bennypr0fanejrib before I go and reset, I just want to mention I just logged off and back on: I wasn't asked for a pwd to log on, but to unlock the keyring, and the old pwd still worked there00:00
mr_t3its not really what rsync is intended to do, i know ;)00:00
overcluckerRespite212: do you have somewhere to store a home backup wile the partitions are being modified?00:00
jribbennypr0fane: yes, keyring is a separate password; you'd have to change it separately00:00
bennypr0fanejrib but the pwd for logging into the desktop session is also my root pwd?00:01
Respite212overclucker: Hmmm I don't think so, my /home is rather large.00:01
actionParsnipmr_t3: is there an option listed in the man page?00:01
jribbennypr0fane: you don't have a root password.  Sudo asks for your user's password00:01
klaxtri have a question, is terminal based on python??00:01
bennypr0faneok, then sudo pwd00:02
mr_t3actionParsnip, i have not found one, but that does not implies that there is a possibility (dark evil hack) ;)00:02
bennypr0fanejrib is it the same as for session logon?00:02
jribbennypr0fane: yes, that also asks for your user's password00:02
bennypr0fanejrib How can I get rid of the keyring/need to unlock it (is what I wanted to accomplish in the first place)00:03
jribbennypr0fane: if it's the same as your user password and you don't use auto-login then it should unlock automatically. If you want to use auto-login then you need to use a blank keyring password00:03
blackshirtklaxtr, what you mean ?00:04
bennypr0fanejrib where do I specify whether or not to use auto-login?00:04
ms_daisyHi. I need to triple boot my computer. I've got Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual-booting right now. Can anyone point me to a guide telling me how to add a third OS?00:04
jribbennypr0fane: the dialog you mentioned before00:04
jribms_daisy: what OS?00:05
klaxtrseems that terminal is based on python00:05
jribklaxtr: what terminal?00:05
klaxtri mean the way python works is very similar than python00:05
ms_daisybacktrack jrib .00:05
klaxtrubuntu terminal00:05
jribms_daisy: just install backtrack to its own partition and ubuntu's grub will find it when you run update-grub00:06
blackshirtklaxtr, you mean gnome-terminal00:06
blackshirtklaxtr, why you could say it?00:06
jammeklaxtr: the concept of terminals is a few decades older than the concept of python00:06
ms_daisyThat's the part I need guidance on jrib . How do I get it to install in its own partition?00:06
bnwkeysQuestion: After merging two partitions with GParted Live, Ubuntu now thinks that I have a missing partition and it adds an extra dialog every startup "Unable to mount /blahblah ....".  I have to press "S" to skip ahead when it does its endless search for the partition that isn't there.  Anyone know how to tell Ubuntu to forget that partition?  Or where in the filesystem the config is for mount on startup?00:06
jribms_daisy: do you have a free partition?00:07
zykotick9bnwkeys: check your /etc/fstab file00:07
actionParsnipms_daisy: you can resize ext4 in livecd, be sure to run a full backup before starting00:07
blackshirtklaxtr, i think gnome-terminal was written with gtk library00:07
bennypr0fanejrib: I actually don't remember ever being asked to specify a separate pwd for the keyring. The prompt *to unlock* the keyring just popped up and I entered my user pwd00:07
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overcluckerRespite212: it's more complicated, but you could setup lvm for your sda4, move the data back, setup lvm for sdb1, extend the volume, and then resize the filesystem, and set the volume as home in fstab. there are a lot of complicated steps though so it's up to you if you want to do it or not.00:07
bennypr0faneubottu | fstab00:08
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:08
jribbennypr0fane: I think initially it's just setup the same as your login, but if you change your login, it won't change automatically00:08
jeanHi for all00:08
TreadStone__71Hello jean.00:08
blackshirthi jean00:08
bennypr0fanebnwkeys check that link from ubottu, It should be helpful to you00:08
Respite212overclucker: what is lvm?00:09
overclucker!lvm | Respite21200:09
ubottuRespite212: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:09
bennypr0fane!fstab | bnwkeys00:10
ubottubnwkeys: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:10
overcluckerRespite212: it will basicall allow you to join the two partitions as one or a set of logical volumes00:10
bennypr0faneha! I learned how to use ubottu00:10
bennypr0fanegonna go reset the damn pwd now00:10
ms_daisyactionParsnip, jrib I currently have one windows boot partition, one windows partition, one windows recovery partition, and one extended partition with ubuntu & swap in it. So currently I do not have a free partition, I need to create one.00:11
jribms_daisy: have backups and use gparted to resize as actionParsnip suggested00:11
Respite212overclucker: Oh.. logical volume management.00:11
actionParsnipms_daisy: you can resize your logical partitions00:11
bnwkeysI am, it is very helpful, thank you benny00:11
Respite212overclucker: Is it stable?00:12
overcluckerRespite212: yup00:12
ms_daisyI have to do it from a live cd, right? I can't use gparted from the ubuntu installation?00:12
actionParsnipms_daisy: you may be able to extend your extended partition to  enable you to make free space to install to00:12
Respite212overclucker: If you got time to assist me with it, I'll give it a shot, never done something like this b4.00:13
klaxtrim learning python and seems that gnome terminal works as python, so i was wondering if gnome terminal had something of python code on it00:13
overcluckerRespite212: sure00:13
Respite212overclucker: Thanks much.00:13
ms_daisyklaxtr, you can drop to a python shell. Is that what you did? Bash !=python.00:14
actionParsnipklaxtr: the shell can interpret scripts and so forth, you can run python code as you need00:14
actionParsnipklaxtr: thats why bash scripts have #!/bin/bash  at the top, python will have a python based line.00:14
paoloktmciao ragazzi ma come funziona mIRC?00:15
overcluckerRespite212: first thing is to: sudo apt-get install lvm200:15
Respite212overclucker: Done00:15
blackshirtoverclucker, thats way to install lvm2 tools to manipulate lvm00:15
ms_daisy!italian | paoloktm00:15
ubottupaoloktm: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:15
actionParsnippaoloktm: youcould use wine, why not use one of the many native clients00:16
klaxtrwhat i mean is that has similar logic on the way both work00:16
klaxtrpython shell and gnome terminal00:16
actionParsnippaoloktm: è possibile utilizzare wine, perché non utilizzare uno dei molti clienti nativi00:16
zykotick9klaxtr: gnome-terminal is just a way to access your shell, called bash.  terminals don't do much, bash does.00:16
actionParsnipklaxtr: you can use python in gnome-terminal00:17
blackshirtklaxtr, tehnically they were different thing00:17
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actionParsnipklaxtr: the interpretter is flexible00:20
klaxtrhow can i used python in gnome-terminal?00:20
actionParsnipklaxtr: the same way you use bash scripts00:21
a111where is a umask set, is it per user, per folder, per group00:21
a111or what?00:21
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klaxtras there re no stupid questions how you can use bash scripts00:21
actionParsnipklaxtr: just start a text file with:  #!/usr/bin/python       and use python commands, it will run. You will need to make the text file executable00:21
ms_daisyyou can drop to a python shell inside of bash.  I forget the command.  Someone help me out.00:22
overcluckerRespite212: we need to set the partition type for /dev/sda4 to 8e; sudo cfdisk /dev/sda00:22
actionParsnipklaxtr: when you run it, the interpretter will see you telling it to use python, and itwill be used00:22
jribms_daisy: "python" -_-00:23
overcluckerRespite212: navigate menu to sda4 and press t00:23
klaxtrwhen you say #! this is literal00:23
klaxtri mean after my user name00:24
Respite212overclucker: It doesn't read sda4 for some reason00:24
ms_daisyklaxtr, no. start the text file with the following line:00:25
actionParsnipklaxtr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268495/   for example00:25
ms_daisyusr is not user.00:25
overcluckerRespite212: oh, that's right you deleted it. press n and add as a primary partition. then select it in menu and press t00:25
Respite212overclucker: No, I didn't delete the partition it's still there00:26
actionParsnipklaxtr: whack it in a text file, mark it as executable and you have a python script00:26
overcluckerRespite212: so sda4 is there?00:26
klaxtri see00:26
klaxtrwhat applications are based on python in ubuntu does anyone knows?00:27
Respite212overclucker: I see it in Gparted, but all I see in cfdisk is sda100:27
overcluckerRespite212: then close cfdisk with Q and use gparted.00:27
Respite212overclucker: when I type in sudo cfdisk /dev/sda, it says unsupported GPT detected, using GNU parted.00:28
imconfusedhello e00:29
actionParsnipklaxtr: many00:30
blackshirtklaxtr, a lot of packages available, most of apt front end like usc i think use python00:30
klaxtrok, maybe a browser??00:30
blackshirtKlaxtr, guake, was drop down terminal written in python00:31
actionParsnipklaxtr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268497/00:31
* actionParsnip loves guake00:31
blackshirtme too :d00:31
klaxtrwow, is safe to say that python it's pretty active00:32
imconfusedHow would I most efficiently automate transfer of files from a local drive to a NAS (via smb or whatever)?  essentially, I want to automatically copy all files uploaded to one directry to a directory on my NAS named whatever the CURRENT_DATE is00:32
klaxtras a language00:32
actionParsnipklaxtr: very00:32
klaxtrin which other applications is used now a days??00:32
klaxtri mean out of desktop enviroment00:33
actionParsnipklaxtr: frets on fire is python based00:33
blackshirtklaxtr, i think python was integral part of open source00:34
actionParsnipklaxtr: dropbox is python based too00:35
klaxtrubuntu will stop developing in 2012, right? what will happen next?00:35
actionParsnipklaxtr: it's not going to stop in 201200:35
trent286hi guys could anyone please advise me how I could do a disk image of a raid 1 setup (i have two drives hda and hdb in software raid 1)00:35
klaxtractionParsnip thanx for the wiki link00:36
Sokelecho -e "I\v\t\ts\v\tu\v\tc\v\tk\v\t\tc\v\to\v\tc\v\tk\v\t"'!'00:36
klaxtrisnt?, i thougth so... so is ubuntu on an on an on00:36
overcluckerRespite212: restart gparted and see if sda4 is stil lthere00:36
klaxtri mean is ubuntu going to keep developing way more years?00:37
=== imconfused is now known as grumbly
Respite212overclucker: It's there, all I did was reformatted the partition to get rid of the copied files.00:37
actionParsnipklaxtr: should do, yes00:37
overcluckerRespite212: ok, right click sda4 and select manage flags00:37
booh-Each time I boot, I have the recovery menu.  How to get rid of it?00:38
Respite212overclucker: Select lvm I assume?00:38
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
overcluckerRespite212: yup00:38
Respite212overclucker: done00:39
actionParsnipbooh-: so you just want it to boot without showing options?00:39
overcluckerRespite212: now close gparted and open a terminal00:39
booh-I don't know, since I upgrade some month ago, each time I boot, I have the recovery menu.  I choose "resume" and all is booting normaly.00:39
psusitrent286, why do you want to do a disk image instead of a regular backup?00:39
klaxtri thougth i read somewhere on ubuntu page that they  will stop on 2012?00:39
cornellGood evening all... Is there a file that has the programs/packages that are installed on a system?  I'm upgrading an old laptop to a new one, I want to get a list from the old one, to see what needs to be done to the new one.00:40
actionParsnipklaxtr: no, Quantal is supported for 18 months after release, it will continue for a long long time to come00:40
zykotick9klaxtr: ya, companies say they're gonna fail in advance of actually failing... you didn't read that.00:40
Dr_williscornell,  yoyu can make aptitude generate a list.. but dont use aptitude for much more.00:41
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate00:41
ejvcornell: sudo dpkg --get-selections ; will list all currently installed packages.00:41
Dr_willisYou could tweak the command in that factoid to make a simple list.  but DONT use aptitude to install stuff like the 2nd half says.00:41
actionParsnipbooh-: what is on the screen when you have to select 'resume'?00:41
Dr_williswe need a better clone factoid someday. ;)00:41
overcluckerRespite212: I forgot to tell you to apply the changes, I hope you're doing that.00:41
actionParsnipDr_willis: you can revise the factoid yourself ;)00:42
booh-I don't remember... I'm in gnome now..00:42
cornellThanks Dr_willis and ejv00:42
ejvcornell: therefore you could do: sudo dpkg --get-selections > installed.txt00:42
Dr_willisactionParsnip,  i  just reinstall stuff as i need  :) that way i end up not reinstlling cruft00:42
zykotick9actionParsnip: Dr_willis there is currently no "good" method to clone packages... :(00:42
Respite212overclucker: All I did was flag lvm to my sda400:42
actionParsnipbooh-: is it this: http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_new_2/grub2-dual-boot-in-grub2.png    or similar?00:43
darkwizardhey guies00:43
Dr_willisIf im doing a dozen machines (or a few) i make a script with all the 'apt-get install whatever'  :) packages i normally want00:43
darkwizardhows everyone doing?00:43
overcluckerRespite212: If you didn't apply the changes, you'll have to go back and do it again00:43
cornellIs there a different way to do the install on the second machine?.  I could manually go through the list, but a single command is better...00:43
actionParsnipDr_willis: could use puppet :)00:43
booh-actionParsnip, no00:43
cornellmmm good idea dr_w00:43
darkwizardsudo apt-get install a penis00:43
cornellGood idea Dr_willis00:43
darkwizardWhy do you guys use Ubuntu when you can use gentoo?00:44
Respite212overclucker: What changes did you mean?00:44
actionParsnipbooh-: can you take a shot with a camera of some kind so we can see the screen00:44
booh-actionParsnip, http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/_media/recoverymode-menu.png00:44
actionParsnipbooh-: ahhhhh00:44
overcluckerRespite212: marking lvm in manage flags menu of gparted00:44
booh-each time I boot..00:44
actionParsnipbooh-: if you boot to liveCD, I suggest you fsck your partition00:44
Respite212overclucker: Do I still need to do this? /dev/sda4 to 8e; sudo cfdisk /dev/sda?00:45
darkwizardtalk to me or ill cry00:45
FloodBot1darkwizard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
overcluckerRespite212: nope we are doing taht with gparted instead00:45
booh-ok I try00:45
Respite212overclucker: Yeah, I did the lvm management flag with gparted for sda4 already, just waiting at the terminal.00:45
booh-In additional drivers, for video, I have a lot of choices... version 173, version 173-updates, version current, version current-updates, version experimental-304.  Which one to choose?00:47
grumblyI need some linux help, but ##linux is not being supportive...I need to move files from a local directory to a NAS.  these files need to be uploaded to a directory on the NAS with the current date.  files are uploaded via FTP to an upload directory throughout the day and are generally between 500 and 4000mb,00:47
k1gwbIs there a channel specifically for 12.10 beta?00:47
overcluckerRespite212: ok do: sudo pvcreate /dev/sda100:47
zykotick9k1gwb: #ubuntu+100:47
cornellTwo questions...  the sudo dpkg --get-selections lists package names and "install", except one says "deinstall".  What does the install/deinstall mean?00:47
k1gwbzykotick9: thanks00:47
Respite212overclucker: /dev/sda1 is my boot partition.00:48
overcluckerRespite212: right, i meant 400:48
cornellWhat happens if I use that list to install stuff, and some are already installed?00:48
psusiRespite212, FYI, you don't have to have a separate boot partition00:48
actionParsnipcornell: it will be updates00:48
grumblycornell: why dont you try using aptitude or some other apt frontend?00:48
zykotick9!aptitude | grumbly00:48
ubottugrumbly: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.00:48
grumblyoh... nevermind00:49
Respite212overclucker: Done.00:49
Respite212psusi: Doesn't hurt.00:49
grumblyzykotick9: I realized what I suggested after i noticed dpkg... I am a preoccupied right now00:49
cornellgrumbly: Because two folks have already recommended against using aptitude00:50
overcluckerRespite212: then sudo vgcreate vol /dev/sda400:50
skulltiphi, is there a way to make ubuntu behave less like a tablet, eg. moving the file menu back to the top of each opened window..00:50
cornellYeah, what ubottu said ;-)00:50
grumblycornell: see my above statement00:50
zykotick9skulltip: install a different DE00:50
Respite212overclucker: done.00:50
skulltipwhat is a de?00:51
grumblycornell: in any case, I am in need of other help...  sorry to butt in pointlessly00:51
zykotick9skulltip: sorry "desktop enviornment" like gnome/kde/xfce/lxde type thing00:51
cornellAnd... What does the install/deinstall mean?00:51
grumblycornell: I will look to see! brb00:51
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grumblycornell: taken straight from the man pages, gimme a sec to paste00:52
grumblycornell: Deinstall I am in need of some help...  I need to move files from a local directory to a NAS.  these files need to be uploaded to a directory on the NAS with the current date.  files are uploaded via FTP to an upload directory throughout the day and are generally between 500 and 4000mb,00:53
grumblycornell: deinstall The package is selected for  deinstallation  (i.e.  we  want  to remove all files, except configuration files)00:53
cornellAnd... Update Manager keeps saying that release 12.04.1 LTS is available... My new laptop has it already, I don't like it.  But I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet eventually.  Any comments from folks who thought they wouldn't like 12.04?00:53
grumblycornell: I dont like gnome, so I can't say for the standard installation, but I find Kubuntu to be quite nice00:54
cornellAh, thanks grumbly... man page for dpkg?00:54
psusicornell, "like"?00:54
grumblycornell: yes, the man page for dpkg.  it's about a page in.00:55
DeucesWildCatch2Is this "tech support"00:55
Smackbooki'm trying to get my hdmi audio out working, when I go into system settings > sound settings and choose the right settings for my hdmi chip on the hardware tab, I can test the left and right and hear the test voice, but none of the system sounds are being routed through there.  when I go into alsamixer and select the hdmi sound chip it shows spdif [,1,2] they all have 00 (not MM) but no volume bars (nothing happens when i press up and do00:55
zykotick9DeucesWildCatch2: "ubuntu support" only actually00:55
overcluckerRespite212: now: sudo lvcreate -n home -l 100%FREE vol00:55
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: for ubuntu, yes00:55
farriothcornell: I don't like 12.04 yet, but that's because a do-release-upgrade breaks stuff.00:55
zacariaswhen will 12.10 be released?00:55
bobo37773DeucesWildCatch2: It's a volunteer community driver irc channel00:55
actionParsnipzacarias: ask in #ubuntu+100:56
rushiophello, i have a big problem here, i cant get vaio motion eye fz250fe, can someone help me please?00:56
DeucesWildCatch2I am just THAT NEW.. I had to ask. So Ubunto tech support.. Well, I am as rookie as they come I suppose. I dont even have an ubunto for dummies book yet00:56
actionParsniprushiop: does it work in cheese?00:56
zykotick9!schedule | zacarias00:56
ubottuzacarias: A schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule00:56
cornellWell, psusi, I prefer the "desktop" nature of 11, not the .... "tablet" nature of 12.  I like menus, am familier with them.  12 seems so ... foreign.  Not that I'm against change, but sometimes change isn't for the best.00:56
farriothCan anyone tell me whether it will cause problems adding repos for an older version of Ubuntu to my sources.list?00:56
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: ubuntu, not ubunto00:56
Respite212overclucker: Done.00:56
DeucesWildCatch2OH SNAP. thank you00:56
zykotick9farrioth: YES.  don't try to mix releases!00:56
psusioverbythere, Respite212, why setup LVM if you are just going to make a single volume with all of the space?00:56
actionParsniprushiop: run:  lsusb   one line will identify the device, use the 8 character ID to find guides00:57
grumblyI am in need of some help...  I need to move files from a local directory to a NAS.  these files need to be uploaded to a directory on the NAS with the current date.  files are uploaded via FTP to an upload directory throughout the day and are generally between 500 and 4000mb,00:57
Respite212psusi: Hmm? because the empty spaces are on seperate hard drives.00:57
grumblybasically, I am not sure where to start00:57
psusicornell, you can choose to use the old style shell, or gnome-shell instead of unity... I rather like gnome-shell00:57
cornellThat's ok, DeucesWildCatch2, everyone was a newbie once.  Some of even remember when, and try to help newbies... like the folks here :-)00:57
farriothzykotick9: If I need an older version of a package, is there a better way than than using dpkg -i and sorting out the deps myself?00:57
shwaiilQ: Installed Gparted but its not shown on Applications. Where can I find it ? Tks00:58
psusiRespite212, ahh, so you're using it to concatenate two drives of different size/speed?00:58
DeucesWildCatch2So, i was just given a laptop with ubuntu on it, I am trying to dd however i have one hard drive with triboot capabilities... multiple partitions..  I promised i would clean it before i used it..00:58
Respite212shawiil: terminal sudo gparted00:58
cornellpsusi: Choosing the old shell... when, how?  On installation, or switch it after installation?00:58
zykotick9farrioth: compile from source would be another option.  trying to use old packages, silly imo.  best of luck.00:58
ann-sophiehello all...Id like to have your opinion....I'm trying to install ubuntu and it never succed to install the application part...i was able to install the first part, the gnome.... have any idea??00:58
overcluckerRespite212: sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/vol/home00:58
psusicornell, log out, choose the other shell, log in00:58
Respite212psusi: using the exact same hard drives, same speed. same everything00:58
psusiRespite212, then you should raid them... get faster performance then00:59
farriothzykotick9: I need old packages because new packages are buggy/missing...00:59
cornellpsusi: after I first installed, there wasn't an option...  I'd installed another...kubuntu or something, and then I got two choices.00:59
DeucesWildCatch2thanks cornell.00:59
zykotick9farrioth: i'd suggest you are using the wrong distro then...00:59
shwaiilRespite212: thanks a lot00:59
grumblyIs it possible to mount a directory on a NAS and make it persistent?01:00
Respite212shwaiil: np, gparted need root access so you need to sudo it.01:00
farriothzykotick9: I am, but I can't be bothered setting up everything from scratch once again.  All my hardware is working now...01:00
grumblypersistent being It comes back on its own after rebooting01:00
Respite212psusi: Ummm I never did raid.01:01
cornellDeucesWildCatch2: Now, myself... I've been using linux for... ugh 20 years?  15 at least.  But I don't get into the gory bits often enough... so I'm kind of an old-newbie.01:01
Respite212overclucker: Done01:01
farriothgrumbly: After rebooting the NAS or the system it's mounted on?01:01
bobo37773grumbly: Can't you just add it to your fstab?01:01
Respite212psusi: And I have so much stuff on my hard drives I don't want to reinstall/update/reconfigure everything.01:01
DeucesWildCatch2an old newbie, interesting way to put it.01:01
grumblyfarrioth: both... either...01:01
overcluckerRespite212, shwaiil: gksudo gparted01:01
grumblybobo37773: I am not sure.  if I can, I don't know how01:02
DeucesWildCatch2perhaps you are ready to get gory??01:02
ann-sophieId like to have your opinion....I'm trying to install ubuntu and it never succed to install the application part...i was able to install the first part, the gnome.... have any idea??01:02
grumblyI've never done a remote mount point in fstab before01:02
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shwaiiloverclucker: what is gksudo ?01:02
psusiRespite212, you don't have to reinstall... just use mdadm instead of lvm to set up the two drives01:02
cornellpsusi: Is there a DM that I can install that is gnome?  I don't suppose it's called gnome.01:02
zykotick9shwaiil: see "/msg ubottu gksudo"01:02
overcluckerRespite212: sudo mount /dev/vol/home /mnt; sudo cp -aR /home/* /mnt01:02
bobo37773grumbly: Yeah that may be strange since network needs to be up. Pretty good point. There must be some kind of new equilent in upstart for rc.local01:03
cornellshwaiil: kind of like a windowed sudo, instead of a normal terminal sudo.01:03
overcluckergksudo | shwaiil01:03
shwaiiloh ok01:03
farriothgrumbly: fstab if the system it's mounted on is rebooted.  For the other way round... you could run an ssh server on the system where the directory is mounted and get the NAS to ssh in and mount itself on boot.01:03
overclucker!gksudo | shwaiil01:03
ubottushwaiil: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:03
psusicornell, gnome-shell is the new gnome 3d shell01:03
DeucesWildCatch2when i type "sudo fdisk -1" i get the reply " fdisk: invalid option - -101:03
bobo37773grumbly: How are you mounting it now? Maybe you can create either a cronjob or a rule or something to load it after boot01:03
cornellYeah, what ubottu said.01:03
psusicornell, iirc, the old 2d style fallback is installed by default01:03
zykotick9DeucesWildCatch2: L not 101:03
cornellBoy that ubottu is a clever guy ;-)01:03
grumblyfarrioth: I don't need to move files from the nas back... why would I have the NAS ssh in?01:04
grumblybobo37773: I;m not... i'm over SMB01:04
DeucesWildCatch2L? for listing?01:04
zykotick9DeucesWildCatch2: -l for list01:04
* grumbly is a bad sysadmin01:04
zykotick9DeucesWildCatch2: lowcase L, not 1 (sorry wasn't clear 1st time)01:04
Respite212overclucker: Thanks for the gksudo command. I didn't know.01:05
rushiopi try this guide http://secondpulse.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-install-motioneye-driver-in.html but didnt work01:05
farriothgrumbly: So it can mount itself once it comes back online.  The other option to to poll (on the client) to see when it goes down and then to see when it comes back up and then mount it.01:05
bobo37773grumbly: :P Not sure exactly how it works but I am assuming it still uses mount (not alot experience with SMB). Learn how to mount it in the shell and then write a rule to do it at startup. That's it really. Should be01:05
Respite212overcluckers: Done, but got error cp: cannot stat `/home/username/.gvfs': Permission denied01:06
DeucesWildCatch2ok. now i did do that afterwards.  response is quite intense. since i am trying to wipe the whole lappy which would i choose if partition table entries are not in disc order?01:06
bobo37773Respite212: What are you trying to do with gvfs?01:07
cornellIf I upgrade this machine to 12, I assume that gnome-shell will remain.01:07
DeucesWildCatch2I am using my asus as I am trying to do this on the HP i was given01:07
grumblyfarrioth: OH YOU GENIUS!!! the NAS is a storebought one, so I don't know if I can do the SSH login... which would be pretty cool...  could you explain the other idea more and how I would go about ths?01:07
rushiopenyone have a vaio vgn fz250fe?01:07
bobo37773Respite212: Are you trying to backup information to restore it somewhere else using cp? Use rsync01:08
ann-sophieanyone had time to read my problem?01:08
DeucesWildCatch2Just call me Deuce.01:08
bobo37773ann-sophie: Can you elaborate a little bit more?01:09
grumblyann-sophie: what is the problem you're having?01:09
ann-sophieId like to have your opinion....I'm trying to install ubuntu and it never succed to install the application part...i was able to install the first part, the gnome.... have any idea??01:09
farriothgrumbly: Can you log in to the NAS over ssh at the moment?01:09
DeucesWildCatch2my lappy shows /dev/sda1-6 and states partition table entries are not in disc order.. All i want to do is wipe this laptop.01:09
grumblyfarrioth: no... i'm not at that network at the moment01:10
ann-sophieand if i book unto ubuntu...I get a prompt..similar to a msdos windows01:10
grumblyann-sophie: what do you mean it never installs the applications?01:10
rushiopsomeone can help me with my motion eye cam vaio vgn fz250fe?01:10
ann-sophiei get a error message telling it failed the install01:10
bobo37773ann-sophie: By elaborate I meant explain a little better not copy and paste the same thing you typed already :| Like what do you mean by the application part?01:11
grumblyann-sophie: what is the name of the disk image are you trying to install from?01:11
ann-sophiei have a acer notebook01:11
farriothgrumbly: Can you usually, though?  If you can then we'll go with having the NAS mount itself; if not, I'll explain the polling option.01:11
ann-sophieis the iso i have01:11
grumblyann-sophie: try using a different iso file.01:11
actionParsnipann-sophie: did you MD5 test the ISO?01:12
cornellann-sophie: I assume that your Acer is 64 bit01:12
actionParsniprushiop: did the device show in the output of lsusb?01:12
DeucesWildCatch2Never mind the light just turned on.. i get it now..01:12
ann-sophieactionParsnip i dont recall01:12
grumblyfarrioth: I have honestly never tried.  It hasn't really been used for anything, then today, boss said "hey, why don't you automate this file stuff"  and I said "uhhh... OK"01:12
ann-sophieyes Corey01:12
ann-sophieoups cornell01:12
actionParsnipann-sophie: then I suggest you recheck it to be sure01:13
jagginessann-sophie, that "alternate" iso is not the standard download for desktop users. (unless you want to setup raid with it)01:13
farriothgrumbly: Okay, let's go with the polling.  I'll write a script and get back to you in a few mins.01:13
jagginessann-sophie, (but it uses the same online repositories for the packages-- but the "installer" may appear a bit different)01:13
ann-sophieno..i want to try ubuntu...01:13
DeucesWildCatch2what is the device name of te hard drive in ubuntu ?01:13
grumblyfarrioth: you, senator, are a generous man.01:13
ann-sophieok..so ill download the i386?01:14
jagginessann-sophie, the "alternate" in the name of the iso file.. isn't the "standard" desktop (be it 32bit or 64bit)01:14
DeucesWildCatch2Is it the "disc identifier"01:15
ann-sophiebut... jagginess do i have to "unistall"01:15
jagginessann-sophie, the installer may look a bit different.. and i have no clue on the latest.. but i can give you a link for the standard amd64 (64 bit, which is also use for intel-- intel uses the amd64 iso of course)01:15
trent286psusi - because I want to virtualise the physical machine.  So first I create a raw image, then perform P2V process.01:15
jagginessann-sophie, but sounds like you had "somewhat" of a success.. how far are you into the install?01:15
steveGODSchildI need help01:15
ann-sophieUbuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit is the good one?01:15
trent286psusi - i am virtualising the machine so that I can simulate and document a major upgrade, work out the bugs before I go live01:16
rushiophelp please with my webcam vaio01:16
DeucesWildCatch2Someone please help me ipe my hard drive on this machine? I just want to clean it and use it as a learnind device for ubuntu before i switch all of my other computers to it.01:16
jagginessann-sophie, which mirror country can i look into? (i mean the download would be faster to you)01:16
steveGODSchildI am running windows 7 as my main operating system01:16
Stanley00!enter | steveGODSchild01:16
ubottusteveGODSchild: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:16
ann-sophiejaghing s well..Gnome is intalled...im able to choose to boot with ubuntu or windows...if i boot windows every goes well...ubuntu..i fall on a prompt line01:17
ann-sophiejab416171|Cloud im in canada01:17
steveGODSchildand running ubuntu 12.04 in virtual box01:17
jagginessann-sophie, any "errors" ?01:17
DeucesWildCatch2im currently stuck trying to figure out my hard drives name01:18
steveGODSchildbut my cd rom will not work01:18
Respite212deuceswildcatch2: I believe it's sudo blkid01:18
ann-sophiejagginess besside the errors telling that the application part has failed01:18
DeucesWildCatch2what does that stand for?01:18
jagginessann-sophie, what's the name of this "application", is it grub?01:18
DeucesWildCatch2block id?01:18
ann-sophiebefore the grub install01:19
DeucesWildCatch2Thanks Respite i was trying too hard to get some help..01:19
Respite212deuceswildcatch2: I believe it lists out the UUID for all your partitions and drives.01:19
ann-sophieafter i install the grub and it works01:19
jagginessann-sophie, sounds like you're using wubi01:19
overcluckerRespite212: ok now add /dev/vol/home or it's UUID to the home line in fstab01:19
actionParsniprushiop: if you can pastebin the output of:  lsusb; lsb_release -a     we can advise01:20
ann-sophiewubi? im a major noob...and a girl...dont go to techno bable with me01:20
jagginessann-sophie, so you stay "stucked" in grub?01:20
ann-sophiegrub works...01:21
jagginessann-sophie, btw, do you know what grub is?01:21
ann-sophiepretty well01:21
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: when you say you need to ind your hard drive's name, do you mean the device id or do you mean what you called it?01:21
jagginessann-sophie, ok.. so you're saying the thing "before" grub is problematic. I don't see what that can be.01:21
ann-sophieits the thing that lets me boot in windows or ubuntu01:21
DeucesWildCatch2Respite212, thank you what is the significanse of "swap" or ext4"01:21
jagginessann-sophie, did you change anything in grub.cfg?01:21
ann-sophieill restart and installtion...and and not exactly01:21
Respite212deuceswildcatch2: swap is for additional space for ram during sleep mode, ext4 is the file extention.01:22
ann-sophiewhat is the message01:22
DeucesWildCatch2I can type, although tired I apologize.01:22
jagginessann-sophie, there's wubi and non-wubi.. are you "able" to login into the ubuntu command line?01:22
Respite212overclucker: is it the /dev/vol/home or the actual sda4 uuid?01:22
psusitrent286, you going to convert the raw image to a qcow2 image?01:23
DeucesWildCatch2Grumbly, while using ehow, it gave instructions to Wipe a hard drive by typing "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=device bs=1M" into the "Terminal" window, replacing "device" with the device name of the hard drive and pressing "Enter."01:24
Respite212overclucker: I got 2, one is for the /dev/sda4 uuid, the other is /dev/mapper/vol-home01:24
DeucesWildCatch2However I am unsure of what the device name could be.01:24
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: ah!  there are several ways to get this info!  in the terminal, you can type mount01:24
trent286psusi - most likely run virtualbox tool - something like :  $sudo dd if=/dev/sda | VBoxManage convertfromraw stdin MyLinuxImage.vdi01:25
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: look for something like /dev/sda1 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-no)01:25
psusitrench_, then you can skip the raw image and covert directly from the hd to the vdi01:26
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: it may not be exactly that, but the important part is /01:26
rushiophttps://bitbucket.org/ahixon/r5u87x wont work, im done, i already use all i have to try make this webcam work, i dont know what to do01:26
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: it may not be exactly that, but the important part is the stuff "/dev/sda1 on / "01:26
trent286psusi - so if i power the machine off, boot to live CD and then do something like the above it should be okay?01:26
DeucesWildCatch2i found on similar to that except it was (rw,errors=remount-ro)01:26
grumblywhat is the whole line:01:27
trent286psusi - i thought the fakeraid would get in the way of dd01:27
DeucesWildCatch2well the same for what you put except it was dev/sda501:27
psusitrent286, you shouldn't even need to use dd... you should be able to point vboxmanage directly to the drive... fakeraid just means you need to use the /dev/mapper raid device instead of the individual disks01:27
overcluckerRespite212: its /dev/mapper/vol-home01:27
grumblyOh... you're partition scheme is weird.  was this a wubi install?01:28
farriothgrumbly: http://dpaste.com/811370/01:29
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: ignore that... What is it you want to do exactly?  are you trying to format a drive or change the partition scheme or just erase some data?01:29
Respite212overclucker: I got 2 home lines in fstab01:29
farriothgrumbly: Change the first three variables, and perhaps the sleep timeouts.01:29
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farriothgrumbly: Then let me know if it doesn't work or if any of the script doesn't make sense.01:30
DeucesWildCatch2I am just trying to wipe the drive cleaning every thing on it, so that this lappy can be used for learning not only ubuntu but as a teaching aid for my 6 year old.01:30
grumblyfarrioth: THANK YOU!  I will..  it will be tomorrow around this same time01:30
Respite212# /home was on /dev/sda4 during installation UUID=be5f9224-86dd-473d-8874-e3bb7f4eff7b /home  & /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0 UUID=657c3a11-60ac-47d7-af6b-367e08903029 /home ext4 nodev,nosuid 0 201:30
trent286psusi - ok I must have over-read the info and issues relating to software raid 1 and the dd tool.  Will give it a go with: sudo dd if=/dev/md0 | VBoxManage convertfromraw stdin MyLinuxImage.vdi01:30
DeucesWildCatch2grumbly, i have a disc to start ubunto on after everything is wiped01:31
grumblyDeucesWildCatch2: AH!!!! OK!!!! when you boot the computer, boot off the CD or USB.  while there, just repartition the drive.  all the data will be essentailly gone.01:31
psusitrent286, as I said before, you don't need dd at all... just sudo VBoxManage convertfromraw /dev/mapper/whatever MyLinuxImage.vdi01:31
DeucesWildCatch2ok... using ubuntu... how do i do that ?01:32
trent286psusi - aha!01:32
trent286psusi - sorry01:32
DeucesWildCatch2I put the disc in and I shut it down and when it restarted everything was the same.01:32
Canuckianpress f2 or f12 during the startup cycle, to get a one time boot menu01:32
CanuckianDeucesWildCatch2 ^^01:32
DeucesWildCatch2Yes canukian?01:32
Canuckianread my comment right before that01:32
overcluckerRespite212: you can remove the other home line01:33
psusitrent286, one thing... where is MyLinuxImage.vdi going to go?01:33
DeucesWildCatch2hmm, during the boot up?01:33
Canuckiando it right when your hardware logo shows up.01:33
trent286psusi - onto a spare disk connected to the localbus01:33
Respite212overcluckers: which one? the first or second?01:33
farriothgrumbly: You're welcome.  Just checking you got my private message?01:33
grumblyfarrioth: just saw it01:34
grumblyfarrioth: thank you a lot01:34
farriothgrumbly: No problem.01:34
overcluckerRespite212: the oen with the UUID for /dev/mapper/vol-home01:35
Respite212overclucker: I add it like this right? #UUID=164bf67f-3eea-429f-b6f3-e943bd05c917 /home ext4 nodev,nosuid 0 201:35
DeucesWildCatch2canukian i have a flashing line on a black screen and a disc that sounds like it is trying to read01:36
overcluckerRespite212: there should be no #, # marks a line as a comment01:36
