rick_h_morning and such12:17
rick_h_jcastro_: that cabinet looks nice13:53
jcastro_dang, tripped my first breaker with the new gear, lol13:54
rick_h_hah! what were you doing?13:54
rick_h_was it a 15A breaker or something?13:54
jcastro_plugging in computers13:54
jcastro_not sure13:55
rick_h_orly, ouch13:55
jcastro_so you think I need to get a larger one?13:55
* jcastro_ goes to investigate13:55
rick_h_well you'll find some will be 20A, kitchen and bathroom usually13:55
rick_h_I have my computer stuff off of a 20A since things like the printer/server/etc can draw a bunch of boot13:56
rick_h_but if you blew a 20A then something's broken. I run my woodworking tools off of a 20A13:56
jcastro_it's 1513:56
jcastro_and like kitchens and bathroom are 2013:57
jcastro_and the heavy stuff is 3013:57
rick_h_you want a 20 for your office13:57
jcastro_ok so I need a 20 in my office?13:57
rick_h_if you've got the server and such13:57
jcastro_I do13:57
jcastro_oh, also, it says GFCI and has a glowy thing on it13:57
rick_h_or else setup that stuff hooked up to a 20 elsewhere in the house.13:57
jcastro_no that won't work, it needs to be self contained in this room actually13:57
jcastro_My wife and I are instigating a server/computer de-escalation.13:58
rick_h_so yea, ideally I'd have an electician set you up with a 20A outlet in the room there with all the gear. Need to make sure the house wiring is up to the 20A rating, but I'd assume it's the same as in the kitchen/bathroom13:58
rick_h_and make sure your outlet is matched so it won't blow13:58
jcastro_the outlets are all the same brand as the rest, so I am assuming so. (I will of course have him check)13:59
rick_h_right, but gfci can have a rating on them as well13:59
jcastro_well, the breaker says gfco13:59
jcastro_no gfci plus in here though13:59
rick_h_oh, gotcha nvm sorry13:59
rick_h_thought you meant it was an gfci outlet14:00
jcastro_no, the breaker says GFCI14:00
jcastro_maybe it's set up for it but they didn't do the plugs?14:00
rick_h_fancy pants electrical box :P14:00
rick_h_I'm guessing it's doing double duty at the box?14:01
jcastro_either way, I'm not really just replacing the breaker in the box am I14:01
jcastro_I need to call a guy?14:01
rick_h_well, you want to make sure the wiring is ok for 20A14:01
rick_h_12GA vs 14GA, I'm pretty sure you need 12GA for 20A14:02
* jcastro_ shutsdown gear for now14:02
jcastro_Do I just look in a plug?14:03
rick_h_if it's 12GA wiring and the box isn't at max you can just swap out the breaker14:03
rick_h_you'd need to pull the plug and check out the wiring coming through the walls14:03
jcastro_maybe I can get lucky and just look without ripping the plug out14:03
rick_h_well it should pop out iwth a couple of screws14:04
jcastro_btw, thanks for telling me to get an impact wrench14:04
jcastro_I put my desk together in 5 min14:04
jcastro_do you think a light switch will be wired that way too?14:04
jcastro_or should I look in an outlet?14:04
rick_h_well, that's what I mean. All the wire on that circuit should be 12GA and I'm not sure if there's an easy way to check or not.14:05
rick_h_ask Dave from the woodworking group. he can hook you up.14:05
jcastro_oh, you never mailed me his info btw14:05
jcastro_need it for the table14:05
snap-lColonelPanic001: http://govsgo.com/14:10
snap-lReminder: MUG tonight14:15
snap-lAludra Filesystem, Fishbowl14:15
snap-lAnd if all goes well, the unveiling of the new MUG Store.14:16
ColonelPanic001snap-l: looking14:20
ColonelPanic001this looks... nicer14:20
ColonelPanic001snap-l wins.14:21
ColonelPanic001I'll have to try this out and if it's good, screw dragongoserver14:21
ColonelPanic001unless something really sucks on this one. Nice find, thanks for sending it14:21
jcastro_smoser, you going to mug tonight?14:47
smoserjcastro_, no.14:48
jcastro_greg, when do you come home next?15:05
jcastro_home being AA I mean15:05
snap-ljcastro_: Are you coming to MUG?15:11
jcastro_no car15:12
ColonelPanic001jcastro_ is in MI again? I never get these newsletters.15:18
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: you've got to hang in irc more :P15:19
rick_h_irc == newsletter15:19
ColonelPanic001I'd say someone should just parse through, and email me the highlights, but I'd ignroe that, too15:20
rick_h_we should just wrap the irc backlog and use it for a loco newsletter15:20
rick_h_make us seem cool15:20
ColonelPanic001just include any ascii art genitals I do, too15:21
ColonelPanic001those are definitely highlights.15:21
snap-ljcastro_: bah, there's gotta be someway to make this work.15:33
