everaldojbicha, yes, I know it now00:00
gnomejbicha: i just dug into dconf editor... apparently we are still dragging some unity keys around00:00
jbichaI see guys running like Fedora 13 and I'm thinking man, you can't do that, with only 13 months max support you can only skip 1 release and then you *have* to upgrade00:01
gnomejbicha: indeed00:01
everaldowell, now my customers are using only LTS00:01
everaldoand to be honest, I have only 3 customers, not too much00:02
gnomebut at least you don't need to wait for shuttleworth to stop scratching his ass to get a new driver *quickly*00:02
jbichagnome: sure, several apps depend on libunity for Unity launcher integration00:02
everaldojbicha, when 13.04 development starts?00:02
jbichaeveraldo: 13.04 should open some time next week00:02
gnomejbicha: in this case its a lens... not sure we need it00:03
jbichabut you can start filing blueprints or opening bugs or starting mailing list discussions now00:03
gnomego look into com.canonical.Unity.Lenses00:03
everaldojbicha, do you think we can change our default package set for next cycle?00:04
gnomeother wise, jbicha my friend: awesome job! thanks for bringing gnome back to us and in its rightful manner00:04
gnomeeveraldo: package set??00:05
jbichagnome: yeah, that's included with libunity9 bug 105501900:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1055019 in libunity (Ubuntu) "libunity9 should depend on unity-common" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105501900:05
jbichaeveraldo: yeah we can make adjustments00:06
gnomejbicha: cool, so it's gone soon or in the next cycle i suppose :)00:06
everaldognome, yes, as package set I mean "packages that comes installed by default"00:06
gnomeoh ok. :)00:07
gnomeyou guys can have a look at fedora - its vanilla gnome to the best00:07
everaldojbicha, btw, people are just impressed, they really love UGR00:07
jbichaeveraldo: yes, we can change our meta package00:07
everaldognome, I always look at fedora ;-)00:08
jbichagnome: rawhide's scary though00:08
gnomeas of now yes bc 18 is already branched00:08
gnomethat<s what im running as we speak00:09
gnomeare we going full gnome next cycle? no more canonical mods i mean...00:09
gnomejbicha ^^00:10
everaldoI just start to hack on gnome control center, hope to have all features and kill gnome-tweak-tool00:11
everaldoalso, just hope it can be integrated on oficial gnome control center00:11
gnometweak tooll you mean? dump the app and have it as a module?00:12
jbichaeveraldo: it's quite unlikely that GNOME designers will take those additions to System Settings, they have been included in Tweak Tool for a reason00:13
gnomejbicha: good point00:13
everaldoyes, they wont people make settings00:13
gnomethough it does end up being a system related settings list00:13
jbichaunfortunately, events are conspiring (on Ubuntu and GNOME's side) which will likely mean that we'll be stuck with GNOME Shell 3.6 for 13.0400:13
everaldobtw, it comes from this "icon designers" from redhat :(00:13
jbichagnome: System Settings will be cleaner for 13.04 but it's too early to say whether it will be 100% GNOME or not00:14
gnomejbicha: fedora usually runs the same main version for a couple cycles before rolling to the new one00:14
gnomejbicha: why not build it from source and have our own packages that are called throught the meta-pack00:15
everaldojbicha, the reason why we have a gnome-tweak-tool is that was started by a different person than don't know C programing and it is not possible to instegrate python modules in gnom-control-center00:15
jbichagnome: that gets quite complicated for dependency-handling; we likely wouldn't really be part of Ubuntu if we did that00:15
gnometrue.. forgot about that one00:16
jbichaeveraldo: I'm not so sure that John doesn't know some C; I think he just prefers Python00:17
jbichagnome: http://people.ubuntu.com/~jbicha/germinate-output/desktop00:17
