ls612Is there a compat-wireless package with the alx driver yet for 12.10 beta 2?00:17
C-S-BMy laptop will not shutdown/reboot once I have logged in. suspend is fine.00:18
trismls612: did you ever get it working for 12.04?00:30
ls612yes, I'm typing this in 12.04.100:31
k1gwbHas anyone tried playing MP3's on Quantal from a Windows network share? I can't get them to play. I CAN, however, open/play ANY other files, movies, other audio formats, PDFs, pictures, etc. And the SAME MP3s that won't work from the network share DO play if first copied to the local machine.00:49
k1gwbAlso this worked flawlessly on 12.04. Can't find any other reports of it so wasn't sure if doesn't affect anyone else, or maybe no one else has tried this use case...00:49
bjsniderk1gwb, is there an error message?01:01
k1gwbbjsnider: Well, in VLC it says Your input can't be opened. Unable to open the MRL (samba path)01:04
k1gwbCheck the log for details. Tried in rhythmbox and mplayer also and rhythmbox just sits there attempting to play whereas mplayer grays out and becomes unresponsive.01:04
k1gwbit's just weird it's ONLY mp3's, and only when on the network share. MP3s play locally, and wav, avi, MP4, etc all play from the same network share.01:05
k1gwbAnyone have Ubuntu 12.10 on one Machine and Window 7 on another? :)01:39
DaekdroomI have them both on the same machine.01:40
k1gwbHmm. Maybe I'll try booting off the live CD to see if I can confirm this as a bug. Still can't play MP3's from a Windows network share no matter what I try. But ONLY MP3's. Everything else works fine off the Windows share, and MP3's work fine off the local machine.01:41
IdleOnemaybe permissions01:42
IdleOneCan't think of anything else01:42
k1gwbyeah I don't think it's permissions though cause I can copy the mp3 from the share onto the local machine and play it. I can also play/open other files from the same share (wav, avi, mp4, jpg, pdf, doc, etc) just fine.01:43
k1gwbAlso, they worked fine yesterday on 12.04. I've been working with them a lot lately.01:44
k1gwbAnd nothing has changed on the Windows computer, and the other machines (both 12.04 and Windows 7) can still play them fine from the share.01:44
k1gwbSo it is really just 12.10 that seems affected.01:44
IdleOnereport a bug,01:46
DaekdroomAgainst Samba.01:46
DaekdroomIt's highly unlikely that VLC and mplayer and gstreamer all share the same flaw.01:47
DaekdroomIn the same release :P01:47
DaekdroomCan't think of anything to blame but Samba.01:47
k1gwb1ha yeah. Is the samba version different in 12.10 versus 12.04?01:47
RiXtErsmb -V01:48
IdleOne!info samba01:48
RiXtErsmbd -V rather.01:48
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.6-3ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 4056 kB, installed size 22359 kB01:48
IdleOne!info samba pangolin01:48
ubottu'pangolin' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable01:48
IdleOne!info samba precise01:48
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.3 (precise), package size 7821 kB, installed size 22379 kB01:48
k1gwb1aha. Interesting.01:48
RiXtEronly bugfixes from 3.6.3 to 3.6.601:48
IdleOnebugfix could have introduced a regression/bug01:49
k1gwb1any involving MP3s? ;)01:49
RiXtErwhat are you using for your client?01:49
RiXtEror a mount -t smbfs or mount -t cifs ?01:49
RiXtEror is samba serving from ubuntu to windows?01:50
k1gwb1I connected via nautilus01:50
RiXtErI think there are interesting things with the nautilus samba client01:50
k1gwb1Ah well it always worked great for me in 12.0401:51
RiXtErwhat is the issue now?01:51
bjsnideri think the sahres are mounted to ~/.gvfs/01:51
k1gwbYeah I used to be able to cd to .gvfs from within ~ and see the shares there01:52
k1gwbbut now if I try to cd to .gvfs it says bash: cd: .gvfs: Transport endpoint is not connected01:52
k1gwbBut I can still browse the shared folder in nautilus.01:53
k1gwbRiXtEr: If you didn't catch it, it seems I can't play MP3s from a network share via Samba in 12.10. I can play any other type of file including other sound formats and movies from the same share. And I can also play MP3s locally. (including the same ones that won't play via samba, after copying and pasting them over the network)01:54
RiXtErk1gwb, ah yes I missed that sorry.01:55
RiXtErwhat does the 'mount' command show you?01:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:56
k1gwbjust to reiterate, I can play wav files from the exact same folder...and movies and everything else.01:59
