vividrealityI have a pretty noobish question. I can't seem to edit the main menu applet. I installed Limbo, but it's in the main folder rather than the games folder. Does anyone know how I can change this?02:53
jmarsdenvividreality: Where things show up in the menus should depend on the Categories specified in their .desktop file.  I do not see limbo as being an official Ubuntu package, so you'll need to determine where its .desktop file is (dpkg -L Limbo | grep .desktop   may help), and then edit it to ensure it is in the desired category.  After that, a quick sudo update-menus (or a reboot) should get you what you are looking for.03:25
vividrealityOkay thank you.03:26
G__81i am using Lubuntu 12.10 and i see all of a sudden the keyboard short cuts dont work05:15
G__81is anyone else facing this problem05:15
G__81I dont use anything more . I use Alt+ F2 and Ctrl+ Esc. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not05:16
Random832G__81: what does ctrl+esc do?05:18
G__81the Start menu05:18
* Random832 uses alt-f2 and alt-f1, i don't think ctrl-esc does anything on lxde05:18
G__81it does i am able to see Ctrl + esc bringing up the start menu05:19
G__81i have not changed any config or added any new shortcuts as i dont have any idea on how to add one in Lxde05:19
vividrealityI have the same problem with print screen, it works whenever it seems fit.05:20
vividrealitySo button bashing print screen for a while will give me 3, 4 ish screenshots.05:20
vividrealityAnd there is no way to tell if a screenshot has been made either.05:21
G__81its so irritating when sometimes it works and sometimes it does not :)05:21
Random832you could always take screenshots the old school way05:22
Random832in a terminal: sleep 1; import -window root screenshot.png -- then scramble to get your terminal out of the way during the sleep05:23
vividrealityOh well I have shutter now sitting in my icon tray, works fine.05:26
vividrealityIt's just sitting there, being helpfull and all.05:26
vividrealitysleep won't work, since there are moments you want to take a screenshot instantly, especially in gamedev.05:27
vividrealityAnd shutter gives me some more features that come in handy.05:28
G__81is there any solution for this keyboard shortcut problem05:30
vividrealityWell why I said that is that you probably can make custom keybindings somehow.05:32
vividrealityHere you go http://www.lubuntutips.com/2012/05/lubuntu-hotkeys-keybindings.html#.UIOJfhK2vBE05:35
G__81yeah there are already some bindings it does not work why?05:39
G__81it says C-A left for show desktop05:39
G__81when i do that it does not work05:39
G__81i mean the config file has that listed but it does not seem to work ?05:39
vividrealityYeah I have the same problem, I don't know why.05:40
vividrealityI didn't bother to find a solution yet.05:40
G__81so no point in running something like lxde then05:53
vividrealityWhat did I miss?06:49
NUCLEARWINTERno point in using06:49
vividrealityOh yeah06:49
NUCLEARWINTERthose bindings are the openbox part of Lubuntu :-)06:49
vividrealitySome people rather install a different distro than find a solution to their problem06:50
vividrealityUntil they have had all distro's, and install windows.06:50
vividrealityOh well I went to Lubuntu too from Ubuntu, so I shouldn't say a thing.06:52
NUCLEARWINTERC-A-Left should be correct06:53
NUCLEARWINTERif there's C-A Left, then make a bug report against lubuntu-desktop06:53
vividrealityOh yeah that seems to work fine for me.06:54
vividrealityMy problem is mainly the screenshot.06:54
NUCLEARWINTERhow many of the pressings goes thru?07:03
vividrealityLets test, I will press it 10 times now07:06
vividrealityOh u linux.07:07
vividrealityFixing problems when I don't watch.07:07
vividrealityIt works correctly now.07:07
vividrealityDue to magic and sorcery.07:07
NUCLEARWINTERyou just had your button sticky or something :-)07:08
vividrealityOh well I don't know, it works now so I am happy.07:09
Guest10252what is more secure, Ubuntu or Fedora?07:37
