteinxubuntu743: sure.. you have low memory... i have literally waited 20+ minutes on a live desktop15:46
xubuntu743holstein: ...even while lights of drives were off?15:47
holsteinxubuntu743: on a machine of those specs, i would be using puppy linux.. theres an ubuntu based one.. and a nice graphics wizard at boot to "get around" the issue you've spent quite a lot of time getting around15:47
holsteinxubuntu743: what drives? you are on the CD15:47
xubuntu743holstein: ...HDdrive and CDdrive15:48
xubuntu743holstein: still working15:48
holsteinxubuntu743: you have a low spec machine.. its hard to say how it will react... i can only tell you, occasionally i get busy with something else while im waiting on an old machine.. sometimes i notice after 20 minutes, i'll get to a desktop15:48
holsteinxubuntu743: what can you do? install using the alternate iso.. specify the vesa driver with a custom xorg.conf15:49
holsteinwhat do i suggest? puppy linux15:49
xubuntu743holstein: puppy linux would be fine for a server?15:49
GridCubexubuntu743, you dont need X for a server15:49
GridCubeanything would do15:49
holsteinxubuntu743: this is the first i have heard the term "server"... ubuntu server would be fine for a server15:49
holsteinyou wont need to hassle with video drivers running something without a GUI15:50
holsteinhttp://www.turnkeylinux.org/ has some nice "live" server iso's that are ubuntu based xubuntu74315:50
xubuntu743holstein: i could use this old machine (if it will still work fine!) as a Web Server?15:52
holsteinxubuntu743: sure. you can try ubuntuserver... or a minimal ubuntu install without X.. or one of the above turnkey linux iso's.. the LAMP appliance15:53
holsteinxubuntu743: you can try those live.. just like the ubuntu desktop versions... a live server iso...15:53
holsteinthey are ubuntu based.... http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack for example xubuntu743 ... you boot that live.. no desktop environment needed15:54
xubuntu743holstein: i have downloaded Lubuntu server ISO but if PC doesn't work with Xubuntu Alternate LIVE CD 10.04 how can i install server version? So i do all this stupid questions and stupid work...15:55
xubuntu743holstein: this stupid questions and stupid work...15:56
xubuntu743holstein: theese stupid questions and stupid work...15:56
xubuntu743holstein: now still working15:56
xubuntu743holstein: drives are led-lighting15:57
holsteinxubuntu743: there is not lubuntu server iso15:57
holsteinxubuntu743: lubuntu is ubuntu with the lxde desktop envirnment.. you dont need *any* desktop environment15:57
xubuntu743holstein: sorry: ubuntu server iso15:58
holsteinhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/server is where to get that.. though i would get 32bit15:58
holsteinxubuntu743: you can try those turnkey iso's since they are "live"15:58
xubuntu743thank you for turnkey infos15:59
holsteinxubuntu743: you can try the same F6 options... nomodeset.. noacpi.. whatever the options are.. just try them, til you get the ubuntuserver iso installer to load15:59
holsteinxubuntu743: the LED lights are not much to get excited about BTW...15:59
xubuntu743holstein: leds now do not light anymore:(16:00
holsteinxubuntu743: right, but as i said, i woudnt worry about that.. LED's just light up from the motherboard activity16:01
holsteinxubuntu743: if i wanted to install ubuntuserver on that hardware, i woud boot the iso, choose *all* options under the F6 menu if i had issues, then i would /join #ubuntu-server16:01
holsteinxubuntu743: the turnkeys are a nice test as well, since they run live16:02
xubuntu743where i can find turnkey ISO (i fill silly)?... what's turnkey? a linux distro?16:03
holsteinxubuntu743: ubuntu server 10.04 is supported for 5 years... 2+ years of that still to come...16:04
holsteinxubuntu743: i linked you the LAMP stack, as well as the main turnkey linux site.. they are ubuntu based server distros as i stated before as well16:04
holsteinxubuntu743: you need me to get a link and re-link it here?16:04
holsteinhttp://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack is the lamp stack16:05
holsteini would try the http://www.turnkeylinux.org/download?file=turnkey-lamp-12.0-squeeze-x86.iso16:05
holsteinyou want the iso.. not the other options for VM's16:05
holsteinxubuntu743: vm=virtual machine... which is not what you want16:05
xubuntu743so many things i still don't know...16:07
holsteinhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.4-server-i386.iso is the 10.04 32bit iso xubuntu74316:07
xubuntu743before download didn't start16:07
xubuntu743with the link, am i more silly?16:08
xubuntu743before download didn't start with the link, can i be more silly?16:08
