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inetprogood morning05:31
Kilosgood morning guys05:56
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:09
Kilostoo early06:09
DigiGrammaaz, coffee on06:30
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:30
MaazCoffee's ready for DigiGram!06:34
DigiGramMaaz, bot cookie for you06:37
MaazDigiGram: Huh?06:37
Kiloshi DigiGram 06:38
DigiGramhi Kilos06:38
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inetproKilos: ^^06:41
Kiloshi inetpro  for twitter06:42
inetpronow you must speak to nuvolari to lead the meeting again06:42
Kilosok will do06:42
inetproI set up the Agenda and all...06:42
Kilosgood man06:43
inetproKilos: BTW, wb and good morning06:44
inetprodid you get a few drops yet?06:45
Kiloslol ty 06:45
inetproyou see I told you it's coming06:45
Kiloswe need 300mm not 306:45
inetprosay thank you before you can get more06:46
Kiloshaha ek het man. im thankful for every drop06:47
inetproahh ok :-)06:47
inetproek maak net seker 06:47
Kilosyou should type out what i must tweet man06:48
Kilosmy fingers are old06:49
Kilosand where is sflr06:49
Kilosmaybe the fly knows06:49
Kilosi wonder what happened about the UH they were planning to have06:50
inetproNext #ubuntu-za meeting on Monday, 15 October at 19:30 SAST. Agenda: http://bit.ly/SKJR0j 06:53
inetproKilos: ^^06:53
Kilostoo late06:53
inetproKilos: stuur daai ^^ met reminder vooraan so by Donderdag of Vrydag06:55
Kilosok sal save iewers06:55
* inetpro goes back to work some more06:55
Kilosmaybe we need a bit to help peeps get to #ubuntu-za06:56
Kiloslooks like only us few know about quassel and xchat06:57
DigiGramWe started using Hexchat on Campus yesterday when our internal chat server collapsed06:58
Kiloswell where theres a will theres a way06:59
Kilosbut some peeps prefer doing things via mailing lists06:59
DigiGramfor me thats to old06:59
Kilosi dont understand their way of thinking. this is so much better than waiting for replies via email07:03
DigiGramfor some stuff I actually prefer forums to get the best answer for something where you can wait for a while. But for instant answers or giving instant answers to people, this is best07:04
Kilosinetpro, is there a force quit for kde?07:04
DigiGramto restart KDE?07:05
Kilosno to kill a package thats stuck while installing from synaptic07:05
DigiGramdoesn't it maybe get stuck because its waiting for user interaction?07:06
Kilosnope it tells me please wait07:06
DigiGramin synaptic click on the more details or something button (on the downloading/installing screen)07:06
DigiGramoh, okay, thats not it then07:06
Kilos30 mins to install a firewall is not good07:07
Kilosi cant even close synaptic07:07
DigiGramalt gr + print scrn + K will kill X and restart that. or you can use xkill -9 with the pid of synaptic07:08
Kilosother flavours have a package called forcequit07:09
Kilosworks well07:09
Kiloscant find it in kde though07:10
DigiGramhavent tried stuff like that07:10
DigiGramI always use $ps ax | grep synaptic07:10
DigiGramto get the PID07:11
DigiGramthen $xkill -9 12345 (where 12345 is the PID)07:11
DigiGrammight be just kill -9 and not xkill, can't remember07:11
Kilosim lost there07:11
DigiGramopen your terminal and type07:12
DigiGramps ax | grep synaptic07:12
DigiGramwhat values do you get?07:12
Kilosforcequit is an icon you get on a panel and then tick it and tick what you wanna kill07:12
Kiloslotsa stuff07:13
DigiGramah okay. I had one just like that on KDE, but I set it up wrong, so upon startup it activated and I had to kill at least one window before I could go on with my work lol07:13
inetproKilos: I can't remember07:14
Kilosit popped a setup window but im not ready to setup yet need to find out more first07:14
* inetpro has not needed to forcefully kill an app on kde for a long time07:15
Kilosnow thats missing in action07:15
Kilosit seems to be waiting for me to setup07:15
inetprowhat I do use sometimes is the System Activity application (by simply pressing Ctrl+Esc)07:16