NUCLEARWINTERboth are as secure if you take them off from public networks07:38
Guest10252but if not?07:39
NUCLEARWINTERthen the securiness is all up to you07:40
NUCLEARWINTERwhat's your username, how cryptic is your password and are you using sshd07:40
NUCLEARWINTERor something else to the outer world open stuff07:40
Guest10252are there no differences to the kernel?07:41
NUCLEARWINTERprobably no, I've never looked back to rpm based systems since I last used RedHat 6.007:42
NUCLEARWINTERso technically I am not so good in answering these questions07:43
NUCLEARWINTERbut there are people using 2.6 kernels still07:43
NUCLEARWINTERlike myself :D07:43
Guest10252ok :D07:43
jmarsdenDifferences to the kernel and "which is more secure" are two mostly independent topics.  Network security is more about how good and how paranoid the system and network administrator is, than which kernel is being run.07:44
NUCLEARWINTERkernel exploits are hardly open to outside07:45
Guest10252do you think its better to install windows 8 to play games or lubuntu and windows XP in a VirtualBox ?07:48
NUCLEARWINTERor buy xbox, ps3, ouya, wii, nds, what ever07:49
Guest10252I mean what would have better performance?07:50
Guest10252win8 or lubuntu+vbos(winXP)?07:51
kanliotdepends on the particualr game07:51
Guest10252League of Lengends for exmaple?07:52
kanliotruns bad in wine07:52
kanliotyou should use win 7 or something07:52
kanliotunless you like HoN which is an option for lubuntu07:52
kanlioti'm watching a HoN tourney right now07:53
kanliotno need for LoL07:53
NUCLEARWINTERbut ubuntu gets steam!07:53
Guest10252but I mean running lol not in wine but Vbox+ windows XP, does it work there good?07:53
NUCLEARWINTERsoon you can play some 4 to 5 years old games on ubuntu too ;)07:53
NUCLEARWINTERGuest10252, sounds like you've never really used virtualbox07:54
Guest10252with steam on ubuntu can I play Age of Empires Online?07:54
kanlioti would dual boot or run lubuntu in vmware07:54
kanliotdual boot is easy07:54
kanliotjust install winxp, then lubuntu07:55
kanliotcan't miss07:55
NUCLEARWINTERI would rather install windows 707:55
NUCLEARWINTERas it's not as near of End of Life as XP ;)07:55
Guest10252why not 8?07:56
kanliotbetter question is why 807:56
Guest102528 is newer07:57
Guest10252is 7 better than 8?07:58
NUCLEARWINTERyou tell us07:58
NUCLEARWINTERthis all is irrelevant to lubuntu support07:58
NUCLEARWINTERhave a nice day07:59
Guest10252another question:08:02
Guest10252if I have installed fedora, can I use the same repository as in lubuntu?08:03
kanliotthere's probably a way, but not really.08:04
kanliotwould take much effort08:04
Guest10252the canonical repository for example?08:07
Guest10252is it just for ubuntu, or also for other linuxes?08:07
kanliotubuntu and mint08:07
kanliotand debian if you add it08:07
kanliotrepos are versioned08:07
kanliotdifferent repos for each version08:08
kanliotif you use ubuntu most of the details are automatic/ hidden08:08
Guest10252so I can not integrate canonical on fedora?08:08
kanlioti'm sure there's a way08:09
kanliotbut not for you08:09
Guest10252not for me? :D08:10
kanliotyou are not losing anything by picking ubuntu08:10
kanliotinstall it and find out08:11
kanliotyou should dual boot08:12
kanliotthat way you can always just boot windows for games08:12
Guest10252I dont need dual boot i have two computers :D08:13
Guest10252but I thought it might be faster with Vbox08:13
Guest10252cause windows 7 need 1500MB RAM lubuntu needs 200MB winXP needs 400MB, so winXP+LU would be 600MB+game, I am just not sure bout the thing with hardware and driver or simulation08:14
kanliotare you instlling lubunu on your gaming pc?08:15
vividrealityWhy not install WinXP with virtual box, so you can run lubuntu whenever you don't play games.08:16
Guest10252installing XP on pc would be risky, cause it has big security gaps i think08:18
vividrealityWhat do you need to be secured for.08:18
Guest10252I think I just install Win 8 on my gamer PC and Lubuntu on this laptop08:19
Guest10252for not getting viruses  :D08:19
