sagacianyone around for the meeting?09:04
jeaI am here09:05
jeaI thought it was at 9pm your time though09:05
jeanot that we actually arranged it properly09:05
jeahello locodir-user 09:05
sagaciyeah, the change to dls is a pain09:06
jeaif only people could agree on common time zones09:06
locodir-userhello jea, I guess I must be the locodir-user09:07
jeaIs there actually anything on the agenda?09:07
jealocodir-user: yes, that is your nickname09:07
jeayou can change it if you would like09:07
locodir-useryes, confirmed. :)09:07
locodir-userany release party in Sydney?09:07
jeatype in: /nick newnickname09:07
=== locodir-user is now known as dersu
jeaI think sagaci said he wouldn't be organising one in Sydney this time due to being busy09:08
jeaBrisbane is in a similar situation09:08
=== dersu is now known as sirna
jeasagaci: I might be a bit late to the meeting, if it ends up happening09:30
TiborHi all10:05
jeasagaci: you taking the meeting?10:06
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head_victimEvening all, sorry I'm a bit late.10:08
jea#chair head_victim, sagaci 10:09
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jea sagaci10:09
jeaHi head_victim 10:09
head_victimNice to see a few new faces10:09
jeaThere are no items on the agenda, so everyone can just suggest topics10:09
jeasagaci: I will leave the chairing to you10:09
head_victimI have a bit of a general update, I've ordered the team's allocation of 12.10 DVDs this week.10:10
sagaciNot really much to chair if there's nothing on the agenda10:10
jea#topic Ubuntu 12.1010:10
sagacihead_victim, if I don't get any from UDS, I'd like 10 or so10:10
jeaWhen is UDS?10:11
head_victimNo worries, happy to send them out in bunches like we ahve the last few releases.10:11
head_victimI've only got one box left out of the 12.04 disks so we've done all right.10:11
jeaHow many are in a box?10:11
head_victimThere's a bloke in northern NSW taking a few to markets and things doing well apparently.10:11
head_victimAround 50  or so from memory.10:12
jeaThat is good to hear10:12
head_victimActually, might have been something like 75.10:12
jeaAll of the main translations were done for Quantal10:13
head_victimSo if anyone has anything coming up they'd like some official pressed DVDs (now they're too big for CDs) just sing out 10:13
jeathere are still quite a few to do, but I don't think any are too critical10:13
head_victimThere have been HEAPS of freeze exceptions this release10:14
jeamany more than ususal10:15
jeaI hope the dev teams don't keep doing that for future releases10:15
jeaAre there any plans for release parties? 10:16
head_victimmd_5: saw the link you sent about the artwork, any plans to use it yet?10:16
jeaI know Brisbane is most likely not happening this time10:16
head_victimI haven't heard of any unfortunately. I haven't been able to organise one in Brisbane but I was hoping someone else would step up.10:16
jeaand Sydney probably not also10:16
md_5I dont plan to make any glamorous cds10:17
md_5In this last release cycle I gave about 4 stock standard ones away10:17
head_victimIf anyone is involved in a LUG I'd suggest seeing if you can organise to make one of the regular meetings Ubuntu themed and hold that as a release party.10:19
jeaI will get around to the localisation package after this semester has finished10:19
jeaI also suggest we make a background image package that includes Australian images10:22
jeaHas anyone set up a PPA before, especially under a team?10:23
jeaIf not, I will look into how to set it up10:23
head_victimNah I've never got that involved with dev work sorry.10:23
head_victimIt's always out there on the "to do list" somewhere.10:24
head_victimFeel free to use the main U-AU one or create a subteam if you'd prefer.10:24
jeaYeah, that is alright. I will see if I can get the main AU one to work10:25
jeawon't be for  a couple of months10:25
head_victimNo worries, just send an email to the list when it happens in case it accidentally causes some random LP emails10:28
jeaoh, I forgot about that10:28
head_victimMight even rustle up some others wanting to help10:28
jeaYes, hopefully it will10:28
head_victimIf you get stuck I'm sure there's a few friendly LP experts lurking around that may chime in10:29
sagacijea, localisation is much a to-do before 14.0.410:31
head_victimYep, would be nice to have a trial run or two to iron out bugs. Not sure what I can do to help but if you think of anything sing out.10:32
jeaI think once the package is created, we can try installing it a few times10:32
jeaI am hoping it can be installed after installation, as well as built into the cd installer10:33
md_5pretty sure there is no 'easy' way to customise the cd10:33
head_victimmd_5: They have announced they'd like to work on some localisations as a community so I think they're going to be willing to help out a little to make it happen10:34
jeaI'd say that is right. I think there is a way to include it though10:35
head_victimAnyone else have much they wanted to say? Feel free to speak up and intro yourself if you're not familiar10:41
head_victimThink we've come to a bit of a standstill.10:45
jeaIf there is nothing else, I guess we may as well close the meeting10:46
jeaWe did fairly well for a meeting without an agenda10:46
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Oct 14 10:46:47 2012 UTC.  10:46
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head_victimFeel free to hang around and chat, I'm sorry but I should head off. I have an exam Tuesday night.10:47
head_victimNothing like a last minute cram just to make sure.10:48
jeaI know the feeling10:48
jeaso much to do this week10:48
head_victimThe beauty of these little 6 - 7 week teaching periods I have is that you can't ever really afford to procrastinate much, no matter how hard I try.10:49

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