soreaubryceh: cool00:47
mlankhorstRAOF: re-ping07:20
RAOFmlankhorst: When's your membership-board appointment?07:21
mlankhorstgoing for uds-r summit07:21
RAOFmlankhorst: I've just been attacking colord with a stick today, so I haven't got around to endorsing you :)07:21
mlankhorstI'm sure you used colorful language to fight it off!07:21
tjaaltonmlankhorst: I uploaded an earlier version of xserver, didn't have the latest commit, oops .)07:22
mlankhorstmvo: I attached logs to bug 1062503 yesterday07:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1062503 in apt (Ubuntu) "apt fails to install libglapi-mesa-lts-quantal correctly on switching x stacks" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106250307:23
tjaaltonmlankhorst: is llvmpipe working for you on the panda? looks like I have just the normal swrast, and thus no compiz on quantal08:24
mlankhorsttjaalton: I use precise still, the ti extras do some patching so quantal won't work out of the box08:36
mlankhorstpresumably for the experimental dri2 video extension08:37
tjaaltonI dist-upgraded to quantal..08:38
tjaaltondon't have the ppa08:39
tjaaltonbest to review the build-logs then08:40
tjaalton        llvm:            no08:40
mlankhorstarmel or armhf?08:41
tjaaltonsame on armel08:41
mlankhorstyeah but on armhf i have the illusion you can still get some speed08:42
tjaalton--with-gallium-drivers=" nouveau r600 r300 svga swrast"08:42
mlankhorstI don't see llvmpipe in debian/rules otherwise08:43
mlankhorstunless it's that other rule, let me test..08:44
tjaaltonit's enabled, ifeq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU), amd64 i386 arm))08:45
tjaaltonbut llvm is turned off somehow08:45
tjaaltonoh heh08:46
mlankhorst  # LLVM is required for r300g and recommended for swrastg on x86:08:46
mlankhorstthat one? :p08:46
tjaaltonyeah that :)08:46
mlankhorstmight want to enable it for radeonsi too then08:46
tjaaltonit's enabled on x86 already, so it should be good?08:48
mlankhorston arm? :p08:48
tjaaltonradeonsi for arm?08:48
mlankhorstwe build the rest, so why not?08:49
tjaaltonjust makes the build longer :)08:49
mlankhorstthrow more pandas at it!08:50
mlankhorstseem to be 11 that are building armhf now08:50
tjaaltonI see 808:51
tjaaltononly one of them makes sense for arm :)08:52
mlankhorstdon't some arm come with a pci-e port?08:52
tjaaltoncan you buy it?08:52
tjaaltonare there any pcie x1 cards available?-)08:54
mlankhorstdon't make me look harder, but presumably :P08:54
tjaaltonbut not newer radeon ones anyway :)08:55
tjaaltonso I'll just try to make llvmpipe work08:55
mlankhorstjust because there aren't any today, doesn't mean that amd has no secret plans to release them tomorrow08:58
tjaaltonwhen such a miracle happens, I'll gladly flick the switch :)09:03
tjaaltoneven as an sru09:03
tjaaltonbut now that we're frozen..09:03
tjaaltonshould it be possible to crosscompile for armhf on amd64?09:06
tjaaltonwith a chroot09:06
jcristauif you have a cross-compiler..09:06
mlankhorstnah you just add it as foreign arch and use multiarch >:X09:06
mlankhorstshould work09:07
mlankhorststill going to need a cross compiler though09:07
tjaaltonhum, ok09:07
mlankhorstalthough I don't think it would be a really supported use of multiarch at this point09:09
tjaaltonmeh, I'll just build on the damn box09:09
mlankhorstit's what I've been doing so far :)09:10
tjaaltonis eth0 gigabit or not?09:10
mlankhorstyou wish09:10
tjaaltonwonder if it's faster to build on nfs09:10
mlankhorstbut it's still faster than a sd card09:10
mlankhorstI'm using a ssd now on the usb port09:10
mlankhorst22 megabyte/second09:10
mlankhorstit's great for complete silence though :)09:11
tjaaltonthat's about it09:11
mlankhorststill a great use!09:12
mvomlankhorst: thanks for the logs, sorry, the near release is giving me a hard time to find a free time to properly look at it, it looks like a bug in apt, one nice thing would be to know if its also happening with the quantal version of apt09:22
mlankhorstcan I just upgrade apt on precise?09:23
