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tgm4883is it possible to copy a package from the archive to a PPA (and by is it possible, I mean with something similar to copying packages from one PPA to another and not uploading a source package to the PPA)02:03
wgranttgm4883: You can use the copyPackage API to do that03:01
tgm4883wgrant, awesome, i'll look into the API. Thansk03:03
wgranttgm4883: You can obtain the Ubuntu primary archive with something like lp.distributions['ubuntu'].main_archive03:04
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czajkowskimpt: sorted out your passport yet?11:55
czajkowskimpt: please come to LP clinics if you have at UDS :D11:55
abentleyderyck: I am guessing that Registry Experts and Launchpad Admins should be able to see all products, so that they can review them.14:19
deryckabentley, indeed.14:19
deryckwell, hold on.....14:19
derycksinzui, would you agree with that ^^ ?  I assume admins for sure, but not sure about experts.14:20
deryckok, cool. thanks14:20
deryckabentley, so yes, indeed, then. :)14:20
sinzuiabentley, I think I need to retract that14:20
sinzui~registry is not 100% canonical staff14:20
deryckthat's what I was thinking, too.14:20
abentleyderyck: Okay, do we have a plan for how proprietary products get reviewed?14:21
sinzui~commercial-admins and ~admins need to see all projects for different reasons14:21
sinzuiabentley, czajkowski and I are CAs14:21
deryckabentley, commercial admins should be able to review them.14:22
abentleyderyck: Okay, should this apply to all listings, or just the reviewer listings?14:22
sinzuiall listing14:22
deryckyeah, all14:22
sinzuiThis is just like private teams14:23
abentleysinzui: I don't know anything about private teams.14:23
sinzuiabentley, the security checker does a fast check for A or CA membership, then a slow check of sharing or team participation14:25
abentleysinzui: I'm updating the queries that list products.  Does that apply to those queries?14:26
sinzuiNo, since the security checker is short circuiting the query. I wonder though this re-introduces the bad lp.bugs behaviour of hard-coding roles/memberships in queries.14:29
sinzuiI don't see a way around it.14:29
abentleysinzui: I don't, either, but I'll do my best to have a Single Point of Truth for it.14:30
sinzuisurely we do something like check for A or CA when building clauses, and just not add constraints in that case. I bet I could find a dozen examples of this now that I think about it14:31
abentleysinzui: We could do it that way.  I'm trying to provide composability for these clauses, but...14:33
spenakirkland, ping15:46
kirklandspena: hi15:46
kirklandsinzui: spena and I need help renaming a team and a project15:47
kirklandsinzui: s/ezncrypt/zncrypt/15:47
sinzuikirkland, I can help15:47
kirklandspena: we don't need any PPAs any more since we use our own Jenkins, right?15:48
sinzuikirkland, I think renaming the project will break branch checkouts of your developers. Do you want me to add an alias for the old name so that they continue to work15:49
kirklandsinzui: yes, please!15:49
spenakirkland, we don't, we just our own packaging system15:49
kirklandsinzui: okay, confirmed, any PPAs can be nuked15:49
sinzuiah!. I am not sure I can delete them. You can though15:50
kirklandsinzui: okay, one moment15:50
sinzuikirkland, I think I have fixed up https://launchpad.net/zncrypt which can also be accessed by the old name (then redirects)15:51
spenasinzui, it works :)15:52
sinzuikirkland, spena I think the team is done too https://launchpad.net/~zncrypt15:53
spenasinzui, yes, working too15:54
sinzuikirkland, looks like I could do the rename because the PPA had no publish packages.15:54
kirklandsinzui: perfect15:54
kirklandsinzui: thanks a bunch!15:54
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phillwI've had a couple of "your launchpad password has been requested to be changed" emails, 1) am I being hacked, 2) do you good people have the IP adresses from whence they came?23:10

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