jbichathere's several similar files in that directory; that kind of gives an expansion of what we have in our metapackage and what's pulling it in00:18
gnomequestion: are the ubuntu applets bound by unity?00:19
everaldojbicha, are we restrict to be very GNOME upstream  or we are free to have some steroids for UGR ?00:21
gnomeeveraldo: no steroids please! i think the point of this was to have gnome to its purest, no? jbicha00:21
jbichaeveraldo: for the sake of fighting with Ubuntu and GNOME I think we need to stay mostly vanilla00:21
jbichawe don't want Ubuntu to say "but you're not shipping pure GNOME anyway so what does it matter?"00:22
everaldonot too much happy with that, 18 months ago I start to disagree with some GNOME things00:23
gnomequite honestly ( this how i do it..) i end up dumping all customizations anyway00:23
jbichait gets pretty annoying at times being in the middle but that's why I'm here - to try to bridge the gap00:23
gnomei used to do it on ubuntu till i got fed up and moved out00:23
gnomejbicha: we arent bound to libreoffice if we go official are we?00:24
jbichaby patching over GNOME's mis-designs, we're encouraging users not to complain to GNOME but to blame us for all the decisions00:24
jbichagnome: we have basically 100% ability to choose what packages we ship; Kubuntu has never shipped Ubuntu One for instance00:25
everaldojbicha, well, you are right, I don't like it but you are right :(00:25
gnomejbicha: if i must request one thing, please oh please! do not put libreoffice on it00:25
jbichaeveraldo: Suse or Mageia have more flexibility to patch over stuff00:25
jbichagnome: that's a 50/50 decision as GNOME doesn't actually have a default office suite00:26
gnomethat wouldnt stop anyone from installing it aftwerwards anyway00:26
gnomeremoving it, on the other hand 'dirties' the install00:26
jbichawell eventually LibreOffice will have a simpler UI that's easier to use00:27
gnomein a long long long long time00:27
gnomethe framework has taken ages to update - heck, theyre still on it00:28
jbichaI'm considering dropping Evolution by default though as it's not core GNOME but just an app00:28
gnomewhat would be the replacement00:28
gnomefedora uses it...00:28
everaldojbicha, I use openSUSE for years when working on Novell and people there are really hard to convince anything IMHO00:28
jbichahere's the definitions of what's core and what's not http://git.gnome.org/browse/jhbuild/tree/modulesets00:28
jbichagnome: I think a majority uses webmail, others prefer Evolution or Thunderbird or mutt or something00:29
gnomeid back the webmail statement. thats all i use00:30
everaldojbicha, anyway, I know that we can't patch any GNOME but we can install packages that get us more features right?00:30
jbichaI think it added 10MB or so to our image because I accidently left it out of the Alpha00:30
gnomeand thank you for getting rid of mozilla too00:30
jbichaWeb 3.8 will be getting the new pages tab-replacement00:31
jbichait's ok because epiphany's tabs are pretty awful if you have more than about 7 open00:31
gnomeif anything... id vote for keeping it streamlined and simple. people can overhaul it after install00:31
jbichaso it actually doesn't make their tab handling any worse, it can only get better :)00:31
gnomei meant 'web mail' as in browser + gmail00:32
gnomemmm question: does ndisgtk handle ethernet drivers too? not just wifi00:33
jbichaeveraldo: sure, we installed deja dup, gwibber, and transmission this time and they aren't strictly GNOME00:34
gnomewell.. they are considered essentials jbicha00:34
gnomeand they work very well too00:35
everaldowell, looks like I can play a little, theres some "window" for customization ;-)00:35
gnomejust please, keep it simple and low memory. think about it. with this now, we can actually take advantage of the mobile built-ins for eventul ports for tablets and stuff00:36
gnomeubuntu is the #1 choice00:36