Kilosah will try that07:16
inetprothat is like top or htop on the cli07:16
Kiloswhew too much in there07:17
inetpromakes it easy to identify problems07:17
Kilosseems like it cant configure till i go through the setup stuff07:18
Kilossuperfly, morning, you busy?07:19
Kilosi dunno what to tell arno in each step07:20
Kilosaw setup window gone again07:21
SmilyBorg_wHey all07:21
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Kiloshi SmilyBorg you been scarce07:21
SmilyBorgYeah, been rather busy so been staying off IRC for a while07:22
Kilosirc isnt work07:22
SmilyBorgits a bit distracting though07:22
Kiloslol yeah07:23
superflyhi Kilos, rather busy at the moment07:23
SmilyBorgemail is even distracting for me. I have this weird OCD thing where I can't have any unread messages in my inbox07:23
Kilosty superfly np07:24
Kilosits missing anyway07:24
inetproSmilyBorg: OCD thing?07:24
SmilyBorgobsessive compulsive07:24
inetproahh :-)07:25
SmilyBorgso... anyone else running 12.10 beta?07:26
superflyyup, me07:27
SmilyBorghow are you finding it? lots of little crashes?07:28
SmilyBorgbeen running on my laptop since just before software freedom day and on one of my desktops since beta 2 came out07:28
superflyNope. All is good, but then I'm using KDE :-D07:28
SmilyBorgaah. I see little crashes in colord and some gnome calendar thing, but nothing that actually affects me doing anything07:29
superflyBiggest improvement for me is no more buggy nVidia drivers!07:30
SmilyBorgbeen using unity on my laptop and I'm surprised how responsive it is. I used to have to use the 2D/classic gnome thing  in 12.04 since AMD/ATI dropped support for my video card07:30
superflyI don't have to download the drivers from the nVidia site anymore07:30
SmilyBorgoh? you sing the opensource or closed nVidia drivers?07:30
SmilyBorgmy work and home desktops have nVidia cards and I've never had any issues 07:31
SmilyBorganyway, trying to get a mirror setup for 12.10 to take along to our Durban release party thing07:34
SmilyBorgyay for bandwidth at work07:34
DigiGramI love the bandwidth at work :)07:35
DigiGramI can't use the full speed since I only have a 100Mb/s hub before me, but others get better speed07:36
DigiGrammine, uncapped at: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2120673249.png07:36
SmilyBorgits only a 4Mbit mweb uncapped thing, but its better than my 1Mbit at home and the work line is unused in the evenings at the moment since the bosses are in Australia for 2 weeks07:36
SmilyBorgdude, not fair07:37
DigiGramand we are on the TENET ring, so any file hosted by TENET gets delivered to you at the network max07:38
* SmilyBorg nods07:41
SmilyBorgwouldnt mind getting a connection into that07:41
DigiGramits lovely07:41
DigiGramto bad I'm leaving it behinf07:41
* superfly just "upgraded" to 10Mbps at home07:48
superflyThough apparently my ADSL is syncing at 707:48
SmilyBorgI must check up on mine. aparently the line should have gone up to 2Mbit, though I'm still on a 1Mbit uncapped thing07:50
DigiGramTelkom is in the process of bumping those up07:51
DigiGrammybroadband said when it would be done, can't remember07:51
SmilyBorg1->2Mbit was supposed to be done last month and finnishing off this month. 384k->1M is this month and next07:52
DigiGramah okay07:52
superflyLine speed at work today is not too bad, 6.9Mbps07:54
Kilosquicky superfly internal network interface, do i enter pc2's ip addy there?07:56
superflyKilos: which PC are you on?07:57
superflyKilos: no, that would be PC1's network card07:58
Kilosoh my thats a mb thing07:59
superflyKilos: eth0, or whatever your network card's name is07:59
Kilosah that i can find with nm08:01
KilosWired connection 108:02
Kilosdidnt do eth0 this time i dunno why08:02
magespawngood morning all08:52
magespawnDigiGram: just had a look at your speed png and thought "That is not so fast" then realised that is was in mb, lol08:58
tonberryE352that ping time...09:06
DigiGramhehe yeah magespawn09:06
tonberryE352The download rate i can beat09:06
