fairuzHi guys07:07
fairuzIf I compile a kernel with make uImage, how to flash the new kernel image to the boot partition? What do I need? I see that I must copy vmlinux and generate initrd? How to generate initrd. Thanks07:09
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ppisatifairuz: you can't flash it07:56
ppisatifairuz: you have to do eveyrhing by hand07:56
ppisatifairuz: and besides, you need a couple of specific options to make your vanilla kernel work with an ubuntu userland07:56
ppisatifairuz: hold on07:56
fairuzppisati: my mistake, What I mean by flashing is to copy the vmlinux to /boot partition07:56
ppisatifairuz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ARMKernelCrossCompile07:57
ppisatifairuz: FAQ point 607:57
ppisatifairuz: How do i compile a vanilla/upstream arm kernel that works with an Ubuntu userspace?07:57
ppisatifairuz: should help you07:57
fairuzI already take a look at that07:57
fairuzSo how about initrd and config? We can use the old one?07:58
ppisatifairuz: yes, old one07:58
ppisatifairuz: actually you don't actually need initrd07:58
ppisatifairuz: you don't need to use it07:58
fairuzBut I think the one in the /boot is vmlinux, and in the wiki it says to copy uImage. Is that Ok?07:58
ppisatifairuz: but since i overwrite uImage with my own, it'll use the ubuntu one07:58
fairuzSo I just re-point the vmlinux to the new uImage?07:58
ppisatifairuz: no no07:59
ppisatifairuz: it doesn't mention /boot07:59
ppisatifairuz: it says07:59
ppisatifairuz: "copy arch/arm/boot/uImage to the sd card first partition overwriting ubuntu stock uImage"07:59
ppisatifairuz: on arm you really don't care what you have in /boot during boot07:59
fairuzOh. I thought /boot is the boot partition07:59
ppisatifairuz: well, at leat on our omap boards07:59
fairuzWhich normally means the first partition07:59
ppisatifairuz: which board are you using?08:00
fairuzOMAP :)08:00
* ppisati thinks i should better describe the boot process08:00
ppisatifairuz: beagle? panda?08:00
ppisatifairuz: ok, then copy uImage to the first partition of your sd card and you are done08:01
ppisatifairuz: actually, if you do a lot of development08:01
ppisatifairuz: try a lot of different kernels etcetc08:01
ppisatifairuz: you should better modify boot.scr or preEnv.txt to boot an alternate uImage08:01
ppisatifairuz: when the board reboot stop at the boot loader prompt08:02
ppisatifairuz: and tell it to use tour alternate boot.scr/preEnv.txt08:02
ppisatifairuz: this way if your new kernel is borked08:02
fairuzOh ok. Sounds like what I do with u-boot +  Android kernel08:02
ppisatifairuz: you just boot with the original boot.scr/preEnv.txt and original uImage08:02
ppisatifairuz: but this is left as an exxrcise to the reader :)08:02
fairuzSo just wondering if Ubuntu have additional work for new kernels08:02
* ppisati will probably describe that too next time08:03
fairuzSo it is easy!08:03
fairuzThanks ppisati!08:03
fairuzMy problem is that I thought /boot is the first partition.08:04
ppisatifairuz: nope, it's not08:04
ppisatifairuz: w just install the kernel there08:04
ppisatifairuz: and flash-kernel pick it up from there to create the uImage08:04
ppisatifairuz: and copy it to the vfat partition at the beginning of the sd card08:05
ppisatifairuz: but after that, /boot is totally useless during the real boot08:05
fairuzit make sense now08:05
fairuzsince uImage is a stripped version of vmlinux right?08:05
ppisatinot stripped, mangled08:05
ppisatiactually it has only 64bytes more than a normal vmlinuz IIRC08:06
fairuzWhat does mangled means?08:06
ppisatiit has an header at the beginning08:06
fairuzIt's bigger?08:06
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henrixbrendand: hi! do you have any news on bug #1063856?09:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1063856 in linux "[Dell Studio XPS 13] X in failsafe mode after boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106385609:34
brendandhenrix, no. the lab is in montreal09:35
henrixbrendand: yeah, but i thought that today you would be able to reboot the box with currently released kernel09:36
brendandhenrix - the problem is i only have ssh access. i tried to reboot the system but it has not come back up. i'll need to get in touch with the engineer in montreal09:37
