nfs1mwcan we install kubuntu12.10 to an existing lvm partition??00:24
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Guest99027Kubuntu / Romney 201600:41
ScottyKGreetings! I borked my upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 tonight. When it rebooted, it's stuck at "Checking Battery State". How can I get a command prompt to fix the broken packages? Thanks!01:34
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HackerIIwhy doesnt 12.10 have kde-compiz  ??04:09
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G__81I have been using KDE as such. I tried Kubuntu and just does not work in my laptop. It boots and it logs in too. The system is completely unusable. I have to wait for 2-3 mts for the start menu to appear05:17
G__81i am not even able to log out05:17
G__81my laptop is not the latest one in terms of hw specs but fedora's kde works absolutely fine and hence i dont think its a KDE problem as such05:18
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WalterNhmm... booting off of the live 12.10 CD08:38
WalterNserious video issues :-/08:39
WalterNlets see what logs say08:39
WalterN...log viewer does not want to launch? meh08:40
WalterNand I never can remember where the logs are kept... isnt it /etc/logs or var/logs or something?08:41
WalterNvar/log :308:41
WalterNoOo... found something08:44
WalterNanyone know about AMD 6000 series video driver trouble shooting?08:44
WalterNlets see if there are any other errors08:47
WalterNactually, yeah...08:48
toumboGuys, what is the ligin password on Livecd;10:00
WalterNso does somebody feel like assisting an issue with the AMD radeon HD6870 video card? :310:10
WalterNthe video is fine if the screens are mirrored or only one turned on. but if two or all three are turned on its extremely sluggish10:11
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PasNoxi'm trying to build qt5 git and i got: gstreamer-interfaces-0.1010:48
PasNoxi can't find this package, any hint ?10:48
PasNoxthe only partial thing i can found is: libgstreamer-interfaces-perl10:49
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azmwowo kubuntu is awesome11:40
azmso much better since the new gnome thing11:40
azm..because its still same11:41
adminnfonts in kde looks ugly, how to make them look like in unity?11:56
Tm_Tadminn: could you be more specific how they do look ugly? jagged edges? or too smooth edges?11:57
adminnTm_T: jagged edges11:58
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Tm_Tadminn: go to system settings -> application appearance -> fonts and review your antialiasing settings11:59
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BlackImaginationSalut. =)12:11
BlackImaginationFr ?12:11
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BluesKajHey all12:14
natmanHi, Just upgraded from Kubuntu 12.04 to 12.10. When i click shutdown the computer frezzes at the grey screen with the Kubuntu logo, if i click restart there is no problem12:23
BluesKajnatman , best to logout then choose shutdown12:28
natmanBluesKaj: ill have to do that from now on? hitting shutdown has worked always before12:30
BluesKajyeah, I've had a similar problem , when choosing shutdown , theonly option is  "suspend to ram"12:31
natmanBluesKaj:  eek must admit kinda dissapointed :(12:32
BluesKajit's a minor issue to me ...I'm used to glitches since I do lot of testing , and I'm sure it will fixed soon , you can file bug if you want , natman12:34
natmanBluesKaj:  ya think i will  mind if i ask you a few other things?12:34
BluesKajok , I'll help if I can , natman12:35
natmanBluesKaj:  did my upgrade, so i still seem to have Kopete/Quassle/etc.. am i best to get rid of them in favor of Telepathy/Konversation?12:35
BluesKajdunno about telepathy , i found terribly buggy when trying to open an irc acct , konverstaion is my fav irc client and is solid and easy to setup , quassel is also quite good12:38
natmancool, ya Kopete does what i need it to do, might wait till Telepathy is 1.0 at least :) thanks for the advice BluesKaj12:40
BluesKajkopete is still solid from all reports , I haven't used it in a while personally12:43
natmanwhere do i go to submit a kubuntu bug?12:45
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ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:48
BluesKajnatman, ^12:48
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ptomblinHey, I just saw that same thing with the weird scrambled eggs in the location bar in Google Chrome like that other guy was complaining about yesterday.  I changed to a different tab and back again and it was gone, though.13:18
Guest62675hey, i want to make switching desktops in KDE 'totally', i mean with panel bar also.Is this possible?13:20
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ciomciahey, i want to make switching desktops in KDE 'totally', i mean with panel bar also.Is this possible?13:21
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone13:34
phoenix_firebrdsystem crashes at cold boot before login screen, I could only reset the system to reboot, using nvidia proprietary drivers.  I have logs of lightdm -greeter and kernel13:39
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phoenix_firebrdyofel: can we workaround this bug by creating the missing directory?13:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/106406113:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1064061 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Lightdm doesn't start if /usr/share/lightdm/remote-sessions is missing" [Undecided,New]13:51
