cliftontsit has to, yes it's been through canonical first but if you get a request from them for big beach ball and then suddenly a request for a picture of a big beach ball direct from a user you don't need their search term direct to know it was them00:00
ali1234that assumes they click on it00:01
ali1234oh wait, no it doesn't00:01
ali1234nvm :)00:01
ali1234well, this is why i don't use unity00:01
cliftontsso it's flawed, not that I care if amazon knows what I'm searching for00:02
ali1234they also proxy it to filter out adult content00:02
ali1234though i would have throught amazon could do that automatically00:02
ali1234and also because they want those juicy stats00:02
cliftontswell no, if amazon did it how would they ever sell the adult products on there?00:02
ali1234well as an optional feed setting00:02
ali1234google adsense can do it00:03
ali1234you can disable adult, gambling, political ads etc00:03
cliftontswell the lens is a great idea, but far from ideal in reality00:03
ali1234i don't want a flat search00:03
cliftontsIt's great as long as you never search for anything in the dash you'd rather keep to yourself00:03
ali1234i want to go to where i know the thing is, then search00:03
ali1234if i want to find a video, i go to youtube and search00:04
cliftontsyou do, but not everyone is the same00:04
ali1234if i want a file on my hard disk, i open a terminal and run find00:04
ali1234it's much more efficient, and no privacy concerns00:04
ali1234exactly. not everyone is the same00:04
ali1234unity assumes everyone is the same00:04
ali1234that's why i don't use it00:04
cliftontsit's great that they are trying to create somethng that's not identical to the crowd, history will decide if it was for the better00:05
ali1234yeah, it's totally nothing like chromeOS :)00:05
cliftontsI wouldn't know00:05
ali1234with mac OS style dock and menus00:05
cliftontsyes there's overlap, as there is with every os today, but what they are doing with the dash is their own path. For better or worse00:06
cliftontsPersonally I love it, it's not KDE00:06
ali1234KDE was good until they added plasma and a searchable start menu00:07
ali1234gnome was good until they added a searchable start menu00:07
* penguin42 is using KDE on his main machine, although I don't like the start menu much00:08
ali1234the key difference between all the new style desktops and all the old style desktops is all the new ones assume they know better than you do, what you want00:08
penguin42ali1234: KDE seems reasonably tweakable these days00:08
ali1234that's what it means when they have a search, rather than the ability to go directly to what you want00:08
gareth__I HATE 3G!!!00:08
ali1234the worst part is when they try to "learn" frm the user00:09
gareth__I want my name back00:09
ali1234so the user is trying to learn the OS and the OS is trying to learn the user00:09
ali1234as a result, both are chasing an ever moving target00:09
ali1234this is not likely to end well00:09
ali1234gareth__: /msg nickserv help ghost00:10
gareth__I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride00:10
ali1234when i try to use unity i have to act dumb and try to forget everything i know00:10
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cliftontsAnd I'm back!00:11
cliftontsWhy does 3g get bored with the conversation and just drop out?00:11
ali1234you have bad signal00:11
cliftontswell yes, I do miss gnome 2 sometimes. I love the way they've got bold and started working towards a vision but it is a bit worrying when they strip all the features out00:12
cliftontsno, I don't it does this all the time, wherever I am00:12
penguin42cliftonts: That's why I just put MATE on lesser powered machines00:12
cliftontsand once it's disconnected it won't reconnect. I have to unplug and plug back in00:13
cliftontsI keep meaning to give that new gnome3 respin a test drive00:13
shaunosounds a lot like me e220.  frankly useless :/00:13
cliftontsI never really got the chance to play with the shell00:13
cliftontsspot on shauno00:14
cliftontsoh no, e173 apparently00:14
cliftontsaah, it looks like I was bumped off the network because someone has woken up and fixed it00:16
cliftontsI can see web pages again!!00:16
cliftontsand on that note I think it's bedtime00:18
cliftontsso thanks ali1234 for the inspiration, I'll catch you all next time00:18
ali1234how the fudge did this get 15 different answers? http://askubuntu.com/questions/24946/how-do-i-disable-the-drum-beat-sound-on-the-login-screen01:40
ali1234seriously? i thought ubuntu was supposed to be easy01:41
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alkisgHi, we've been using pad.ubuntu-uk.org for development notes, but it appears to be down... Will it be up again in the future? Is there any way to get a copy of our notes somewhat soon?04:58
ali1234popey would know05:05
ali1234it's 6AM on a sunday though, so everyone sensible is sleeping05:06
alkisgThank you, I'll come back sometime tomorrow morning if the problem isn't solved05:11
ali1234stick around in the channel if you can. someone who knows might wake up in a bit05:13
alkisgPhew, fortunately I had the pad page open in some remote system, and while it got disconnected, I was able to get a screenshot of the top of the list, so I don't mind much anymore :)05:15
ali1234would about there think "Morning," really, which people stuff something through.05:17
ali1234the top 12 most used words in this channel for past 11 days, in order. weird- http://ubuntu-uk.org/ircstats/05:18
alkisg...for a moment I thought my english failed me, as I could parse the sentence formed by the random words... :D05:20
ali1234Unity windows after having better server first seems always system getting facebook.05:22
ali1234that actually sums up my opinion of unity pretty well05:23
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Andres-kaingood morning!08:24
Neoti_Laptophey people...08:37
cliftontsAlanBell are you there?08:55
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:24
jacobwmorning brobostigon09:36
brobostigonmorning jacobw09:39
Halexander9000Good morning everyone. Could someone please let me know what the new "Install RELEASE" icon on my dash does? Because all it's done so far is cause me trouble.09:40
AlanBellmorning all09:51
AlanBellHalexander9000: never heard of that one, what does it look like/do?09:51
brobostigonmorning AlanBell09:51
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Halexander9000AlanBell: Well, it looks a lot like the Ubuntu installed from the LiveCD I have from a month and a half ago, but after I go through all the steps it's always stuck at "Detecting file systems..." and it doesn't go any further than that. And on top of that, I think it's broken, since it displays "Unable to load pageProblem occurred while loading the URL file:///usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/index.htmlError opening file:10:25