RiXtErthe same application playing the wav's can't play the mp3's or is it a different application?02:00
k1gwbVLC, mplayer, rhythmbox all can't play the MP3s and all can play the wavs, mp4s etc02:00
RiXtErthat is very strange...02:01
k1gwbFound this from 2007 haha http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=14341002:02
k1gwb"Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'smb://Desktop1/G drive/Wedding Planning/Music/1 - Pre Ceremony/001 Bach -Sheep May Safely Graze.mp3'. Check the log for details."02:06
k1gwbyes exactly02:14
k1gwbI'm building samba 3.6.8 from source to see if that fixes it02:18
Num83rGuyanyone know how to get a D-Link DWL 520 wireless card working?02:36
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IdleOne!info skype-bin10:28
ubottuPackage skype-bin does not exist in quantal10:28
vividIdleOne, just ninja it from precise....its how i got acroread10:29
IdleOnenot in precise either10:30
vividits in the partner repository10:30
bazhang!info skype-bin partner10:32
ubottuskype-bin (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service - binary files. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 28551 kB, installed size 35232 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)10:32
vivid!info acroread partner10:32
ubottuacroread (source: acroread): Adobe Reader. In component main, is extra. Version 9.5.1-1precise1 (partner), package size 58689 kB, installed size 138545 kB10:32
vividso that means its available now?10:32
vividno trickery or magic!10:33
bazhangtry it10:33
vividim using precise currently10:33
bazhangthen thats fine10:33
codescienceanything interesting about ubuntu 12.10 server?11:47
BluesKajHey all12:01
Pedrolitois it normal that 'Alt+F2' doesn't bring the 'run'dialog?  Incidentally, I cannot remap Control+Space to the launcher program Kupfer12:14
jokerdinoPedrolito: it should unless you have accidentally remapped it12:15
PedrolitoI haven't remapped anything...12:15
jokerdinoyou are on unity yes?12:15
jokerdinogo to keyboard and check through the shortcut settings12:16
Pedrolitonothing is remapped to Ctrl+Space or Alt+F2 there12:18
jokerdinoi'll check. brb12:18
jokerdinowell, i found this. bug 101164712:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1011647 in unity-lens-applications (Ubuntu) "Unity Alt+F2 "Run a command" does not run anything" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101164712:19
Pedrolitothat confirms the Alt+F2 problem12:20
Pedrolitowell, except that I don't get to type anything12:21
Pedrolitonothing appears after I press Alt+F212:21
jokerdinoi don't have your problem here.12:22
jokerdinodid you upgrade from 12.04?12:22
jokerdinomight help if you can blow away from your configuration files.12:22
jokerdinobut you would lose your customizations.12:22
Pedrolitothe Control+Space for kupfer was working yesterday12:22
Pedrolitoyou mean wipe all my dot files and dot directories?12:23
jokerdinonot everything but almost.12:23
jokerdinoone sec.12:23
jokerdinotry http://askubuntu.com/questions/56313/how-do-i-reset-gnome-to-the-defaults12:23
philinuxalt f2 opens run a command lens here12:24
jokerdinoi suspect a stale config file somewhere.12:24
Pedrolitook, I'm trying wiping the config files12:25
philinuxthis is a clean install beta 2 including clean home12:25
jokerdinosame here.12:25
jokerdinoi reinstalled on october 312:25
philinuxmind u what commands can it run12:26
philinuxseems a bit limited to apps so I cant see the point unless I'm missing something12:27
Pedrolitodidn't change the situation :(12:31
jokerdinoTry logging out and back in.12:31
PedrolitoI just did that12:31
jokerdinoIf you haven't already done so.. alright.12:31
PedrolitoI noticed I'm not getting the HUD thing when I'm pressing Alt12:32
philinuxPedrolito: sounds like bad config12:32
PedrolitoI did not change anything on the system between yesterday when everything was working fine and today12:33
philinuxPedrolito: I'd try a unity reset > dconf reset -f /org/compiz/12:34
Pedrolitothe only thing I did besides webbrowsing and coding were installing updates12:34
PedrolitoI did that too philinux12:34
philinuxvery odd then12:34
philinuxI'm up to date and all ok12:35
jokerdinojust fine here12:35
Pedrolitooh well, I'm going to try to debug kupfer to see why it cannot register control+space, maybe I'll see what's going wrong then12:36
Pedrolitothanks for your help guys12:36
jokerdinogood luck Pedrolito12:36
philinuxok happy bug hunting12:37
