philballewpleia2, Can I ask you a network question?03:56
philballewor anyone I guess03:58
philballewWhat would cause my laptop to connect to my wireless network at school, then though still connected after a few minutes tank and not load anything and not be able to ping anything.03:58
philballewWanna figure out why it only does it with them and everywhere else my laptop works fine.03:58
akkI've had problems with some laptops and some connections where it would drop the connection every few minutes, then (usually) auto-reconnect.03:59
akkWhich isn't an answer, because I've never figured out why -- it's not always on a low signal strength network.03:59
akkDoes iwconfig say you're still associated with the accesspoint?04:00
philballewnot checked. network manager shows that I am04:01
akkiwconfig is easy enough to run.04:01
philballewtotally will next time it tanks04:02
akkI've found that often when gui thingies seem to indicate I'm connected, iwconfig says I'm not really associated.04:02
philballewI think it might be some dhcp thing04:02
philballewthough not sure there04:02
philballewgui's are nice, but its just one more layer that can go wrong.04:02
akkWith both guis and the cmdline tools, often there's no indication of failure to associate04:03
akkand the visible failure mode is that it gets in a loop trying to get DHCP.04:03
akkYou'd think it would check first whether it was associated, but for some reason network tools often don't.04:03
akkI've learned that any time I see repeated failure to get DHCP, get to a shell and type iwconfig to check.04:04
philballewnetwork logs might show some stuff as well?04:05
pleia2I've had problems with network manager and the network driver on the laptop I'm on, every time network manager rescans the network it tanks my connection (goes slow or disconnects entirely)04:06
pleia2it gets fixed in some kernels, then breaks again, the bug report is a tale of toil and sadness04:06
pleia2so I installed wicd and it's all ok04:06
philballewthats not maintained anymore iirc?04:07
pleia2not a clue04:07
pleia2maybe it's "done" so it doesn't need to be maintained :)04:07
pleia2the package is still in the repos and it works nicely04:07
philballewperfect. Seems like a good plan if it works for you04:08
pleia2philballew: /var/log/syslog will have details for what it's doing connection-wise with the access point04:08
pleia2requesting an address, etc04:08
philballewif its dhcp i might just set a static here and see if I can fix it there04:09
pleia2also might want to check that the DNS server is working ok, and whether you can still ping IP addresses (just not domain names)04:09
philballewroute would show the ip's for that04:09
philballewroute in bash shows some network info04:10
akkI've had better luck with wicd than networkmanager too.04:10
pleia2so many DNS servers on wifi networks are broken or just can't handle the load, so I often reset the dns server to when I'm at hotels and things04:10
akkI used to have good luck with /etc/network/interfaces and cmdline tools, but that broke in pangolin. :(04:10
philballewphilip@PrincessLeia:~$ route04:10
philballewKernel IP routing table04:10
philballewDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface04:10
philballewdefault         UG    0      0        0 wlan004:10
philballew10.112.117.0    *        U     2      0        0 wlan004:10
philballewlink-local      *          U     1000   0        0 wlan004:10
philballew192.168.122.0   *        U     0      0        0 virbr004:10
philballewthats what route is04:10
akk /etc/network/interface doesn't work any more at least for WPA.04:10
philballewyeah akk I noticed that as well04:11
pleia2philballew: right, that will just show you what address it has assigned :) not why it's being broken/slow or whatnot04:11
* philballew hides in shame04:11
philballewI see now what you mean04:11
pleia2there are also some ip tools, like: ip route04:12
pleia2can tell you where it's trying to go out by default04:12
akkOn motel wifis with broken DHCP sometimes you can just guess an IP and set it with ifconfig04:12
akkbut that's not likely to work on a college net (and of course if you're not associated it wouldn't work anyway).04:12
philballewmy school here is trying to switch to ipv6 and are having a bad time04:13
philballewcollege here uses windows for their dns servers04:14
philballewoddly enough when I use my router in the dorm connected to the cat5 port all runs fine so it makes me think it might just be a wireless problem with them.04:15