DeucesWildCatch2upon pushing F2 it sent me to a disc screen but it would onl test it01:36
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: what video chip do you use.01:37
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DeucesWildCatch2Canukian, how long is it supposed to stay black and sound like the disc is turning.01:38
Respite212overclucker: Ok done.01:39
Respite212overclucker: Do I restart?01:39
cornellAnybody use update manager to upgrade to 12.04?  Go smoothly?01:39
DeucesWildCatch2actionparsnip on this asus i use a, ATI Radeon HD 4670 Graphics chip 1gb dedicated ram01:39
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: try the boot option:  nomodeset01:40
=== dave_ is now known as davep
DeucesWildCatch2am i using a terminal to get that boot option or restarting the machine again?01:41
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.01:41
DeucesWildCatch2See i told you I was new to Ubuntu.01:41
overcluckerRespite212: still need to add the other partition01:42
DeucesWildCatch2thank you ubottu01:43
Respite212overclucker: Ok. Im curious, did my /home get moved to the sda4 yet?01:43
DeucesWildCatch2im still waiting for the booting of ubuntu, man this thing is taking forever.......01:43
overcluckerRespite212: sorta. it was moved to /dev/vol/home which is a logical volume. the data is on that disk01:44
Respite212overclucker: hmm ok. What do I do now for the sdb1?01:45
overcluckerRespite212: now the other partition needs the lvm flag set in gparted01:45
Respite212overclucker: done that01:46
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: try pressing CTRL+ALT+F1   do you get a prompt?01:46
acolytetojippityQuick question, is there an easy way to determine if a given version of ubuntu will be compatible with a given hardware setup?01:46
overcluckerRespite212: sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb101:46
Respite212overclucker: Should I reformat it first?01:46
actionParsnipacolytetojippity: run it in liveCD01:47
acolytetojippityThat works fine.01:47
acolytetojippityBut the actual install doesn't.  I'm trying to boot from a portable hard drive01:47
acolytetojippityIt works perfectly on the computers we use in class, but not on my personal machine01:47
actionParsnipacolytetojippity: are they different computers (make / model)?01:48
Respite212overclucker: sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb1 and I got "Can't open /dev/sdb1 exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?"01:49
EmanonIs there any chance you guys could stop taking out the good posts of your OS? First you dropped Pidgin for Empathy which to be perfectly honest is lame. Now your shopping the alternate install disc so I can't set up with RAID or full disc encryption. What's going on?01:49
acolytetojippity@actionParsnip: yes they are.01:49
EmanonGood parts*01:49
actionParsnipEmanon: I use pidgin. I'm using it now01:49
actionParsnipacolytetojippity: thats probably why then. What happens when you try to boot?01:49
actionParsnipEmanon: its not dropped at all01:50
farriothEmanon: I'm having the same issue after upgrading from lucid to precise.  I'd be using Mint instead but I can't be bothered configuring everything from scratch again.01:50
EmanonOn a side note: sorry for the misspellings I hate auto correct.01:50
actionParsnip!info pidgin quantal | Emanon01:51
ubottuEmanon: pidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.6-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 680 kB, installed size 2172 kB01:51
DeucesWildCatch2actionparsnip, it just popped up with a try ubuntu or install ubunto.. did that do it?01:51
actionParsnipEmanon: its even in the next release01:51
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: Try Ubuntu01:51
farrioth!info libindicate-qt001:51
ubottuPackage libindicate-qt0 does not exist in precise01:51
actionParsnip!find libindicate01:52
ubottuFound: libindicate-dev, libindicate-doc, libindicate-gtk-dev, libindicate-gtk0.1-cil, libindicate-gtk0.1-cil-dev, libindicate-gtk3, libindicate-gtk3-dev, libindicate-qt-dev, libindicate-qt1, libindicate0.1-cil (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libindicate&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all01:52
DeucesWildCatch2Aww, I put install,01:52
EmanonRight, it's not the default. That was my point.01:52
DeucesWildCatch2dang it.01:52
acolytetojippity@parsnip grub yells at me, about unknown filesystem?01:52
actionParsnipDeucesWildCatch2: either is fine01:52
EmanonEmpathy should be optional because it sucks.01:52
actionParsnipEmanon: it is, you have the option to remove it01:52
actionParsnipEmanon: think about it01:52
actionParsnipEmanon: how so?01:53
actionParsnipEmanon: its not a mandatory package, it can be removed. You have that option01:53
EmanonIn a sarcastic fashion.01:53
actionParsnipEmanon: its not, i'm telling you how your OS works01:53
EmanonOr did you mean the diving part?01:53
farriothactionParsnip: I use kmail, and the version shipped with precise is slow and buggy.  I'd like to use the older version which doesn't use akonadi etc., but it has been dropped from the repos, so I'm having to sort out deps by hand.01:53
actionParsnipEmanon: I hate firefox, but I remove it and promptly install the browser I prefer01:54
DeucesWildCatch2I am at a screen that gives me th options to install ubuntu alongside them, erase disc and install ubuntu or something else..Sine my hard drive is partitioned for a triboot. and i am just wanting to erase everything else is it going to completely alter the entire hard drive?01:54
Canuckianif you erase everything, it will erase EVERYTHING01:54
EmanonAnd what about the alternate install disc? Is that getting dropped?01:54
DeucesWildCatch2so i would need to repartition theHD?01:55
actionParsnipEmanon: seems so http://news.softpedia.com/news/Canonical-Drops-Alternate-CDs-from-Ubuntu-12-10-289338.shtml01:55
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, if you choose erase, it will wipe out any existing partitions01:56
actionParsnipEmanon: Lubuntu has an alternate ISO01:56
actionParsnipEmanon: but you knew that01:56
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, "something else" allows you to do "manual" partitioning and is the safest way to do it if you want to keep existing partitions01:56
DeucesWildCatch2Canukian, as this was given to me, I am ok with that, i was just hoping to delete everything that was done in Ubuntu without having to repartition the drive.. if that is what i need to do than I can work with that.01:56
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, ...01:57
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, ...01:57
actionParsnipEmanon: anything else you want to rant about?01:57
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, ubuntu's option "something else" allows you to do manual partitioning.01:57
DeucesWildCatch2jagginess i can completely wipe out documents and pictures that were used on the ubuntu os partition?01:57
EmanonBut I actually like unity. Lxde isn't good.01:57
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, i think you missed the 'upgrade' option, ubuntu is able to upgrade itself from cd, if you already have ubuntu installed01:57
actionParsnipEmanon: then install Unity as you wish, if the alternate ISO is SOOOO important to you01:58
DeucesWildCatch2my sidter gave me this and it was given to her b her ex. i just found out it has open VPN.. so, i guess i will just wipe it and repartition it.01:58
EmanonactionParsnip do I know you from another channel?01:58
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, you can wipe out everything, but there's a more convenient tool for doing this, it's gparted live cd (from sourceforge)01:58
DeucesWildCatch2oh alright I am sitting up now, I am so sorry for the typos01:58
actionParsnipEmanon: just here, I also #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-offtopic01:59
CanuckianDeucesWildCatch2: in that case, do as jagginess said and do manual partioning01:59
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:59
wilee-nileeEmanon, You attract snarky comments?01:59
EmanonHmm. Thought I might have seen you in rant radio.02:00
jagginessDeucesWildCatch2, if you want a dualboot, you should install windows first,, the ubuntu install can automatically add a windows menu item to it's boot loader02:00
actionParsnipEmanon: no idea what that even is, sorry02:00
Respite212sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb1 -> "Can't open /dev/sdb1 exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?" Anyone got a solution to this?02:00
actionParsnipRespite212: is /dev/sdb1 mounted?02:00
actionParsnipRespite212: then that's why02:00
overcluckerRespite212: ah that's right you have that mounted as /home right now.02:01
EmanonIt's ok it's somewhat obscure.02:01
Respite212actionParsnip: I can't unmount it either02:01
actionParsnipRespite212: you can do stuff in liveCD/USB then02:01
actionParsnipRespite212: its in use so you wont. liveCD will free the device02:02
Respite212actionParsnip: What is livecd?02:02
actionParsnipRespite212: the thing you installed the OS with, you can boot to that and get an OS that runs in RAM02:02
Respite212so I got to boot from usb?02:03
Respite212overclucker: Err, what should I do now? boot from usb and try to configure the sdb1 drive?02:05
actionParsnipRespite212: yes, it will free up the file system and you can do as you like02:05
TJ-overclucker: actionParsnip Respite212 I've read-back but missed the actual config of the system. I may be wrong, but would it be possible to put off converting sdb1 to a PV until after rebooting?02:05
farriothCould someone give me the name of a good systray volume applet without too many deps?02:05
jagginessfarrioth, maybe you can use the console's alsamixer02:06
actionParsnipfarrioth: sudo apt-get --reinstall install indicator-sound02:06
jagginessfarrioth, look for 'mixer' or 'volume' in synaptic or apt-cache search02:06
actionParsnipfarrioth: https://code.google.com/p/volti/02:07
* jagginess is tihnking farrioth is using a lightweigth windowmanager02:07
farriothjagginess: I can change volume with alsamixer, but I'd like something in the systray.02:07
farriothjagginess: Yes, openbox.02:07
actionParsnipgotta love openbox02:07
jagginessfarrioth, i'm sure there's a few.. you'll have to poke around, or maybe ask someone on #openbox02:08
jagginessfarrioth, (#linux people must know)02:08
farriothjagginess: Good idea, thanks.02:08
overcluckerTJ-: that's probably the only thing to do, since it's mounted02:09
pibarnasfarrioth: pnmixer.02:09
actionParsnipfarrioth: https://volti.googlecode.com/files/volti_0.2.3-1_all.deb   is the deb file itself02:10
TJ-overclucker: Saves a an unnecessary reboot into a live environment, with associated delays02:10
Respite212overclucker: so what should I do now?02:10
farriothactionParsnip: Thanks, I'm looking into that, need python-alsaaudio now...02:11
_MarcusMy MAC address changed because I cloned a VirtualBox machine and ran it. How do I automatically update Ubuntu's networking to make it work with my new MAC address?02:11
yekomsthat should be asked in #virtualbox _Marcus02:12
CookieJarok, my friend is attempting to connect to an adsl connection directly with Ubuntu, he is unable to connect and isn't provided with info to fill in the "Service" box on the connection manager window. Not sure what to do so asking for help here02:12
overcluckerRespite212: either reboot into rocovery mode or boot a live cd02:12
_Marcusyekoms: I don't think so. It's Ubuntu-related because I'm changing Ubuntu settings to work with a new MAC address. It's pretty much equal to switching out a networking card in a physical machine.02:12
farriothpibarnas: Thanks for the suggestion.02:13
yekoms_Marcus, have you tried sudo service networking restart ?02:13
Respite212overclucker: Hmmm how do I boot into recovery and once I get there, what should I do to sdb1?02:13
DeucesWildCatch2ey i found the nomodeset02:13
F0X-D1EHey there, I need some help about setting up a live CD with persistence02:13
pibarnasfarrioth: u r welcome.02:13
overcluckerRespite212: hold shift on boot to get to the grub menu, then select the recovery option and then select root02:14
F0X-D1ESee I need to set up the partitions so windows wont see the liveUSB partition02:14
CanuckianDeucesWildCatch2: what happened when you went with nomodeset?02:15
ElesaHi, this question is meant for Arch, but.. How do I disable wlan0's Power Management FOREVER in any Linux system? <_<02:15
F0X-D1Ebut, following the guides on the documentation on the wiki... didnt work.. kept getting boot Grub errors02:15
DeucesWildCatch2it is on a memory test now, blue screen memtest02:15
wilee-nileeF0X-D1E, an partition past the first wont be seen02:15
ElesaI don't want to run iwconfig wlan0 power off every time I boot02:15
F0X-D1Ewilee-nilee: yes, and. I got that part but following the guides to install the live usb on a hidden or second partition didnt work02:15
Respite212overclucker: What do I do after I select root?02:16
overcluckerRespite212: the next part can be reisky if not done correctly, so I would suggest reading up on a few things before continuing.02:16
pibarnasElesa: make a boot script. like in rc.local.02:16
F0X-D1Ewilee-nilee: As I kept getting grub error 15 and error 1702:16
EmanonYou could set a script to run at boot to do it for you Elesa.02:16
F0X-D1Emoving the partition manually in gparted didnt work either, made up the same errors02:16
wilee-nileeF0X-D1E, What release of Ubuntu are you using?02:16
F0X-D1Ewilee-nilee: 12.0402:17
CookieJar┐('~`;)┌ looks like I am ignored02:17
ElesaUmm.. How would I exactly do that? I'm still new when it comes to bash stuff.02:17
DeucesWildCatch2Is is difficult to partition the machine for a triboot?  because honestly Canukian, the original owner of the lappy worked for a company that kept confidentiality very high, and that there is an open VPN tunnel. well02:17
wilee-nileeF0X-D1E, So whats the rationalization on keeping windows from seeing it?02:17
actionParsnipCookieJar: if nobody knows, nobody can answer, can they?02:17
jagginessF0X-D1E, use gparted live cd, and drag the starting point of your main linux partition over to the left or right.. (make sure "1 mb" nearest is rounded off << checkbox)02:18
F0X-D1Ewilee-nilee: I have a friend that wanted to boot from the usb, and use the usb for standard storage02:18
CookieJar<CookieJar> ok, my friend is attempting to connect to an adsl connection directly with Ubuntu, he is unable to connect and isn't provided with info to fill in the "Service" box on the connection manager window. Not sure what to do so asking for help here02:18
CookieJarabout 5 minutes ago^02:18
F0X-D1Ejagginess: I did02:18
F0X-D1Ejagginess: made boot errors at startup from the live usb02:18
Respite212overclucker: Would it be better if I boot from cd/usb?02:18
jagginessF0X-D1E, you'll need to re-install grub02:18
DeucesWildCatch2I just wanted an easier way to erase the hard drive, and to be honest i am not even sure I would need the partitioning although I would love to ditch windows completely at some point and figures to do taht with this lappy first.02:18
F0X-D1Ejagginess: any way to specifically do this?02:18
actionParsnipCookieJar: try the forums or wait an hour or so and reask, different users02:18
jagginessF0X-D1E, you'll need to re-install grub02:18
F0X-D1EIve seen ways of doing it on HDD02:18
jagginessF0X-D1E, grub-install /dev/<your usb head>02:19
F0X-D1Ebut, this is a LiveUSB02:19
F0X-D1Ejagginess: just that?02:19
jagginessF0X-D1E, so boot a recue environment for it02:19
mrjonwilsonHello everyone02:19
F0X-D1Ejagginess: its, a live usb..02:19
jagginessF0X-D1E, yeah it's a live usb02:19
mrjonwilsonI am wondering if I can install ubuntu in linux mint02:20
ElesaHow do I create a boot script?02:20
F0X-D1Ethere was no option for booting into recovery02:20
mrjonwilsonSo I can keep all my files and everything.02:20
jagginessmrjonwilson, virtualbox ?02:20
Elesamrjonwilson, what do you mean?02:20
F0X-D1Ei can grub-install from the terminal02:20
jagginessmrjonwilson, this is safe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualbox02:20
F0X-D1Elet me try that maybe, maybe that will work. has to actually.02:20
mrjonwilsonjagginess, not really. I am running Mint right now, but I want Ubuntu. I don't want to lose everything.02:20
jagginessmrjonwilson, well you may lose everything, so back up your data, and use gparted live cd to resize the mint stuff to make room for ubuntu02:21
Elesamrjonwilson, do you have a separate partition for /home at least?02:21
mrjonwilsonElesa, yes. I have windoze xp and Mint dual boot.02:22
mrjonwilsonI guess the best way is to wipe the Mint partition and install Ubuntu?02:22
jagginessmrjonwilson, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:22
jagginessmrjonwilson, ? no.. you dont have to..02:22
ElesaBut you have a separate partition where /home is, right? That might help lots02:23
actionParsnipgparted is on the Ubuntu CD, why do you need another CD?02:23
jagginessmrjonwilson, you can resize the mint partition with the lvie cd tool i mentioned02:23
jagginessElesa, he doesnt.. he's quite new to linux02:23
actionParsnipwhy waste another CD, you already have the app on a bootable media.....02:23
jagginessmrjonwilson, when you make at least 7 gigs free.. you can add a "ext4" partition for ubuntu02:24
mrjonwilsonthanks jagginess and elesa. I am familiar with gparted.02:24
jagginessactionParsnip, because gparted live cd has the latest gparted than any other linux distro02:24
mrjonwilsonI just wanted to see if there was a way to install ubuntu using the terminal in mint.02:24
actionParsnipjagginess: you can upgrade gparted from the liveCD to get te latest version in the repos02:25
jagginessactionParsnip, he's using mint.02:25
actionParsnipthen it's not supported here02:25
jagginessread above.02:25
overcluckerRespite212: The next part envolves initializing /dev/sdb1 as a physical volume, extending the volume group onto it, extending the logical volume for home, and resizing the ext4 filesystem. the two steps can damage the filesystem if done incorrectly so you should probably read up on how to do it before trying it.02:25
mikegitcan someone please tell me where I might ask a Git Question?  ... I'm trying to force manual merging (mark conflicts on ALL differenced files) to prevent automatic merging...02:26
jagginessmrjonwilson, it's up to you how you want to make space (i've never given any instruction on how to work with mint, it's not the purpose of the channel)02:26
mrjonwilsonjagginess, I understand. I appreciate your time, though. :)02:26
Respite212overclucker: Thanks. I'll see what I can find.02:27
overcluckerRespite212: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/commontask.html errors on caution so it's a good resource02:28
farriothmikegit: Have you tried #git?02:30
Respite212overclucker: What is my volumn group?02:31
Respite212in vgcreate?02:31
overcluckerRespite212: the label we created was 'vol'02:32
Respite212so in order to activate my volumn group I do vgcreate vol /dev/sdb1?02:32
farriothIs there a GUI tool available for editing .fonts.conf? (Not Gnome, please)02:32
mikegitfarrioth: yes but for some reason it says I can't type anything in the channel... do you know why?02:33
mikegitfarrioth:   I think it defaults everyone in #git  to not be able to type unless they have elevated permissions ...02:33
farriothmikegit: You may need to register your nick or similar.02:33
farriothmikegit: I just found the same problem in ##linux.02:34
overcluckerRespite212: that's already been done. for now it might be best to reboot to apply the /home change02:34
Respite212overclucker: We did change /home right?02:35
overcluckerRespite212: yes it should mount /dev/vol/home  onto /home when you reboot02:35
Respite212overclucker: let me reboot then... brb.02:36
actionParsnipfarrioth: why do you need a GUI?02:36
farriothactionParsnip: Because I'm lazy.02:37
actionParsnipfarrioth: just copy the font into /usr/share/fonts/truetype   then run: sudo fc-cache -f -v      it's not hard in any way02:37
actionParsnipfarrioth: are you using kde?02:38
Respite212overclucker: Ok.02:38
farriothactionParsnip: No, I'm wanting to tweak hinting/antialiasing etc.  I'm using openbox, but I wouldn't object to a kde tool.02:39
actionParsnipfarrioth: ubuntu-tweak can do that02:39
Respite212overclucker: That worked, now I can sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb102:39
overcluckerRespite212: type mount in a terminal and look for /home02:40
farriothactionParsnip: I'll try that, thanks.02:40
=== Sazpaimon_ is now known as Sazpaimon
Respite212overclucker: /dev/mapper/vol-home on /home type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev)02:40
overcluckerRespite212: that's good.02:41
Respite212overclucker: Thanks. What do I do now with sdb1?02:42
overcluckerRespite212: before you try extending your home with it you should try creating a physical volume, a volume group and some logical volumes02:44
Guest41866hi all, what file do i edit so ubuntu will stop trying to install apache , I have lighty running and i have to stop and remove apache and restart lighty02:47
overcluckerRespite212: then get familiar with using lvextend, mkfs.ext4, e2fsck, and resize2fs without damaging the ext4 filesystem.02:47
Guest41866can someone assit -02:47
jagginessGuest41866, well you're install an app that needs in order to work02:48
Respite212overclucker: when I create a volume group in sdb1, do I still use the same vol label?02:49
Guest41866jagginess: lighty does not need apache2-common02:50
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
Guest41866it installs and auto starts itself which blocks my content02:50
jagginessGuest12381, check /etc/default02:50
overcluckerRespite212: since there's already a volume group labeled vol you'll need to pick a different one.02:52
jagginessGuest41866, check /etc/default you foolish 4186602:53
Guest41866jamestunnicliffe: thx, there was an apache2 config file in there , getting rid of it will hopefully give me peace(kick a windows box for luck) _-)02:54
DeucesWildCatch2ok, I am back and bah..03:04
DeucesWildCatch2How does one take a laptop using ubuntu to the root to manually delete everything?03:04
satellit_eformat disk from live CD?03:06
hmmwhatsthisdorm -rf /03:06
k1gwbHow do I write a shell script that will run a command under sudo?03:11
k1gwbI don't want to have to type the password in, but rather to have it (yes in plain text) in the sh file itself.03:11
k1gwb(unless there's a better way)03:11
=== fuller is now known as Guest21763
farriothk1gwb: You can edit your sudoers file to allow sudoing with no password, or you could run the script as setuid root.03:15
shirley99crwell, i'm  having trouble getting firefox to launch from the launcher (ubuntu 11.10)03:16
k1gwbI just want this one script not to require password, so I guess setuid is the best option. Can't recall how to do that. I'll look into it.03:16
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
k1gwboh is that just chmod 4755?03:16
shirley99crgoogle hasn't been any help in resolving my problem03:17
wilee-nileefarrioth, Please do not advise people on a no password.03:17
wilee-nileein the sudo file03:17
farriothwilee-nilee: It seems like a better option than having the password stored as plaintext somewhere.03:18
=== Optichip is now known as Opti2
wilee-nileefarrioth, probably so, but we want to keep a standard is all.03:19
farriothwilee-nilee: What is the standard way of sudoing without a password?03:20
esetbeunas noches03:20
wilee-nileefarrioth, not to advise this on the channel basically keep the OS as it is run.03:20
DeucesWildCatch2to anyone, i am using ubuntu, how do I use my terminal to get to root command and wipe that partition?03:21
farriothwilee-nilee: What is the puprose of this channel if not to advise?03:21
wilee-nileefarrioth, This is something you ought to ask the mods on.03:21
ubiquity__hi all, I don't know if I'm in the right chan or not03:22
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: You shouldn't wipe the partition you're booted from.  I'd suggest booting a livecd or similar.03:22
ubiquity__looking for some help with ubuntu graphics problems03:22
ubiquity__i'm kind of a new user03:22
wilee-nileefarrioth, Basically we don't advise how to run in root, no passwrod is basically the same.03:23
farriothwilee-nilee: I'm assuming that the purpose of this channel is to offer advice, so I'll continue to do so for now.03:23
farriothwilee-nilee: Many commands need to be run as root, however.03:23
DeucesWildCatch2i have a livecd, but this lappy is perfectly partitioned and I am trying to wipe all of the stuff my sister had on this so that no private information is still there.. also, There is an open VPN tunnel on this machine.03:24
wilee-nileefarrioth, Of course that is a good, you want to use some common sense is all. Yes many commands need super user that why there is sudo.03:24
DeucesWildCatch2im working with bash03:24
DeucesWildCatch2but I am NEW to ubuntu.03:24
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: The root partition contains your installation, do you want to wipe that.03:24
farriothwilee-nilee: I don't see where I'm lacking common sense. k1gwb was asking how to sudo a command without entering a password, as I understood it.03:26
DeucesWildCatch2will that also wipe any photos and stuff on that partition?03:26
wilee-nileefarrioth, Telling someone that they can run without out a password is not common sense.03:26
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Yes, but you shouldn't/can't wipe a partition while you're running an OS from it.03:27
farriothwilee-nilee: It is if they are asking how to.03:27
DeucesWildCatch2and that is why the Livecd is being used am I right?  i was told that i needed to get into the root and begin manually delteing things.03:28
DeucesWildCatch2but i wouldn't know where to begin farrioth.. is it as simple as sudo and whatever command to delete photos? or03:28
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Sorry, I missed the fact that you were on a livecd.  Do you want to delete everything on the partition or just certain files?03:29
ubiquity__DeucesWildCatch2, can you just use the GUI to delete files?03:29
ubiquity__or am I in the wrong part of the conversation?03:29
=== intervoid is now known as intervoid`dead
DeucesWildCatch2I am trying to delete certain files and if that doesnt work then I will settle for all.03:30
ramprasadgkcan i recover windows pwd from linux , both os on same dirve?03:30
grumpyHello every one... I hope someone knows the answer to this cause I don't! I should add that I'm new to Linux so not knowing is not a news flash.  In any event I have been working on this problem for 3 days now with no resolve. It's driving me nuts! I have a new DVD "Marvels Avengers" that plays the DVD in my DVD player in vmware running mythbuntu with mythbuntu's default player but will not play in vlc or mplayer2 on that emulation nor03:30
grumpy will it play on the host computer. I have installed Ubuntu's restricted extras, ffmpeg, mencoder, Medibuntu repository including libdvdcss2 and bdvdnav4, lilibdvdread4, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad, and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly. But still nothing.... My computer is a home built running Ubuntu 12.04. My computer is water cooled with the Intel i7 950 quad core 64 bit cpu, on a Rampage III extreme Motherboard, it has 24 gigs of ram,  3-103:30
grumpyTb hdds and one128 gig ssd running the operating system. My Video card is GeForce GTX 580 and I'm running NVIDIA drivers. I also wanted to put the movie in my mythbuntu movie collection and I have tried Handbreak, Thoggen, K9copy, DVD::RIP, AcidRip and ran dd if=/dev/sr0 of=~/Videos/Avengers2.iso in the Terminal (with some success but it won't play in anything). Vlc and mplayer both open and close immediately when I play from the DVD p03:30
FloodBot1grumpy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
ubiquity__I need help troubleshooting graphics issues I am having03:31
=== lizzin is now known as Guest55597
DeucesWildCatch2farrioth how do i just delete that partition when i dont even know which partition my os is currently using??03:32
farriothI'm using uim-xim, which works straight off in most programs, but in gnome-terminal, I need to select X Input Method every time I run a new terminal before it will work.  Is there a way to tell gnome-terminal to use this by default?  I have uim chosen in im-switch.03:32
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Do you have the partition mouned at the moment?03:32
farriothubiquity__: Ask your question, someone might be able to help. (Possibly not me, though.)03:33
ubiquity__I am new, so bare with me here03:34
ubiquity__ran a system test03:34
ubiquity__failed graphics/comiz_check03:34
ubiquity__i am not able to run unity 3d03:34
ubiquity__and my resolution is all wonky at 1024x768 or w/e default is03:35
ubiquity__i have attempted http://lkubuntu.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/quick-and-easy-way-to-fix-x11-issues/03:35
ubiquity__(which i believe is restarting xorg)03:36
DeucesWildCatch2i would believe so as that is how i using ubuntu right now03:36
ubiquity__and done all the necessary standard googling to find the solution to the problem03:36
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: I thought you were on a livecd?03:37
ubiquity__so how would I go about attempting to fix these graphics issues03:37
blackshirtubiquity__, thats your vga graphic problem03:37
ubiquity__blackshirt, okay so...how can I fix the problem03:37
ubiquity__or assist you in assisting me03:37
=== ubiquity__ is now known as ubiquity
blackshirtubiquity__, what is your graphic card chipset?03:38
=== ubiquity is now known as ubiquity4321
=== ubiquity4321 is now known as ubiquity__
DeucesWildCatch2:( ok I took out the livecd03:38
ubiquity__blackshirt, Intel HD Graphics 3000. Lenovo Thinkpad L52003:38
grumpyHello everyone... I hope someone knows the answer to this cause I don't. I should say that I'm new to Linux so not knowing is not a news flash. I have been working on this for 3 days now and have had no success and going crazy. I have a new DVD that plays in my DVD player in vmware running mythbuntu but it won't play in mplayer or vlc. Vlc both open and close immediately.03:39
ubiquity__wall of text03:39
=== Logan_ is now known as log
blackshirti think for more newer chipset, download it from intel03:39
grumpyI have installed Ubuntu's restricted extras, ffmpeg, mencoder, Medibuntu repository including libdvdcss2 and bdvdnav4, lilibdvdread4, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad, and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly. But still nothing03:40
zykotick9grumpy: have you followed the "/msg ubottu dvd" instructions?03:40
blackshirtIntel supports linux greatly03:40
cornellWell, tis time for the rack, thanks all.  TTFN03:40
zykotick9grumpy: what error does mplayer from cli give from "mplayer dvd://1"?03:40
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: So you're running Ubuntu, and you want to remove some files from /, but keep your Ubuntu install?03:40
grumpyno error with mplayer it justs opens and closes03:41
zykotick9grumpy: fyi the libdvdread4 is actually the exact same package as libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.03:41
wilee-nileegrumpy, I think we understand you are frustrated, but you are asked in the channel info to use some care in overposting. If someone knows they will answer.03:41
zykotick9grumpy: do you get text output? messages?03:41
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: And what problem are you having doing this?03:42
zykotick9grumpy: do other dvds work ok?03:42
grumpyI ger playerback failure: DVDRead could not open the disk "/dev/dvd'. and Your input can't be opend -VLC is unable to open MRL 'dvd:///dev:dvd and yes other dvd's work just this one03:44
DeucesWildCatch2I'm an idiot, other than that nothing.  my sister has requested that I wipe the partition and reinstal ubuntu. Problem is it has been almost 10 years since i have anything like this system i was lazy with windows. now I am trying to do as she requested..03:44
ubiquity__so how do I download the linux drivers from intel?03:45
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Just install as you usually would, selecting the reformat parition or similar option during installation.03:46
DeucesWildCatch2I would like to learn this system and figured it would be as easy as google to learn what i need, however the first owner of this laptop had it set for a triboot and  when i tried to install the program it gave me an option to delte everything..03:46
DeucesWildCatch2oh well03:46
winstonwwho needs system32 when you have gentoo03:47
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Did it give you an option to not delete everything, and just use a certain partition?03:47
winstonwoh dear i thought this was #defocus. forgive me.03:47
DeucesWildCatch2yes it did it was the third option03:48
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: You'll want to chose that option, and it should ask you whether you want to keep the partition as is, or reformat it.03:49
Laurelaiok im trying to remix an ubuntu live cd and change the firefox default webpage and was directed to try #firefox i did that and they really couldnt help because ubuntu modifies firefox too much (so they said) so how do i change the global default webpage for firefox03:49
DeucesWildCatch2ok.. farrioth waiting on it now as i reboot it again.03:49
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: Okay.  I can't be online much longer (need to go out) but I'll see what I can do.03:50
DeucesWildCatch2ok well if i cant get this done before you leave, i still thank you farrioth03:51
wilee-nileeLaurelai, Have you considered build a installed ubuntu and putting using remastersys, you have been at just this one thing for awhile.03:52
wilee-nileesorry for the bad grammer lol03:52
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: You're welcome.03:52
[x]how to run .jar file ?03:53
[x]execute ?03:53
Laurelaiwilee-nilee: i want the default live cd login though and i should be able to edit that behavior03:53
[x]in a shell03:53
Laurelaiand why wont syspref.js work03:53
Laurelaiive edited it already03:53
Laurelaiand firefox ignores it03:54
Laurelaithere has to be somewhere it stores those defaults03:54
wilee-nileeLaurelai, Ah, I forget how the remaster boots but I think it looks like a regular ISO, but you should of course do what works for you. ;O003:54
[x]how to run c# in bash shell?03:54
Laurelaii mean honestly any brower should have a global home page configuration ability03:55
farrioth[x]: java -jar foo.jar03:55
Jordan_U[x]: /path/to/binary.exe03:56
[x]oh thanks farrioth  !!03:56
[x]jordan u mean to change directory ?03:57
Jordan_U[x]: No, I mean that to run a CLR binary from a bash shell you simply have to enter the path to said binary (including './' if you are entering a path relative to the current directory) just like any other executable.03:59
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: I need to leave soon, but should be back within 45mins.  Will you be here then?04:00
DeucesWildCatch2more than likely farrioth. thank you04:01
[x]if we direct to .exe files it automatically run .exe ?04:01
farriothDeucesWildCatch2: No problem.04:01
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Jordan_U[x]: Only if those .exe files are either CLR binaries, or (if you have wine installed) windows binaries. And the extension doesn't matter, it's just that CLR binaries tend to be named .exe.04:02
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
[x]CLR mean ?04:03
=== Opti2 is now known as Optichip
[x]is it posibble to run apt-get install command on ssh shell ?04:04
[x]clr=clear ?04:04
Jordan_U[x]: Common Language Runtime, the virtual machine binary language used by C#/.Net.04:04
Jordan_U[x]: Yes, any command that can be run locally can be run remotely (though in some cases, like commands which launch a GUI, special preparation is needed).04:05
booh-Is it making a difference to use lilo or grub for software raid?04:05
[x]i want to run this bot how ?04:06
Jordan_Ubooh-: I would highly recommend using grub2 (the default in Ubuntu for some years).04:06
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[x]bashy: ./Pako.exe: cannot execute binary file04:08
booh-Jordan_U, Why I read on forums that : "Debian 6 forces use of lilo instead of grub for software raid."04:08
Ubiquity_im trying to enable unity 3d support and failing04:08
Ubiquity_can someone assist me?04:08
Jordan_Ubooh-: I don't know. But grub2 (not grub legacy) has great support for software RAID.04:09
Jordan_Ubooh-: Also, Ubuntu 12.04 has a much more recent version of grub than Debian 6.04:10
paulus68I have a strange network behaviour I can ssh from my laptop(ip 192.168.1.x towards my server 192.168.178.x however I am not able to connect from my server towards my laptop it says no route to host, externally(through dns account) I am able to connect to my laptop internally it gives me the error no route to host how to solve this?04:11
ox1dehow do I install infinity visualizer software on audacious?04:12
Jordan_U[x]: What is the output of "lsb_release -r"?04:13
aneekhi friends i am using ubuntu 12.4 . i want to bring my launcher at bottom when i am trying following code "sudo apt-get install unityshell-rotated libnux-1.0-0 compizconfig-settings-manager"04:13
aneekits showing unable to locate package04:13
GrundokoHow can I get my Motorola Atrix to show up in Rhythmbox or Banshee using MTP?04:13
booh-Jordan_U in fact... I hesitate between Debian and Ubuntu for a server install... (mail, fileserver and kvm for 1 or 2 vm... windows).  I hesitate also from qmail and postfix for mail... (the company is on QMail since 14 years and I migrate the hardware... a P2-266... on Debian/QMail... and it's done the job ;-) )04:14
[x]Jordan_U: have to chck in ssh shell ? or unix sheel04:14
Jordan_U[x]: Even when you're using ssh, you're using a unix shell.04:15
[x]how to pause repos download ?04:15
Jordan_U[x]: Are you trying to run this software locally or remotely?04:15
trismaneek: that ppa only has a build for oneiric, as far as I know nobody updated it for 12.0404:15
[x]trying to run remotely04:15
Jordan_U[x]: Then I need the output of "lsb_release -r" when run on the remote machine.04:16
[x]ok Jordan_U04:17
[x]Jordan_U: what is lsb release ?04:18
Jordan_U[x]: "lsb_release" (not "lsb release") is a command which prints information about the OS.04:19
[x][x@shell ~]$ lsb_release -r04:19
[x]-bash: lsb_release: command not found04:19
[x] Jordan_U04:19
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Jordan_U[x]: What distribution is being used on the remote machine?04:20
[x]am using shell from cjb.net04:20
[x]in locall sys lsp_release Release:10.0404:21
Jordan_U[x]: cjb.net provides access to FreeBSD servers. Try asking in ##FreeBSD.04:22
[x]ok Jordan_U04:23
[x].net is available for linux also :O04:24
[x]i thot it was ms product04:24
[x]how to install .NET Development Framework04:25
Jordan_U[x]: You already have Mono, the .NET implementation for GNU/Linux, installed on your Ubuntu machine. You do *not* however have it installed on the FreeBSD server you're trying to use. We can't help you with FreeBSD here.04:26
GrundokoHow can I get my Motorola Atrix to show up in Rhythmbox or Banshee using MTP?04:27
[x]ok Jordan_U04:27
[x]ubuntu dased free ssh ? Jordan_U04:27
Jordan_U[x]: Please use complete, properly spelled and punctuated, English sentences. I have no idea what you just asked.04:28
[x]ubuntu based ssh like cjb.net is available ? Jordan_U04:30
[x]cjb.net is freebsd ok04:30
Respite212hmm anyone know how many logical volumes I need in a logical group?04:30
