pleia2godbyk: someone accidentally put a full article in our UWN draft for "Public draft of Getting Started with 12.10 is available for proofreading" - do you happen to have a link to ths announcement so I can fix this? :)16:44
pleia2(or anyone)16:45
pleia2a mailing list link is fine, just can't have full articles in UWN itself16:45
CarstenGhey pleia216:52
CarstenGyou mean this link?16:52
pleia2perfect! thanks :)16:53
CarstenGYou are welcome :-)16:54
godbykpleia2: That was me. Sorry 'bout that. I didn't realize you wanted links only.17:20
godbykpleia2: I may have missed the newsletter deadline, too. If that story won't go out until next week then it will probably be too late.17:20
pleia2godbyk: no worries, we link to a lot of articles so we can't really give anyone space for full text of anything :)17:20
pleia2and yeah, it goes out on Monday17:21
godbykpleia2: Ah, okay. Then you can cut the Ubuntu Manual article/link.17:21
godbykWe should be finished with the public draft Monday so I can finalize everything for publication by the 18th.17:21
pleia2ah, ok17:22
* pleia2 ponders17:23
pleia2I don't usually do this, but if you need it posted to planet I can put it on my blog (I have a story to go along with it, so I can rationalize to myself do it)17:23
godbykpleia2: That'd be cool, if you don't mind. Otherwise I can probably find someone else to post it, too.17:23
godbykpleia2: And if you want more info to fill out the 'story', let me know. I'm happy to answer questions, etc.17:24
pleia2oh, just that I'm bringing a print copy of the 10.04 edition with me to Ghana (we're deploying Edubuntu 10.04 desktops, I leave tomorrow!) and have the digital copy loaded up on USB sticks :)17:25
pleia2donating the print copy to one of our contacts there17:26
godbykOh, neat. That sounds like it will be a fun trip!17:26
pleia2should be quite the adventure :)17:27
godbykWe're also finishing up work on a few translated editions of 12.04: Dutch, Spanish, and Slovenian.17:32
godbykI'm excited about the Spanish and Slovenian translations as we haven't had those before. Spanish is one of the most-requested languages for us.17:32
pleia2ok, published, should land on planet soon: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=697117:52
thorwilpleia2: interesting that you emphasize ease of contribution, while what i saw from the feedback, that was (is?) seen as a problem, actually17:56
thorwilthe technical barriers to entry17:56
pleia2thorwil: it's never going to be perfect, documentation is hard17:56
godbykpleia2: Awesome. Thanks!  You'll have to let us know how your trip goes, too!17:56
pleia2but the manual team is by far the easiest place to get involved documentation-wise in Ubuntu17:56
godbykthorwil: Contributing is more difficult than I'd like, but we try to make it fairly easy.17:57
pleia2I keep trying to work with ubuntu-doc to at least document what people can do to contribute, but there is a chicken and egg problem of the core contributors being too busy to train new people and help me develop these documents :(17:57
godbykthorwil: If you have a few web developers, I have some ideas on improving the process greatly. ;-)17:57
godbykpleia2: I noticed that. I always feel bad when I see someone email the list asking how they can help.17:58
thorwilpleia2: i'm happy to hear if things are good compared to similar efforts. just slight worry about expectations your text might raise17:58
thorwilgodbyk: i could say the exact same thing17:58
pleia2thorwil: ok, I made a couple alterations to the text to emphasize that it's "easier" rather than "easy"17:59
godbykthorwil: About the manual project or docs team?17:59
thorwilpleia2: cool, ty18:00
pleia2(it seems easy for me, but I actually write docs in DocBook and LaTeX, so I'm the wrong audience :))18:00
godbykI set up most of the process we're using, so I'm a bit biased. :)18:00
godbykThere are definitely some sticking points and things I'd like to improve, though.18:00
godbykUnfortunately, I don't have as much time to devote to the project as I'd like at the moment.18:01
godbyk(The translation process in particular is much more onerous than it needs to be. Launchpad's translation system is not designed to work well with long strings of text.)18:02
thorwilgodbyk: i think you use your resources very efficiently18:03

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