tonberryE352but something adds a bunch of latency to this network09:07
DigiGrammy download rate is because of the hub before my pc, will try to get a speedtest from someone on a faster hub09:08
tonberryE352for some reason upload here wont go above 50MBit09:08
tonberryE352oh well09:08
magespawnthink that is fast enough09:09
tonberryE352not like anything besides tenet can sustain that to me anyway09:09
magespawnthe rest of us are stilll working kb09:09
tonberryE352at 5c/mb it basically means i get bankrupt faster....09:09
DigiGramprecicely, I download at about 1MB/s or slower since moest sites are slow09:10
DigiGramuncapped for me :)09:11
DigiGramokay, guy a building from me has this, slower ping though: http://speedtest.net/result/2230125979.png09:12
DigiGramwe use the same cache server, but are on different end-hubs obviously09:13
tonberryE352caching should make no difference to speedtest09:13
DigiGramyeah, but what I mean is we use the same internet connection09:14
magespawni think i need to get a job at a university09:16
magespawnthey seem to have some of the best internet in south africa09:16
DigiGramyes we do magespawn09:17
DigiGramI thought the speeds will crumble when the introduced uncapped to the students at R950 per year, and free to personell, but I was wrong09:17
magespawnthat is insane09:18
tonberryE352i predict that if they give us uncapped here that the first month or so will be hell on the network09:19
magespawnat thtat price it covers about 2.5 months for me09:19
tonberryE352and after that everyone has all the massive stuff they want09:19
DigiGramit's hell yeah, but currently we have 5 very good connections to the TENET ring, we pay Telkom a lot for those I hear09:20
magespawni would say goodbye to tv09:20
DigiGramI knew about 4, but they introduced a new cache server, so I presume it's a new connection as well09:21
DigiGramTV? whats that ;)09:21
tonberryE352why bother with caching if you have that kind of bandwidth?09:21
DigiGramWell, from what I hear, the caching is making our browsing slower09:22
tonberryE352i would suspect so09:22
DigiGramyou can download a ubuntu cd in a couple of seconds (thank you TENET), but try to access FaceFlop. Takes a minute or so to load09:23
magespawnyou want to expand the it dep or the it studies show ppl what you can do with that sort of speed09:23
magespawnmost ppl are not aware of what is out there on the net09:24
magespawnFaceFlop is probable restricted09:24
magespawnironic considering where it is supposed to have started09:25
DigiGramnope, they lifted the restriction, but it has to do with the amount of stuff that needs to be downloaded09:25
magespawnbut it does not take that long for me09:27
DigiGrambecause you don't have to run around in our cache servers to look for each and every file to see if it is in there already.09:27
magespawnahh so the cache actually slows down load time in certain cases09:32
DigiGramyes, since our cache is VERY large (about 10'000 users, luckily not all at once)09:33
magespawnwould there be a way for you tell it to not use the cache09:33
DigiGramfor an end user like me we must connect to the cache server where squid helps you to the internet09:34
magespawni was thinking of having something like that here at my shop, i do not think i would have the problem of 10,000 users though09:37
DigiGramsquid plays nice once you get it configures09:38
magespawnam working on having a town wide wifi network though so good to know09:39
DigiGramtown wide sucj as the one in Stellenbosch?09:40
magespawnyup but not that big Hluhluwe is a lot smaller09:43
DigiGramwould be nice09:43
magespawnand mine will not be free unfortunately09:45
DigiGramyou must just get by the ISP's for reselling their internet09:46
magespawnthere are a few options there, still working out the details09:46
DigiGramIn Parys we had a guy that split his telkom ADSL to about 15 houses in his block, without asking permission. hehe09:48
magespawnand what happened?09:55