gnomeunity is just awful for that00:37
jbichaeveraldo: I think we may change the wallpaper too but I'd like to keep it conservative and looking like GNOME, I really liked Fedora 15's lovelock wallpaper00:37
gnomejbicha: why not do what i spoke about in the forums00:38
jbichagnome: ?00:38
gnomethe plymouth ubuntu logo on gnome-blue solid background00:38
gnomeit would also unify the transitioning from plymouth to gdm to shell00:39
gnomeif you make it the same for all three00:39
everaldognome, the gdm starts with blue strips, that is why we made an animation of blue strips00:39
gnomethis version?00:40
jbichagnome: feel free to send a proposal to the mailing list, screenshots or mockups are useful00:40
gnomewill do00:40
gnomebut basically let me explain:00:40
gnomedefault ubuntu uses plymouth as ubuntu logo on aubergine, right?00:41
jbichawe may switch to something like https://live.gnome.org/GnomeOS/Design/Whiteboards/Boot though00:41
gnomeOOOOOh even better00:41
jbichaGDM 3.6 briefly flashes the default wallpaper on the screen which is why we used the default wallpaper instead for 12.1000:42
gnometrue that. good point00:42
everaldojbicha, that is my first theme ;-)00:42
gnomeso seamless was in your mind then00:42
jbichaeveraldo: yes I remember :) they may change that behavior in gdm 3.8 though00:42
gnomeso basically plymouth would be using gdm's underlying background image00:43
gnomejbicha" ^^00:44
jbichafrom boot up to log in should feel fairly smooth yes00:44
gnomecool - added to ubuntu's silent grub settings, this will be pure win00:45
gnomejbicha: ubuntuone claims to be installed, i do not see it anywhere...00:48
everaldojbicha, looks like we have some efi problems that will require rebuild the iso00:50
everaldojbicha, is there any chance that it happens?00:50
gnomewhat is the efi issue?00:51
gnomei run efi00:51
everaldoa missing file on casper folder00:51
gnomewill that pose a problem if i attempt an efi install?00:52
everaldoerror: file `/casper/vmlinuz.efi.signed` not found00:53
everaldognome, yes, it will00:53
gnomeoh. when are you rebuilding then?00:54
jbichagnome: ubuntuone is not installed, just pieces of it00:55
everaldoI don't know if we can rebuild and also I don't know from where this file comes from on  Ubuntu00:55
everaldojbicha, we can rebuild if needed?00:55
gnomeubuntuone-client-gnome for install?00:56
everaldonathaneltitane, fedora ah?01:18
nathaneltitanegonna install into gnome boxes to test out all the final stuff before formating01:20
everaldonathaneltitane, let us know if you have any issues01:21
nathaneltitanewill do. i plan on sticking around with you guys. i cant code but i sure as hell can test the living crap out of software :)01:23
jbichaeveraldo: linux-signed is what has that .signed file, interestingly it's amd64 only01:24
everaldojbicha, probably because EFI is 64bit only right?01:25
jbichaI'd prefer an actual bug report, is it just that efi users have trouble after installing? in that case, we could just release note it01:25
nathaneltitanei might assume we'd have trouble *WHILE* installing01:25
nathaneltitanewhere was it in the image again?01:26
everaldojbicha, ok, I will fill a bug report after dinner01:26
everaldoah, a friend here just copy the file to usb stick from ubuntu to ubuntu-gnome-remix and it works01:26
jbichaor we could just spin a 12.10.1 image for amd64 only01:26
nathaneltitanewhere was the file located jbicha01:28
nathaneltitaneill copy it for install until you guys respin01:28
jbichatell the friend to install linux-signed-generic so that upgrades work01:28
everaldonathaneltitane, casper folder01:28
jbichaI have to figure out the correct way to respin first01:28
nathaneltitanemy point exactly.. until you do01:29
everaldojbicha, he cant install it, it is on installation01:29
jbichaI guess we just need to install that and things should work01:29