Halexander9000Ubuntu installer*10:25
AlanBellok, so um, why are you running it on an installed system?10:26
AlanBellnormally that doesn't get installed10:26
AlanBellit is called ubiquity, you can remove it from the software centre10:26
Halexander9000Well, yesterday it updated. When I rebooted to complete the updates, this new icon appeared on my dash, and naturally I assumed that a new release of Ubuntu is pending installation.10:27
AlanBellhmm, ok, that isn't part of the upgrade process, ubiquity only runs on the live CD really10:28
Halexander9000The thing is, I installed ubuntu on a mobile drive, and as such I use Rescatux as a boot loader. After the update, I saw a new entry of a new version of linux right beside the old one.10:28
Halexander9000Used it, and thus here I am.10:28
AlanBellwhat version are you running at the moment?10:28
Halexander9000So, can I force kill the process then?10:29
Halexander9000Oh, um... what was the terminal command again?10:29
Halexander9000For the version check...10:29
AlanBellcat /etc/lsb-release10:29
Halexander9000Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS10:30
AlanBellok, and you want to upgrade to 12.10?10:30
Halexander9000Yes. And after going through all this trouble, I think I'd rather burn a new disc with the update than trying to fix this installer thing-ama-jiggy.10:31
Halexander9000Can I force kill the process without any serious consequences?10:32
Halexander9000Alrighty then.10:32
AlanBellespecially if you are going to start again :)10:32
Halexander9000Cannot kill process with PID 13821 with signal 9.10:32
Halexander9000Operation not permitted10:32
Halexander9000Well, that's just wonderfull.10:33
AlanBellnormally you would go to the software centre and go to edit-software sources and tell it to notify you of any new version (not just LTS)10:33
AlanBellthen the software updater should offer you the new release and you let it get on with it10:33
AlanBellsudo kill -9 1382110:33
Halexander9000Oh, neat. Right... um, so, burn a new disc?10:34
Halexander9000Or do the software center thing?10:35
AlanBellyour call :)10:35
Halexander9000Disc it is.10:35
Halexander9000Thanks for the advice. Have a nice one, ok? Life that is.10:36
AlanBellneeds to be USB or DVD10:36
Halexander9000AlanBell: Oh, and what's so new about the new version?10:37
AlanBellquite a few fixes in the Unity area, updated versions of various things, it isn't the most dramatic of upgrades10:37
Halexander9000I see.10:38
Halexander9000Hey, is having an 8 GB swap partition a good idea on a 1TB mobile hard-drive.10:39
Halexander9000Because the system Ubuntu is running on is... well it only has 495.6 MB of RAM.10:40
AlanBellthat sounds fine, you don't really want to be using swap, but it is harmless to have more of it than you need10:41
AlanBellram upgrades are cheap and effective :)10:41
Halexander9000True. But... I don't know for sure, but I doubt there's any RAM chips available for this old system. At least not the type it needs.10:42
AlanBellwhat is the spec of them?10:44
Halexander9000And it's not my call when it comes to physical upgrades. I'm just installing ubuntu on that mobile hard-drive so I can backup the owner's files on it without any Windows viruses getting their greedy little fingers on this drive and on top of that so the owner can have a back up OS in case Windows XP decides to die.10:44
Halexander9000It's ... complicated. I don't know because I haven't popped the hood yet to look at them. But the system is... 6 to 10 years old? Maybe?10:45
Halexander9000Question: How do I get a torrent of the latest Ubuntu iso? Usually it was right there in the download page.10:46
Halexander9000Thank you!10:48
Halexander9000There we go...10:49
Halexander9000AlanBell: I really hope nothing bad will happen with the data I already back-ed up on this drive as long as it's on a different partition, right?10:51
AlanBellthe installer won't touch partitions you don't tell it to10:51
AlanBellso read carefully which partitions it is talking about :)10:52
Halexander9000I purposefully made it an ntsf partition. So I can't accidentally select it as a root partition.10:52
Halexander9000But... now that I think of it... it can't seem to read it anymore after the whole "installer" fiasco.10:53
Halexander9000Did it remain unmounted?10:53
Halexander9000Because I set it to be permanently mounted in root in a folder called FileStorage10:54
Halexander9000But the installed asked me to unmount sdb for some reason.10:54
Halexander9000Oh dear...10:55
Halexander9000AlanBell: Um, help?10:56
AlanBellI don't really know what your situation is10:57
Halexander9000Ask me anything! Just... help me get that data back. Please!10:57
AlanBellwhy do you think it is gone?10:58
Halexander9000Because I right clicked the folder where it's supposed to be on and under Contents it says "none"10:59
Halexander9000I think I feel sick...10:59
Halexander9000There's nothing in there except a stupid loading animation on my cursor.11:00
AlanBelldo you think it is mounted there?11:00
Halexander9000How do I check?11:00
AlanBelltype mount in a terminal11:00
Halexander9000Sent the results in a PM addressed to you.11:01
AlanBellok, nothing mounted apart from sdb2 on /11:02
AlanBellsudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb11:02
AlanBell^^ that will show you what partitions are on the disk11:02
AlanBell/dev/sdb3       278530048  1953458175   837464064    7  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT <- your data11:04
Halexander9000how do I mount it back to /FileStorage ?11:04
AlanBellso sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /home/Halexander9000/FileSTorage11:04
AlanBellsomething like that anyhow11:04
Halexander9000sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /home/Mihaela/FileStorage ?11:05
AlanBellsounds about right11:06
Halexander9000No... I think I know what the problem is. The mount folder is in root, not in home. Adapting...11:06
Halexander9000There we go!11:06
Halexander9000Pardon my french but FRAG YEAH!11:07
Halexander9000Well then... burning that image to a disc now.11:07
Halexander9000AlanBell: Thanks for everything!11:11
Halexander9000AlanBell: Oh, and pardon me for asking, but your user name reminds me of Tron for some reason...11:14
* AlanBell wants a light cycle11:15
* Halexander9000 wants a tron horse. Like the one from the music video by DaftPunk.11:15
* Halexander9000 or a tron dragon. A Tron-Toothless-Nightfury maybe?11:16
Halexander9000That would be awesome.11:16
