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silverarrowhow serious is it to test a new kernel?15:54
silverarrowsomeone asked me to test an upstream kernel, and what to do?15:54
silverarrowI filed a but on non working wireless chipsets, and there is a reply15:55
patdk-wkit's a bit of a pain, but not hard to install15:56
patdk-wkand testing it is very simple15:56
elfyballoons: you got a link to the arm beta1 - I can't find one16:16
balloonselfy, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/quantal/beta-1/ubuntu-12.10-beta1-desktop-armhf+omap4.img16:16
elfycheers - no idea why you want me to install that and upgrade it to the state of the one I've got here that works fine though :)16:17
balloonselfy, yes, it was requested by the teams to test continuity in the archive16:18
elfyhope I can get it working then - can't remember that one working for me16:18
balloonsI don't suspect we'll see issues, but I am/was worried about unity 6.8 on ARM16:18
elfywill do it tomorrow now - damn things are slow to install anyway16:21
elfytoday's daily appears to be fine though :)16:21
silverarrowcan Ubuntu live in 30GB?16:26
elfymine always used to fine silverarrow16:26
silverarrowI am downloading todays Ubuntu, and plan on dual install16:27
silverarrowwith lubuntu16:27
elfy30 Gb shared? or just for ubuntu - I used to run with 10Gb just so you know16:28
silverarrowjust for ubuntu16:29
elfyloads of room16:30
silverarrow10GB and runs fine?16:30
silverarrownot sure about that16:31
elfyyea never had any issues at all16:31
silverarrowso grub is probably the main issue then16:31
elfynot sure what it'd be like now silverarrow - but my xubuntu - which has had all manner of things installed is at 8.316:31
silverarrowyeah, to make it behave with dual boot. login and all that16:32
elfyshould be ok silverarrow - I've never had to fight with win7 or anything16:33
balloonsI run ubuntu on about 6 gig16:35
balloonsnot for the feint of heart ;-)16:36
balloonsI wouldn't go lower than 8.. 10 is much btter16:36
patdk-wk6gig what?16:36
balloonsthe full install is about 5 gig16:36
elfyso do I - but it never gets updated - just gets installed over again16:36
silverarrowit can have 3016:36
balloonsand as soon as you update, you need space to download and have 2 copies of packages at the same time16:36
patdk-wkI normally do 20gig for ubuntu desktop, generally only ever use 8gigs of it16:36
balloonslet's just say I have to massage dist-upgrades through on that thing16:36
patdk-wkmy mythtv frontends are currently using 3gigs16:37
balloonsI'm not doing it by choice persay,  I only have an 8 gig ssd16:37
elfyballoons: pppft - I just apt-get clean first :)16:37
elfyactually I don't16:37
patdk-wkmy servers are all either 2 or 8gigs :)16:37
patdk-wknormally <1gig used16:37
silverarrowyou might get a larger one, these days they are a bit cheaper16:37
elfyI just never really upgrade it16:37
balloonselfy, I have to uninstall all large programs16:38
balloonsdist-upgrade, intterupt, apt-get clean, then continue16:38
silverarrowbut as long as it works, thing are fine16:38
balloonsthen re-install big stuff16:38
balloonsI'm on 12.04 lts now.. it's never upgrading again16:39
balloonsit will EOL on that16:39
silverarrowwe should get balloons  a new ssd for christmas16:39
* silverarrow suspects he already have one in a drawer 16:40
patdk-wk8gig ssd's are so painfully slow16:40
balloonsit's the only ssd I own actually16:40
balloonsto be honest, I've never really run them, since in my desktops are all traditional disks16:41
silverarrowI  have none, I consider my 7200rpm speedy16:41
patdk-wkI thought so too16:41
patdk-wkeven upgraded my 7200rpm laptop drive to ssd, and didn't think ssd was much faster16:41
patdk-wkssd died, went back to the drive16:41
patdk-wkoh the pain16:41
elfyI'd not know one if it got up and said hi16:42
silverarrowa step back is always the worst16:42
balloonsan ssd boot with crazy read performance makes sense16:42
balloonskeepin your stuff on a traditional drive is fine16:42
