wallynutshello I'm a bit of noob still and my computer just stopped booting after I took the battery out while it was sleeping.  Now it hangs during startup, right after starting NPT server.  it does give the ok at the end of the line - so I think that is ok.  I can get a term on another TTY and I can startx on vt8.  If any one as some help or advice it would be great05:16
bioterrorwallynuts, if you can log into to a tty, I would suggest to examine Xorg.0.log05:20
wallynutsnothing in Xorg.0.log is jumping out at me but I'm not sure what i'm looking for05:31
wallynutsThey would be marked EE right?  if so I don't have any in the log file, but I did startX on another tty05:37
bioterroryes, should be EE05:54
wallynutsIt doesn't seem to be an X problem I can load X06:02
_makThere is a way to add more than 1 timezone to the default clock?10:06
_makThe suggestion given in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CustomizingTheClock does not fit me..10:07
Cliperexplease help. lubntu 12.10 , laptop nc6220 usb sockets stoped working. all of them. at first pen drives used to be recogniesd for a minute then disapeared, then not shown at all , now even usb mouse is not identified.12:38
Cliperexsoory 12.0412:39
Cliperexnot 120.1012:39
Cliperexnot 12.1012:39
Cliperexi googled this for a few hours , tried few sugestions , bit i need some one who know his way around this thing12:40
Cliperexanything ?12:44
Cliperexsorry for the spelling. its there a utility or command that reset thre usb connections some how ?12:45
Cliperexsoi am a linux rookie *kill me now * :-)  but i need somthing , g i v e    m e   s o m e t h i n g12:48
bioterrorreboot and if it doesnt get fixed, hit your laptopt against corner of the table12:54
Cliperexreboot doesnt work.12:55
Cliperexyea it an old laptop but i need it to work12:55
pmatulisCliperex: you might have m/b trouble12:55
bioterrorare you 100% sure it's not hardware related?12:56
bioterrormust be close to 6 to 7 years old laptop?12:57
Cliperexno i am not sure . it an onld machine , ofcourse somthing could be wrong with it. but why dont i get an error note of any kind ?12:57
pmatulisCliperex: and it was working fine or it never worked fine (with 12.04)?12:57
holsteini agree with the hardware suggestion... i would try a few live CD's real quick, then you can at least no that its not lubuntu12:59
Cliperexfresh install just two days before. everything is fine besides heat. usualy around 60 degrees celsiuse but on rest about 50. can go around 90-100 very bussy ( clean fan - new heatsing compound. i saw on some forum it coulld be power timeout for the usb pen drive to stop working. how can i disable power down for usb sockets13:05
holsteinCliperex: i would try a live CD or 2... i nor most other folks i know of need to set that on a lubuntu system13:06
Cliperexin windows i can enable/diable usb sockets/hub in the control panel. is there an aequivalnet thing on ubuntu/lubuntu ? i will cosider live cd13:08
holsteinCliperex: if the vendor has written such a thing for linux, the lubuntu will support it13:08
pmatulisCliperex: finally, check your kernel logs (/var/log/kern.log)13:13
pmatuliswhen you lose your usb ports13:14
pmatulisjude0: no, i'm not talking to you13:36
Cliperex<pmatulis>  thankyou. you are thekning. " hub 1-0:1.0: over-current condition on port 2. uhci hcd 0000:00:1d.0: HC died; cleanup13:41
Cliperexi steal have shortcut somwhere i dont know where13:42
holsteinif it were my box, i would make sure all upgrade were applied... i would try and troubleshoot and rule out hardware issues.. i would try different kernels (with different drivers) in case its a hardware support issue.. i typically find live CD's the easiest/quickest way to do that13:47
holsteinif i had a USB "hub" plugged in, i would remove that... i would try with just the usb mouse.. use it, test... then test a few sticks.13:48
Cliperexno usb devices connected at all. the shortcut is inside the laptop. i need to disconnect the socket somhow13:50
holsteinCliperex: i wouldnt worry much about messages if all is working.. i would test a usb device.. the mouse13:51
Cliperexall is Not working. Usb devices are dead/13:55
holsteinCliperex: we can assume the devices are fine.. the question is, is the usb hardware on the machine bad? or is it hardware support in the kernel that is lacking13:56
Cliperexbut now i have the log to sea so i can get feedback, wich is somthing, which is what i needed/13:56
Cliperexits an old machine with reletive new kernel. the chances are , device fales/13:57
holsteinCliperex: maybe try a live cd based on ubuntu 10.04... something more of that "era"13:58
Cliperexthnks all, will test. bbl13:58