* yofel notes that he doesn't have a /usr/share/lightdm/remote-sessions directory on his system and it works fine13:52
yofelmaybe just affects the gtk greeter?13:53
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phoenix_firebrdyofel: No i say that it affects the kde greeter too, I can see the same message from the greeter log13:58
yofelsry, I don't know anything about that, and don't have time for debugging now13:59
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:59
Guest1111guys know any good games for linux?14:00
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: free or commercial?14:00
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: what category?14:01
Guest1111action or rpg or strategy14:01
Guest1111is there a blog or a website where u can get info for kubuntu's latest games or softwares?14:02
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: for strategy try 0AD ,  for fps try quake wars enemy territory14:02
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: these games are not available in the repository14:02
Guest1111phoenix_firebrd: okie dokie thanks a ton :)14:03
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: enjoy14:03
Guest1111then will i have to download them from net?14:03
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: ya14:03
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: do you only want the one from the repos?14:03
Guest1111no its fine14:04
Guest1111i'll download from net14:04
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: its because those are better in graphics14:04
Guest1111oh ok14:04
Guest1111well once again thanks a ton14:04
phoenix_firebrdGuest1111: yw14:05
andreashey guys  i got a problem with Pulse + Audacity .... since the last reboot i cant record the audio output of anyprograms... can u help me ?14:13
phoenix_firebrdandreas: I can try14:15
phoenix_firebrdandreas: did you check in the alsamixer if the mic or linein whichever you are using is not muted?14:17
phoenix_firebrdandreas: is the recording source is properly set in phonon settings?14:20
phoenix_firebrdandreas: not working means?14:22
phoenix_firebrdandreas: there is no kmix running?14:22
phoenix_firebrdandreas: start it from the konsole and see if you get any error messages14:24
phoenix_firebrdandreas: that is ok, any other?14:25
phoenix_firebrdandreas: kmix doesn't cause your problem, also it would be better if you converse here instead of pm14:27
andreask :)14:27
phoenix_firebrdandreas: did you try all the devices as recording source in audacity14:28
andreasevery single device14:28
andreasnone of them worked14:28
phoenix_firebrdandreas: what is your sound card?14:29
andreasjust a simple onboard soundcard .. do you need the full name ?14:30
phoenix_firebrdandreas: can you paste a screenshot of the alsamixer showing all the channels14:31
andreasi ll try14:31
andreasups sry^^14:35
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andreashaa it works!!14:39
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andreasfor some reason there were 2 entries of my soundcard in alsamixer , a clone or something ... one is still not working the other works14:41
andreasthank u very much phoenix_firebrd14:41
phoenix_firebrdandreas: great14:42
phoenix_firebrdandreas: yw14:42
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yves____Hi, can anybody help me, I'm on kubuntu 12.10 since yesterday and now suddenly my sound stopped working....15:02
krosonHello, is it possible to install the ubuntu software center in kubuntu, without bringing with it its whole bunch of gtk dependencies? thanks15:08
Tm_Tkroson: those dependencies exist because they're needed, I would say. (:15:09
BluesKajkroson, I use synaptic , it brings a few gtk libs but I can live with that ..IMO synaptic is superior15:10
BluesKajwhat's wrong with muon kroson , it seems to be working ok15:11
OerHeks.. unless you want the paid games/apps, i presume15:12
krosonBluesKaj: its fine. Muon package manager is a good replacement for synaptic15:13
BluesKajI still prefer synaptic :)15:13
BluesKajI just use it as a reference mostly . and it's familiar ...new for new's sake doesn't make an app better IME15:14
G__81i am using Kubuntu 12.10 and when i do git clone i get the following message "WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /run/user/new/keyring-Fd9j2E/pkcs11: No such file or directory15:25
G__81is there a solution to resolve this ?15:25
BluesKajgnome-keyring ?15:28
BluesKajG__81, what app are using git for ?15:29
G__81what do i do to solve this ?15:29
G__81i just did git clone15:30
G__81though i have gitk git-gui installed15:30
BluesKajok , did git clone update the repository ok , previous to this error?15:33
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HackerIIhi BluesKaj15:36
HackerIIi have one complaint against 12.1015:36
HackerIIi cant find compiz-kde15:37
G__81BluesKaj, yes it did update the repo and i get this error15:37
G__81git clone https://github.com/xxxxx/xxxxx15:38
G__81Cloning into 'LinuxRouter'...15:38
G__81WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /run/user/user/keyring-Fd9j2E/pkcs11: No such file or directory15:38
G__81remote: Counting objects: 402, done.15:38
G__81remote: Compressing objects: 100% (326/326), done.15:38
G__81remote: Total 402 (delta 113), reused 353 (delta 64)15:38
G__81Receiving objects: 100% (402/402), 664.99 KiB | 120 KiB/s, done.15:38
FloodBotK1G__81: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:38
G__81Resolving deltas: 100% (113/113), done.15:38
BluesKajG__81, I'm asking if git clone worked without errors previously?15:41