patdk-wkwell, in this case, did lots of vm suspend/restores16:42
patdk-wkso the ssd made that increadably fast16:42
silverarrowI want one of those Samsung 9 series,16:42
patdk-wkmy current laptop has dual 256g ssd's16:42
silverarrowI think they are 125GB SSD16:43
patdk-wkI went with a lenovo t530, and customized it with a msata 256g and samsung 830 256g16:45
silverarrowI`m not sure I have seen the lenovo model16:47
patdk-wkhmm, yo ucan get a samsung 9 with 256g, but not quadcore cpu it looks like16:47
patdk-wkI figured I needed a quad core, in order to last long enough, without it feeling painfully slow in a year or two16:48
silverarrowI would be happy with a asus zenbook, but they don`t have 15" screens16:48
silverarrowyeah, that is the best way about it16:49
silverarrowcomputers often live on long after you get a new one even16:49
patdk-wkyep, totally overspec'd the laptop16:49
patdk-wkhmm, not my laptops :)16:49
patdk-wkwell, my last laptop lenovo t61p is 5 years old now16:50
silverarrowthey don`t?16:50
patdk-wkit's completely toast16:50
silverarrowI have had laptops die after less than 3 years, some lasted 11 years, a handmedown packard bell16:50
patdk-wkscreen has issues, cpu won't stay cool, fan works ok, new battery drains faster than it should, case is worn so thin, it's cracking16:51
silverarrowit worked fine with almost anything bug flash16:51
silverarrowIt wasn`t all that good though16:51
silverarrowthis time I want a new one, with as high specs as possible on a slim laptop16:52
silverarrowteh t530 looks like it has a double screen16:53
patdk-wkit has a 1920x1080 15" screen16:53
patdk-wkand can have 4 screens total attached16:53
silverarrowmaybe just the pick then16:53
silverarrowno, it is correct rendering16:54
patdk-wkI tested 4 screen mode, while works, not fun on linux to do yet16:54
patdk-wkplus, powering on the nvidia graphics card doubles the laptop power draw, from my normal 6-9w to 20w16:54
silverarrowwhich matters if you run on battery16:55
patdk-wkya, I like getting 10-12h per battery :)16:55
silverarrowany heat issues?16:55
patdk-wknope, at 10w, the whole thing stays cold16:55
silverarrowI have to run now, back later16:56
silverarrowit`s getting dark16:56
* patdk-wk sends silverarrow a usb flashlight17:00
silverarrowpatdk-wk: are you there?18:17
silverarrowI was in center of town just now, and in one of the old radio shops (which hardly has radios any more) the had a Lenovo B570,18:18
patdk-wkhmm, dunno that one18:22
patdk-wkI stick to the R/T/W/X lines, as the others seem to be lacking quality18:23
silverarrowit was just before closing time so I didn`t get to see all the models18:23
silverarrowit was unusually low priced18:24
patdk-wkya, looks a lot like my sl50018:24
patdk-wkthat one only lasted me a year :(18:24
silverarrowthey should at least last five18:24
silverarrowwith out serious hardware failure18:24
patdk-wkthe plastic just wore out, from my hands rubbing on it18:24
patdk-wkand the screen flexed too much and broke18:24
silverarrowthat happened on a fujitsu I had18:25
patdk-wkand each time they *repaired* it, it got more broke18:25
silverarrowthe silvergrey finish wore off18:25
patdk-wkI litterally wore a hole though it :)18:25
silverarrowI don`t know lenovo, but I have liked some HP models18:25
patdk-wkwell, lenovo used to be ibm, till ibm said they didn't want to make consumer stuff anymore18:26
* silverarrow wonders what kind of hands patdk-wk has. Sandingpaper or very acid?18:26
patdk-wkbut lenovo had branched off the ibm line with other lower priced lines18:26
patdk-wkdefently sandpaper18:26
silverarrowI have noticed some asus models have steel casing18:27
patdk-wkactually, I had to grow my hands skin back a few years back18:27
silverarrowlike a dark brushed steel18:27
patdk-wkI froze it all off18:27
silverarrowthey look good18:27
patdk-wknothing like taking your hands, and making them -40c in a few seconds18:28
silverarrowyou were in the mountains or?18:28
