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MadRushwho's awake?03:10
MadRushid to learn a bit about linux on transformer infinity / nvidia tegra3 SoC ...03:11
MadRushlilstevie: would you happen to be available/03:11
lilstevieawake yes, available? only kinda03:12
MadRushwhat's the current state of linux on a tegra system? are there any insurmountable hurdles to a full distribution taking advantage of the nvidia hardware?03:13
MadRush...and if you've got a page to read i'd gladly do that rather than make you type a lot03:14
lilsteviewell that depends, there are a few things which simply do not have a purpose under linux :p03:15
lilsteviethe graphics stuff has been a pretty bumpy ride, but it looks like it will be working fine soon with the nexus 7 demo03:16
MadRushwhat few things are you talking about? also can you elaborate on the bumpy ride / nexus 7 demo03:19
lilsteviewell when are you going to use the accelerometer or gyroscope in ubuntu :p03:21
lilsteviealso the magnetometer03:21
lilsteviethose 3 things currently do not work on the tf201 at least, I would expect mostly across the board though, cause they are things that people don't think about03:22
MadRushdont care about any of those things03:22
lilstevieas for the bumpy ride, nvidias drivers have been pretty bad03:22
MadRushthey have drivers out for tegra3?03:22
lilstevieMadRush, see :p as I said "a few things that simply do not have a purpose under linux" :p03:22
lilsteviehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2tGHfmM-TU <-- nexus 7 demo03:23
MadRushuh who did that, it wasnt cannonical was it?03:24
lilsteviethat was canonical from what I am lead to believe03:26
MadRushhmm apparently.03:27
lilsteviewhen it comes to the infinity I am working towards a single kernel that supports all 3 tegra3 transformers03:29
MadRushi see03:29
lilstevieto some degree it is already possible, I just need to look into side effects03:29
MadRushwhat exactly are you doing to achieve that?03:29
MadRushare you patching the kernel or something/03:29
MadRushand, are HDMI out, speakers, cameras all working?03:30
lilsteviewell the latest source drop from asus has all 3 devices support code03:30
lilsteviehdmi out <- I don't own a microhdmi cable. speakers <- oh boy are they fun, yes with bugs. cameras <- no03:30
lilsteviehdmi out should just work03:30
lilsteviebut I honestly don't know03:30
MadRushwell, i have a tf700t ... is there anything i can do to contribute?03:31
lilsteviesound is either on, or off, no variation03:31
lilsteviecameras I haven't even looked into at this stage03:31
lilstevieMadRush, have you done any kernel dev, or do you at least know C03:31
MadRushhdmi is the important one in my book, so i can use it as a desktop eventually03:31
lilsteviehdmi would be nice, but it is another thing that I have to buy just to test with, cause I will probably only use it once in the whole time the tf201 is in use03:32
MadRushive yet to do kernel hacking but i think nows a good time to start.  im handy with a few languages; over the summer i participated in an undergraduate research program where i attempted to write a javascript web app... NOT an expert but im a good learner03:33
MadRush...what i mostly learned was a strong disdain for javascript and it makes me appreciate c/c++ and especially java.03:33
MadRushand as i continue this project i really wish we had a linux admin because im spending too much time screwing with my debian server and very little time writing javascript / php code.03:34
lilsteviemy issues are that I have been sidetracked with other projects03:58
lilstevielike wheelie03:58
MadRushwhats wheelie04:00
MadRushis linux on the tf700t doable right now? if so, do you have a URL (or several) i can look at/04:01
lilsteviehttp://androidroot.mobi/t3_nvflash/ <-- this is wheelie. If you have not done it yet (and you haven't updated to the .30 ics update, or further (read jb)) do it04:02
lilstevieand it might be, but I do not have anything on hand that you could read04:03
MadRushhmm would it suit me to read about how to do it on a tf201?04:05
lilstevienot really, cause I haven't written anything up yet, been far too busy04:06
MadRushaside from wheelie and ubuntu porting to transformers, what keeps you busy?04:07
MadRushif you dont mind my asking, are you a professional programmer, a student perhaps?04:09
lilstevieI am a teacher04:09
lilsteviewell student teacher04:10
lilsteviebut I have a lot of assignments04:10
MadRushcomputer science or something else?04:12
lilsteviesomething else04:12
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asiekierkaanyone with a TF101?11:43
lilstevieasiekierka, maybe12:11
asiekierkabecause i'm trying to get Ubuntu on my TF101 for the 42nd time...12:12
asiekierkathe funny thing is, when i did it the first time half a year ago, it worked first try12:12
asiekierkabut i think i got it12:12
asiekierkaactually, i'm pretty sure i did12:12
asiekierkaman, is it just the version of OLiFE i found12:14
asiekierkaor is it incredibly buggy?12:14
asiekierkaext3c doesn't work, had to change to ext312:14
asiekierkaand now i had to update the ubuntu rootfs as it didn't detect it from the main installer12:14
asiekierkamany many little issues... but oh well12:15
lilstevieit is extremely buggy :)12:15
asiekierka...hang on a second.12:15
asiekierka*checks README*12:15
asiekierka"(c) 2011 Steven Barker <lilstevie@lilstevie.geek.nz>"12:15
lilsteviehowever the rootfs shouldn't matter as long as it is named correctly12:15
asiekierkait worked for the first five tries12:15
asiekierkaon the sixth i had to put it in separately12:15
lilstevieheh, I have been meaning to update it12:15
asiekierkai wish i could get arch linux working12:16
asiekierkafavourite distro12:16
asiekierkacurrently I get as far as to "VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)"12:19
asiekierkaand that only happens when i hold volume-up for 1 second12:19
asiekierkais there any more manual but WORKING way of installing Ubuntu on TF101?12:20
lilsteviewell most people just go dual boot12:20
lilsteviefwiw the issue is the initramfs is too big12:21
asiekierkatrying that now...12:21
asiekierkalilstevie: installed with dualboot, same error :|12:40
lilstevieasiekierka, with ubuntu as secondary?12:42
lilstevie(do that as a kernel update12:42
asiekierkai tried ubuntu as primary12:42
asiekierkalemme try ubuntu as secondary12:42
asiekierkaalso too late12:42
asiekierkai already did a full one... oh well12:42
asiekierkai have time12:42
asiekierka[23157.551042] usb 6-1: device descriptor read/64, error -7113:00
asiekierkashould i be rather seriously worried?13:00
asiekierkahappens when i try to get into APX mode after yet another failed install ._.13:00
asiekierkathis time the battery went low13:01
asiekierkaon rootfs install13:01
lilstevieprobably cause the battery is flat13:01
SoulShadowman, chroembook looks so good if ubuntu could get ported onto it14:24
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