ShawnRitnet7: yeah, just guitar solo (acoustic).  No words, no video (just the wave form of the sound)02:16
ShawnRalso listed are a few other covers he's done (even one on a ukalele)02:17
bhosmerHi gang. I was talking with Chris Crisafulli last night about the upcoming release party in Viera. Does anyone know his nick or what time it was planned for?12:52
bhosmerseen itnet714:09
itnet7bhosmer: hey there!14:53
bhosmerHi! So, what time where you thinking for Sunday?14:54
itnet7bhosmer: I'll let you know in a second... brb14:57
govatentwhats up on sunday?15:01
bhosmerQuantal release party!15:02
bhosmerFor Brevard County. I don't know about everywhere else.15:02
itnet7Well, the 21st15:02
itnet7do you think that the place would be open from 6 - 9 pm?15:03
itnet7or would you rather do 5 - 8?15:03
itnet7bhosmer: ^15:03
itnet7hey there govatent !15:03
govatenthey itnet7 15:03
govatenthow goes it? 15:03
itnet7not bad, how are you doing??15:03
govatenthanging in there. finally a day i don't have to be on the road. so im working from home and doing some work on my arch pogo plug server15:04
govatenthow about you?15:05
govatentoh side note, i'd like another copy of your irrsi scripts. that something i'm setting up on this server 15:06
bhosmerThat is what I need to check. Sometimes she closes on Sundays, but I know her hours have been a little different. I'm going to try and confirm with her this afternoon and make sure. If she isn't available, we might be able to get the civic center or porcher house. If worse comes to worse, we can use my office on New Haven. Melbourne is just a little far for some, so central part of the county might be better.15:06
itnet7govatent: no problem, I will send you a copy as soon as I can15:11
itnet7bhosmer: Awesome, thanks! Have I met you in RL through the Hackers and Founders of Melbourne Group?15:11
* itnet7 sometimes has a bad memory lately ;-)15:12
bhosmerI don't think so. I didn't know they even existed. I'm part of the Drupal community here, and go to Orlando sometimes to familab and Urban Rethink.15:12
itnet7Oh, cool!15:12
govatentWe are having our party on the 21 if i remember the plan correctly down here15:12
itnet7govatent: in Miami?15:13
govatentit's to line up with the dade lug and hackmiami meetings 15:13
bhosmerHow many people do you think might attend for Brevard? I think I can count on at least three. I might be able to persuade her to open if we can make it worth her while.15:13
govatentI would try and make it up 15:13
itnet7bhosmer: I am not sure, usually between 15 - 20 have been coming in the past15:14
govatentI'm gonna try and be there. not sure if i have to do anything sunday 15:14
itnet7govatent: ours is also schedule for the 21st15:14
bhosmerThat would probably do it if we all eat and drink while we are there.15:14
itnet7We can change our date bhosmer if you think it's too soon15:15
itnet7so we can try and get more people to attend15:15
itnet7but it would have to be after November 4th, more like the 11 th15:15
itnet7I will be out of the country from the 26th of Oct. until Nov. 4th15:16
bhosmerThat might not be a bad idea. She is definitely open on Saturdays. I don't know how quickly you can mobilize the loco group. Saturday the 20th of October, a lot of us will be at DrupalCamp South Florida.15:16
itnet7govatent: if you guys were to come up, would it be easier for us to have it on a Saturday?15:17
govatentsunday would be fine. 15:17
govatentI'm actually learning to program in C with the hack miami guys on sats 15:17
govatentalthough I could mess a meeting i guess15:18
itnet7bhosmer: See how she feels about November 18th. The 11th is actually a holiday15:19
bhosmerIf you think we could get 20 people in there, let me ask her this afternoon if she might be willing to open for us. Before we change too much around. She might do it if we promise to drink and maybe get by with cold sandwiches or something. If she has to open the grill, it costs her more because she has to pay a cook. She has beer and stuff. 15:20
bhosmerOkay, I'll ask about the 18th.15:20
itnet7Ask her about the 17th and 18th, and see what would work better for her. I haven't ever been there so I am not sure if it would be too crowded for a decent size group on a Saturday night15:21