Gamoder_Hi everyone, I got the following problem: whenever I click on an embedded object in any libre office application (e.g. writer or calc) and then click on the the "rest" of the document, libre office crashes. Is this a known problem?14:29
Gamoder_unfortunately, there seems to be no stacktrace14:30
Gamoder_at least it isn't displayed14:30
Gamoder_I am using XFCE as desktop environment, if that matters - 64 bit ubuntu 12.1014:31
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phoenix_firebrdnepomuk forgets the indexed files after restart. the files are in drives which are mounted manually15:12
MonkeyDusti've installed quantal and am unable to login from lightdm - i'm now iw a terminal session (ctrl-alt-f1) - installed fallback session, not better - hints and tips?15:30
bazhangfresh install or upgrade15:30
MonkeyDustfresh install15:30
bazhangI had the exact same issue with a fresh install15:31
MonkeyDusthow did you solve it?15:31
bazhangthe graphics became a huge black and white checkerboard, and completely unresponsive15:31
MonkeyDustjust a normal lightdm screen here, can login with guest user, but not with the normal user15:32
bazhangI never was able to complete the fresh install as a result15:32
bazhangso you got much further than I did15:32
bazhangI never got past the choosing language section15:33
MonkeyDustback to 12.04... another 15 minutes ;)15:33
designbybeckRandom question. When Ubuntu comes out with say 12.10.... and they have 12.04.1LTS... do they just build upon that?15:40
designbybeckjust curious as to how they do it15:40
jpdsdesignbybeck: Build on what15:42
designbybeckis 12.10 built on top of 12.04.0115:43
designbybecki guess I'm wondering if all the updates thus far, get put into 12.1015:43
jpdsdesignbybeck: In a way, it continues from 12.04.15:43
designbybecklike when you do a new install, and you already hve some new updates15:43
DaekdroomAll updates there is in 12.04.1 from 12.04 should be in 12.1015:43
jpdsdesignbybeck: That's because the ISO has a fixed set of packages.15:44
DaekdroomOtherwise issues might happen.15:44
designbybeckI just tried LinuxMint Cinnamon with my laptop I'm on now. It reminded me of Ubuntu 10.04-11.04 as far as how it handled the ATI video card15:45
designbybecksuch a pain. But since Ubuntu 11.10 things have been great15:45
designbybeckI've got a new system coming in the next few days that I was debating on what distro to go with15:46
designbybeckbut I'm thinking I might just have to go with 12.10 afterall!15:46
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  which graphics in the new system ? Some ati cards are having issues in 12.10 ubuntu15:47
designbybeckthe new system will be a 1GB Quadro NVIDIA15:47
designbybeck16GB Ram Quadcore Xeon 256SSD15:48
designbybeckBluesKaj: On my laptop I might just stay with Ubuntu 12.04 which is running decently with this ATI card, or go to something like LinuxMint XCFE15:48
designbybeckso that it is a lil' lighterweight15:48
BluesKajthen you should be ok  , most nvidia run fine on 12.1015:49
BluesKajyeah even my laptop with intel graphics is fine on 12.04 , but a friend with ati laptop graphics is having probs with unity so he switched to kde , problems went away ...lesser load on the gpu , a lighter form of compiz in kwin15:52
designbybeckah yes, I've always thought kwin was pretty sleek and polished15:52
designbybeckI haven't tried the beta for Kubuntu 12.1015:52
designbybeckguess I could just wait a few more days to do that15:53
BluesKaji'm sticking with 12.04 on the laptop 'til the end of november , then I'll try 12.1015:53
designbybeckUbuntu or Kubuntu BluesKaj?15:54
servaas xubuntu 12.10 high cpu load for mountall --daemon, gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor15:55
BluesKajoh kubuntu always ..I tried to like ubuntu , but it never did much for me15:55
designbybeckBluesKaj:  you ever try LinuxMint KDE?16:00
BluesKajdesignbybeck, no ,but I have thought about it16:03
designbybeckI might have another look at it myself16:03
designbybeckhey BluesKaj, what is your KDE setup like? Do you customize it a lot? Awesome tweaks? change up the docks and such? Or do you stay pretty stock?16:07
BluesKajdesignbybeck, , I'm not big on eyecandy , std themes , no docks , but Iam particula rabout having a different wall paper for each desktop , landscape photos of my area16:09
designbybeckah yes16:10
BluesKajor more like lake scapes :)16:10
designbybecki've found that Linux Mint comes with some cool ones16:10
