elkyIdleOne, i'm er... not sure you cc-by-sa a derived work which isn't.00:17
elkyderived work of something that isnt*00:18
IdleOneelky: yeah, I don't know much if anything about licences and stuff. i'll let the smart people figure that stuff out if/when needed00:18
IdleOneI just really liked ravenhood's cover and thought it would be cool to use if he is ok with it seeing how AlanBell had expressed interest in doing this parody00:19
elkyyeah, i'm just highlighting stuff that needs to be figured out first, before you put in the work only to find out it's unusable00:21
IdleOneappreciated :)00:21
elkyNot to say it'd be completely unusable, but you'd not be able to assert licence protection on it.00:28
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bazhangsasuke> skype: Depends: skype-bin but it is a virtual package   getting multiple complaints about that10:26
IdleOne!info skype-bin precise10:28
ubottuPackage skype-bin does not exist in precise10:28
IdleOne!info skype-bin10:28
IdleOnebazhang: see +110:31
tsimpson!info skype-bin partner10:32
ubottuskype-bin (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service - binary files. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 28551 kB, installed size 35232 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)10:32
bazhangyep just saw10:32
Picihow pleasant13:13
bazhangand now he PMs me13:14
bazhangit's like #ubuntu-legalese13:28
bazhangwell ubuntu should support all Linux!11113:28
bazhangand now Ubuntu should support all OS!!!113:29
ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu (teacher is trolling)14:01
ubottuSachiru called the ops in #ubuntu (Help, username "teacher" is being disruptive to the chat.)14:03
bazhang@mark #kubuntu artao (~quassel@50-50-177-185.snpr.wi.frontiernet.net extremely inappropriate commentary and quit15:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:20
bazhangah kayaman. that is very familiar16:13
bazhanghe wanted to turn a tv tuner into a router or something like that16:18
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from xibalba)16:41
bazhangikonia, I told him repeatedly not to target users16:55
ikoniaI know, I saw16:55
bazhanghad him in PM, he refused to reply16:56
ikoniaI'd just given up helping him individually, and was doing other things, just got a bit fed up of the constant highlights16:56
IdleOneravenhood: Thanks for joining last night, if you don't mind parting this channel that would be appreciated. We like to keep it free of idle users.17:57
bazhang<chinneseproduct> am looking for LAMP installation aid anybody with knowledge about it18:10
bazhangban dodging?18:10
IdleOnesure looks like it18:11
IdleOnen *!*@ is banned18:11
bazhangyou'd think he would at least change his nick18:12
IdleOneravenhood: I am going to remove you from the channel. Don't take it the wrong way :)18:19
jribikonia, bazhang: should chinneseproduct be banned?  Can't find it on the ban tracker18:20
jrib(he's in the channel now)18:20
bazhangjrib, ban dodging18:20
bazhang<chinneseproduct> some sort of backbiting in this channel i detect it  don't  see me as fool18:21
bazhanglong time issue kayaman18:21
bazhanghi chinneseproduct18:24
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (Ramtron)20:17
DJonesDealt with, continually asking for support running a torrented version of minecraft for windows20:18
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (masturbation)20:48
wilee-nileeHello is anyone watching the #ubuntu channel and user nicks and the comment associated20:51

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