* Halexander9000 is burnin-burnin-done with the disc!11:17
Halexander9000Ah, check-sum...11:17
* Halexander9000 is the proud owner of a Ubuntu 12.10 disc now.11:19
Halexander9000Right, see you later on the grid AlanBell ;)11:20
Neoti_Laptophey people... just been excited to hear about 12.10... so looked on youtube and  theres people not happy with the new release... even some long time supporter has said its a crap release..... should i trust the hype about this ... whats going on ?11:26
MartijnVdSNeoti_Laptop: Some people will always say it's bad11:27
AlanBellNeoti_Laptop: specifically what issues are people finding?11:27
MartijnVdSAnd people who ARE happy tend to make fewer blog posts/youtube videos/etc about it11:27
AlanBellI know that there are problems reading the dash with the orca screen reader, I consider that to be a major fault11:28
AlanBellhowever I don't consider the existence of the shopping lens to be a problem at all11:28
penguin42Neoti_Laptop: Give it a go; if the Amazon stuff is the main gripe it's easy to turn off, other than that I don't think there are many problems11:28
AlanBellperceptions of a release are different from person to person, I suspect there are people out there who thing different things are important to them11:29
Neoti_Laptopsloness in searchs due to amazone. (yes it can be turned off.) nvidia drivers causing problems... 3 people listed the amd start up error as a bug... etc...11:29
penguin42which AMD startup error?11:29
MartijnVdShttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheyChangedItNowItSucks vs http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ItsTheSameNowItSucks11:29
Neoti_Laptopsorry about spelling.... lol11:29
AlanBellok, I don't have nvidea or AMD so I don't think those problems are important :)11:29
Neoti_Laptop@AlanBell - Lolz....11:29
AlanBellall about perception :)11:30
AlanBellthe amazon search seems kind of quick to me, but I have 70Mbit broadband11:30
Neoti_Laptopi was about to upgrade, but i think i'll leave it for a bit... maybe until 12.04 or something ...11:30
Neoti_Laptopim happy with 12.04.....11:30
AlanBellI do think that the amazon turn off switch has been terribly badly implemented, but I think they will do better soon11:31
MartijnVdSyou don't have to upgrade11:31
penguin42AlanBell: I guess it was a bit of a rush job11:31
AlanBellI think unity is better generally in 12.10 than 12.0411:31
AlanBellpenguin42: yeah, and they did it the hard way that doesn't work11:31
penguin42AlanBell: I think the llvmpipe stuff isn't necessarily stable yet; so people who were on unity-2d may have a significant amount of pain11:32
AlanBellboth of them will be most upset11:32
penguin42AlanBell: It's not that unusual11:32
AlanBellllvmpipe will happen in virtualbox and on computers more than about 7 years old11:32
penguin42AlanBell: Lots of people used unity-2d11:32
AlanBelloh, and USB displaylink devices11:34
AlanBellbut apart from that, not having a GPU is a bit of an edge case11:34
AlanBellthere are some things that don't correctly use the powerful GPU that they have11:35
AlanBelllike some ARM boards11:35
penguin42AlanBell: There were also people who found unity-2d more stable with the closed graphics drivers/cards they had, and/or found it more responsive11:35
AlanBellbut in almost all cases you are better off throwing the "move lots of pixels about" job to the GPU and saving the CPU for important stuff11:36
Laneyhahaha the UDS hotel showers11:36
penguin42Laney: ?11:36
Laneysee Daviey @ G+11:36
AlanBellpenguin42: sure, there are situations where the GPU doesn't get properly used, those situations should be fixed rather than moving the task to other silicone11:37
AlanBelldo I want to look at a picture of Daviey in the shower??11:37
penguin42AlanBell: Yep, I'm just saying that dropping -2d forces peoples hand, which to force things to get fixed isn't necessariyl bad, but it'll get a group of people with broken situations11:37
AlanBellgnome shell is a good alternative to unity-2d11:39
AlanBellLaney: oh wow11:39
penguin42AlanBell: That's also requiring 3d now isn't it?11:39
LaneyI daresay they look slightly worse than brussels11:40
AlanBellpenguin42: err, good point, it uses llvmpipe too on non-3d situations11:41
AlanBellit is faster than unity for the unfashionable, but still used task of "running an application that I have on my computer and I want to run"11:42
penguin42AlanBell: Yeh, I'd noticed in a vm gnome3's shell was pretty responsive - unity seems to trigger an X (server) crash in kvm pretty reliably every few minutes in Quantal as well which is unfortunate11:43
SuperMattafternoon, all11:43
AlanBellnot tried unity in KVM yet, don't think there would be any accelleration there11:44
penguin42AlanBell: Correct, no acceleration11:44
AlanBellthe virtualbox stuff should work but I think unity is broken and doesn't use it11:44
penguin42AlanBell: It's certainly a heck of a lot more stable than in the Alpha's and Beta's - during the Alpha's the KVM guests were crashing seconds after login11:44
AlanBellwonder what virtualisation the Canonical folk use11:45
penguin42AlanBell: I can't remember the bug number, but the current KVM one seemed to be a pretty repeatable xserver bug11:45
AlanBellor is it all done on hardware, which would explain why the alt/super key grabbing hasn't been addressed11:46
penguin42AlanBell: You'd think the devs would be trying new versions on their laptops without breaking there main install11:53
SupermanintightsHi..  I think I may have messed up (denial), and just lost 700mb of data on my external.  My external drives keep changing it's partition format to Fat32 or something other than NTFS (which is what I always set it to), and I just tried to change it back, and basically it deleted all my stuff.  While I admit this is probably my fault, is there a way to undo/recover my information - I changed it via gparted.12:17
penguin42Supermanintights: It's an odd thing for a drive to change its format by itself12:33
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Supermanintightsit's happened 3x on two different USB drives12:45
Supermanintightsgranted the latest one is my fault trying to reverse the change, but my external drives have a tendency to just change format.  Normally to 'unformatted'12:46
Supermanintightswhich is the case for my 2tb drive that has been unused for about 18 months :(12:46
penguin42Supermanintights: Interesting, I've been helping someone with a USB external drive corruption he's seeing; he's tracked it a long way - he thinks he's currently got it down to only happening on Ubuntu desktop installs but not server, and has some wireshark captured traces12:56