DigiGramI hear they lauched it off and asked him to stop. It was in the early days of ADSL, so I don't know what speeds the households actually had09:56
magespawni wonder what the rules are regarding that09:56
DigiGramits forbidden09:57
DigiGramby ICASA as far as I know09:57
DigiGramanybody here that knows PyQt?09:57
not_foundany python guru's here... ?10:16
DigiGramdepends on the level you need hehe10:17
not_foundjust a simple maths issue DigiGram 10:17
DigiGramI can try to help10:18
not_founddoing a coursera programming fundementals course and keep getting an error with one of my definitions... works with the examples but when they grade I get an error and I can't figure out why?!10:18
magespawnsuperfly but he might be busy10:18
not_foundthis is the simple definition I have to make ...10:19
not_foundI just added the return line, the rest was already given10:19
not_foundthanks magespawn 10:21
not_foundnot important enough really10:21
not_foundjust annoying10:21
DigiGramsorry was busy quickly10:26
magespawnDigigram I have to apply for a licence to operate a commercial hot spot, have all the forms from ICASA10:27
DigiGramcool magespawn 10:27
DigiGramdo they give you any reason for the error?10:28
superflyDigiGram: show me the money... I mean, the code10:28
DigiGramand for the example, did you use their interpreter or yours?10:28
superflynot_found: why are you rounding?10:29
not_foundthis is the only error I get10:29
DigiGramsuperfly I needed to send stuff to a printer from python, but it seems as if qprinter will be my friend10:29
not_foundsuperfly, look at the examples they have added, they want it with one decimal ?!10:29
* not_found could try removing the rounding and re-submit and see10:30
superflynot_found: What happens when time_1 is slightly smaller than time_2?10:30
superfly(as per their results)10:30
not_foundcould it be the - perhaps?10:31
not_founderr... now I wonder how to stop that from happening except for testing for 0.0 and changing it... which I doubt is what they want10:33
not_foundthx for the tip, I will wait for reply on the forum10:33
DigiGramI don't think so, to much of the other cases failed without the -0.0 problem10:34
superflynot_found: doesn't tell us why the other ones failed10:35
superflynot_found: how long is the turnaround time from submitting to getting results?10:36
not_found30 seconds... 10:36
not_foundnot sure how many submittions before it won't work anymore10:36
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not_foundDon't waste to much brain power on this one.  The purpose is to start writing defenitions etc... not so much figuring out why our math doesn't align :)10:38
not_foundsuperfly, removed the rounding and got full marks10:39
not_foundwell 50% as I submitted a day late :'(10:39
not_foundthanks superfly DigiGram etc. for assisting10:39
not_foundI thought I had two weeks10:39
DigiGramI liked the coursera stuff, but only completed my udacity courses10:40
not_foundwas 90% complete last week already and postponed until today... very pee'd with myself at the momenmt10:40
not_foundand no, playing so much games isn't to blame... oh wait... might be >.<10:41
not_foundcheers guys... will be back later10:45
magespawnDigiGram: have found that most of the ISP do not mind what youdo with their product but you have to have ICASA licences10:49
DigiGramokay, I thought both ICASA and ISP would mind10:51
magespawnso did I  but there we go10:56
magespawnsuperfly where do you most of your programming? 11:01
superflymagespawn: as in programming language, or as in company?11:01
magespawnno as in IDE or text editor etc?11:01
magespawni assume it is python for the language11:02
superflyfor Python I used to use Eric4, but these days I use PyCharm (we got an open source license for OpenLP)11:02
superflyFor the C++ stuff we do at work we use Eclipse11:02
magespawni like Eric11:03
magespawnEclipse can apparently do a lot if the right stuff is added to it11:03
magespawnthe irony of using windows is the programs that give little or no hassels are FOSS11:04
