infinityogasawara / bjf : There's a linux-lts-quantal in precise-proposed/new for ABI 17.  Wouldn't it make more sense to get the 18 one in matching the current ABI in quantal-proposed, so we don't fall one SRU cycle behind?00:38
infinityhenrix_: ^00:38
bjfinfinity, rtg did the .17 last week around release time, i expect henrix to put out a 18 this coming week02:36
bjfinfinity, that's my story and i'm sticking to it02:37
swex_hello all07:39
swex_I wonder why my 12.10 ignoring my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf 07:40
swex_I want to disable samsung_laptop module at boot time07:40
swex_but I still can lsmod it after reboot, so I have to rmmod it by hands each reboot07:41
swex_which are other ways kernel decides to load this module?07:41
apwswex_, i would expect blacklist.conf to work ... what did you add there07:49
swex_apw, I've added: blacklist samsung_laptop08:12
ricotzapw, hi, were some changes which would make a local kernel build not working on other machines? e.g. automatically using some optimizations which won't work on other cpus?08:54
ricotzapw, i expect a local build on quantal amd64 to work everywhere like it used to, ah i forgot i mean the raring kernel branch which behaves that way since the 3.6 imports08:56
apwricotz, not intentionally no09:48
ricotzapw, i see, this is just a theory, i can't really debug it since the kernel panics on boot09:53
apwricotz, its more likely a machine specific bug rather than optimisation09:54
apwand its hardly -rc2, so its going to be buggy09:54
ricotzapw, yeah, although it happened with 3.6.0 too09:56
ricotzapw, ah also the mainline builds of 3.7rc1 or rc2 working fine10:01
apwricotz, so it could be a config issue in -r or the ubuntu-delta, you could build -rc2 with the raring config10:11
ricotzapw, currently doing that10:16
ricotzapw, maybe this one tells you something http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/tmp/VID_20121021_123209-123609-21102012.mp410:43
ricotz(which is raring master-next merged with rc2)10:46
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