penguin42Supermanintights: So, what do you think you actually did with gparted - just changed the partition table or something more than that?12:56
Supermanintightswith gparted, I just tried to change it from msdos fat32 to ntfs, but didn't consider I'd lose my data (I've changed partition type without loss of data once before, but I don't remember the specifics)12:57
Supermanintightsso unmouted, right click, format, then ntfs.  I feel more and more retarded everytime I think about it.12:57
SupermanintightsRegarding the corruption in the past - it's happened on ubuntu and windows, and seems to be random - it works, I turn laptop off, turn it on the next day and it's just changed itself to unformatted - but if I get a recovery software (windows), I can actually recover the data without any loss12:58
Supermanintightssomeone on the ubuntu main has told me to do a dd thing to try and image the disc as part of backup, but terminal seems to just be sat working since I ran it.13:00
penguin42Supermanintights: If you did format as ntfs I suspect you've lost it; there might be some recovery stuff that can pull blocks apart individually, but I don't know which bits an ntfs overwrites13:06
penguin42Supermanintights: Tell me a bit about the drive ?13:07
Supermanintightsthe corrupted? well it's been two drives13:07
Supermanintightsboth WD13:07
Supermanintightsthe first one (and the one I just screwed today) is a Western Digital 1TB MyBook13:07
penguin42are they WD branded external drives, or are they WD drives in a 3rd party enclosure?13:07
penguin42ah ok, all WD branded13:07
Supermanintightsthe 2tb (the one that's been set as unformatted for 18 months is a WD 2TB Essentials13:09
penguin42Supermanintights: Changing the partition type should be fairly safe, reformatting is a bad idea13:09
penguin42Supermanintights: It's also really odd to have a change like that happen rather than just a more random corruption; what's the host machine and are the drives externally powered or via a hub?13:10
Supermanintightsall I did was right click, format as NTFS13:10
Supermanintightswhich change - normally, it corrupts/changes by going from formatted (normally NTFS) to 'unformatted' (according to ubuntu when I check it out)13:11
Supermanintightsthis one was where it changed itself from NTFS to MS DOS / FAT3213:11
penguin42ah ok, sorry I thought you said it went from NTFS to Fat13:11
penguin42yeh, the formatted to unformatted makes sense as a corruption; the NTFS-fat is a bit weirder13:12
Supermanintightsthis time it did, which was weird, because I never use FAT32, except as a tiny partition if I'm transferring to my PS313:12
Supermanintightsbut this was my entire drive - and I'd not touched it for a while as it was left at home.  All my data was still on it, but it was just formatted as MSDOS according to win7, when I checked it out in Gparted, it was set to FAT3213:12
penguin42Supermanintights: MSDOS and FAT32 are approximately the same13:13
SupermanintightsIt's not like I even abuse the drives, I don't tend to touch them mostly, they're just left in my laptop for the most part13:14
Supermanintights(they're external ones that have a plug)13:14
penguin42Supermanintights: And what's the laptop out of interest?13:15
Supermanintightsthe ntfs-fat change, I hadn't used this drive in about 12 months, I knew there was data on there, but just hadn't ever needed to use it until my laptop crashed and I went to back it up, but when certain files kept failing to transfer (my large ones) - thats when I looked into it and saw the format change.13:15
SupermanintightsToshiba Satellite A-50013:16
penguin42that's a weird set of problems13:17
penguin42(as was the problem described by the other person)13:17
Supermanintightsyup, the fact it just corrupts itself is weird - but to have it change as ntfs-fat32 is just weird, especially as all my data is there - and there's more data on there than was space on my laptop, so I definitely hadn't changed it myself and forgot about it (not that I'd ever need to)13:18
Supermanintightsok, so it appears to have made an image back up of my drive.  I've no idea what to do with it but now I'm going to try and recover this13:26
MartijnVdSSupermanintights: so you have one file which contains the entire disk, with partition table etc?13:27
Supermanintightsironically, I just backed up everything from my dead laptop onto that that I needed, and my laptop won't even boot a live usb of ubuntu for me to go back and recover it again if needed13:27
MartijnVdSSupermanintights: If so, kpartx is your friend.13:27
SupermanintightsI assume so.  I followed advice from someone else13:27
Supermanintightssudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/backup.dd bs=4M13:27
SupermanintightsThat was the command I ran13:27
MartijnVdSthen your _entire drive_ is in backup.dd13:27
Supermanintightsit's 55gb - does that seem right size for you?13:28
MartijnVdSif your disk is 60GB..13:28
Supermanintightsit's 1tb capacity, there was at least 750gb at the last count13:28
SupermanintightsThis is one of those moments where I really wish I could just wake up and start the day again.13:30
MartijnVdStalk to SuperEngineer13:30
penguin42Supermanintights: Are you sure sdb was the right drive to backup?13:30
penguin42Supermanintights: If you're seeing this many things going south, I'd really suggest running a memtest for a few hours13:30
SupermanintightsI think so - that's what it said on Gparted, but 55gb seems to be closer for the amount of data that's on my main disk13:31
Supermanintights62.95GiB used on my main drive - but it says /dev/sda(1) on gparted13:32
MartijnVdSwhat does 'file backup.dd' say?13:32
SupermanintightsDo i type that in terminal?13:32
MartijnVdSyes, without the ''13:33
Supermanintightsbackup.dd: ERROR: cannot open `backup.dd' (No such file or directory)13:33
Supermanintights(sorry if I'm supposed to use pastebin on that)13:33
MartijnVdSType the full path to your backup file :)13:33
MartijnVdSinstead of just "backup.dd"13:33
penguin42Supermanintights: Don't worry about using pastebin unless it's more than about 3 lines13:34
Supermanintights"/backup.dd: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0x7, starthead 254, startsector 2, 1952151550 sectors, code offset 0xb813:34
* Supermanintights hopes that is a good 'ah'13:35
MartijnVdSSupermanintights: it's a partial backup (first 55GB) of your 1TB disk13:35
Supermanintightsoh, ok13:35
MartijnVdS1952151550 * 512 bytes = 999501593600 bytes =~ 1TB13:35
Supermanintightsboth my internal and my external drives are 1tb if that makes a difference13:36
Supermanintightshow can I back up the next several 55gb?13:36
MartijnVdSthe disk named "sdb"13:36
