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kjinngood morning02:49
gurragWhy is KDE refusing to honor my choice of what application launches mp3 files?04:15
gurragit won't stop loading them in Audacity04:16
gurrageven if I right click on the file, set that type to open with Parole, click "Remember application association for this type of file" and run it, it'll only open in Parole that one time04:16
gurragand immediately thereafter revert to opening them in Audacity04:17
gurragthis all just started happening yesterday, at which point my choice of default web browser had been switched to rekonq, luckily I was able to go in and set that back to Firefox earlier and that seems to have taken hold04:17
umar_I want to know how to integrate libreoffice 3.6 with kde better04:24
umar_I'm new to kde04:24
umar_the drop down menu in libreoffice look ugly04:24
gurragI solved my problem from just earlier04:31
gurragsomehow my mimeapps.list had become chown'd by root:root04:31
gurragfixed the permissions and now things are working again04:31
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larsemili have a completely fresh install of kubuntu, with some big issues.06:30
larsemilif i click for example the meny, i cant see it open until i do something else on the screen. same goes for whatever i do. it does not redraw until i move another window or open new program06:30
larsemilis not usable at all06:30
larsemilany hints?06:30
hateballlarsemil: Is this 12.04 ?06:54
hateballlarsemil: And what graphics chipset/driver do you use?06:54
inspironhave any chinese?07:18
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coolgoosegood morning guys07:45
coolgoosecan anyone tell me what are all of those akonadi maildir resources in my kmail ?07:46
coolgooseand if it's alright to remove them07:46
larsemilhateball: solved it by using other nvidia driver08:25
hateballlarsemil: :)08:25
noaXesshey all09:11
noaXesswhere to put additional parameters to apache start?09:12
noaXessin ubuntu.. is it in /etc/default/apache2?09:12
tsimpsonnoaXess: if it's /etc/default/apache2 in Ubuntu, then it is /etc/default/apache2 in Kubuntu too09:17
noaXesstsimpson: but can't add any option to apache start there..09:18
noaXessneed to pass addition parameter to apache service start09:18
tsimpsonnoaXess: you don't pass any arguments to the daemon, you configure apache in /etc/apache209:20
noaXesstsimpson: but i need t pass a the parameter -DDEV to the daemon... cause <IfDefine DEV></IfDefine> does only work if parameter -D is passed to the daemon09:21
noaXessi can do this to have -D parameter: sudo apache2ctl -D DEV -k start but manually.. and i want -D DEV automatically.. it's a local dev enviromet where i need -D DEV09:23
tsimpsonnoaXess: you'll have to edit the init script to do that /etc/init.d/apache209:31
noaXesstsimpson: really? no other default place to add parameters?09:32
tsimpsonnot to the httpd daemon, at lease I can't see/find anywhere09:32
tsimpsonnoaXess: maybe you could add an export for APACHE_HTTPD in /etc/apcahce2/envvars with the command line arguments, but I don't know if apache2ctl picks that up09:37
rockprincesshas anyone else had problems installing Skype on kubuntu?09:42
rockprincessI'm using Kubuntu 12.0409:42
bazhangrockprincess, from where09:42
rockprincessbazhang: thanks for the reply, I'm using the partner repositories.....deb http://archive.canonical.com/ precise partner and its sources09:43
bazhangrockprincess, what are the errors you get , if any09:44
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rockprincessbazhang: oh sorry, forgot to mention....whenever i try to install it (apt-get install or aptitude install) it says it can't resolve the dependency skype-bin....it says it's a "virtual dependency"09:47
bazhangrockprincess, aptitude, if you are using that, would be an issue potentially09:48
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.09:48
rockprincessbazhang: ok, so no more using of aptitude09:49
bazhangrockprincess, correct09:49
rockprincessbazhang: shall i force install it, with apt-get install -f ?09:49
bazhangrockprincess, not a good idea, unless we can not troubleshoot the exact issue09:50
rockprincessbazhang: what I already did was this: dpkg -l | grep skype and sudo dpkg --purge skype-bin:i386....and then tried installing it again, but it didn't help. i still get the skype-bin error message09:51
