azbyinhi all10:12
azbyincan someone test something for me? I believe there is a bug in 'du' from coreutils10:12
azbyineither that or the behaviour was changed for some odd reason after the version available in 11.1010:12
mitya57azbyin: please describe your problem10:13
azbyindu -hs * .        in a directory filled with stuff shows a wrong size for .10:14
azbyinall the sizes reported for stuff matching the * glob is fine. just that the summary for the . dir is some weird number10:15
azbyini cannot figure out where this number comes from10:15
azbyini noticed the issue here on my laptop when i backed up everything from 11.10 and wiped and installed 12.10 now10:15
azbyini also ssh'd into my work machine which runs 12.04 and it has the same issue10:15
azbyini will post a sample on pastebin10:16
azbyinmitya57, http://pastebin.com/hDYGEpAs10:20
azbyinnote that simply running 'du -hs' gets the right size for the directory.10:20
alo21hi. What is the process to upgrade a package? I mean where should I tell that I am working on it and etc... ?10:21
mitya57azbyin: du -hs * . shows total size of files in a directory EXCLUDING sub-directories10:22
azbyinso you reckon i have 291M of files in my home dir?10:22
mitya57azbyin: here is my small test:10:23
azbyinmitya57, http://pastebin.com/gUXWNJ5s  updated paste10:23
mitya57azbyin: yes, I think so. also, if you sum everything in "du -hs * .", you'll get 19G10:25
azbyinsee that there are *no* files in the dir and collectively all the .[a-z] files/dirs do *not* add up to 291M10:25
azbyinmitya57, mind explaining why the output is different then in 11.10?10:26
alo21I cannot find all the info online. (may be because I am not good on googleing)10:26
azbyini have this dir in an external usb partition formatted as ext3.10:26
azbyinand running du -hs * .  within the dir in 11.10 shows the correct summary size for the entirety of .10:26
mitya57azbyin: please report a bug10:27
mitya57or maybe it's bug 100431910:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1004319 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "du -s show a wrong directory size" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100431910:27
mitya57alo21: nothing different from usual process10:28
azbyinexactly this bug!!10:28
mitya57alo21: clone lp:ubuntu/packagename, upgrade the package, submit a merge proposal10:28
azbyini see there was some change in coreutils upstream with respect to du10:29
alo21mitya57: Have I tell to somebody that I am upgrading it, to avoid double work?10:29
azbyinhttp://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/c/coreutils/coreutils_8.13-3.2ubuntu2/changelog    search for du and it shows:     coreutils (8.13-1) unstable; urgency=low10:29
azbyin  * New upstream version10:29
azbyin    - du ignores specified dir when part of cycle (Closes: #598438)10:29
mitya57debian bug 59843810:30
ubottuDebian bug 598438 in coreutils "coreutils: new du corrupted filesystem warning breaks scripts" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/59843810:30
azbyinsorry for the paste here, but it might have to do with this "fix" that introduced the regression10:30
azbyinmitya57, please dont be discouraged by the "corrupted" word in the bug report10:30
azbyinthe original report was simply that du reported errors on fs with error and this broke scripts10:31
azbyinbut the fix obviously has changed the way du operates internally. so i assume this is the one that iontroduced the regression10:31
mitya57alo21: if the package has an Ubuntu maintainer, you may want to contact it first10:32
azbyinnow i want to make a good and simple testcase using dd so i can demonstrate the bug10:32
mitya57alo21: what's the package, by the way?10:32
alo21mitya57: no one in particular. I really would be part 13.04's development10:33
azbyins/it/him\/her/ :)10:33
mitya57alo21: you can also file a bug and tag it with upgrade-software-version10:34
alo21mitya57: but in the meantime I am a little bit afraid to make some mistakes.10:34
mitya57alo21: don't worry, usually there's enough time during the development cycle to find bugs :)10:35
alo21mitya57: what do you mean with 'find bugs'?10:37
mitya57I mean, if you break something, someone will notice it.10:37
alo21ah, ok. Thanks a lot!10:39
alo21mitya57: can I start now on upgrading package for 13.04?10:40
mitya57alo21: the archive is not opened yet, but it should open next week10:41
mitya57alo21: but you can already start working on the branch, of course10:41
alo21mitya57: for example here (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus-chewing/+bug/1069245) if I would upgrade this package10:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1069245 in ibus-chewing (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to ibus-chewing to 1.4.2" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:43
alo21I have to assigne this bug to me, upgrade it and then create a personal branch?10:44
alo21assuming that I have spoken with the maintainer yet10:44
mitya57alo21: that package comes unchanged from debian, it would be good to update it there10:44
mitya57you can still use bzr, but then export your changes to a patch and submit to debian bug 69107610:45
ubottuDebian bug 691076 in ibus-chewing "ibus-chewing: Upgrade to ibus-chewing to 1.4.2" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/69107610:45
alo21mitya57: make a request to debian?10:45
mitya57alo21: there already is a bug ^^10:46
mitya57you can just submit a debdiff there10:47
hyperairgreat, so quantal's compiz decides to ignore all prior customization and just start afresh? very nice.10:47
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alo21mitya57: to create a debdiff I should have at least two debian packages... One is the source from debian, the other is from Ubuntu. Right?12:01
mitya57alo21: no, you may create a debdiff between current and new ubuntu versions12:29
mitya57you can either use "debdiff" command or "bzr diff" if you prefer12:29
arandWell, debdiffs are between two debian packages, doesn't matter what distribution they are from...12:41
alo21arand: ok12:42
alo21arand: when I am working on a package have assigne the bug to me?12:43
arandI don't know the formalities around assignment, but there's never a *requirement* to assign yourself, afaik.12:48
geserI usually only assign to myself when it takes some time (days) or when I expect a clash with someone else working on it too (to prevent double work)12:51
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