pleia2yeah, seems like04:15
akkThat's normal -- wireless is about 10000% more flaky than wired.04:16
philballewI'd ask the school sysadmins but I did just quit and make their work harder04:16
philballewalso they just say "why are you running linux?"04:16
philballewI could just cary around a cat5 with me. might look kinda lame, but who cares04:17
akkIf you're always somewhere where there's a cat5 port.04:18
philballewthe library has them, but not everywhere. might have to do some troubleshooting.04:19
jbermudesphilballew: I used to know a guy that always carried some cat5 with him. Whenever the wireless got flakey nobody was laughing at him04:43
philballewjbermudes, i could carry some, then rent it out when wifi goes down.04:43
jbermudesThat's the American spirit!04:45
toddcnbI carry--------1         and sit back laughing!!!! :)04:45
philballewGareth, did you ever get my email last week? I think the mail servers do not want us talking.16:02
Garethphilballew: I did.  haven't had a chance to respond.  I'll respond today.16:44
philballewno worries. take your time. Just want to make sure it did not fail on my end.16:44
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bkerensapleia2: so I wonder if Canonical is having a cash crunch? First the Amazon Suggestions to bring more revenue.... Shorter UDS.... Now a donation splash page before people can download Ubuntu18:38
pleia2sure does seem like it :\18:57
pleia2but I don't really know18:57
pleia2I think the shorter UDS makes sense in general, 5 days is a lot even for us community folks and things really wind down on friday, and that's on top of sprints the prior week for a lot of canonical folks18:58
bkerensapleia2: jorge just said it didnt save them money really19:06
bkerensabut imho even at group rates for hotel its still going to be like $100 per person for lodging and through in food thats close to the salary of a developer for a year19:07
pleia2I think $100/person savings is a bit of a drop in the bucket when it comes to full UDS spending (which last I knew was over a million)19:07
bkerensabut 70k is still a developer for a year :P19:08
pleia2I'm staying the extra day anyway, but I'm covering my hotel for friday night (at least as long as I'm using it, which is like 4AM)19:11
bkerensaWell Enjoy Denmark :)19:12
bkerensaI will be remote participating each day19:12
pleia2I'm sure I will :)19:12
bkerensaphilballew: we will tag team19:12
philballewgonna probably sleep all afternoon and just be tuned to the screen while doing homework19:13
philballewgonna be interesting to see how much more I can mess up my sleep19:13
pleia2philballew: can you take care of post-meeting tasks for our meeting on sunday? :)19:15
pleia2was short, but we should keep track of it none the less19:16
philballewyeah, should be able to do it. might just do it right after the meeting so I dont forget19:16
pleia2I mean the one we had on sunday19:16
philballewoh, yeah. I can do that sure19:17
pleia2thank you \o/19:17
philballewcan do it on weekend probably. Have hw this week19:17
philballewjust got out of my Java class.19:17
bkerensapleia2: you figure out who is publishing? Will they send summary announcements?19:19
pleia2bkerensa: UWN?19:19
pleia2akgraner, nhandler and JoseeAntonioR are filling in for me19:20
philballewyeah, im working with jose on that I think19:20
bkerensawell hopefully Josee will ping and I can help with summaries19:21
pleia2they should be doing all coordination in #ubuntu-news like usual :)19:22
pleia2(the emails are really for folks who don't use IRC)19:22
philballewpeople dont use IRC?19:23
akkEven folks who use IRC may not be on at the right time.19:24
pleia2anyone is welcome to be added to the email list, we don't do it without people asking19:25
philballewim setting up a irc client on a always on desktop server currently19:25
pleia2so if they don't think they'll be on IRC during coordination and want to participate, they should let us know :)19:25
philballewI give away ubuntu cd's to people that add themselves to lists.19:25
bkerensapleia2: Somehow I have one week to get 30 more people to our Release Party http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-or/1964/detail/19:36
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu 12.10 Release Party | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]19:36
bkerensa:( only 16 so far19:36
philballewbkerensa, if you fly me up there ill come19:38
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