everaldojbicha, when you enter a live session just receive this message01:30
everaldoafter installed everthing works fine, just need to copy this file to the casper folder01:30
jbichaeveraldo: if install completes, then he can just chroot in and install that package01:32
everaldowell, it is working and not installed anything after complete installation01:34
jbichaeveraldo: would you like to regenerate the iso to test if it works https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script01:35
jbichaI'll rebuild and re-release after I get it uploaded (it might not happen until Monday)01:36
jbichabut there's no use releasing until it's verified that the problem is fixed01:36
everaldojbicha, I will rebuild iso here and test on mac and efi capable pc, after tests then email you01:37
jbichaeveraldo: sure, thanks!01:38
* everaldo searching for a good excuse to not go sushi with his wife01:39
nathaneltitanesushi is good01:42
nathaneltitaney not go01:42
everaldoit is cold today01:43
jbichahow cold?01:43
nathaneltitanetoo cold01:43
everaldo17o C01:43
everaldowell, cold for a brazilian guys that is always on 38~35 C01:44
nathaneltitane12C here but windy and rainy as hell01:44
everaldonathaneltitane, where?01:44
everaldo12C for me is like a cold hell01:45
nathaneltitanetry -40 :)01:45
everaldono, thanks :)01:46
nathaneltitanejoined the team on launchpad01:47
nathaneltitaneboxes is awesome01:51
nathaneltitanewe seriously need it for the next release01:51
everaldonathaneltitane, what is uses? kvm?01:52
nathaneltitaneqemu it seems01:52
jbichanathaneltitane: at the moment it's amd64 only on Ubuntu, it requires hw virtualization so it's not necessarily a very good choice01:52
jbichaas default at least01:52
nathaneltitaneis it available throught the gnome3 ppa?01:53
jbichanathaneltitane: it's in the regular Ubuntu archives https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-boxes01:53
nathaneltitanespins are arch dependant anyway, why not include it on 6401:53
nathaneltitanewanna keep it uniform i suppose throughout the build?01:54
jbichanathaneltitane: personally I haven't found it to be that great yet; it was broken during much of the quantal cycle and I only recently got access to a computer w/ hw virtualization01:55
nathaneltitaneseems to run flawless right now for me01:55
nathaneltitaneand im on an alpha btw01:55
jbicharight, the Boxes devs use Fedora I believe; they definitely don't use Ubuntu01:56
nathaneltitanestill pretty powerful01:57
nathaneltitaneout of the box virtualization is very cool01:57
everaldonathaneltitane, better than VirtualBox?01:58
nathaneltitaneso far it seems01:58
nathaneltitaneno module config or build01:58
nathaneltitaneclick, load, install, boom01:58
everaldowill try it01:59
nathaneltitanedetects iso through home paths and even enables URIs01:59
jbichanathaneltitane: I think the real issue is that you're used to VirtualBox being broken, it usually works pretty well on Ubuntu :)01:59
nathaneltitaneoh no. i sure as hell know how to make it work, but i rather not spend time configuring it02:00
jbichanathaneltitane: right, it needs 0 configuration on Ubuntu (at least up until 12.04)02:00
nathaneltitanethe OSE one02:00
jbichathe Debian maintainer does a good job02:00
nathaneltitaneim talking about the prop version02:00
everaldonathaneltitane, looks like it uses vnc? is that right?02:01
jbichanathaneltitane: but you don't need that, just add the proprietary extension pack02:01
nathaneltitanegood to know02:01
nathaneltitaneseems like it everaldo02:01
jbichaeveraldo: it uses qemu & spice, I don't know about vnc02:02
nathaneltitanevnc is for the remote machines02:03
everaldojust looking at code02:04
everaldoand looks like it opens a vnc session to vm02:05
everaldonot sure if does it always02:05
everaldonathaneltitane, do you have any windows vm ?02:05
nathaneltitanei have a dedicated windows machine for work02:05
nathaneltitaneim an industrial designer02:05