henrixbrendand: ah, right. :)09:38
henrixbrendand: please let me know when you're able to do that.09:38
ppisaticrap, they just cancelled my return flight from barcrelona10:45
apwppisati, heh was that with lufthansa or something?11:40
apwppisati, this omap3 set for Q, what is the symptoms if we don't apply it for trying to do an install; it is sounding like boot failures?11:40
apwbjf, henrix, this is special -- linux-lts-backport-oneiric has released to -updates before its linux in oneiric, and the latter is where we do all the testing no ?11:48
henrixapw: i believe they are both tested11:49
henrixapw: at least both tracking bugs have the testing tasks11:49
apwhenrix, ok that good then11:50
ppisatiapw: they sais AZ something, now i've two options: either i'm rerouted around or i take a direct at 20:00 in the evening12:00
apwdirect always sounds better, you may as well sit in a coffee shop beforehand12:01
ppisatiapw: the bug is not a fatal for boot, but the board is a bit useless later on12:02
ppisatiapw: since without usb you loose nic, and every i/o options except for the serial console12:03
apwppisati, suspected as much, ok so its pretty important for release12:04
ppisatiapw: well, no one really used that hw since at least July so if we defer it i'm not against it12:05
apwppisati, gotcha12:07
* henrix -> food12:11
rtgapw, you gonna fix the bugs in '[PATCH 1/4] efi: Add support for a UEFI variable filesystem' pointed out by Tetsuo ?12:16
apwrtg, looking at them indeed, what a piece of crap code12:30
rtgapw, :)12:32
apwrtg, those seems to be the tip of the iceburg too12:40
* apw hates efi12:40
* rtg hates the enforcer syntax.12:41
apwrtg, does not supprise me, it does hard things, so it is hard to understand12:41
rtgapw, ppisati's patch is wrong, but I can't figure out the right syntax. I want something like 'flavour omap & !exists CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_PLATFORM', don't I ?12:42
apwok so this is only on armh and omap12:43
rtgapw, omap is built for both armel and armhf12:45
apwits mean to say just arm there12:45
rtgapw, But I don't want this rule enforced for all arm flavours, only omap12:45
apwindeed , and you only want it if you have the other variabled12:46
apwppisati, which variables are the ones which exist on omap only12:46
apwrtg, as in yes you are right it is too liberal12:48
rtgapw, I'm just gonna NAK the enforcer patch and make him figure it out.12:49
apwrtg, waht i want to say for that enforcer rule is: ((flavour omap &/ value CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_PLATFORM n & value CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_PLATFORM n) | true)12:54
apwrtg, but we don't have a true12:54
rtgback in a bit12:56
apwrtg, ppisati, i have replied with a tested snippet13:03
ppisatiapw: i'll take a look13:03
rtgapw, that is a frustratingly obtuse syntax13:04
apwrtg, i challenge you to maintain the flexibility and complexity of the rules, and simplify the syntax13:05
rtgyeah, right. I'll get right on that.13:05
apwrtg, i cannot deny you need to be stone cold sober, and have your glasses on, to have a hope of understanding it13:05
rtgor be well coffeed13:06
apwthat can nonly help13:06
apwi generate mine by testing using genconfigs, its the only way to be sure13:06
rtgapw, what does '&/' mean ?13:07
apwthat is & /, and means and primarily, but means if you fail after this, fail everything13:08
apwthis allows us to say13:08
apw(arch armel &/ value FOO 10) | value FOO 2013:08
apwand it mean what you think it means13:08
apwie it does not allow FOO == 20 on armel13:08
apwit literally means if you succeed arch armel, then wahtver follows is the result don't try any other paths13:09
apwit is known as the cut operator, cutting the search short13:09
apw                        printk("VFS: Busy inodes after unmount of %s. "13:22
apw                           "Self-destruct in 5 seconds.  Have a nice day...\n",13:22
apwquality error messages13:22
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pgranerrtg, apw, have you guys seen probs with intel wifi not coming back after suspend? This only happens to me when I let the battery run down and it puts itself to sleep. Upon resume no wifi, lspci shows it, but the commandline tools nor NM will see it13:27