shadeslayerrockprincess: sudo apt-get purge skype if you're trying to purge skype altogether09:54
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shadeslayerpossibly sudo apt-get --reinstall install skype will work09:54
rockprincessshadeslayer: it says it can't purge skype, because it's not installed. I tried --reinstall as well, and it said "skype -- unknown operation"09:56
shadeslayeryou missed install there09:56
shadeslayerthough if it's not installed, just do sudo apt-get install skype?09:56
rockprincessshadeslayer: when running apt-get install skype i also noticed that it says at the bottom that there are some heldback defective packages09:57
shadeslayerrockprincess: can you pastebin the output?09:57
rockprincessshadeslayer: would love to, but unfortunately the output of apt-get is only in german :(09:58
shadeslayerthat's fine, translate.google.com :)09:58
tsimpsonyou should be able to put "LANG=C" before the apt-get command to get English output09:59
rockprincessperfect :)10:00
rockprincessshadeslayer & tsimpson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268986/10:00
rockprincessaha? ;)10:02
shadeslayer libfontconfig1:i386 : Depends: fontconfig-config:i386 (= 2.8.0-3ubuntu9.1) is the actual issue :P10:04
shadeslayerfor some reason I have 2.10.1-0ubuntu2~ppa1 installed10:04
shadeslayerand I don't know where it comes from10:04
bazhanga ppa10:04
shadeslayerno no, if it were a ppa, apt-cache policy would tell me10:05
rockprincesshmm it says "Note, selecting 'fontconfig-config' instead of 'fontconfig-config:i386'" and fontconfig-config is already installed10:06
rockprincessthen i tried to install  libfontconfig1:i38610:06
shadeslayerwell, ok, the versioning says ppa110:06
rockprincessand there was another unmet dependency....I don't understand it, I've NEVER had such problems installing skype.10:06
rockprincesson any ubuntu version10:06
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/~g-christ/+ppa-packages  it's a PPA10:08
shadeslayerah yes10:08
shadeslayernow I remember, I was testing the 0.3 lightdm ppa, manually installed debs from there10:08
rockprincesshmm, do you think there is any way I could fix this dependency dilemma?10:10
rockprincessshadeslayer: since fontconfig-config is already installed on my system, it can't be the actual issue, can it?10:16
shadeslayerI can't say, looks like it wants to install the i386 version of fontconfig-config but can't satisfy the deps10:18
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shadeslayerI'm purging the g-christ ppa to check10:18
Guest66176hi can anyone help. I'm now in a vmware guest kubuntu typing this, but I can't get shared folders to work with windows. I've added this to the bottom of fstab but it fails to mount on boot:  .host:/c /mnt/hgfs/HostShare vmhgfs defaults,ttl=5,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 010:19
shadeslayerrockprincess: yeah, it's a issue on your system, once I purge the ppa it works10:21
shadeslayerrockprincess: so, let's see, what does : sudo apt-get install skype-bin : say ?10:22
rockprincessshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269014/10:23
rockprincessshadeslayer: hmm I'm afraid I will walk right into dependency hell :(10:24
shadeslayeryeah, there's something very wrong10:24
shadeslayerrockprincess: try installing every one of those deps, and check which one doesn't install10:24
rockprincessshadeslayer: ok, thank you :)10:25
* shadeslayer has to get back to work10:26
rockprincessshadeslayer: it looks like it always wants to install the i386 versions, but why? the libqt4-dbus is already the newest version. and the libqt4-dbus:i386 wants too many dependencies......dependencies hell :(10:28
shadeslayersorry can't help you then, you'll have to figure out the deps10:29
rockprincessI re-installed my kubuntu last sunday...two days ago. weird.10:29
rockprincessthanks for your support though :)10:30
shadeslayercheck if you added any weird PPA's10:31
shadeslayerI only have the kubuntu backports ppa enabled10:31
rockprincessshadeslayer: i now only have these PPA's enabled: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269036/ ....do you have the sources for kubuntu backports ppa enabled as well?10:41
shadeslayerdid you check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:42
rockprincessshadeslayer: there's two files in there....10:43
rockprincessshadeslayer: yannubuntu-boot-repair-precise.list and yannubuntu-boot-repair-precise.list.save10:43
