cjohnstonbkerensa: how do you enable it00:06
bkerensacjohnston: in /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d00:06
bkerensayou need to add any file that has "cache-size=x"00:07
bkerensaUbuntu was prepared to set default to 15000:07
bkerensawhile upstream uses 40000:07
bkerensaI have mine set to 50000:07
bkerensaso thats 500 records it caches that it will not need to always need to do dns lookups on00:08
bkerensabut if a record changes it can still recursively grab the update data00:08
cjohnstonbkerensa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dnsmasq looks a little more complicated00:08
bkerensacjohnston: most of its already setup00:09
bkerensaif you "nano /etc/resolv.conf"00:09
bkerensayou should see set00:09
cjohnstonmine is ;-)00:09
bkerensayou set that custom?00:09
bkerensacjohnston: for instance00:10
bkerensaif I dig ubuntu.com00:11
bkerensafirst time it will be a few milliseconds00:11
bkerensasecond time it will be 0ms00:11
bkerensabecause its caches it00:11
bkerensacjohnston: that wiki page looks like it was made perhaps before dnsmasq was installed by default00:11
bkerensabecause it suggests installing the package00:12
bkerensawhich is already there since 12.0400:12
bkerensathe only reason caching is not on by default is because dnsmasq does not do per user caching yet00:12
bkerensaso if your on a system with multiusers00:12
bkerensaits possible I guess to manipulate the cache00:12
bkerensaand have it affect everyone00:12
bkerensabut if your the only one who uses your system you should be fine00:13
dholbachgood morning06:21
dholbachhey dpm07:15
dholbachdpm, I took a leaf out of mhall119's book :)07:15
dholbach(about the donations blog entry)07:16
dholbachdpm, is your back any better?07:16
dpmhey dholbach, better, but unfortunately just a bit :/07:17
dholbachdamn :-(07:17
* dholbach hugs dpm07:18
dholbachdpm, are your muscles cramped as well?07:18
dholbachin that case a hot-water bottle might help07:19
dholbachat least give you a little bit of relief07:19
dpmyeah, stretching helps too. I was at the physio yesterday, and I've got a doctor appointment on Thursday07:20
dholbachand sometimes I used these patches you put on your back which go hot after a couple of minutes07:21
dholbachthey are especially good if you move around and don't want to carry that hot water bottle with you07:22
dholbachman, I sound like a very old man already07:22
czajkowskidpm: sore back ?07:28
dholbachhey czajkowski07:28
dpmyep, not sure what I did this last weekend to cause it :/07:29
czajkowskidpm: if you can and have a shower, point the water at the area and stand there so the pressure softens the area . Avoid a bath.07:29
czajkowskidpm: if you lie down, put a pillow under your knees, it takes the pressure off your back.07:29
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jcastro_buenas mornings12:58
smartboyhwjcastro_, good evening:D12:58
mhall119good morning13:13
smartboyhwgood evening mhall11913:14
jcastro_JoseeAntonioR, it's going to be neil patel and ivanka majic13:28
jcastro_hey popey14:50
jcastro_popey, our free ride is over on HP Cloud14:50
jcastro_can we move it back to your server?14:51
jcastro_or dholbach's?14:51
jcastro_but there's one going on today iirc14:51
popeycan someone take a copy of the essential data?14:51
jcastro_yeah, JoseeAntonioR, ping14:51
popeyok, ping me whenever and I'll move it14:51
cprofitthey folks... starting to hear a great deal about the removal of Unity 2D... and by hearing I suspect it is FUD15:12
cprofittfrom my reading it appears that Unity is just Unity right now... not two different apps that load depending on your video card...15:13
cprofittIt is my understanding that if your video card can not do hardware acceleration Unity will use your CPU -- is that accurate? Does anyone have a link off the top of your head hat discusses this well... so I can forward this to people asking me?15:14
mhall119cprofitt: it is accurate, yes, it will use llvmpipe to optimize OpenGL calls to your CPU15:15
cprofittmhall119: does this raise the minimum CPU requirements?15:16
mhall119I don't think so, no15:17
cprofittcool... thanks15:17
mhall119cprofitt: FWIW, Fedora/GnomeShell is also using llvmpipe to support older graphics cards15:17
cprofittmhall119: starting to crawl inside Django a bit - planning on using that extra server for a generic Django server for a while15:17