nathaneltitaneso i cant do without adobe and autocad and solidworks02:06
everaldoah, ok02:06
nathaneltitaneand the only reason i use wine is for MLCAD since i run linux 98% of the time at home02:06
* everaldo loves how vala code looks02:06
nathaneltitaneoften heard about vala02:07
nathaneltitaneis it that great?02:07
everaldowell, the syntax is more clean than glib/gtk/c stuff02:07
everaldoand you don't need the .h files, it all on .vala code02:08
everaldoand looks like C#/Java02:08
everaldobut it compiles the .vala in .c/.h and then compile to native code02:08
everaldoso, don't loose any performance compared to C code02:08
nathaneltitanethats why. good to know02:09
everaldois there any ppa for gnome-boxes?02:12
nathaneltitaneeveraldo: he said its in the ubuntu archives02:14
nathaneltitaneor i guess you can just add the ppa:gnome3-team/gnome302:15
* everaldo installing gnome-boxes (it is on official archives)02:16
* nathaneltitane 02:16
everaldonathaneltitane, just working here02:18
everaldoeven gnome-shell works perfect02:18
everaldoI like it02:18
nathaneltitanei've always had faith in the gnome team02:19
nathaneltitanethey do awesome work02:19
everaldotheres only one thing that I did not like02:19
nathaneltitanewhich is02:19
everaldothe black window title02:19
everaldolike other gnome programs02:20
nathaneltitanetheme you mean02:20
everaldoI do prefer the default theme02:20
nathaneltitanei kind of like it. it does help on the media focus for images and movies02:20
nathaneltitane*MY* theme is even cooler02:20
everaldowhere it store vms?02:21
nathaneltitaneunder ~/.local/share/gnome-boxes02:22
nathaneltitanebrb. going back to live to install :)02:23
darkxstjbicha, this is quite bizarre, how can policykit-1-gnome possibly be missing, when a number of core gnome things depend on it?04:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1069104 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome-shell broken since quantal upgrade" [Undecided,New]04:03
jbichacrazy, it sounds like his system is probably fairly broken in that case04:08
darkxstyeh both logs are quite contridactory as well04:08
darkxstfirst one can't find polkit, but is trying to load compiz also04:09
darkxstsecond log is failing to load polkit, since an agent is already active04:09
darkxstsome other guy compained about the second issue, in an unrelated bug report04:11
jbichawell if gnome-shell fails, it would try to fallback to gnome classic which would include compiz if he started from Ubuntu 12.0404:12
darkxstno that wont happen now04:13
darkxstfallback is decided by gnome-session right at the start04:14
darkxstany critical error after that point will crash gnome-shell and stop there04:14
darkxst(it will probably attempt to respawn though)04:14
darkxstthe only way to hit fallback now is to actually select the session from gdm/lightdm (unless llvmpipe happens to be broken)04:21
jbichaeveraldo: I was told that we might not need to respin, could you or him file the boot bug against grub2?04:28
jbichathey haven't quite figured out what the problem is as there's only one other similar case of boot failing04:30
jbicha*known case so far04:30
jbichais he running with secure boot?04:31
darkxstlol, I imagine secure boot will produce more than its fair share of efi bugs!04:39
darkxstover the next cycle, previously lots of boards were using hybrid modes, that emulate bios for boot, but wont be valid with secure boot04:40
arvicolinaehello everybody16:35
arvicolinaea few minutes ago I tried to install the 64 bit ubuntu gnome remix16:35
arvicolinaebut I got the following error: /casper/vmlinuz.efi.signed not found try booting the kernel first16:36
arvicolinaedo you have any suggestions what I could do to get this working?16:37
jbichaarvicolinae: please file a bug against grub2 with as much information about your hardware as you can?16:38
jbichafor instance, are you running with Secure Boot?16:38
