Pendulumhey news team folks17:17
Pendulumakgraner has had a family thing come up and can't be around right now17:17
Pendulumshe says if things can all get done in terms of summaries and stuff for UWN, she'll do the edit and release once she's dealt with the family thing17:18
PendulumJoseeAntonioR ^^17:18
Pendulumnot sure who else to poke17:18
Pendulumunfortunately, I'm in the hospital and can't do much17:18
JoseeAntonioRPendulum: don't worry, I'll take care of all of that. Sending out emails in a moment, will send the editors one later. Take care, and get better.18:58
JoseeAntonioRakgraner: I hope everything gets solved soon, good luck18:58
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: do you knoe where can I get the flavors team meeting minutes?20:40
Unit193Depends on the flavor.20:41
Unit193And I'm out.20:41
JoseeAntonioRoh, well20:42
Silverlionaloha! finally at home! :D20:44
Silverlionakgraner: ping20:46
JoseeAntonioRSilverlion: she's not online atm20:46
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: she was supposed to be ^^ we had a date :(20:46
JoseeAntonioRoh, well20:47
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: we are still trying to produce a session about getting the UWN in an Ebook20:58
JoseeAntonioRSilverlion: oh, that would be super cool!20:58
Silverlionyeah but i am living 8 hours ahead of amber ^^21:00
Silverlionand she had massive troubles getting the software done21:00
JoseeAntonioRok, so what are the plans for it?21:00
JoseeAntonioRand what has been done until now?21:00
JoseeAntonioRI think I'll just send out the email to editors now, so they have time to edit21:02
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: as far as my intel goes UWN and the Full Circle are working together21:03
JoseeAntonioRok, so you'd be using the same system as you use in FC?21:04
JoseeAntonioRis the code somewhere?21:07
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: why are you asking?21:07
JoseeAntonioRI'd like to check it out, and see if I can make it work with issue 287 (the past one)21:07
JoseeAntonioRI mean, the current one21:08
JoseeAntonioRSilverlion: ^21:09
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: there is no code yet21:09
JoseeAntonioRpackage? or are you doing it by hand?21:09
Silverlionthis code should have been developed in the g+ session21:09
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: the Setup bin for the Software is to find via google ;)21:10
Silverlionits called SIGIL21:10
Silverliona WYSIWYG EPUB EDITOR21:10
JoseeAntonioRyep, found it21:10
Silverlionbut the design for the UWN is still to be developed ;)21:12
JoseeAntonioRoh, for sure21:12
JoseeAntonioRoooh, now I get why Amber was asking for the color palette21:14
JoseeAntonioRSilverlion: let me know if I can help in something21:16
SilverlionJoseeAntonioR: get amber online so that we can start ... that would be great for starters21:17
JoseeAntonioRSilverlion: she's on a family thing, she can't get online now, that's why I'm taking care of the UWN21:18
Silverlionwell then ... guess then i dont need to stay up long tonight21:19
Silverlionjust finishing the ebook i am working on at the moment21:21

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