Jordan_U[x]: I don't know. I would expect so, but I have never looked for any myself.04:30
shihanhi all, i got a bridge setup in ubuntu 12.04 64bit, the second bridge has network cards unplugged and on reboot it says "Waiting for br1 to get ready (MAXWAIT is 32 seconds)." which halts the boot process (for well more then 32 seconds)... anyway of telling it not to wait?04:31
[x]Jordan_U: is it possible to link bcm4313 to vmware ? mean to bridge04:32
paulus68I have a strange network behaviour I can ssh from my laptop(ip 192.168.1.x towards my server 192.168.178.x however I am not able to connect from my server towards my laptop it says no route to host, externally(through dns account) I am able to connect to my laptop internally it gives me the error no route to host how to solve this?04:33
[x]battery low04:33
linociscohi all04:33
linociscois there any shipment of goods management software which can also genearate reports of shipments by category like air, sea, car or by months or date?04:34
Jordan_URespite212: I'm familiar with the term "Volume Group" but not "Logical Group". Did you mean "Volume Group"?04:34
linociscoI am using glpi software to administer IT stock, but I dont know how to associate shipment report together with that04:35
Respite212Jordan_U yeah... how many logical volumes I need in a volume group?04:35
Jordan_URespite212: You can create as many as you want. The minimum that would be at all useful is of course 1, but the way you asked the question makes me think that you might be confused about what Logical Volumes and Volume Groups are.04:36
Respite212Jordan_U: Im brushing up on LVM... actually started on a little hard drive lvm'ing that I haven't managed to complete yet. So still reading up on the "how to's04:37
Respite212overclucker helped me with LVM my sda4 drive so my /home is moved into it. now I am trying to lvm my sdb1 partition so it sticks with my sda4 /home.04:38
Jordan_URespite212: https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/5/html/Logical_Volume_Manager_Administration/LVM_definition.html appears to be a good quick explanation of how Physical Volumes, Volume Groups, and Logical Volumes fit together.04:38
FlannelRespite212: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-lvm/  The commands might be obsolte/irrelevant, but the descriptions and images are great.04:38
Respite212yeah.. here's what I done so far... 1.) sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb1  2.) sudo vgcreate data /dev/sdb104:40
faoiseamhhave a new 12.04 server setup that has crashed a few times with nothing in syslog / kern.log or anything at all really - how do I go about debugging this?04:41
Respite212now I am thinking if I should sudo lvcreate data or is it sudo lvcreate --name share data04:42
Codenomicscouple questions... how would I go about auto mounting a drive on boot?04:42
Respite212Codenomics: /etc/fstab04:43
CodenomicsRespite212: thanks, I found it right as you answered04:43
Codenomicswas googline at the same time04:43
Codenomicshow about making an app autostart?04:43
Respite212Jordan_U: Do I even need a logical volume if I plan on using the entire drive to extend my sda4?04:45
LedHedI'm trying to mound a Multipath device (/dev/mapper/mpath0-part1) at boot (added it to my fstab) but the mount fails. Is there a way to make sure the device mapper service runs before fstab?04:46
Respite212LedHed: Im new to linux, but if you think about it logically, there has to be a reason the mount fails, are there any incompatibility issues with your device mapper?04:49
Respite212LedHed: This includes all your other mounts in fstab.04:49
LedHedRespite212, other mounts work fine. I think its because the DM-multipath runs and creates the device maps after fstab is processed04:50
syntaxxanyone here know how can i replace the splash screen on ubuntu 12.04? i mean the encrypted one04:50
farrioth!seen DeucesWildCatch204:51
ubottuI have no seen command04:51
LedHedsyntaxx, I did this a few years ago. maybe its still relevant04:52
syntaxxLedHed, does it include the encryption?04:52
LedHedno clue04:52
syntaxxLedHed, i am thinkin to change the encryption part on the laptop04:53
LedHedI created a custom theme for a company a few years ago as part of an LTSP deployment04:53
Respite212LedHed: you might want to ask again then, because I am not 100% sure how fstab is processed or if it is even possible to get multipaths to run before fstab.04:53
syntaxxLedHed, because the encryption part of the ubuntu 12.04 is just a plain text04:53
Respite212Anyone know if I even need a logical volume if I plan on using the entire drive to extend my sda4?04:55
LedHedsyntaxx, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=change+boot+splash+screen+ubuntu+12.0404:55
syntaxxLedHed, thanks for it. I already changed the boot splash screen on the plain ubuntu install. But trying the encrypted one I dont seem to find any help from google or maybe i dont know what it is called04:57
LedHedsyntaxx, what do you mean the "encrypted one"04:57
syntaxxLedHed, when you install ubuntu and you use full encryption it will ask you a passphrase when it boots up. that what i am looking for04:58
LedHedno clue04:58
syntaxxLedHed, i want to change that to something eyecandy04:58
LedHedI see. Ya I wouldn't even know where to start04:59
syntaxxLedHed, I saw a post on ubuntuforums but i dont think someone answered correctly http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11907953&postcount=105:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539723 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-logo theme puts password prompt below dialogue, pushing it offscreen for 800x600 modes (default uvesa mode?)" [Medium,Fix released]05:00
LedHedthis bug probably references what you're looking for05:01
paulus68is there a way that I can let my server look at different gateway before using the standard gateway to connect to the internet?05:02
syntaxxLedHed, probably that one but its 2010 bug somehow its fixed i think05:02
LedHedsyntaxx, the bug is probably fixed, but the there might be referenced to the theme. which might lead you to what you;re looking for.  (breadcrumbs)05:03
paulus68fileserver@fileserver:~$ nmap -Pn -sV
paulus68Starting Nmap 5.21 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-10-09 07:07 CEST05:08
paulus68Nmap scan report for
paulus68Host is up (0.063s latency).05:08
paulus68All 1000 scanned ports on are filtered05:08
FloodBot1paulus68: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:08
paulus68Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at http://nmap.org/submit/ .05:08
paulus68oops sorry05:09
sin_taxwhat is the easiest FTP server to install on a headless ubuntu server?05:10
Respite212syntaxx: Your passphrase is your the code you use when you login, or are you specifically want to lookup the encryption key?05:10
syntaxxRespite212, i know.. i want to change the background of that passphrase..05:13
syntaxxRespite212, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11907953&postcount=105:13
Respite212Syntaxx: They use different shells and you'll be able to change it, but it's complicated.05:17
rsseris there any authentification system based on voice?is there any authentication system based on voice?05:17
rsseris there any authentication system based on voice?*05:17
syntaxxRespite212, do you know about that?05:17
Respite212syntaxx: you mean how to swap out the encrypted shell with another encrypted shell? No, the skills required is beyond me.05:19
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syntaxxRespite212, no i mean where to look at atleast? apparently my skill is a little above average. I just don't know what it is called though05:20
ibraheemHi guys !! how are you doing ?05:21
ibraheemguys i am facing a problem installing eclipse in my ubuntu 12.04 can someone help please ?05:22
blackshirteclipse available on repository05:22
ibraheemyou mean I can't use the ppa to install eclipse ?05:25
Respite212syntaxx: http://ask.unixmen.com/question/36/how-to-change-login-screen-in-ubuntu-120405:25
Respite212syntaxx: You'll still be using ubuntu encryption package tho.05:25
blackshirtibraheem, why do you want use ppa ?05:25
farriothIs there a way to change the default input method engine in gnome-terminal?05:27
ibraheemI am a new user for ubuntu. I do not know really why blackshirt.05:28
Respite212I am trying to attach my sdb1 partition to my sda4 partition with LVM.... so far I've pvcreated /dev/sdb1 , anyone know how I should proceed next?05:29
Respite212Ibraheem: why don't you just sudo apt-get install eclipse?05:29
Respite212ibraheem: Or even better, go to software center search and install it05:30
ibraheem<ibraheem> hey dude05:33
ibraheem<ibraheem> thats what i did to install eclipse tell me if it is right05:33
ibraheem<ibraheem> sudo -get apt install eclipse-platform05:33
ibraheem<ibraheem> and then sudo -get apt install eclipse-jdk05:33
ibraheem<ibraheem> everything was great but when i opened eclipse I got an error message saying05:33
ibraheem<ibraheem> An error has occurred. See the log file05:33
FloodBot1ibraheem: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:33
ibraheemthats what i did to install eclipse tell me if it is right05:35
ibraheemsudo -get apt install eclipse-platform05:35
ibraheemand then sudo -get apt install eclipse-jdk05:35
ibraheemeverything was great but when i opened eclipse I got an error message saying05:35
ibraheemAn error has occurred. See the log file05:36
farriothibraheem: you neet apt-get not -get apt.05:38
farriothibraheem: But you seem to at least have it installed if it can give you an error message.05:38
ibraheemyes thats what i did05:38
LedHedwell mounting by UUID didnt help.  all three devices /dev/sdb, /dev/scd, and /dev/mapper/mpath0-part1 all have the same UUID05:39
ibraheemit was just a typo05:39
somsipibraheem: so what does the lof tell you?05:40
kunjiHey everyone, I was just wondering what the best way to make a linux Access Point with Ubuntu, I've started down the route of using hostadp with dnsmasq, and using a masquerade in iptables, is this pretty much the only way to go, or is there something else I should check out?05:40
lotuspsychjeis there a package to see whats wrong with a network?05:40
farriothlotuspsychje: ping?05:40
ibraheemhow can I access the log ?05:40
lotuspsychjefarrioth:i mean like wrong cables and such05:41
ibraheemsomsip: how can I access the log ?05:41
farriothibraheem: It's just a regular file, you can view it with less or something.05:41
kunjilotuspsychje: there is not a full app, but you can use ping, ethtool, iperf, iwconfig, iw, and many others, what exactly do you want to check?05:41
somsipibraheem: you just posted the path05:41
farriothlotuspsychje: ifconfig may also help05:41
kunjilotuspsychje: for cables, iperf should work well, it's a speed test really, but if you're getting the speeds the cable is rated for, then it's highly unlikely that the cable would be bad05:42
lotuspsychjekunji: a network with modem--powerline adapter--linksys wifi got problems connecting to ssh05:42
lotuspsychjekunji:we cant find out whats wrong05:42
ibraheemsomsip: when i tried to access it, it opens a website for me ?!!05:43
lotuspsychjekunji:internel nmap sV portscan shows ports filtered05:43
somsipibraheem: open it with an editor05:43
lotuspsychjekunji:external nmap scan shows ports open05:43
ibraheemsomsip: ok !05:43
kunjilotuspsychje: my initial guess would be noise on the power lines, have you tried running a cable over instead and see if that works, at least then you can narrow down where to look.05:43
lotuspsychjekunji:apowerline can block ssh u think?05:44
kunjilotuspsychje: not the line itself, I thought you mean connectivity issues over ssh (was thinking noisy line), but if you mean it's just straight up not working, well, the adapters to the powerlines could possibly block ssh05:45
kunjilotuspsychje: is everything but ssh working (by and large)?05:46
lotuspsychjekunji:well windows laptop works on ssh05:46
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lotuspsychjekunji:ubuntu laptop not05:46
kunjilotuspsychje: hmm, did you turn on the firewall in Ubuntu at some point?  ufw and/or iptables?  What does "iptables-save" output (without quotes of course).05:48
lotuspsychjekunji:no ubuntu firewalls, but network runs over 1 cable from modem/router05:48
lotuspsychjekunji:not switched05:49
lotuspsychjekunji:maybe internel router firewall dont like each other?05:50
kunjiCan you kind of diagram the route the data is taking?  i.e. laptop -> linux kernel forwarding box -> router -> modem and how it is different between the windows and linux laptops05:50
ibraheemsomsip: sudo apt-get install mailutils05:50
ibraheemsomsip: thats what i got05:50
somsipibraheem: what has that got to do with a log output?05:51
kunjilotuspsychje: I don't think I have a grasp of just what your setup is exactly yet05:51
lotuspsychjekunji: adsl2===modem(1port out)===powerline adapter===ubuntu server and wifi linksys router===2 wifi laptops05:53
kunjilotuspsychje: hmm, so your ssh never actually goes over the powerline adapter anyway, and there is basically no difference between the setups of the laptops, do I have this correct?05:55
lotuspsychjekunji:other laptops(windows) can connect to ssh server correclty05:56
lotuspsychjekunji:ubuntu server to ubuntu laptop not, same network05:56
kunjiAh, so from outside of this you mean05:57
lotuspsychjekunji:no internal05:57
kunjilotuspsychje: Huh, if it's internal, then how is the ubuntu server to ubuntu laptop not on the same network?05:58
lotuspsychjekunji:yes its on same network mate05:59
lotuspsychjekunji:i have to go mate tnx for help06:00
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Guest63525hi there06:03
gavinwuYou may execute command "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"06:03
farriothCan anyone recommend a font editor?  All I really need to do is move characters around within a unicode font.06:04
chinneseproductanyone with knowledge of LAMP installation without  using tasksel06:04
Guest63525is unity breaks my system if decide to install it alongside with kde ?06:04
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visoredis there a way to restart the left side launcher without restarting the whole OS? it's messed up and not showing any icons currently06:05
farriothvisored: You could log out and back in.06:06
visoredthat would close my programs though right?06:06
redwarriors25_how to edit file and save in sudo vi /etc/hosts06:06
farriothvisored: Yes.06:06
farriothredwarriors25_: If you're not used to vi you could use nano instead.06:07
somsipredwarriors25_: ifyou don't know how to use vi, use nano06:07
visoredyea that really defeats the purpose06:07
visoredseems like there should be a process or something to kill to do this06:07
farriothvisored: There should be a way, but I don't know how since I don't use unity.06:07
somsipvisored: unity --reset possibly?06:08
farriothvisored: obxprop should tell you the process name, but if it's unity itself killing it will probably log you out.06:08
sin_taxcan someone help with an SFTP problem? I created a new user group and user, set that to be ChrootDirectory /data00/06:12
sin_tax which has some symlinks to other folders.  I want the user to have read only access to that but when I connect as that user via SFTP I can see my whole folder structure but not go into any folders06:12
OnlyMAJi'm looking for a webmail with lgpl or bsd license.can anyone help me ???06:13
farriothsin_tax: I'm not familiar with SFTP, but you'll probably need to set permissions on the subfolders.06:13
OnlyMAJi'm looking for a webmail with lgpl or bsd license.can anyone help me ???06:14
sin_taxfarrioth, right now I can't even access the data00 directory with that user, it is drwxr-xr-x   2 root root  4096 Oct  9 01:59 data0006:14
timfrostsin_tax: If the symlinks on the server point outside the chroot, then you won't have access because the chroot blocks ALL access except within the chroot directory tree06:14
OnlyMAJi'm looking for a webmail with lgpl or bsd license.can anyone help me ???06:14
sin_taxtimfrost, ah, very good to know, thanks.06:15
OnlyMAJi'm looking for a webmail with lgpl or bsd license.can anyone help me ???06:15
Respite212OnlyMAJ: If no one answers you, means they/we probably can't or don't know.06:15
OnlyMAJRespite212: ok. sorry !06:15
timfrost!patience | OnlyMAJ06:15
ubottuOnlyMAJ: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:15
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timfrostsin_tax: if you can put the files/directories you want that user to access inside the /data00/ directory hierarchy, and linking from the original locations to the location under /data00, that may solve the problem06:18
Respite212Anyone know how to add a hard drive partition to a logical volume manager?06:19
timfrost!lvm | Respite21206:20
ubottuRespite212: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:20
Respite212timfrost: I've been reading it, but I am currently confused.06:21
trijntjejoin #gcr06:22
timfrostRespite212: Is this a new setup, a replacement disk, or adding a new disk to an existing LVM?  Procedures are different for the 3 cases06:23
vsMS12I'm creating a .deb that has to install a nm-system connection to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ The file must have a mode of 0166 but when I install the package the fileperms are rw r r I already use dh_fixperms in debian/rules but this does not help. Can someone help pls?06:24
timfrosttrijntje: try '/j #gcr' - the '/'is the operator marker06:24
Respite212timfrost: the last one, I am trying to figure out if I should just vgextend label /dev/sdb1 to it or do I need to pvcreate /dev/sdb1 then vg create label /dev/sdb1 and then lvcreate /dev/sdb1 etc...etc.06:24
Respite212timfrost: I already have a lvm setup on my /dev/sda4 partition which contains my /home, now I want to add /dev/sdb1 to it.06:25
trijntjetimfrost: thanks06:25
OnlyMAJi'm runnig ubuntu 12.04 with loptop dell 5110.when i start irefox occurring with this "The Bookmark and ..." . i search and found out that i should chande it sqlite db like the instruction. but after changing,firefox did't have any change!! i have this problem for the software center too.soloution ?06:25
vivek-tomar__hi to all06:27
RomanceOnlyMAJ: what is that06:28
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OnlyMAJRomance: which one ??06:29
michalchikI have Ubuntu 12.04 an I keeps auto logging out everyu few minutes.06:29
OnlyMAJRomance: firefox or software center ???06:29
michalchikDoes anyone know a fix to the autologging out problem?06:29
Romancemichalchik: do you install something 'bad' ?06:29
vivek-tomar__to_all : do we really need an additional software like TUXBOOT or UNETBOOTIN for creating boot-able live CDs or USBs of software like CloneZilla or GPARTED or any other live OSes those can be boot from USBs too.06:30
vivek-tomar__do we really need an additional software like TUXBOOT or UNETBOOTIN for creating boot-able live CDs or USBs of software like CloneZilla or GPARTED or any other live OSes those can be boot from USBs too.06:30
vivek-tomar__can any one help me plz06:30
RomanceOnlyMAJ: that problem, what is that. try uninstall firefox and install it back. but i suggest using google chromium lol06:30
OnlyMAJOnlyMAJ: i'm forced to use that !  ;-)06:31
michalchikHow do you quick replay toa person on xchat?06:31
Romancemichalchik: wine? how does it taste? wine doesnt do that 'crontab' thing, well maybe, but auto logging out?06:31
vivek-tomar__do we really need an additional software like TUXBOOT or UNETBOOTIN for creating boot-able live CDs or USBs of software like CloneZilla or GPARTED or any other live OSes those can be boot from USBs too.06:32
vivek-tomar__can any one help me plz06:32
OnlyMAJRomance: what about software center ???06:32
michalchikRomance: are you trying to confuse me or flirt with me?06:32
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vivek-tomar__do we really need an additional software like TUXBOOT or UNETBOOTIN for creating boot-able live CDs or USBs of software like CloneZilla or GPARTED or any other live OSes those can be boot from USBs too.06:34
vivek-tomar__can any one help me plz06:34
LorSamPau_wvivek-tomar__, we do need it06:34
somsipvivek-tomar__: I've downloaded and used a bootable gparted ISO from somewhere before. May have been as part of a recovery disk though06:34
michalchikDoes anyone here know aboutteh auto logging out problem?06:35
michalchikI am not the ponly one to report it.06:35
vivek-tomar__LorSamPau_w:but why can you justify your ans plz06:35
somsipmichalchik: more detail may help. What happens? Are there any log entries?06:36
vivek-tomar__somsip: my question is to create bootable usb do we need an addition software why don't just dd command do the job06:36
timfrost Respite212: the key program is vgextend. You need to create a new LVM PV with pvcreate, then add that to the LV06:36
somsipvivek-tomar__: ok - I'll leave it with you then06:36
michalchikSomsip, it just happened. Where do i find the log?06:38
LorSamPau_wvivek-tomar__, for some software/os we don't need it, for some we do... for example you can just extract win7/8 iso into usb and check the "bootable" box... and there you go, bootable usb is ready06:38
somsipmichalchik: dmesg for starters, but others in /var/log may help. syslog, auth.log, maybe boot.log. Sometimes just need to look at a few for weird stuff. But you say you are not the only one. Can you point to other reports of this?06:39
Respite212tomfrost: Thanks, once I vgextend label /dev/sdb1, do I need to /etc/fstab? or is it already added in?06:40
imanwhat is 'linux easter eggs'?06:42
somsipiman: hidden stuff that do amusing things usually06:42
timfrostRespite212: you don't need to touch /etc/fstab, because it already has the file system(s) in it. The VG isn't listed, because it is not a file system itself - it contains file systems06:43
imansomsip: would you please give me some example06:43
=== branant_ is now known as branant
imansomsip: something like 'aptitute moo' ?06:43
michalchiksomsip: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1904791&page=306:43
somsipiman: exactly http://linuxaria.com/article/10-easter-eggs-in-linux?lang=en06:44
Respite212timfrost: So once I vgextend  -> /dev/sdb1 to my "vol" lvm, Im done?06:44
somsipmichalchik: is your system up to date?06:44
somsipmichalchik: you may be out of luck. Looks like it's current https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/98051906:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 980519 in Fedora "Random log off in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS" [Undecided,New]06:45
michalchiki beleive so06:46
Respite212timfrost: or do I need to lvextend it?06:46
Respite212timfrost: and resize2fs it?06:47
timfrostRespite212: You need to use lvextend to resize the partition, then resize2fs (or equi9valent if it isn't an EXT2 derivative) to grow the file system06:47
michalchiksomsip: hpow do i add my name to the list of users bedevilled by this?06:48
gordonjcplvextend always seems weird and terrifying06:48
gordonjcpand yet it works so well ;-)06:48
somsipmichalchik: join launchpad and add a comment I guess06:48
michalchikSOMSIP: Ok I'lltry that. Thanks.06:49
timfrostmichalchik: subscribe to the launchpad bug, as 'affected' by the bug06:49
StefanMhow do you do this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades#Upgrade%20from%209.10%20to%2010.04%20LTS if the repos for karmic are gone? and I don't need a lecture on LTS, this was not my setup, I'm just trying to save it.06:50
Ben64!eol | StefanM06:50
ubottuStefanM: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:50
StefanMjust found out about old-releases.ubuntu06:50
Respite212let me double check if this is right so I don't screw up my /home, lvextend -L+111.89G /dev/vol/home  <--- is this right?06:51
=== troll is now known as Guest51331
timfrostRespite212: Is /dev/vol/home the correct device for the LVM?  I suggest adding '--test' to validate the operation,06:55
Respite212timfrost: I should be because I did sudo lvdisplay and that's where it says it is under LV name06:57
sm_i need help about an calendar alggoritm06:57
timfrostRespite212: in that case the command should be correct06:57
timfrostsm_: what are you trying to do?06:58
sm_is ther e any programmer especillay web programmer here?06:58
sm_help me plz06:58
sm_\why everybody here is so quet?06:58
sm_sorry i mean quiet06:59
giocosHow i can switch pts/1 to pts/2?06:59
gordonjcpsm_: because it's 8am and most people are only just getting to work07:00
Respite212tomfrost: then I just sudo resize2fs /dev/vol/home right?07:00
gordonjcp!help | sm_07:00
ubottusm_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:00
gordonjcpgiocos: What exactly are you trying to do?07:00
timfrostgiocos: what do you mean?  pts/1 or pts/2 is the name of the terminal for a specific remote login session07:00
timfrostRespite212: correct.  Good luck07:01
giocosi try to update my ubuntu but when system try to configure ( /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 17 --configure) and ask me many question07:01
timfrostgordonjcp: depends on which time zone - it is 8PM here in New Zealand07:01
giocosi lost connection... so now i want take again this session for answer at this question07:02
Respite212timfrost: Awesome, that worked!07:02
timfrostRespite212: glad to hear07:02
gordonjcp!update | giocos07:02
ubottugiocos: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:02
gordonjcpgiocos: for the most part, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ought to work just fine07:03
starbuck33hey, is it just me or does the terminal console get laggy sometimes07:04
giocosno apt-get not work because is locked by this process ( pts/1    Ss+  Oct08   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 17 --configure xxx xxx xxx xxx)07:04
timfrostgiocos: you won't be able to, because there is no way to re-attach to a session unless you are using screen or a similar tool.07:05
giocosso i have to kill this process... is the only way?07:05
Respite212Thanks everyone for the help!07:05
blackshirtgiocos: yes, you can kill it07:05
farriothstarbuck33: Yes, if there's lots of output.  Last time I used it seriously, which was a while ago, at least.07:06
blackshirtgiocos: thats why your apt-get not working07:06
giocosbut i'm worry because this process ask me if i want change some file of cofiguration of my webserver... if i kill how i can answer?07:06
starbuck33farrioth: yeah the thing is, when it got laggy even after the work is done the console is a bit slow in response, even a simple ls or cd takes a blink of an eye longer than usual07:08
starbuck33or even longer07:08
blackshirtgiocos, dpkg still work on the background ... but i don't what the process is07:08
giocosdpkg wait my input07:09
timfrostgiocos: 'sudo apt-get -f install' should fix things ater you kill that process07:10
giocosok i will try07:10
giocosthank you07:10
farriothstarbuck33: That's probably due to disk access more than the console itself.07:10
giocosok everythink is ok. i just do sudo dpkg --configure -a" after i kill the process07:12
giocosthank you to everybody07:12
timfrostgiocos: blackshirt dpkg is the program that actually administers the package database and configurations (behind apt-get , aptitude, synaptic, etc)07:12
=== william is now known as Guest26285
greekHi guys. I'm on 12.04 desktop. Trying to update google chrome from update manager. I keep getting error: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/pool/main/g/google-chrome-stable/google-chrome-stable_22.0.1229.79-r158531_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]07:20
kel39greek: you answered your own question.07:21
kel39well, your own statement... you never did ask a question.07:21
greekkel39, well I know what the error means, but I'm not sure how to fix it07:21
Romancewhy dont you download it from the web07:23
timfrostgreek: it seems that Google have done something to the download site - I get a 404 or else a redirect to https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/, which means that the apt repository structure has been removed07:24
Romancei thought it has auto update, like firefox lol. damn firefox.07:25
kel39it does07:25
greekI thought so too. Ok so I can just download from the URI kel39 provided and just double-click install?07:25
kel39er yeah07:26
kel39or just dpkg -i *.deb07:26
greekOk. Thanks fellas07:26
ibraheemguys I am stoke with this problem, I spent around 5 hours trying to get started programming and ubuntu is really hard to deal with07:29
ibraheemI installed eclipse and when i start the program it shows me this message :(07:29
=== Dreadtower is now known as Prize-Committee
timfrost!paste | ibraheem07:30
ubottuibraheem: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:30
=== Prize-Committee is now known as Dreadtower
somsipibraheem: I asked you a long while ago - what does the log say?07:32
BlueWolfHow can I get my ubuntu 12.04 interface to look like ubuntu 10.04?07:33
somsip!nounity | BlueWolf07:33
ubottuBlueWolf: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:33
smw!classic | BlueWolf07:33
ubottuBlueWolf: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity07:33
BlueWolfsmw: It's not the same in 12.04 there is no "Session box at the bottom of the screen"?07:35
smwBlueWolf, nm, ignore that07:35
smwBlueWolf, yeah, that will show up if you install gnome-panel07:35
somsipibraheem: this does not tell us what the log says. Pastebin the contents of the log07:35
smwBlueWolf, nounity was the correct trigger :-)07:35
ibraheemsomsip: how can i get it pastbin the contents of the log?07:36
somsip!pastebin | ibraheem07:36
ubottuibraheem: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:36
BlueWolfsmw: Wait, Um now I lost :-S07:36
somsipibraheem: my mistake07:37
somsip!pastebinit | ibraheem07:37
ubottuibraheem: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:37
smw!nounity > BlueWolf07:37
ubottuBlueWolf, please see my private message07:37
smwBlueWolf, follow ubottu's instructions :-)07:37
smwBlueWolf, install gnome-panel and then select the gnome classic session on login07:38
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:39
somsipibraheem: so you install pastebinit with apt-get install pastebinit, then you navigate to the log file and cat 1349759528310.log | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com (subject to typos)07:40
BlueWolfsmw: Ok so as simple as that, I install "gnome-panel" and "gnome-shell" through the Software Center?07:40
smwBlueWolf, yes07:40
BlueWolfsmw: Ok thank you for the help ;-)07:41
ibraheemsomsip: ok ! let me try that !07:41
BlueWolfsmw: What is the "gnome-tweak-tool", what does it entail?07:42
timfrostsomsip: ibraheem: you don't need cat if you use shell redirection :" pastebinit < /home/ibraheem/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.7.0_155965251/configuration/1249767914172.log" - again subject to typos07:43
crizisBlue1, "Advanced settings" in gnome07:43
somsiptimfrost: ah ok. Thanks for that :)07:43
crizis** BlueWolf07:43
BlueWolfcrizis: Ok thnaks ;-)07:44
timfrostsomsip: ibraheem: tab completion will help as well by typing enough of a path element to be unique then using the TAB key07:44
opalepatrickis there a bug report somewhere re Firefox always trying to be on top? If I minimise and dont get to the next app fast enough it re-focusses to the top (on 12.04 & 12.10 beta2)07:45
opalepatrickDead irritating07:45
VLanXhey, how can i emulate the double click on a file's name to rename it as in windows? Please don't tell me it's patented otherwise i kill somebody07:45
talpurcan you help me find the reason of the following error "invalid debug flag 'Decode--trace-start=50000'"07:46
opalepatrickVLanX, F2 on the keyboard should work?07:47
talpurhi L3top:...when we use flag in the commas07:48
VLanXopalepatrick: ok but not the easy double click thing?07:48
L3topI do not understand the question talpur07:49
talpurwhen we use "flags" word within the command what that mean07:49
talpurI was writting one command it gives the error "invalid debug flag 'Decode--trace-start=50000'"07:50
talpurL3top: did u understand my question07:51
vividso, ubuntu plans to backport 12.10 to 12.04.2?07:55
timfrosttalpur:I suspect that the error is a missing comma between 'Decode' and '--trace-start=50000', but the question is more appropriate in #gcc07:55
=== florin is now known as Guest35450
talpurL3top: here is the full command which I have written. ./build/ARM/gem5.opt --debug-flag=Decode--trace-start=50000 --trace-file=my_trace.out config/example/se.py c tests/test-progs/hello/bin/arm/linux/hello07:56
[x]pkg_add -r mono07:57
timfrosttalpur: as I just indicated, you are missing a comma07:58
ibraheemsomsip: do i have to do the pastebin for every single file, they are too many lool07:59
L3toptalpur: 1 I am very busy doing my own dev work, I am not sure why you grabbed me. 2 this does not look at all like an ubuntu support question.07:59
ibraheemsomsip: the file number keep changing07:59
L3topIn fact as I am just going to reboot this server 800 times I will just drop out of chan. l8r.08:00
timfrostibraheem: one example file should be enough.  The file numbers depend on date, time and the process number for eclipse08:01
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
Richard_CavellHi everyone.  There's a guy with a computer running 12.04 32-bit edition and I want to put avrdude on a USB stick, take it to his computer and install it.  Where do I find the right package so that I can download it and put it on a USB stick?08:01
takinyahello all; I have been having this issue pop up afew times. My ubuntu 12.04 freezes from time to time and I have to manually restart the machine, any ideas why? happens even when I have one program running like firefox08:02
IdleOnelinux_: Please don't swear in here08:03
livecduseri've a live cd installed in my usb drive, during installation i've not set ubuntu to use the extra space in pen drive . is there any way to do it now without reinstalling the live os?08:04
somsipibraheem: pastebin one log file08:04
timfrost[x]: what are you trying to do?08:05
[x]timfrost: trying to run pako bot @ cjb.net shell08:06
[x]can u help timfrost ?08:06
ibraheemsomsip: what does subject to typos mean?08:08
ejvRichard_Cavell: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/avrdude08:09
timfrost[x]: sorry, I can't help there.  I just spotted the pkg_add command and wondered what was happeniong08:09
somsipibraheem: it means I don't always type perfectly and you need to make sure you do08:09
ejvRichard_Cavell: on that page you'll see two architectures listed, i386 and amd64, which will direct you to a list of mirrors where you can download the .deb file. use dpkg -i to install.08:10
[x]ok timfrost any free shell account link ?08:10
[x]ok timfrost08:12
narcosHi there. I have Ubuntu 12.04. When trying to install any package via apt-get I receive the error "Setting up iptables-persistent (0.5.3ubuntu2)... dpkg: error processing iptables-persistent (--configure):subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 ....... E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"08:17
narcosAny ideas what's up with this? Should I remove iptables-persistent?08:17
g105bYou should correctly configure iptables08:17
Kartagisis there a more reliable version of file(1) ? it says 32kbps for a file although nautilus says 118 kbps for the same file08:18
SpecialEmilyHow on earth do I get something like my system monitor into the top bar? I've seen it done but it eludes me how its done! D:08:18
g105bSpecialEmily: are you using Unity?08:18
narcosg105b: I have it configured though, and working08:18
narcos(Error output http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ZnXuH96W)08:19
SpecialEmilyg105b: yes08:19
g105bSpecialEmily: the usual Gnome indicators you are referring to need to be built specially for Unity08:19
narcosg105b: Hmm, well, I did 'apt-get remove iptables-persistent' and all seems well now.08:20
Newb101Hi folks, How do I authenticate my username on the irc?08:20
SpecialEmilyg105b: any suggestions?08:20
g105bSpecialEmily: You can install the classic Gnome menu along side Unity08:21
somsip!register | Newb10108:21
ubottuNewb101: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:21
vividSpecialEmily, this may be what youre looking for http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/indicator-sysmonitor-simple-system-stats-app-for-ubuntu08:22
vividSpecialEmily, theres also others, search for 'indicator'08:22
ibraheemsomsip: timfrost: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268889/08:24
somsipibraheem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10165693/ubuntu-eclipse-cannot-load-swt-libraries-not-opening08:25
[x]This is a Moose based Perl Module. ?08:26
woozlyguys, how to disable Grub2 menu? I use virtual server, and some time, when it wrong or trouble with power.. it can't bootup automatically08:27
woozlybecause it freeze on Grub menu, for choosing08:27
ibraheemThank you so much somsip, I really appreciate your help, you and timfrost. Thanks again !!08:28
somsipibraheem: did it work?08:28
[x]is it possible to run .exe in linux ?08:29
somsip!wine | [x]08:29
ubottu[x]: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:29
[x]somsip: how to install wine in ssh shell ?08:30
somsip[x]: sudo apt-get install wine, I guess08:31
[x]wine is not a valid package.08:31
somsip[x]: are you running server?08:32
somsip[x]: what release?08:33
=== Lantizia is now known as Guest98828
[x]ssh shell08:33
=== lantizia_ is now known as Lantizia
somsip[x]: I asked what release of ubuntu you're running08:34
woozlybecause it freeze on Grub menu, for choosing08:34
woozlyguys, how to disable Grub2 menu? I use virtual server, and some time, when it wrong or trouble with power.. it can't bootup automatically08:34
[x]lsb_release -r08:34
somsipwoozly: Maybe this would help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/111085/how-do-i-hide-the-grub-menu-showing-up-in-the-beginning-of-boot08:35
woozlysomsip: thanks!08:35
[x]-bash: lsb_release: command not found08:35
somsipwoozly: but if you may need to look into this carefully in case you mess up your server....08:35
somsip[x]: "All shell accounts include access to the FreeBSD binaries". So is this anything to do with ubuntu?08:36
auronandace[x]: what are you ssh-ing to?08:38
somsipauronandace: it's a FreeBSD shell account08:38
=== griselda is now known as spex972
auronandacesomsip: he pm'd you?08:39
somsipauronandace: 15:33 < [x]> cjb.net08:39
Priceysomsip: [x]: FreeBSD is an entirely different distribution, with little to no relation to Ubuntu.08:39
somsipPricey: I know.... :-/08:39
[x]auronandace: ?08:39
auronandacePricey: a different os actually08:40
Priceysomsip: Aha, rereading your "So is this anything to do with ubuntu?" it could be taken in several ways... sorry :)08:40
somsipPricey: np08:40
somsipPricey: I use the passive coice far too often...08:40
[x]som 's ip ? some 1's ip08:42
somsip[x]: you're on the ignore list08:43
[x]ignore ? why08:43
[x]is admin revoked my voice ?08:44
auronandace[x]: what are you trying to accomplish?08:44
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
auronandace[x]: ignore just means he can't see anything you type08:45
Romanceinstall wine in shell, what would that be...08:45
[x]ok auronandace08:45
somsipauronandace: he wants out help to install wine to run a win32 executable on a FreeBSD shell account08:45
auronandacesomsip: i'm attempting to find out if he understands what he is actually doing08:46
somsipauronandace: K - I'll leave it with you08:46
auronandace[x]: would you like to answer my question?08:48
Romancewhy dont you read the wine website, and read the guide bout installing wine in freebsd08:48
[x]i'm not good in english like you , so i've to be silent . i think08:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:49