arvicolinaeok in the launchpad?16:38
jbichayes, you can run ubuntu-bug grub216:39
arvicolinaeI don't think so16:39
jbichathe developers are quite interested in trying to figure out why grub is failing to boot unsigned kernels on some machines16:40
arvicolinaeah ok16:40
arvicolinaethis issue occurs only with the stable release of the gnome remix16:41
arvicolinaewith the beta I had this strange nouveau problem16:41
arvicolinaewhich information do I need to provide since I'm running Debian 64 bit at the moment?16:59
darkxstjbicha, is this efi issue booting the installed system? or the iso?20:04
arvicolinaehi all20:41
arvicolinae@jbicha: The Ubuntu developers rejected my bug report because the gnome remix isn't an official ubuntu flavour20:43
arvicolinaesee https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1069475 for further information20:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1069475 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub fails to boot unsigned kernel" [Undecided,Invalid]20:44
arvicolinaeso who could help me?20:45
darkxstarvicolinae, does it happen with the normal quantal images?20:55
arvicolinaeI didn't tested20:56
arvicolinaebut I found out that it doesn't happen with the beta version of gnome remix20:56
darkxstarvicolinae, ok that is strange, can you try with normal ubuntu image20:59
arvicolinaesee you in a few minutes ;)21:10
darkxstjbicha, fwiw, I can't even get the ubuntu gnome images to boot at all in vmware efi mode (I don't even get as far as grub ;( )21:13
darkxststandard quantal release boots fine though21:13
arvicolinaeok problem didn't occur with normal quantal daily built21:16
arvicolinaeare there daily builts for the gnome remix21:16
darkxstno, you have to build it yourself21:17
darkxstgrab that, and then run './livecd-script.sh customize amd64 quantal-desktop-amd64.iso'21:18
arvicolinaeok thanks21:20
arvicolinaedo I have to download all the scripts?21:21
darkxstyeh, just use 'bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script'21:23
arvicolinaevery nice system ;)21:25
arvicolinaeso this script builds the gnome remix from an normal quantal daily built?21:31
arvicolinaevery cool guys :D21:31
darkxstand actually all the boot stuff is just copied of the normal quantal image. so it is strange this only occurs for our image21:33
darkxstarvicolinae, also you should run 'livecd-script.iso clean amd64' each time before re-building image again21:35
arvicolinaeok what does that do?21:35
arvicolinaecleaning cache?21:36
darkxstyeh just cleans up anything left over from the last build21:36
darkxstif you dont do it, the image ends up twice the size21:37
arvicolinaethen I'll better run the command21:37
arvicolinaehow many developers are there for the gnome remix?21:38
arvicolinaeok, thank you very much22:16
arvicolinaeI'll report tomorrow if I'm successful or not22:17
arvicolinaegood night22:17
nathaneltitanejbicha: attempted to copy the signed vmlinuz from a standard ubuntu 12.10 amd64 image and the live failed to boot up.. it hung with a blinking cursor. did everaldo's friend copy the whole casper directory or just the file?22:46
darkxstnathaneltitane, do you get to grub menu?22:47
nathaneltitanenot even22:47
darkxstok that is possibly a different issue22:47
everaldonathaneltitane, just the file22:47
nathaneltitanedarkxst: i think you are aware of the missing file?22:47
darkxstour image is missing efi boot entry22:47
nathaneltitanewell that didnt work everaldo22:47
everaldonathaneltitane, I am right now checking this bug22:47
nathaneltitanei mounted the image with file roller and copied it right into the already 'burned' usb casper folder... nada22:48
darkxstnathaneltitane, yeh but that happens after grub menu22:48
everaldowell, leave me a mail so I can tell you after finish my tests here (everaldo.canuto@gmail.com)22:48
nathaneltitaneit's the one on the launchpad22:48