vividrealityWhat kanliot said.08:19
kanliotwinxp might be better for battery life08:20
kanliotand well08:20
kanliothe left08:20
vividrealityain't that the darnest thing.08:20
hoeggerr__I wrote in the wrong chanel before.   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckISO_CD   The MD5 sums need update?09:04
hoeggerr__It seems to mee that 12.10 MD5 should be there, but is not09:06
krasnozerHi, my screen goes black after a few minutes even after I disabled monitor sleep/off in the xfce power manager, so how do I fix that?09:13
hoeggerr__kras  I am no expert.    can it be extra power saving in bios settings?09:15
krasnozerhoeggerr__: I don't have any power related option in the bios09:16
hoeggerr__Ok, just a thought, i did have something like that.09:17
=== monk is now known as Guest30702
Guest30702hello, I am back09:27
Guest30702I installed lubuntu now09:27
Guest30702I have a quetion09:27
Guest30702are programmes like xchat or HoN security threats for the system?09:28
Yngve I have a strange problem after upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10, I have sound in headphones but not on the build in speakers. I have checked alsamixer and pulseaudio and everything seems to be working (I can see the volum indicater jumping up and down while playing music) but no sound on the speakers. It works when I use the Lubuntu 12.04 live CD. Macbook air 1.1. Does someone have an idea what could be wrong?09:50
Name141Is there anything special in 12.newversionhere than the LTS?09:52
Yngvenew goodlooking theme09:53
Yngveand seems faster for me at least09:54
Name141I keep thinking about replacing XP with it.. and thinking.. and.. thinking.. but recently MSE has dragged down XP to a crawl (something it doesn't do to 7 or 8 )09:55
NUCLEARWINTERreplace it09:56
YngveLubuntu is much faster than XP09:56
NUCLEARWINTERanything is faster than XP09:56
Name141Yeah, I could wine my mIRC I guess to save my scripts09:56
NUCLEARWINTERwhy would you want to run mIRC?09:56
NUCLEARWINTERhurr durr09:56
Name141"my scripts"09:56
NUCLEARWINTERprecious "now playing" ;)09:57
Name141and identify to networks..09:57
Name141and flood controls..09:57
NUCLEARWINTERthose are already in a lot smarter irc clients09:57
NUCLEARWINTERbuilt-in features09:57
Name141yeah, but I'd have to atleast save my nickserv list09:57
NUCLEARWINTERcopy your scripts to usb stick, or to cloud service09:58
NUCLEARWINTERand wipe it over!09:58
NUCLEARWINTERI challenge you to install Lubuntu during this day ;)09:58
Name141somehow I want to respond to that by saying RED ROVER! ;/09:58
Name141NUCLEARWINTER: I don't think I have time to download it.09:58
Name141I only got 1 hour left09:59
Name141(before the stupid 475 MB a day cap is on again)09:59
Name141Hughesnet FAP10:00
Yngveyou can have xp, and install lubuntu aswell10:01
Name141Yngve: My KVM switch doesn't much like linux either, is another reason10:01
Name141I have to press the hardware switch or press ctrl + alt + F110:02
Name141then use scroll lock + scroll lock10:02
Name141f3? f1 to restore?10:02
* Name141 shrugs10:02
Guest30702is it a security risk to have xchat installed?10:07
NUCLEARWINTERGuest30702, are you trolling?10:07
Name141but yeah, Chrome, FireFox, Pidgin, all that crap I'm using besides mIRC is linux native10:09
Name141(Is spotify stable now?)10:09
NUCLEARWINTERGuest30702, then you answered to your question too10:09
Name141eh.. I kinda answered my own question too.. has spotify EVER been stable10:11
Name141(no, not it hasn't)10:11
Guest30702no, i am not trolling, I mean is xchat a bigger rist then chatting by unsing a browser?10:12
hoeggerr__Hi.  is it any chance that I can run preSonus in Lubuntu?  it is a good and free Audio-program that I need to be compatible with my co-workers10:13
aptosidhas anyone an idea why at the live cd for 12.10 at boot screen where you can select modes f6 dosnt work?10:27
aptosidbecause i cant boot10:29
aptosidsince the upgrade neither from disc nor from cd10:29