auronandace[x]: if i want to know what you are trying to do you'll have to tell me08:49
xocolatlhello, I have a key that is supposed to be <> but is instead êÊ.  where do I go to fix this?  I don't know how it happened.08:49
xocolatlto be clearer, I want to change the keyboard map for one key.  all the other keys of the layout are fine08:50
[x]auronandace: i want to know is it possible to run .exe file in remote ssh shell08:50
auronandace[x]: why would you want to do that?08:50
[x]auronandace: i want to run a bot08:51
[x]jabber bot written in c#08:51
BlueWolfI want my Ubuntu 12.04 to look like 10.04, I installed "gnome-panel", "gnome-shell" and the "gnome-tweak-tool" too but it's not coming up with a panel when I log out, what do I do?08:51
progre55hi guys. is it possible to edit a file so that it's modified date doesnt change? or set a file an old modification date?08:52
crizisBlueWolf, select 'Gnome classic' from login manager08:52
auronandace[x]: so you are on ubuntu, you are ssh-ing to freebsd and you want to run a windows binary on the remote box (freebsd)?08:52
BlueWolfcrizis: Sorry it that before I login or somewhere else? ;-)08:53
MyrttiBlueWolf: if you login, you're not in the login manager anymore08:54
[x]auronandace: yep :SS08:54
crizisBlueWolf, from _the login screen_, where you write your password... there's that ubuntu icon next to password box which lets you select desktop session08:54
auronandace[x]: then you need to /join #freebsd and ask there08:54
BlueWolfcrizis: Oh sorry I did not know that, I will go and give it a try and get back to you :)08:55
tsimpsonprogre55: you can use the 'touch' command to alter the modified time-stamp08:55
[x]i'm there also more people in this room having info then people in freebsd08:55
blackshirt[x] like stupid thing .... Ssh to your windows, and try to run your exe there08:55
progre55tsimpson: but is it possible to set it to a back-date?08:55
auronandace[x]: but what you want to do is a freebsd issue, not a ubuntu issue08:55
progre55tsimpson: let me read man touch :)08:56
tsimpsonprogre55: yes, use the -t option to set a specific date/time08:56
progre55tsimpson: awesome! thank you08:56
Romanceblackshirt: i hope you know what youre talking about. [x] got this freebsd shell, he wants to run .exe in that shell08:56
blackshirtromance, yes, i know .... That was just useless08:57
[x]*speechless* ? any problem . i dont ask anything about freebsd or ssh . leave it dude08:57
Romanceblackshirt: and ssh windows? hopefully its rdp youre talking about08:57
somsipRomance: stop please. This is not helping anyone08:58
Myrtti[x]: you're not asking about Ubuntu either, and this is strictly for Ubuntu support08:58
Myrtti[x]: please take it elsewhere.08:58
IdleOne[x]: You are asking how to run a .exe from ssh on freebsd. Your question is freebsd related, not ubuntu related. Please ask #freebsd and be patient.08:58
Romance[x]: youre in a wrong channel08:58
blackshirtromance, he talking about ssh ... And yes, we can install ssh server in windows08:58
[x]ok leave it , no issue.08:58
cfhowlett!ot|once again, this is ubuntu.  Please.08:58
ubottuonce again, this is ubuntu.  Please.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:58
Myrttimoving on!08:59
BlackMumbadns CPE-124-178-234-233.static.vic.bigpond.net.au08:59
blackshirt[x], greats if you understand :d09:00
auronandace[x]: stop that09:06
IdleOne[x]: Please stop that09:06
Romance[x]: stop please09:07
MyrttiI think he already got the point09:07
linociscoauronandace, what are u discussing?09:07
[x]ok ...09:07
[x]be right back09:07
[x]leave #ubuntu09:08
auronandacelinocisco: sorry?09:08
BlueWolfcrizis: Ok it's all good, what would happen if I was to remove all the unity's interfaces?09:09
ThinkT510BlueWolf: why would you want to do that?09:10
BlueWolfThinkT510: Because I hate everything about Unity?09:10
ThinkT510BlueWolf: why not just leave it alone and use a different desktop?09:10
ThinkT510BlueWolf: removing stuff is far more likely to break things09:11
gordonjcpBlueWolf: people hated the Windows 95 interface too when it came out, and were really pleased to discover they could stick with good old progman.exe09:11
blackshirtbluewolf, you can install other de09:12
IdleOnegordonjcp: interesting, not helpful but interesting.09:12
blackshirtOr remove unity09:12
BlueWolfThinkT510: I have just changed the desktop but I don't like the fact the the unity is not giving me the flexibility I want. Simple things like putting things on the top panel and removing the bottom :(09:12
Guest33303or install arch09:12
ThinkT510BlueWolf: what? if you are using another desktop then why are you complaining about unity?09:13
BlueWolfThinkT510: It still has influence on the computer right?09:13
ThinkT510BlueWolf: you are in another desktop environment... so no09:14
BlueWolfThinkT510: I am currently on 10.04 and I am finding 12.04 very stiff if you could call it that.09:14
ThinkT510BlueWolf: 10.04 doesn't even have unity09:14
linociscoanybody using glpi ?09:15
KM0201unity isn't to bad once you get used to it (and i was a vocal hater..)09:15
BlueWolfThinkT510: I know that 10.04 does not have Unity, what I am saying is that I like the way 10.04 operates and 12.04 is not operating the same flexible way, how can I get it to do so?09:16
ThinkT510BlueWolf: gnome2 is dead, find an alternative you like09:16
Guest33303BlueWolf: why not go for Xubuntu09:17
Pzatcan the mate desktop be used on lubuntu ?09:18
ThinkT510Pzat: it won't be supported here09:18
BlueWolfThinkT510: Well I don't know what else there is and I haven't seen anything I like09:18
ThinkT510BlueWolf: gnome-shell has a fallback mode similar to gnome209:19
Guest33303BlueWolf: go hardcore command line - never changes09:19
ThinkT510BlueWolf: many people like xfce09:19
ThinkT510BlueWolf: you could try lxde or kde or enlightenment09:20
BlueWolfGuest33303: I have not payed much attention to it Xubuntu09:20
ThinkT510BlueWolf: or you could even give unity a chance and find out it isn't as bad as people say09:20
Guest33303BlueWolf: Xubuntu is XFCE and similar to how Gnome was09:20
Guest33303its my default now09:20
[deXter]BlueWolf, Actually, do give Unity a chance so you can get to see how much better everything else is. ;)09:20
nisdecThinkT510: they have their own channel here on freenode: #mate ... and yes.. I would give unity a chance09:21
BlueWolfThinkT510: I have never heard of half of these, is there somewhere on the net that shows most of the Linux and reviews on them as well as popularity?09:21
gordonjcpBlueWolf: if you really, really can't get on with Unity, try XFCE09:21
BlueWolf[deXter]: Agreed, Another unity hater I presume? ;-)09:22
[deXter]BlueWolf, distrowatch.com09:22
Guest33303BlueWolf: distrowatch09:22
gordonjcpBlueWolf: Unity takes a bit of getting used to, but it's good once you get used to it09:22
[deXter]BlueWolf, Not really a hater, just disappointed in the direction Canonical's taken, that's all.09:22
BlueWolf[deXter]: I feel the same09:22
HTDutchyI have given unity a chance, and ubuntu 12.04 desktop... I went to #fedora09:22
ThinkT510let's keep to support09:23
bazhanglets get back to support please09:23
Guest33303is that life support?09:23
bazhangGuest33303, thats enough09:23
gordonjcpUnity *rocks*09:23
gordonjcpyou need a decent PC for it to be usably fast though ;-)09:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:24
KM0201discussing unity is off topic?09:24
bazhangKM0201, how much you like it? yes09:24
vividwhat if they say they like it09:25
Guest33303heres a support question - how can u make unity more responsive, given that its getting slower with each release?09:25
bazhangwe have #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic for that09:25
BlueWolfgordonjcp: Ok I must admit, the unity interface looks cool but I like to customize my desktop and interface and I can't with unity. If I could it would be awesome. Can you customize your interface with unity?09:25
hdondoes anyone know of a terminal that compresses its scrollback in RAM? with search and bookmark features? i have *tons* of output on the project i'm working on. i need it all, unfortunately. but it's highly compressible.09:25
vividGuest33303, patches welcome09:25
hdonterminal emulator09:25
BlueWolfGuest33303: ;-)09:26
ThinkT510BlueWolf: myunity is an app that gets you a few more options09:26
hdoni can just use less i guess09:26
gordonjcpBlueWolf: don't know, never tried09:26
gordonjcpBlueWolf: I'm not interested in "customising"09:26
hdonbut less interferes with i/o :(09:26
gordonjcpBlueWolf: #u-ot if you want to tell me more, though09:26
ThinkT510BlueWolf: but overall unity isn't very configurable, my favourite is xfce09:26
Guest33303ThinkT510: im inclined to agree09:27
hdonless... probably doesn't memory map the file either, so i wouldn't save on mem use09:27
BlueWolfgordonjcp: Ok let's chat then?09:27
gordonjcpBlueWolf: #ubuntu-offtopic09:27
vividheh, chanserv is on vacation?09:27
bazhangvivid, no09:28
vividweird, hes totally not on my list09:29
BlueWolfThinkT510: xfce - what's it about?09:29
ThinkT510!xfce | BlueWolf09:29
ubottuBlueWolf: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:30
bazhanghttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ BlueWolf have a read09:30
d1rkp1ttHi all, just wondering if anyone can help me discover what /dev my USB device is attahed to?09:30
gordonjcpd1rkp1tt: depends on the device09:30
gordonjcpd1rkp1tt: "dmesg" and "lsusb" might give you some clues09:30
Guest33303d1rkp1tt: sudo fdisk -l09:31
BlueWolfThinkT510: ;-)09:31
Chikojust nuked my box >_<09:31
tacirusHello, tell me how can I check what keyboard layout is active? Is there a variable in env or something?09:32
ohooi love ubuntu :009:34
Guest33303insane people here...09:34
Chikoi carelessly entered in a command and have since lost all forms of access :P09:34
ohooGuest33303:  why ?;P09:34
ohooChiko: be careful further09:35
Chikoit really didn't seem like it would do that09:35
Chikowas attempting to setup socks using the ssh command09:35
jeatonis ubuntu still using unity as a default DE?09:35
Chikoah well live and learn09:35
ThinkT510jeaton: yes09:35
jeatonhas it gotten better since it was first changed over?09:36
ThinkT510jeaton: yes09:36
Guest33303and no09:36
Guest33303unity gives u porn with your searches now09:36
ThinkT510Guest33303: stop that09:36
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=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
tacirusHey guys, I `m using Gnome, tekk me how to check what keyboard layout is active, please.09:37
ejvtacirus: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12072/how-do-i-get-current-keyboard-layout09:38
tacirustekk = tell09:38
jeatonim probably in dire need to update, im still using ubuntu 10.XX09:38
=== arjenAU_ is now known as arjenAU2
tacirusejv: ok, going to see09:38
ohooGuest33303: please keep diginity of irc chat upto mark...dont use offensive words..else bot will kick/ban you09:38
=== Justasic- is now known as Justasic
bazhangohoo, lets move on09:38
ThinkT510jeaton: if that's 10.10 then it's no longer supported09:38
jeatoni tried 11.10 awhile back, didnt like unity, switched DE, had a few issues, so I went back to 1009:38
bazhangjeaton, 10.04 or 10.1009:38
ohoobazhang: sure ;009:39
Chikoanyone feel like helping me navigate from a recovery mode to fixing an issue i caused ubuntu 10.04 lucid09:39
ejv5 seconds of google, the foo is strong with me i suppose...09:39
Chikoi ran ssh and added something in the RSA as a trusted host09:39
ohoosteveGODSchild: hello09:39
steveGODSchildI just wanted to come in09:39
ohoosteveGODSchild: welcome ;)09:40
MikeWorthHi, I'm trying to solve a problem with truecrypt that is giving me an inode number; I've tried grepping the results of  "ls -liR /", but get no results. Is it possible that there is an inode not referenced to a file? I'm still a bit foggy on inodes so I might have got this wrong...09:40
steveGODSchildand thank the oo\\people here for their help09:40
ejvare you trying to recover a damaged container? why are you referencing inoes...09:40
steveGODSchildI got my cd roms to work09:41
ThinkT510!yay | steveGODSchild09:41
ubottusteveGODSchild: Glad you made it! :-)09:41
MikeWorthI keep seeing "Oct  8 20:34:07 mike kernel: [ 6579.447196] Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode 432549509:42
MikeWorthOct  8 20:34:07 mike kernel: [ 6579.447200] Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO" in my syslog whenever i try to login, which fails09:42
steveGODSchildnow I can actually listen to a cd09:43
MikeWorth*login using the graphical interface on my main account with encrypted home. I can login as that user from tty1/ssh and as a different user in the graphical interface09:43
Chikono idea how to use recovery console09:43
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Respite212how do I get into nvidia setup?09:46
hdonMikeWorth, do you know the process that is spitting out the error? have you thought of using strace or lsof to see which files its reading? trucrypt can encrypt filesystems, so perhaps the inode is of the encrypted filesystem, and not your /09:46
ThinkT510Respite212: search for nvidia-settings09:46
hdonMikeWorth, is trucrypt encrypting your home?09:46
Respite212ah thanks09:47
ThinkT510Respite212: if you are trying to install the nvidia driver then use the additional drivers dialog09:47
steveGODSchildis it alright if I just sit here awhile09:47
ThinkT510steveGODSchild: sure, many people lurk and learn09:47
hdonmikeey, oh, i see you're talking about eCryptfs now. sorry i only saw "truecrypt" and assumed you meant "trucrypt." is newer ubuntu using trucrypt? (or something called truecrypt?)09:47
g105bHmpf .. Libre Office 1.6 stops Alt-Tabbing constantly ... can't get at my document without minimising everything else...09:49
ThinkT510g105b: 1.6?09:50
MikeWorthI'm not sure what process it is, the log simply reports kernel. Sorry, I meant eCryptfs- my mistake; I selected encrypt home directory at installation and let it do its thing.09:50
g105bThinkT510: ^^09:50
MikeWorthThe home directory is mounted once I login over ssh/tty1 or su to that user09:50
leshaste what is the command that tells you info about a file?09:54
ThinkT510leshaste: file09:54
Nicekiwiis there an Ubuntu-One extension/Script/Plug-in for Thunar?09:56
bazhangNicekiwi, tried apt-cache search thunar  or apt-cache search ubuntu one? you can also ask in #ubuntuone09:57
impiheya guys...my nvidia graphics card is running between 85C and 91 C....i cant actually work like this09:57
impiin unity09:57
MikeWorthI've just made a breakthrough- I wasn't using the -a option so ignoring all hidden files/directories. I've found something, let me have a closer look09:57
jdwHow well is Canonical doing in terms of revenue and profit?09:57
bazhangjdw, thats not an ubuntu support question09:58
ThinkT510jdw: this is just a support channel09:58
impiis there someone that can help me with my gpu problem?09:58
impiim running nvidia 330M geforce on a brand new laptop09:58
Nicekiwibazhang, chur09:58
bazhangNicekiwi, pardon?09:59
jdwoh, I thought this channel was for anything related to Ubutnu, nvm then. Yes, the topic says it all09:59
Nicekiwibazhang, short for cheers, or thank you :)09:59
bazhangjdw, perhaps #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic10:00
jdwbazhang: ty10:00
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MikeWorthI'm in! The file I found was in .Private and looks lke it should have been an encrypted file or something, but had zero length. I moved it out to /root to see what would happen and i'm now able to login10:01
jdwthe main concern in #ubuntu-offtopic is how can people raise animals and then kill them and eat them  ...10:07
MonkeyDustjdw  wrong channel10:07
jdwalso IdelOne likes cows and bacon...10:08
shivhow can i install sony vegas to 12.0410:11
bazhang!appdb | shiv10:11
ubottushiv: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:11
bazhangshiv, check the appdb, then /join @winehq10:12
bazhang#winehq rather10:12
shivThanks ubuttu so i should install wine and download the specified version from the list at wine database? Thanks10:13
farriothI am using a patched version of libfreetype6.  How can I tell apt to remove libfreetype6 but still treat it as a met dependency?10:17
farriothcryx: ä10:20
Marzathawhat package the images in /usr/share/pixmaps comes from? thanks.10:21
dr_willisMarzatha:  i belive the apt-file command can do reverse lookups . or ubotu has a !find filename feature10:22
farriothMarzatha: do a dpkg-query -S /usr/share/pixmaps10:22
vadi2How can I create a system user account in Ubuntu?10:22
farriothvadi2: useradd is the standard linux way10:22
vadi2adduser you mean?10:23
Marzathadr_willis: farrioth: I am on Xubuntu.10:23
farriothvadi2: No, I use useradd...10:23
farriothvadi2: But adduser exists too.10:23
sasukehi guys just now i have updated my laptop. I'm receiving this error while installing skype "The following packages have unmet dependencies:10:23
vadi2hm ok10:23
sasukeskype: Depends: skype-bin but it is a virtual package10:23
sasuke" any solutions10:23
farriothMarzatha: Does that mean you can't run dpkg-query for some reason?10:24
vadi2I went with adduser --system <name>10:24
farriothvadi2: I've never used adduser, but then again most of my systems are single-user.10:25
dr_willisi tend to do sudo adduser billgates    for |xample10:26
Marzathafarrioth: :) can't understand what that returns10:26
ShapeShifter499I am running ubuntu 12.04 AMD 64 Bit... after messing around with wine I think I found out opengl isn't installed on my system.... should opengl come enabled with opensource graphics drivers?10:26
vadi2farrioth: I don't suppose you'll know what the default password is for the new user?10:26
MonkeyDustdr_willis  make sure he dosnt patent your pc10:26
ShapeShifter499and how do I tell if opengl is installed?10:27
vakhi all10:27
vakhow to register the maximum RES and/or VIRT memory usage for a process?10:27
i7ci'm on xubuntu. when i go to settings->display i can see my primary display (laptop) and the display-port. i can even enable the external but it stays black. i also can't rearrange the displays there. is there another settings tool?10:28
dr_willisShapeShifter499: should be installed by default. whats your video chipset10:28
i7cxrandr output: http://pastebin.com/Ut1fKVhr10:28
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 M300  GPU: ATI Radion HD 420010:29
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, I know glxinfo isn't installed10:29
farriothvadi2: There is no password by default I believe.10:30
dr_willisfor best 3d ShapeShifter499  you may need the fglrx drivers10:30
farriothfarrioth: It should return a list of packages which own the files in that dir.10:30
vadi2farrioth: it seems what the docs say as well. How can I select and use the new system user?10:31
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, I couldn't get them running10:31
vadi2Since I need to "perform actions as a system user"... and su systemuser asks for a password10:31
ThinkT510vadi2: why not use sudo?10:31
dr_willisadduser ask for the new users new password normally.10:31
farriothvadi2: use `passwd <user>` to set the password.10:31
vadi2ThinkT510: I don't need root though10:32
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, it never worked, I had to boot into ubuntu's safe mode to fix and run the open source10:32
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dr_willissu user wants the users pass. i belive sudo  has options to run stuf as a specific user also10:33
vadi2farrioth: thank you10:33
vadi2This is confusing me. The system user it seems has no shell (ok), how am I supposed to run things as him? sudo?10:33
jpdsvadi2: sudo -u $USER ls /dev10:34
dr_willisuse sudo for admin type tasks yes vadi210:34
dr_willisdont use su to get root rights.10:34
vadi2makes sense, thank you10:34
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, what do you think I should do?10:35
dr_willisShapeShifter499: no idea really. i avoid ati.  you could try newer fglrx drivers. but i dont know much about ati anymore10:36
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, know how to get opengl enabled for open source?10:37
dr_willisopen sourced ati drivers often have limitiins10:37
vadi2root owns /srv, but I'd like to create a folder in there as my system user. What do I do?10:37
dr_willisshould be enabled by default  ShapeShifter499  but i bet it will be realslow10:38
dr_willisvadi2: sudo mkdir foo.   then chown it. it one way10:39
ShapeShifter499dr_willis, what if mesa wasn't installed?10:39
ShapeShifter499I'm not seeing any of those installed just xorg10:39
dr_willisive not had to fight with 3d in ages ShapeShifter49910:39
dr_willisso no idea.10:40
ShapeShifter499I fight everyday10:40
ShapeShifter499right now it seems ok but I thought my system could be faster10:40
dr_willisi stick to last years nvidia chipsets. ;-)10:40
warmhi, my root file system is running out of space. The total space is 9G, and now the /usr folder is of 6G. Now there is a empty partition, and i want the whole /usr to be there, how?10:41
zaid_hpoke repete10:42
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DegreesAwesomeCan I run Ubuntu on My Laptop which came with preinstalled Windows 710:43
ThinkT510DegreesAwesome: you should be able to yes10:44
MonkeyDustDegreesAwesome  sure, if you have space enough10:44
farriothwarm: Back up, boot off a livecd, mount your old root and your new /usr, rsync -rlptoP /mnt/oldroot/usr/ /mnt/newusr/ , empty /mnt/oldroot/usr/ , change the fstab and reboot.  Hopefully.10:44
bea_problem here: i'm trying to set up NIS, but the service /etc/init.d/nis that is referred to by any documentation (including the one in /usr/share/doc/) does not exist.10:44
DegreesAwesomeHdd 320 gb10:44
Nicekiwimy computer wont boot ubuntu unless "acpi=off" is set in grub, it used to work without that.. and nothing has really changed BIOS wise.. help? I cant suspend or anything without ACPI can I?10:46
farriothNicekiwi: Is there an error message if you don't use acpi=off?10:46
warmfarrioth, what if i just copied everything from old to new, and mounted the new partition to /usr,  will there be problem rather than the rsnyc command?10:47
MonkeyDust!dualboot > DegreesAwesome10:47
ubottuDegreesAwesome, please see my private message10:47
farriothwarm: rsync will ensure that permissions etc are preserved.10:48
DegreesAwesomeThanks MonkeyDust :)10:48
warmfarrioth, ah, thanks a lot10:48
MonkeyDust<3 rsync10:49
farriothI am making a dummy package for libfreetype6 (I have installed a patched version).  Currently I get the error:10:51
farrioth libfreetype6:amd64 2.4.9-infinality (Multi-Arch: no) is not co-installable with libfreetype6:i386 2.4.8-1ubuntu2 (Multi-Arch: same) which is currently installed10:51
farriothIs there a way to replace only the amd64 package?10:51
MonkeyDustfarrioth  better don't mix i386 and amd6410:53
DegreesAwesomefarrioth : its like einstein asking steve jobs :D10:53
farriothMonkeyDust: I didn't, apt did.  I think it's to do with cxoffice.10:54
Nicekiwifarrioth, no the screen just goes black from boot and nothing10:54
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=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
Nicekiwifarrioth, it'll just sit forever10:54
farriothNicekiwi: Perhaps check your apt logs to see what changed around the time it broke.. Else I can't help, sorry.10:54
Nicekiwifarrioth, oh this is form a fresh install. it didnt suddenly jsut happen10:59
Nicekiwifar... oh bugger10:59
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timhi, afaict, the `nice' value of processes has no effect if sched_autogroup is enabled, which seems to be the default. however this is quite a standard way to control process priorities ... is there any workaround for this? except for disabling sched_autogroup?11:05
oOHello, I am having issues with update manager. I cannot update currently and I am having a red error notification on the top which says, my update information is outdated. I am manually checking for updates my it has failed.11:08
oOAny kind of help would be appreciated, thanks.11:09
ThinkT510oO: what is the output of sudo apt-get update?11:09
MonkeyDustoO  in a terminal, type sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade    close the update manager first11:09
ArmyMan007Is it smart to connect an Alienware M14X ONLY to AC power and leave out the battery?11:09
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com11:10
acerimmer__ArmyMan007: unlikely to cause a problem.11:11
oOMonkeyDust and ThinkT510, I did that, and now many lines are appearing constantly.11:11
oOLooks like it's updating or checking for updates or something like that..11:12
crizisArmyMan007, likely won't run at full cpu speed without battery. at least this is the case with many high end laptops, including all macbook pros, they won't have enough juice with ac only11:12
ArmyMan007acerimmer__:  will the battery life remain the same or will it drain out?11:12
ikoniaArmyMan007: this isn't anything to do with #ubuntu - please take it to ##hardware channel11:13
MonkeyDustoO  make sure you're not using old sources // type sudo apt-get update|pastebinit and paste the url here11:13
ArmyMan007ikonia: no answer... thought might as well pay a visit here11:13
ikonianot really11:13
ikoniaAmgine_: ##hardware is the right place11:13
ikoniaArmyMan007: plus I don't see you asking in ##hardware - so I think you may have not actually asked11:14
ikoniaI don't actually see you as having been in the ##hardware channel11:14
oOMonkeyDust, the current process is still not finished, should I close that or trying that command on a new window?11:14
ArmyMan007ikonia: no need to be nasty to ppl11:14
ikoniaArmyMan007: I'm not being nasty11:14
ikoniaArmyMan007: I'm advising you of the right channel after you lied and said you had already asked in there11:14
MonkeyDustoO  wait until it's finished11:15
kostiskaneis apo ellada?11:15
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes11:15
Shazer[2]Hey guys.11:19
Shazer[2]Need a bit of a hand.11:19
Shazer[2]I went to a site which had a java aplet on it, but it wouldn't load in Chrome.11:20
Shazer[2]So I clicked install missing plugins and it took me to the Java site where I downloaded the required package/.11:20
Shazer[2]Now I'm not sure how to install/implement it. Can I get some help please?11:20
=== florin is now known as Guest46753
oOMonkeyDust, after the current process I started before, it asks me to update the Google Chrome, and I hit yes.11:23
oONow I guess it's downloading that..11:23
oOAfter that one, I will try your command.11:23
Shazer[2]MonkeyDust: can I grab a hand/11:23
MonkeyDustShazer[2]  i'm not familiar with java, i'm sure someone else can help you better11:25
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progre55Shazer[2]: why dont you just install jre, it will pull all its plugins, too11:27
dmh654Hi, just installed the latest stable and am having problems with the mouse, I can open stuff but when I try to close it's not agreeing with what I commant lol, it's just ignoring my mouse commands at times, cyborg Rat 7, flipping annoying, any ideas11:27
ThinkT510dmh654: cyborg rat 7?11:28
dmh654yeah, gaming mouse11:28
dmh654I cant close windows11:29
dmh654click all I like and nothng happens11:29
dmh654sometimes if I hit enter when a button is highlighted it will close11:30
oOMonkeyDust, before running your command the problem has solved with the recent update, and the error message gone.11:31
oOI don't exactly know how (I changed the repo though), but thanks a lot!11:32
dmh654I dont think its directly Ubuntu related as I had the same thing on other distros I tried this morning, but its a problem with some config or something11:32
ikoniadmh654: a quick google shows that mouse having a problem with xorg in generl11:33
dmh654ikonia:  thanks I did search, got a link so I can check it out11:33
dmh654or an aswer :)11:34
MonkeyDustoO  problem solved?11:34
ikoniathere doesn't appear to be an answer11:34
ikoniabut a few of the rat mouses appear to have glitches with xorg11:34
ikoniamost seem to be around skipping or moving too fast11:34
dmh654must be a solution other than dumping a 100 euro mose lol11:35
dmh654mpose even11:35
ikoniawhy must there be ?11:35
dmh654mouse, need a new keyboard as well11:35
ikoniaif there is compatability issues.......11:35
aklsis it possible to draw directly to the x window system? Like if I wanted to draw an image that would have no window and will always be on top of everything11:35
dmh654ikonia:  because where there is a will there is a way :)11:35
ikoniadmh654: off you go then, you make a solution11:36
oOMonkeyDust, it updated Google Chrome successfully. I didn't have pastebinit installed, it installed that program too. But the only weird thing I see is, when I run the GUI update manage, it says package information was last updated 8 days ago.11:36
dmh654yeah, boot to windows until linux gets up to speed :)11:36
ikoniaakls: define draw, do you mean render an image/window without title bars, or do you meean "draw" as in draw with a pen11:36
dmh654ikonia:  you got that link?11:36
aklsikonia, render an image11:36
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ikoniadmh654: there you go, problem solved11:36
ikoniadmh654: what lin k?11:36
ikoniadmh654: there isn't a link, just have a google for "rat mouse and linux" or "rat mouse fedora" etc11:37
pibarnasakls: with imagemagick or xv I think...11:37
dmh654the one you looked at11:37
oOMonkeyDust, the command "$ sudo apt-get update|pastebinit" is running forever it seems. :-/11:37
ikoniayou'll see a few problems, mostly around the mouse skipping11:37
oOMonkeyDust, I gotta go now, I will be back later with the output, sorry. :-(11:37
dmh654will check it out, ty anyway11:37
Ben64oO: it might never produce output if it is waiting for a response11:37
ikoniaakls: some application have a -noboarder flag11:37
codescienceMonkeyDust, what source server are you using?11:37
oOBen64, response from whom? I am not seeing anything.11:38
aklsikonia, well, I don't need all the stuff that windows have. Like draggable and other things11:38
Ben64oO: response from you, like if it's asking a question11:38
oONope, it's asking nothing. :-)11:38
aklsikonia, I understand that I can make a gtk window that is unmovable and has no borders and other stuff11:38
ikoniaakls: yes, so "noboarder" would stop that (if the application supports tgat flag, not all do)11:38
Ben64oO: the |pastebinit might stop you from seeing it11:38
oOBen64, where to see then?11:39
aklsikonia, but it's damn too complicated to simply display an image11:39
Ben64oO: why are you trying to pastebin apt-get update anyway?11:39
ikoniaakls: you need an application to display the image11:39
oOBen64, I don't know.11:39
aklsikonia, nope, I'm making an application that should display an image11:39
oOI tried only this -- "sudo apt-get update|pastebinit" Ben64.11:40
Ben64oO: just run it without pastebinit and then you can pastebin it manually if needed11:40
ikoniaakls: right so that is the application, the one you are making IS the application11:40
=== sertaconay_ is now known as sertaconay
oOBen64, aye, I can do that. Will do later.11:40
aklswell, yea11:40
oOSorry, really gotta go now.11:40
EaglemanWhy am i getting missed X ticks in dstat.log11:42
jeatonanyone here do not unity?11:43
jeatonnot like*11:43
dmh654ikonia:  will try this and get back http://fcns.eu/2011/04/01/cyborg-rat-7-mouse-under-linux/ with results thanks again11:43
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satyaktreei have an issue with one application, it is able to send mails for external email id's, but it is not able to send intranet mail id's11:51
satyaktreein send mail logs i found this "554 Mailaddress is administratively disabled."11:53
HTDutchysatyaktree: not sure if I know what the problem is, but when you ping those domains?11:53
HTDutchysatyaktree: well then contact your administrator? xD11:53
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Guest2631hi everyone11:54
=== will is now known as Guest13784
HTDutchyHi Guest263111:54
=== joshtek0 is now known as JoshuaP
=== will_ is now known as Guest98857
crazydiamondHi. How do I write for loop in 1 line?11:54
crazydiamond(I mean bash)11:54
ThinkT510crazydiamond: #bash might know11:55
Guest98857Where to I put my signing key (.gpg) to remove the ppa error?11:55
=== Guest98857 is now known as Shodex
mr-peachecrazydiamond: while[condition];do;command1;done11:56
crazydiamondmr-peache thanks11:56
Guest2631i install 2 times xubuntu 12.04 and i cant solve a problem he asks something for grub rescue any help please iam only in trying mode and i cant get the normal mode11:57
ShodexWhere to I put my signing key (.gpg) to remove the ppa error?11:57
BluesKajHey all12:01
acerimmer__BluesKaj: greetings12:01
mr-peacheBluesKaj: Hello12:01
BluesKajhi acerimmer__ , mr-peache12:02
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ShapeShifter499so xrandr.... if it only shows 60+  under my display modes that means I can't have a display refresh mode over 60Hz?12:04
rrajbeHi. Im looking for a way to print user ID of all running process in linux using a c program. Any way for that?12:06
tsimpsonShapeShifter499: '+' marks the preferred mode, '*' marks the current mode12:06
bobsapplooking for a tool like top that can watch the number of files a process opens12:06
bobsappis anyone aware of something like this?12:06
ShapeShifter499tsimpson, yes and 60 is the highest it shows12:06
ShapeShifter499tsimpson, is that my laptop display's true limit or driver/software limit?12:07
bea_problem here: i'm trying to set up NIS, but the service /etc/init.d/nis that is referred to by any documentation (including the one in /usr/share/doc/) does not exist.12:08
M1R4G3Hello there :)12:08
tsimpsonShapeShifter499: it's the limit reported by the hardware, laptop screens usually stay at ~6012:08
BluesKajShapeShifter499, my nvidia 8400GS , maxes out at 60 ..it's not an expensive card , but that's all I can expect from it12:09
ejvbea_: man ypbind ?12:09
ShapeShifter499BluesKaj, tsimpson so if I wanted to attempt higher fps then I should turn v-sync off?12:10
rrajbeis it possible to segregate root process alone using /proc data?12:10
ejvrrajbe: sounds like your venturing into grsecurity RBAC, gentoo hardened project might pique your interest12:12
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=== Anon is now known as Guest72674
tsimpsonShapeShifter499: it's not the frame rate, it's the refresh rate of the screen12:13
BluesKajShapeShifter499, I have sync to Vblank turned off , but I don't notice much difference, slightly less flickering maybe (42" plasma Monitor)12:14
ShapeShifter499I know that but I read online, higher refesh rate can lead to more fps12:15
ShapeShifter499tsimpson, ^^12:15
ShapeShifter499BluesKaj, ok thanks, one more thing is CCSM a good place to turn off v-sync?12:16
ShapeShifter499BluesKaj, I see the option to turn off "sync to Vblank" there12:17
BluesKajShapeShifter499, dunno I turn it off in my nvidia server settings GUI , ..and I don't use CCSM since I run KDE12:18
mr-peacheSapeShifter499: you can turn it off in the CCSM12:19
rrajbe_ejv: Im not getting it clear. Can you please brief it?12:21
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
faoiseamhhave a new 12.04 server setup that has crashed a few times with nothing in syslog / kern.log or anything at all really - how do I go about debugging this?12:26
mr-peachefaoiseamh: is there anything related to the crashes - a program or something12:28
ubottupinosb: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:29
mr-peacheubottu: lol12:30
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.12:30
dmh654why does xorg.conf not exist on my shiney new Ubuntu?12:31
dmh654I need to edit it to get my mose working12:31
zykotick9dmh654: you can generate one "if you need it".  it hasn't existed by default for quite some time now.12:32
dmh654I tried  doing ctrl alt f1 and logging in but it does not accept my password for some reason12:33
=== Vanadis__ is now known as Vorurteilvanadis
tmkthey hey..not exactly a ubuntu question, just a question that i'm stumped with... built 2 new ubuntu boxes..brought them to the colo installed them boxA/boxB, boxB can telnet to boxC on 443/80/8080 but for some reason boxA will only connect to port 443/80 and gets connection refused on 808012:33
tmktany ideas why?12:33
dmh654I know how to create one but cant get past the first hurdle12:33
dmh654zykotick9:  this what I am attempting http://delightlylinux.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/using-the-cyborg-r-a-t-7-with-ubuntu/12:35
zykotick9dmh654: sorry if you don't know your password, i can't help.  good luck.12:36
faoiseamhmr-peache: nothing I can find. no correlation I can determine. inconsistent times, times since boot, etc. How should i try to determine if a program is the cause?12:36
dmh654zykotick9:  lol I know it, it just wont accept it???12:36
zykotick9dmh654: that's a crazy lookin' mouse.  good luck.12:37
faoiseamhheading to work though, please leave me any ideas and i'll be back later12:37
tmktjust can't figure out what is stopping BoxA from being able to connect to boxC on port 8080 when all the other ports work..and other boxes don't have the same problem12:38
dmh654zykotick9:  broke my other Trust thing playing 2worlds2 so I thought on a stronger one, problem, linux does not like it at face value12:38
dmh654I will get there12:39
=== Vorurteilvanadis is now known as vanadis
dmh654zykotick9:  whats the easiest way to generate a xorg.conf file plz12:40
mnicewell .. haha .. unity is segfaulting http://susepaste.org/view/raw/15363943 in Xvnc .. poor .. well, that it won't run with opengl is expectable but segfaulting is funny ... unity-2d-shell runs some nonsense .. how can i run unity session in vnc ?12:40
zykotick9mnice: you want to run a 3d gui across a network?  good luck with that...12:41
syreisnt /etc/rc.local supposed to run commands in it at startup? maybe its related to the "xset m 0 0" only works when X has started?12:41
ThinkT510mnice: i don't think vnc like compositing12:41
jribsyre: yes12:42
syrejrib: to both? ;)12:42
jribsyre: yes :)  You probably want that in your ~/.xprofile12:42
zykotick9dmh654: it requires logging in from a VT (which you can't do for some reason?  it also requires sudo, which i'll guess you also can't use).  i can't help.12:42
syrejrib: ah! thanks12:42
mnicezykotick9 & ThinkT510 .. oh god .. NO I DO NOT .. reread please12:42
OerHeksdmh654, Boot Ubuntu in the Recovery mode and choose for >> root     Drop to root shell prompt  and type:  Xorg -configure12:43
mnicei would like to run unity in 2d (without compositing|opengl)12:43
jribsyre: depending on how you login exactly, ~/.xsession, ~/.xinitrc, and ~/.config/autostart/ are other possibilities12:43
syrejrib: hrrrm standard lightdm with gnome classic?12:44
mnicelike for example kde automatically detects the capability of given output and runs themselves either with opengl on or off12:44
jribsyre: then ~/.xprofile or a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart/ (this is what's used by the gui for creating startup applications) should work12:44
syrejrib: ~/.xprofile it is then, thanks alot12:45
zykotick9OerHeks: isn't it "X -configure  :1"12:48
zykotick9OerHeks: the :1 only being required if x is running.12:48
OerHekszykotick9, i showed him the way to recovery, safest method i think, besides his password doesn't work somehowe12:50
zykotick9OerHeks: i'm just concerned about the X vs Xorg (hopefully Xorg works)12:50
zykotick9OerHeks: i consulted the man page Xorg is correct as well :)12:51
no_gravityHello! How do I find out my ubuntu version?12:52
zykotick9no_gravity: "lsb_release -a" from terminal is one way12:52
zykotick9no_gravity: you can see "/msg ubottu version" i believe for that same direction12:52
no_gravityzykotick9: ok, ubuntu 10.0412:53
