DavewHi All, I wish  to find out if there are issues with menu editor / profile manager and any known other way of controlling ltsp client choices10:00
DavewAnyone Help ?10:00
Davew_I raised a query about menu editor and profile manager in 12.04 not functioning. I am using the server as we speak. Can anybody else13:10
Davew_confirm that these applications do not function.13:11
Davew_And if so what are you doing to restrict thin client access.13:13
stgrabermgariepy: ^13:14
Davew_Consider the picture. I have 120 potential clients. I am using webmin to get the users onto the server, and as the students behind me can tell you13:17
Davew_ we cannot use the system yet.13:17
Davew_I have been using a Centos server  with Samba to allow the Xp clients to access the server. But we all know that to administer this13:19
Davew_sucks. So LTSP is the way......if it works. If I should be using another Distro please tell me .....as long as it all works.13:20
mgariepyDavew, what issue do you have with edubuntu-menueditor ?13:45
Davew_Hi, It doesn't work.13:51
Davew_I have used menu editor to create a tar.gz file. Yesterday I was able to import that menu in to profile manager. But when a person of the student group logs on no change has been made to the menu they are looking at.13:52
Davew_I havetried using the system to create other tar.gz files but now I find I don't seem able to create those.13:53
Davew_ I am following the instructions in the Wiki.13:54
Davew_ I will try to be more explicit---13:57
Davew_ ------I open menu editor13:58
mgariepywhich desktop are you using on ltsp ?13:59
Davew_-------- I remove the ticks from items I do not wish to show13:59
mgariepygnome-fallback or unity ?13:59
Davew_--------I save the menu and append .tar.gz to the filename14:00
Davew_------I open Profile manager and import the menu and assign it to a group all the users are a member of.14:01
Davew_-------- I use File and Save again14:02
Davew_-------I test the meu by logging in as a student on one of the clients and it makes no difference to what is displayed.14:04
Davew_---------- I shall try this again now.......14:04
mgariepyDavew, which desktop are you using on ltsp ?14:08
mgariepystgraber, are the ltsp package ready to be tested ?14:08
mgariepyDavew, can you please answer my question ?14:09
mgariepyi want to help you but i need you to answer so i can debug what is going on with the configuration.14:09
stgrabermgariepy: nope, still in the queue. The queue seems pretty backloged (40 items) mostly because of yesterday being a public holiday in canada/us14:09
Davew_Hi , Desktop is Unity14:10
mgariepystgraber, can you poke me when i need to test then ?14:10
stgrabermgariepy: sure14:10
Davew_When you say tested I am not sure in which context you mean14:11
mgariepyDavew, i was talking to stgraber not you ;)14:11
mgariepyDavew, can you log into the system and pastebin me the environment you have ?14:12
Davew_Apologies in advance14:12
Davew_How do i do that /14:13
mgariepyyou log in to a thin client with a user that should get the menu applied14:14
mgariepythen you open a terminal and run this : env |pastebinit14:15
Davew_I am I think going to have to do this later. At the moment I have no menu as I have deleted what I had in an attempt14:18
Davew_to create a new menu. I was just trying to create a new menu now. If I can do this and then env |pastebinit what should I do then14:20
mgariepyDavew, poke me i want to see what's in it ;)14:20
Davew_OK  leave it with me I shall do what I can14:21
fluitfries hi, default install of edubuntu on a dell latitude  d430.  wifi hardware was notedetected until 1st boot, then i approved the 3rd party drivers.  however the wifi is not showing any networks and an ifconfig tells me that the interface is called "lxcbr0" which i have never seen before...14:29
fluitfrieswell, i need to install the gnome fallback interface, so maybe i'll try a reinstall and see if that fixes the wifi...14:39
Davew_mgariepy: ^14:55
Davew_I assume this is a poke ?14:56
mgariepyDavew, do you have the url that pastebinit gave you ?14:57
Davew_I have probably got a bit of time before you respond.....14:57
highvoltagefluitfries: hey there14:58
highvoltagefluitfries: lxcbr0 is set up by lxc (it's harmless)14:58
fluitfriesok, so if my wifi interface is not showing after install of 3rd party drivers, any ideas?14:58
highvoltagefluitfries: it might be worth while to do an lspci to see which wireless card it contains, some wireless chips have some of their own issues14:59
highvoltagefluitfries: quite often there's a question already asked on askubuntu.com for most common wifi problems, I can strongly recommend it.14:59
Davew_Just in case it is of any importance  I have been using a templates folder off my homefolder and had been able  to save menus there.14:59
fluitfrieshey also, can i install gmone fallback via synaptic?14:59
highvoltagefluitfries: yep.14:59
highvoltagefluitfries: you'll just have to select it from the login screen by clickong on the logo in the corner of the login box15:00
Davew_I changed this location yesterday and could not seem to save it in this location.15:00
Davew_Anyway I have gone through the proces and created a tester2.tar.gzfile.15:01
Davew_I have used this to create a profile and logged in as requested. I have used env > pastebinit  and have the listing on the terminal waiting for you.15:03
mgariepyenv | pastebinit15:03
mgariepynot > ;)15:04
mgariepythe "pipe" will send the output to pastebinit that will give you an url15:04
mgariepyi need to that this url.15:04