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HackerIIBluesKaj>  what are the odds of me geting compizto work in 12.1015:52
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BluesKajHackerII, why compiz aren't desktop effects in system settings and Kwin enough for you ?15:56
HackerIIit isnt in repositories15:57
HackerIIkwin is too flakey15:57
BluesKajreally , desktop effects/kwin does everything compiz does except for a few fancy effects , but you can install compiz (metapackage) in kubuntu16:02
HackerIImaybe i installed it wrong, thanks16:02
BluesKaj!compiz | HackerII16:04
ubottuHackerII: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz16:04
BluesKajyou will be installing a whole lot of gtk libs16:04
HackerIIya, i know16:05
HackerIIits cool tho16:05
OerHeksThe standard effects are good enough for me > sytem settings > desktop effects > [tab]  all effects > http://picpaste.com/pics/kdecompiz-JHZEucfg.1350835413.png16:05
HackerIIdont get me wrong, kwin works ok, its just that ive used compiz for such a long time that its hard to change16:06
HackerIIthanks for the tip BluesKaj , cya ltrs16:06
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joallandHow could i change the language of my kubuntu ?16:39
joallandhere is a screenshot16:40
joallandi can't find the button " add a new language"16:40
joallandas english is not my foreign language.16:41
joallandi'm running the 12.10 version16:41
joallandnobody ?16:47
alexfpmshi guys, how can i install new language under kubuntu ?16:48
WalterNis the channel sleeping?16:48
alexfpmsthink so16:48
joallandHi alex, i'm already asking the question :p16:49
yofelfolks, please be patient, not all of us here spend sunday evening on a PC ;)16:51
WalterN...its sunday morning :P16:52
WalterNjoalland: I was first... I asked last night :P16:52
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WalterNat 4am, before I passed out... couldent sit here waiting for something to happen16:53
WalterNI suppose I could try installing a different window manager16:55
maxstyvasonhey I have an issue, I used Ubuntu USB boot to make a USB bootable disk and it gets to the installation and it is really slow and hangs16:56
maxstyvasondo you think Unetbootin would work better?16:56
maxstyvasonI am re-downloading the ISO today if this doesn't work16:57
alexfpmsjoalland,  are're here ?16:57
joallandAs i remember, on kubuntu 12.04 the button "add a new language" was present. Is that a "bug" of the latest version ?16:57
alexfpmsjoalland, try this apt-cache search kde-l10n-fr16:57
alexfpmsjoalland, try this: sudo apt-get install  kde-l10n-fr  i mean16:57
maxstyvasonsudo apt-get install language-selector-kde16:58
maxstyvasonKubuntu is missing parts of KDE16:59
maxstyvasonalternatively you can download the french iso16:59
maxstyvasonBlue is working on the mess that Ubuntu made of Kubuntu17:00
joallandOk thank's17:00
joallandIn fact the french communauty only deserve a french iso of Ubuntu17:01
maxstyvasonwell I believe Kubuntu needs a new name17:01
maxstyvasonnot an ongoing joke because as of 12.10 it is it's own distribution now17:01
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joallandA schisme between ubuntu, you mean?17:02
maxstyvasonjoalland, the main Ubuntu distribution has it's own french iso17:02
maxstyvasonbut its Unity17:02
joallandyes i know.17:03
joallandI thaught you said an iso with ubuntu in french + KDE17:03
WalterNwell... here comes my issue :P17:03
maxstyvasonright install Ubuntu-fr, then sudo apt-get install Kubuntu-desktop17:04
WalterNso... installed 12.10 and everything seems fine when my three displays are mirrored, or two of the three are turned off... but when running two or three screens video is extremely sluggish, and I get this nasty looking error in xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/1rxcHM5y17:04
maxstyvasonit should simply install KDE in your localized language17:04
maxstyvasonWalterN, are you running an nvidia card?17:04
WalterNno, open source AMD drivers17:05
joallandyes, it should work.17:05
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yofeljoalland, alexfpms: for now you'll probably best of installing 'kde-l10n-<language_code>' from muon17:05
yofelsomething's wrong with the language settings in quantal o.O17:05
maxstyvasonBlue is working on localizations17:05
alexfpmsyofel, thanks17:05
maxstyvasonWalterN, ah http://askubuntu.com/questions/202574/desktop-does-not-show-when-i-installed-nvidia-drivers17:06
yofelwell, there was some translation setup rework in Quantal. So maybe something got broken along the way17:06
maxstyvasonMAKE SURE YOU INSTALL the Kernel17:06
maxstyvasonidk why you have to17:06
maxstyvasonbut then re-install the amd drivers17:06
WalterNwhat? why.. I dont have an NVIDIA card...17:06
maxstyvasonits not just an nvidia issue17:06
maxstyvasonits cannonical being fucking retarded17:07
WalterNmy video card is an AMD radeon HD687017:07
maxstyvasonI am getting a 7000 so I wont have such issues17:07
maxstyvasonI cant wait for trinity17:07
WalterNoh, lets see17:07
maxstyvasonit sucks I know17:07
WalterNwayland looks like it will be interesting17:07
IdleOnemaxstyvason: please keep the language clean17:08
maxstyvasonthe kernel doesn't get pulled during the driver installation so it doesn't get fully compiled17:08
maxstyvasonsorry IdleOne17:08
maxstyvasonWalterN, as a developer of wayland it is still very early17:08
maxstyvasonyou should steer clear of it for a couple years17:08
WalterNit still looks interesting17:09
maxstyvasonits being heavily worked on but the fact remains, xorg has 30 years of development, this has 517:09