no_gravityI just plugged in an usb wlan stick into this machine. Nothing happened. How can I make it find the wlan?12:53
zykotick9no_gravity: does "lsusb" show the device for starters?12:54
MonkeyDustwas that visual to all? if yes, sorry12:54
chris_99hi, i'm currently running ubuntu 12.04 how do i upgrade to the 12.10 beta12:55
zykotick9MonkeyDust: was what visual?  i don't think it was.12:55
chris_99update-manager -d doesn't get it12:55
no_gravityzykotick9: hmm.. one entry i dont know what it is "Atheros Communications, Inc". The others dont look like wlan devices.12:55
zykotick9no_gravity: atheros is probably your wlan - does it show a model number?  if so, i'd search online for support for that particular model.12:56
no_gravityzykotick9: no, it just shows the string i typed. but i have the package. its a tl-wn721n.12:57
kenabaraMerveilleux ubuntu le meilleeur!!!12:57
zykotick9no_gravity: for general wireless you could check the "/msg ubottu atheros" factoid, just a general wireless help wiki page a believe, not atheros specific!12:57
zykotick9!fr | kenabara12:57
ubottukenabara: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:57
no_gravityzykotick9: hmm.. maybe i install the latest ubuntu version and see if it supports it out of the box?12:58
bazhangchris_99, check that it does not say "look for LTS only"12:58
alvesjnrhi all. I have a project which generates a .rpm file. Is it possible to submit it to be installed through apt-get ... ?12:58
chris_99cheer bazhang that fixed it :)12:59
no_gravityzykotick9: but how do i know it doesnt support it already?12:59
zykotick9no_gravity: well, 10.04 ISN'T going to have the best hardward support at this time... so that "could" work, but 0 guarantee.12:59
bazhangalvesjnr, no, you'd need a .deb12:59
bazhang!packaging | alvesjnr12:59
ubottualvesjnr: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring12:59
zykotick9no_gravity: you'll have to search online, or is someone here happens to have the same hardware (perhaps they'll know more).  best of luck.13:00
bazhangno_gravity, worth a check into linux-backports-modules for that13:00
bazhangno_gravity, if you gave us the exact atheros we could be more certain13:00
zykotick9bazhang: no_gravity stated it's a tl-wn721n (i didn't personally go searching for it online)13:01
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
no_gravityzykotick9: i mean, maybe my machine supports this stick, but i have to enable wlan somewhere?13:01
no_gravitybazhang: its a tl-wn721n.13:02
zykotick9no_gravity: do you have a networking icon in top right corner?  check in that (it's Network Manager btw)13:02
no_gravityzykotick9: no. i dont have a top panel.13:02
zykotick9no_gravity: i see.  well, good luck.13:03
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/83137/list-of-wireless-adapters-that-just-work-with-ubuntu-11-10 no_gravity this one?13:03
no_gravityin the main menu, there is a network thingy. under wireless it shows nothing.13:04
no_gravitybazhang: what do you mean?13:04
bazhangno_gravity, read the link13:04
no_gravitybazhang: i did. but i dont understand the question "this one?".13:05
=== dpac|away is now known as 1JTAAHMSU
bazhangno_gravity, is that one your card13:05
=== 1JTAAHMSU is now known as dpac
no_gravitybazhang: my card is mentioned on that page, yes. looks like it works under ubuntu 11.13:06
* no_gravity runs gparted to make room for an ubuntu 12 partition...13:06
bazhangno_gravity, and 12.04 if you read the link carefully13:06
no_gravitybazhang: yes, thanks.13:07
no_gravityactually i will install mint, but i guess thats based on the latest ubuntu as well.13:07
k1l_no_gravity: there are two ubuntu versions each year, so only saying ubuntu 12 is confusing13:07
bazhangno_gravity, mint's not supported here13:07
k1l_no_gravity: and ask the mint boys, what up with their hardware support. we here cant tell you that13:07
alex__if anyone can introduce a chinese input software?13:08
no_gravitybazhang: i didnt ask for mint support.13:08
bazhangibus alex__13:08
no_gravityk1l_: i didnt ask.13:08
no_gravitypeople who use one OS always go crazy when you mention another OS...13:08
bazhangno_gravity, you are asking for help, and say you will install mint. go to mintsupport13:08
pitwalkersomebody can help me about an unity loading error?13:09
bazhangalex__, chinese input ---> ibus13:09
no_gravitybazhang: i asked for help with my ubuntu installation. i never asked for help with mint.13:09
no_gravitybazhang: the same happens when you mention ubuntu on #debian. everybody goes crazy... i use many OSes on my machines. so its hard to avoid mentioning that.13:10
Mydgroi want to install a .run file, but while the installation process when the program starts unpacking the files i get an error, that he cant unpack files, any ideas why?13:11
bazhangMydgro, a run file of what13:11
Mydgrobazhang .run file13:12
Mydgrobazhang software13:12
bazhangMydgro, yes, of what13:12
bazhangMydgro, what software, the exact name13:12
STMelonyea because room on this server is douchebaggery, instead of linux joining together as one, they all split apart and treat other distros with vengeance13:12
bazhangSTMelon, thats not called for. stay on topic13:12
bazhangwhich is easily removable13:13
Mydgrobazhang imag.run13:13
DominciiHow do I boot an .iso from a usb? I've partitioned the usb drive into ntfs via gparted, I then extracted the .iso to the usb via archive manager and rebooted my computer, at the boot menu I chose the USB and then the screen was blank.13:16
MonkeyDustDomincii  you didnt need to partition the usb drive13:19
MonkeyDustDomincii  use unetbootin to put the bootable iso on the usb stick, then boot from it13:20
Dominciii have unetbootin13:20
k1lDomincii: and ntfs is the wrong format, too. try fat32 (which is standard)13:20
Dominciibut it only lets me choose linux iso's13:20
Dominciiim trying to boot windows13:20
momin90909hello everyone, i need your help13:20
k1lDomincii: it wont use windows13:20
MonkeyDustDomincii  that's not possible, further questions in ##windows13:20
Kartagiscan a full URL be used as CNAME?13:20
k1lDomincii: ask the windows support how to make an windows boot stick. that is not a ubuntu issue13:21
Dominciii thought because am currently using ubuntu i should ask here13:21
LorSamPau_wDomincii, which win version?13:21
LorSamPau_wDomincii, i think you forgot to check the "bootable" boxin gparted13:21
Dominciithanks i'll check13:22
k1lDomincii: you wont do this in ubuntu or with ubuntu tools. so ask the windows support13:22
momin90909I installed ubuntu, but i cannot get maximum screen resolution13:22
LorSamPau_wDomincii, and unetbootin won't work with windows iso... it's only for linux13:22
k1lmomin90909: install the right video drivers?13:22
momin90909i have intel graphics display,13:23
GDMoooHi! I'm sshing a computer...i need to start gnome there because i want to control it remotely...but starting gdm makes user selector screen appear...how can i start gdm directly to a user from terminal....is my question clear enough? sorry for my english :)13:23
M1R4G3momin90909> Which one?13:23
bazhangmomin90909, what resolution were you expecting, and what do you currently get13:23
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
mariouGood morning everybody. How are you guys setting up sasl on ubuntu + postfix ive tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix but dont know where to set up the authentication passwords13:24
momin90909i used 1280*1024 on windows, but i get 1024*768 on ubuntu13:24
DominciiLorSamPau_w how do I make a disk bootable in gparted?13:24
LorSamPau_wDomincii, it's one of the checkboxes there13:25
bazhangDomincii, thats a windows issue. please take it to ##windows13:25
Dominciisorry bazhang, consider me gone13:25
LorSamPau_wbazhang, it's not a windows issue13:25
npws_marcso last night my hard drive had 14GB available.. now it has 0... is there some way i can find out what happened over night? (ubuntu server)13:26
MonkeyDustnpws_marc  there's also #ubuntu-server13:26
bazhangLorSamPau_w, creating a bootable iso for windows? sure it is. he needs to use the windows tools.  ##windows is the place for that13:26
LorSamPau_wDomincii, it's one of the "flags", rightclick on the partition - flags - bootable13:26
bazhangmomin90909, please tell us the card model13:26
Dominciidone it, thanks a bunch, i'll try again13:26
momin90909card model is q965/96313:27
momin90909lcd is dell e177fp13:27
momin90909card is by intel13:27
LorSamPau_wbazhang, hi is trying to create bootable use in ubuntu... whats the iso is the other question13:27
bazhangmomin90909, please pastebin the output of lspci13:27
bazhang!paste | momin9090913:27
ubottumomin90909: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:27
momin90909is anyone here?13:35
fidel_momin90909: there is always someone reading .... just ask13:36
fidel_!ask | momin9090913:36
ubottumomin90909: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:36
bazhangmomin90909, still checking the forums on your card, patience13:36
momin90909i cant get maximum resolution of 1280*1024, i get maximum 1024*768. my lspci output is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269246/13:37
kolaracdndoes anyone know how to setup an active directory for ubuntu server 12.0413:38
kolaracdndoes anyone know how to setup an active directory for ubuntu server 12.0413:39
fidel_!repeat | kolaracdn13:39
ubottukolaracdn: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:39
bazhangmomin90909, I am checking the forums now. Please be Patient.13:39
fidel_kolaracdn: personaly i am not into AD that much ... but i can give you 1 possible keyword - samba 413:40
=== lance is now known as Guest30180
kolaracdnso i can use this to sign onto a ubuntu domain through other computers running ubuntu13:40
Guest30180hello,every  one13:40
bonnohello..how can i make thunar to group windows on the panel of xfce?13:41
fidel_!ask | Guest3018013:41
ubottuGuest30180: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:41
=== Guest30180 is now known as qilance
bonnoHello how can i configure Thunar so windows of the same kind group in one in the dock?13:45
fidel_bonno: i doubt that is a thunar option - my guess- its a dock/panel setting13:46
HunterTHello, I am new to Linux Ubuntu but am already starting to learn the command-line and how to install / uninstall packages etc. Although, I like keeping my files/programs organized and Ubuntu's directory structure confuses me. Could someone please tell me what the main folder is where packages/programs are supposed to be (as the norm)13:46
fidel_as window-grouping is afaik not app-specific13:46
fidel_HunterT: do you know the 'which' cmd?13:46
k1lHunterT: just use the paket-managment to install programs. dont start fiddeling on yourself13:47
HunterTnope fidel_13:47
HunterTSo use Synaptic Package Manager?13:47
HunterTwhere does it put most installed packages?13:47
fidel_HunterT: which firefox // as a example13:47
k1l!apt-get | HunterT13:47
ubottuHunterT: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)13:47
jeatonanyone here not like unity?13:47
HunterTI use apt-get all of the time.. but lets say I want to install NetBeans.. what directory would you guys install it?13:47
Guest87183jeaton i don't.13:48
m000gleIs there any way to remove the message, in the Nautilus window, stating things like "This volume contains digital photos - Open Shotwell Photo Manager"?13:48
jeatonwhat do you use in replace of it?13:48
fidel_HunterT: as a sidenote - you really dont need to mess with that - trust in the lovely package-management - at the end there is not really a need to know where the executable of app XY is usualy13:48
k1lHunterT: its not the ubuntu way to download stuff from webpages and install it. its the ubuntu way to use the repos or PPAs13:48
Guest87183I tried Gnome3 but didn't work too well jeaton13:48
HunterTfidel_ thanks that makes me feel better, but what about programs like NetBeans that have to be manually downloaded and installed?13:48
k1l!notunity | jeaton13:48
ubottujeaton: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:48
fidel_HunterT: well thats specific to the app - but installing apps from outside official apps isnt that common as apt provides most apps anways13:49
Guest87183jeaton I use GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel".13:49
HunterTSo the norm for Ubuntu is to just always download from repos or PPAs and let the tools automatically handle things.13:49
HunterTWhat IDE would you guys recommend using for Symfony 2 development?13:49
k1lHunterT: yes13:49
fidel_HunterT: from official sources is the normal case13:49
jeatonGuest87183, any problems with that?13:49
HunterTare there any that can be installed from apt-get13:50
fidel_!ppa | HunterT13:50
ubottuHunterT: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:50
HunterToh wow thanks13:50
jeatoni originally used gnome 3 and also had problems, so I went back to 10.04, but I'm in serious need of an upgrade13:50
fidel_HunterT: using ppa's isnt that officical - while it still provides an easy option on ubuntu systems to install additional packages from random sources via apt13:50
somsipHunterT: Netbeans may be worth looking at but I dont use it for Symfony myself.13:50
BlueWolfjeaton: What's the problem? :)13:50
fidel_HunterT: in case you are really new to ubuntu - it might make sense to install an additional linux system as virtual machine13:51
HunterTGot you thanks a lot. One last thing. As far as Java goes would you guys recommend getting OpenJRE from the package manager or downloading and installing the real version from oracle.13:51
fidel_this allows you to mess around without having some kind of starter-fear13:51
HunterTYeah i use virtual box13:51
HunterTsomsip what IDE do you use?13:51
fidel_hehe ok. sorry i cant help you in the java-speicifc section of your question. lets hope someone else can13:51
HunterTfrom what I understand NetBeans and Eclipse are the only good IDEs with symfony plugins13:52
somsipHunterT: given recent bug issues, openjde/jdk. Can;t say I've had any probs with it. And Netbeans, but I don't use Symfony so I'm not sure of the support for that13:52
Guest87183Guest87183 laggyness. it takes a good couple of seconds for the gnome window to appear. and the rest is just pure preference, do not like the dock style, and the zillion of ppa's you have to install for every applet, it used to be that with gnome panel, they come preloaded and a drag and drop will get applets onto your panel13:52
fubar10I'm browsing through http://ppa.launchpad.net/ and wanted to know how to add a ppa to my ubuntu server.13:52
fidel_HunterT: there is #netbeans in freenode as well . maybe interesting as well13:52
fidel_!ppa | fubar1013:53
ubottufubar10: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:53
HunterTyeah I might try it out. Thanks so much guys have a good one13:53
fubar10http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/stable/ubuntu/dists/ is where I'm at.13:53
somsipHunterT: last OT reply - the last I looked the repo version of netbeans was quite out of date. May have changed since. Heads up.13:53
ShapeShifter499ok need some more help13:53
ShapeShifter499how do I symlink or hardlink a directory?13:53
BlueWolfjeaton: What's your problem13:53
fidel_fubar10: the launchpad main page of each project offers informations on how to add a ppa13:53
fidel_fubar10: in short - there are several ways to add them - using gui or using cli as always13:54
fidel_fubar10: add-apt-repository is one option13:54
Hatorishapeshifter, ln -s not works?13:54
ShapeShifter499Hatori, no its not letting me13:54
ShapeShifter499Hatori, do I have to mkdir the other directory (the place I want the symlink pointing to)?13:55
no_gravityWhen installing Ubuntu 12.04 - is it possible to not boot into the live demo but to get a text based installer? Because here it hangs while booting. With a black screen. And i would like to see where it hangs.13:55
Hatorishapeshifter499, ln was the way to make symlin/hardlink practically13:56
teacher-I have quit13:56
teacherquit wat?13:56
fubar10fidel_ , I sort-of have an understanding of that. However, I was following some guides and I think that they're out of date.13:56
narfnarfnarfI'm trying to add-apt-repository a ppa but the command is stuck, nothing happens after I press enter...13:57
teacherwell thats ur problem13:57
Hatorishapeshifter499, actually yes13:57
momin90909teacher    it is not general chatting group13:57
teacherthen wat is it?13:57
somsip!support | teacher13:58
ubottuteacher: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com13:58
Hatori!ot | teacher13:58
teacherwho are you whats ur name13:58
ubottuteacher: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:58
teacherwat am I doing here?13:58
BlueWolfteacher: This is support only13:58
narfnarfnarfHow can I find out why add-apt-repository gets stuck?13:58
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas-
teacherwat support?13:59
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
BlueWolfteacher: If you carry on with the chatter your going to get kicked off13:59
BlueWolfteacher: Ubuntu support13:59
teacherI'M so confused..wat is this chat?/13:59
ShapeShifter499Hatori, oh I'm stupid *facepalm* I tried to create a symlink  "ln -s /foo /foo"  when it should have been "ln -s /foo /"13:59
Hatorinarfnarfnarf, what you mean with stuck ? Something gets trouble ? error ?13:59
fubar10fidel_ , http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/stable/ubuntu/dists/ is where I'm at.13:59
teacherwats ubuntu?13:59
ShapeShifter499Hatori, thanks for the help14:00
BlueWolfteacher: http://www.ubuntu.com/14:00
momin90909it is an operating system like windows14:00
ardchoilleteacher: please take the chatter to another channel, this is a support channel for Ubuntu14:00
teacherbut wat r we talking about??14:00
Hatorishapeshifter499, thats common mistakes for new user in linux world :d14:00
fidel_teacher: please read the wikipedia article about ubuntu if you need details about the distri14:00
fidel_teacher: i doubt anyone inhere can resume that better14:00
SachiruAnyone know of a way to get a Domain Controller up without using Windows?14:00
teacheru guys r too smart for me14:00
BlueWolfteacher: Stop being silly now14:01
no_gravityMy machine hangs with a black screen when I try to boot the Ubuntu 12.04 CD (actually i burned it on a dvd). Any ideas?14:01
teacheri will get off when you tell me your name14:01
Hatorisachiru, yes, you can use samba14:01
teacheru cant tell me what to do14:01
SachiruNo, I mean full domain controller and active directory.14:01
somsip!ops | teacher is trolling14:01
ubottuteacher is trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!14:01
teacheru cant kick me off14:01
BlueWolfteacher: Your going to be kicked off14:01
momin90909teacher:    u can go to other chat groups14:02
teacherwat did I do????/14:02
KM0201you're trolling14:02
fidel_teacher: this channel is offering ubuntu support-  nothing else14:02
Hatorisachiru, yes, samba can do that, with samba 4 you can build AD14:02
SachiruSo that I can designate FQDN to my clients, and so that I can use Observium.14:02
momin90909anyone having enough rights, plz kick teacher14:02
SachiruCool, thanks, that works.14:02
Myrttiteacher: get your act together. If you don't know what Ubuntu is, then this place is not for you.14:02
somsipmomin90909: a call has already been put out though I admit this is really a trivial matter. Thanks Myrtti14:02
teacherok I need some advice...How is a 71 in Ancient History14:02
Sachiru!ops | Help, username "teacher" is being disruptive to the chat.14:03
ubottuHelp, username "teacher" is being disruptive to the chat.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!14:03
PriceyThanks Sachiru, we saw it :)14:03
Guest87183Guys please just ignore14:03
craigbass1976I'm going shopping for a laptop today.  Is there a list of what' sin stores now that works with ubuntu?  Wireless, video, and sound are pretty much all the "GOTCHAS" I've got to watch out for, right?14:03
somsipGuest87183: newbies don't always know how to and we get lots of newbies in here.14:03
fidel_thanks jrib14:03
Sachiru@Hatori: Could you please give me a link to the wiki detailing samba4's support for AD?14:03
Guest87183is there like a page where I can get all the helpful ! commands?14:04
ardchoille!hardware | craigbass1976 you can check the hardware page before buying:14:04
ubottucraigbass1976 you can check the hardware page before buying:: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:04
somsip!brain | Guest8718314:04
ubottuGuest87183: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:04
Hatorisachiru, i'm so forgotten, maybe this help you, wiki,samba.org  or wiki.samba4.org14:04
NemoGalthi guys, is there an admin out there who might be so kind as to reset my password? Please? :)14:05
jribNemoGalt: password for what?14:05
SachiruAlso, what's a good, easy-to-manage, GUI-based DNS server for Ubuntu? Just for ensuring that Samba4 and anything else requiring DNS for my network's internals works?14:05
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas|
Sachiru@Hatori thanks, saw it, got it.14:05
NemoGaltfor logging into NickServ14:05
ShapeShifter499does it matter if I have lib32 and lib ?   will my system look in both places?    lib32 only appeared after using getlibs14:05
jribNemoGalt: try #freenode14:05
OerHeksNemoGalt, join #freenode for reset irc oass help14:05
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:05
somsipGuest87183: please test them in a private chat with the bot14:06
Guest87183cooool somsip, and when you know if the pipe | is applicable14:06
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
RirishiHey people (:14:06
Hatorisachiru,yes, samba4 need fqdn names to fully working ad,14:07
fidel_Guest87183: you can always use !whateverbot-command | nick or !whatever-bot-command | nick14:07
ardchoilleWelcome back Ririshi14:07
RirishiCan someone explain me what a bouncer is and how to use it?14:07
somsipGuest87183: IFAIK piping it just prefixes the ouput with the user's nick so it shows for their attention14:07
Ririshithank you ardchoille (:14:07
fidel_Guest87183: pipe will output the cmd in the channel & > as query to the user14:07
Hatorisachiru, maybe some web based to administer them,and there are some gui too14:07
Guest87183fidel_ couldn't get more commandliny on this chat eh..14:08
fidel_Ririshi: a bnc is usualy an app which keeps on irc-commention permanently alive. you as user connent with your irc client to that bounce. which usualy runs on a 24h available server14:08
fidel_Ririshi: as a result - you/your session is always in the irc-chan you like14:08
Ririshifidel_: cool! how do I get such a thing to work?14:09
fidel_Ririshi: in case you have access to a server - the combination: screen & irssi is a lovely small solution for that14:09
momin90909where can i get drivers for intel graphics14:09
fidel_Ririshi: as always- decide which app you want to use-  read its docs and install/setup it14:09
ShapeShifter499Hatori, do you know?14:09
Hatorisachiru, but maybe better you sit on cli mode ... A gui would consume your ram14:09
ThinkT510momin90909: they are in the kernel by default, you don't need to get them14:10
Hatorishapeshifter499, know what? Sorry,14:10
ShapeShifter499Hatori, does it matter if I have lib32 and lib ?   will my system look in both places?    lib32 only appeared after using getlibs14:10
ShapeShifter499that would be in /usr btw14:10
Ririshifidel_: I'll search around a bit.14:10
Hatorishapeshifter499, i think that was not a problem14:11
RirishiOne more problem: always when using ', I have to press spacebar before it appears, or it appears on top of the next letter like this: ḿ ś í ḱ14:11
RirishiOr it just doesn't appear..\14:11
Hatorishapeshifter499, look if it was symlink to each other14:11
fidel_Ririshi: my advice would be using 'screen' & 'irssi'. this results in a setup where you just  need an ssh shell and not a local irc-client at all14:11
=== deric is now known as dericpr
ShapeShifter499Hatori, its not14:12
Hatorishapeshifter499, okey, like you said before, from getlibs14:12
ardchoilleIs there an app that I can install that will send my system specs to Canonical to help improve Ubuntu?14:12
Ririshifidel_: this results in a non-GUI setup?14:13
fidel_ardchoille: i think reporting bugs is a pretty good way to improve it. ubuntu-bug is a nice cmd for that. just as 1 option14:13
Hatoriardchoille, apport, bug reporting, and other mechanism are available,not spesific to ubuntu14:14
ardchoillefidel_ , Hatori , Thank you both :)14:14
trapniI want to authenticate PPP (PPTP) users against PAM (or LDAP directly) but it seems that Ubuntu does not have a package for it, or in what repository is it?14:14
fidel_Ririshi: in a terminal like irc-feeling - like the project page shows: http://www.irssi.org/themes14:14
ardchoillefidel_ , Hatori , There's also the System Testing app.. I just found it14:15
Ririshifidel_: I really wouldn't like that >.<14:16
fidel_Ririshi: well then search for common bnc-apps ;)14:16
XethronI need help getting my onboard 3G card working :/14:17
craigbass1976I've got a vostro 1000, and every time the kernel gets upgraded there are problems.  I can't remember what I did to fix it last time, and don't know as it would be anywhere in my history anyway (I did it from a live cd)14:17
elaminatoHow can I view the active Master boot record in 12.04?14:17
craigbass1976SOrry, I'm getting "vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown" messages during boot.  The older kernel is fine14:17
XethronI can pick up 3G dongles. Tried it with two different dongles. works 100%. However, the built in modem on my laptop linux does not pick up at all14:18
Ririshifidel_: hmm maybe I'd choose for screen and irssi tho14:18
XethronNot in lspci or dmesg14:18
MonkeyDustelaminato  sudo fdisk -l shows a star under Boot14:18
Ririshifidel_: nah I'll try it like this, first. I don't really need a bnc at this moment..14:19
Ririshiwhere do I find .desktop files? >.<14:19
elaminatoMonkeyDust,  unfortunately there is no star under any of my hard disks :(14:20
elaminatoi think I removed all of them in gparted. but i dont have any boot problems.14:20
elaminatoBut i need to know my active MBR because I want to install another distro14:20
ujjainI connected a new monitor to my PC, but it's not being recognized, it worked immediately with Windows14:21
RirishiWait nvm how can I change the icon that's used by .desktop files?14:21
valehello, is there a way to allow an user (on ubuntu) to log in only at a prefixed time?14:22
valee.g.: from 1 PM to 3 PM everyday14:22
BluesKajujjain, what kind of connection?14:22
ujjainI used a VGA monitor before14:23
ujjainthat one works fine14:23
Guest87183http://askubuntu.com/questions/68918/how-do-i-restrict-my-kids-computing-time vale14:23
BluesKajfrom a pci graphics card , ujjain ?14:23
ujjainNVIDIA 8500GT.14:23
ujjainI am not sure, I think so yes14:23
BluesKajujjain, strange , I'm using 8400GS dvi to hdmi14:24
ujjainwell, you might installed it that way14:24
ujjainI can access the console fine14:24
ujjainand I think the Ubutnu Live DVD would work too14:24
valeGuest87183, I'll take a look at that right after updating is completed, thank you!14:25
somsipvale: cronjob to usermod --expiredate 1 {user}?14:25
BluesKajok , then it's the graphics driver ujjain , are you at the TTY right now ?14:25
Guest87183vale lemme know how it works14:25
ujjainYes, I use SSH from laptop, easier14:25
ujjainand the monitor is connected14:25
valeGuest87183, ok!14:26
BluesKajujjain, install nvidia-current , then sudo nvidia-xconfig , then reboot14:26
ujjainVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.14:28
ujjain                  Device section "Default Device" must have a Driver line.14:28
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas-
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
ujjainBluesKaj, I did, the monitor does not get a signal.14:31
ujjainPastebin of xorg.conf: http://pastebin.visilang.com/view/raw/160aed2414:33
fankhhi guys14:35
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas|
fankhi have one problem. my laptop lenovo s205 doesn't work wireless. is there anyone that have solution about it?14:36
fluitfriesguys, what the heck is a "lxcbr0" interface on my laptop?  is it my not working wifi??14:36
hoechtshi, I'm using ubuntu without a password (within a virtual machine), how can I disable the gnome/unity authenticate dialog?14:36
hoechtswhen i pass an empty password (which is correct) the dialog tells me it is wrong14:37
fidel_hoechts: are you talking about the dialogs which prompt you to enter your pw - to gain sudo permissions? or the login dialog?14:38
hoechtsfidel_, i tried to install compizeconfig settings manager with software14:38
hoechtsfidel_, so its the prompt14:38
Nine_09I had some crashes using gnome 3, but imho it's far superior than unity. unity is not productive at all. at least for me.14:38
fidel_hoechts: installing software via apt or software-center needs a user account with sudo-permissioons. i dont know if such a pw is even allowed to be empty in the first place hoechts ...thats why i am asking14:39
hoechtsfidel_, my account works without a password.. in unity login i can just click on "login" without a password and sudo su does not prompt me to prompt a password14:40
hoechtsbut the unity pw prompt is a problem for me14:40
fidel_hoechts: well im out then - not using unity here14:40
fluitfriesguys, what the heck is a "lxcbr0" interface on my laptop?  is it my not working wifi??14:41
latterawhat's the recommended app for ripping a cd to mp3?14:41
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
fankhis there someone have solution about lenovo s205 netbook wireless problem??? help me guys. :(14:47
samuel_hi i'm having some problems with ubuntu 10.0414:47
samuel_my network manager wont forget 2 network profiles14:48
=== ODB is now known as Guest67560
samuel_when i look in the .gconf folder in my home folder, i find connection 3 (my connection) but 1 and 2 (the ones i wish to do away with) are not visible14:49
samuel_however whenever i switch my computer on it prefers network 214:49
samuel_when i remove it from the network settings it reappears14:49
samuel_if i run gconf-editor as super user i can see connections 1 and 2 but not 314:50
samuel_if i run it without super user it just shows 314:50
muh2000i have a strange issue. it seems like there is a permanent reference to adobe-flash-$old-version. other browsers are using the newer plugin but firefox still uses the old one.14:52
samuel_muh2000 have you tried doing a "locate libflashplayerplugin.so" in the terminal14:53
samuel_and replace that with a new version of the file from the adobe website?14:53
FanshaweHello everyone. I'm looking for help with installing a package called 'input-wacom'. I need it for a graphics tablet, but I'm not sure whether I have enough space to compile it in the way that most guides recommend. Is there any way other way I can get my tablet working?14:53
muh2000samuel_: yes, no return value14:53
samuel_is the package for adobe flash installed?14:54
samuel_Fanshawe i dont know much about wacom tablets but hang on in there i'm sure someone about knows the answer to your question14:55
FanshaweThank you, samuel_, I'll be here14:55
fidel_isnt there aleady a wacom tablet option in the system-settings window?14:56
muh2000samuel_: "locate libflashp" gave me a few locations. i located the ones close to the releasedate of $old-version and removed the culprit.... working now, thnx for the hint :)14:56
fidel_at least that is available hear for me in 12.04 without installing any wacom-related software myself14:56
FanshaweHow do I access the system-settings window, fidel_? Terminal didn't find it, but is recommending I install 'systemsettings'?14:58
fidel_Fanshawe: good question - i dont know the real package name - nor does the ui states it. i can call it in gnome 3 via the mainmenu in the upper panel14:59
fidel_i really hate the fact that they do seperate between package-names and application-window-names ;)14:59
=== Guest67560 is now known as ODB2
fidel_Fanshawe: gnome-control-center15:00
FanshaweThank you, fidel_! I'll look through tablet options on there...15:01
fidel_comes - as mentioned already with specific wacom options here15:01
fidel_good luck15:01
fidel_last time i used a wacom was on osx - so i cant help you further ...hope that was a good first step ;)15:02
samuel_anyone here know much about gconf editor and network manager??15:03
Fanshawefidel_: The only option I have is Wacom Control panel, which I installed myself as 'wacom-utility'. The application doesn't recognise the tablet yet, unfortunately.15:03
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jonsan1910someone can help me with a problem with the grub15:04
fidel_!ask | jonsan191015:04
ubottujonsan1910: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:04
fidel_man i guess we could trigger that cmd all 10 minutes just randomly ;)15:04
=== danbeck_ is now known as danbeck
kenabaraje cherche un chat en francais please15:06
jonsan1910ok is a problem with the grub dont boot display Error: file not found grub rescue>15:06
ThinkT510!fr | kenabara15:06
ubottukenabara: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:06
Fanshaweubottu is prepared for everything, huh?15:06
ubottuFanshawe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:06
ThinkT510!grub2 | jonsan191015:07
ubottujonsan1910: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:07
jonsan1910I tried with all that even with boot-repair disc but doesnt fix the problem15:08
narfnarfnarfI'm trying to add a 3rd party repo using "add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java". It waits for a long while, then I get an error message: that pycurl could not connect to host. Apt-get update etc works fine...15:08
fidel_!ppa | narfnarfnarf15:09
ubottunarfnarfnarf: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:09
fidel_narfnarfnarf: i would ask in the related webupd8 post15:09
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:09
Masta123Hi everyone. I have VMWare Workstation 9 with an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. This morning some VMWare services no longer wanted to start, so I had to reinstall VMWare. Now VMWare works again, but my Ubuntu Virtual Machine no longer has network access. I checked the config and the VM is configured to use NAT as network adapter. If I do an ifconfig in Ubuntu it has an IP address, but in the VMWare config I find 192.168.21615:10
Masta123So my question now is: should I fix this in my VMWare Config or in the Ubuntu config? (and how? :p )15:11
=== Afterraff` is now known as Afteraffekt
pfifoI just installed 'tovid' and when I try to run 'tovid gui' i get the error 'DEBUG: Missing script: 'todiscgui''15:12
RomanceMasta123: you run ubuntu on vmware on ubuntu?15:12
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
oiozohow can i uninstall mono from my computer without uninstalling anything else?15:14
Masta123Romance: I run an Ubuntu VM on a Win7 OS15:14
kenabaraThank you for help15:14
mnicewhich package please brings glxinfo in ?15:14
theadmin!find glxinfo15:14
ubottuFile glxinfo found in libgtkglext1-dev, mesa-utils, xmanpages-ja15:15
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
theadminmnice: mesa-utils it is15:15
oiozo!find mono15:15
ubottuFound: fonts-tlwg-mono, monodoc-browser, monodoc-webkit-manual, ubuntu-mono, cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-mono, libapache2-mod-mono, libggi-target-monotext, libghc-monoid-transformer-dev, libghc-monoid-transformer-doc, libghc-monoid-transformer-prof (and 242 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mono&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all15:15
RomanceMasta123: try use Bridge maybe15:15
magmamy computer crashed? how can I see the log?15:16
mnicetheadmin: JFYI (in fedora and suse): # rpm -qf `which glxinfo`15:17
Romancemagma: somewhere in /var/log15:17
theadminmnice: Heh, in Ubuntu it's "dpkg -S $(which glxinfo)"15:18
theadminmnice: Or for packages that aren't installed yet, "apt-file find $(which glxinfo)"15:18
magmaRomance, which file is it15:18
mnicetheadmin: what's the way to check that via apt|dpkg utils ? similar like yum whatprovides \*bin/glxinfo or zypper wp $foo ?15:18
theadminmnice: Um, just told you.15:18
mniceyeah .. thanks15:19
Romancemagma: hmm i dont try `ls -l` it, maybe its kern.log , kernel crash or whatever.15:19
oiozocan i install these openSuse packages http://download.mono-project.com/archive/2.11.4/linux/x86/ on Ubuntu? i've tried installing them but i still can't use mono15:19
theadminmnice: apt-file is not a default program though so you'll have to apt-get install that15:19
ikoniaoiozo: no15:19
fidel_oiozo: general advice - dont mix packages from different distris15:19
narfnarfnarffidel_: related webupd8 post? what's that?15:20
theadminoiozo: sudo apt-get install mono-runtime15:20
theadminoiozo: That should be enough to use mono15:20
oiozotheadmin: i need a newer version, i uninstalled this one15:20
jonsan1910someone know why this happen insmod linux display error: symbol not found: 'grub_efi_secure_boot'15:20
theadminoiozo: Heh. Search for a PPA then15:20
fidel_narfnarfnarf: you are talking about a ppa (which usage is iusualy not supported inhere) from the webpage webupd815:20
fidel_narfnarfnarf: so consult the ppa maintainer15:20
plainhavoc_Hi everyone, noob here on setting up a server15:20
mnicetheadmin: thanks ... sure thing15:21
oiozotheadmin: ? how?15:21
theadminoiozo: Google "mono ppa"15:21
plainhavoc_I just set static IP, and now there is no internet connection outside the system15:21
dr_willis!ppa | oiozo15:21
ubottuoiozo: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:21
cjaehave one of those older laptops with the slider activation wifi and bluetooth. lspci doesnt seem to show anything bt15:21
Masta123Thanks Romance, that seems to have helped! Are there any downsides I must keep in mind for using bridged instead of NAT?15:21
cjaeandthe light is not on15:22
oiozodr_willis: theadmin: i know what a ppa is, but i just can't find one for mono devel15:22
theadminoiozo: "Mono is considered a "core framework" in Ubuntu, meaning it has many applications depending upon it (roughly 40 applications). Due to this, the chance of one of those applications breaking due to unexpected changes in their underlying framework is considered too high to risk an update. As a result, Mono cannot officially be backported in Ubuntu. " (from mono-project.com)15:23
narfnarfnarfI found the problem: ubuntu keyserver doesn't have the key, it seems :(15:23
RomanceMasta123: http://vmfaq.com/entry/34/15:23
oiozotheadmin: how can i use a newer version "unofficially"?15:23
theadminoiozo: PPAs. Or build from source.15:23
oiozodidn't find the ppa nor the sources15:24
matjazI am having problems booting the 12.04 amd64 after the last upgrade (when grub2 was updated). System doesn't boot from root disk anymore and says "/dev/mapper/<name>-root does not exist" and drops to shell. Is this a known problem with a solution or is it only my local problem?15:24
cjaehave one of those older laptops with the slider activation wifi and bluetooth. lspci doesnt seem to show anything bt   and the light is is not on either15:24
pfifohi dr_willis15:24
dr_willishello pfifo15:25
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theadminoiozo: http://mono-project.com/Compiling_Mono_From_Tarball - the sources.15:25
theadminoiozo: I don't find an official Mono PPA at all so I can't help with that.15:25
=== Guest86715 is now known as Ragazza
theadminoiozo: Hm, it seems the link is dead :/15:26
oiozotheadmin: ye i found that, (http://www.go-mono.com/daily/) i think it's just down for now so i'll try at another time15:26
doducui dooi oi15:26
delacany way to install evince into custom location? ./configure --prefix= gives errors with some libraries...15:27
