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acolytetojippityQuick question, is there an easy way to determine if a given version of ubuntu will be compatible with a given hardware setup?01:46
JoseeAntonioRacolytetojippity: Try it with the live cd01:49
acolytetojippityhas worked01:52
acolytetojippityworked fine01:52
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FanshaweHello everyone. I'm trying to install a wacom graphics tablet (the 'bamboo'), but it's not yet being recognised. I believe I have to install a package called 'input-wacom', but compiling it takes too much space on my system. How can I get the tablet to work?15:47
mrkuchbhiim having some problems setting up two monitors with ubuntu 10.0415:54
Fanshawemrkuchbhi: I'll try to offer a hand. What seems to be your problem?16:01
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: well..i have a laptop and another screen which is oriented such that..the screen is on top of the laptop..the prob is parts of the windows (half titlebar) are hiding under the main menu16:05
mrkuchbhii.e. windows that i open on the laptop screen..when maximized part of their titlebar hides under the main menu16:06
mrkuchbhiunable to fix it16:07
FanshaweI see, so your second monitor is orientated above your primary monitor, and the windows from one screen is overlapping the other?16:07
FanshaweOpen a terminal and try this for me: "killall gnome-panel"16:08
Fanshaweand then wait a few seconds16:08
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: ok..but i have a few processes running..will this affect them?16:09
FanshaweNope, it will only reset the panels/menus, they'll reappear with all of the same programs on them16:09
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: ok..did..no change16:10
FanshaweThey reappeared in the same place?16:10
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: yes16:10
FanshaweHmm. It sounds like you've encountered a bug, and I'm not really good enough with Ubuntu to tell you if it can be corrected (afraid you'll have to wait for one of the regulars to reply for that)16:11
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: it only seems to happen in this orientation..when I place them side by side..it works fine or appears too16:11
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: ah..ok..thanks though16:12
FanshaweNp. Another thing you could try is maybe reducing the size of the intervening panel by right clicking>Properties?16:12
FanshaweOther than that I'm afraid I'm not sure. :( I'm sure someone else will be along, mrkuchbhi.16:13
mrkuchbhiFanshawe: well it takes more of less the whole title bar of every window16:13
mrkuchbhimore or less*16:13
raubI installed rssh, set a "admin" user to use it as its default shell, enabled scp. And then tried: http://pastie.org/private/fqrj3tapo8azpp8qxg21:18

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