shadeslayerrockprincess: I'd suggest purging that ppa10:43
shadeslayerand try to install skype10:44
rockprincessok, how do I purge a ppa?10:44
shadeslayerinstall ppa-purge and then sudo ppa-purge ppa:user/foo10:45
shadeslayerofcourse, you replace user and foo with appropriate values :)10:45
rockprincessyep :)10:45
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alvinI want to rescue a Kubuntu installation where libc6 was 'downgraded' (absolutely nothing works anymore). Boot LiveCD, rescue mode. / is mounted on /target. So far, so good. Now I want to install the package using dpkg --root=/target, BUT dpkg doesn't seem to be installed on the alternate cd. Same goes for apt-get and aptitude. How can one install a package from the live environment?11:09
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BluesKajHey all12:00
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Palbuddy1234help please I'm trying to update blender and I'm using this website for help...http://www.ehow.com/how_8727375_upgrade-blender-ubuntu.html but the problem is that I get to ./configure and nothing happens thanks so much in advance14:25
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Palbuddy1234oh wrong channel! I'm sorry14:31
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Palbuddy1234_newbie help please I'm trying to update blender on my machine and have been following these directions...http://www.ehow.com/how_8727375_upgrade-blender-ubuntu.html however when I get to ./configure nothing happens, can someone help me please?14:53
Palbuddy1234_thanks in advance of course14:53
BluesKajPalbuddy1234_, blender is in the software center reposiotry , why not install it there14:59
Palbuddy1234_because it's not upgraded for the latest openshotvideo that I want to use14:59
Palbuddy1234_it needs the higher version14:59
BluesKajdid you try to run make after ./configure ?15:00
Palbuddy1234_I can try..15:00
Palbuddy1234_error message make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.15:00
BluesKajmake sure you're in the blender folder , and you have build-essential installed15:02
Palbuddy1234_I think I am as I'm in this directory '~/myBlender/blender-2.64-linux-glibc27-x86_64$'15:02
BluesKajhdo you see the readme and install text files there15:03
Palbuddy1234_yes..one sec I'll read them :)15:03
BluesKajPalbuddy1234_, build-essential is necessary for the make/build phase of compiling15:05
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone15:05
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi15:05
BluesKajhey phoenix_firebrd15:06
Palbuddy1234_okay well blender the executable works fine, but when I run openshotvideo it can only find the old version15:06
BluesKajsorry I'm not familiar with openshot15:08
Palbuddy1234_ah well, thanks I suppose I'll just wait for it to be in the repository15:08
Palbuddy1234_thanks for the help, learning linux step-by-step :)15:08
Palbuddy1234_have a good day/night15:09
phoenix_firebrdnepomuk forgets the indexed files after restart. the files are in drives which are mounted manually15:10
artaojust wanted to pop in to say: whoever decided to include Totem in Kubuntu (Ubuntu?) by default REALLY needs to be repeatedly kicked in the nuts15:15
artaototem has got to be THE WORST media player I have ever used15:16
bazhangartao, thats not appropriate15:16
artaoneither is Totem15:16
bazhangartao, then use something else15:16
artaowell, seeing how it's installed by default, it took awhile to figure out just how terrible it is15:16
ubottuAskUbuntu is a support resource that offers non-realtime support by the community! Can't get your problem fixed on IRC? Try AskUbuntu! - http://askubuntu.com/ You can discuss AskUbuntu in #ubuntu-stack15:26
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: does askubuntu.com support kubuntu?15:27
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, good question , but I have no idea if it does15:29
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: is there something like that for the kde part apart from forms15:30
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: *forums15:30
BluesKajmaybe kubuntu-devel or kde-devel , phoenix_firebrd , I'm not real sure15:32
BluesKajseldom use askubuntu15:32
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: :)15:36
ebravick_So I've not installed KDE / Kubuntu for a few years - just installed some new boxes...  none of my DCOP stuff works.15:40