ikonia--prefix has nothing to do with libraries15:27
ikoniaprefix is for the target - not the source15:27
plainhavoc_When changing from DHCP, and setting /etc/network/interfaces to static, and entering wanted IP, netmask, network, etc. and restarting, the requested IP is working, however firefox is not finding server. Do I need to enter specific DNS at /etc/network/interfaces since DHCP is no longer enabled?15:28
delacikonia: so what was it that determined the installation location?15:28
oiozotheadmin: if i install a newer mono on --prefix=/home/me/local for instance; how can i make my application use the new mono and not the old one?15:29
pfifoplainhavoc_, yes15:29
FanshaweWhat's the etiquette on asking questions again? I'm still stuck with this wacom tablet and could come back later.15:29
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
Romanceoiozo: just type /home/me/local/mono maybe, or use a symlink15:30
theadminoiozo: PATH="/home/me/local/bin:$PATH" in whatever profile you are sourcing.15:30
plainhavoc_Thank you pfifo, I will search for the correct syntax to enter15:30
dr_willisjust ask and be patient  Fanshawe15:30
Romance#! she bang15:30
diverdude I am trying to install php5-imageick and i get this error: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/1951148683 How do i resolve that?15:30
oiozotheadmin: Romance: so if my path is "before" in the PATH variable, then it will use the new version?15:31
theadminoiozo: Pretty much15:31
FanshaweGot it, dr_willis. I'll take a look around in the meantime...15:31
ikoniadiverdude: that is not coming from an official ubuntu repo15:31
ikoniadelac: --prefix determains where it will be installed15:32
diverdudeikonia: thats a ppa. because ubuntu 12.04 does not support php 5.415:32
oiozook thanks, gtg15:32
ikoniadelac: it's the prefix of the installation tree15:32
ikoniadiverdude: ok, so contact the PPA maintainer15:32
delacikonia: that's what I thought.  the error it gave is "can't install libpdfdocument.la to given directory" So there is some problem installing libraries to the custom location15:33
diverdudeikonia: arg...thats the problem with ubuntu :( its software support is quite small :(15:33
ikoniadiverdude: it's software support is excellent, you're not using ubuntu's software, your using some random persons,15:33
ikoniadelac: can you give me the exact error please.15:33
diverdudeikonia: because ubuntu does not have php 5.415:34
ikoniadiverdude: why would it ?15:34
diverdudeikonia: because its the php current version15:34
ikoniadiverdude: what needs it15:34
ikonia!info php15:34
ubottuPackage php does not exist in precise15:34
diverdudeikonia: its php515:34
iceroot!info php515:34
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.3 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB15:34
diverdudethe packagename15:34
ikoniawhat's the current version in 12.04 ?15:34
ikoniaok, so its' 5.3.10 - a stable branch15:35
diverdude5.3 or something old like that15:35
ikoniadiverdude: what package needs 5.4 ?15:35
delacikonia: libtool: install: error: cannot install `libpdfdocument.la' to a directory not ending in /usr/local/lib/evince/4/backends15:35
ikoniadelac: that's interesting, where is your --prefix set15:35
delacikonia: a folder under home directory15:36
diverdudeikonia: php5.4 codes is more efficient and clean, so thats why i use it15:36
dawne_pHow do I open up xps files in Lucid?  Without Okular?  I'd read that evince does it, but it won't work on my box15:36
ikoniadiverdude: right, well, ubuntu isn't sat on the bleeding edge, it's sat on the stable branch,15:36
ikoniadiverdude: especially on the long term support releases.15:37
ikoniadelac: sorry, I meant what did you set --prefix= to15:37
delacikonia: /home/user/workshop/15:37
lvyiwanghello everyone15:38
pdkedubuntu 12.04. Used networkmanager during initial updates . Modified interfaces file , deleted files in Network-Manager/system-connections restarted network and now have no valid connections. Can any one help.15:38
ikoniadelac: ok, did you set anything like --libdir or --sysconfdir15:38
delacikonia: nope, just the prefix15:38
ikoniadelac: so you did a configure --prefix, then a make, then a "make install" ?15:38
delacikonia: yes15:38
drsa2problem with sound15:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1061583 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "microphone was not working tried to fix it with limited knowledge and now no sound" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:39
diverdudeikonia: http://serverfault.com/questions/407979/installing-php5-imagick-in-ubuntu-12-04-w-ondrej-packages-results-in-dependency15:39
diverdudeikonia: im not the only one with those requirements15:39
ikoniadelac: interesting, I'd try two things (keep in mind I've not read the documentation on this software) I'd do a --libdir at configure time, I'd also try a make install DESTDIR=/blah/blah15:39
drsa2ny one15:40
ikoniadiverdude: that doesn't make them any more compatible with ubuntu's well documented and known "stable branch" policy15:40
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delacikonia: ok, I'll try those. thanks15:41
diverdudeikonia: php5.4 was released february and IS stable15:41
ikoniadelac: maybe worth checking the docs, I've not read them (keep in mind when following my suggestions)15:41
xangua!latest | diverdude15:42
ubottudiverdude: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:42
ikoniadiverdude: yes, but it was not released before the development cyclet of 12.0415:42
ikoniadiverdude: so it was not a stable candidate15:42
diverdudeikonia: so it will never be supported in 5.04?15:42
jonsan1910someone know why this happen insmod linux display error: symbol not found: 'grub_efi_secure_boot'15:42
diverdudeehhm 12.0415:42
ikoniadiverdude: doubtful15:42
diverdudeikonia: but why? its stable now15:43
diverdudeikonia: it can be repackaged15:43
ikoniadiverdude: they don't update the root branch as it would require a lot of work and effort15:43
ikoniaplus moving the target for people using that in production would not be fair15:44
somsipdiverdude: you're either on a PPA to get it or you have this official line https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/94815615:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 948156 in php5 (Ubuntu) "Please merge PHP 5.4 from Debian" [Wishlist,Fix released]15:44
diverdudesomsip: i have a ppa already15:44
ikoniawhich doesn't work15:44
somsipdiverdude: and the official line is....." No, and although I am not a Ubuntu PHP maintainer I have already explained why this won't happen in precise. "15:44
diverdudeikonia: yes, which does not work. i have fixed it however15:44
ikoniadiverdude: great, problem solved15:45
diverdudeikonia: and it works, its just because a package is missing15:45
diverdudeikonia: so i had to get that from elsewhere15:45
samuel_anyone here know much about gconf editor and network manager??15:45
chinneseproductbekks, ar u there friend and how does ur proceedings with ma LAMP installation15:46
matjazThere must be something wrong with the latest update of grub* on 12.04 amd64. If I put the package grub2-common on hold and do the apt-get upgrade, everything works/boots OK. If the package grub2-common (and related) is updated too, the system fails to boot with "/dev/mapper/<name>-root does not exist"  error.15:46
ThinkT510!u | chinneseproduct15:46
ubottuchinneseproduct: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.15:46
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bekkschinneseproduct: I am there, and as I told you yesterday, you have to ask someone else because I am out of clues.15:47
chinneseproductLAMP installation anyone with help am in need15:47
chinneseproductokay bekks15:47
ThinkT510!lamp | chinneseproduct15:48
ubottuchinneseproduct: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)15:48
chinneseproductThinkT510, can  help me15:48
ThinkT510chinneseproduct: other than that factoid, no i can't15:48
ikoniachinneseproduct: READ the information you just got given15:49
ikoniachinneseproduct: if there is something you don't understand, just ask15:49
bekksikonia: He did, yesterday already.15:49
chinneseproductThinkT510, may we proceed so that you can get my problem is15:49
bekksThe current problem is to install the libapache2-php5-mod-whatever-package15:49
chinneseproductikonia, i have a problem  during installation15:49
ikoniachinneseproduct: ok, what's the issue15:49
ThinkT510chinneseproduct: i've never set up a lamp setup, so i'm not going to be much help15:50
chinneseproductLAMP installation15:50
ikoniayes, what's the issue with it15:50
chinneseproductLAMP installation ThinkT51015:50
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chinneseproductit fails to install  ikonia15:50
ikoniaok, can you give me the error15:50
gbzin org.gnome.desktop.thumbnailers the disable all setting says Set to true to disable all external thumbnailer programs, independent on whether they are independently disabled/enabled.15:51
chinneseproductokay ThinkT51015:51
bekkschinneseproduct: Provide the error as I told you yesterday please15:51
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chinneseproductokay bekks15:51
gbzis it possible to disable all thumbnailers?15:51
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gbzthat setting doesnt work15:51
servaasxubuntu 12.10 high cpu load for mountall --daemon, gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor, any idea to fix that the xubuntu-devel was silent about it15:51
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ikoniaservaas: #ubuntu+1 is the correct channel15:52
ThinkT510servaas: #ubuntu+115:52
servaasok ikonia15:52
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=== spadaccio_______ is now known as Lebby
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268118/15:52
ikonia!info apache2-mpm-prefork15:53
ubottuapache2-mpm-prefork (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server - traditional non-threaded model. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 55 kB15:53
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268126/15:53
DominciiI've got a 1Tb HDD mounted to /home and need to partition at least half of it to a new file system in order to install Windows, I can't seem to unmount it though, little help?15:53
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268106/15:53
bekksikonia: Yes, and the package 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.1 is an official update package from the repos, but fails to resolve dependencies correctly.15:53
bekksikonia: Thats where we got stuck yesterday.15:54
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268086/15:54
ikoniachinneseproduct: ok - so please do a "sudo apt-get update" please.15:54
chinneseproductikonia, okay let me make it15:54
gbzcan someone help me ?!15:55
stonewallWhats your problem?15:55
gbzin org.gnome.desktop.thumbnailers the disable all setting says Set to true to disable all external thumbnailer programs, independent on whether they are independently disabled/enabled.15:55
gbzis it possible to disable all thumbnailers?15:55
gbzthat setting doesnt work15:55
gbzstonewall: ^15:55
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269479/15:56
DominciiAnyone who can help with my mounting problem?15:56
stonewallI'm sorry, I am unfamiliar with the gnome environment as a whole. Hopefully someone else can be of more assistance.15:56
ikoniachinneseproduct: I think your repo is either in a broken state, or your running of cache15:58
ikoniachinneseproduct: please do "sudo apt-get install apache2.2-common"15:58
DaemonicApathyDomincii, are you going through the Disk Manager?15:58
ikoniachinneseproduct: please also eject your CDROM15:58
ardchoilleikonia: he previously had the proposed repos enabled, I helped him disable it15:58
DominciiDaemonicApathy, I'm using GParted15:59
ikoniaardchoille: thanks,15:59
ikoniaardchoille: I wasn't sure if when you put the CD back if it gets re-added15:59
delacikonia: --libdir or DESTDIR didn't help, but it's good idea to do "make distclean" time to time ;)15:59
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269486/15:59
DaemonicApathyI'm not sure if it being mounted to /home would be getting in your way, but you could try th Ubuntu Disk Utility, command "palimpsest".15:59
ikoniachinneseproduct: ok, so that's already installed, which is probably what's making the conflict16:00
ikoniachinneseproduct: can you please do "dpkg -l | grep apache2"16:00
Dominciidaemonicapathy I'm being told Daemon is inhibited16:01
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269488/16:01
ikoniachinneseproduct: ok - so you already have those products installed16:02
ikoniaI'm guessing your packages are out of sync with the cache16:02
TheLordOfTimean update of grub2 (update, not system upgrade) wouldn't prompt you for where to install it, would it?16:03
ikoniaI'd suggest removing those apache packages, clearing the cache and trying again16:03
chinneseproductikonia, that is only apache what about mysql and php16:03
ikoniachinneseproduct: one thing at a time16:03
[twisti]hello, i have not touched or read about samba in roughly ten years or so. is it today a matured server you guys would recommend for a group of mixed windows users ? or is it stilly a hacky piece of crap best forgotten about in lieu of more mature things like ftp ?16:03
DaemonicApathyDomincii, usually a reboot fixes that.16:03
DominciiDaemonicApathy, as in just rebooting my computer??16:04
ButtcherHey #ubuntu - I'm trying to make an internet kiosk, I've got almost everything down but I can't get chromium to open how I'd like it to - I would like it to be fullscreen, and I can't be able to close the browser. Does anyone here know how to do that?16:05
DaemonicApathyRight. But, for a less extreme measure, you could try "sudo umount /dev/<your hdd>" with the appropriate substitution for <your hdd>.16:05
TheLordOfTimeButtcher, run a modified version of the software?  I don't think you can eliminate the ability to exit the program entirely...  at least not easily16:06
chinneseproductikonia, am witing for you16:06
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, ikonia> I'd suggest removing those apache packages, clearing the cache and trying again  <--16:06
chinneseproductokay ikonia16:06
TheLordOfTimei think ikonia's waiting for you to do that, chinneseproduct...16:06
EweRhow to fix "sudo: must be setuid root" error on vps, without reinstalling ubuntu?16:07
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chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, why do i have to remove the apache package16:07
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, ask ikonia, that's what ikonia suggested16:07
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, i an an nginx user, not apache :P16:07
ardchoillealso: <ikonia> chinneseproduct: ok, so that's already installed, which is probably what's making the conflict16:08
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, where is ikonia  recommendation for me to remove the packages16:08
ardchoillechinneseproduct: 5 minutes ago16:09
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, i think reading your scrollbacks might be a good idea :P16:09
DominciiI'm getting the message http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269504/16:09
ritzhi, How do I build a src deb pkg, with patches . src deb -> patch applied -> debian rules -> build stops16:10
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime,  just be straight  why do i have scrollback16:10
ritzsomething akin to rpmbuild -bp16:10
DaemonicApathyDomincii, did you not sudo?16:10
* TheLordOfTime goes off to do something productive, like debugging his php5 instance16:10
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, if you know what to help me be open and not as done before16:10
ardchoille!packaging | ritz16:11
ubotturitz: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring16:11
DaemonicApathyButtcher: You can disable the menu buttons and Alt+F4 pretty easily, but beyond that, I don't know.16:11
Dominciidaemonicapathy should I be trying to open the disk manager as sudo from terminal??16:11
ritzardchoille, thanks16:11
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, i was being kind, giving you the scrollbacks of what ikonia said.  there's a *reason* scrollbacks exist.  ikonia gave you a suggested method, and a suggested possible cause, such that packages may have already been installed which therefore break things.  uninstalling, updating the apt data, and then reinstalling might fix it16:11
DaemonicApathyDomincii, "sudo umount dev/<your device here>" would be run from a terminal.16:12
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, and the problem in ikonia comment  wasnt mentioned me in that post16:12
ardchoillechinneseproduct: did you remove those apache packages, clear your cache and try again as ikonia suggested?16:12
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, so in a sense, reiterating what ikonia said, whether i copy-paste scrollbacks or not, is actually trying to help16:12
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, that's not our problem?16:12
DaemonicApathyDomincii: *sudo umount /dev/<your device>"16:12
DaemonicApathyIgnore asterisk and quote16:13
valehi everyone, I've just installe ubuntu 12.04 32bit and I can't activate th driver for the ethernet, because the system tries to download the drivers16:13
Romancedont we need a /mnt/<device> there ? oh maybe its just for mount, not umount16:14
chinneseproductardchoille, soory can i have the commmand for sync cache16:14
valethe odd thing is that when I tried ubuntu live the connection worked perfectly, but now it doesn't16:14
TheLordOfTimeRomance, every device on your system, usually, will have a /dev/ entry unless its an nfs share or something weird like that.16:14
ardchoillechinneseproduct: did you remove those apache packages?16:14
Dominciidaemonicapathy, it said the device isn't mounted16:14
chinneseproductardchoille, soory give the command16:15
ardchoillechinneseproduct: I don't know which packages you need to remove. What did ikonia say?16:15
DaemonicApathyDid you put the correct substitution for <your device>? e.g., to unmount my hard drive, it would be "sudo umount /dev/sda1"16:15
chinneseproductardchoille, i think its sudo apt-remove apache16:15
ikoniasorry - just on the phone16:15
* ardchoille would have just reinstalled ubuntu by now and solved the whole issue16:16
Dominciidaemonicapathy, according to terminal http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269515/16:16
ArcaneWaterHey wilee-nilee you there?16:17
chinneseproductardchoille, see the ikonia msg " I'm guessing your packages are out of sync with the cache"16:17
mrkuchbhihi...i am having probs  with settinp up monitors in a particular orientation..i have a laptop and another monitor is oriented on top of it...prob is that windows opened up on the laptop hide under the main menu16:17
chinneseproductardchoille,  he didnt specify  which package16:17
DaemonicApathyDomincii: Ah. In that case, you may have to do this all from an account that isn't depending on it as a home folder. The only other option would be to unmount with the -l flag, and I think that would cause problems here.16:18
ardchoillechinneseproduct: I feel you need to learn to utilize your scrollback <ikonia> I'd suggest removing those apache packages, clearing the cache and trying again16:18
mrkuchbhii.e. main menu overlaps with the windows ...so im unable to see the entire window on my laptop screen16:18
Dominciidaemonicapathy, I only have one account, should I create a new one to do this?16:19
valeanybody got a hint for my internet issue?16:19
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chinneseproductardchoille, may you please help me how to clear the cache16:19
DaemonicApathyA guest account or Live session should be good enough, Domincii.16:19
Dominciidaemonicapathy, thanks for all your help, you've been marvellous16:19
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chinneseproductardchoille, command for cache clearing16:20
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, did you uninstall the apache packages first?16:21
=== hippiehoorah is now known as bndk
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, nop16:21
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, i didn't16:21
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, you need to do that first, otherwise the older package data won't be cleared when you update the cache.16:22
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, then you need to clear the apt cache, and then update apt again16:22
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, otherwise it'll not do squat.16:22
mrkuchbhihi...i am having probs  with settinp up monitors in a particular orientation..i have a laptop and another monitor is oriented on top of it...prob is that windows opened up on the laptop hide under the main menu ..i.e. main menu overlaps with the windows ...so im unable to see the entire window on my laptop screen..how could I resolve this?16:22
mrkuchbhiim using ubuntu 10.0416:23
Dominciidaemonicapathy, the hdd appears to be the default /home location for all users16:23
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, i think you and ardchoille there is a difference with what you are telling me16:23
TheLordOfTimenot really...16:24
TheLordOfTimewe're reiterating what ikonia said16:24
TheLordOfTimebut if you don't want to fix the issue...16:24
* TheLordOfTime returns to dissecting php5's code16:24
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, ardchoille tells me that to clear the cache and you u tell me to remove the package  first and then cache16:25
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, clearing the cache is the same thing, though.  and if you read the scrollbacks, ikonia suggested removing the packages as well16:25
anderzare the amazon adds on by default?16:25
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, which one of can i follow16:25
gordonjcpanderz: in 12.10?16:26
gordonjcpanderz: yes, but that's a topic for #ubuntu+116:26
chinneseproductokay TheLordOfTime  can have the command for removing whole package16:26
Phabai have some development libraries in c, where or how to i install them? so i dont have to point my compiler at them or have the header files in the same subdirectory as source16:26
=== Amgine_ is now known as Amgine
TheLordOfTimechinneseproduct, i have to head to a dev meeting for a project I am on, i don't have the extra 12 minutes to give you the full command, and i'm actually late for that meeting :p16:27
* TheLordOfTime runs16:27
gordonjcpPhaba: they should generally come with some means of building and installing them16:27
gordonjcpPhaba: what are they?16:27
chinneseproductTheLordOfTime, am gonna wait for you till the next time cuz i don wanna want to mix up this maater16:28
ikoniachinneseproduct: looks up apt-get remove16:28
Phabasome have make files indeed, but even then they are in my Downlaods folder, i have one specifically untarred called CLmg which is for image processing but it has no make or config file or shell script16:28
Phabajust the header file16:28
chinneseproductikonia, am i correct sudo apt-remove apache216:29
ikoniaI won't respond again as you don't seem to read anything I write16:29
Phabaalso i DLed the openvas code and to compile required another 20 or so libraries, is there any easier way of getting hold of and installing these libs and i presume ubuntu comes pre-installed with them16:30
Phabasuch as16:30
Rochford77hey all, hope someone can help im having issues installing ubuntu. ive had it on my machine before, through WUBI. but id like to have a hard install on my HDD. so here is the deal. i had just set up a dual boot of Win7 and Win8 CP. i did this by: booting win7, start, right click my computer, manage, storage, disk managment, shrink c (win7, default), format unallocated space, and installing windows 8 on the "new" drive/partition. i got over windows 8 r16:30
chinneseproductikonia,  sorry  amfollowing you but others mixup me16:30
gordonjcpPhaba: what does "apt-cache search openvas" tell you?16:30
Phabalibssh, openssl, zlib, tcpdump etc16:30
api984did anyone succeed to make skystar2 s2 work on 10.04 LTS? flexcop 2,3 chip16:32
Phabagordonjcp, http://pastebin.com/Fxe8RCT916:32
ardchoilleikonia: welcome to the club :(16:32
gordonjcpPhaba: so is that what you're looking for?16:32
ikoniaardchoille: I was only half following as I was on the phone16:32
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269549/16:32
ikoniachinneseproduct: I'm not interested16:32
Rochford77is this working? lol16:33
=== entropy- is now known as [NM]entropy
ardchoilleikonia: don't feel bad, several of us have been trying for two days to help him16:33
Phabano i wanted to compile from source, and i have the source and all the extended libs needed16:33
ikoniaRochford77: yes, we can see you16:33
gordonjcpPhaba: are you aware of "apt-get build-dep" ?16:33
Phababut, when trying to compile it complained about the libs which i presumed i should already have16:33
Phabagordonjcp, no :P16:33
gordonjcpPhaba: that will get the build dependencies16:33
Phabagordonjcp, ive just been using config and makefile16:33
chinneseproductikonia its an output of this apt-get remove16:34
gordonjcpPhaba: now if you're rolling your own from source, it may not be exactly right16:34
gordonjcpbut it's a good start16:34
Rochford77cool! this is my first time on IRC can anyone help me with my issue getting a dual boot set up? noob i kno :-(16:34
Phabathanks a load16:34
gordonjcpPhaba: :-D16:34
ikoniachinneseproduct: I'm not interested16:34
gordonjcpPhaba: does that speed things up?16:34
SilightJust installed Ubuntu for the first time, or at least tried to, I'm getting what looks like a command line os instead of the promised beautiful GUI. Also, I see you Rochford16:34
gordonjcpSilight: did you install the server version, or something?16:34
ardchoilleSilight: are you getting a blinking cursor in the upper right and nothing else?16:35
chinneseproductikonia, am sorry  for that brother am lying down your knees sorry  brother  need  a help for that16:35
SilightI don't think so. I downloaded the AMD alternative16:35
gordonjcpSilight: the alternate installer uses a text-mode installer16:35
gordonjcpSilight: so you may be seeing that16:35
SilightSo, I got the wrong thing? What should I have downloaded?16:36
Phabagordonjcp, in the screenshot, should most of these libs already exist in ubuntu? i was kinda thinking it may have been my own setup16:36
ardchoilleSilight: are you getting a blinking cursor in the upper right and nothing else?16:37
gordonjcpPhaba: yeah probably, maybe not those exact versions though16:37
ArcaneWaterHello, can someone help me i am going to reinstall my os first i will installed Windows 7 and after thath i will install ubuntu for dual boot, any recommendations how to partiton disc at Windows setup to it will be good for ubuntu?16:37
chinneseproductikonia, am asking apology brother  i wont do it again  cuz TheLordOfTime  was mixing me16:37
ikoniachinneseproduct: I'm sorry, no16:37
SilightUbuntu 12.04.1 LTS ubuntu ttyl Then ubuntu login.16:37
Phabai dont think it was asking for exact versions, i was trying to compile from my home directory if that makes anything different16:37
bazhangchinneseproduct, stop targeting users. ask your question every 10-15 minutes16:37
=== intransit is now known as JesseW
gordonjcp!partition | ArcaneWater16:38
ikoniaArcaneWater: default windows partition, just don't allocate the whole disk16:38
ubottuArcaneWater: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap16:38
us32Arcane: how big is your hdd?16:38
ArcaneWaterus32 1tb16:38
chinneseproductikonia, so how can develop from linux if you are grounding  me16:38
xibalbafreebsd > ubuntu16:39
* xibalba started the flame war16:39
ikoniachinneseproduct: just ask the channel for help with your issue16:39
ikoniano other discussion is needed16:39
ikoniaxibalba: please do'nt be silly16:39
bazhangxibalba, wrong place16:39
xibalbacome on, everyone needs a little sillyness in the morning16:40
Rochford77hope someone can help im having issues installing ubuntu. ive had it on my machine before, through WUBI...uninstalled now. but id like to have a hard install on my HDD. so here is the deal....16:40
bazhang!helpme | chinneseproduct16:40
ubottuchinneseproduct: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude16:40
xibalbaikonia, lighten up16:40
ArcaneWaterSo i just make 1 partition for windows? And after thath i change for ubuntu?16:40
Rochford77 i had just set up a dual boot of Win7 and Win8 CP. i did this by: booting win7, start, right click my computer, manage, storage, disk managment, shrink c (win7, default), format unallocated space, and installing windows 8 on the "new" drive/partition. i got over windows 8 real quick, so i uninstalled it by going back to windows 7, deleting the "windows 8" partition, and expanding the c drive again to utilize the space once more.16:40
bazhangxibalba, wrong place stop it16:40
Rochford77My issue is, now that windows 8 is gone, when i boot to my ubuntu disk it displays "boot along side WINDOWS 8, replace windows 8, or advanced options" im afraid if i "boot alongside windows 8" i will loose all my "windows 7" data. can anyone confirm/deny this? im not sure why it thinks my windows 7 is windows 8...16:40
ikoniaxibalba: follow the channels guidelines please, it's a support channel, not a joke channel, or a place to try to get a flame war going, (please)16:40
chinneseproductikonia, i have been here in xchat channel since for days ago insearch of solution my LAMP installation16:40
xibalbaikonia, bazhang, you guys must be old grump farts16:40
us32arcanewater: I would recommend to create part. before installing windows16:41
ikoniachinneseproduct: I understand that16:41
bazhang!ot | xibalba16:41
ubottuxibalba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:41
ArcaneWaterus32 with gparted or what?16:41
gordonjcpxibalba: it's not morning, so pack it in with the sillyness16:42
wilee-nileeRochford77, Windows installs if not put in prebuilt partitions make boot partitions and intertwine their boot files, you may have to try the ##windows channel.16:42
gordonjcpxibalba: it's also !o4o too16:42
chinneseproductikonia, so i promise that i will follow what you tell me from now and  i wont follow what others tell me16:42
ikoniachinneseproduct: just ask the channel16:42
bazhangchinneseproduct, stop targeting users. as k the channel every 10-15 minutes16:42
chinneseproductikonia, calm down brother16:42
gordonjcpaye well16:43
us32Yeah, I got 750 "Store....for music etc..", 50 GB for Linux OS and 200 for windows16:43
=== garymc_ is now known as garymc
wilee-nileeRochford77, Best thing here would be to run the bootscript and post it otherwise we are guessing.16:44
Rochford77wilee: how?16:46
Rochford77(12:45:24 PM) wilee-nilee: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ thanks!16:46
wilee-nileeRochford77, Chances are if you had W7 then installed W8 W8 was controlling both windows boots, kind of a mess to be honest when you remove w8.  THe bootsvript is run from ubuntu install or a live cd.16:46
Rochford77willee: yes i think you are correct. windows 8 was controlling the boot of both before. i fugured that was gone now :-(16:47
xev_webHi, can I get my data back from ext4 partition after delete the partition table and create a new ntfs partition from the same disk?16:47
newbie|1Stupid question ... Aside from Shotwell, there is another program to recover pictures from a memory card, but I can't find it.  What is the name of the other program?16:48
chinneseproductxev_web, sudo su16:48
wilee-nileeRochford77, I would run that script and post it in a thread at the ubuntu forums, I used to volunteer in this area there, that is probably your best help in this sort of issue.16:48
ardchoilleNewb101: gthumb has an import feature16:48
GabarusAlso a stupid question, how much progress has been made getting Ubuntu to play nicely with tablet PC's?16:48
chinneseproductxev_web, then sudo testdisk16:49
ardchoillenewbie|1:  gthumb has an import feature16:49
newbie|1ardchoille: I'm thinking of a specific program - didn't know about gthumb16:49
newbie|1I was thinking of Gimp, but I'm sure it isn't the program I'm looking for16:49
ardchoillenewbie|1: gthumb pops up a msgbox when I plug in my usb key (full of pictures)16:50
ardchoilleno, gimp would be way overkill for that16:50
newbie|1ardchoille: I am trying to recover from a SD card16:50
wilee-nileeRochford77, This channel is excellent but a mixed up boot in windows even using grub is a bit of a stretch as far as getting knowledgeable help. Even the windows channel might be sketchy due to the cross bootloaders.16:50
=== [NM]entropyX is now known as [NM]entropy
xev_webchinneseproduct: it's possible to get my data back? from old ext4 partition?16:50
chinneseproductardchoille, may you trying to ask  apology to ikonia that wasnt my aim16:50
=== jason_ is now known as jason__
ardchoillenewbie|1: mass memory is mass memory, be it SD, usb of CF.. etc.16:50
chinneseproductxev_web, possible withe command i give try them16:51
bazhangchinneseproduct, move on.16:51
ArcaneWaterwilee-nilee i found what is wrong :D16:51
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi``
newbie|1ardchoille: Thanks, I'll look into that16:51
gordonjcpnewbie|1: make a copy of the whole card with dd16:51
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, I forget the issue.16:51
newbie|1gordonjcp: I'll see what I can do16:51
newbie|1thx everyone16:51
gordonjcpnewbie|1: something like "sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=myknackeredcard.dsk bs=4M"16:51
chinneseproductbazhang, i have a problem with LAMP installation16:51
ArcaneWaterwilee-nilee yesterday problems with grub because its not showing me Windows 716:51
=== simplexio is now known as simplex10
=== simplex10 is now known as simplexio
gordonjcpnewbie|1: if = "Input File" and should be the path to the whole device16:51
gordonjcpaw, gone16:52
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, cool what was it, besides the GPT?16:52
bazhangchinneseproduct, address the channel, not me. re ask every 10-15 minutes16:52
xev_webchinneseproduct: ty16:52
chinneseproductbazhang, okay16:52
chinneseproductxev_web, ty what does it mean16:52
ArcaneWaterwilee-nilee i messed it with install, i should do it difrren since i have one thing called UEFI, and i need to preform diffrent installation.16:52
SilightI think I have enough info to ask the right questions now. Thanks guys16:53
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, I new it had to be a specific type install, but not having experience here I was hesitant to advise, I don't want to brick anothers setup.16:53
KirejiI can do "apt-cache search foo" to search for all packages with foo in them, once I find one I'm interested, foo123, how do I get more detailed description and details on package foo123 from the command line?16:54
ArcaneWaterwilee-nilee can you recommend me how should i now partiton my 1 tb disc? For both windows and ubuntu? I am going to do fresh install now.16:54
Kirejiapt-cache show foo123  <- solution16:55
chinneseproductikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269581/16:55
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, Personally since I only use my W7 setup for just a few things I put it in a small partition, big enough though, and ubuntu the same, and have a shared NTFS for both the read and write to to exchange media....etc.16:56
xev_webchinneseproduct: testdisk: command not found16:56
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, I keep my OS in small partition, but big enough so I can clone them for any future problems.16:57
ArcaneWaterwilee-nilee and what about others for swap etc?16:59
wilee-nileeArcaneWater, for example on a 160 gig HD I have 4 OS the W7 in a 40 gig and the others since they are linux a bit smaller and a NTFS to share with the W& and linux install 4 partitions, the ntfs for windows and share are primary partitions the other 3 are logicals in a extended.16:59
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: be really careful sharing NTFS partitions with Linux16:59
M1R4G3yeah you're right17:00
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: the lack of case sensitivity will cause some deeply strange things to happen when you least expect it17:00
wilee-nileegordonjcp, why it is a stand alone I have never had a problem I don't read an write in the windows only the shared.17:00
wilee-nileegordonjcp, I see what you mean I don't edit windows from linux.17:01
wilee-nileeArcaneWater,  I use a swap in the OS that adjust with needs, I don't hibernate so this works for me a normal swap would be equal to the ram at the least.17:02
wilee-nileebasically unless you had like 8 gigs of swap and never really used it, it is for hibernate primarily, unless you are using up the ram while using the OS.17:03
kenshiroHi, I have 2 questions: 1- Could cause some problem to have other window managers installed in Ubuntu (for example, I have installed LXDE and JWM) ? 2 - I installed JWM in Ubuntu 12.04 but if choose that window manager, I see a black screen and I have to reboot and choose a different window manager. Will it be fixed? Thank you !17:03
blitzkrieg3how long does a package wait in the proposed queue til it makes -proposed?17:04
wilee-nileeblitzkrieg3, No real time span the work is done by individual teams at times so you would have to watch for it basically.17:05
wilee-nileeto many packages and possibilities, with dependencies...etc17:06
blitzkrieg3wilee-nilee: thanks17:06
wilee-nileeblitzkrieg3, Some like say a new FF update from Mozilla might move fast, but not be ported to a earlier release.17:07
novato_brhow can I make my mouse pointer glowing like that? ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jT8n9PKiFE17:08
wilee-nileekenshiro, The ubuntu unity desktop is a plugin in compiz.17:08
wilee-nileerunning on top of gnome 3 lol17:09
blitzkrieg3wilee-nilee: I'm confused by this comment17:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969343 in OEM Priority Project "Unable to connect to WPA enterprise wireless" [High,In progress]17:09
blitzkrieg33 weeks old...17:09
kenshirowilee-nilee lol17:09
kenshirowilee-nilee Ok, my doubt is: Could cause some system problem install several window managers in Ubuntu ? I mean, installing from official repos17:10
criziskenshiro, it's no problem and you can simply choose your preferred window manager from login window17:11
dydguys i've installed the latest version of ubuntu, then i resized the disk and installed on another partition WIN XP. Now it just boots with XP, how can i dual boot?17:11
wilee-nileekenshiro, NOt sure to be honest I have not messed with window managers.  The key I think is understanding how the ones stock work like in the unity desktop as it is a bit unusually set up17:12
ThinkT510!grub2 | dyd17:12
ubottudyd: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:12
crizisdyd, windows first, linux then17:12
dydcrizis, too bad i know it now :(17:12
dydthank you17:12
changes_am tryn to change my desktop resolution but can any one help??17:12
alien2050dyd: boot with live cd, then do a grub-install17:12
alien2050next time do windows first, just a good habit17:13
alien2050although better not to install win anyways ;)17:13
ubottubrandos: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:13
wilee-nileeblitzkrieg3, Looks like it says fixed in quantal the development release to be released on oct 28 hehe with a different name as well.17:13
kenshirowilee-nilee ok, thank you !17:14
blitzkrieg3right, I was wondering about the precise bit, does the sru team hold that up?17:14