cprofittmhall119: that is good to know too -- most people assume this is a change that is only Ubuntu I think15:18
mhall119cprofitt: cool15:18
mhall119cprofitt: yeah, we're kind of late to the llvmpipe party15:18
cprofittyeah -- just found a good link on AskUbuntu about it15:19
cprofittthe llvmpipe helped as a search term15:20
mhall119cprofitt: http://www.mesa3d.org/llvmpipe.html has some info15:20
mhall119http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTE2Mjc has a more critical look, but phoronix always does15:21
dholbachsee you guys tomorrow - need to catch a train15:28
doctormonI have a developer on dA who's using 7z files, he's too scared of launchpad, how can I direct him in the right way to distribute his software correctly?15:54
czajkowskiwhat is DA and 7z?15:54
pleia2deviant art, 7z is a compressed file15:55
czajkowskioh right15:55
mhall119doctormon: why is he scared of Launchpad?16:22
doctormonmhall119: dOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT16:27
doctormonDamn sorry about caps16:28
doctormonmhall119: No ideas for the best guide to point people to?17:08
mhall119doctormon: czajkowski would know best17:10
czajkowskidepends where they need to start17:11
czajkowskibbl going for munchables17:12
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dakerhey czajkowski17:55
dakeror mhall11917:56
bkerensaThat moment when you stumble into customer data for the largest tablet accessory maker in the U.S. :P18:01
mhall119daker: what's up?18:20
dakercanonical's adress/tel in PM plz :)18:20
mhall119daker: for Visa application?18:21
mhall119daker: email events@canonical.com, there may be a special address and phone number for the folks who handle that18:21
dakerno no no :(18:22
dakeri don't have time :(18:22
mhall119ok, give me one minute18:22
dakerthank you18:23
jonobkerensa, when you respond to my posts, can you just respond in one place18:31
jonoas opposed to responding the same point in multiple places18:31
jonoit makes it easier to have a discussion18:31
bkerensajono: aye18:32
czajkowskijono: is it me or am I seeeing two identical posts from you on planet with two different headings?18:39
jonoczajkowski, you are seeing it, I edited the post and it is showing both for some reason18:39
jonoI am trying to get IS to fix it18:40
czajkowskiah ok18:40
czajkowskiI'm also having DNs issues here so thought it was me18:40
czajkowskias they then went to the same post18:40
jcastro_bkerensa, I don't think shortening UDS is a money issue18:52
jcastro_if you're paying for people's flights and hotels, one less day doesn't really save you that much18:52
doctormonczajkowski, mhall119: I think this developer needs level 1 documentation, baby steps. Links provided are far too advanced.19:12
mhall119how baby?19:13
doctormon"I know you've written some code, but now it's time to learn what a repository is"19:13
AlanBelldoctormon: do they want to package stuff for Ubuntu specifically?19:15
czajkowskithe help pages are pretty detailed19:15
doctormonI need to teach more people on Ubuntu about fractal documentation writing.19:16
doctormonczajkowski: Thanks for the great link with video, I think I'll pass on both links to the user.19:16
snap-l"There comes a time in every developer's like where they begin to notice certain changes in their body of code"19:17
AlanBelldoctormon: github is massively unscary compared to launchpad if you are not concerned about PPAs and bug tracking things in Ubuntu19:19
doctormonsnap-l: I like19:19
jussianyone here have an extensive planet ubuntu backlog in their feedreader?19:20
JoseeAntonioRjcastro_: ping19:33
JoseeAntonioRjcastro_: already here, let me know when you're available so we can work on it19:34
jcastro_JoseeAntonioR, basically just back everything up19:41
jcastro_and then we can move it19:41
JoseeAntonioRok, can you give me ssh access to the server?19:41
JoseeAntonioRjcastro_: ^19:55
czajkowskihttp://hackntalk.org/hello-world/  say hello to my new pet project20:00
jcastro_JoseeAntonioR, oh right20:01
jcastro_one sec20:01
jcastro_the mysql server right?20:02
JoseeAntonioRisn't it the same as the wp server?20:03
JoseeAntonioRok, then20:03
cjohnstonballoons: ping22:30
bkerensajcastro_: moving it to Canonistack? :P22:39
dakerwee mhall119 got a recommandation letter from my boss :)22:43
cjohnstonwhen its stable bkerensa ?23:10
bkerensacjohnston: hmm?23:10

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