holsteinxubuntu743: im not sure.. you'd have to give me *exact* error messages.. i typically just search what i want16:08
xubuntu743holstein: why should i use 10.04 server distro altought 12?16:09
holsteinxubuntu743: if it "just works" since your hardware is older... i would just use it... after a 12.04 install fails, or the turnkey's which are 12.04 dont work16:10
holsteinxubuntu743: the newer kernels might not have support for your hardware... the path of least resistance might be for you to install a 10.04 version16:11
xubuntu743holstein: have 12 version minor compatibility then 10 vers?16:11
holsteinxubuntu743: 12.04**16:11
holsteinxubuntu743: there are several 10 versions and 12 versions16:12
holsteinxubuntu743: you *must* specify for me to know which you are refering to16:12
xubuntu743holstein: have 12.04 version higher minimum requirements then 10.04 vers?16:12
holsteinxubuntu743: the 12.04 version could have dropped support for your hardware16:12
xubuntu743holstein: uh:(16:13
holsteinxubuntu743: i typically just try and test.. i try live CD's.. whatever it takes. and whatever kernel works i just use it typically16:13
xubuntu743holstein: my hard-were past:(16:13
holsteinxubuntu743: i dont know that.. im just offering a suggestion so you can trouble shoot16:13
xubuntu743holstein: my hard...were past:(16:14
xubuntu743holstein: now i have to leave this pc for a while16:14
holsteinxubuntu743: what would i do? download a turnkey LAMP appliance.. if that fails, i would download a 10.04 turnkey appliance or ubuntuserver 10.04, which i linked above16:14
xubuntu743holstein: i've downloaded16:14
holsteinxubuntu743: you have a 10.04 ubuntu server iso?16:15
xubuntu743from your link16:16
xubuntu743holstein: i've downloaded from your link above16:16
holsteinxubuntu743: then, if you'd like put that in, try installing, and /join me in the proper support channel #ubuntu-server for troubleshooting installation issues16:16
xubuntu743...i'm still downloading16:16
holsteinxubuntu743: downloading is quite different than downloaded16:17
xubuntu743i'm not master of this language16:17
holsteinxubuntu743: no worries.. im just clarifying so we can be clear16:17
xubuntu743holstein: i've to leave this pc16:18
holsteinxubuntu743: you know where to find me... i'll idle in #ubuntu-server as well16:18
xubuntu743holstein: so i can leave work the older machine for a while16:18
xubuntu743so i'll type /join me16:18
holstein /join #ubuntu-server16:19
xubuntu743in the channel #ubuntu-server16:19
holsteinxubuntu743: or just find someone and they will help you get where you need to be :)16:19
xubuntu743holstein: thank you so much16:19
xubuntu743thank you so much16:19
xubuntu743to all helped me16:20
holsteinno worries.. enjoy!16:20
xubuntu743bye for now16:20
designbybeck__oh, while I'm thinking about it... Tomorrow we kick off another TexOS Project16:33
designbybeck__Texas Open Source Project, we'll have 11 high school students16:34
designbybeck__they'll be working on these donated computers with Xubuntu installed on them, at the end of next weekends session they'll get to take the computers home to keep16:34
designbybeck__Part of what I teach them is about the Open Source Community and how we share and collaborate and help each other out.16:35
holsteindesignbybeck__: do you have a link for that? i want to start something like that around here16:35
designbybeck__Does anyone oppose me bringing them in to this chatroom to say hi!16:35
designbybeck__http://texos.org holstein16:35
designbybeck__sadly I haven't added to much content as far as the handouts and such16:35
designbybeck__but I'm still tweaking those16:35
designbybeck__we started it up after being inspired by the http://reglue.org guys from Austin, Texas area16:36
designbybeck__holstein:  where are you from?16:36
holsteindesignbybeck__: im in asheville northcarolina16:36
tjingboemthinar hangs and crashes all the time. With top in the terminal i see that gst-plugin-scan takes 99% of the CPU.16:57
tjingboemhow can this be solved?16:58
holsteinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/gst-inspector/+bug/489408 maybe16:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 489408 in GStreamer Inspector "Hang shortly after launch" [Undecided,Invalid]16:59
tjingboemperhaps, but i do not see any errors displyaed17:03
tjingboemit also takes a while for the system to be ready for use17:03
tjingboemthanks anyway, bye!17:12
Os_Maleushey all together!18:08
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:11
xubuntu394Hello everyone.18:14