darkxstsome efi bios can't read ISO9660 ;(22:48
nathaneltitanedarkxst: i attempted the boot on an old machine first22:49
nathaneltitaneotherwise guys, the build is flawless22:49
nathaneltitaneit runs on my non efi desk like a boss22:49
everaldonathaneltitane, I will leave you a mail when finish my tests22:50
nathaneltitanei am so very happy about this. :)22:50
nathaneltitaneno prob everaldo22:50
darkxstnathaneltitane, if you go into efi shell, you will find that it can't read the cd22:50
nathaneltitanemy laptop doesnt have a shell darkxst22:51
nathaneltitaneit's a standard bios interface22:51
nathaneltitanewhich makes me beg to ask darkxst : my laptop does offer a boot from device shell22:51
nathaneltitanehow can i get it to do that?22:51
darkxstso your laptop which is bios, is failing to boot? then that is something different again22:52
nathaneltitaneum no, it is efi, but no shell22:52
nathaneltitaneand the attempt i am talking about was on the machine i am currently running on, standard bios22:53
nathaneltitanedarkxst: my point is: if it is only bios, it shouldve just booted22:53
darkxstefi will (should) have a shell22:53
nathaneltitanewell, ubuntu and fedora refuse to boot live if i do not isohybrid the images to uefi capable boot22:54
nathaneltitaneand i ran all the efivars tests and efibootmgr tests and it is indeed efi22:54
nathaneltitanedarkxst: i read about the fact that some vendors dismiss the shell due to limited memory22:54
darkxstisohybrid doesnt do efi though22:56
nathaneltitaneisohybrid -u22:56
nathaneltitanei did it for fedora22:56
darkxstdid you try on our image?22:56
nathaneltitanenot yet22:56
nathaneltitaneand ubuntu is uefi capable by default22:57
darkxstnathaneltitane, but like I said we have not included the efi boot entry22:57
nathaneltitanebc i attempted with a default 12.06 image a montha ago and it booted, which led me to discover isohybrid and run it on the fedora image i wanted to load22:57
nathaneltitaneso it does need to be hybridized22:57
nathaneltitanelet me try it now and get back to you22:58
nathaneltitanedarkxst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1296385/23:00
darkxstnathaneltitane, oh23:01
darkxsttry copy /boot/grub/efi.img23:01
darkxstto isolinux/efiboot.img23:02
darkxstinside the iso23:02
nathaneltitanewhat was that iso editing tool again?23:04
darkxstiso master, is one23:05
nathaneltitanei think thats the one, thanks23:05
darkxsteveraldo, you have a machine that gets to grub and then fails?23:07
nathaneltitanedarkxst: you sait to copy is as what again? sorry, had to log out, couldnt get a lock on apt23:10
everaldodarkxst, no, but I will have it in a couple of hours :)23:11
everaldojust waiting for machine23:11
darkxst<darkxst> try copy /boot/grub/efi.img23:12
darkxst<darkxst> to isolinux/efiboot.img23:12
darkxsteveraldo, try adding the following to genisoimage command "-eltorito-alt-boot -e boot/grub/efi.img -no-emul-boot" at the end of the command but before the '.'23:13
nathaneltitanedarkxst: still unable to find efi image23:13
everaldodarkxst, ok, I will do it23:14
darkxstnathaneltitane, do you have the iso build script?23:14
nathaneltitaneas in livecd-tools&23:15
darkxstno our build script for ubuntu gnome images'23:15
nathaneltitanei guess ill just wait on the spin23:16
darkxstwell it will need testing before we release anything23:17
nathaneltitaneim here for that :)23:17
nathaneltitanelink it up when its ready23:18
darkxstI just need to work out the correct commands to generate a proper efi image23:18
nathaneltitaneno prob. - take your time23:19
nathaneltitanebe back in a bit23:21
everaldodarkxst, nathaneltitane, instead of send a mail directly to you guys, will just send to mail list23:22
everaldoso we can handle23:23
nathaneltitanelink me to the page plss23:23
darkxsteveraldo, oh an test without the -signed package23:35

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