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dholbachgood morning06:21
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dholbachI'll start another ubuntu dev hangout-on-air in 10 minutes - anyone interested in co-hosting?13:50
* Laney orders a webcam13:51
Laneywhat's a good one to get?13:52
dholbachhang on - let me find out which one I got13:52
dholbachnow I have one built-in but before that I used a logitech one and it was very nice13:53
Zhenechiirc logitech/* :)13:53
* Laney gets from this that dholbach has a spare webcam13:53
* Laney also will be seeing dholbach in person in a couple of weeks13:53
Laney;) ;) ;)13:53
dholbachLaney, for the 24h marathon I used it as the cooking-cam :)13:54
dholbachso I had 2 webcams :)13:55
dholbachand wanted to use it as the DJ cam for later in the night13:56
dholbachbut 4 soundcards were a bit too much for quantal13:57
dholbachLaney, I got a Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam13:58
dholbachok, need to go and start the hangout13:59
Laneyhave fun13:59
dholbachcan somebody test on ubuntuonair.com if they hear me?14:05
Laneydholbach: silence14:06
dholbachsomething is wrong with my audio :-((14:06
Laneygot it14:06
* Laney is also looking for a decent desk microphone14:08
Laneythe one I have currently is very noisy14:08
Laneyany suggestions?14:08
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Laneypicked a good-ish cheap-ish one15:11
Laneyhopefully will have them by next week15:11
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jtaylorare relatively large bugfixes which were allowed into wheezy a week ago still ok for quantal?19:58
jtaylor70k diff19:58
jtaylordebian bug 68761620:01
ubottuDebian bug 687616 in release.debian.org "unblock php-apc/3.1.13-1" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/68761620:01
ajmitchjtaylor: ask SpamapS, he'd have a better idea of the impact20:03
SpamapSoh I'm a bit familiar with apc problems20:04
ajmitchit certainly looks like something I'd want, but it's really close to release20:04
SpamapSjtaylor: Probably ok, let me read the details20:04
jtaylorcan an admin please remove php5-auth-pam from quantal20:04
jtaylorbug 798571 seems somehow be lost from the list20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 798571 in php-auth-pam (Ubuntu) "php5-auth-pam obsolete" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79857120:05
jtayloras all my other removal bugs are already done20:05
cjwatsonNot lost, just not done yet20:06
cjwatsonI've been processing in sort of random order20:07
cjwatsonI'll probably have a more systematic attack on archive bugs tomorrow20:07
SpamapSjtaylor: +1 from me.. the upstream changelog is pretty clear.. fixes and added tests.. I see no features.20:08
jtaylorSpamapS: thx I'll sync it20:09
SpamapSjtaylor: and a few of those bugs sound nasty (they usually are with apc)20:09
SpamapSjtaylor: thanks!20:09
SpamapSjtaylor: oh! quantal already has 3.1.12 .. so its just the one segfault fix. Even more +1 :)20:10
jtayloroh good20:11
jtayloronly checked the diff in the unblock not the one to quantal :/20:11
iulianphp-apc accepted.20:27

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