MartijnVdSby not backing up to / but to the place where you mounted a disk that's big enough to hold everything :)13:36
MartijnVdS(so the same "dd if=" thing, but instead of "/backup.dd" use "/where-ever-you-mounted/backup.dd")13:37
Supermanintightsis that just the 750gb - or the full 1tb, I've had more than what's currently on there in the past, this is probably that drive's 4th reincarnation if that makes sense13:38
dogmatic69anyone noticed when a window takes focus, the bar at the top is not for the window..13:39
MartijnVdSSupermanintights: full 1TB, but there are ways to back up only the "used" space13:39
dogmatic69eg: I plug my phone in, and a nautilis window pops up with the files right. Click the X and the previous window (chrome) closed.13:39
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: ooh, annoying :) Never seen that myself13:39
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: I've seen the popup come up without focus, so Alt+F4 would close the wrong window13:40
dogmatic69very. Even though it has 'focus' I have to click in the window before the top bar is showing the correct thing.13:40
dogmatic69MartijnVdS: ye, I think that is the same thing.13:40
dogmatic69its on top but does not actually have focus.13:40
Supermanintightsdogmatic69, granted this is on ubuntu, but I know that similar can happen with windows if an app is 'always on top' but you say have clicked another window behind and alt+f4 - that may be completely twaddle but it might be relevant13:40
dogmatic69Supermanintights: no, there is def something strange going on.13:41
dogmatic69Say this second window just poped up. and its small so you can still see other windows behind.13:41
dogmatic69no matter what you click that new window will not go away.13:41
dogmatic69you have to first click it to have 'proper focus' and then click away.13:41
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: I use sloppy focus, I thought my bug was related to that13:42
dogmatic69what is sloppy focus?13:43
dogmatic69maybe I have that too.13:43
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: focus-follows-mouse13:43
MartijnVdS(but don't unfocus when mouse is over desktop)13:44
dogmatic69ah, dont think I have that.13:45
AlanBellso *thats* what that fuse is connected to14:01
penguin42AlanBell: ?14:05
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Wiring mysteries?14:06
AlanBellyeah, was fixing a fan in the bathroom14:06
AlanBellflicked the wrong switch in the consumer unit earlier and reset my server14:06
* MartijnVdS had them all labelled when they replaced the kitchen14:08
AlanBellall computers should have a small laptop battery in them14:08
MartijnVdS(and added a few new outlets)14:08
AlanBellyeah, I have three labeled "sockets"14:09
AlanBellwill be clarifying those lables later :)14:09
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you know the small UPSes APC sells right? :)14:09
TheOpenSourcererAfternoon all. Can a few of you try this for me and see if it breaks? http://web-dev.libertus.co.uk/vdash/14:09
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: looks very nice14:10
TheOpenSourcererYou can click on the chart or the table to the right.14:10
MartijnVdSAlanBell: or, the UK version: http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BE700G-UK&total_watts=30014:10
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: some UTF8 issue for the £ signs14:10
AlanBellMartijnVdS: that is the wrong side of the transformer though14:11
AlanBellthe UPS should be on the low voltage DC side14:11
MartijnVdSAlanBell: You plug your PC into the UPS, which plugs into the wall.. so if the wall loses power it doesn't matter as much14:12
MartijnVdSbut hmm. DC side UPS14:12
MartijnVdSThat would rock14:12
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Yeh, I'm seeing the same blob for the the £14:12
TheOpenSourcererOK - So where do I fix that then? The data is in a MySQL db and is UTF-8 encoded?14:13
AlanBellMartijnVdS: yeah, the UPS is a 12v battery (normally) but they step it up to 240 and make it AC just to turn it back again14:13
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: in the doctype perhaps?14:14
TheOpenSourcererAh ha.14:14
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: in firefox if I go to dev tools - character encoding and select western rather than utf-8 I get £ signs14:15
TheOpenSourcererShould be OK now.14:15
AlanBellyes, is OK now14:16
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: You can do arbitrary html injection on the parameter14:16
TheOpenSourcererBut does it do anything?14:16
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: http://web-dev.libertus.co.uk/vdash/?ind=Penguin+Cleaner%3CH1%3EHello%3C/H1%3E14:16
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: It just gets included14:16
popeyPip pip!14:17
MartijnVdSIt's Alan Hour!14:17
TheOpenSourcererThis is going into Job Centres I think so I doubt many will know what SQL injection is, but thanks. I will do a bit more screening.14:18
TheOpenSourcererThe db user only has SELECT though.14:18
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: you're using parameterized queries, I hope? :)14:18
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: someone could send someone a URL with javascript in the URL that loads nasty stuff from that domain if that domain is a trusted one14:18
MartijnVdSthen that bit is safe :)14:18
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Say that in English please?14:19
popey\o/ Alans14:20
TheOpenSourcererok. I see. Thanks.14:20
* popey is making the most of free booze at the airport14:20
TheOpenSourcererWill clean up the $_REQUEST processor14:20
penguin42popey: That's the fuel!14:20
MartijnVdSpopey: Free booze? You must be a frequent flyer ;)14:21
TheOpenSourcererlo popey14:21
popeythis is the _best_ lounge I have ever been in14:21
popeygames room lounge, those silly hanging chairs from the 60s14:21
popeydid I mention the booze? :)14:21
AlanBellpopey: which airport?14:22
popeyLHR T314:22
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: The trick would be to mail someone something like 'Hey, this job we were talking about <url> sounds good, can you ... for me' - now if the URL then did something like have a script that did something else as the user who is logged in the person who sent the URL could get the internal system to do soemthing14:23
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
TheOpenSourcererpenguin42: AlanBell Is it better now?14:42
TheOpenSourcererYou can still type crap but I don't think it will do anything disatrous.14:42
AlanBellyeah, looks like it strips out tags or something14:42