itnet7Thanks bhosmer !15:22
bhosmerNo, there is plenty of room. She would be elated if I brought 20 people in there on a Saturday or Sunday.15:22
bhosmerYou're welcome, thank you too. I should know something by this evening at least. We have a few alternatives for sure in case one doesn't work.15:22
itnet7We'll just write up the description to reflect that15:23
itnet7govatent: if you do come on Saturday, maybe you can do a hangout during the C learning15:23
bhosmerAre you in here in the evenings? 15:23
bhosmeritnet7: 15:23
itnet7bhosmer: me?15:23
bhosmeritnet7: yes sorry15:24
itnet7I work in Rockledge during the day15:24
itnet7you mean the channel15:24
bhosmerNo, I mean in the channel15:24
bhosmerWe both type too fast!15:24
itnet7ping me anytime, I have irssi running with a notification app on my phone15:24
itnet7if you direct message me, I usually get notified15:24
bhosmerOkay, I am teaching class tonight. When I get a chance and know something I'll let you know.15:25
itnet7The only times I won't respond is if I have my phone muted, or I'm working out15:25
itnet7 cool!!15:25
bhosmerthis is going to be awesome!15:25
itnet7govatent if you guys schedule your release party soon on the Loco Team Portal, I'll try and come15:25
itnet7bhosmer: definitely!15:26
govatentis there going to be a post for your event?15:26
itnet7We have one now, but it says the twenty first of october15:26
itnet7I am going to change it to the 18th of Nov.15:26
bhosmerI'll let itnet7 take care of the loco stuff, but I will post it at brevardtech.org when I know something.15:26
itnet7and if we have to change it again we will15:26
itnet7bhosmer: sweet!15:27
bhosmerI have some very ubuntu hungry noobs that have been asking for an install fest. This will be great.15:27
itnet7bhosmer: We can do an install fest any time, We can reserve a room at the Eau Gallie Library or somewhere similar. I would just want to setup a local mirror, and bring a hub/switch to make it easer to do updates15:33
itnet7I have a couple of people in the Space Coast Linux and OSS group as well as the Bug Club that have also been asking15:34
itnet7govatent: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1973/detail/15:35
itnet7bbiab going to heat up my lunch real quick ;-)15:35
bhosmeritnet7: Let me talk to the tech group. I'll see a lot of them tonight and run it by them.16:13
ShawnRanyone here at all tried to get a linksys WMB54G running through ubuntu?16:22
ShawnRin windows, it loads as a sound device to wirelessly stream any sound to the device.  That should work ok in a virtual machine i presume, but i would love to run it natively from my server without having to run a VM16:23
itnet7ShawnR: I can help try and research it a bit, but I don't have one of those devices ;-016:26
itnet7 I meant 16:27
ShawnRitnet7: the only research is that the box itself can be hacked (access to root via j9 serial port pins), but no drivers are available16:30
itnet7Oh, wow!16:30
ShawnRi run Subsonic music server, and there is an option to control the server's player remotely.  I wanted to do that to play music somewhere else in the house... but this appears to be no dice16:31
ShawnRi don't wanna run my subsonic server on a windows machine just for this feature16:31
ShawnRi love the box, it has stereo RCA, mini-stereo (3.5mm), digital coax, and optical outputs (can handle 5.1) and wirelessly receives the signal from the PC16:32
ShawnRit is hard enough to get it working on the barely supported Vista (linksys, Sondigo, C-Media all failed to get past a primary beta driver for vista) and some have hacked running the right services to get it running in win7... but no work at all for linux16:34
ShawnRhttp://www.devttys0.com/2012/07/hacking-the-linksys-wmb54g/ <--this guy hacked the firmware, but doesn't get me anywhere on client drivers16:34
itnet7ShawnR: it's a shame they haven't released any drivers, it seems like it would be a dynamite device17:03
itnet7I saw a couple of posts on Cisco's community forums, maybe someday they'll listen to their customers17:04
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