designbybeckOne thing I really like about the whole Linux DE community and such is that most all applications will run on other DEs16:15
designbybeckmight not look the same, but most of the time it at least works16:15
BluesKajwallpapers like this one designbybeck ..Wife's Family cottage shoreline and lake view ,http://imagebin.org/23139616:16
designbybecksweet! BluesKaj pretty awesome when it's a place you've been! ;) Most places i have on wallpapers I only dream of going to!16:17
BluesKajit's bit large due to screen size but ctrl - will bring it down16:18
designbybeckah 8desktops! iis that because you have dual monitors?16:18
BluesKajyeah , nothern Ontario , it's actually an ancient crater16:18
designbybeckdo you use all the desktops a lot? I find I don't use the others much because I have a dual screen setup16:18
BluesKajnope I designbybeck , I just like to use one desktop per app :)16:19
designbybeckwhat size monitor do you have?16:19
BluesKajit's actually our TV , 42" panasonic plasma16:20
designbybeckat home I have a system hooked to my 42" lg16:20
designbybeckpretty good setup for the most part16:20
BluesKajyerah , this pc is a basic media server for audio and video , but wife also has her own pc so get to play on this16:22
BluesKajI get to16:22
BluesKajwe 're both retired ..so I have plenty of time on my hands to fool with linux etc ...gotta fix the hinges on the laptop tho ...one of these days :)16:25
designbybeckI was just looking at my LinuxDistro folder, I've got 28 of them in there  for about 24.4GB of space16:27
designbybeckI guess collecting LinuxDistros is my hobby! ;)16:27
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping.16:27
BluesKajdesignbybeck, any advantages using linux mint over ubuntu other than stability ?16:29
designbybeckwell like I said the headache I had with LinuxMint and the ATI card just turned me off to the whole thing. But what I did see on another system, I was liking Cinnamon, seemed to have the best of all the worlds16:30
designbybeckfelt lighter than Unity16:30
designbybeck....well best of all worlds meaning Gnome/Unity16:30
BluesKajdoes mint offer kde as an option ?'16:33
designbybeckas well as XCFE16:33
designbybeckwhich I think they did a good job of bringing some visual elements/eyecandy from Mint to the XCFE at least16:33
designbybeckKDE looks pretty much the same16:34
BluesKajI've tried a few other non-debian-based distros , but the package management systems don't measure up to dpkg , so I felt deprived :)16:36
designbybeckyeah that is what one of the lead developers from Google Said about why they use Ubuntu16:36
designbybeckdid you see that article!? It was great!!!16:36
phoenix_firebrdnepomuk forgets the indexed files after restart. the files are in drives which are mounted manually. Using Kubuntu 12.10 beta 216:37
designbybeckBluesKaj: He replied, “We chose Debian because packages and apt [Debian's basic software package programs] are light-years ahead of RPM http://www.zdnet.com/the-truth-about-goobuntu-googles-in-house-desktop-ubuntu-linux-7000003462/16:38
BluesKajdesignbybeck, no don't think I saw the article.16:38
designbybeckBluesKaj:  what I don't understand is how Google says things like this, but doesn't have a Google Drive for Linux yet!? and other things like supporting ODT format natively in Google Docs/Drive16:44
designbybecki saw someone post about that this mroning16:44
phoenix_firebrdnepomuk forgets the indexed files after restart. the files are in drives which are mounted manually. Using Kubuntu 12.10 beta 216:44
designbybeckBluesKaj: on another note.... Okular for PDFs have you used it?17:02
BluesKajyes , designbybeck , works fine IME17:03
designbybeckhave you tried to do any Annotation with it17:04
BluesKajdesignbybeck, I havent created any PDfs , but okular handles exiting ones just fine17:04
designbybeckI've been trying to find a solution for faculty to annotate on students papers, but the only thing that I don't like about Okular is that the Annotation feature, lets you turn it on click draw, but turns off after you draw17:05
designbybeckso you can pretty much only write one letter at a time17:05
silverarrowI have a new USB 16GB flash, and it is formatted to windows 95 fat?17:05
designbybeckunless I'm using it wrong. and it would be great because it runs on all platforms17:05
edgyhi, what package I need to install to make this page work? https://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp17:07
bazhangyou want the openJDK or the one from oracle17:08