WalterNdoes it incorporate ray tracing?17:09
maxstyvasonits nowhere near ready or feature complete17:09
WalterNthats... a lot cool17:09
WalterNkind of17:10
maxstyvasonits very unstable17:10
WalterNso what am I looking at here?17:10
maxstyvasonAll the buzz is distributions looking to shed xorg17:10
WalterNoh, the closed source drivers... where is that?17:10
maxstyvasonthey generate it17:10
maxstyvasonthe closed source drivers should be in additional hardware17:11
maxstyvasonclutter support is now complete, efl is complete, qt5 us fully supported17:12
maxstyvasonwe really won't have any focus on gtk17:12
WalterNdont see 'additional hardware' :-/17:12
maxstyvasonits supported but our focus is with KDE17:12
maxstyvasonbut it segfaults with x applications17:13
maxstyvason99.999999% of Linux applications are x applications17:13
maxstyvasondownload the amd driver .run17:14
maxstyvasoncd ~Downloads17:14
WalterNoh, its in the software sources area17:14
maxstyvasonchmod 777 "file.run" where filename is the file17:14
maxstyvasonif its not there you need to install it manually17:15
maxstyvasonchmod 777 "file.run"17:15
maxstyvasonsudo -su17:15
maxstyvason./ file.run17:15
alexfpmsmaxstyvason, nope, linux is a kernel. X application are the graphical ones17:15
WalterNit says its using the Xorg opensource drivers...17:15
maxstyvasonwhere "file" replace with amd driver name17:15
maxstyvasonalexfpms, my point is valid17:16
maxstyvasonstop being a dbag17:16
maxstyvasonuse closed source drivers but make sure you install linux headers17:16
alexfpmsmaxstyvason, but it is far from 99.99999%17:16
maxstyvasonname 10 linux applications that are widely used that dont require xorg17:17
maxstyvasonsudo apt-get install linux-source17:17
maxstyvasonsudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic17:17
maxstyvasonTHEN install the drivers17:17
maxstyvasondont install them until afterwards17:17
maxstyvasonfor some reason they don't get pulled17:18
alexfpmsmaxstyvason, every terminal app don't use x at all17:18
WalterNerm... the closed source drivers.. meh17:18
maxstyvasonalexfpms, I am unaware of terminal applications that desktop users will want and need17:18
WalterNI'm going to try a different window manager first17:18
maxstyvasondude its not KDE lmao17:18
maxstyvasonbut whatever waste your time17:18
maxstyvasonif your drivers are fail, no amount of software driven DEs will fix graphics lag17:19
alexfpmsmaxstyvason, under linux most of GUI apps are juste the wrappers for the command line tools17:19
maxstyvasonevery graphics intensive application you try to run be it movies, flash videos, etc will be slow17:20
maxstyvasonalexfpms, you still havent named me any17:20
WalterNflash seems to run fine17:20
WalterNall 2D stuff seems to run fine17:20
maxstyvasonyes because your 3D driver sucks17:20
maxstyvasonwith trinity cards it doesnt suck17:20
maxstyvasonbut you NEED fglrx17:21
maxstyvasonyour card is the last FGLRX card17:21
maxstyvasoneverything after the 6000 series is trinity17:21
maxstyvasonsell your card and get a 7k card17:21
maxstyvasonif you NEED it to be FOSS17:21
maxstyvasonI am with you17:22
maxstyvasontrinity oss support is superb17:22
maxstyvasonamd couldnt legally release the source code of fglrx because of ties it has with other companies17:22
maxstyvasondnr and all17:23
maxstyvasonhense the new chipset17:23
maxstyvasonwhy do you think torvalds is pissed at nvidia17:23
WalterNI think everyone is that has to do with video drivers and linux17:24
maxstyvasonamd when releasing their new chip went open source and nvidia had the chance to but didnt17:24
maxstyvasonamd's trinity chip on their 7k cards is smooth as ice with the oss trinity drivers17:24
maxstyvasoncheck phoronix17:25
maxstyvasonthey made some serious benchmarks17:25
maxstyvasonthey had trinity on their processors and needed something on their graphics cards that wasnt tied down by licensing17:26
maxstyvasonso they recycled trinity with their 7k cards17:26
maxstyvasonim sitting on an nvidia card and the performance is sweet don't get me wrong17:27
maxstyvasonbut my next card will be amd17:27
edward___hi guys, my filesystem is readonly... i cant startup... dunno what to do :(17:38
bruceanyone familiar with how to add a server on quassel?18:19
monkeyhybridBruce: File > Networks > Configure networks > Add18:32
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maxstyvasondude just hooked a second monitor up to my computer and I can have 2 different desktop modes on each monitor18:38
maxstyvasonthats so hot18:38
maxstyvasonevery oher os and DE can't do what KDE does18:39
WalterNso it was the unity window manager... its much happier now with Xfce :P18:43
maxstyvasonWalterN: you didnt say you were on Unity18:44
maxstyvasonI assumed you were on KDE18:44
maxstyvasonno bro dont use Unity anything but Unity18:44
WalterNI dont really like KDE that much :-x18:44
maxstyvasonhave you seen what it can do with multiple displays?18:44
maxstyvasonyou can have seperate desktop modes on each individual display18:45
maxstyvasonnot to mention oob support for application stretching18:45
maxstyvasonbut because someone told you KDE was bad you can go on assuming forever that it is18:46
WalterNKubuntu was my first linux install ever18:46
WalterNI just prefer the Xfce feel more :P18:46
maxstyvasonalso if you have multiple users, you can login on each display with different user accounts at the same time18:47
maxstyvasonso go on using sub par DEs18:47
WalterNgnome2 was really nice... while it existed.. Xfce is basically like old gnome these days18:47
maxstyvasongnome 2 sucked18:47
