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leo-unglaubi would like to talk about the droping of the alternate installer14:01
dholbachvideo started14:01
dholbachcan you hear me?14:02
leo-unglaubdholbach: if you are the indian fellow, not really14:03
leo-unglaubyou are very quiet14:03
dholbachleo-unglaub, no, that's an old video - please refresh the site14:03
leo-unglaubdholbach: i still have the one with the indian fellow14:03
dholbachyou might have to hard-refresh14:03
leo-unglaubrefreshed a few times14:03
leo-unglaubwiped the entire browser cache to14:04
dholbachI get the new video14:04
sagacino sound...?14:06
sagaciyep fine14:06
QuadroQwhat's that site ? I've missed it since mom called :))14:29
dholbachQuadroQ, which one?14:30
QuadroQtranslations.launchpad.com :) one14:30
Laneytell everyone about backports!14:39
chilicuilthis session will be available in youtube later on right?14:58
* Laney hugs dholbach 15:00
* dholbach hugs Laney back :)15:00
dholbachLaney, man - I need you in the hangout the next time15:00
dholbachI talked for an hour non stop :)15:00
Laneyit's probably a lot easier with someone else there15:00
dholbachyes :)15:00
dholbachI'm just glad we managed to fix the audio early on :)15:01
* Laney chooses a mic15:01
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luisalvaradoNow I can hear you15:21
luisalvaradoYou made me move my complete PC and speakers around ^^15:21
luisalvaradoQUESTION: Is there any work to simplify the process for future Ubuntu developments15:25
luisalvaradoHi ^^, I am Luis Alvarado, maybe you remember me from an Ubuntu-Dev day from Venezuela, a small help you gave about packaging in launchpad.15:28
chilicuilthe session has already finished luisalvarado, it was 2 hours ago15:35
luisalvaradolol I thought it was live15:36
chilicuilit was, but 2 hours ago ;)15:36
chilicuilmaybe u could catch the next one on thursday15:36
luisalvaradoforgot, different time here15:36
luisalvaradothank you, i will15:37
luisalvaradotake care15:37
chilicuilhave fun15:37

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