edgyI installed openjdk and icedtea-7-plugin:amd6417:08
edgyopenjdk-7-jre:amd64 is installed17:08
edgybazhang: but neither firefox nor chrome can view the java applet there17:09
edgybazhang: can you please test yourself, may be it's a bug17:09
bazhangyep tested17:09
bazhangopenjdk only here17:09
edgybazhang: which version? 7?17:10
bazhangdoes not work17:10
edgybazhang: so it's not working for you too?17:10
bazhangedgy, whatever 12.10 has17:10
bazhangedgy, correct17:10
edgybazhang: quantal has many versions17:10
bazhang!find openjdk17:11
ubottuFound: openjdk-7-dbg, openjdk-7-demo, openjdk-7-doc, openjdk-7-jdk, openjdk-7-jre, openjdk-7-jre-headless, openjdk-7-jre-lib, openjdk-7-source, openjdk-6-dbg, openjdk-6-demo (and 10 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all17:11
bazhang7 then17:11
bazhang!info openjdk-7-jre17:13
ubottuopenjdk-7-jre (source: openjdk-7): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component main, is optional. Version 7u7-2.3.2-1ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 219 kB, installed size 682 kB17:13
BluesKajmajor upgrade , 23017:27
BluesKajon the kubuntu side17:27
BluesKajyeah , still upgrading17:29
designbybeckI'm trying to install LinuxMint KDE on this old 512MB P4 system17:30
BluesKajtakes a while with this older DSL connection17:30
designbybeckThese are the ones we gave away this past weekend with our TexOS Project, I feel bad because Xubuntu wasn't very "awesome" for the students and seemed sluggish17:30
designbybeckalready LinuxMint XCFE has preformed better on it, and I'm trying the KDE17:31
BluesKajyeah 512Ram may not cut it for kde17:31
BluesKajoops , forgot the terminal was ssh'd into the laptop , that's 12.04 upgrade coming down the pipe :)17:33
BluesKajyeah , it hasn't been updated/upgraded for a while ....rarely turn it on these days17:35
edgybazhang: did you find a bug filed that java not working?17:36
bazhangedgy, I'd assume that oracle wants us to use their version17:37
edgybazhang: openjdk is not related to oracle, it's developed by the community, no?17:37
bazhangthats right17:37
BluesKajI'll probly need to put a W7 partition on the laptop in the spring , since hotels are notorious for being linux-unfriendly IME  ..we plan to do some travelling in march / april17:38
BluesKajok BBL, stuff to do for a few mins17:39
designbybeckah, luckly I haen't had a problem with hotels adn linux17:40
MonkeyDustinstalled quantal, unable to login from lightdm - i'm here ow using a terminal session (ctrl-alt-f1)18:23
MonkeyDustcreated another user, login ok, guest login ok, just not with my normal user - hints and tips?18:23
trismMonkeyDust: did you upgrade from 12.04?18:34
trismMonkeyDust: in any case check out /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log (the other question was because if you used unity-2d in 12.04 there was a bug that was fixed 3 hours ago that wouldn't let you log in, so you might just need to upgrade)18:37
MonkeyDusttrism  fresh install 12.1018:38
trismstrange, definitely check out the lightdm.log as a start to see what sort of error is returned18:39
trismMonkeyDust: could you log in when you first installed? may have messed up ~/.Xauthority18:39
MonkeyDustlog: paste.ubuntu.com/126977518:41
MonkeyDusttrism  no and never touched .Xauthority18:41
MonkeyDustdidnt know it existed18:42
trismwell you wouldn't touch it, I believe it generally gets corrupted when you accidently run a gui app with sudo18:42
MonkeyDustdidnt, because I had no gui18:42
trismwrong part of the log, I need the part with the session selected18:43
MonkeyDusttrism  it was tail, now i'll show the whole log18:43
MonkeyDustlog: paste.ubuntu.com/126978718:44
trismMonkeyDust: weird, is there an error in /var/log/auth.log for the gbachot user? (did you select autologin when installing?)18:48
MonkeyDusttrism  no, not autoselect -- gbachot is the normal user18:49
trismMonkeyDust: ~/.xsession-errors might be interesting too (and see if autologin is enabled in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf)18:49
MonkeyDustlog: paste.ubuntu.com/126980118:50
trismMonkeyDust: that looks fine18:53
MonkeyDustnot seen from here18:54
trismthough the lightdm-autologin still makes me think that autologin might be in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:54
trismguess that just leaves ~/.xsession-errors to see if anything is crashing in there18:55
trismthough it would be strange for a fresh install for the main user not to work but new users do, did you preserve /home or anything in the install?18:56