maxstyvasongnome 2 treated its users like they were retarded18:47
maxstyvasonsame with unity and gnome shell18:48
maxstyvasonminimize is too confusing18:48
maxstyvasonwant to create a launcher to an app on Unity? forget it18:48
maxstyvasonany and all GTK des are simply sub par in terms of features and usability18:49
maxstyvasonyou should really try Kubuntu 12.10 with kde 4.9.2 even if off of a thumb drive18:49
FlyingElvis<loves kubuntu 12.1018:50
=== david is now known as Guest75273
FlyingElvisit sure beats unity thats for sure18:50
maxstyvasonor continue living oblivious, shit you should buy a mac if you like living the walled garden experience where they shun any sort of real innovation18:50
maxstyvasonat least OS X works18:50
maxstyvasonfriends dont let friends use gnome18:51
FlyingElviscmon kde+the cube(i dont care what ya say about it, it is eye candy that is helpful)18:52
maxstyvasonFlyingElvis: its KDE, when KDE 5 comes out with Qt5, and Plasma Active 3, your mind will be completely blown18:52
FlyingElviswhens that gonna be18:52
WalterNcompiz, at least in the past, basically didnt work because of video driver fail18:53
maxstyvasonPlasma Active 3 was just released18:53
FlyingElvisnext release cycle?18:53
maxstyvasonQt5 is done18:53
WalterNmaybe its fine now18:53
maxstyvasonPlasma Workspaces Platform 5 will be done by January18:53
maxstyvasonwhich is the full KDE experience18:54
maxstyvasonone thing I hope they work on next is removing libreoffice from Kubuntu18:55
maxstyvasonCalligra is 100x better18:55
WalterNinstalling my happy program things18:58
WalterNlike inkscape <318:58
FlyingElviscalligra?  never heard of it...is it in the repos?19:03
maxstyvasonits KDE's office suite19:04
maxstyvasonkrita is more advanced than gimp and everything19:04
FlyingElvisreally....and why isnt it default...ok  ill check this out then19:05
maxstyvasonbecause stupid Ubuntu devs didnt care about Kubuntu development and currently the development thing is "go with whats most popular"19:05
kbroulikis there a fix for the stupid mesa bugs in sight?19:06
maxstyvasonthey still dont want Kubuntu being developed because it makes Unity look bad19:06
FlyingElvisseriously...kubuntu is the shining version of buntu right now...that unity in 12.10 is just god awful19:06
maxstyvasonnot to mention it records your activity and actively uploads it to Amazon19:07
maxstyvasonthey are selling your info19:07
FlyingElvisi about puked when i loaded up ubuntu 12.10 and saw that amazon launcher in the bar...and the ads in the hud didnt help either19:07
oneadventmaxstyvason: krita you say? i'm gonna look into it19:07
maxstyvasonpart of calligra19:07
oneadventlol FlyingElvis me too!19:07
maxstyvasonsudo apt-get install calligra19:07
FlyingElvisand that will get me the whole suite?19:07
oneadventhumph programs i didn't know i had19:07
maxstyvasonits so much better than libreoffice in every way, kalc works with Microsoft Excel programmed things19:10
maxstyvasoncant remember the damn wordf19:10
maxstyvasondamn seizures19:10
maxstyvasonI just had the word too19:10
maxstyvasonwhere you create a thing that you can use over and over again for multiple purposes19:11
maxstyvasonfuck whats that word19:11
IdleOnemaxstyvason: Going to ask nice one more time. Please mind your language19:11
maxstyvasonI would if I could remember words19:12
IdleOneThis is not an optional, only watch it when you feel like it thing.19:12
FlyingElvisok...libre is now uninstalled and calligra is installed19:12
maxstyvasonman wow19:12
maxstyvasonim having an off day19:12
maxstyvasonyou can use excel macros in calligra19:13
maxstyvasonsomething libreoffice is still unable to do in all it's glory19:13
maxstyvasonIdleOne: oh you meant cussing sorry19:13
yofelmaxstyvason: calligra has some bugs and usability issues on it's own - Quantal has libreoffice as default as it's more tested. I have high hopes for calligra 2.6 though19:13
maxstyvasonits more popular19:13
maxstyvasonnot necessarily better19:14
maxstyvasonthe bugs 2.5 has are minor and 2.6 is slated soon19:14
yofelit's what people are used to, and unless we have something considerably better it's not easy to get people to switch19:14
oneadventi'm slowly making the switch to calligra, used to hate the interface but it has grown on me19:14
FlyingElvisi love amarok...so much better than rthymbox19:14
maxstyvasonwe are, it works with office documents oob19:14
yofelsure, 2.5 nice, but just not quite there yet19:14
FlyingElvisonly beef i have with amarok is how it handles internet radio streams19:15
oneadventi dont get its radio station thing. if it stops there is no "restart" option19:16
maxstyvasonworking with macros oob and having support for docx oob, and properly aligning office docs across the board (not just word) is enough to work with it19:16
maxstyvasonive never had the radio stop on me19:16
maxstyvasonlast.fm itself is crap19:16
oneadventwell i had internet go out on me one day and it took an act of congress to get the station back going19:17
maxstyvasonbut its plugin friendly so you can use anything out there19:17
FlyingElvisthe streams themselves run fine for me...it is how hard it is to "save" them19:17
maxstyvasonreally? you couldnt restart the app?19:17
maxstyvasonyeah I use a ripping app19:17
oneadventi didn't want to lose the station though, so i didn't want to restart19:18
oneadventor *gasp* remember the name!19:18
maxstyvasonI have all mine written down and taped to my second mnonitor19:18
FlyingElvismy fave internet radio station is Venice Classical Radio Italia19:18
maxstyvasonbut kaudiocreator is nice for ripping talk shows19:19