pgranerIntel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)13:27
rtgpgraner, I've had more problems with DNS resolution not working, but wifi is definitely connected.13:28
pgranerrtg, happens everytime without fail13:30
rtgpgraner, so normal suspend when the battery is good works OK ?13:30
pgranerrtg, yep, if I suspend from either the indication or by using pm-suspend, wait a few hit the pwer button it works.13:31
rtgpgraner, I wonder if you lose the EC when it suspends for lack of battery13:31
rtgpgraner, doesn't user space do a hibernate when the battery dies ?13:32
pgranerrtg, If I let is just sit and have the battery run down it goes to sleep and when I go to wake it up... no wifi, just a blank signal indicator13:32
pgranerrtg, in the "power" prefs, I have "when critically low do" and the drop down is blank13:33
pgranerso I'm not sure what its doing13:33
rtgneither am I13:33
rtgpgraner, I assume you are resuming _after_ plugging in the power ? Is there anything in dmesg that indicates wifi hates you ?13:39
pgranerrtg, not that I can see13:40
apwpgraner, have you tried rfkill on off cycle13:40
apwand have you looked to see if rfkill the command says anything is off ?13:40
rtgyeah, this feels kind of BIOS like...13:40
pgranerapw, yes and no joy13:41
pgranerapw, no I haven't queried rfkill but I will let me get the box into that state13:43
diwicI guess r will use kernel 3.8, right? Seems to line up well with the release?13:47
ogasawaradiwic: I suspect so, although haven't given it a whole lot of thought yet13:51
ogasawaradiwic: it does seem to line up nicely, ie likely to come out beginning of march13:51
diwicogasawara, thanks13:52
apwsmb, rtg, ok that linux-meta update got rejected, depending on an transitional package; i will fix13:52
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smbapw, Hm ok... do you then have to depend on both amd64 and the i386 version?13:53
smbOh well... :/ Not sure why those need the architecture in the name while  grub-pc does not13:55
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jgriffithsmb: Ping15:02
smbjgriffith, yep?15:03
jgriffithsmb: Hey ya.. just saw your note15:03
jgriffithsmb: Yeah, I'd be happy to go through devstack setup with you15:03
jgriffithsmb: It's pretty straightforward, using virtualbox and a clean 12.04 server install15:04
smbjdstrand, I guess what I meant is, is it easy enough to write down in the bug report. Then I also have a place to go back whenever I need my memory refreshed. ;)15:04
smberr jgriffith ^15:04
jgriffithsmb: Sure, I'll just reference the devstack page probably15:05
jgriffithsmb: Then mabye a modified script you can loop through15:05
jgriffithsmb: I'll update it on the bug report 15:05
smbjgriffith, Sure, sounds good. Anything that saves me the time to dig out things on my own is highly appreciated. :)15:05
jgriffithsmb: Cool, I'll get it update this morning.  Thanks!!!15:06
smbjgriffith, Thank you. I hope this will help into getting it reproduced in a way that allows to research it better15:07
jgriffithsmb: That makes two of us :)15:07
jgriffithsmb: I really appreciate the effort on this, I know it's a pain to try and repro15:08
smbjgriffith, It makes it hard to find out what is wrong when it fails to be wrong on testing. And neither it is very verbose on failing.15:09
jgriffithsmb: Yeah, even worse when I finally got in the state where it failed consistently it locked the system up so I couldn't get ANY info :(15:10
smbcaribou, Are you aware that the crash version in Quantal does not work on a Quantal crashdump? (cannot resolve xtime) Or is that an OPP?15:17
caribousmb: I thought I had tested it, lemme check15:18
smbcaribou, I sort of just did (with an updated 64bit machine). So at least on the good news side the crashdump side does work. ;)15:19
caribousmb: which version of crash did you use ? Quantal has 5.1.6, Debian/Sid has 6.0.6 and upstream is now at 6.1.015:19
caribousmb: I never use our own package, it fails most of the time. I install Sid's version15:20
smbcaribou, 5.1.6 of course (which is what we ship) 15:20
smbcaribou, You know that dog food thing, do you? :)15:20
caribousmb: sure does, which is why I'm starting to wonder how I could participate in having a more recent version for us too15:21