magespawnyou know getting to know the ppl here and linux and the open source way of doing things is really not good for my blood pressure11:07
superflymagespawn: why is that?11:10
magespawnsuperfly when i have to deal with websites that assume the software/program/patch i am trying to download is for the machine i am downloading on and will not let me change it11:17
magespawnno open source site that I have used does that11:17
magespawnonly ones who mainly cater to windows11:17
superflyah, OK11:18
magespawnfunny how ones perceptions and expectations change11:24
Kilosmagespawn, im stupid i know but after so many installs i cant find what file i have to uncomment one line12:06
Kiloswas /etc/networks/something12:07
Kiloshow good is your lost and found12:07
Kilosfor that iptables thing12:07
superflyKilos: you mean NAT?12:09
Kiloswhew i cant remember superfly and cant find what it was but will recognise it when i see the file12:10
Kilosi hope12:10
Kilosits a file with lotsa commented stuff in12:11
superflyKilos: if I had even an ounce of an idea of what you're talking about, it would help12:11
Kilosit allows wired connection12:12
superfly"allows wired connection"?12:12
Kilosit might be nat12:12
Kiloswhats the path to that file?12:13
Kilosstarts /etc/networks/right?12:13
Kilosive saved all other links and help files but not with the file to uncomment one line12:14
Kilosoh maybe it was in chat logs on other pc12:15
Kilosoh my12:16
Kilosa rules file maybe12:20
Kilosip rules?12:20
Kilosi think i saved the info on my stick and then made the stick a kde install stick12:21
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magespawnKilos I remember you doing that but also cannot remember the file12:58
Kiloswas #somethingsomethingsomething forward13:06
magespawnsomthing like for sure13:07
tonberryE352 /etc/sysctl.conf13:15
Kilosty ty ty Tonberry 13:21
Kiloshow did you remember that13:21
tonberryE352i have set that up a few times13:25
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magespawncool the power of the irc14:17
charlvngood evening16:16
charlvnMaaz: coffee please16:17
Maazcharlvn: There isn't a pot on16:17
charlvnMaaz: coffee on16:17
* Maaz flips the salt-timer16:17
charlvnhi Kilos 16:19
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn!16:21
Cantidehey Squirm, charlvn, Kilos :)16:21
Kiloshi charlvn Cantide Squirm 16:21
charlvnhi Cantide 16:25
charlvnMaaz: thanks16:25
Maazcharlvn: Okay :-)16:25
charlvn*slurp slurp* *burp* :)16:25
Kiloslol pig16:26
Kilosnaand julle17:52
charlvnhi Kilos 18:08
magespawnevening all18:16
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:35
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:35
KilosMaaz, coffee for all18:35
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:35
Kilosinetpro, coffee time18:38
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:39
Kilostoo late18:39
inetproMaaz: coffee .... abort18:39
Maazinetpro: What?18:39
KilosMaaz, danke18:39
Kilosis jy ok?18:39
inetproKilos: goed en daar18:40
Kilosja dankie18:40
* inetpro net so bietjie teleurgesteld18:40
Kiloswats foud boet18:41
Kilosnie in my nie?18:41
* inetpro wou gesien het hoe Felix vanaf die buitenste ruimte aarde toe val18:41
Kiloshaha en toe is daar wolke18:42
Kiloshulle sal dit op tv wys18:42
inetprodie weer het nie mooi saamgespeel nie18:43
inetpromaar miskien probeer hulle more weer18:43
Kilosoh is dit nog daar bo18:43
inetpronee hy't nooit opgestyg nie18:44
inetproBaumgartner's supersonic skydive scrapped for today http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-57528387-76/baumgartners-supersonic-skydive-scrapped-for-today/?ttag=gpwl18:44
inetpromaar hy was amper daar18:44
inetprowas al in sy tuigie en al18:44
inetprohulle het gewys by http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/18:46
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:55
Kilossee ya morrow18:55
magespawngood night all.19:54
inetprogood night magespawn20:00
charlvngood night magespawn 20:05
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