FlyingElvisi have it playing right now19:19
FlyingElvisis there a website that lists all the kde programs?19:19
FlyingElvisim sorta new to kubuntu19:19
oneadventkde-apps has some good links19:19
maxstyvasonomg dude welcome to what you have been missing on Linux19:20
maxstyvasonKDE has all the best apps19:21
FlyingElvisit is seeming that way19:21
maxstyvasonI really dont understand why people continue working fruitlessly on gtk based desktops and apps19:22
maxstyvasonkdenlive is almost as good as final cut19:22
maxstyvasonnot final cut pro but the basic version of final cut19:22
TSKkdenlive has improved DRASTICALLY since it's early days.  It's become an entirely worthy app these days.19:24
maxstyvasonits better than final cut express sadly lol19:24
oneadventok been playing with krita, but i seem to be missing an export to pdf option, any ideas19:25
oneadventi just can't read apparently19:25
TSKHonestly, Linux in general has improved by leaps and bounds this past decade.  I find I don't even need Windows in a virtual machine anymore.  99.9% of what I ever need to do on a computer anymore comes in native Linux flavors, and what little does not runs fine in WINE.  :)19:28
oneadventexcept ie testing :(19:28
FlyingElvisi dont have a computer in my house running windows19:28
oneadventor a good msn client19:28
FlyingElviswife and daughter both run ubuntu, i run kubuntu19:29
oneadventtrying to get my wife on kubuntu19:29
TSKI pretty much ignore IE these days.  If I create a website to standards and it don't display right in IE, I advise folk to upgrade to a modern browser.  ;)19:29
oneadventthat works if you are little stuff i gues TSK, but that wont work in the real world19:30
oneadventyou have to support it, sorry that is just reality19:30
LINKSWORD2Hello, everybody. Been a long time. :)19:30
TSKoneadvent: Actually, I've turned down web design jobs lately because folks insisted on modern web designs, then insisted on pixel perfect compatibility with IE6.19:31
TSKIt's simply INSANE to expect that at any kinda realistic pay scale.19:31
oneadventyea i'll agree ie6 support isn't needed.19:31
oneadventbut ie8 and ie9 is19:32
WalterNIE... should just die19:32
TSKI'm willing to work around the occasional bug in IE8 and 9 to get a site looking mostly proper, but I refuse to spend 90% of my development time using horrid hacks and other insanity in an attempt to achieve an impossibility for someone who totally misunderstands how the web works.19:33
WalterNit does not support SVG properly still19:33
LINKSWORD2Well, well.... darkwing....19:33
LINKSWORD2IE8 is OK, but I hate IE9.19:33
LINKSWORD2Agreed, WalterN19:33
oneadvent:D i'm not defending it, but it is reality19:33
oneadventthe problem is there is no way to test without virtual machines19:33
oneadventso you can't webdev without virtual machines is the end of my story19:34
WalterNwine is not an emulator :P19:34
LINKSWORD2I personally support either Mozilla FF or Opera.19:34
oneadventnot even close on ie9 WalterN19:34
TSKWINE rules19:34
oneadventwine has come a long way, was thinking of doing a talk about it sometime in our local lug19:35
WalterNfirefox is great... I love having a bazillion tabs open with firefox.. typically keep ~50-60 open at all times :319:35
FlyingElvischrome :)19:35
TSKoneadvent: Actually, BTW, there are webservices that can test a web page19:35
TSKIn a variety of browsers19:35
WalterNchrome still does not have tab grouping19:35
oneadventnot javascript errors TSK19:35
oneadventand not the level of visual a true web guy needs19:35
oneadventagain if it is small time sure, but the site i work on is used by every single school in florida19:36
TSKHonestly I've never had troubles with javascript.  Mebbe I've just been lucky.  I tend to rely on jquery rather heavily tho.19:36
oneadventthink about that base19:36
LINKSWORD2I'm not impressed with Chrome. I actually don't like it.19:36
oneadvent+1 jquery, love it19:36
LINKSWORD2It's fast, yes, but it lacks so much.19:36
oneadventeh i use chrome, i'm not a heavy USER on the net, just like maybe 10 different sites19:37
TSKI'ma huge Firefox fan personally.  Even use it on my Droid.19:37
oneadventguess i could use ie319:38
oneadventi use ff for dev stuff cause firebug is awesome but that is about it19:38
TSKFirebug IS awesome, no doubt about that19:38
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TSKThere's a lite version available for other browsers BTW.  :)19:39
FlyingElvison firefox...for tab grouping...do you use that tab mix plus addon?19:40
TSKI personally use the built in Firefox tab grouping these days, tho I used to LOVE TabMix Plus at one time.19:40
LINKSWORD2That was fun. Connection died.19:43
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I have a bizarre question..19:45
LINKSWORD2I've got a Kubuntu ISO on a CD, and I need to build a bootable USB key for my friend's netbook.19:47
LINKSWORD2I have limited download speed, so I'm looking for any program available that could let me copy the image from the cd to the usb.19:47
LINKSWORD2Otherwise, I'd wind up spending 9 hours downloading a fresh installation of Kubuntu.19:48
WalterNwhat is this when I go to websites and stuff it says something like "would you like to install facebook messenger for quicker access"?19:48
LINKSWORD2One word for that: Spam.19:49
yofelLINKSWORD2: I would try to dd the CD contents onto the flash drive19:51
BluesKajWalterN, that's not a kubuntu question , b ut if you don't want it don't click on it19:51
yofelLINKSWORD2: I'm not sure if that works though, never tried that19:51