ebravick_anyone know what happened to DCOP?15:40
ebravick_(i.e. it doesn't appear to exist anymore...  at all?)15:41
artaoHA!!! Screw Totem!!! .. I installed the  VLC firefox plugin and BAM!!! divx IMMEDIATELY playes with absolutely NO problems ... .... I also removed all traces of Totem that I could find16:07
artaoso why isn't VLC the default and NOT the broken POS that is Totem?16:07
artaoI've found threads online going back at LEAST 6 years talking about how much Totem sucks and wondering why it's included with Ubuntu by default16:08
artaoTotem = bad media experience for end-users .. ... UNLESS they happen to be a linux guru and know exactly what extras to install and "fix"16:09
artaoif there were a #totem i would go rant about it there16:09
artaoit may come as a shock to linux gurus, but MOST people want to USE their computers, not fight with the OS16:10
artaoand i'm hardly a linux n00b ... i could NOT get Totem to work with DivX files. At. All.16:11
artaoand my reading turns up that THIS IS COMMON16:11
artaoutterly ridiculous16:11
bbeckartao: Did totem come by default with Kubuntu, I thought it was a Gnome app?16:16
artaoi certainly don't recall ever installing it16:17
artaosorry for my ranting, but it has given me a headache16:17
xenophI don't appear to have Totem installed, and I do not believe I've uninstalled it.16:17
Shaan7Riddell: hi!16:17
xenophDragonplayer is the default player in 12.04.16:19
artaowell look at that. there IS something called DragonPlayer16:21
artaono Firefox plugin tho16:21
artaowhy isn't VLC in by default?16:21
artaoi have yet to find a better media player for ... well ... ANY OS16:21
eeanDragon player w00t16:21
artaoit just plays anything. period.16:22
Riddellhello Shaan716:22
* eean logs out of his unity desktop to login to plasma, could only stand it about a day :)16:23
xenophI don't think I've had any issues with Dragonplayer as of yet. Needed to download some additional codecs, but it did all of that automatically.16:24
xenophThen again, I've not used it much.16:24
Shaan7Riddell: wanted to give some updates, we wrote and had some review over a PMC announcement on dot, and few days back we were trying a release. However, it doesnt seem to work with the newer nepomuk we have in KDE 4.9 :/16:24
Shaan7and as we had to remove the plasma-mobile dependency anyway, I think the release will happen once we're got rid of that and use the new nepomuk.16:25
Shaan7Riddell: just wanted to keep you updated, felt very bad that nothing happened on the release front after you helped so much at akademy :(16:25
RiddellShaan7: aah nepomuk being pesky16:26
RiddellShaan7: spoken to vhanda about it?16:27
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Shaan7Riddell: yea, its intended, all this time I was testing against 4.8.5 and something has changed in 4.9. It doesnt affect other stuff but PMC (sadly) uses half of its metadata from plasma mobile's datamodel and half from nepomuk directly16:28
Shaan7and when it tries to use them at the same time, boom16:29
Shaan7but yea, the fix should just take few days16:29
Shaan7will keep you posted :)16:29
massyhello everybody16:34
massythere is somebody that can help me with ubuntu?16:34
massyin first time, am sorry for my english is not well, i am italian16:34
gugermassy, yes we can!16:35
massyhi guger sorry16:38
massyi have a problem16:38
massyi have installed ubuntu on my pc, 12.04 LTS16:38
massyis fantastic16:38
massybut my problem is that i dont know how install app by terminal16:39
gugermassy: I use: sudo apt-get install name_of_the_app16:39
gugerand apt-cache search search terms to find package names16:40
massyguger i have udes windows for a life and now i have installed ubuntu16:40
massyi know that comand16:40
massybecause with windows there are too much virus16:41
massyand one of these have formatted my HDD losing about 200gb of file16:41
gugersudo is used to gain administrator privileges during the execution of the supplied command line16:41
massyyes i know16:42
massysudo apt-get install name-of-pack16:42
massythen password16:42
massythen ask password16:42
gugerask password?16:43
massyi open terminal16:44
massyi install programm16:44
massysudo apt-get install skype16:44
massythen ask password16:45
massypassword of root16:45
gugerjust yours, not the root one, normally16:45
massyguger is difficul learn ubuntu by script, or terminal??16:46