smbcaribou, I guess in the same manner I would have to. Find out who sponsored it last time and coordinate a merge from debian at least... It is sometimes a bit annoying because you have everything prepared and then review takes ages and by that time Debian is on the next version...15:23
smbcaribou, I mainly asked you right now because I was assuming you might have some relations there already as you were with kdump and that seems all going into the same direction15:24
caribousmb: I thought there was an 'automagic' import from Sid. 15:25
caribousmb: at least this is what happened for makedumpfile in Quantal that has the version that I packaged (1.4.4)15:25
caribousmb: but maybe this is because crash is in Universe15:26
smbcaribou, It seems only if it is really simple. Probably we find it on the list of "those are hard)15:26
caribousmb: I'll look into this. that would facilitate my work 15:26
caribousmb: I'll create a bug for this15:27
smbcaribou, I use it a lot too, but I am not sure I would have the time. Thanks, could you subscribe me to it? Then I keep track15:28
caribousmb: should I assign it to myself ?15:29
smbcaribou, If you say you want to do work on it, I would say yes15:30
smbcaribou, btw, there is a section on the merge-o-matic https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html15:32
caribousmb: well, everytime I open a bug, it seems to fade into oblivion so I'm having doubts15:32
smbcaribou, Yeah, that seems to be the fate for the request I made for it (bug 1054200)15:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054200 in crash "Pick some upstream patches for Xen" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105420015:34
caribousmb: there is current discussion about Xen/crash on the ML currently15:35
smbcaribou, Daniel Kieper had submitted some updates which sounded like going into 6.0.9 upstream. At that time I was not aware of the quantal problem15:36
caribousmb: yeah, they're the ones I'm talking about15:36
caribousmb: gotta step out for a few minutes, biab15:37
smbcaribou, Yeah, I just picked them and applied them to our current version. They are not needed if moving to the upstream version, but we normally only go for what is in Debian15:37
smbSo when only merging for Debian they would be still useful.15:38
jgriffithsmb: Haha... testing a script I wrote for you to run on this and it hit the problem and hung my system15:43
smbjgriffith, Sounds quite successful then :D15:45
jgriffithsmb: We can only hope :)15:45
* ppisati goes out for a bit15:46
jgriffithsmb: Ok, updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1023755 with the info15:50
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1023755 in linux "Precise kernel locks up while dd to /dev/mapper files > 1Gb (was: Unable to delete volume)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:50
jgriffithsmb: Let me know if you run into any glitches (other than the one we want15:50
smbjgriffith, Sure. Thanks. I will give it a try later (or at least tomorrow morning)15:51
jgriffithsmb: cool15:52
alexblighI, we are having a problem where we can accidentally DoS a Precise kernel. zcatting a large file (a precise image is good) into /tmp is enough to completely block any mysql or postgres writes for several minutes. We see (e.g.) "INFO: task mysqld:1358 blocked for more than 120 seconds." in the kernel logs. We have even got write DMA error messages and system hangs. This is reproducible on 2 different type of hardware.This is on kernel15:55
alexbligh 3.2.9-29-generic. Any ideas what this might be before I go and stick it in lanchpad etc.? I suspect it's a local DoS opportunity at the very least.15:55
alexblighwe think zcat to something on disk kills it, but zcat to /dev/null doesn't kill it. Looks like writes starving reads horribly or something.15:57
alexblighAnd you can do this as an unprivilged user (essentially hang any daemon on the system). A single mysql 'UPDATE' call will hang for the duration of the zcat. Postgres is the same.15:58
alexblighThis did not happen on (e.g.) Natty-backports kernel under Lucid.15:59
apwalexbligh, what is your ioscheduler on that system?  we have seem similar issues on servers using cfq on quantal, which led us to change the elevator there16:02
alexblighapw, it's whatever the default is. Let me check.16:03
apwi would think for your use case deadline would be more approprate regardless16:04