MonkeyDustnot better after reboot18:58
trismMonkeyDust: I do notice in auth.log 'auth could not identify password for [gbachot]' do you have any strange characters in the password?18:59
MonkeyDustno, a-z 0-9 characters, the passwd is accepted when i login in a terminal session19:00
trismMonkeyDust: okay, how about ~/.xsession-errors for the user19:01
MonkeyDusttrism, i entered false passwd on purpose, got an error msg, didnt get that before19:01
MonkeyDust.xsession-errors: paste.ubuntu.com/126982419:04
trismMonkeyDust: that is interesting is byobu installed?19:07
MonkeyDustsome byobu error, installed byobu, not better (byobu is an extenion for screen, i no longer use it19:10
trismMonkeyDust: did you preserve /home in this fresh install?19:11
MonkeyDusttrism  yes19:12
trismMonkeyDust: did .xsession-errors change at all after installing byobu? I'm not certain how byobu gets set as default like that so not sure how to disable it19:14
trismMonkeyDust: generally in .xsession-errors when starting the ubuntu session you should see a bunch of compiz plugins loading, so only seeing those couple lines is odd19:15
MonkeyDusttrism  i never liked from the start, i'm used to fallback mode19:16
MonkeyDustliked compiz/unity19:16
trismMonkeyDust: if you install gnome-panel , restart lightdm and try to log in to the Classic (no effects) session does it work?19:16
MonkeyDusttrism  already tried that, not better19:17
MonkeyDustscreen freezes, restart, brb19:18
trismMonkeyDust: I checked line 27 in lightdm-session, and it seems the error is from sourcing .profile, probably not keeping you from logging in but you may want to remove the byobu stuff19:23
trismMonkeyDust: ls -l ~/.Xauthority; out of curiosity, not root owned is it? otherwise something in your home directory is keeping it from logging in but hard to tell what19:25
bandit-ledcould some one check latest libreoffice writer and see if they can paste text into a table?19:26
trismMonkeyDust: maybe some clues in /var/log/Xorg.0.log but otherwise may just need to move/delete your dotfiles out of the way until it lets you log in19:26
bandit-ledLibreoffice Version
bandit-lednever mind its a wine issue not libreoffice19:27
BvLHi I need a little help, I'm getting a kernel panic on my macbook (2,1), which was not present on 12.04 LTS20:07
BvLI installed Ubuntu on a external hard drive, I built a uefi comparable grub v2.00 in order to use the external drive20:07
BvLI looked in my log files and I couldn’t find this boot time kernel panic,20:07
BvLI came form the #ubuntu channel (I was suggested to try this channel by wilee-nilee), TJ- (#ubuntu channel) suggested i may be able use a "usb serial link" to get the kernel logs, but I don’t have that20:08
smallfoot-when i can haz firefox 16?20:09
BvLany additional advice would be appreciated20:09
TJ-BvL: I think video recording the screen may be the fastest way to grab the panic; without a serial port things get complicated. You can also set up a tcp connection back to a simple TCP client like netcat, but it can be difficult to set-up20:09
BvLTj- after i capture the bug, would i have to retype the whole contents of my kernel log20:11
BvLTJ- i got the the error but its i dont understand the error20:12
TJ-You only really need the lines that detail the PANIC itself, which will include a stacktrace showing where in each function the CPU was when the panic occured20:13
BvLwhats a stacktrace? is it [    0.981514]20:15
BvLeverything seams fine until i get an bug - then i get an oops - and a couple of dozen lines later i get a "kernel panic - not syncing: attempt to kill init!"...20:18
smallfoot-BvL, no a stacktrace is something you get with a debugger (such as gdb)20:19
designbybeckUSB ImageWriter vs UNetbBootin20:27
designbybeckor what else do you guys use for creating USBs20:27
BvLsmallfoot- I'm still unsure what a stacktrace is, could you point me towards an example?20:27
designbybeckUnetbootin' seems old20:27
BvLin my error I do have a stack, or a call trace but I don’t think your referring to that20:27
designbybeckbut it does the job20:28
smallfoot-BvL, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_trace20:29
BvLsmallfoot-: Oops: 0010 [#1] SMP?20:33
smallfoot-BvL, doesn't look like a stacktrace, but idk, maybe your 'dmesg' output could be useful20:34
BvLsmallfoot-: I cant find the error in my logs, would 'dmesg' still show it? (boot time kernel panic)20:35