gugermassy: no, it's just a set of commands16:46
massyi must learn that16:47
massythere is a site where i can learn?? freeware? ehehehe16:47
gugerGoogle is your best friend16:47
massythank you guger16:48
massyu are the best16:48
gugerbut the shell you are using is called bash (I think) and when you want to do some sophisticated stuff you probably want to google that16:48
gugerbash scripting16:48
massyokay bash scripting16:48
gugerbut for the basic stuff you're probably happy with the normal commands16:49
massyi install programs with software center of ubuntu16:49
massyi must learn basic mode16:49
massynot advanced16:49
massynow for example, i use for irc a program called quassel irc16:50
massyin automatic i am here in kubuntu irc16:50
BluesKajwell, basic is the terminal IMO :)16:50
massybut i use ubuntu16:50
massyis the same?16:50
BluesKaj!kubuntu | massy16:51
ubottumassy: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde16:51
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.16:51
massyokay i understand16:52
massyi go on ubuntu site16:52
BluesKajkubuntu use the kde desktop , ubuntu uses gnome/unity16:52
massyand i add an account on forum16:52
massythank you blueskaj16:53
massyu aregentle16:53
oratedHello! How can I install plasma-active or kubuntu-active in Kubuntu 12.04? Can it be installed as a session type? Even after installing kubuntu-active package in Kubuntu 12.04 I'm not able to use it17:36
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massyhello everybody17:50
lordievaderHey massy, how are you?18:00
massyhi lord, i am fine thank you and you?18:05
lordievadermassy: I'm doing good, do you need help with something?18:06
massyi am sorry but am new on linux18:06
lordievader!ask | massy18:06
ubottumassy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:06
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.18:07
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha18:07
massyi told am new here18:08
phoenix_firebrdcertainly you are :D18:08
DarthFrogmassy: No worries.  Everyone was new at some time.18:08
lordievadermassy: Nothing wrong with being new.18:08
massyi am learning to use ubuntu18:08
massyfor now is fantastic18:09
massyi like18:09
DarthFrogmassy:  Are you using Ubuntu or Kubuntu?18:09
massyubuntu 12.04lts18:09
phoenix_firebrdmassy: unity?18:09
massyam italian18:09
massyyes phoenix18:09
DarthFrogmassy:  This is not the support channel for Ubuntu.  This is #kubuntu.  You want #Ubuntu instead.18:09
massyok i must join there??18:10
phoenix_firebrdmassy: have you tried kubuntu?18:10
lordievadermassy: Or #ubuntu-it if you want the italian channel.18:10
DarthFrogIf you want help with Ubuntu, yes. :-)18:10
lordievaderAt least I suspect it exists.18:10
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:10
massyokay this chan is on same serverof kubuntu??18:11
lordievaderDarthFrog: Thank you.18:11
DarthFrogmassy:  If those channel names are highlighted, you can just click on them to join those channels.18:11
massybut i understnad english18:11
massyokay thank you18:12
DarthFrogmassy:  There are many individual Ubuntu support channels in other languages.18:12
massygood but i know italian18:12
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afinkanyone know if there will be any of this amazon integration bs in kubuntu?18:13
DarthFrogmassy:  If a user feels more comfortable in their own language, chances are they can get help in their language.  If they're comfortable in English, then the main #ubuntu channel is available for them.18:13
DarthFrogafink: Doubtful.18:13
afinkthank goodness18:13
DarthFrogafink:  Kubuntu development is community-based, not via Canonical.18:14
afinkno wonder its so much better!18:14
afinkthanks DarthFrog18:14
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DarthFrogafink: As I understand it, the Amazon search results are part of a Unity lens.  Lenses are not implemented in Kubuntu.18:15
afinkthats what I read too, just wanted to make sure.18:17
DarthFrogafink:  I don't know for sure one way or the other, please don't take my word as gospel. :-)  I'm just a user like you.18:19
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oratedHello! How can I install plasma-active or kubuntu-active in Kubuntu 12.04? Can it be installed as a session type? Even after installing kubuntu-active package in Kubuntu 12.04 I'm not able to use it18:28
