skellatSo, what sort of cake should I bake for the Quantal Quetzal release party16:47
Unit193skellat: Wonder, you use apt-offline much?16:49
skellatUnit193: Yes16:50
Unit193Wondered how much of a use case it had/has.16:50
skellatUnit193: Well, since there are no alternate installer discs available now it lets you update machines that have low to no connectivity16:50
skellatPreviously the alternate installer disc would have served as a partial repository to allow for that16:51
skellatNow that those aren't being maintained, tools like apt-zip and apt-offline are it.  Considering how Time Warner Cable kills the broadband here in Ashtabula Township as frequently as they do...especially since their office is within very short walking distance...16:52
Unit193And with synaptic being gone as well...16:52
skellatSynaptic allowed for building a package download script which I usually did a find/replace in to swap out the wget's for aria2c's16:53
skellatSo, yeah, apt-offline has a place16:53
skellatBroadband overall may be getting universal quantitatively but in terms of quality it is not a level playing field16:54
skellatThe FCC's last broadband deployment report says that much with pretty graphs and way more text16:55
paultagsoon, for those of you with raspberry pis, I might get around to implementing a raspi image that can mirror the debian archive on the fly, so long as it's hooked up to a hard-drive16:56
Unit193I noted the bit about synaptic and apt-offline, but think it was a bit late in the cycle.  Hopefully for 13.04.16:56
paultagthen using mirror://, use that when it's around16:56
paultagapt-offline is a bit of a hack16:56
paultagapt-mirror is nice16:56
paultagp.s. synaptic is in the repos16:56
skellatpaultag: Hack it may be, but it works16:56
paultagso does apt-mirror :)16:57
dzhoso, what's the whole process with apt-offline?16:57
* dzho finds http://www.debian-administration.org/article/Offline_Package_Management_for_APT and now is looking at it16:57
paultagthere's also some apt-proxy thing16:58
paultagwhich is cool too16:58
dzhoah, a signature file16:58
* dzho uses approx16:59
dzhowhich is a server-side thing, rather than client side16:59
skellatpaultag: I'm still wading through about 40 ISOC messages about the wonderful upcoming International Telecommunications Union meeting that does not bode will for the Internet overall16:59
paultaginteresting. anthing big?16:59
dzhomaybe they'll have as much luck with these "death of Internet predicted, details on our news report at 11" stuff as they did with the OSI model.17:00
skellatLots of gloom and doom over Internet traffic handling and how the Europeans are proposing to go to Sending Party Pays to soak Google for lots and lots of cash as well as probably Akamai and other CDNs17:01
dzhowhich means that it will never work17:01
skellatVint Cerf is even chiming in on the thread17:02
skellatHere's a snippet from somebody other than Vint Cerf17:03
skellat"The  LDC's (whether it is governments or the local telco's) have to bare  costs for the delivery of information and get little (no?) revenues in  return either from the companies gaining the revenue from supplying the  information or from the companies selling the devices that are  accessing/using the information"17:03
skellatIt seems that the whole thing is being regarded as a zero-sum game economically17:04
dzhothe LDC's might want to look into charging what they need to in order to provide the service they do17:05
dzhoit's like they want to be in every other freakin' business in the world except the one they are in17:06
skellatThat's the main root to it all.  Sucking money out of Google and other CDNs for flushing so much traffic down the tubes17:06
dzhoit's a shakedown, basically17:06
dzho"oh, you guys are making lots of money.  we want some of that"17:06
skellatSo, back to my original question...what sort of cake should I bake for the Quantal Quetzal release party?  Should I just "be creative"?17:07
paultagugh, I've spent too much money in the last few days, I need to stop this crap17:07
dzhothis just in: road crews begin demanding a cut for delivering iPhones to Best Buy17:07
dzhoskellat: not cake.  pie.17:08
dzhoblackbird pie17:08
skellatpaultag: What's the problem with too much cash outflow?17:08
paultagskellat: I need to pay for stuff like food17:09
paultagyou know17:09
paultagand to live17:09
skellatpaultag: Ah.  Those kinds of issues.17:09
dzhotoo many toys?17:10
paultagyah, dumb moves17:10
paultagI got a dock for my laptop last night (which I would *like*, but it was a bit of a waste of money)17:10
dzhoI've been having a Nexus 7 itch17:10
paultagI can't stand plugging shit in and out and in and out.17:11
paultagoh man, yeah, really17:11
dzhothing that gets me is no uSD slot17:11
paultagnone of them do, anymoe17:11
dzhoyeah, some of them still do17:11
paultagwell, android 4.1+ don't support it17:11
dzhoman, screw Google17:11
paultagthey have a new protocol that works to allow access17:12
paultagbut they ditched multi-parition cardsd17:12
paultagso it's no longer safe to do that sorta thing17:12
dzhogiven that I still use a froyo device, I suppose I ought to snag something ICS and then just run with that17:14
* dzho curses17:14
skellatWell, I gotta bounce...I have KP duty and the dirty dishes are above the edge of the sink rim.  I'll try to be back later today guys.17:15
dzhoREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. This is a new permission that will be required in a future release for apps that want to read the contents of the SD card. Up to now, anybody could read the SD card. It's not enforced in JellyBean unless you turn on a special developer option. Google strongly encourages all developers that read from the SD card to include this permission now.17:16
paultaghahaha, oh this is great - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZxs09eV-Vc17:20
paultag<political advertisement />17:20
paultagObama's starting to use Big Bird in ads, pissing off PBS17:22
canthus13Well, they're totally misrepresenting what Romney said about big bird and PBS.  not to mention that only 12% of PBS's operating income comes from the federal government.18:18
paultagbut the killer is PBS' funding isn't even a percent of fed. funding18:18
paultagin fact, pbs, npr, and all other line-items that'd get cut just barely make 1%18:18
paultagjust barely18:18
canthus13Oh, I agree. fixing medicaid/medicare fraud would do much, much more.18:19
paultaga lot of things would18:19
* canthus13 doesn't like either candidate.. just dislikes Romney less. :/18:26
canthus13...but that's the way most elections go for me. Vote for the candidate I have the least amount of dislike for.18:27
dzhocanthus13: so, no Gary Johnson for you, then?19:13
yanodon't forget about Jill Stein!19:15
* dzho guesses canthus13 would swing closer to Johnson than Stein19:16
dzhobut maybe I'll go Stein, since I'm not in a swing state19:16
yanohttp://isidewith.com/ is pretty interesting. i was surprised at who i sided with.19:16
* canthus13 has no interest in voting for people who can't possibly win. If they can't get on the ballot in every state, it's a wasted vote.19:20
canthus13yano: ...the pulsating heads at the end were creepy.19:53
canthus13I apparently match romney best, then Johnson.19:56
canthus13Stein is second to last at 44%.19:56
paultagI feel cheep and used.21:10
canthus13Meh. It's just a new variation on the usual panhandling that accompanies larger free projects.21:29
dzhowell, there are the non-profit free projects22:50
dzhothis isn't one of them22:50
dzho> Canonical will not be using the money for any Canonical business-orientated functions23:17
dzhowell, ok23:17
dzhoalthough "orientated" is one of those abominations amongst words23:17
Cheri703dzho: http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-ori1.htm23:22

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