TheOpenSourcererstrip_tags, htmlentities and nl2br14:43
TheOpenSourcererAh, blast - the ones with "&" in them now don't work ;-)14:44
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Looks like it's safe against someone like me who doesn't know much HTML14:48
TheOpenSourcererI think I will just stop converting the string to htmlenitities. The strip tags should fix most.14:48
AlanBell& was a really poor choice of special symbol14:49
AlanBellbet that was tim berners lee14:49
penguin42AlanBell: You're not going to strip his knighthood for that are you14:49
AlanBellhe should be stripped of the knighthood for that one14:49
AlanBellI totally would, yes :)14:50
AlanBellwhoever came up with comma separated values too14:50
AlanBelland apostrophes as quotation marks14:51
AlanBellline them all up against a wall14:51
popeyyay, $coworker has arrived to keep me company14:53
penguin42popey: And your intention is to pickle $coworker as fast?14:54
popey\o/ beer14:56
popeytrying to imbibe as much as possible in as short a time as possible14:57
popeycopenhagen isnt cheap for beer14:57
MartijnVdSthat afraid of flying?14:57
popeyright, flying time15:04
christel<3 copenhagen15:07
christel(infact, buy denmark and give it to me for christmas)15:07
penguin42butter biscuits ?15:08
MartijnVdSchristel: But.. isn't that the wrong Scandinavian country?15:08
christelah see i LOVE denmark15:09
christel(for shopping!)15:09
MartijnVdSchristel: but their vowels are ALL WRONG15:09
christelit has ALL the best (interior/homewarez) shops!15:09
MartijnVdSbut how do you get those things back to your house?15:10
MartijnVdSMost interior stuff won't fit in carry-on, or even checked luggage!15:11
christelyeah that is the problem! you need a shipping container15:12
christeland then the wait is like UBER LONG15:12
* christel looks shifty15:13
penguin42we've got Clas Olson and Ikea - how much more random European housewares could you need15:13
MartijnVdSchristel: Good thing you Scandinavians have a stranglehold on the shipping market ;)15:19
Myrttimyh. https://plus.google.com/100016383867666174158/posts/DeR8UwPQAsd15:40
Myrttiit's super annoying15:41
AlanBelloh, I have to file a bug about that indicator too15:43
MyrttiI don't even know where to start looking what's failing15:45
AlanBellhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/application-indicators/ possibly15:47
AlanBellwhere it says indicators are more accessible no less15:47
AlanBell"checkbox item not checked" is what all the availability entries are read as15:48
AlanBellexcept for the selected one which is checkbox item checked15:48
AlanBellMyrtti: what do you have in http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/messaging-menu/15:52
SuperMatthas anyone tried installing proprietary nvidia drivers on a fresh quantal install?15:52
SuperMattI've given it a go, but it doesn't work15:53
SuperMattit's like the module isn't loading15:53
AlanBellMyrtti: you should have a file in there called gm-notify which contains /usr/share/gm-notify/gm-notify.desktop15:54
oimonsaw someone else complaining on reddit bout that SuperMatt15:54
* oimon is waiting for a sick bug to hit the rest of the household as his toddler has the bug :(15:55
MyrttiAlanBell: hold on, relogging in15:55
oimonin quarantine for a week, just as my week off comes15:55
AlanBellMyrtti: I don't have the gmail-notifier turning up in the messaging menu yet, but I do have thunderbird15:58
AlanBelland gwibber and empathy15:58
oimonMyrtti: you looking for a gmail notifier?15:59
Myrttioimon: in a way, yes16:00
oimoni use checkgmail16:01
Myrttioimon: I have gm-notify, but it's not showing up where it should.16:01
* MartijnVdS just has a (pinned) tab open on gmail -- its favicon tells me if I have mail16:01
MyrttiMartijnVdS: yeah I have that too - for those times I'm in the browser.16:01
oimonMyrtti: have you edited the whitelist?16:01
oimoni use" gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['JavaEmbeddedFrame', 'Wine', 'Update-notifier', 'clementine', 'Checkgmail']"16:02
MartijnVdSMyrtti: I'm always in the browser.. or I'm coding and then I don't want to be interrupted by email :)16:02
Myrttioimon: whitelist?16:03
oimonMyrtti: it allows apps on the unity systray that use the old systray16:04
AlanBellno oimon this is an appindicator16:04
AlanBellnot a whitelist issue16:04
oimonoh sorry, missed start of convo16:04
Myrttialso the Empathy indicator claims I'm online, but when I start empathy for real, it's offline and starts to log in.16:07
AlanBellhmm, those availability things belong to empathy do they?16:09
Myrttiwell I assume so - Empathy is the only thing in my messaging menu16:09
AlanBellyeah, not sure if they belong to empathy or the messaging menu itself16:09
AlanBell /usr/bin/gm-notify is a python script and at the end is addMailboxIndicators16:10
AlanBelllooks like that should publish stuff into the messaging menu, and on startup the messaging menu should poke it to do that16:10
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1040259 in skype-wrapper "FFE: libmessaging-menu transitions for quantal" [High,In progress]16:15
AlanBellI think that epic bug is a "we broke everything" kind of bug16:15
Myrttioh my dear god16:16
AlanBellbackwards compatibility is for wimps16:18
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/gwibber/libmessaging-menu-port/+merge/120961 is the merge that fixed it in gwibber16:20
AlanBellfirst bit is swapping an import of indicate for an import of MessagingMenu16:20
AlanBell/usr/bin/gm-notify still imports indicate and not messagingmenu so it looks like this problem16:20
AlanBellwhat a complete pain16:22
Myrttiwell atleast I know it's a bug now16:34
Myrttiand know what bug to watch16:34
MyrttiI wonder should I just give up and do a clean reinstall.16:44
jacobwi seem to remember this working perfectly well while everyone followed the freedesktop.org standards ..16:58
Azelphurhow to troll my cousin while he's trying to play playstation online,  cat /dev/zero | ssh azelphur@home.azelphur.com "cat >> /dev/null"17:13
* Azelphur puts evil face on17:13
mgdmyou send him one character over ssh?17:15
MartijnVdSmgdm: /dev/zero is an unending stream of \017:15
mgdmwhen I do 'cat /dev/zero' I just get one17:15
mgdmI'd need to use dd to get more17:15
Azelphurindeed, /dev/zero is an unending stream17:16
Azelphurso it frags the crap outta the upload and makes him lag like a bitch17:16
mgdmYes, I know what /dev/zero is, ffs17:16
MartijnVdSmgdm: cat /dev/zero "hangs" for me -- its producing an endless stream17:16
MartijnVdS\0 != EOF :)17:16
mgdmI know that too17:16
Supermanintightsinteresting, I may steal that for when I want to get my brother off the playstation17:25