berfomethIs this set in the current lubuntu version: pcie_aspm=force, i915.i915_enable_rc6=1, i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 and i915.lvds_downclock=1 ?10:44
NUCLEARWINTERohop, wrong window ;)11:29
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chaplanhello, i have a slight problem, my dell c840 has a password block on the bios for the hdw changes. problem is i bought it 2nd hand from a store and can not find the previous owner, so that i would ask him for the pwd. I installed  lubuntu alongside windows, but its slow, because of low performance hdw. the question is - how can i remove the windows, without having to boot from bios, because i can not perform this action because of 14:09
chaplanany help is apreciated14:09
NUCLEARWINTERremove cmos battery14:10
NUCLEARWINTERshould reset the bios14:10
chaplani was thinking of that14:13
chaplanbut should i take also the laptop battery of?14:13
NUCLEARWINTERleave it without power for a while14:15
chaplan10x a lot14:15
bulletrulzhi guys16:11
c10udhello, i'm having some issues with vino (vnc server) in Lubuntu precise. I'd like to have it start automatically at login (I'm using autologin), but simply checking the relevant option in lxde session config doesn't work. Ideas?16:20
c10udi can confirm that starting it by hand (/usr/lib/vino/vino-server)16:25
c10udcool, looks like somebody else ran in the same issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2073830 :)16:28
c10udthe desktop file is in /etc/xdg/autostart, but it won't start. However adding it /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart fixes my issue. :)16:34
moondogI've been contemplating removing the standard ubuntu desktop and replacing it with LXDE. There is a web article on how to do this at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelubuntu19:47
moondogmy question is... I'm thinking I shouldn't do this while in the standard ubuntu desktop environment19:47
moondogshouldn't I boot to a text-only login first?19:47
gomiboymoondog: no need to, in the worst case some program will complain when you logout19:48
moondogok, cool19:49
moondogseems a little rude to uninstall something while it's running :)19:49
gomiboymoondog: linux is a multi-user os, you can for example delete a movie while you are watching it and keep watchin till the end ;)19:51
conorjhHas anyone been having trouble with xfce4-power-manager since going from 12.04 to 12.10; it keeps crashing for me, it works from one suspend-to-ram on lidbtn and then crashes and has to be relaunched.21:05
sabrinaHi i need the commands to control the shutdown automatic by temperature in lubuntu 12.0421:06
zleapsabrina, that suggests the system is overheating21:11
sabrinanot is for more safe21:11
sabrinafor my computer21:12
sabrinazleap i need the commands or a app for this action for lubuntu 12.0421:14
zleaperm so acpi usually controls stuff  like that21:15
zleapas for actual commands21:15
zleapsudo shutdown -h now will shutdown the system21:15
zleapas for when it hits a specifc temperature dunno21:15
sabrinaI need a proteccion sure of shutdown by temperature21:18
sabrinafor lubuntu 12.0421:19
sabrinaprotection *21:20
sabrinaCPUTIN:       +32.5°C  (high = +80.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C)  sensor = thermistor  doesnt work in lubuntu 12.04  any idea ?21:24
zleapi am not sure how to do that21:27
zleapyou may be better off joining #ubuntu and seeing if anyone can heklp there the basic principal must be the same21:28
sabrinased -n 's/.*CPUTIN[^\+]*.\([^\.]*\).*/\1/p'21:28
zleapthat is beyond me21:28
sabrinaand for me too21:29
sabrinamuch more yet21:30
sabrinais there a applet for lubuntu or lxde with this action?21:31
zleapnot sure21:31
zleapas i said ask in #ubuntu21:32
zleapmorepeople in there21:32
sabrinathanks you21:33
zleapor #ubuntu-uk21:33
sabrinaescott sed -n 's/.*CPUTIN[^\+]*.\([^\.]*\).*/\1/p'     ???21:42
Ahmuckwuld like to set my keybaord map so i don't have to change all the time when logging in.  any suggestions?23:54

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