xubuntu731Hi! I'm trying to do a multi-monitor setup on a fresh install, but I'm confused as to which driver I should use.  Four options I'm given are version 173, version 173-updates, version current [recommended], and version current-updates.  Any suggestions?01:26
fireseed64Hello, xubuntu noob here, I need some help...02:04
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Guido1hello, i have a queation about gmusicbrowser.  where can i finde the volume regulation in the gmusicbrowser standard design?06:30
lepiratHi gents09:19
lepiratI'm happy to see people interested in XUbuntu, I'm new in this wonder world :)09:20
lepiratI have a question, I was hoping to find a solution in this amazing channel10:18
lepiratI'm working on xubuntu started like 1 week10:18
lepiratActually, I'm new at ubuntu world in general10:19
bazhangwhats the actual question10:19
lepiratQuestion is : How can I install xubuntu on ( RAID1 ) machine and LVMs10:19
lepiratI need to install LVM on top of RAID 110:19
lepiratRAID 1 is Hardware Raid not Software10:20
lepiratbest regards10:20
Sysiyou can use LVM when installing with alternate disk10:21
lepiratScenario is : I have a machine with two HDDs, I made them RAID 1 ( Mirroring ) .. Now I need to Install xubuntu using LVMs on this machine10:21
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:22
Sysihardware raid shouldn't affect operating system10:22
lepiratthanks guys, I took this article for example10:23
lepiratIt shows every thing perfect BUT10:24
lepiratIt's not RAIDed10:24
lepiratWhen I made RAID 1 ( Hardware )10:24
lepiratI did this lovely command ( sudo fdisk -l )10:24
lepiratit shows me /dev/sda10:25
Sysixubuntu doesn't know you have hardware raid10:25
Sysiit should just work10:25
lepiratno I suppose it knows that I have HW RAID10:26
lepiratbecause there is one more partition10:26
lepiratit's : /dev/mapper/isw_cffeiahdid_volume010:27
lepiratI don't know if it10:27
lepiratif it's generated because of RAID 1 ( Hardware )10:27
lepiratif it's true10:27
lepiratthen hoe can I make partitions and LVMs10:28
lepiratshall I take this it's : /dev/mapper/isw_cffeiahdid_volume010:28
lepirator the original /dev/sda10:28
lepirator /dev/sdb10:28
lepiratany idea ?10:29
lepiratI've been suffering from this more than 1 week, I don't know what to do ?10:30
recon_laplepirat: dont seem to be many raid people here, maybe asking on one of the server channels ?10:30
lepiratI tried to deal direct with sda10:30
lepiratbut won't work10:30
lepiratany partition I create in sda10:30
lepiratit will duplicated in sdb10:30
lepiratafter I reboot the system10:31
lepiratso, here comes the LVM problem10:31
recon_laplepirat: I would think that hardware RAID should just show to the OS as one drive?10:31
lepiratI need to install LVM on existing of RAID10:31
lepiraton Top of RAID10:31
koegslepirat: what hardware raid controller do you use?10:31
lepiratrecon_lap thanks for replay10:32
lepiratKindly, where is the server channel10:32
recon_laplepirat: would think you'll find all the raid experts in #ubuntu-server10:32
Sysilepirat: I guess you need to use that /dev/mapper drive10:32
lepiratkoegs : I not sure, but I have IBM Machine think Station10:33
koegsso maybe just a crappy fake-raid controller instead of a real hardware raid controller :)10:33
lepiratI don't know, maybe .. anyway10:35
lepiratthanks guys for your help10:35
lepiratmuch appreciated10:35
lepiratsee you on server channel10:35
koegsbut i would not recommend using ubuntu on a onboard fakeraid-controller10:36
lepiratthat's really interesting10:37
lepiratwhat if I clear this RAID110:37
lepiratand make a software RAID, which I don't know how by the way .. it might work .. am I right ?10:38
lepiratsysi, thanks for replay .. but I did try it it wouldn't work iether10:38
koegslepirat: do you also have a windows-installation on the harddrive? because clearing the raid1 might lose the windows-installation10:45
lepiratno I don't10:46
koegsthen you can delete the fakeraid10:55