WalterNI think its a firefox thing?19:51
LINKSWORD2yofel, how would I do that?19:51
WalterNnot sure19:51
yofelLINKSWORD2: 'sudo dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/dev/sdb' - if sr0 is your CD drive, and sdb is your flash drive19:52
yofeljust make sure that latter is really where you want19:52
LINKSWORD2I don't suppose I can do that if I'm running Kubuntu from the CD drive?19:52
BluesKajWalterN, it's a facebook thing , that's one of the mozilla revenue creatores19:52
yofelLINKSWORD2: hm, should be possible as long as the drive still appears in /dev/19:53
WalterNBluesKaj: its not just facebook though, same kind of thing with youtube and one other one19:53
BluesKajfacebook pay firefox19:53
LINKSWORD2Hey BluesKaj :)19:53
BluesKajhi LINKSWORD219:53
LINKSWORD2yofel, if I can't do that, do you know any other way? (I do have Windows 7 on my pc.)19:54
yofelLINKSWORD2: if anything already mounted drives would be a problem, but as a CD is read-only anyway it should work19:54
yofelLINKSWORD2: well, try to image the CD (i.e. make an .iso out of it again) and then try unetbootin or how that's called19:54
yofelthere's tools for windows to create cd images out in the net19:55
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=== Breadflour is now known as Dreadtower
odomvuthow do I set up audio to play audio from firefox20:18
lordievaderGood evening20:31
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faLUCEhi, how can I install cedar trail drivers on my netbook? I followed the intel guide:  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-033648.htm  but it gives me an error when I execute "patch –p1 < ../cdv-gfx-drivers-1.0.1_bee/src/kernel-ttm-clear-high.patch" (1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file –p1.rej) do you have any idea? thanks20:53
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odozutmvhow do I get output from a movie to play21:03
Sector7Hello everyone.21:15
brisko125Hi everyone !21:16
brisko125Not installed Kubuntu 12.10 yet but any experience / comment about upnp / dlna support within this new version ?21:19
mparilloI got a strange set of warnings on kdesudo that I never remembered seeing before: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1296175/21:30
oneadventbrisko125: i'm curious on this too21:30
oneadventhey mparillo i tried it21:33
oneadventno problems21:33
mparillooneadvent: So you got similar warnings, but kdesudo seemed to work anyway? It did for me also. In Ubuntu Docs (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo) they warn you against simple sudo to run a graphical program from your Konsole.21:36
oneadventyea kdesudo is the right way to do it, i dont think the errors are problems really though so long as it works21:38
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mparilloThank you, oneadvent. makes me feel a bit better. Do you think it is worth opening a bug in Launchpad for those warnings.21:40
Snowhogoneadvent: Normal when launching a gui app from the console with kdesudo.21:40
oneadventwithout kdesudo21:40
oneadventi would assume most of those errors come from kate running as root and not being setup right (cause root isn't configured as a user)21:40
oneadventi don't really think it is a bug if it works. I bet if you signed in as root (enabled the account) and set up everything your errors would go away for the most part (like the second paste)21:42
mparilloOK, thank you again.21:43
oneadventno problem, happy kde-ing mparillo21:43
brisko125oneadvent: in fact I was just wondering which version of libhupnp0 was packaged within 12.1021:46
brisko125oneadvent: not sure yet to leave lts...21:47
oneadventi can check, gimme a few to figure out how brisko12521:48
oneadventbtw i went from 12.04 and have been ok, not sure i heard anyone else have problems21:49
oneadventlibupnp.so.6 (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libupnp.so.621:50
oneadventdoes that look right?21:50
oneadvent(doesn't to me)21:51
oneadventlibgupnp-1.0.so.4 (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib/libgupnp-1.0.so.421:51
brisko1251.0 seems good, I have 0.8 installed currently21:52
brisko125oneadvent: thanks, I'll definitively make the upgrade!21:54
oneadvent:D glad to help21:54
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mgottschlaghey, anybody can help me with network problems in 12.10? dns is not working at all unless I put a different  dns server into /etc/resolv.conf22:40
mgottschlagnot only with the updated installed kubuntu version, but right now also within the live cd session22:40
mgottschlagI am connecting to the internet via wlan, atheros chipset22:41
oneadventso why not just have a different dns?22:41
mgottschlagI'd prefer to get my dns via NetworkManager/DHCP, especially when I am in a different environment like university with intranet nameserver etc :)22:42
mgottschlagthat is how it always worked, now I need to enter a static IP there?22:42
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mgottschlagI am seeing lots of forum posts in the internet with people complaining about 12.10, but no explanation anywhere, only some hints towards changes in how dns works now22:44
oneadventi hear ya, just trying to figure out the problem/requirement mgottschlag. makes sense now. you could use something like opendns which works everywhere. I did not have those issues with my nm22:44
oneadventmaybe there is a problem pulling it for some reason on your routers side22:45
mgottschlagthat is what I am looking into right now, let me restart the router, brb - it used to work 3 hours ago before I started the update though22:46