MartijnVdSSupermanintights: just seed an Ubuntu ISO :)17:25
MartijnVdSThat's way more useful than /dev/zero ;)17:25
Supermanintightsit always seems to lag on me whenever I use it, yet he never ever experiences problems.  I suspect foul play.17:26
penguin42MartijnVdS: I find md5sum /dev/zero is a great way to keep a core busy.....17:37
dwatkins_put a remote power switch on the router and turn it off every few minutes?17:37
=== dwatkins_ is now known as dwatkins
MartijnVdSpenguin42: Great idea :)17:38
MartijnVdSpenguin42: md5sum /dev/urandom if you want 2 cores busy17:38
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hmm - does it end up doing the urandomness on another core?17:39
MartijnVdSpenguin42: it should17:40
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hmm not what I'm seeing, I'm seeing a single core, mostly in system17:40
MartijnVdSpenguin42: hmmm17:40
MartijnVdSpenguin42: would that be a bug or a feature?17:40
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hmm, I think generally when the kernel does something for a process it's really in the same process17:40
MartijnVdSpenguin42: yeah.. unless it's really special17:41
MartijnVdSpenguin42: like fuse (and other?) FSes17:41
penguin42MartijnVdS: I'm not quite sure how it handles fuse; but I suspect that what you've got there is the fuse process doing the work filling the data, and you've still got your using process; so as long as your using process doesn't block it can use cpu while the kernel gets on with stuff17:42
penguin42hmm, can you use AIO on /dev/random?17:42
MartijnVdSOtherwise gnupg couldn't tell you to mash some buttons to get more randomness17:43
penguin42ah sorry, I meant can you use AIO on /dev/urandom17:43
MartijnVdSsure, it's just another device/file :)17:44
bigcalm[mob]Attending an ice hockey match and bored of our team's lack of skill17:45
bigcalm[mob]2 goals down and we're into the 2nd period17:46
penguin42bigcalm[mob]: Well, get down there and show how it's done17:46
bigcalm[mob]Individually they are good. Just terrible as a team right now17:47
bigcalm[mob]And for the last 2 seasons. We're bottom of the league for a reason :-)17:49
bigcalm[mob]Lass next to me can't stop shouting17:51
penguin42then move your hand....17:52
penguin42...off her17:53
knightwisehey everyone17:56
bigcalm[mob]Now 3 goals down17:59
bigcalm[mob]4 goals down17:59
knightwisegot a little problem here18:01
knightwisehooking up a secondary display to my macbook air via a VGA cable18:02
knightwisebut ubuntu doesnt recognise the screen18:02
knightwiseso it gives it a resolution of 102418:02
knightwisewhile its a 23 inch screen that can handle 1600 by 108018:03
knightwiseany ideas  ?18:03
MartijnVdSread-edid | parse-edid18:03
MartijnVdScheck the xorg log for EDID/DCC info?18:03
penguin42knightwise: Which Ubuntu version, do you know which video chip it has?18:03
knightwiseerm .. i'm not realy sure what videcard i have18:04
bigcalm[mob]5 goals down18:04
penguin42knightwise: OK, try what MartijnVdS was saying, and show the output (via a pastebin?) - also check if there are any 'additional drivers' that can be added18:04
bigcalm[mob]This is as depressing as always18:05
knightwiseio eror reading edid ?18:06
bigcalm[mob]I thought that vga didn't sand any display information from the monitor18:06
MartijnVdSknightwise: can you pastebin the /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:06
knightwisejust checked for additional drivers18:07
knightwisenegative on that18:07
bigcalm[mob]Pastebinit \o/18:07
penguin42bigcalm[mob]: vga has a edid in the same/similar way to DVI - or should be18:08
penguin42bigcalm[mob]: Old VGA didn't have much back when it 1st came out18:09
MartijnVdSknightwise: is this one of the Macs with 2 graphics cards? Intel+NVidia?18:09
knightwisedumb , its a great screen but it only has vga :(18:09
knightwiseno , its a macbook air18:09
knightwiselatest model18:09
bigcalm[mob]Ah. I have a feeling that my crts must have been pants18:09
MartijnVdSDoesn't that come with 2 graphics cards? Intel+NVidia?18:10
penguin42MartijnVdS: Looks both connected via Intel to me, external via display port18:10
penguin42knightwise: How is the VGA connected - some wacky dongle ?18:11
penguin42knightwise: 'VGA output using Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (sold separately)' - one of those?18:11
dogmatic69would anyone be able to help me do the following without inkscape?18:11
dogmatic69inkscape -z -e /output/path.png -w 800 /input/path.svg18:11
bittinam i welcome and where in UK can i stay?18:12
dogmatic69basically convert a svg to png with scaling.18:12
knightwisemini display adapter18:12
penguin42dogmatic69: Try 'convert'18:12
knightwisepenguin42: confirmed18:12
dogmatic69penguin42: I did try that before, but could not seem to make it work properly.18:12
penguin42knightwise: hmm, so it looks like you have a bug there - not quite sure where the bug is; but please report it for starters;   ubuntu-bug xorg18:12
penguin42dogmatic69: What did it do?18:13
dogmatic69my svgs may only be 20px wide for example, and want to generate a 800px wide file. It was just pixelated.18:13
penguin42dogmatic69: Ah, so you don't want to do a scale after the render18:13
dogmatic69hold on, let me see if I have it in the git logs still.18:13
dogmatic69penguin42: ye.18:13
dogmatic69exactly that.18:13
knightwiseIts funny , when I do the same thing with my 13 inch mac18:13
knightwisethere is no problem18:13
knightwisepenguin42: perhaps I should give it a try in 11.1018:14
penguin42knightwise: It's probably just a funny of the way it's wired on that version of the mac - you could try 11.10 - or better, try 12.1018:14
penguin42knightwise: Otherwise, it looks to me like you should use xrandr to forcibly add the resolution, it's a bit tricky but it normally works18:14
dogmatic69penguin42: I am doing this in php. I could for example read the xml in and replace the numbers and pipe to convert but there must be a better way.18:14
penguin42dogmatic69: What parameters are you using to convert? I'd suggest -geometry18:15
knightwisei meant 12.10 :)18:15
penguin42knightwise: A lot of the devs use macs, so it's worse trying the latest one because there is always some catch up on the latest ones, but otherwise try and use xrandr to add the mode to that output18:15
knightwisetoo bad , got the system working like a charm on 12.04 right now18:15
penguin42knightwise: Then use xrandr18:15
knightwisereal nice machine :) some tweaks , keyboard mappings adjusted and all that :)18:15
knightwisexrandr ?18:15
penguin42knightwise: It's a command to manipulate the x-resizing-and-rotation system18:16
