* everaldo leaving for dinner00:46
everaldodarkxst, this is the version that request the merge, hope you guys like it: http://imagebin.org/23133800:49
darkxsteveraldo, looks good00:51
everaldojust strange that I cant request a merge to lp:ubuntu/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu00:52
everaldoso I requested a merge to lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu00:52
* everaldo dinner time00:54
darkxsteveraldo, you should link your branch to the bug report00:56
jbichadarkxst: hey, could you forward your lightdm patch for gnome-shell to gnome?11:37
jbichasome of the GNOME guys I talked to this weekend sounded interested in having gnome work somewhat with lightdm11:38
darkxstjbicha, yeh I did11:39
jbichaoh I see, cool11:39
everaldojbicha, fixed colors pointed by Adolfo11:41
everaldojbicha, is there any other bug that I can help ?11:41
everaldodarkxst, is it possible to use lightdm with gnome-shell?11:45
darkxstyou don't get the new lock screen though11:46
darkxstand there are probably still a few more bugs11:46
everaldohumm, very nice11:47
everaldodarkxst, maybe we can improve it11:47
everaldoIMHO lightdm looks much better than GDM11:48
everaldoat least for me, less "black screen" transitions11:48
everaldobut maybe it is just a nvidia problem11:49
darkxstyou mean the transitions between plymouth -> DM -> shell11:49
darkxstI believe fedora are planning to fix that11:50
everaldowhile using lightdm I don't see this black screens11:50
everaldodownloaded fedora 18 and same problem, hope they fix it11:50
everaldodarkxst, can I start lightdm from repos or do I need a ppa?11:51
darkxstyeh just the normal ubuntu one11:51
everaldowill try it11:55
jbichaeveraldo: we may use lightdm by default in 13.04 if we can get all the pieces working11:56
jbichagdm 3.6.0 is a bit buggy too and not just on Ubuntu11:56
everaldojbicha, I am working to get some features back to nautilus, the only thing that I will not keep is the dual panel because it makes code base much different from original nautilus11:58
everaldoany chance to have it on 13.04 ?11:58
everaldoor the idea is always to use upstream11:58
darkxstwell didnt help that it had basically never been tested on console kit11:59
jbichaI don't know what's happening with Ubuntu's default file browser for 13.04 but we'll begin discussing that this week11:59
jbichadarkxst: I've been told opensuse still does consolekit11:59
jbichapersonally, nautilus 3.6 (or 3.8) sounds like the best choice for Ubuntu and for users11:59
jbichaalright, logging out for a bit...12:00
everaldodarkxst, logging out to test lightdm ;-)12:02
everaldodarkxst, look nice!12:05
everaldocan we change the lightdm default theme?12:05
everaldoI mean, the icons on title bar and also hostname looks a bit odd12:06
darkxstyeh I think its just a html theme or something12:07
everaldobut in general it looks much better than gdm12:08
darkxstuser switching is broken right now https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/106426912:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1064269 in gnome-shell "When running lightDM user switching doesnt work" [Medium,New]12:09
darkxstand lock from the user menu doesnt work until you first lock screen with keyboard12:10
everaldodarkxst, the lock problem is fixed in the patch or need to fix it?12:10
darkxstpatch only fixes user switching12:11
darkxstlock still needs to be fixed12:11
everaldois there a bug report for this problem12:13
darkxstnot yet12:13
everaldolaunchpad bug searching still difficult for me... need to read and learn about it12:14
darkxstits a whole lot better than gnomes bugzilla!12:14
everaldoyes, but I am familiar with bugzilla and not with launchpad12:15
everaldotime to learn more :-)12:15
everaldodarkxst, do you use ubuntu-bug?12:15
* everaldo reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs12:15
darkxstyes, that is the best way to submit bugs12:15
everaldohumm, Collecting problem information take so long12:16
darkxstyeh is a little slow12:17
everaldodo you exactly in source code the lock is calling?12:21
darkxstit has to do with the dbus stuff12:22
darkxstwhen you first login the screensaver dbus interface is not active12:23
darkxstand the user menu just tries  to create a proxy12:23
everaldocreated https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/106435412:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1064354 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "When running lightDM user locking doesnt work" [Undecided,New]12:25
darkxstits a bug in gnome-shell12:26
darkxstnot lightdm12:26
everaldois it possible to change package affected?12:27
darkxstanyway Im off for the night12:37
everaldodarkxst, good night12:42

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