mgottschlagalright, seems to be resolved, wtf22:47
oneadvent:D sweet22:48
mgottschlagmy router seems to have some known dns relay issues, and kubuntu was the victim of some seriously bad timing :)22:51
mgottschlagthx oneadvent22:51
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carterhelp with a game?22:56
oneadventwhats up carter i'm on a roll today22:57
carteralright i just intalled a flight simulater off of the ubuntu store called flightgear and when i click it it wont open or anything22:58
oneadventdid you try the terminal22:58
carterwhat do i do in the terminal?22:59
oneadventtrying it here right now22:59
oneadventshould be able to type something like "flightgear" and get some useful information about why it wont work22:59
carteri just typed flightgear and it said bad command23:00
oneadventsorry back and forth from the kitchen23:02
oneadventi'm installing it, and i can tell you exactly when it is done but generally you can right click on the "k" and click edit applications, find the game in the menu on the left on and click on it, on the right it will tell you the command to use23:03
carterright click on what k?23:04
oneadventthe menu bar?23:05
oneadventthe "start menu"23:05
carterim not gonna lie im confussed on what k you r talking about23:05
oneadventthe "k" meant start menu23:06
carterohh gotchya23:07
oneadventidk, i say that with the wife cause she is a linux noob but i guess she sees things different, like visual vs kenetic learner or something23:08
carteraha i gotchya just let me know if yours opens or not23:09
oneadventone sec it just got done23:11
oneadventit opened up23:12
carterugh why wont mine23:12
oneadventput that in terminal and give us the output23:12
carterXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0". Error: :1.0 has no GLX extension. Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0". Error: :1.0 has no GLX extension.23:13
oneadventno compiz i take it... what are you using for the nvidia drivers23:14
carterwhat do u mean using? i just know i have a nvidia driver23:15
oneadventadditional drivers23:16
oneadventin the menu23:16
oneadvent(just search additional)23:16
oneadventand see which one has a green dot23:16
carterwhere do i search at23:17
oneadventin the start menu at the top23:17
carterunder accesories23:18
oneadventjust click the start menu and start typing23:20
oneadventapplications -> settings23:20
carterim using linux 10.04 is that what you have?23:21
oneadventnope, i'm all up to date at 12.1023:21
oneadventso your results may vary23:21
oneadventthere is a lot to google about that error23:22
carteralright idk if im gonna even worry with it23:22
ciniis there embedded firewall in kubuntu?23:23
oneadventtruly i would google it carter, you will probably find a lot of other good suggestions, but at bare minimum i'd investigate that driver thing23:24
oneadventmake sure you are up to date.23:24
oneadventand cini no i do not believe so23:24
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Snowhogoneadvent: Kubuntu, like Ubuntu, comes with UFW (Ubuntu Firewall), but it isn't active by default.23:26
oneadventSnowhog: alrighty, i just knew i never had to deal with it :D23:33
Snowhogoneadvent: Kubuntu is secure enough that it doesn't really need to be used.23:35
oneadventwell plus who doesn't have a router23:37
BarkingFishMorning guys.  Anyone know what the heck has happened to KDE, and why KDM no longer works when I use it as default DM please?23:41
BarkingFishLightDM's greeter sucks nuts, and I want to switch back to KDM. But - with KDM on, VLC doesn't work (no connection to pulseaudio, no xvideo available), and numerous other apps, including gimp and dragon video don't work either.23:42
almoxarifeBarkingFish: which dm was installed first?23:49
BarkingFishlightdm was installed when I upgraded to 12.10 - I had KDM in precise23:50
almoxarifeBarkingFish: is kdm is installed ?23:50
BarkingFishnot now, no.  I removed it when it didn't work.23:51
BarkingFishI can put it back if you like, if you can tell me how to get it to function :)23:51
almoxarifeBarkingFish: lets assume you completely un-installed kdm then, have you tried to install it since?23:52
BarkingFishi've just put it back on this very second23:53
almoxarifeBarkingFish: not no used it yet?23:53
BarkingFishi've noticed it's taken over as the default dm for Kubuntu, almoxarife - if I try to uninstall lightDM, it tries to take kubuntu-desktop off with it.23:53
BarkingFishalmoxarife, no, not yet23:54
almoxarifeBarkingFish: did you choose it as the dm already?23:54
BarkingFishI have lightdm right now23:54
almoxarifeBarkingFish: if you tried to un-install lightdm without another dm to take its place things may go haywire, don't do it23:55
SnowhogBarkingFish: You have to 'install' kdm then run dpkg-reconfigure kdm and choose kdm as the default. Don't remove lightdm.23:56
Belial`is there a way to install icons for use in gtk applications and set them with gtk-configuration?23:56
Belial`when i pick from the drop down menu in icons theme, i don't my system installed icons for kde.23:57
BarkingFishSnowhog, ah.  That's the way round it.23:57
SnowhogBarkingFish: See http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57401-Lightdm-KDE&p=288232&viewfull=1#post28823223:58
BarkingFishI tried to simply select kdm as the default when the chooser popped up, and it wouldn't work23:58
SnowhogBarkingFish: That's because KDM isn't installed.23:58
BarkingFishSnowhog, that's just it - when I tried that, it was23:59

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