OsmodivsHello. Is there a way to change my location in Lubuntu so it knows I am in my town and NOT in New York?15:17
OsmodivsHello. Is there a way to change my location in Lubuntu so it knows I am in my town and NOT in New York?15:34
Unit193That is generally only used for time, doesn't matter if it is technically where you live.15:36
Unit193(I don't like there either, but that is our TZ city)15:36
OsmodivsWell, I am -1 hour from New York15:37
Unit193In that case, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata15:47
kanliot<Unit193> In that case, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata16:02
kanliotgonna add that to the wiki16:02
Unit193kanliot: May be some sort of GUI way, but don't know it (or need to)16:06
fluitfrieshi all16:42
fluitfriesis there a way to set windows "sticky" to their workspace, such that when i use the window switcher from my taskbar, it moves my view to that window's workspace?16:44
kanliotfluitfries, it sounds like you want lxpanel to control workspaces16:53
IboShow do i add a program at startup ?16:53
fluitfriesyea, that sounds right.  is there a setting in lxpanel for that?16:55
kanliotyou might be able to tell openbox to change workspaces when you activate a window16:56
kanliotbut i'm not sure theres a better way16:56
fluitfrieslooked in my taskbar settings and the panel settings but didn't see anything16:57
wxlhey ya'll where is the config file that lxsession-edit works with?16:57
fluitfriesi'll check openbox settings16:57
kanliotwxl you might have to look at the source code16:59
fluitfriesnothing there either16:59
kanliottry the openbox wiki16:59
IboSkanliot: what if my programm is a command line ?17:00
fluitfrieswait, is lxpanel default or do i need to add it?17:01
kanliotit's the bottom panel, lxpanel17:02
IboSkanliot: can i add a .desktop file for conky ?17:04
IboSsorry for all these questions :)17:05
kanlioti would do the alternative method,  a bit quicker for me17:06
kanliotand also grab a conky config for lubuntu17:06
kanliotand np with all the questions this is the channel 4 it17:06
IboSthen i should add conky -d to my autostart file17:08
kanliottry that config let me know if it works17:08
bioterrorwhat the heck is this Boot Install Login17:12
kanlioti moved stuff off the Guides page into categorized pages17:13
IboSthanks kanliot17:15
IboSit works17:15
IboSi used the alternative method17:15
fluitfriesseems like maybe tint2 as a replacement for lxpanel, will do what i want with the windows...  but i hate to deviate much from stock ubuntu17:16
fluitfriesalso i know i can hand-code the window behavior to specific workspaces, but that's not what i'm seeking either.17:16
fluitfriesstock *lubuntu17:17
fluitfrieswell, one setting i wanted on was "show windows from all desktops" in the taskbar's settings.17:26
fluitfrieslol, ok that's the official solution.17:34
fluitfrieskanliot, you were right after all.  turning on the above setting moves you to the workspace where you've assigned that window when you click it from lxpanel.  thanks for the help.  :)17:35
fluitfriesmy next question is: does lubuntu ship with anything to record a screen capture by default?17:37
fluitfriesa video.17:37
kanliottry recordmydesktop or kazam17:40
fluitfriesk tks17:55
fluitfrieslol, kazam crashes can't connect to pulse audio server17:59
fluitfriesalso listed in lubuntu software center so i'd hope it would work, i'll keep messin18:01
coder27Hello. I've just installed lubuntu 12.04. The system is equipped with NVidia card and it is connected to the HD TV.  Fonts are unreadable. xdpyinfo says the DPI is 54x54. Xorg.conf is almost empty. Please help18:02
cristian_cI was told to subscribe the lubuntu developers mailing list18:04
cristian_cbut I don't find it :(18:04
cristian_cDo you know something? :)18:05
kanliotfluitfries, please confirm this bug 106457518:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1064575 in kazam (Ubuntu) "kazam crashes on lubuntu w/o pulseaudio" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106457518:05
kanliotit's a pain to login to launchpad tell me if you need help18:05
kanliotyou've been in chat for 60 mins, already got you reporting stuff ;)18:07
fluitfrieslol  :)  do i post a comment, is that what you mean?18:07
kanliotnope just click, "this affects me"18:08
kanliotthis bug affects me18:08
fluitfriesone sec18:10
fluitfriesdone, it took me that long to remember which email i used to reg with launchpad forever ago :P18:14
kanliotyeah now we wait a few months for a fix18:16
kanliotdid you try recordmydesktop18:17
kanliotpretty easy to use from command line18:18
fluitfriesnah, i gave up.  the whim has passed.  :)18:22
IboSfluitfries: there is a gtk virson of recordmydeskto18:47

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