apwalexbligh, yeah ask the system which one it is using16:05
alexbligh(remind me how I tell what one is actualy running)16:05
smbcat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler16:05
alexblighroot@extility-qa-test:~# cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler16:05
alexblighnoop deadline [cfq] 16:05
* apw comes back with the same paste16:06
apwalexbligh, do try switching it to deadline, and see if it is reproducible any more16:06
apwyou can echo into that same file16:06
alexblighjust testing now.16:07
apwalexbligh, when you say you are getting dma errors, is that from VMs hosted on the machine with cfq as its filesystem?16:07
apwas its elevator?16:08
alexblighapw, scheduler change makes things much better.16:08
alexblighapw, no this is nothing to do with VMs16:08
alexblighno VMs at all16:08
alexblighcontrol plane machine, running just database, and the occasional zcat16:08
apwDMA errors do not seem to be something that a scheduler change could cause or not cause16:09
alexblighapw, that's what I thought, which is why they went to change the hard disk, and then replicated on other systems.16:09
alexblighLet me find you the exact error16:09
apwbut cirtianly we have seem some cases of writes starving reads with cfq16:09
alexblighOct  9 09:10:26 extility-qa-test kernel: [69443.840122] ata3.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen16:10
alexblighOct  9 09:10:26 extility-qa-test kernel: [69443.840243] ata3.00: failed command: WRITE DMA EXT16:10
alexblighOct  9 09:10:26 extility-qa-test kernel: [69443.840337] ata3.00: cmd 35/00:00:00:20:d4/00:04:0b:00:00/e0 tag 0 dma 524288 out16:10
apwwhich is contrary to its name16:10
alexblighAnd then the next time, kernel panic with:16:10
alexblighsd 2: 0: 0 : 0 [sda] Unhandled error code 16:10
alexblighResult Host byte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVE_OK16:10
apwso t16:10
apwso those, don't seem likely to be elevator indeed16:10
alexblighapw, actually we've just got it to do the same on the deadline scheduler. Seems to be less bad.16:12
apwalexbligh, i would expect deadline to eliminate the 120s delay hangs, but the other stuff i'd expect to be real16:12
alexbligh(the same is completely starving mysql so a single update takes an infinite amount of time)16:12
apwwell if you have lost an IO like that, i'd assume all bets are off on it ever continuing16:13
alexblighit's been rebooted and reinstalled from scratch since then!16:13
alexblighapparently only one of the hardware platforms is producing the write dma errors (multiple times, multiple installs from CD).16:14
alexblighboth are showing the 120 second hangs16:14
apwok, then i'd be suspicious of real h/w issues with the DMA error16:14
alexblighThe h/w platform that does NOT produce any write DMA errors is the one I'm playing with16:14
alexblighthat produces hangs on both deadline and cfq.16:14
apwthe 120s hangs, did we say deadline eliminated, or only helped with those16:15
alexblighI agree I am sceptical about the platform reporting write errors.16:15
alexblighapw, helps, but does not eliminate.16:15
alexblighlocal DoS still very possible.16:15
apwhow much memory has this node, and have you tuned your dirty memory on it?16:15
alexblighapw, 8G RAM. We've done no tuning bar whatever Precise does on a default install16:16
apwalexbligh, i would be suspicious your dirty ratio is too high, be worth checking16:17
apwas that job is emitting dirty memory at a huge rate and presumably hammering the disk into the ground16:17
alexblighyou mean /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio16:17
apwthat or its brother yes16:17
alexblighroot@extility-qa-test:~# cat /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio 16:18
alexblighwith deadline scheduler running any mysql command takes about 11 seconds, rather than hanging indefinitely.16:18
alexblighroot@extility-qa-test:~# cat /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio 16:18
apwwhich is pretty much what i would expect with such a huge write load on the disks16:19
apwif i am remembering right this is 20% of RAM, so 20% of 8G which essentially can be fulled and then dumped as a group when the next sync hits16:20
apwonto the disk queue all at once, probabally that is rather high16:20