mvomlankhorst: not sure, it will probably bring a bunch of stuff like a new libstdc++ with it, but if you don't mind (or have a VM) then that should be ok09:24
mlankhorstseems to work, lets see..09:27
mlankhorstmvo: likely failing in the same way09:29
mlankhorstusing newer libapt + apt from quantal09:30
mvomlankhorst: yeah, the ordering code has not much changed iirc, just wanted to double check that I/we are not hunting smething that is already taken care of09:31
mlankhorstI think the ordering is fine, it's just for some reason deciding to configure before it is even extracted09:31
mlankhorsttjaalton: hah, radeonsi builds fine09:56
tjaaltonmlankhorst: bah :)10:02
tjaaltonwhat, the panda is single-core?10:02
mlankhorstit's dual core10:02
mlankhorstI disabled one though since the ti ppa had some issue with smp iirc10:03
tjaaltonoh right10:03
tjaaltonmisread /proc/cpuinfo10:03
mlankhorsthowever mine probably still finished faster because of the faster io10:05
tjaaltonhow long did it take?10:05
mlankhorststill going at the install phase :P10:06
mlankhorstjudging from timestamps, total is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes10:07
tjaaltonand someone wants these in servers..10:08
mlankhorstthere's 2 ways to measure performance per watt, and intel and arm can both claim they're the best at it10:08
mlankhorstone is keeping the total watts fixed, in that case arm wins since intel doesn't come close in total power consumption to things like phones, other is simply measuring flops/watt in which case intel would win :p10:10
tjaaltonthey're good for something, this box isn't :)10:15
mlankhorstit's good for testing that type of box!10:25
tjaaltonyeah, I'm just venting10:25
mlankhorstmy n9 might have git on it, but it's not a real buildbox10:26
tjaaltonyeah it's io-capped here10:27
tjaaltonpanda that is10:28
mlankhorstdo we have blueprints for R yet?10:50
tjaaltonthe team doesn't10:53
mlankhorstyeah looks like I should probably write the one for lts backports10:53
tjaaltonmeh, still no llvm10:57
mlankhorsthow long did your build take?10:57
tjaaltonrunning lintian10:58
tjaaltonshould finish soon10:58
mlankhorstmine built :P11:00
mlankhorst   # LLVM is required for r300g and recommended for swrastg on x86:11:00
mlankhorst-  ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),amd64 i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386))11:00
mlankhorst+  ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),amd64 i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 armel armhf))11:00
tjaaltondebuild -b  4189,16s user 543,60s system 139% cpu 56:37,54 total11:01
mlankhorstaw you won because of multithreading11:02
* mlankhorst shakes fist11:02
tjaaltonif only it could fit in the ramdisk..11:02
tjaaltonneed to fix the build-deps too11:09
mlankhorstoh right11:15
tjaaltoncheated, and dropped all the other dri drivers for this build..11:15
mlankhorstOMG :o11:15
tjaaltonshould be a bit faster to build :)11:15
mlankhorstcan I cheat and update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Blueprints/LtsPointUpdatesForXorg for R?11:17
tjaaltongo ahead :)11:17
* mlankhorst didn't just add a question mark to the end of the url just to get it in launchpad as specification a second time *whistles innocently*11:24
tjaaltondoesn't work12:05
mlankhorstit builds llvmpipe though12:46
tjaaltonuploaded 9.0 anyway13:05
tjaaltonwithout the change13:06
mvomlankhorst: just to confirm , that quantal version of apt-get had the same error #1062503 ?13:53
mlankhorstwhich reminds me have to downgrade it13:54
mlankhorstoh 3.6.1-rt1 is a fun read :-)14:21
brycehlots of xorg-server crash bugs this week20:30
mlankhorstyeah not happy20:36
mlankhorstespecially since the backtraces are useless20:37
RAOFThat's annoying.22:02
RAOFWhat's generating rubbish backtraces?22:02
mlankhorstmy guess is xorg-server trying to do a clean shutdown after something already went wrong22:03
RAOFThis is quantal, right?22:04
Prf_Jakobmlankhorst: have you asked Thomas btw?23:13

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