mgariepyi need this url**15:05
Davew_Sorry the tilde did not work on the terminal keyboard15:05
mgariepyit's a pipe "|"15:05
Davew_I thinl | is a tilde15:05
mgariepydo you have a us keyboard?15:06
mgariepy~ < this is a tild.15:06
Davew_Yes it is and yes I would have thought it was US15:06
mgariepycan you copy this line in a terminal and give me the link ?15:09
Davew_Have entered line in browser15:12
Davew_Anything else to do ?15:15
mgariepythe line should be pasted in a terminal like gnome-terminal or xterm15:18
Davew_have got xterm and put in line but on return get not found15:23
mgariepydo you have pastebinit installed ?15:23
mgariepyyou can do this by doing : sudo apt-get install pastebinit15:23
Davew_It is installed on the server15:25
mgariepydid you copied the 1 before the command ?15:25
mgariepythe command starts at the e of "env"15:26
mgariepyDavew, i'll be back in about an hour.15:31
Davew_Have located pipe and URL is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269437/15:35
Davew_Pipe on my keyboard was a shifted ~15:42
Davew_I shall stay with this....apologies for delaying you15:43
fluitfriesis there an official way to remove unity or can i just use apt?  i want to switch to the fallback-gnome15:55
fluitfriesit seems to already be installed...  perhaps i misunderstood the check-box during installation.16:00
Davew_Hi fluitfries I have found Unity not intuitive and you ?16:04
fluitfriesyes, and too slow.16:04
Davew_I am a bit worried that users if using ltsp may have trouble with it. We have all been weaned on microsoft type menus I think16:06
mgariepyDavew, i don't usually use unity, i use gnome-fallback on thin clients and it works quite well.16:50
Davew_Hi again, yes I was going to go to gnome. Have I given you what you needed ?16:50
mgariepyyeah, it seams sort-of ok i was wondering if the XDG_DATA_DIRS and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS were exported.16:51
mgariepyand they are.16:51
Davew_Anything for me to do ?16:57
Davew_Strange thing is that I used menueditor in an earlier version and it seemed to work17:07
mgariepyDavew, i guess the problem is caused by unity, can you try whit gnome-fallback ?17:13
Davew_This is done by logging off and logging back in with the gnome choice ?17:16
mgariepyDavew, yes17:17
Davew_Ok I will do this now and return17:17
Davew_O.K. Am Using Gnome - will create menu and return17:21
Davew_It looks just the same to me , presumably it should be a gnome desktop as well17:30
highvoltageSo, for the first time in around 2 years, the edubuntu-webcontact queue is down to 0!17:33
Davew_URL is http://paste.ubuntu.com/126965717:34
mgariepyDavew, it seams you are still in unity,17:35
Davew_I am in the client I have just used but used logged out and then back in using gnome17:36
Davew_Sorry will clarify, client is showing radar dish - server is logged in as gnome17:38
mgariepyDavew, you see the gnome panel bars on top and bottom of the desktop ?17:42
mgariepyDavew, http://www.edubuntu.org/screenshots17:43
mgariepydoes it look like gnome fallback session ?17:43
mgariepyhighvoltage, congrats!17:46
Davew_Client has unity bar on left hand side--------Server which I logged in as Gnome has no such bar17:49
Davew_Server looks like Gnome fallback which it should be17:49
mgariepyok and is your menu applied correctly ?17:51
mgariepyDavew, what modification did you try to do ?17:51
Davew_On wwhich machine ?17:51
mgariepythe menu modification in gnome17:51
Davew_I assigned the menu  I created in menu editor, to the group students and logged in as one of those students. I logged in to the server17:54
Davew_ after selecting Gnome before doing this17:55
Davew_Could I suggest that you tell me what menu you would like to see and I will attempt to create it for you17:57
mgariepyDavew, there is a bug in the game menus, so hiding items from accessory menu should be fine.17:58
Davew_OK will be back17:59
Davew_I have done what was asked- what do you want me to look for that is accessory related on the unity client sctreen18:08
mgariepyis the accessory menu modified when using a gnome fallback session ?18:12
Davew_Yes, I have logged in the client on a second machine and Accessory is not shown18:17
Davew_This is in Gnome18:17
Davew_With no session selection it defaults to Unity - which is not good. Can I make it be ONLY Gnome fall back ?18:20
mgariepyadd this to lts.conf: LDM_SESSION='gnome-session --session=gnome-fallback'18:21
Davew_mgariepy, can I thank you. There are two Gnome options when you log in - should it always be Gnome Classic.18:25
mgariepyDavew, should be gnome-classic (no effect)18:29
Davew_Thank you again. I need to eat and shall go home now. I would like to do some documentation on Edubuntu LTSP, whom should I contact ?18:31
mgariepyDavew, you should poke highvoltage about this.18:32
Davew_will do and thank you again.18:33
mgariepyDavew, you are welcome18:33
highvoltagemgariepy: nice try18:33
highvoltageDavew_: I think it will be best subscribing to the edubuntu-devel mailing list on http://lists.ubuntu.com18:33
Davew_highvoltage, the offer is there, I would like to help18:33
highvoltageDavew_: feel free to send an introduction and explain some of the work you intend to do, and thanks in advance for your work :)18:34
Davew_Will comply, thank you.18:34
mgariepyhighvoltage, i knew you knew how to do it ;P18:35
mgariepyhighvoltage, i haven't been too close to all that recently. ;)18:35
highvoltagestgraber: what's up with edubuntu-live?18:36
stgraberhighvoltage: translation update18:39

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