alexblighWell the image(s) we pull down are 20G or more.16:20
alexblighSo it's always going to fill x% of RAM for any value of X.16:20
apwright, so your machine will let you fill 20% of ram before it'll really start doing anything about it, then it will drop the lot on the disk and say "hey deal with this"16:21
apwalexbligh, yes, but the point is the cuplprit doesn't get penalised until it hits the 20% of ram mark16:21
apwit won't stop till then, after then it becomes synchronous wrt its own backlog16:22
apwand cannot make things any worse, but things may be tooo bad by then16:22
apwit is normal to tune dirty ratio to your workload, amongst other things16:22
alexblighapw, so I should make them lower? That doesn't make a huge amount of sense as even when zcat has been running for many minutes (and presumably passed this threshold) it's still causing problems.16:22
apwno it is only synchronous when there is more than 20% outstanding in your scenario, which is what16:23
alexblighMy confusion is that we don't hit this issue on Lucid AT ALL. EVER. with exactly the same values.16:23
alexblighusing cfq!16:24
apwso it is either broken, or possibly, more efficient such as we can get into these scenarios16:24
alexbligh(hardware guys report since they've changed the hard disks out they can't get the DMA error thing so I think that's a bogon).16:24
apwbut i would also check the dirty ratio on the lucid box, to see if the default is the same ther16:24
alexblighHave done. It is.16:25
apwok so with this kind of write load, what is the average mqsql latency doing the same requests16:25
alexblighIt's 3.0.0-15-server #26~lucid1-Ubuntu on the Lucid box, which is I think natty-backports.16:26
apwthats and oneiric kernel isn't it?16:26
alexblighWith cfq, over 120 seconds for any query. With deadline, between 0 and 11.16:26
alexblighyeah it might be oneiric-backports, sorry.16:27
apwok, and on lucid16:27
apwwhich is likely deadline isn't it ?16:27
apwthe default used to differ for server kernels16:27
alexblighLet me start again. Everything is CFQ, 20 and 10 in the vm dirty_ things16:27
apwso lucid is not a server kernel then16:28
alexblighWith lucid OS running Oneiric backports kernel, we have only tested CFQ and we get less than a second latency16:28
apwoh i see, its L + O kernel, against P with P kernel16:28
alexblighWith Precise OS running the default kernel, we havve tested CFQ and get >120 seconds, and Deadline and get between 0 and 11 seconds.16:28
alexblighYeah - we moved to O-backports for better h/w compatibility.16:28
rtgarges, are you on gomeisa ?16:29
argesrtg, yes16:29
alexblighOneiric kernel (working one) is linux-image-3.0.0-15-server 3.0.0-15.26~lucid1 (I suspect -26 works fine and just no one has rebooted the box I'm looking at)16:30
apwalexbligh, that sounds bust indeed.  i guess we need a bug, and someti16:31
apwsomething we can run to repro it16:31
alexblighPrecise is:16:31
alexblighii  linux-image-3.2.0-29-generic         3.2.0-29.46                    Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP16:31
alexblighthough I am now wondering why that's not -server (we are just cutting over to Precise).16:31
alexblighOK will put a bug in LP16:32
alexblighIs -server much different scheduler wise?16:32
apw-server is an alias for -generic in P16:33
alexblighapw, well it's not that then!16:33
brendandhenrix, i got to reboot with the older kernel and the xorg failsafe log wasn't there16:34
brendandhenrix, then i reinstalled the -proposed kernel and it's also not created16:34
brendandhenrix, trying another test run to reproduce it16:34
henrixbrendand: hmm... so it was some sort of transient thing16:35
henrixbrendand: thanks for the update16:35
brendandhenrix - maybe. let's see if the next test run is clean16:35
henrixbrendand: maybe you can take a look at the /var/log/apt logs, to see if some error occurred during installation.16:36
* henrix is not sure if these logs are wiped during testing16:36
jsalisbury** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting16:37
alexblighapw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/106452116:45
ubot2alexbligh: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0x91e6fac> bug 1064521 not found16:45
alexblighI marked it as a security vulnerability because TBH it is I think.16:45