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avihayorated: go to system settings->Workspace behaviour->workspace, do you have plasma active listed in the Workspace Type drop-down list?18:41
oratedavihay: I see only Desktop and Netbook options. No Plasma Active18:43
avihaywell the brute force way is to kill plasma-desktop and run plasma-active. it can probably be installed as a session type, I guess you can find the sessions folder copy the default kde entry and change it there18:54
oratedavihay: After installing kubuntu-active package, I logged out and selected session type as KDE Plasma Contours Active Workspace. It loads a splash screen with few curves and then stopped at a point. Something like stopping at Settings icon when KDE splash screen loads.19:10
avihaywell, I don't really have a clue, I did some searching, but I didn't find an answer, try killing plasma desktop and running plasma active19:12
avihayI think the executable is called active-desktop and not plasma active, but I don't recall, you can check in synaptic19:13
oratedI'll try, thanks19:20
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shadeslayerafink: though you can get amazon search results in KRunner20:18
shadeslayeri.e. if you want them :)20:18
shadeslayerwell .. there's the amzn: keyword in krunner :)20:22
shadeslayerso if you type something like : amzn:kindle : in krunner, hit enter > opens browser with search results20:23
SIR_Taco_shadeslayer: maybe on yours... not on mine. Sure you haven't added a krunner plugin?20:24
shadeslayeryeah, you might have to enable some plugin20:25
shadeslayerI usually enable all of them, so not sure which one provides that particular one20:25
SIR_Taco_shadeslayer: not sure... all mine are enabled, don't have an amazon option... possibly because I'm not using Rekonq?20:26
shadeslayerSIR_Taco_: http://vizzzion.org/blog/2012/09/online-search-results-in-the-shell/20:30
avihayit would have been nice if the info button on the plug-in would show additional info like, say, usage info...20:31
shadeslayeravihay: you could file a extra mile bug for that :)20:31
shadeslayeratleast sounds like a extramile issue to me20:32
avihayI agree20:32
avihayumm, how?20:32
shadeslayerfeel free to discuss on #kde-quality20:32
shadeslayerhm, let me find the wiki link20:33
RamtronHow do I run a .jar file? It gives me a warning whenever I click open with JDK 720:33
shadeslayerRamtron: warning?20:34
shadeslayerisn't that a good thing incase you accidentally download a malicious jar file20:34
RamtronSomething about it isn't marked as an executable20:35
RamtronHow would I go about installing it?20:35
shadeslayerright click file > Properties20:35
shadeslayerunder the permissions tab20:35
RamtronI see20:36
RamtronCould this be malicious?20:36
RamtronTorrented it.20:36
SIR_Taco_shadeslayer: seems I don't have 'plasma-runners-addons' installed (which has those krunners)20:36
shadeslayerRamtron: entirely possible20:37
RamtronBut because it wasn't marked as executable is it more of a risk20:37
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avihaywell, if you hit the question mark in krunner, it shows you a list of what terms you can use20:52
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Num83rGuyI have a D-Link DWL 520 wireless card that is recognized but has no MAC address and receives no stations. Could anyone help?22:22
Num83rGuyI am going to post this in #ubuntu as well.22:24
Num83rGuySorry it's a little more active.22:25
SIR_Taco_Num83rGuy: likely you need the older ath_pci driver, not the newer ath5k/ath9k drivers (had a problem with an older wireless 530 card)22:27
Num83rGuyit is identified as an intersil using prisim 2.5 / 322:29
SIR_Taco_ah, not the chipset I expected22:31
dahliaso I get a system notification that says to upgrade to "Ubuntu 12.04 LTS" but I'm running kubuntu 11.10. If I press the "Upgrade" button, will it install ubuntu instead of kubuntu?22:33
dahliaI need to do something because X has been terribly messed up since I did the last apt-get dist upgrade22:34
SIR_Taco_dahlia: it should only update what is currently installed on your system (plus the odd program that might be required for the newer version of software you have installed). Gnome shouldn't be installed22:36
dahliaI should probably just install a new one since X is so messed up22:37
fparreiraalgum brasileiro ?23:22
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