Os_MaleusI have the following question: I have a system on which the home-partition is encrypted with luks. recently, I have bought an SSD-DH and I would like to move everything over onto that. for luks-encription on my home-partition, I had to overwork crypttab. now, if I would make an rsync of my system and an rsync of my home-partition (before exchanging the harddrives), then I would have to overwork the crypttab again. would that be everything, I w18:16
Os_Maleusor would I need to update grub there, too?18:17
martinphonefrom 2 days on, my laptop needs thrice the time to load, any tips?18:23
martinphoneits not the vm's created with vbox18:24
martinphonethose havent gave problems18:24
martinphonecould vmware virtual disk be the cause? although I dont see how18:25
xubuntu_help!   does anyone know why after installing xubuntu my laptop hardly works at all?   i cant browse the web because advertisements overload it. its so god damn slow!!! why?!?! KUBUNTU RAN AWSOME! what the hell?!?!20:21
recon_lapxubuntu_: take a deep breath and count to 10 :)20:27
recon_lapxubuntu_: might be an idea to look in task manager and see if anything is running wild in there20:28
TheSheepxubuntu_: what graohics card do you have?20:28
xubuntu_embedded radeon (first gen)20:30
xubuntu_i dont expect much but i do expect it to perform better than kde as that uses so much more memory and forces it to use swap space (xubuntu working without needing to touch swap)20:31
TheSheepxubuntu_: do you have the drivers for it installed?20:32
xubuntu_well i never needed to install anything on jubuntu, but last night i did install more GL stuff and the flgrx ati driver from software center (i tried one that said it was for my card from amd.com but install aborted saying it was the wrong card)20:33
recon_lapxubuntu_: did you have a look in setting -> additional drivers to see if any are installed?20:38
TheSheepxubuntu_: use the drivers installer from the 'system' menu20:38
xubuntu_i did and there was nothing (on both kubuntu and xubuntu)20:39
xubuntu248hi I am neewbie and first time installing xubuntu on my pc. without problem...20:42
Canuckiano/ all20:42
recon_lapxubuntu248: nice of you to drop by, normally only see problem children in here :)20:43
recon_lapxubuntu_: can you give make and model of your computer?20:44
Canuckianquick question: I have an older laptop running 10.04 with XUbuntu on it, considering upgrading to 12.04.... the laptop system is running 1GB ram and 1.73GHZ CPU, can 12.04 XFCE run on this?20:44
xubuntu_Compaq Evo n610c20:44
recon_lapCanuckian: should be able to, have you tried alive CD to see?20:46
CanuckianI don't have the ability to make Live CD's right now, this system came up from 8.04.20:47
Canuckianits running 10.04 XFCE like a champ right now20:47
xubuntu_unetbootin doesnt work?20:47
Canuckianif I had a thumbdrive to use with it, i could try that, but alas....20:48
recon_lapxubuntu_: Have not had any issues with graphics so don't have a answers , but you may find this guide helpfull https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Introduction20:58
xubuntu_looking into it20:58
recon_lapCanuckian: maybe you should wait till you get a chance to make a live cd or USB, you can always upgrade later21:00
=== Canuckian is now known as Canuckian_away
photonI'm creating a local mirror with debmirror from archive.ubuntu.org (note, not Xubuntu) and included the distro "precise". will this automatically also download all Xubuntu packages and can I use this local mirror from Xubuntu 12.04?21:46
photon(note, not Xubuntu.org)*21:47
Unit193Xubuntu uses the exact same repo as Ubuntu does, so I'd give a guess of yes.21:48
photonUnit193: that's what I have guessed, too. from what I understand, Xfce, Unity, KDE, etc, are just packages in the repo, so it should include all of them.21:52
Unit193Yep, none use different repos, though Kubuntu users tend to add a KDE repo.21:53
photonUnit193: why is that and what does it do? doesn't the standard Ubuntu repo suffice?21:57
Unit193photon: Last I knew at least, may be the Kubuntu devs repo, but it's the newer KDE version or apps, but don't quote me on that.21:58
krosonHello, which one is the superior interface, and why? Xfce or LXDE? Thank you!22:37
pleia2kroson: depends on who you ask, you should try them both out and see what you like the best22:38
David-Akroson: its a matter of opinion, really. they have different requirement on the hardware too. but, if you ask me, the objective fact is i think xfce is best :)22:39
pleia2kroson: you're welcome to join #xubuntu-offtopic to chat about the merits, but please don't PM people without asing22:39
=== Canuckian_away is now known as Canuckian

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