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czajkowskihey all recovered?20:16
airurandojust about.  two hard days at work.20:19
airurandoBrill weekend though20:19
airurandoand you?20:19
czajkowskihave a cold20:20
czajkowskibut not bad20:20
czajkowskiit was good fun though20:20
airurandoit was indeed20:20
airurandobloody colds20:20
airurandohope it doesn't knock you for six20:20
airurandomokmeister: it was great meeting you on Saturday20:21
mokmeisterhey airurando , yes indeed, twas good, if brief.20:21
mokmeisterPesky kids! ;)20:21
mokmeisterHow was the rest of the weekend?20:22
mokmeisterSorry to hear you have a cold czajkowski , lots of stuff going around at mo20:22
mokmeistermy young fella was off sick Monday20:22
mokmeisterhe's recovered now though20:22
czajkowskithink it was the air con on in themain hall20:23
czajkowskithe going to meeting #2 and no air there20:24
airurandoautumn ailments are in the air.  The return to school kicks the whole thing off again.20:24
czajkowskinot a good combo flash backs t uni ;)20:24
mokmeisteryeah, my daughter suffers with tonsilitis.20:24
mokmeisterShe was fine all summer20:24
mokmeisterthe week she went back to school...20:25
czajkowskiyeah best to get the out20:28
mokmeisteryeah, we had her to a consultant, she's due to get them out20:34
mokmeisterhopefully sometime soon, we were told in June it would be 6-9 months20:35
mokmeisterairurando: niche protein was the name of the biotech crowd that won the pitch crawl competition at the Irish innovation showcase20:47
mokmeistersince I couldn't remember the name of them on the day, I thought I might enlighten you now! ;)20:48
mokmeisterI thought you might be interested20:48
airurandothanks mokmeister20:59

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