silverarrowoh, nitogen tank?18:28
patdk-wkall the skin came off, and took about 2 months for the skin to grow back, and a good year for it to stop cracking18:28
patdk-wkna, hvac18:28
* silverarrow googles hvac18:28
silverarrowoh, and acronym18:29
silverarrowwe hardly have those here18:29
silverarrowwe have ventilation, but the more advanced air condition only larger shoppings centers and office buildings18:30
silverarrowI know a guy who is the sort who volunters on military practices and that kind of thing18:31
silverarrowhe lost a toe18:31
silverarrowfroze off18:31
silverarrowand next year happily joins again18:31
elfyballoons: not sur whether upgrading from beta 1 via update mangler is something that I would generally do - especially as it is telling me it's a partial upgrade ;)18:49
balloonselfy, oh really?18:50
balloonsis the archive not in a good state atm18:50
balloonsI just upgraded18:50
elfyno idea - software sources crashed as well18:53
elfyor I think it did - this beta 1 had that really annoying m,ove the mouse and you can't see anything bug :)18:54
elfyjust going to see what synaptic says first18:54
elfythe use the whole disk only allocates something like 400Mb of swapfor some reason as well18:55
elfyballoons: confirmed that archived tests bug :)19:00
balloonselfy, so it works yes?19:01
elfyyep = I put some results today19:01
elfyI'll keep an eye on it over the next couple of days when I do tests19:01
balloonsk.. I think knome and I found it was a bug19:01
elfyyea - I read the backlog in here19:02
balloonswe still need to file the actual bug.. attempting to recreate on staging19:02
elfyI really wish I'd accidentally not read this qa ARM email today ...19:02
elfyok - well if you need me to do anything with it then just shout19:02
elfyballoons: no it's not the archive its update manager - synaptic is fine with it - upgrades and to be installed all going now19:13
balloonsthe update manager bombs eh?19:14
elfyjust says there's a partial - I can run it with update manager with the partial if you really want to - but it'll not be good - it rarely is :)19:15
elfyto be honest I rarely use um unless I'm actually testing it itself19:17
balloonsI'm sure it won't be19:24
elfyso you want me to do it with update mangler?19:24
balloonsno no, no reason to mangle it up19:25
balloonshow's unity19:25
balloonsstill ok?19:25
elfynot in beta 1 it's not19:25
elfyit's that horrible don't move the mouse if you want to see the desktop bug in that one19:25
balloonsyes, but it upgraded ok19:26
balloonsand unity is fine now?19:26
elfynot yet - still doing it ...19:26
balloonssame as your fresh install19:26
* balloons waits patiently19:26
elfyit was excellent before I went backwards :)19:26
elfydoing anything processor heavy here is really really slow - perhaps it's the stick - but I don't think so - works fine everywhere else19:27
balloonsphillw, ping20:14
phillwballoons: pong20:14
balloonssee your pm20:18
silverarrowI`ve read the mail today20:19
balloonshey silverarrow20:19
balloonshow are you?20:19
silverarrowI`m fine thank, and you?20:19
silverarroware you in sync again after the all  nighter?20:20
silverarrowI had a few days of natural day night rythem when I worked nights20:21
silverarrowI have a new attempt at alsamixer issues20:22
silverarrowI have no idea where to start20:22
silverarrowlost connection20:29
phillwsilverarrow: you really should pop onto #freenode and request an unafilliated cloak?20:31
balloonssilverarrow, yes, I'm slowly easing back the hours20:33
balloonsit will take me a bit to completely come back to normal20:33
Noskcajdo knome and i need to make a lvm xubuntu testcase?20:34
knomeNoskcaj, i wouldn't worry about that for Q release20:34
silverarrowphillw: what`s that?20:41
silverarrowinvisibility cloak?20:41
* balloons rolls +6 die20:42
phillwsilverarrow: it prevents you giving out you IP address when you log onto IRC20:42
balloonssilverarrow loses invisibility for 10 seconds20:42
silverarrowI see, that is a bad thing?20:42
