franck_it's about QjackCtl, it can't connect to server, snifff00:01
len-dtfranck_, it says so, but generally works anyway00:02
franck_it start and stop00:03
FloatingGoatI remixed my song http://ubuntuone.com/2LZV38HSeNZoREsOb9pwkN00:04
franck_@len-dt : thanks for advice, but i have a red cross on the Qjackctl tray icon. and it doesn't seem to work00:30
Ghost117is ubuntu studio good?00:47
franck_@floatingGoat: second issue, need module python x-gzip to listen your remix00:50
len-dtfranck_, it sounds like you got jack going.00:51
len-dtfranck_, I think the problem with the song is that because there is no ext on the file name, firefox doesn't know what to do with it.00:55
franck_ok, i'm just installing ubuntustudio (2hours),  so i had 127 update to do. during this i'll try the qjackctl it's open ok and run, after i open ardour and it was ok too....but after a reboot (update need it) qjackctl  doesn't want restart00:55
franck_i saw a green square on icon , but now always the red cross00:58
len-dtFloatingGoat, That is a better mix. The vocal is about the right level. I still don't personally like the beat being used... but that is an artistic consideration. I am not an electronic music guy to begin with.00:59
franck_and for the  "http://ubuntuone.com/2LZV38HSeNZoREsOb9pwkN" what do you think i should do00:59
len-dtI downloaded it as an mp3. then played it with audacious.01:00
franck_do i need an ubuntuOne account ?01:01
len-dtWhen the page came up and said it needed the xzip, I cancelled that then right click and select save page as.01:01
len-dtI don't have such an account. but was still able to get it01:01
franck_thank you, i try it01:02
* len-dt doesn't like all these accounts.01:02
franck_right click --> listen with audacious.... perfect thanks01:03
len-dtFloatingGoat, I also thought it ended a bit abruptly.01:04
franck_it's a good job floatingoat. what do you think about 'up (littlebit)the sound of drum kit,particulary the kick  ps; maybe it's just here cause i don't use monitoring01:16
franck_ciao guys02:32
tablefliphello creative linux people :)11:26
rlovisonhi all. I originally upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 and then used apt-get to install ubuntu studio. My desktop is Ubuntu Studio though my login page is still ubuntu with a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS logo. How do I get my login screen to be a Ubuntu Studio login screen?15:54
rlovisonoops, that didn't work15:55
rlovisonbtw, i followed the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu15:57
rlovisonI'm willing and able to manually edit a config file, I just need a clue as to which one.16:00
holsteinrlovison: i would just deal with it if it were me16:06
holsteinrlovison: i dont think its that different16:06
holsteinrlovison: and how often do you actually login?16:06
rlovisonyes, it's nothing serious, i was just curious.16:07
holsteinrlovison: should be able to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm16:08
holsteinwould i ? maybe.. i have recently had issues trying to switch to slim in ubuntu 12.0416:08
holsteinrlovison: can you? sure.. but i say, leave well enough alone16:08
rlovisonusing lightdm and reconfigured that16:08
holsteinor purge ubuntu and just use the ubuntustudio stuff16:08
holsteinOR, just use ubuntu and whatever ubuntustudio stuff you want16:09
rlovisonOK, i guess this will just remain a mystery. Studio is a great environment for audio work. Thanks to all that were involved in the recent release.16:14
holsteinrlovison: its not a mystery16:15
holsteinyou installed ubuntu, and dont have the ubuntustudio login system either installed or enabled16:15
holsteinrlovison: i personally suggest not worrying about it16:16
holsteinrlovison: you can always ask in #xubuntu since im pretty sure we are just using the same one with a different theme16:16
rlovisonthen how do I enable it, the login system that is?16:16
holsteinrlovison: it should be part of the ubuntustudio-desktop package i assume you installed16:17
rlovisonyes i did16:17
holsteinthats going to be very simlar16:18

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