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sirbladeis there way to fix wxwidgets doesnt capture iconize, maximize events05:54
hyperairugh. how do i clear out compiz's settings and start again?10:42
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amithkkCan anyone clarify why the show devices only when mounted was removed?12:19
AlanBellmhall119: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/messaging-menu/ is presumably now mostly junk18:21
AlanBellwith http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/python/MessagingMenu-1.0.html being the replacement18:22
mhall119AlanBell: yes (except that 12.04 is an LTS)18:45
mhall119AlanBell: I'm working on some partial docs already, but I may be in Copenhagen before they get posted18:46
AlanBellhow come the API was just dropped?18:51
AlanBelland not actually deprecated18:51
AlanBelland do things need OnlyShowIn=Messaging Menu; in their desktop file before they work?18:54
AlanBellanyone got a hello world type example for the new messaging menu api?19:22
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1295825/ does nothing but I think it should add something to the gwibber section19:23
AlanBellI don't really understand the relationship of the desktop file to the results, as far as I can tell that is where it gets the icon from19:23
AlanBelland the various methods like insert_source_with_count can optionally provide a line level icon below the application category, but should be able to set the icon to None for the line19:24
AlanBellI don't know what the source and name parameters mean in those insert source methods19:26
AlanBellit appears that source is some kind of unique reference (doesn't let you add a second source of the same name)19:26
AlanBellthat kind of makes sense, means you can rename a source and update it etc19:26
AlanBellbut I have so far been unable to get any source to display, I can't see a setvisible method or similar, and trying with various different desktop files doesn't seem to work, including the gwibber one which is certainly working in the gwibber application19:27
JoseeAntonioRhey guys! I'm having a problem with the HUD, it only works with the current window program when typing a command, is that normal?21:03
AlanBellJoseeAntonioR: yeah, that is normal21:33
AlanBellcurrent window, plus indicators21:33
JoseeAntonioRhmm, but the Compose New Message command is in the mail indicator, and not showing up...21:35
DaekdroomI've just tested it and I can confirm it too.21:36
AlanBellindeed it isn't21:36
AlanBellwonder if gord knows that doesn't work21:36
j__Why on earth do you think unity is a good idea?22:30
j__All of its developers, and their Dear Leader ought to kill themselves22:30
JoseeAntonioRj__: No, they don't, in my opinion they've made a great work.22:31
j__That's been the response since 11.04, and they've yet to make it usable to any stretch of words22:32
j__And no they've gutted unity2d and GNOME Classic from default installations22:33
j__Canonical: Suck a bag of dicks22:33

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