paul65How to see the source code of an calculator application in ubuntu?05:26
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OdraHey :O20:41
OdraHow do I install an application I created in ubuntu?20:42
OdraHello ironhalik20:47
Odraironhalik: Do you know how can I install an app I made?20:48
ironhalikSorry - I'm a newbie here, that's why I'm here. :)20:50
bakumanyou packadge it21:10
bakumanthen you can just double-click on the .deb file to install21:10
ironhalikI'm a total newbie in Ubuntu development but got some expirience in Android development. I'm thinking about creating an app for Ubuntu, but have no idea how to aproach it.21:13
ironhalikI guess I'll be using pythin with GTK, with the help of Quickly. The problem is that I don't know how certain things work in Ubuntu21:14
ironhalikLike - I want to stay connected with my phone and react to certain events with user message - do I do it with a deamon?21:15
Odrabakuman: I haven't packaged it21:16
OdraI just put it inside a zip file!21:16
bakumanthe it depends on what you mean by "install:21:17
OdraI want it to appear on the dash home thing so I can click it.21:17
OdraAlso I want to upload it to the software center.21:18
OdraPackaging sounds complicated D:22:20
OdraI really can't figure this out.22:23
OdraWhy is there so much text about packaging?22:23
OdraSomeone help me!22:24
OdraI can't comprehend the comprehensive article about debian packaging D:22:24
OdraMeh. I give up.22:29
JanCironhalik: you should explain what you mean by staying connected with your phone, and what Ubuntu has to do with it  ☺22:54
JanCand maybe Odra should try #ubuntu-packaging for help22:55
JanCironhalik: "how certain things work in Ubuntu" is also a bit vague22:57
JanCplease ask specific versions, and somebody might be able to answer them (or refer you to a place where they can answer them)22:58
JanCplease ask specific questions *23:00
JanC(bah, was writing this while thinking about something else...)23:00
ironhalikJanC: I want to implement push notifications from my phone to my Ubuntu 12.04 PC23:37
ironhalikJanC: but nvm - I'll check out some broader tutorials and guides to get me started, then I'll think about specific stuff :)23:38
JanCyour Ubuntu desktop might behind a NAT, which complicates pushing to it somewhat23:41
ironhalikNah - it would be inside same LAN23:42
JanCOTOH, when using a protocol like XMCP (aka Jabber) it should be easy to implement23:42
ironhalikJabber for backend communications?23:42
JanCinside a (known) LAN, that would be very easy to implement23:42
JanCeven without Jabber23:42
ironhalikah, ok - can you give me any pointers? I mean on a very broad level23:43
JanCXMPP/Jabber would be an easy way to implement it in a way that works outside the LAN too23:44
JanCironhalik: inside a LAN, you can usually do whatever you want, so it could be as easy as sending a HTTP request to some web service23:45

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