alexblighWhich means ubot2 can't find it.16:45
alexblighWas that the right thing to do?16:45
apwsomeone will get it to us when they have reviewed it16:49
alexblighapw, thamks16:50
* ppisati -> EOD17:06
mdeslaurI've made bug 1064521 public, since it got described here anyway17:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1064521 in linux "Kernel I/O scheduling writes starving reads, local DoS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106452117:25
ogasawarartg: I probably missed the memo, are the arm chroots for gomeisa being rebuilt?17:26
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rtg_ogasawara, hmm, lemme check.17:41
rtg_ogasawara, they do appear to be missing. perhaps I wrecked them when I was experimenting with the android chroot17:43
alexbligh1apw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/106452117:45
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1064521 in linux "Kernel I/O scheduling writes starving reads, local DoS" [Undecided,New]17:45
rtg_ogasawara, rebuilding chroots on gomeisa. you're happier abusing tangerine anyways.17:52
* rtg_ -> lunch17:52
* smb -> EOD18:00
kkaajDoes the Ubuntu Kernel PPA also contain source packages? I can't find the linux-source package here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3.7-precise/. Is it somewhere else?18:36
rtgkkaaj, its built from one of the branches in git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git18:36
kkaajrtg, and only the three patches from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3.7-precise/ are applied?18:38
rtgkkaaj, yep18:38
kkaajOh, 0001-base-packaging.patch is 7.6M big. :-)18:39
rtgkkaaj, its all debian packaging18:40
kkaajHow big is a clone of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git?18:40
kkaajOr maybe I can directly use https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.0/linux-3.3.7.tar.bz2 with the patches from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3.7-precise/?18:41
rtgkkaaj, likely18:41
kkaajrtg, I will try that. Thank you!18:41
rtgrtg@salmon:~/linux$ du -sh linux-stable/18:41
kkaajWill precise get a 3.3 kernel? Or will it stick with 3.2?18:43
rtgkkaaj, there will be an LTS kernel for Precise that is a backported 3.7. You can get linux-lts-quantal from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/q-lts-backport18:54
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rtgogasawara, are you happy with Ubuntu-3.5.0-17.28 ? I'm about to fire it up to the LTS PPA.19:08
ogasawarartg: yep, pushed to master and uploaded.  still need to rebase master-next.19:08
rtgogasawara, ack19:08
ogasawarartg: we've had a request to get ti-omap4 and armadaxp rebased to it as well.19:08
ogasawarartg: I figure we can get ti-omap4 rebased, but might need to nudge ike about armadaxp19:09
rtgogasawara, you wanna do ti-omap4 ? I have a guest showing up soon.19:09
ogasawarartg: yep, I can do that19:09
rtgogasawara, thanks19:10
rtgogasawara, gomeisa arm chroots look like they are back in business.19:12
ogasawarartg: ack, thanks.19:12
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=== rtg-afk is now known as rtg
apwogasawara, lowlatency is done and up20:34
apwogasawara, linux-signed is in20:34
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks20:34
rtgstill building ti-omap4.20:35
rtgthat is a giant rebase.20:35
* rtg -> EOD21:06
bjfogasawara, about?21:36
ogasawarabjf: yep, what's up21:36
bjfogasawara, can you mumble?21:36
ogasawarabjf: just a sec21:36
infinityI can haz linux-meta-ti-omap4 to go with that linux-ti-omap4 in proposed?22:46
infinityogasawara: ^22:46
dokoogasawara, rtg, apw: can you commit to start r with 3.6 headers?22:49
ogasawarainfinity: yep, prepping it now and will upload22:51
infinityogasawara: Less than three.22:51
ogasawaradoko: our ubuntu-r repo is already based on 3.6, so we should be able to commit to that.  I'll discuss with rt and apw tomorrow so we're all on the same page.22:52
ogasawarainfinity: uploaded22:57
infinityogasawara: Danke.22:57
ogasawaradoko: oops, I misspoke, our ubuntu-r repo is rebased to v3.7-rc1 already.  so you'd prefer if we start with an initial v3.6 upload rather than v3.7 based?22:59
dokoogasawara, no, that fine23:09
ogasawaradoko: ok great23:10

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