lepiratkoegs : how can I do it, besides can you send me again the server forum, I lost a connection, I was having a conversation there .. please thanks10:56
lepiratguys ?10:59
lepiratkoegs ? are you still there ?11:00
koegslepirat: you have to read the manual of your workstation, if you want to know how to delete the bios fakeraid11:04
recon_laplepirat: was #ubuntu-server11:10
lepiratthanks amigos :)11:13
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bonnohello .. why in xubuntu 12.04 there isnt any option in the settings manager for the mouse-speed ?13:54
bonnoas there was in 11.0413:54
GridCubethere is13:55
GridCubei just checked13:55
bonnoi cant find it :/13:55
GridCubeon mouse and touchpad menu on the settings manager13:55
baizonbonno: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings/mouse13:55
bonnoyeah.. nothing changes though13:56
GridCubethats another problem then13:58
bonnoi had to change the device choise.. now it works13:58
recon_lapbug for launchpad?13:59
bonnosomething else.. how can i configure thunar or something else.. so when i open 2 diferrent file-windows i get 1 icon in the xfce panel-dock?13:59
bonnorecon_lap: i dont know14:00
holsteinbonno: you want seperate icons for different running instances of thunar?.. i would look in the settings for the panel app that shows the running apps14:01
holsteinprobably something about "group similar tasks"14:01
bonnofound it.. thanks a lot14:02
baizonthere is a option to group windows14:02
bonnoyeah.. found it..thanks very much.. xubuntu is  awesome14:03
GridCubeand 12.10 will be even better with xfce 4.10 :D14:04
bonnocant believe how could i use windows for 1 year14:04
baizonxfce 4.10 is aweseome :)14:04
baizonspread the word!14:04
bonnoi do14:04
bonnohmm i have xfce 4.8 actually14:07
GridCube:P yep14:07
GridCubeyou have xubuntu 12.0414:08
bonnoyep.. if only.. is there anyway that i could create a live usb OS ?14:08
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:10
koegshe already left14:10
GridCube:P well14:11
Unit193In the eyes?14:11
GridCubeno, in the interwebs14:11
silent-prayergreetings everyone, newbie seeking for help here, someone willing to give a helping hand?14:38
baizon!ask | silent-prayer14:39
ubottusilent-prayer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:39
recon_lapsilent-prayer: hi, best to just ask14:39
silent-prayerbeen using xubuntu 12.04, hve this14:40
silent-prayersorry, enter pressed accidentally; again, been using xubuntu 12.04, have this old hard disk w/ win xp on it, attached it as slave, however the pc boot xubuntu automatically , can i somehow get to have a boot option at the beginning, so that i can also use xp alongside xubuntu...?14:44
GridCubesilent-prayer, run sudo update-grub14:46
GridCubeit should detect the windows boot stage and add it to the grub list14:46
silent-prayeraw thanks, just done it, and it found win xp pro on '/dev/sdb1', sorry for the trouble, as i said noob here :) now im off to try it, thx again14:50
john_ramboI am downloading the iso atm.  Does the default installation include Bluetooth tools ?16:47
baizonjohn_rambo: yes16:47
john_rambobaizon, Okay/Thanks16:47
poldenhi! does anybody speak russian?18:35
bazhang!ru | polden18:36
ubottupolden: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:36
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homehey guys22:21
homehow do I remotely control my xubuntu system?22:21
homeI am already suing ssh, but its a hassle22:21
homeI want to know how to use vnc or something to control my xubuntu box22:22
Unit193Have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH ?22:22
David-Ahome: have you tried "ssh -Y ..." ? then you can start graphical programs remote and see their windows locally.22:24
recon_lapdoes xubuntu have a remote desktop?22:27
David-Arecon_lap: yes, default client is Vinagre. can use ssh and vnc. there are others too, e.g remmina and a lot of packages with "vnc"+"viewer" in their names.22:34

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