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jcsackettanyone who followed the install launchpad in an lxc tutorial wind up with the lxc not starting b/c it couldn't mount /dev/shm because it's a "symbolic link to nowhere"?16:03
rick_h_jcsackett: doh, let me know if you find an answer. I am running it that way right now but imagine I'll need to rebuild it on upgrade16:07
rick_h_actually, should start that upgrade now I guess :/ so behind16:08
rick_h_bah, so many PPAs to worry about16:08
jcsackettrick_h_: indeed. i did a clean install b/c i needed to upgrade drives anyway. thought it was a good time to do the lxc thing but it seems to be fail.16:22
rick_h_jcsackett: yea, I always do clean install so think that's safer for me anyway16:23
rick_h_yea, I did the lxc thing, but I didn't want it in my home drive so I did some manual overrides16:23
rick_h_actually wondering about doing it in a virtualbox server install this time16:24
rick_h_like having LP dev on a diff setup16:24
jcsacketti think i'll have to go the usual way; wanted lxc but i need to be able to work tomorrow and don't have much time to muck around today.16:25
cjwatsonjcsackett: that sounds like /run erroneously not being (bind-)mounted16:53
cjwatsonsort of thing you might get with instructions from pre-er-precise-or-so I guess16:54
jcsackettcjwatson: any thoughts on how to remedy it?16:57
cjwatsonno idea what instructions you're following16:58
cjwatsonjcsackett: I guess that in general it depends on whether the procedure in question is binding mountpoints from the host system, or constructing its own versions of important system filesystems internally17:13
jcsackettcjwatson: i was just running the directions in https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/LXC figure i should become familiar with lxc and i basically know nothing about it at this time.19:58
lifelessjcsackett: I haven't seen the symbolic link to nowhere happen before20:27
lifelessjcsackett: I'd check for bugs in ubuntu/+source/lxc - closed ones in particular20:27
jcsackettlifeless: thanks. i check through that, but found nothing too applicable. gary_poster pointed out there were some issues relating to dev/shm *after* starting an lxc, but nothing quite like this.21:30
jcsackettthere's some indication that the basic handling of dev/shm changed in quantal. i think that may be the failure point, though i'm unsure how to approach it.21:34

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