TJ-BvL:  Look at this bug for an example of the stacktrace. It starts with the "EIP: [<....." line bug #102970420:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1029704 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Oops - Fatal exception in interrupt; EIP is at c13e812c ata_bmdma_interrupt+0x4c/0x1e0 SS:ESP 0068:f4c09f60" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102970420:36
BvLThanks everyone20:43
smallfoot-i can has firefox 16?21:03
bjsniderfirefox is up to 16 now? it will be at 100 by this time next year21:04
smallfoot-ya it is21:12
smallfoot-its 1 new release every month21:12
smallfoot-firefox daily trunk is actually version 1921:13
smallfoot-and google chrome is 2221:13
smallfoot-chrome-dev is v2421:13
smallfoot-thanks for firefox 16!! IM HAPPY NOW!!22:09
smallfoot-firefox <322:09
smallfoot-ubuntu <322:09
smallfoot-unity </322:09
jpdsUnity's great.22:13
smallfoot-jpds, i hate adware23:16
vividfeels like 12.10 is full of it...23:17
smallfoot-unity is adware23:17
smallfoot-the new ubuntu is adware, it sucks23:17
vividi just disable it all, but it seems like i have to disable more stuff with every release23:17
smallfoot-yeah, i dont even use unity. i want to a menu to run software from, and unity is a slow, bloated kitchenthink that does everything but that... well it can do that, but it does it poorly23:18
vividi disagree, but youre entitled to your opinion23:19
vividremoving unity-scope-musicstores and unity-scope-video-remote helps alot in precise..23:19
smallfoot-and mark shuttleworth can talk about value-added user experience improvement partner content delivery technology, but it basically means ADWARE23:20
smallfoot-i got a script that removes those 2 packages23:20
smallfoot-but i don't like unity, and i think gnome went downhill with gnome3 too... so now whole linux has gone down23:21
smallfoot-i use gnome fallback session, but it got its bugs and i hear they are planning to remove it23:21
vividi think youll find that unity becomes an excellently accepted desktop....after everyone gets off the i dont like it bandwagon23:21
smallfoot-maybe cinnamon (linux mint) or phantom (elementary) could be something23:22
vividit also feels like 199523:22
smallfoot-unity doesn't seem very well thought out for 24" screens, they made it on their netbook remix for 9" netbooks23:22
vividworks great on my 52" dont see how 24" would be any different23:22
vividclean, simple, effective23:23
smallfoot-doesn't feel so 95 with compiz and fancy plugins23:23
vividgnome legacy will always feel 199523:23
vividbecause its not moving forward23:23
smallfoot-maybe it doesn't have to23:23
smallfoot-a good paradigm is a good paradigm23:23
vividaiming to solve bug #1 doesnt include outdated ineffecient desktops23:24
smallfoot-change for the sake of change is bad23:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Proprietary operating systems have a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123:24
vividif it did, that bug would be closed23:24
smallfoot-no it doesnt23:25
smallfoot-people want photoshop and call of duty 323:25
smallfoot-does linux have that? no it doesnt23:25
vividit will in the future23:25
smallfoot-doesn't matter how userfriendly or good linux is, its shit and ppl dont want it if doesnt have photoshop or crysis23:25
vividthats not true, i use it every day and im an avid gamer23:25
smallfoot-well, your argument of "if it did, that bug would be closed" doesn't resonate with "it will in the future"23:26
vividand gimp > photoshop23:26
smallfoot-i use linux everyday too, and i use gimp too... but gimp is better than photoshop? what are you smoking?23:26
vividif the state of linux in 1995 (where gnome legacy is) could compete, the bug would be closed23:26
smallfoot-gimp doesn't support cmyk, doesn't support deep color depths23:26
vividit supports me making fantastic artwork and websites23:26
smallfoot-yeah its good, you can do nice stuff with gimp, i use gimp... but claiming it is superior to photoshop is bs23:27
vividsure it is, check the price tag23:27
smallfoot-better = features, functionality, ability to do things, not price tag23:27
vividnot to any business exec, $$ makes things move23:27
bjsniderhow many people actually use photoshop?23:28
* vivid does not raise hand23:28
smallfoot-well then nano is better than microsoft office, because ms office cost money and nano is free23:28
smallfoot-your logic is great lol23:28
vividyea but, libreoffice is better than nano, so you compare apples to ocelots23:28