dogmatic69penguin42: found this in my git logs before switching to inkscape `convert $file -resize $size $target`;18:16
penguin42dogmatic69: Yeh, try using -geometry rather than -resize18:16
dogmatic69ok, will try that. Thanks18:16
penguin42knightwise: You'll need to use xrandr --newmode to tell it what your monitor can do, and then   xrandr   --addmode DP1   to associate that new mode with your monitor; you'll be able to drop those commands in your .profile/.bashrc and it should pick them up on login18:17
* penguin42 disappears to eat his crumble - back shortly18:17
knightwisehmmm. looks VERY complicated :)18:18
MartijnVdSknightwise: you can do it18:18
knightwisei know i can :)18:18
MartijnVdSknightwise: you're a techie, right?18:18
knightwiseI am a techie :p18:18
knightwiseneed to look at this and see how to do it. make sure i have the specs for the seconf monitor right18:19
* knightwise needs to sit down with coffee for this18:19
dogmatic69penguin42: thanks, that seems to work.18:19
knightwisegonna give it a try tomorrow (when i'm behind my machine and have some time to get down and try this)18:20
Myrttiso the next question is, how do I get rid of Webapps I don't want.18:28
AlanBellMyrtti: did you get them working in Firefox?18:37
MyrttiI haven't used Firefox since Boudicca and Iceni18:37
penguin42dogmatic69: Great!18:40
ali1234Myrtti: http://askubuntu.com/questions/166655/how-do-i-remove-a-website-from-ubuntus-web-applications18:47
MarbleMadHi, Trying to install EAGLE but I'm a bit of a linux newby and I don't know how to install the required  libraries libssl.so.1.0.0 and libcrypto.so.1.0.0.  Can anyone offer some advice? I'm using ubuntu10.04 and don't want to upgrade as that opens a whole other can of worms.19:17
AlanBellsudo apt-get install libssl1.0.0 probably19:19
AlanBelland libcrypto++919:20
AlanBellactually probably both are in libssl19:20
MarbleMadok will give that a shot. thanks.19:20
jacobwMarbleMad: dpkg can show you which packages provide which files, dpkg-query -S 'libssl*' will show all packages that provides files matching that pattern19:22
Darael!info libssl1.0.0 lucid19:27
lubotu3Package libssl1.0.0 does not exist in lucid19:27
DaraelAh.  That's the package that would have them.  Check for a ppa?19:27
AlanBell!info eagle19:30
lubotu3eagle (source: eagle): Printed circuit board design tool. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.12.0-3 (quantal), package size 6409 kB, installed size 14984 kB19:30
Darael!eagle lucid19:30
Darael!info eagle lucid19:30
lubotu3eagle (source: eagle): Printed circuit board design tool. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.7.0-2 (lucid), package size 5855 kB, installed size 13536 kB19:30
AlanBellinstall that then19:30
DaraelMarbleMad: Is there any reason not to use the version of eagle that's /in/ Lucid?19:30
MarbleMadManaged to find an older version of eagle that works so. Thanks folks. I'm good.19:30
MarbleMadyeh that's the one i'm using i think. I got confused tring to use the version on the eagle web site :)19:31
DaraelFor future reference, looking to see if something's already in the repositories should be the /first/ thing to try.19:31
DaraelGetting things off websites is suboptimal, not least because setting them up is often a lot more effort that way.19:32
ali1234eagle was definitely in 10.0419:35
ali1234it was a bit buggy though when used with compiz19:35
DaraelWell, I'm sure MarbleMad will find that out if they're using compiz.19:35
ali1234yeah. basically all fonts go transparent. it's really weird19:36
MartijnVdSeven quantal has Eagle...19:36
ali1234sure. it's in the repositories, why wouldn't it?19:36
MartijnVdSali1234: license19:37
ali1234there is plenty of propietary software in ubuntu19:37
DaraelSome things /have/ disappeared from repos between releases.  Usually because there was a strictly more functional replacement, but still.19:37
ali1234yeah like ktechlab19:37
ali1234no replacement though19:38
=== mungojerry is now known as Guest14009
Guest14009anyone know how to cycle through irc channels in weechat?19:52
Guest14009ah, F5 and F6 do it19:58
mgdmDid you hit every key on the keyboard to try and find that out? :)19:59
Guest14009did a bit of duckduckgoing20:01
Guest14009i'm trying latest build of elementary20:01
Guest14009have to say it's the best linux experience i've had in years20:01
Guest14009slick & lightweight20:02
Guest14009and works how i expect/want it to20:02
Guest14009wife looking over shoulder "ooh thats pretty"20:06
directhex256GB previous-gen SSD for <£100. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=HD-021-CR&groupid=701&catid=2104&subcat=239420:21
ali1234is humble bundle stuff installable on 12.10 yet?20:22
ali1234directhex: are the 32GB V4s just as good?20:30
ali123432GB would be enough for my /20:31
directhexali1234: no. most SSDs scale performance with size, because the speed is determined by the number of NAND chips that can be accessed simultaneously, and the bigger the drive the more NAND chips20:32
ali1234i see.20:32
directhexso not just as good. good enough? maybe.20:32
ali1234still faster than a HD though right?20:32
ali1234demon has changed their packages again20:40
ali1234they now offer "truly" unlimited downloads and "unlimited" static IPs20:40
mgdmare the static IPs on v6? :)20:42
ali1234no, demon do not support v620:43
ali1234"We will absolutely adopt IPv6. However at this stage we have more than  enough IPs to last us for a good few years. We are looking to run trials  in a year's time. "20:47
ali1234posted 7 days ago20:47
ali1234actually i am fairly sure they have a 6to4 tunnel20:47
ali1234they just don't advertise it20:47
ali1234i haven't got around to testing it though20:48
ali1234maybe i should do that now20:48
shaunoI think it's a shame that running out of v4 is the only feature people see for v620:48
ali1234i'll need to put a machine in DMZ for it to receive SIT packets right?20:50
shaunoI like having everything in the house routable, without having to beg my isp for /28 (and a consumer-level router that'd do 1:1 nat)20:50
ali1234so this tunnel is not actually owned by the ISP21:53
ali1234it seems to be somewhere in russia21:54
ali1234should i be worried about security?21:54
ali1234mtr goes to relarn.ru, but mtr -6 facebook.com doesn't seem to go through it21:55
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
AzelphurIs there any way to make grep print X lines above and below the match?22:34
shaunolike grep -A and grep -B  ?  (After and Before)22:35
Azelphurcool, ty22:35
mgdmsee also -C (which gives 'context')22:36
mgdmso grep -C 2 prints 2 lines either side22:37
shaunonifty, didn't know that one22:37
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