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ompaulis there an account delete button?10:08
ompaulI'll take that as a no.10:15
geserwgrant: are some archive.u.c mirrors out of sync?11:26
geseronly is out of sync, the others seem to be up-to-date11:27
gesersince 3 days11:28
wgrantYeah, cursa seems to be out of sync11:30
* wgrant prods sysadmins11:30
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qenghoHi. I'm trying dput to ppa.launchpad.net, and it sends files, but I get two rejections.  One, when I include the orig.tar.gz file, says that file has been uploaded in the past [true], and can't be uploaded again.  Because I do not have that first otgz file any more, and don't know the hash of that file, and can't make the right .dsc file to upload.16:31
qenghoSo, can I find the first tarball or the right checksum to include?16:33
qenghoI've tried anon-ftp, and getting the original filename, but that doesn't seem to exist there now.16:34
qenghoSo, this is my question: Can I get a file I uploaded previously?16:46
maxbqengho: Often, but not always.17:07
maxbCan you show the name of the PPA, the package and version you're trying to upload?17:08
qenghomaxb: yes.  Do you want it?17:11
qenghoppa, ~cmiller/chromium-browser-stable-daily17:14
qenghofile I'm trying to build upon, but do not have: chromium-browser_22.0.1229.94~r161065.orig.tar.gz17:14
qenghoAnd the full package version I'm trying to upload is 22.0.1229.94~r161065-0ubuntu2~cm217:18
maxbqengho: It looks like the appropriate .orig.tar.gz is still downloadable if you go "view packages" and select to see all packages not just published ones17:27
qenghomaxb: ah!  So it is!  Thank you.17:28
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