wilee-nileedyd, Are you getting to XP through the grub bootloader, and what happens if it is grub when you choose ubuntu?17:14
changes_am stuck on 640 x 480 resolution its too small i cant see other button when running applications can smone pls help me on how to change?17:15
wilee-nileedyd, Ah I see you installed XP after ubuntu you just need to reload grub to the mbr.17:16
=== hp is now known as Guest5153
Guest5153hello world xoxox17:19
rushiopsomeone can help me? my ubuntu its too slow, i dont know why17:20
l3dis there a easy and safe way to remove cinnamon and every thing it installed?17:20
wilee-nilee!details > rushiop17:20
ubotturushiop, please see my private message17:20
bazhangl3d, the MINT ppa?17:20
=== t0mcat is now known as diminoten
jajatry launch top and watch process consumption17:22
wilee-nileejaja, 1671 nics in the channel you have a destination for that?17:23
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:23
neglesaksIn Soviet Russia,you get lost in channel17:25
rushiopim gettin some 60% cpu usage some times, i dont know why17:26
bekksIn Soviet Russia, the channel loses you. And now back to ontopic :)17:26
rushiopi remember some of the first versions of ubuntu demn they where fast17:26
rushiopbut now they have a lot of resources consumption17:26
OerHeks"im gettin some 60% cpu usage some times" is not bad17:27
rushiop60% on both cpus, in idle17:28
rushiopthats not good i think17:28
neglesakslook at the processes, see which on eats CPU17:28
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: building stuff from source can go hilariously wrong if it's not in a "real" POSIX filesystem17:28
kickingvegashi folks; have got 12.04 installed on an ASUS x401a laptop; finding that my wifi connection is much more stable when I disable IPv6 addressing; is this a known problem?17:28
wilee-nileegordonjcp, ?17:29
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: stuff like executable flags and case sensitivity are really important to a lot of things in Unix17:29
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: NTFS doesn't really have these, as such17:29
rushiop2 process compiz 8% and system monitor 10%17:29
MrokiiHi. One of the messages I get during boot is "starting upp armor profile" which fails. What's that supposed to mean and what are the consequences of it failing?17:30
bazhangMrokii, thats app armor17:30
wilee-nileegordonjcp, I use a shared NTFS to like have movies and docs, no symlinks. I don't read and wriye in windows from linux.17:30
Mrokiibazhang: oops, yes, "app armor". But what is this about?17:30
wilee-nileegordonjcp, The shared is a stand alone partition no OS.17:31
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor   Mrokii17:31
dr_willisMrokii:  so is the system working correctly?17:31
rushiopand some internet pages looks soo slow, im using mozilla, and sometimes the system freeze for like 1 sec17:31
Mrokiidr_willis: Yeah, apart from some apps segfaulting now and then everything works fine.17:32
rushiopmaybe i have to put on some drivers for this notebook?17:32
dr_williswhats segfaulting? i doubt if thats relatered to the apparmour warning17:32
wilee-nileegordonjcp, I know what your saying though as far as cross writing and differentials between windows and linux.17:32
Mrokiidr_willis: different apps, sometimes. Very rare. I doubt it has something to do with App Armor, just wanted to mention it. All in all, the system works mostly correct.17:34
novato_brwhy does it take so long time to dismount the partitions?17:34
Mrokiidr_willis: Just wondered if I should worry about that fail-message or if I should do something about it.17:34
wilee-nileeOff topic but the longest free fall from 122,000 feet is to go down today here is the live feed. http://www.wired.com/playbook/2012/10/red-bull-skydive-delay/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wired%2Findex+%28Wired%3A+Top+Stories%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher17:35
* OerHeks wonders do they show the moment of impact ?17:36
wilee-nileeOerHeks, They don't fearless felix for nothing. ;)17:38
MrokiiOkay, so I tried to start AppArmor manually and got this: AppArmor parser error for /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld at line 44: Could not open 'local/usr.sbin.mysqld'17:39
MrokiiPlus a message about skipping some profile and that the action "start" has failed.17:40
=== marvin is now known as Guest42709
Guest42709 leck mich17:41
wilee-nileeGuest42709, This is an english channel17:41
bazhang!de | Guest4270917:41
ubottuGuest42709: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:41
Guest42709  fick dich17:41
klaxtrhi i have already ubuntu installed on this machine, but i need to install windows 7 also as dual boot, i have the win disk what you guys recomend to do this_17:41
MrokiiGuest42709: Stop being rude, please.17:42
Guest42709 willst du ficken17:42
MrokiiCan somebody ban Guest42709 please? Thx.17:42
bazhangGuest42709, thats enough17:42
wilee-nileeklaxtr, Ideally you want the windows at the start of the disc with a correct partition numerical sequence17:42
Guest42709kann einer von euch deutsch17:43
=== amogorkon_ is now known as amogorkon
TJ-Mrokii: What does this report? "stat /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.mysqld"17:43
bazhangGuest42709, #ubuntu-de17:43
Guest42709fuck you17:43
MrokiiTJ-: stat: cannot stat `/etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.mysqld': No such file or directory17:44
TJ-Mrokii: There's the fault then!17:44
MrokiiTJ-: So I should install mysqld?17:45
MrokiiIf I knew where to find it, that is.17:45
TJ-Mrokii: hang on, I'm checking on one of mine as to what script copies that file into place17:45
MrokiiTJ-: thanks.17:46
=== david is now known as Guest73022
=== Guest73022 is now known as pelochas
giteshHello folks, nice to meet you :)17:48
giteshHow do I reconfigure my network package?  plz help..............17:49
gordonjcpgitesh: What exactly are you trying to do?17:51
TJ-Mrokii: My server has the file, but it doesn't appear to be shipped with any package. I'm guessing some script writes/copies it into place. I'm wondering if you tightened the apparmor policy to enforce when it previously was complain, which may be why it refuses to go on. That file is basically for sys-admin fine-tuning, so not strictly necessary (could be empty I guess)17:51
MrokiiTJ-: I am not that experienced with Ubuntu and to my knowledge didn't change anything regarding AppArmor or mysql or whatever that is about.17:52
TheLordOfTimeMrokii, if you need to fix that, installing mysql-server might fix it, that may include an apparmor profile...17:52
giteshgordonjcp, I have broken my network manager on ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktop17:53
TheLordOfTimeMrokii, is it just saying there's no file, or is it having a major breakage therein, where it stops working altogether for everything else?17:53
TJ-Mrokii: OK, let me work some more on it17:53
jribTJ-, Mrokii: mysql-server-5.1: /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld    on a lucid server17:53
MrokiiTheLordOfTime: I have no real problems with my system. No major breakage that I could relate to that.17:54
klaxtrwilee-nilee: you mean from gparted... i already before installing ubuntu created a partition at the begining for windows to be installed, so should i just go ahead i install windows 7?17:54
jribTJ-, Mrokii: ah but you are looking at local rules?17:54
Mrokiijrib: No clue.17:55
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changes_hello guyz need here some help on how to adjust my monitor resolution its on 640 x 480 and cant move further17:56
wilee-nileeklaxtr, It would be nice to see a screen shot of gparted just to be sure we are on the same page.17:56
MrokiiTheLordOfTime: I basically just wanted to know if that is something I need to worry about. The booting process works fine as always. I think that fail-message has been there for a long time.17:56
wilee-nilee!imagebin | klaxtr17:56
ubottuklaxtr: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.17:56
TheLordOfTimeMrokii, i've got several fail messages for processes that're nonexistent on my system, i just ignore those, if everything else is working, i'd put no true attention to it.17:56
Mrokiijrib: mysql-server is installed on my system. Oh well.17:56
TheLordOfTime, unless you really want to figure out why it might be saying that (chmod 000 permissions are on it, for instance, is one thought)17:57
MrokiiTheLordOfTime: Okay, that's all I wanted to know, thanks.17:57
klaxtrwilee-nilee:wait a sec im on that17:57
wilee-nileeklaxtr, I have to get to writing a college paper so I have only a couple of more minutes here, just a heads up.17:58
FanshaweHello again, folks. I'm still looking for a solution to my problem. I'm not sure how to safely install 'input-wacom', as compiling it takes up too much space. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get my graphics tablet to be recognised despite this?17:58
changes_can you guyz help me???17:58
TheLordOfTime!help | changes_17:58
ubottuchanges_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:58
jribMrokii, TJ-: so something must be creating those files as TJ- said.  Actually, on 12.04, for everything in /etc/apparmor.d/local/, there is a file one level up but none of the files in local/ are provided by a package  (except for the README :P)17:58
Mrokiijrib: Well, I guess I'll just ignore it, as TheLordOfTime suggested.17:59
compdocFanshawe, generally, its best not to compile your own. Although, thats not always true, if you have experience. have you tried:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom18:00
crazydipFanshawe: input-wacom should already be installed it's the package xserver-xorg-input-wacom18:00
changes_my desktop screen stuck on 640 x 480 resolution18:00
IdleOnechanges_: take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:01
FanshaweThank you compdoc, crazydip. I'll be back in a moment.18:01
klaxtrwilee-nilee: http://imagebin.org/23140518:01
giteshHow to make network connections on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS18:01
Fanshawecrazydip: xserver-xorg-input-wacom is indeed installed. Why is my tablet not recognised, then? Is there a list of packages I should have installed, or is there more to do?18:02
crazydipFanshawe: if you are not on 12.04 then you should upgrade - also in case you need a newer version that is not in the repo you may want to look into the xorg ppa on launchpad18:02
crazydipFanshawe: no idea, works for me... you should read that wiki18:02
crazydipFanshawe: it no doubt depends on what tablet you have (maybe it uses some non-standard wacom hardware)18:03
crazydipFanshawe: anyway, good luck (i need to get going)18:03
posciakhello, I'm looking for a frontend to usbmon output in debugfs. The only thing I could find was a few scripts and vusb-analyzer. I found them lacking quite a bit. Would anyone have any recommendations for a usb analyzer for usbmon output?18:03
coder27Hello. Sorry for my asking here. I've just installed lubuntu 12.04. The system is equipped with NVidia card and it is connected to the HD TV.  Fonts are unreadable. xdpyinfo says the DPI is 54x54. Xorg.conf is almost empty. Please help.18:04
qw[Russian]help me please install web money18:04
klaxtrwilee-nilee: it's done18:05
wilee-nileeklaxtr, So it looks like you have a boot partition for ubuntu not needed but thats okay, the boot flag is not needed there but actually on the sda1 for the windows install and use.  Just use the custom install in the windows install to use the sda1.  You also have a sda5 unknown is this a swap and is this all encrypted?18:05
klaxtrit is a swap18:06
FanshaweI think I've found the problem. I need to install wacom-tools.18:06
FanshaweBut it is not in any of my repos?18:06
wilee-nileeklaxtr, Actually the sda2 is to big for a boot, so just move the flag to sda1, and you should be okay, The swap is showing as unknow is this due to a encryoted setuo?18:07
klaxtrhow can i know that?... to know if its encrypted18:07
klaxtrsda2 is for OS, in any case i want to try some othe distro18:09
wilee-nileeklaxtr, You would know if you encrypted it, it is a extra process to do that. I would remake the swap by just clicking on it and remake the swap, do not delete it first as it will change the partition number.18:09
chinneseproductam looking for LAMP installation aid anybody with knowledge about it18:09
chinneseproductam looking for LAMP installation aid anybody with knowledge about it18:13
jrib!lamp | chinneseproduct18:14
ubottuchinneseproduct: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:14
cj_all_the_wayhi there! i have a fat32 formatted usb stick that i'd like to mount manually. it's listed as /dev/sdc. there is, however, no partition /dev/sdc118:14
chinneseproductyes jrib18:14
cj_all_the_wayany ideas how to mount the stick?18:14
chinneseproductjrib, yes am i18:14
jribchinneseproduct: follow that wiki page18:14
chinneseproductjrib, there is an error18:15
jribchinneseproduct: use http://paste.ubuntu.com to show us the error (include the command you ran)18:16
chinneseproductjrib, wait am pasting them to bin18:16
TheLordOfTimejrib, ping?18:17
jribTheLordOfTime: ?18:17
TheLordOfTimesee privmsg18:17
chinneseproductjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1268118/18:18
midnightcoffeeso, randomly chrome flash videos/audio will start playing really fast and at the same time mozilla flash videos will become choppy. Anyone experience this?18:18
doomlordis it possible to enter unicode characters in gedit18:19
chinneseproductsome sort of backbiting in this channel i detect it  don't  see me as fool18:19
adachow to stream audio (output) with darkice? any ideas? currently darkice is streaming my micro input instead of the sound output18:23
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pfifodoomlord, ctrl+alt+shift+u18:24
DX099hello all, is there some ongoing problem with ubuntu repos servers ?18:25
TheLordOfTimeDX099, last i checked, which was a few hours ago, no... what issues're you having?18:26
=== tina-- is now known as violetina
DX099ah solved18:26
DX099aptitude has been unable to hit on some ubuntu servers18:27
DX099it just did fine second I was posting18:27
DX099it also couldn't resolve "extras.ubuntu.com", although a ping command issued some seconds later showed that the computer could do that perfectly...18:28
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jdawg2can anyone help me figure out why my virtual midi board wont play sound18:30
jdawg2please help18:31
yxkvasti do not log in a emesene when i try18:31
michagogoyxkvast: I see you made it in.18:32
yxkvasti have tried with wrong password and then it show error, but when typing the correct password is just loading18:32
yxkvastmichaelni:  yes18:32
yxkvasti just installed "emesene" but i dont like to log in, but it does not reject, just starts to load and loop18:34
yxkvastwhy is that ?18:34
truexfan81does apt-get autoremove serve any purpose other than to break stuff?18:34
DX099 it was a flash update, don't know its purpose but certainly doesn't fix inverted colours mess18:36
aguaditoDX099, ?18:37
DX099truexfan81, sorry, I use aptitude, can't help you. I have the feeling it handles dependencies a little better than apt-get18:37
DX099aguadito, ah, I was talking to TheLordofTime, but looks like he's gone18:38
postgres_user234i am wondering if postgres 9.2 is going to be coming to the offical repo for 12.04 any time soon18:38
yxkvastit is still loading18:38
yxkvastdoesnt emesene work?18:39
Cheeryhow to change keyboard layout through terminal?18:40
jribCheery: in X?  setxkbmap18:40
truexfan81DX099: it broke my deluge torrent client, it says it can't find module "web"18:40
doomlordcan ubuntu bind key combinations to chords eg for unicode input (i've seen ctrl-shift-u00ab work.. would be nice to bind ctrl-alt-  to that or something)18:41
jribdoomlord: yes I think there's some way, though using a compose key or dead key is probably saner18:41
DX099truexfan81, did you try "apt-get check deluge" ?18:42
Cheeryjrib: how to change it back once I'm done?18:43
truexfan81wasn't aware of that command, will try it18:43
jribCheery: run it again with a different argument?18:43
jribdoomlord: ctrl-shift-u seems to be the default sequence for gtk18:43
truexfan81DX099: doesn't report anything18:43
Cheeryjrib: no, I don't know what keyboard layout specifically I have.18:43
Cheeryexcept that it's swedish dvorak18:44
jribCheery: but you've changd it already?18:44
jribCheery: setxkbmap -query18:44
Day9About 2/3 of the time, when I boot up Ubuntu I just get a single-colored screen (blue or orange) and nothing happens.18:45
SecretFireI am trying to compile a program using terminal and I get a Permission denied error18:45
Cheeryjrib: it shows that it's on dvorak variant now18:45
gordonjcpSecretFire: pastebin the error *verbatim*18:45
Cheeryoh jeah18:45
Cheerythat did it thanks18:45
DX099truexfan81, can you try to run it in CLI and poste paste.ubuntu.com ?18:46
truexfan81DX099: i fixed it18:47
DX099truemove, how ?18:47
truexfan81DX099: it was needing python-twisted-web18:47
DX099but apt-get check didn't report ?18:47
truexfan81but i'm not completely suprised since it is built from source18:47
DX099worth mentionning18:48
SecretFiregordonjcp : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1269795/18:48
DX099anyway, good for you18:48
DX099now is anyone good at Unity here ? (internals & stuff)18:48
gordonjcpSecretFire: that's not how you compile things18:48
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SecretFiregordonjcp, well it was already compiled i was trying to run the program18:49
jribSecretFire: gordonjcp is right though I guess you actually want to execute something for your class but the files are on a vfat partition and so are not executable18:49
gordonjcpSecretFire: maybe the program isn't set to be executable18:49
SecretFireoh i see18:49
gordonjcpSecretFire: VFAT doesn't really support Unix permissions properly18:49
SecretFireso i need to partition the drive18:50
gordonjcpno, just copy it across to your home directory and work on it there18:50
DX099SecretFire, most likely the drive is was not mounted with execute permissions18:50
gordonjcpDX099: quite likely18:50
SecretFirecan't i change the filesystem to ext4?18:50
gordonjcpthis is exactly the sort of thing I was talking about earlier :-)18:50
gordonjcpSecretFire: you'd need to wipe and reformat the drive18:51
gordonjcpSecretFire: but if you're cool with that, go to it and good luck18:51
SecretFiregordonjcp : yea, just got the drive so I dont have much on it18:51
wxlhey folks, how does one install an app with update-alternatives --install? specifically the precise version of xxxterm doesn't include itself on install (tho this appears fixed on quantal)18:51
jribwxl: you could always cheat and read the install scripts for the quantal version18:52
wxljrib: trying the easy route first. go.18:52
jribwxl: I don't know offhand; would have to open up the man page18:53
wxljrib: well i've looked ant i don't entirely get it18:53
DeviceZer0hello all. Right now I'm on fedora 17 with full disk encryption. I'm thinking of installing ubuntu on here. Is it possible for the ubuntu installer to detect my disks are encrypted and open them up so I can install ubuntu? I have a seperate /home partition that I would like to keep.18:53
jribwxl: should give you plenty of examples: grep -A 2 -- 'update-alternatives --install' /var/lib/dpkg/info/*18:54
SecretFiredo i need to unmount the drive before formatting?18:55
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wxljrib: you're my hero18:55
SD_EclipticaI can't set my resolution in ubuntu to higher than 1024x768 even though my monitor supports higher.18:55
jribwxl: probably checking the gnome-terminal one is the best idea18:55
DX099SD_Ecliptica, what is you graphic chipset ?18:56
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:58
DX099SD_Ecliptica, !display18:58
SD_EclipticaDX099: I'm not sure how to find that. Thanks for the link!18:58
DX099you're welcome18:58
paulus68I am behind a proxy server how do I set this up for the repositories in 12.0419:00
paulus68already applied proxy settings system wide but still not able to upgrade through terminal19:00
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:01
VonWhistlerguys, how come when i setup an alias on eth0, etho0:0 the ip address defined in eth0 section is no longer pingable, but the alias is19:01
absentbirdHello, I just upgraded by motherboard, cpu and graphics card. Do I need to worry about updating my drivers?19:02
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alakoofor the graphics at least, yes19:02
absentbirdalakoo, well for some reason my audio is not working, no device.19:03
alakoowell what do you see when looking for non restricted drivers19:04
absentbirdYou mean through the proprietary drivers? I only see my graphics card driver.19:05
absentbirdWhere do I find non restricted drivers? In apt?19:05
alakoothe propriety I think19:05
alakoohmm, usually ubuntu detects the integrated audio card by itself19:06
alakoosomeone else will probably know better19:06
absentbirdI was wondering if there was a command I could run to tell ubuntu I got new hardware and it needs to load different modules on boot now.19:06
absentbirdI am guessing it has something to do with modules anyway, since I think that is how drivers are loaded in Ubuntu. I am honestly not very knowledgable about drivers on linux.19:07
alakoodid you try alsamixer?19:07
jribabsentbird: might be worth verifying the audio works on a live cd19:07
absentbirdjrib, I did that, it does.19:08
absentbirdalakoo, No, not yet. I will try that.19:09
grandal_primehas anyone used any system76 machines?19:09
grandal_primeif so im currious about durrability of hardware19:09
nick_My display seems to crash a few seconds after I log in (most of the time). Any idea how I can fix it?19:10
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absentbirdI found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hardware/Detection19:12
alakoonick_ does it black out during boot?19:12
alakoojust wondering if it's an adapter problem19:12
sdndkalakoo: It shows my cursor and background for a second, then the whole display goes maroon.19:13
sdndkalakoo: If I reboot enough times, GRUB appears, and if I boot through GRUB it seems to work fine.19:13
alakoobut you can see everything properly until log-on, what if you stop there?19:13
sdndkalakoo: Auto-login is enabled on this machine >.<19:14
alakooyeah just asked because I once had some hardware issues that I first thought to be about software because it took a while19:15
alakoobut if I had waited at log-on screen I would've seen the problem also19:15
sdndkIs there any kind of keyboard shortcut during boot that will force grub to appear?19:19
jribsdndk: shift19:19
sdndkjrib: Thanks!19:19
genii-aroundOr ESC, depending on grub version19:20
tolmunhello ubuntu19:24
ubottumarxx: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:26
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paulus68how to update or upgrade when you are behind a proxy in terminal19:28
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shwaiilQ: I can change the backlight brightness trough system settings but not trough FN + F8 and F9 key combinations. I'm on a Clevo laptop. I've found some tips online where they mention setting "acpi_backlight=vendor" but I dont know where to do that. Any help ? tks19:29
shwaiilthe bug is reported here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1041116?comments=all19:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041116 in linux (Ubuntu) "Brightness hotkeys have no effect on Clevo laptop" [Medium,Confirmed]19:29
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hiloIs there a performance hit in terms of networking throughput using a linux system to ip_forward in place of a consumer level router (like linksys or other running DD-WRT)?19:30
trismshwaiil: that would be in /etc/default/grub, add it to the end of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and run update-grub (or just press e to edit an entry on grub to add it temporarily for one boot)19:32
shwaiiltrism: thanks for looking. So something like sudo /etc/default/grup and then press E ? or sudo vim /etc/default/grup ?19:33
trismshwaiil: sudo vim /etc/default/grub; the press e part would be for when you are actually on grub and selecting the os you want to boot19:34
TJ-hilo: if anything, it'd be faster (assuming the network side is well-tuned)19:34
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shwaiiltrism: I see! ok thanks Ill try this19:34
shwaiiltrism: how can I check the current value of acpi_backlight ?19:35
shwaiilbefore I make changes19:35
tacirusHello, how can I write a line that is highlited ina textfile into another file using bash?19:36
tacirusThe line is highlighted  with the mouse19:36
genii-aroundtacirus: right-click ...copy          in other file... put cursor where you want text, shift-insert19:37
DX099someone great at dealing with Unity nearby ?19:38
michealPWI set default_timeout=0 in my grub config but still the grub menu appears. Any ideas?19:38
tacirusgenii-around: I want to copy something and then to write it in a file but without choosing it with the mouse , instead writing it into it using bash19:39
trismshwaiil: I do not know, sorry19:39
navalastroAI ALGUIEN CONECTAO19:40
Pici!es | navalastro19:40
ubottunavalastro: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:40
shwaiiltrism: ok, so just to confirm, I just put the line "acpi_backlight=vendor" on the file, thats all right ?19:40
trismshwaiil: by default GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash", you would change it to "quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor" (or whatever kernel options you wanted)19:41
shwaiiltrism: thanks19:42
BvLI'm looking for help, I'm trying to fix a boot time kernel panic19:43
BvL- I'm unable to find the kernel panic in my log files, can anyone help with this?19:43
TJ-BvL: It may be happening too early to be captured by the syslogd19:46
BvLTJ- How would I go about filing a bug report then?19:47
SystemTyrantanybody here familiar with rolling your own packages?19:48
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novato_brhow can I rename massive files on shell? I would like to take string off from names of files19:49
TJ-BvL: for early boot crashes we generally connect a serial console to the PC (if it has a serial port) and boot with the kernel writing its messages to the serial console, so they are captured on a different machine19:49
paulus68how to update or upgrade when you are behind a proxy in terminal19:49
SystemTyrantI'm just trying to figure out how to know what deps are required by a source file?19:49
SystemTyrantan easy way that is.19:49
TJ-paulus68: what kind of proxy?19:49
michealPWUsing Ubuntu 12.04's Unity, the sound icon shows a Rhythmbox extension but it's not functional..19:50
paulus68TJ-: squid19:50
TJ-SystemTyrant: Figuring out dependencies is a case of identifying which libraries the source Makefile link in. Often that stuff will be available from the autoconf script19:50
michealPWWhen I click play nothing happens. I just get an animated spinning icon showing that it's doing something but nothing plays...19:51
michealPWAlso, when I open Rhythmbox manually from Launcher, I can't skip forward/back or pause using that volume-rhythmbox extension19:51
BvLTJ- The issue is with a laptop (macbook), using uefi and ubuntu is on an external drive19:52
TJ-paulus68: SQUIDHOST="somehostname"; echo 'Acquire::http::Proxy "http://$SQUIDHOST:3142";' | sudo tee /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01proxy19:52
BvLit was working fine with 12.04LTS but now with 12.1019:52
TJ-BvL: Ahhh. You may be able to use a USB serial link but that will depend on whether the EFI has configured a port19:53
paulus68TJ-: what do I need to enter at hostname? anything19:53
TJ-BvL: Sometimes in these cases I aim a video camcorder at the screen, and afterwards play it back in slow-motion19:53
TJ-paulus68: The hostname/IP address of the SQUID proxy machine19:54
wilee-nileeBvL, The 12.10 channel is #ubuntu+119:56
BvLwilee-nilee: thanks19:56
shwaiilQ: I've got a Killer-n 1102 Wireless card in my laptop. Unforunately my connection drops constantly, I'm 5m from the router and I've been using other devices without any issues. I'm wondering if there's something I could do to fix this ? Thanks!19:57
paulus68TJ-: I get no address associated with hostname19:59
michealPWI figured out Rhythmbox..19:59
michealPWIt was because I disabled the D-bus plug-in... So that's what that plug-in was for hehehe (blushes)20:00
TJ-paulus68: Is that from apt ?20:00
TJ-paulus68: Well you need to ensure, if you've used a hostname, that it does resolve correctly. If the hostname won't resolve, then use the IP address20:01
TJ-paulus68: e.g. on my network I have "Acquire::http::Proxy "";"20:02
paulus68TJ-: mine is
dummy_hi, does someone know how to search for single characters in vim ?20:02
paulus68TJ-: or do I need to adapt the localhost?20:03
TJ-paulus68: So you put that into /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01proxy20:03
paulus68TJ-: did that same error20:03
B0g4r7_Anyone wanna help me figure out why postfix is still directing dns queries to after I updated resolv.conf to point elsewhere and rebooted?20:04
TJ-paulus68: I think there may be a typo on your file. Can you pastebin it for us?20:04
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WeThePeoplehow to change ubuntu gui to Chinese?20:06
KrenairNautilus crashes when I tell it to burn the contents of an image20:07
h00plahHey there guys. I can't get my wifi card to work here. Dlink 525 - just installed it with the drivers found on ubuntu forums, everyone said they had great success20:08
h00plahbut when i go to system>network tools it only shows eth0 and l0 but no wlan20:09
RamtronI installed minecraft in Wine, and I have no idea how to open it. Any help?20:09
h00plahwhy did you install minecraft in wine? It's linux compatible.20:09
cx19you can run minecraft as executable java file20:09
h00plahjust double click the minecraft.jar20:10
RamtronI torrented it.20:10
h00plahyou got a minecraft.jar right?20:10
RamtronI have the windows exe20:10
cx19hooplah: my networkmanager had the same problem20:10
RamtronCould not having java be the problem?20:10
h00plahcx19: we're problem brothers D:20:10
cx19i had to restart the networkmanager :D20:10
h00plahI've rebooted buncha time20:10
cx19and now it does not autostart anymore20:10
ISTguy15do you guys know how to create an os deployment server in ubuntu server 12.0420:11
h00plahi also installed wicd but I can't find an interface anywhere20:11
RamtronWhen I click the Minecraft on my desktop, nothing happens20:11
h00plahISTguy15: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer20:11
h00plahRamtron: you do have to have java to run minecraft20:12
DJonesRamtron: Just download the minecraft.jar from https://minecraft.net/download website, it runs without problem in Ubuntu as long as you have java installed20:12
RamtronPretty sure I have Java actually20:12
RamtronBut I don't want to pay for it.20:12
DJones!piracy | Ramtron20:12
ubottuRamtron: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o20:12
h00plahIf you dont pay for it you just can't play online20:12
RamtronDoesn't matter, not the point I already have it20:13
DJonesRamtron: The channel doesn't support pirated software20:13
RamtronI just can't seem to open it20:13
cx19just pay the 20 bucks and enjoy a working copy ^^20:13
RamtronWe can pretend it's not pirated. Either way, this is more of a Wine question20:13
RamtronI don't have $20.20:13
RamtronYou gimmie $20, and I'll buy it20:13
DJonesRamtron: Its not supported here20:14
h00plahI hoep you get banned.20:14
h00plahwith the e before the p20:14
RamtronSo, how do I get this minecraft.jar to work?20:14
devinok i want someones opinion on this. do you think it is a security hazard for a user to be able to use sudo passwd root to set/change the root password to a ubuntu system20:15
mschrhello folks - have been trying to set a setting last few days.. i hate not having the Alt + [middle mouse[ resize feature20:16
wilee-nileeRamtron, You have been informed if you continue to ask for help the mods will be notified and you risk being banned, you will not get help here.20:16
mschrany ideas how to set it up so it will work in any users session?20:16
RamtronDude, that doesn't make any sense considering this is a question about Wine. You guys obviously need to grow up.20:17
DJonesRamtron: Stop asking, you've already said its pirated, its not supported here20:17
KrenairRamtron, see PM.20:17
wilee-nilee!ops | Ramtron20:17
ubottuRamtron: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!20:17
* mschr grows a pair :)20:17
wilee-nileehehe I didn't realize DJones20:18
[1]Snicers-WorkHey, it seems that after a few hours apache takes up all availbe memory and swap on my server and crashes it, any advice?20:18
mschrapache-workers limitations via httpd.conf20:19
[twisti]hello, i have not touched or read about samba in roughly ten years or so. is it today a matured server you guys would recommend for a group of mixed windows users ? or is it stilly a hacky piece of crap best forgotten about in lieu of more mature things like ftp ?20:19
SD_Eclipticatwisti: I still use samba, it's maintained and works well for me. I use it for printer and file sharing20:20
dr_willisftp mature... ;-)20:20
wilee-nilee[twisti], That is a copy and paste of your earlier post, using a defiling description will knock out a percentile of the help you will get at the least20:20
michealPWWhat are the options in /etc/default/grub that I need to make the grub menu NOT appear when the computer boots?20:20
wilee-nileemichealPW, You can shorten the timeout, but if you turn it off you will not have the benefits there if you need it to fix a problem20:21
[twisti]wilee-nilee: nobody answered before, and i reckoned nobody who cared about samba one way or another was around then. it was hours ago, its hardly like im spamming my question. im alright with missing out on the advice of the kind of people who would be insulted by my description of reality.20:22
robertzaccourwhenever I record with guvcview using my webcam to capture audio it records fine, but when recording with my voice mic the video gets jerky and sped up. Any suggestions?20:22
[1]Snicers-Workmschr, is there a tutorial for setting up apache-workers? is it enabled by default and I just set the limits in apache.conf?20:22
[twisti]SD_Ecliptica: thanks, thats good to hear, always hard to judge things you havent used in so long and remember not exactly fondly ;)20:22
michealPWwilee-nilee: Even though I set the timeout low and have Ubuntu selected by default, my wife still complains that a menu appears at all :|20:22
wilee-nilee[twisti], Your description is from your own reality and smells of a lack of cognitive development. ;)20:23
mschr[1]Snicers-Work> The common rule of thumb is: (Max desired Memory) / (Memory Usage of 1 Apache Process) = # Max Clients20:23
wilee-nileemichealPW, Just letting you know of the problem possibilities.20:23
michealPWwilee-nilee: I set GRUB_TIMEOUT=0 but still the menu appears :|20:23
dr_willistheres a hidden option in there somewhere michealPW20:24
wilee-nileemichealPW, Have you run a update-grub after adjusting?20:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:24
michealPWOh, no? I just changed the setting and then restarted LOL20:24
dr_willismichealPW:  then the changes are not being used. :-(20:25
wilee-nileehehe always run a update after tat files adjustments20:25
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
michealPWOhh haha so that's my problem then. Doh!20:25
michealPWThx :)20:25
SD_EclipticaHow can I remove/modify/reorder entries in grub2?20:25
[1]Snicers-WorkOk, my current config is prefork, do I need to remove apache2-mpm-prefork and replace it with mpm-worker mschr?20:25
kfizzI just transfered a file from one Ubuntu laptop to another (via scp), both connected to a wireless router (all wireless N), but the transfer speed was only ~1Mbps. Any obvious reason this is so low?20:25
hoontekeMy google skills are failing me today: I can PXE boot and install over the LAN the Desktop version, but what is the tidbit I'm missing for doing similar with the Server version?  Everytime I PXE Boot the netboot directory, it wants to install from the internet, not my LAN available copy of the iso.  Can anyone help?20:26
cx19kfizz: maybe driver problems. i use windows drivers with ndiswrapper and some routers does not seem to work right with that combination20:26
michealPWOhhh I get it.. etc/default/grub is read by update-grub to generate a configuration for GRUB, it's not the actual configuration hehe?20:26
wilee-nileeSD_Ecliptica, What is your final goal here exactly?20:26
wilee-nileemichealPW, yep.20:27
SD_Eclipticawilee-nilee: I want to rename the entry for one of my operating systems and set it as the default.20:27
michealPWwilee-nilee: Thx, mate. Cheers! :)20:27
kfizzcx19 I suppose that could be the reason.20:27
mschr[1]Snicers-Work> Just off the top of my head, i think the sum of all 'StartServers' is the maximum process count (i.e. shows in `ps`)20:27
cx19damnit was supposed to mean "do" not "does"20:28
cx19O_o sry20:28
wilee-nileeSD_Ecliptica, There is a app called the grub customizer that some use, depends on how much you want to know about grub really.20:28
SD_Eclipticawilee-nilee: Thanks, I'll check that out.20:28
robertzaccourwhenever I record with guvcview using my webcam to capture audio it records fine, but when recording with my voice mic the video gets jerky and sped up. Any suggestions?20:28
mschr[1]Snicers-Work> each process, be it a prefork-/worker-/event-module process, will have an individual limitation via module configs 'mpm_prefork_module', 'mpm_worker_module' 'mpm_event_module'20:28
paulus68TJ-: I have in my file Acquire::http::Proxy "";20:29
wilee-nileeSD_Ecliptica, here is a link to the UF. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166413420:29
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=== ztag100_ is now known as ztag100
TJ-paulus68: That should work. if not, there's something else on that system/network causing issues.20:30
wilee-nileemichealPW, No problem.20:30
paulus68TJ-: getting now Proxy authentication required20:30
paulus68TJ-: 40720:30
mschrAnyone got an idea of how to set back option for emulating middle-mouse click? (via left+right combined click)20:30
TJ-paulus68: There you go. Your network proxy needs authentication. I've never tried using that with apt20:32
wilee-nileemschr, http://askubuntu.com/questions/160164/how-do-i-enable-middle-mouse-button-emulation-in-12-04-lts20:32
haiQthey guys, quick issue (bet you get this a lot): i'm trying to install ubuntu 12.04 next to windows 8, and i'm not sure which partition will be the ubuntu one. i made a pic of the install step here: http://gyazo.com/47c6aabfe2e275354bf28b86567ab51e.png?134981425320:33
haiQtwhich drive will be the ubuntu one? left or right?20:33
TJ-paulus68: Ahhh OK it's easy. Just add the username and password to the 01proxy statement similar to this: Acquire::http::Proxy "http://username:password@proxyhost:port/";20:33
tozenhaiQt, dont use wubi, install ubuntu nornali on separetes partition only!!!20:34
haiQtwhat is wubi? the step i'm trying to do now?20:34
tozenhaiQt, i supposed u using wubi installer to install ubuntu next to win, dont u?20:35
mschr<wilee-nilee> thx, looks promising - ive tried gpointing-device-settings but it resets once user logs out - and then needs to be set again20:35
haiQti don't know, i just downloaded the .iso from ubuntu site and put it on a usb drive using lili usb creator20:36
paulus68TJ-: ok20:36
haiQtUbuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit <--- this is the one i downloaded20:36
