jbichait looks like I need to re-release Ubuntu GNOME amd64, I didn't realize we needed linux-signed-generic for efi boot to work01:40
slangasekjbicha: you don't04:22
slangasekexcept on stgraber's hardware04:22
slangasek(this is an as-yet-undiagnosed bug in grub or shim; on reference hardware it boots unsigned linux just fine)04:23
jbichaok, well we found a second case then, it's third hand though but I told them to file a bug04:25
jbichawhat package should they file the bug against?04:25
slangasekmind you I'm not saying you can't reroll the images, I'm just saying it's not true that you need linux-signed-generic for efi boot04:26
slangasekpackage - grub204:26
jbichawhy does ubuntu amd64 have linux-signed-generic pre-installed though?04:26
slangasekfurthermore, the only reported failures to date are with booting unsigned kernels under secure boot... is this user running SB?04:27
slangasekbecause linux-signed-generic lets us hand off to the kernel without calling exitbootservices first, which allows leveraging of some EFI quirk handling in the kernel early boot04:28
slangasek(e.g., the not-yet-landed fix for bug #1065263)04:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 1065263 in linux (Ubuntu) "wrong stride for efifb on some systems" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106526304:28
ScottKslangasek: I'm now convinced that multiarch in python3.3 is going to matter a lot more for migration than the actual changes in 3.3.04:43
ScottKUnfortunately I think I mostly understand the PyQt build system now.04:45
ScottKI had to waste a lot of brain cells on it in order to zero in on a two line fix.04:45
micahg^^ rejected since I forgot the bug #05:28
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cafetiereslangasek: any amd64 kernel lets you hand off without exiting boot services signed or not16:57
cjwatsonbut grub will not actually do so unless it's signed16:59
cjwatsonso kind of moot16:59
cjwatson(well, I forget if it will allow that if SB is off)16:59
slangasekScottK: multiarch> doesn't surprise me18:48

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