silverarrowI have a sort of joint IP with the rest of the house20:42
phillwsilverarrow: it can be, we aren't bad people, but others are. Having a cloak reduces risks20:42
knomephillw, i can give you an IP address any day!20:43
knomephillw, there you go!20:43
silverarrow6 people uses this modem20:43
silverarrowthough right now only two20:43
phillwsilverarrow: it has no difference to them, just masks it when you log onto IRC20:43
silverarrowphillw: I shall look into the cloak20:43
phillwdo we have a factoid bot on here?20:44
ubot5Hi! I'm #ubuntu-testing's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots20:44
ubot5To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.20:44
phillwthanks knome, I'm used to DragonEyes :P20:45
wxlew dragon eyes ;)20:50
silverarrowis my IP address of use to anyone?20:50
knomesilverarrow, if somebody wants to make your life a bit more miserable, then yeah, it could be20:51
silverarrowthe web is probably not worse than the rest of earth20:51
silverarrownasty place at times20:51
knomeprobably not worse, but the bad things might be happening more often20:52
silverarrowlike landing in the world of linux20:52
silverarrowhardly anyting works20:52
silverarrowat least in alpha20:53
silverarrow;- )20:53
silverarrowluckily it gets better20:53
knomedon't know about the world though...20:54
silverarrowdoes libre office work in gome/unity?20:56
silverarrowhashsum mismatch when updating20:57
balloonssilverarrow, yes20:57
silverarrowthere were a guy yesterday with toolbar problems20:59
Noskcajvirtualbox says its disconected from the internet whe my pc is not, what is this a bug in?21:00
silverarrowbattery monitor doesn`t work that  well in lxde on powerpc21:01
elfyNoskcaj: I had a bunch of issues the other day with vbox and internet, had to set it to bridged adapter21:05
Noskcajok elfy21:05
elfyballoons: so 2 hours later it is still upgrading the 883 packages ...21:32
balloonselfy, wow21:34
balloonsthat might be awhile21:34
balloonsi'm uploading21:34
balloons1 hr in a 5 hour jon21:34
elfygoing to bed as soon as this tea mug is empty :) will look in the morning lol21:36
balloonssounds like a good plan mate21:36
elfyas long as it all works then I guess it's worth it :)21:36
elfyI noted on the testcase that I used synaptic21:37
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elfythat'll do - night balloons21:49
balloonsgood night elfy !21:51
skaetplars, infinity,  balloons - was just doing an update on my quantal machine,  and have gotten "Update information  (null)" and system has stopped responding.    anyone else seeing this?23:15
skaetinfinity, slangasek - do you want me to try to catch anything from the hung system before I reboot?23:22
infinityskaet: If it's hung, I'm not sure what you'd collect.23:23
skaetinfinity,  well mouse moves around,  so not completely23:24
skaetbut I can't get a terminal to come up from the keyboard,  so power cycle time.23:25
phillwinfinity: the ppa is at https://launchpad.net/~gilir/+archive/lubuntu what needs doing?23:45
infinityphillw: I'm pretty sure gilir knows what to do...23:50
phillwinfinity: so a simple "Yes, it is approved" will do?23:52
infinityphillw: It was already approved, so yes, he just needs to (a) commit to fxing/reverting if it breaks, and (b) upload it to the archive.23:53
skaetinfinity,   past.ubuntu.com/1270232  -  results from rebooted, and triggering software updater again.23:54
phillwthanks, i know he still not 100% well so getting that (quite major) issue off his mind this close to a release will help a lot23:54
skaetpaste.ubuntu.com/1270232 rather.23:54
skaetanything else you want included in the bug?23:54
phillwinfinity: skaet as he away from computer, how best to (00:33:00) skaet: phillw,  please work to get it uploaded now in next couple of hours, and we'll call it even. ?23:58
skaetphillw,  see if one of the other MOTU's has bandwidth to help out, and get it uploaded.23:59

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