mschr<wilee-nilee> didnt know the 'gsettings' command - is it a new util for administration in gconf?20:36
tozenhaiQt, the best way to how to install ubuntu properly is to chose installation option "Something else"20:37
k1gwbIs it obvious to anyone what I am doing wrong? This is from my /etc/fstab. When I mount -a it says "Line 12 is bad" which is this: //\ Drive /home/greg/G-Drive cifs credentials=/home/greg/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,noauto,rw 0 020:37
crazydiphow do i send packages build in Launchpad to debian upstream? i have been asked to do so by a debian maintainer20:37
wilee-nileehaiQt, WE define drive as a hard drive the picture you show is on one HD and would split it. If you want these installs an seperate HD's you need to use the something other option a manual install.20:38
michealPWhaiQt: You're doing fine. That's the partition resize utility... You're resizing an existing hard-drive partition and creating free-space that can be used to create a second partition.20:38
mschrklgwb missing option parameter '_netdev' which will delay mount until network is up20:38
michealPWhaiQt: The partition on the left side is your existing partition, likely the one with Windows on it. The partition on the right isn't created yet, it's the free-space that will be created once you shrink that partition.20:39
haiQtoh okay, that's easy then20:39
haiQtwhy can't i do it that way? it seems it's frowned upon or something?20:39
wilee-nileehaiQt, Do youn have the windows backed up?20:39
haiQtnot really but it's a fresh install (formatted yesterday)20:40
haiQtbut i'd rather not have to go through installing all adobe apps & IDE's again20:40
haiQttakes a while20:40
michealPWhaiQt: One thing I would suggest, though.. Is use Windows to resize your Windows partitions, not Ubuntu.20:40
michealPWEsp. if you're using WIndows 7 or WIndows 8.20:41
wilee-nileehaiQt, You should always be backed up that install had a lot of updates, if something goes wrong you will have to do it again.20:41
k1gwbSorry, closed in error, if anyone said anything about the mount line in my fstab :/20:41
haiQtok so the safest thing to do right now is to go back into windows and create a small partition (around 15-20GB) to install ubuntu on?20:41
mrhubrisjeAre there any good DNS alternatives out there in comparisson to my ISP's?20:42
michealPWWindows 7's Storage snap-in can resize ("Shrink") a volume very well. Use that to shrink your volume and create some free-space, say 100gb. Then restart the computer with your USB Ubuntu LIveCD and install Ubuntu to that free-space. Ubuntu should find it and use it automatically.20:42
abaraticanWhere would I put a line to autostart a program when X starts?  (before logging in)20:42
michealPWmrhubrisje: There's openDNS (Search google) but as far as "better", if by "better" you mean speed you wont find anything faster than your current ISP's DNS server, I would imagine :P20:43
michealPWSince your ISP's going to assign one based on your geographic location.20:43
k1gwbmrhubrisje: google has some public dns servers, there's also and which are good20:43
mrhubrisjeI found Comodo, Open DNS and Google DNS. but i'm wondering if they are any that i can trust with my "behaviour"20:44
k1gwbmrhubrisje: and are Google's https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/20:44
guntbertk1gwb: did you see :  mschr > klgwb missing option parameter '_netdev' which will delay mount until network is up  ?20:44
=== greylurk_ is now known as greylurk
mschrhaiqt IMO the best partition setup is [128MB /boot] + [RAMx2 GB swap] + [20GB+ /] (optionally [XGB /home[)20:45
mschr /boot and swap being primary partitions20:45
gabrielukhi, what is the command to unistall virtual box?20:46
bits8mybyteshmm why so low on boot?20:46
mschrbits8mybytes 5 kernels ~= 100 MB20:46
michealPWWhat is the benefit to having so many partitions all on a single mechanical drive, though? :\20:46
bits8mybytesI thought swap beyond 4Gig was uneccesary20:46
wilee-nileemschr, boot partitions are hardly never needed.20:46
bits8mybytesbecause above 4gigs of ram you probably don't need swap20:47
michealPWExcept the /home, which makes sense to mount /home from a completely seperate mechanical drive for extra capacity.. Otherwise I don't see a benefit?20:47
bits8mybytesor a large swap that is20:47
wilee-nileemasturbation, Change your nick that is offensive20:47
[twisti]what about that is offensive ?20:47
[twisti]its a perfectly normal thing20:47
bits8mybytesnot if your a good christian20:48
bits8mybytesor a good muslim20:48
wilee-nilee!ops | masturbation20:48
ubottumasturbation: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!20:48
mschrwilee-nilee its best option if youre going to deploy a [ / ] via imaging software20:48
bits8mybytesI don't know what other relgions dislike masturbation20:48
[twisti]yeah, total emergency!20:48
novato_brwhat is the question of day?20:48
cx19i think the scientologists dislike fapping too20:49
guntbert!ot | bits8mybytes [twisti] cx1920:49
ubottubits8mybytes [twisti] cx19: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:49
tony_I have a dual boot on 2 discs, ubuntu and Xp. Updating to ubuntu11.10 lost Xp disc. How do I recover20:49
* mschr thinks question of every day is: will i get layed :)20:49
novato_brI can't get help here. I solved my own question. So I would like help other people20:49
overcluckermichealPW: what if / becomes full to capacity because of user data?20:49
masturbationits like going against our nature.20:49
novato_brtony_, you must recovery the grub20:49
bits8mybytesI like the idea of having / on a separate drive20:49
guntbertmasturbation: drop that discussion please20:50
michealPWoverclucker: If you've hit a capacity limit, that's that.. Hense my question. Why partition a single mechanical drive so many times.. What are the benefits? (Unless you have multiple drives, then it makes sense to expand capacity..)20:50
tony_How do I recover grub20:50
bits8mybytesand or a separate partition20:50
bits8mybytesI would say if you use LVM20:50
k1gwbmschr guntbert: no I hadn't thanks. However, I just added the line and am trying to mount -a to mount it. Haven't rebooted so the network has been up the whole time. Will add that now though.20:50
bits8mybytesthen partition boot20:50
bits8mybytesand lvm the others20:50
bits8mybytesLVM is the way to GO!20:51
novato_brtony_, just a sec20:51
bits8mybytesLVM wooo!20:51
wNdude. i highlight on lvm and you're killing me20:51
mschrklgwb here's a nice walkthrough http://www.swerdna.net.au/susesambacifs.html#fstab20:51
k1gwbmschr: thanks will check it out20:51
=== ztag100_ is now known as ztag100
bits8mybyteswN sorry for the noob question what does highlight on LVM mean? you are part of the dev team?20:53
overcluckermichealPW: when / becomes full to capacity, services don't start properly, separate partitions help prevent that possibility. also, /home can easily be shared between different installations.20:53
wNbits8mybytes: whenever anybody says 'lvm' in irc, i get a notification20:54
k1gwbThe fstab issue was that I had tried using G\ Drive and G%20Drive and was unaware the proper escape character is \04020:54
mschroverclucker michealpw a full / can potentially bring your system down20:54
guntbertbits8mybytes: no, he told his client to do that20:54
bits8mybyteswN oh haha sorry I just really like lvm big fan20:54
k1gwbfrom the link that mschr sent. thanks20:54
wNme too20:54
michealPWThat doesn't make any sense... if / gets too full and you have a single mechanical drive, what difference does it make20:54
mschrklgwb good to know =)20:54
im_not_masturbatis it possible to redirect google.com to another page for the wifi leecers just with apache?20:55
bits8mybytesI have a 8 terabyte media server with 4 encrypted hds on one lvm20:55
michealPWIf you've run out of space you've run out of space. Nothing but another drive is going to change that?20:55
guntbertgabrieluk: that depends on how you installed it20:55
haiQtwhile installing on a partition, which type should i use? ext4?20:55
michealPWI go with ext420:56
gabrielukguntbert, i dk, how can i check it? it might be a ppa or a deb pkg20:56
michealPWjournling ftw! :)20:56
bits8mybytesyeah ext4 is good20:56
wNbits8mybytes: you have me beat by 3tb20:56
haiQtand mount point?20:56
guntbert!rootirc | im_not_masturbat20:56
ubottuim_not_masturbat: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.20:56
bits8mybyteswN: :) I even swapped one of them out when it had a bad sector using dd...for file servers you can't beat linux too bad everyone's head is in the cloud20:58
haiQtand what do i choose for Device for boot loader installation? my entire hard drive or the win8 one? or the ubuntu one?20:58
wNbits8mybytes: you can use lvm on cloud20:58
overcluckermichealPW: how does it not make sense? partitions can become full without the entire drive becoming full. partitions are a limiting mechanism for where data is stored.20:58
guntbertgabrieluk: if from some repo, then just    sudo apt-get remove virtualbox<tab>    (to autocomplete)20:58
wNbits8mybytes: why not join #lvm?20:58
bits8mybyteswN: just did20:59
gabrielukguntbert, <tab>?20:59
tony_Anyone know how to recover grub21:00
mrhubrisjewhat DNS would you use to access the pirate bay?21:00
WHOisAmanda_i am having a issue installing chromeium in 12.0421:00
mrhubrisje(or is that a not allowed question?)21:00
jrib!grub | tony_21:00
ubottutony_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)21:00
WHOisAmanda_the error21:00
gabrielukguntbert, what does it mean that?  sudo apt-get remove virtualbox<tab>    (to autocomplete)21:01
gabrielukis that a typo?21:01
guntbertgabrieluk: you type the first part and where I wrote <tab> you press the tab key21:01
guntbert!tab | gabrieluk21:02
ubottugabrieluk: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:02
gabrielukguntbert, also, if i install with a debian package, what is the way to unistall? can i just remove manually the folder?21:02
gabrielukgreat <tab> did the jogb21:02
guntbertgabrieluk: in any case please see http://askubuntu.com/questions/22200/how-to-uninstall-a-deb-package21:03
WHOisAmanda_any help21:04
gabrielukguntbert, ok, great, synaptic does the job. another question, if install with a ppa do i have it on synaptic also? does synaptic holds all apps in the system including libs etc?21:06
gabrielukguntbert, oh yeah, i see now, it hold everything21:09
diverdudeHow do i make it so that i dont have to write my password when ssh'ing a server? Do i need to put my public key somewhere on the server?21:12
jrib!ssh | diverdude21:13
ubottudiverdude: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)21:13
err-ordiverdude: the remote ssh server needs to know your pub key21:13
jribdiverdude: use ssh-copy-id21:13
TJ-diverdude: "ssh-copy-id <remote-server>" will copy your public certificate to the the remote server21:13
julieny aurait t il un petit français21:13
jrib!fr | julien21:13
ubottujulien: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:13
shwaiilQ: There's a program that I download as a package, has one executable file. Where should I place the extracted folder ? Thanks! Also what to do to put in the sidebar tks21:14
mschrdiverdude for a lil more info21:16
mschrdiverdude ssh-keygen && scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa remote_host:~/.ssh/$USER_key && ssh remote_host 'cat ~/.ssh/$USER_key >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2'21:16
michealPWoverclucker: Hrmm so.. If / is say 20gb and /home is 80gb.. If /home reaches 80gb, / is still fine and the OS is bootable without problems?21:16
michealPWoverclucker: Is that what you mean?21:16
jribdiverdude: note mschr's command also copies your private key which you may not want21:17
overcluckermichealPW: yup21:17
michealPWI see..21:17
michealPWTouche.. Good argument :P21:17
michealPWI find a lot of times my / is ballooning in size far faster than /home 'cause I install everything I find that sounds interesting on Ubuntu Software Center (rofl)21:18
eilyxwhy is the gui updater app showing me kernel updates when the apt-get upgrade is telling me it's holding packages back21:18
jribeilyx: kernel won't get upgraded unless you do: apt-get dist-upgrade21:19
michealPWI set aside 200gb for my entire, single-partition / though21:19
jrib!dist-upgrade | eilyx21:19
ubottueilyx: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.21:19
michealPWSo I don't think I'll have any capacity issues 'cause I use WIndows for Gaming, which has 1.3tb hehe!21:19
overcluckermichealPW: also, /usr and /var can become filled up easily so separate partitions for those is also popular21:19
eilyxjrib, no that is not a dist upgrade it is the update manager that is tellingme i have packages waiting21:20
michealPWoverclucker: So that answers my question about freeBSD.. When I tried freeBSD (Admittedly awhile ago now..) it strongly encouraged me to create a whole bunch of partitions21:20
jribeilyx: right, so install the kernel upgrade if you want it.  If you prefer to use the command-line, then do « apt-get dist-upgrade »21:20
michealPWWhich I did. It was just easier to do what it said than try to go against the current haha21:20
michealPWI never knew the benefit, though21:21
eilyxjust what is a dist-upgrade21:21
jribeilyx: read what ubottu said21:21
michealPWBesides scalability. I think it would be neat to be able to swap-in/out drives, having the system's filesystem seperated the way it is I think that wouldn't be too difficult21:21
michealPWWith the windows-style it would be a real chore haha21:21
shwaiilQ: I've installed a program on /opt and I want to create a shortcut on the left sidebar of unbuntu 12.04, how to do that ? Tks21:22
eilyxjrib, how is a kernel update considered a dist-upgrade?21:22
michealPWI don't understand why some Linux distros like Fedora have a /run/media/username and populate userland-filesystems in there while debian and ubuntu use a /media.21:23
bekksshwaiil: Start the program, it will have an icon on the left panel, the right click on that panel, and select "Lock to launcher".21:23
jribeilyx: the way a new kernel is delivirede is by changing the dependency of the "linux-image-generic" package.  Apt-get won't install packages because of a changed dependency unless you issue a "dist-upgrade"21:23
michealPWAlso the /usr is different in a lot of different linux systems. Crazytown!21:23
michealPWIt plays awful games with my poor memory ;(21:23
trismshwaiil: create a .desktop file for the app in /usr/share/applications/ (bekks, that won't help without a .desktop file)21:23
shwaiilbekks:  thanks a lot for looking! I really appreciate it21:23
shwaiiltrism: tks for looking. A .desktop file ?! :Z21:23
bekkstrism: I never created a .desktop file when locking applications to the launcher.21:24
eilyxjrib, oh ok. thanks21:24
trismbekks: they won't stick if the app doesn't have one21:24
shwaiilbekks: after restarting the icon is still there ? cool21:25
shwaiilin my other laptop I had a different version of ubuntu, older and its much better, this new one sucks 12.0421:25
shwaiiltop left corner I used to have applications etc21:25
bekksshwaiil: trism is right, you need a .desktop file. I just checked it, and apparently all apps I locked have .desktop file :)21:25
thesebhow remove NUMBERING from my unity icons?21:27
thesebI don't know what happened but now my trash can has a "t"21:28
theseband my other icons have "1", "2", "3", etc.21:28
trismshwaiil: if you check out the ones already in that directory you should get the general idea, or if you have gnome-panel install you can use gnome-desktop-item-edit to create one21:29
theseblemmie see if log out will fix21:29
shwaiilwhy did they make this so difficult21:30
shwaiilwow :P21:30
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.21:30
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mschrdiverdude jrib yea, you'd better be using the id_rsa.pub - and delete the temporarily copied file after placing it to remote users authorized_keys221:32
paoloumalihelp guys, which channel is for aws  ubuntu stuff?21:33
crazydipmichealPW: i personally like the official Linux Directory Hierarchy Standard - and I *love* this simple LDHS graph reference: http://imagebin.org/23143021:34
zykotick9paoloumali: aws?21:34
paoloumalii'm always sent to name space21:34
paoloumalican i ask web server questions here?21:35
crazydippaoloumali: i believe this is your channel to ask21:35
paoloumaliok, default root in ubuntu ec2 instance is ubuntu and im setting up a web server lamp21:36
paoloumaliwhat's best practice? create my own account?21:36
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
paoloumaliif i create a user account, should i ssh with that user account, or its just the same if i log in with root, then login as the user?21:37
michealPWcrazydip: I don't understand the difference between /usr/local/bin and /opt/bin21:37
crazydippaoloumali: yes, you should create an account, then after checking if it works, disable root ssh login21:38
paoloumaliif i disable the root, then who will be able to do admin tasks then?21:38
michealPW/opt/ is a rarely (Well I guess not rarely, but in the distros that I use it's rare) structure it seems. To me /opt/ makes sense, its optional software.. To me /usr/bin doesn't make sense 'cause what software is multi-user like that really?!21:38
crazydippaoloumali: what you are after server security - whether aws or not it's all the same21:38
michealPWI mean, what software would need /usr/michealpw/bin and /usr/crazydip/bin haha I don't get it? :\21:39
crazydippaoloumali: i did not say disable root, i said disable ssh root login21:39
zykotick9michealPW: one difference.  thins in /usr/local/bin are supported in #ubuntu, things in /opt are not ;)21:39
michealPWzykotick9: Hah! Interesting..21:39
jpdspaoloumali: Root isn't enabled on Ubuntu anyway.21:39
paoloumaliI see. so the best practice is just use a user account and then sudo when needed21:39
jpdspaoloumali: Yes.21:39
paoloumalibut for user to do sudo21:40
overcluckermichealPW: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/21:40
paoloumalihe mush have that right21:40
jpdspaoloumali: Yes.21:40
paoloumaliadding him in admin group21:40
paoloumaliautomatically add him to sudoers?21:40
jpdspaoloumali: Now 'sudo' group.21:40
michealPWThx, overclucker ;)21:41
paoloumaliwhen i add him in sudo group: he will be like admin when he sudoes then21:41
crazydipjpds: are you sure it's not  enabled in aws? some providers enable root in ubuntu server21:41
michealPWHow does Fedora use su -c 'yum intall somePackage'? I tried on Ubuntu and that doesn't work, I need to use sudo? :\21:41
michealPWConfusing haha21:41
michealPWsu -c seems to log-in as Root temporarily..21:41
crazydipjpds: nevermind, i just found out it's disabled but sudo is apparently passwordless21:41
michealPWSudo iunno wth's going on 'cause I enter my own user's pw :\21:42
jpdscrazydip: It's not.21:42
zykotick9michealPW: simple rule, don't use su on ubuntu21:42
michealPWhaha zykotick9. I know, but I want to learn :P21:42
zykotick9michealPW: also if you looking for info on directories "man hier" for some info21:42
michealPWWhy's the difference, really? On Fedora I added my user to the sudoers file so I could sudo like I do on Ubuntu haha21:42
michealPW'cause that way my wife could just type her password in to do things instead of also remembering root's pw ;)21:43
ziggyzeroHi. Does anybody know of a DLNA server that runs from CLI?21:43
crazydipmichealPW: and just for the record, there is not such thing as /usr/<username>/bin - just /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin :D21:44
michealPWThat's why /usr doesnt' make sense to me though21:44
hdoncrazydiamond, i've always maintained a ~/bin21:44
hdonalmost every system i've ever had an account on had a bin dir in my home21:45
=== cesar is now known as Guest43693
crazydiphdon:  not yet diamond, just dip for now :D21:45
postgres_user234does anyone know when postgres 9.2 will find its way to the offical repo?21:45
hdoncrazydip, sorry21:45
crazydiamondhdon: sorry, but what have I asked?21:45
hdoncrazydiamond, nickcomplete miss21:45
crazydiamondoh ok21:45
[1]Snicers-WorkI enabled the mpm-worker for apache but now it says I don't have access to index.php21:45
[1]Snicers-WorkAny ideas why?21:45
hdon1,590 users will do that to you21:46
michealPWreadign those manuals now, brb :P21:46
crazydipyes, ~/bin is for the individual user - no such thing as /usr/hdon/bin :D21:46
hdoncrazydip, well, you coudl make it, if you wanted21:47
shwaiilQ: I've got a Killer Wirless-n 1102 installed automatically by ubuntu 12.04 LTS. My connection drops at least twice or more every 20m. I'm wondering if there's a way to fix this ? Thanks! I'm 5m from the router21:47
shwaiiland this wireless device is supposed to be "good" :P at least was expensive21:47
crazydipshwaiil: it may be the router settings - i had something similar it had something to do with a stupid outdated router check that was used for backward compatibility with windows, but i don't remember what exactly21:49
zykotick9hdon: fyi if you create a ~/bin and logout/backin it will automatically be added to your PATH21:49
shwaiilcrazydip: hi! i got the same card ? Well all other computers worked just fine... this is a new one... no one ever complained, even running older ubuntu versions with older computers21:49
shwaiilAR9462 Wireless Network Adapter - this is what i've got as driver for the killer wireless-n21:50
hdonzykotick9, i've never seen that. always added it in my shell profile myself21:50
zykotick9hdon: that is redundant ;)21:51
hasharhello there. Anyone familiar with upstart please ?  Igot  a job defined in /etc/init/foobar.conf  but   `start foobar` just says it is unknown.  I got no log in  /var/log/{daemon.log,debug,syslog}  :-(21:51
hdonzykotick9, apparently so!21:52
crazydipshwaiil: sorry, could not find a solution for you and i don't have any experience in network card problems21:54
shwaiilCrazyEddy: fine tks ;D21:56
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ceed^is it possible to set it so that you toggle minimized and open when you click a program icon in the dash? The only thing that happens now is that the program is given focus, but when you click again nothing happens.21:59
ceed^Sorry, didn't mean dash, but the launcher22:00
Dr_willisceed^,  i think ive seen some  ways to do that.. but never really looked into it. the webupd8 and omgubuntu blog sites may mention how to do it.22:00
Benkinoobyhi, i want to adjust a directed antenna. is there a software that i can use to measure signal strength (with high time resolution)?22:01
ceed^Dr_willis: Thanks, I will look there and see if I can find it. I wonder why that isn't default behavior.22:02
Dr_willisceed^,  because its now how they see peopld doing their workflow i guess.22:02
TimothyAhow do I check what's thrashing a harddisk when there is nothing in iotop?22:02
Dr_willisI rarely minimize windows these days.  I tend to fullscreen them all and alt-tab around22:03
klopDid anyone has ever had problems with arrow keys?22:03
ceed^Dr_willis: Ah ok, I guess I'm old fashioned. i hardly ever maximize programs and use Alt-Tab once a week maybe.. :)22:03
klopIn ubuntu... I have a fresh install and my arrow keys dont work22:04
Dr_willisceed^,  unity has all sorts of hotkeys to jump about from differnt windows..22:04
_alpha_hi all - I've been trying to fix some graphics issues but now I can't get past the login screen (just bounces me back to login); however the guest session works fine22:04
_alpha_what do I do?22:04
TimothyAthis is really starting to piss me off -_-22:04
TimothyAit just disktrashes randomly for no reason22:04
klopWhat is?22:05
Dr_willisceed^,  in 12.10 i think theres some sort of previews for the windows from the launcher,  so minimizing is just the kind of thing ya dont do a lot.22:05
TimothyAand iotop says nothing is using the disk22:05
Dr_willisklop,  dont work in what app? do they work in the console?22:05
ISTguy15do you guys know how to make an ubuntu deployment server that can deploy windows and linux22:05
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klopthey don't work in bios when booting and don't work in Ubuntu at all22:05
klopbut a USB keyboard works fine22:06
Dr_willisIf they dont work in the bios.. it sounds like a hardware issue.22:06
TimothyAhere, again.22:06
klopbut they worked in windows before I installed Linux22:06
TimothyAit goes disk trashing22:06
TimothyAwhile there is NOTHING showing up in iotop22:06
grandal_primegrrrr pidgin-sip not working with lync22:07
klopAny idea what the issue might be?22:07
ISTguy15klop wats ur problem22:07
ceed^Dr_willis: I'm actually running 12.10 beta on this laptop. I haven't noticed much difference in the launcher yet22:07
Dr_willisklop,  try some differnt live cd/disrtos see if it works in any of them, check the console, see what 'dmesg' output is when you hit the keys..22:07
kloparrow keys not working22:07
klopafter a fresh install of Ubuntu22:07
ISTguy15not working at all22:07
ISTguy15or just in ubuntu22:07
klopit worked in windows before installing Linux22:08
ceed^klop: You sure you have the correct keyboard setup?22:08
crazydipcan someone please point me to a "for total idiots" explanation of what index is in git? i just don't get what the point of it is - i use bzr (and svn in the past)22:08
ISTguy15does it work in windows now and the bios?22:08
klopDoesn't work in bios neither.22:09
ISTguy15ok if it is an external keyboard it is probably broken or u messed a config up22:09
klopI do have the correct keyboard set up. all the other keys are working fine22:09
ISTguy15ok then it sounds like a hardware problem22:09
klopwhere can i find the keyboard config file?22:09
crazydipwe'll if it's not working even in the bios then the keyboard is either broken or something wacked in bios settings22:10
crazydipklop: ^^22:10
ISTguy15if it doesn't work in the bios and every other key works its hardware22:10
klopHmmm will have to play a bit more in bios then...22:10
ISTguy15reset ur bios by moving ur jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 then back22:10
ceed^klop: Dash > Keyboard Layout22:11
ISTguy15and if u still have the problem get a new keyboard and try22:11
klopthank you for help you all! My wife is getting annoyed with typing so it's time togo to sleep22:11
crazydipceed^: but his keyboard does not even work in bios, so it's not an ubuntu issue22:11
klopI will try that...22:11
ISTguy15yea its hardware22:11
ISTguy15just try a new keyboard22:11
klopthanks ... night night you all.22:11
crazydipISTguy15: or some insane bios setting :D22:11
bigbillI just setup a ubuntu file server for a small office and put it on the network. Now I want to be able to log in from home, but I'm lost on where to go from here. Any suggestions?22:11
ceed^crazydip: I see that now. Sounds like a hardware issue then22:11
crazydipnight klop22:12
Dr_willisbigbill,  learn to use ssh so yuou can ssh in to it?22:12
ISTguy15yea dip it could be but that doesn't sound like it is possible22:12
ISTguy15but it could be computers do get out of wack like that22:12
bigbillyes I have putty open in another window now22:12
ISTguy15do you guys know how to make an ubuntu deployment server that can deploy windows and linux22:12
crazydipbigbill: setup ssh server (sshd) on the ubuntu file server and you can login from wherever you want, so long as you have network access to it (internet)22:13
gordonjcpbigbill: you'd need to open a port on the firewall in your office, to allow you to ssh22:13
bigbillI can access from within the lan, but how to I access it from outside the lan?22:13
gordonjcpbigbill: or if you feel brave, set up a VPN22:13
gordonjcpbigbill: look up port forwarding22:14
ISTguy15bigbill: you need to go into ur router and port foward ur ip with port number 22 (if that is ur ssh port)22:14
ISTguy15the default is port 22 for ssh22:14
ISTguy15have any of you guys played with ubuntu 12.1022:15
ISTguy15i dont really see too many changes except for the kernel update22:15
bigbillOk so open a port on the router then I can see my ubuntu box? What security upgrades should I look into?22:16
=== Snake is now known as tpe
ISTguy15can you elaborate on that more what do you mean by security upgrades22:16
crazydipISTguy15: news items on 12.10 changes: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/tag/quantal22:16
ISTguy15thanks crazydip ill check into it22:17
crazydipbigbill: port forwarding explained: http://www.howtogeek.com/66214/how-to-forward-ports-on-your-router/22:17
bigbillwell i don't want someone to hack into the system. so what should I do as far as security?22:18
ISTguy15change ur default ssh port to something else then foward that port, give ur system a static ip (internal of course), and make a complex password22:18
ISTguy15then you should be good22:19
ISTguy15thats all the security you should need22:19
bigbillok, cool, thanks for the help22:19
gordonjcpISTguy15: you don't need to change your ssh port22:19
gordonjcpbigbill: leave your default ssh port alone, it'll only confuse matters22:20
ISTguy15if u change the ssh port then people wont find it out as easy22:20
ISTguy15the default ssh port is 2222:20
gordonjcpISTguy15: yes, but you don't need to change it on the server22:20
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crazydipbigbill: from most secure to least secure 1) don't port forward, setup a VPN instead (lots of work) or 2) port forward and setup ssh key's and don't allow password logins (little work) or 3) make sure you have a crazy good password (least work). of course #3 should still be pretty darn secure22:20
gordonjcpjust set something else as the external port when you forward it22:20
ISTguy15you dont but you can change it for better security22:20
ISTguy15he was looking for a way to be most secure22:20
gordonjcpISTguy15: it makes no difference to the security22:20
gordonjcpISTguy15: it's a bad idea to use anything other than the standard SSH port on the server22:21
ISTguy15you have to know the port number to access ssh through ssh22:21
crazydipbigbill: don't change your ssh port, it makes no difference to security since a simple scan will reveal you changed it anyway22:21
gordonjcpISTguy15: it *does* help to forward it to an "unusual" port on the WAN-facing side of the router22:21
ISTguy15yea but u have to put more effort into the scan22:21
gordonjcpcrazydip: eh, I've found it quietens things down a bit22:21
gordonjcpcrazydip: it keeps the really lazy skript kiddies out22:22
crazydipgordonjcp: aye22:22
bigbillright, a port sniffer is a pretty basic intrusion tool, a vpn sounds like fun, but would probably take away from my real work too much22:22
ISTguy15you could scan me and find none of my ports because my network firewall stops you22:22
ISTguy15linux is powre! :)22:22
gordonjcpbigbill: it's not actually that hard, particularly if you use pptp22:22
gordonjcppptp isn't massively secure22:23
gordonjcpit's "good enough" but if someone is suitably determined they can probably find a way in22:23
crazydipgordonjcp, bigbill : if you intend to use password on server, a much better option than changing port is to setup fail2ban22:23
ISTguy15thats a lot more involved a strong password will be good enough22:23
gordonjcpbigbill: tbh if you were using pptp and I wanted to crack my way into your network22:24
bigbillso a failed password attempts bans that ip?22:24
crazydipbigbill: yes, and you set how many failed attempts and for how long the ban lasts22:24
Num83rGuyI have a D-Link DWL 520 wireless card that is recognized but has no MAC address and receives no stations. Could anyone help?22:24
ISTguy15wow i didn't know about that i might get that22:24
gordonjcpbigbill: I'd probably eschew actually fiddling around spoofing my way into your pptp vpn, and simply bundle you into the back of a van and apply a length of hydraulic hose to the soles of your feet, repeatedly ;-)22:24
gordonjcpthis is generally accepted as the most effective route to gain access to any network22:25
ISTguy15its actually not hard to get into a pptp vpn22:25
gordonjcpISTguy15: yeah, you just kidnap an admin and torture them a bit22:25
gordonjcpit's pretty quick and easy22:25
ISTguy15haha ok22:26
bigbillhaha, well, now i have a couple of things to read about at work all day tomorrow22:26
crazydipISTguy15: fail2ban kills those chinese and russian script hack bots pretty quickly22:26
gordonjcpcrazydip: yup22:26
ISTguy15good luck22:26
ISTguy15so i guess no one has a solution to my question22:27
Num83rGuyI am trying to figure out if I need to do more or if the card is bad or other.22:27
Simbaaanyone knows about free shell provider ? i want to make a eggdrop please help22:27
crazydipNum83rGuy: how to get it working: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146564/how-do-i-get-a-d-link-dwl-g520-working22:28
crazydipISTguy15: what was your question?22:29
ISTguy15my question was do you know how to make an ubuntu deployment server that can deploy windows and linux22:29
TimothyAthere is NO DISK ACTIVITY22:30
TimothyAyet it's trashing the disk22:30
Num83rGuycrazydip: Thanks I will try that.22:31
_alpha_can anyone spot anything here: http://server1.tfountain.co.uk/xsession-errors.txt that might explain my X crash upon login? it just bounces me back to the login screen22:32
_alpha_that's my .xsession-errors file22:32
_alpha_if I login as guest it works fine22:32
ISTguy15alpha: are u running ubuntu22:33
=== owner is now known as Guest56844
ISTguy15alpha: ubuntu cant run the x windows interface with root22:33
ISTguy15it is a security hazard22:33
rainbowwarrior2hi, does anyone know a good mkv player for Ubuntu 12.04 as with vlc and others they skip please ?22:33
_alpha_that file is from my normal user22:33
ISTguy15thats most likely why22:34
Ben64rainbowwarrior2: mplayer222:34
ISTguy15ok i saw it saying u were singing in as root22:34
crazydipISTguy15: i never heard of massive windows deployments via linux... maybe you can by deplaying virtual servers somehow.. maybe this will help?: http://fai-project.org22:34
rainbowwarrior2Thank You Ben64 I will try that22:34
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ISTguy15ok thx crazydip i have a linux deployment server running i just need to figure out how to do windows22:35
gabrielukhi, i'm trying to make an rsync download to my local machine, but i have "not enough memory" errors. i cannot see why, as per the screenshoot there's space http://pasteboard.co/1349822068817944.png22:35
_alpha_ok that my have been a bad example as I was testing some stuff as root from the cli interface, howabout this one: http://server1.tfountain.co.uk/xsession-errors2.txt22:36
ISTguy15alpha: right here in ur report for the crash it even says "22:36
ISTguy15** (gnome-user-share:2582): WARNING **: gnome-user-share cannot be started as root for security reasons."22:36
_alpha_that's just from a normal login22:36
gabrieluk30.8 gig available22:36
magdy1السﻻم عليكم22:37
BlackNarcissusHello everyone. I am using 12.04 on an Acer Aspire Netbook with Radeon HD 6290 graphics, I tried everything, different distros, proprietary drivers, free ones, but I can't get flash and html5 videos to play decently in any browser. Any help would be great. Thanks.22:37
ISTguy15so it crashes for normal users too22:37
magdy1can any body help me22:37
_alpha_yup sorry, ignore the first one, I'd jumped to the tty prompt to debug22:37
ISTguy15sure magdy22:37
k1lmagdy1: if you ask in english, we could try22:38
_alpha_but yes as my normal user it crashes, but fine with guest22:38
[1]Snicers-WorkSo I am trying to use apache with mpm-worker but I can't seem to get PHP with cgi to work all the time. Has anyone done this before?22:38
ISTguy15can i see the crash report for a normal user22:38
magdy1iwill try to makewhat i say in english22:38
crazydipcan anyone explain to me what the point of index (staging area) in git is? i just don't seem to get it -- user of bzr and (long time ago) svn22:38
_alpha_the 2nd one: http://server1.tfountain.co.uk/xsession-errors2.txt is for my normal user22:38
Don__gaaaa   I forgot again.  How do I kill a hung process from the terminal?22:38
magdy1i want active my nvidia active22:38
magdy1nvidia card22:39
k1lmagdy1: install the nvidia driver from the package-system?22:39
k1lmagdy1: easiest one is to start "jockey" and klick on the nvidia driver22:40
ISTguy15_alpha_:  you can try to reinstall the X windows layer of the OS. I think it may be corrupt22:40
magdy1package-system = ubuntu software system22:40
magdy1or mot22:40
_alpha_I tried purging xserver-xorg and then reinstalling that and ubuntu-desktop22:41
_alpha_do I need to do some other packages as well?22:41
crazydip[1]Snicers-Work: you mean FastCGI?22:41
magdy1i install  nvidia driver and22:41
ISTguy15_alpha_: are u using gnome desktop22:41
_alpha_or whatever the default is22:42
schultzahold up.. if it's like my issue yesterday.. go into the directory and check for the ownership and permissions of the .Xauthority file22:42
crazydip[1]Snicers-Work: maybe this will help http://www.howtoforge.com/using-php5-fpm-with-apache2-on-ubuntu-12.04-lts22:42
k1l!nvidia | magdy122:42
ubottumagdy1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:42
ISTguy15_alpha_: i would try to create a new account in tty first before i tell you what im about to22:42
ISTguy15_alpha_: do you know how to do that22:43
justme_i had alot of problems with ubuntu turns out i installed x32 and i have a x64 board now all works great since i installed x6422:43
schultza@_alpha_, who is the owner (user:group) of the file .Xauthority in the user who's graphic session is crashing?22:43
OdraHow do you pronounce ubuntu?22:43
_alpha_schultza: seems to be root owned, should it be owned by the user?22:43
magdy1ok i will see this page and will ty to fix if any problem take place i will ask you to help me22:43
ISTguy15his error report doesn't say he doesn't have permission so it may be just his account since he can get it with guest22:44
OdraWow this channel is flooded with flood bots!22:44
BlackNarcissusHello everyone. I am using 12.04 on an Acer Aspire Netbook with Radeon HD 6290 graphics, I tried everything, different distros, proprietary drivers, free ones, but I can't get flash and html5 videos to play in fulscreen decently in any browser. Any help would be extremely welcome. Thanks.22:44
_alpha_hmm on this machine it is owned by the user, I'll try switching that22:44
magdy1but i want say all my problem is i canot make nvidia recommend active22:44
magdy1not install drive22:45
schultza@_alpha_: Yes22:45
schultza@_alpha_, $ chown user:user .Xauthority22:45
schultzafrom root of course.. .you may need to use sudo or sudo su -22:46
k1lmagdy1: do you have a error message? or which exact card that is? is this a hybrid card (a intel and a nvidia)22:46
_alpha_it works!22:46
ISTguy15i think it should be root owned because mine is22:46
_alpha_I'm in now with that fixed, thanks both22:47
_alpha_that must have got messed up by one of my earlier attempts22:47
ISTguy15nice to see u online22:47
schultza /ʊˈbuːntʊ/ (using IPA) is how you pronounce ubuntu22:47
_alpha_found something online that suggested running startx from the recovery console (as root), guess that was a bad idea22:47
_alpha_and is it true that nvidia optimus is the root cause of all problems?22:48
_alpha_as it's causing me some grief on this machine22:48
schultza_alpha_, thats what i did.. and how i corrected it after hours of research22:48
magdy1Sorry, installation of this driver failed.22:48
magdy1Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log22:48
magdy1this is error message22:48
* Simbaa anyone knows free shell provider on this network ?22:48
k1l_alpha_: dont use startx on ubuntu22:48
magdy1when i want make nvidai active22:48
schultza!pastebin @ magdy122:49
ubottuschultza: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:49
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:49