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dupondjeSomebody around?23:10
micahgdupondje: sure23:16
dupondjeAny idea what could cause some layout disorder on firefox on ubuntu?23:17
dupondjeFirefox on windows => looks perfect23:17
dupondjefirefox on ubuntu => broken23:17
dupondjesame FF version23:17
micahgvideo driver?23:18
micahgwhich Firefox and which Ubuntu version23:18
micahganything on the error console?23:18
dupondjeonly 40 things or so .. lol23:20
micahgany extra addons on Ubuntu?23:20
dupondjedisabled them all, same issue :(23:24
micahgis this a public site?23:25
dupondjemicahg: http://apollo.dupie.be/owncloud/23:26
dupondjejust noticed another bug23:26
dupondje'ownCloud' should be completely in the blue area23:26
dupondjeis that the case for you?23:27
* micahg is on precise thougj23:30
micahgsame on quantal with an intel graphics setup23:31
micahgmy precise system is nvidia23:31
dupondjethis is how it looks here :s23:34
micahgyesp, that doesn't look right23:36
dupondjeaha, whats your font?23:38
dupondjein FF23:38
micahgUbuntu Font23:38
dupondjeand what size?23:39
dupondjeI got 12 :(23:41
dupondjeSo thats a layout bug on the site, it just can't handle small fonts?23:46

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