rick_h_http://blog.bitbucket.org/2012/10/09/introducing-the-redesigned-bitbucket/ kind of cool. Looks like some nice improvements15:33
snap-lNice. Looking more like github. ;)15:34
snap-lAnd the power is out.15:40
ColonelPanic001snap-l: new kitten?15:42
rick_h_man, ColonelPanic001 is really out of date15:43
ColonelPanic001I'M SORRY I KNOW15:43
rick_h_you've not seen the kitten blur photos on G+?15:43
rick_h_my wife gets a kick out of them15:43
ColonelPanic001we're trading cat pictures now? Have I been missing out on Internets Points?15:44
ColonelPanic001anyone know of something like github or bitbucket that's self-hosted (but nice and shiney and featureful like them)?15:44
rick_h_redmine is what I setup at morpace before I left15:45
rick_h_it's not as nice, but it's there15:45
brouschbitbucket offers unlimited free private repos. What more do you need?15:45
rick_h_there's some gitolite + front end stuff15:45
ColonelPanic001just curious for work15:45
rick_h_or just buy github like widox's work15:45
ColonelPanic001I think what they liked about our current svn server at work is that it's integrated in with our accounts here15:45
brouschYour own private Sourceforge15:45
ColonelPanic001figured something self-hosted can be extended that way15:46
brouschSupports svn, hg, and git15:46
snap-lYou could run trac with git / SVN15:54
snap-lColonelPanic001: I posted a few on G+15:55
snap-lJoDee has also published a few.15:55
ColonelPanic001heh, thanks15:57
ColonelPanic001I should actually look at G+ now and then15:58
brouschAllura is legit. They've applied for apache project inclusion15:58
jcastro_jrwren, how about you, you going to mug?16:09
rick_h_brousch: I'd hardly use that as the measure of legit16:11
rick_h_brousch: do you know what's up with their sale? Are they still investing in that at the new company?16:12
snap-lrick_h_: Last I heard they are16:21
snap-lThey're looking to get off the PHP infra16:21
snap-lI'd be surprised if they still had the PHP stuff running in 201316:23
rick_h_cool, just curious if word had spread what the new company was thinking16:23
shakes808good afternoon all16:43
=== lotia-away is now known as lotia
brouschrick_h_: I haven't spoken to Dave since just after the announcement17:21
gregjcastro_: Christmas! We'll be in Chelsea17:42
=== greg is now known as greg-g
jrwrenjcastro_: i do not go to mug.18:22
snap-lThat's because jrwren doesn't want to sully his Ann Arbor karma by driving into dirty Oakland County18:23
snap-lwhere we have only a handful of Whole Foods and Trader Joes.18:24
snap-lPretty sure God will still let hippies into heaven who pass through Oakland COunty.18:25
snap-lespecially if it's for OSS events.18:26
snap-lIn fact, I've got God on speed dial right here. Let me ... yup. it's OK. God's really good  about anticipating phone calls.18:27
brouschAnything East of Ann Arbor is Detroit. Who wants to go to Detroit?18:27
snap-lbrousch: You keep out of this18:27
snap-lGod dammit, AMD: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/11743j/ubuntu_developerstesters_please_comment_on_status/18:47
brouschIntel FTW18:52
snap-lYeah, because having a flaccid card is better than having driver support.18:53
greg-gjcastro_: et al ( snap-l , brousch , jrwren , rick_h_ , etc etc): our plans for that week are pretty chill, just relaxing.18:57
greg-gthat week being XMAS, and us being in Chelsea, for the new people I pinged18:57
greg-gwe'll see about beers one night though, definitely18:58
* greg-g will keep the channel up to date on developments18:58
snap-lgreg-g: We expect visits every time you're even remotely over the Michigan border. ;)19:00
snap-lEven if you're flying over, have then lower a rope ladder or something.19:00
brouschXmas and New Years are always crazy for us. We end up having to visit half a dozen places around the state19:03
greg-gyeah, chances are low19:03
greg-gsnap-l: I even feel bad when I'm in Chicago for an hour layover and don't tell nixternal ;)19:04
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, but that's nixternal. ;)19:10
snap-lHe doesn't even hang around here anymore. ;)19:10
snap-lWe're like family19:10
snap-l(with all of the rights, privileges, and crazies that statement brings)19:10
tony-smlrHi Everyone!,  I missed the last meeting but I was wondering if there is going to be a release party?19:20
snap-lThat's the plan.19:21
snap-lI think James Hice was looking into some places19:23
snap-lif you have some ideas on locations, post 'em to the list.19:23

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