smallfoot-face it, ms office is superior to libreoffice23:29
smallfoot-and photoshop is superior to gimp23:29
smallfoot-anything else is a outright lie23:29
vividi disagree, again, youre entitled to your opinion23:29
smallfoot-"but its free!" lol, get real23:29
smallfoot-does gimp support 16-bit color depth? no it does not! gimp is great for amateur use, but its not professional software23:30
vividi wonder what the ratio of people using photoshop that bought it versus people that stole it23:30
smallfoot-doesnt matter23:30
vividit does to me, if i was in to stealing why would i use linux?23:30
smallfoot-even if 100% downloaded photoshop, it doesnt matter, ITS STILL BETTER than gimp23:30
smallfoot-i dont know, why wouldn't you?23:30
smallfoot-if you were into stealing, you wouldn't use linux?23:31
bjsnideryou can buy an oem version of photoshop for $10023:31
vividno, id just steal windows 7 and use it..23:31
smallfoot-you imply that if you were into stealing, you would use microsoft windows because it is superior, but since you're not into stealing you use linux23:31
bjsniderit's superior at crashing and getting infected23:31
vividno, youre putting words into my mouth.  its not better23:31
smallfoot-crashing? bullshit, windows is more stable than linux23:32
smallfoot-linux crashes far more often than windows does23:32
vividyea....until you get some ridiculous virus and callhomes23:32
vividafter you agree to that license...23:32
smallfoot-experienced users don't get any viruses, its only idiots who do23:32
smallfoot-and when these idiots start using linux, they will get viruses on linux too23:32
smallfoot-idiocy can not be cured23:32
vividthe majority of the world probably qualifies as "idiot"23:33
smallfoot-and linux is in no way immune to viruses23:33
vividthough, i dont think anyone has urged you to use linux.....if you dont like it youre free to go your own way :p23:33
smallfoot-i like linux, i prefer it over windows, which is why i use it23:34
smallfoot-i also like linux23:34
smallfoot-i also like gimp23:34
smallfoot-but i do admit that photoshop is superior to gimp and that windows is more stable than ubuntu23:34
vividso use those likes to change your attitude and eliminate what you think makes other applications superior23:34
vividpatches welcome23:34
smallfoot-if photoshop were free open source software and available for linux, i would use it because it is superior to gimp23:35
vividif mars were habitable, i would live there23:36
bjsniderphotoshop could be ported to linux without it being foss23:37
bjsnideralthough RMS would blow a gasket23:37
vividcould also be run with wine23:37
vividor a VM23:37
smallfoot-unless its free software i don't want it... gimp is good enough for my needs (i don't do professional graphics work) even though its inferior compared to photoshop23:39
vividi bet i could beat you in a debate on that :p23:42
smallfoot-yeah, with arguments like "gimp is free, photoshop cost money so that means gimp is better" lol23:43
vividi wouldnt even say anything, i would just use it on three platforms and make amazing graphics in realtime23:43
vividthen let you....do the same23:43
vividfriendly debate, of course23:44
smallfoot-thats like "Software X works on DOS, OpenVMS, CP/M, IRIX, HP-UX, and AIX - all these platforms, software Y only runs on Windows, so that means software X is superior to software Y"23:45
vividuh yeah.  thats an excellent factor especially when paired with professional work23:46
vividi mean, i dont only use linux...i have several windows machines and a mac23:46
smallfoot-except that nobody gives a shit about DOS, OpenVMS, CP/M, IRIX, HP-UX, and AIX23:46
vividi was hinting at linux/windows/mac, but those others are possibilities as well23:47
smallfoot-I only use Linux23:47
vividmy philosophy is bug 1 gets solved by supporting all platforms, so the software i write is always multi-platform23:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Proprietary operating systems have a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123:47
vividstop that ubottu23:47
vividif only more influential developers agreed23:48
smallfoot-cross-platform is great, and i think its good that there are ppl who develope cross-platform software, but from a business pov it just increases development time and effort provides negative return on investment23:50
vividyea i have a philosophy on that too23:51
vividand the current state of world economics seems to support it :p23:51

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